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Hi this is Gilbert Godfrey then if you WANNA personalized video from me a personal light shout out and and who would you know just anything like hire peoper day happy anniversary congratulations. I hate you and and I never wanted to talk to you again. GO TO CAMEO DOT COM Slash Gilbert Godfrey. I know a lot of you would like liked to slide Gilbert Godfrey Cavallo dot com for a personalized video breeding bromate the people this is Phil Rosenthal on Gobert coverage amazing colossal podcasts. Why don't you listening Hi Michio Gilbert Godfrey Niches Gilbert Godfrey to mazing colossal podcast. I'm here with my co host Frank Santo Padre in our engineer Frankford world. Stop our guest. This week is a producer author director. Emmy nominated television writer who scripted some down with the most popular TV shows of the last forty years including Rowan and Martin's laughing Olinda Pamela Amash the Mary Tyler Moore Show Rhoda Sanford and son and the golden girls he even even had the plagiar- an honor of doing two episodes up till dad with Gilbert Guy. Finally a cynic guru hired you done to man and everybody hates Chris. He's also the creator programs like lots of John. Laura Cape Show my wife and kids and the Netflix series the ranch starring Ashton good shirt Sam Elliott and Debra winger which is entering its fourth and final season in a career that started way back in the nineteen sixties with a personal invitation from slavery wide. He's we're in four and worked with. I'll who's who of showbiz icons including Jimmy Durante Bob Hope George George Burns Ray fuck share Lily Tomlin Goldie Hawn Steve Martin Jerry Lois Body Wadi Acted Alice Cooper and David. Yes he has worked with Milton Berle and yes. I do have a question to ask John to work with many of our previous guests including Ted. Eh was Eliana Douglas Art Metron. No Norman Lear Allen and John Amos have doc guides even worked with SID melted. He's also the author of a terrific book about his late great friend. Clarence clements cold big man filled with entertaining stories about their lifelong friendship and life on the road with Bruce springsteen and the e street back. Please welcome on artist of many towns interesting and a man who claims that Jackie gleason once made him sit and watch him work from not tau in Metro. That's very funny ton. Were you wow that's quite a big men could have been the title of my Milton Berle still. Thank you go well that leads us right to start. Ought off their you know it was my first job on television. It was a show called Jimmy Durante presents the Lennon sisters our and there were three of US writing it may a guy named bill box who had invented the box card the amusing greeting card he was the other writer and a guy named Hugh wedlock junior in your who had added the junior to his name so everyone would think he was his own son. Hugh had worked for Jack Benny see for years and years and he was the the old pro on on this show and durant had called in all his markers and all his all his old friends. We're going to be on the the show we got to go to Jack. Benny's house. It was all kinds of interesting things that happened but on the first day in the writers were in this Little Bungalow Hugh Hughie Louis says to me. You know if Milton likes you. He'll show you his cock and I thought wow Kansas I said he was. I had never heard any stories about Milton Berle I I I I was a show business almost the show business virgin and so I said a really and he said Yeah Yeah Yeah you know he won't take it out. He'll find a way to to show show it to the Milton. Week comes along every star was there for a week and Milton's there we do a table read we do rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal and finally getting to the dress. S. Rehearsal on Thursday and Huey and bill and I are sitting in the audience and somebody comes out and says Milton wants to see you guys in the dressing. You must've talked about wants to talk about the gladiator sketch which he was about to rehearse cloudy and while we're in there Bilton address these got a suit certain Italian and there's there's a there's a wardrobe guy there were them guy named bill blue who also designed Elvis's costumes. He was really a brilliant guy anyway. He was there to put. Milton this gladiator outfit and during the twenty minutes that we were there Milton gets completely undressed smoking a big cigar art and he's standing there naked talking about the punchline to the to the to this show it was it was a little disconcerting so described his cock who are okay yes sure have you ever seen a fungal. Bat very similar to a combination of a fungal bed and a cyclops baby. You know what a fungal fattest no just such a great word that used to hit batting practice a large a large base imagine that would be an more it was going to say it's an exclusive club but it may not be an exclusive club. Now has seen it yeah. I think a lot of people I think he waved it around. I would ask you okay well. That's good. It was a pleasure talking to you now another thing we've had this guy on our show and that was the terrific. Marty Allan now Marty Allan used to be in the team team of Allen and Rossi were I. I love watching them growing up they were like the poor man's Martin and Lois Yeah hello there and now you. You told me you have a connection there well. It's it's a loose connection a so I was working at my father's furniture store in North Kingstown Rhode Island when I was a kid and I was writing jokes for comics that came through town and so sloppy white on the tonight show on a Wednesday night with Johnny Carson and sloppy was doing a bit called the first black vice vice president which was setup punchline. Where do you stay on unemployment at the head of the line. You know there was I understand. You're You're a you've got a scholarship to the university. Mississippi athletically said yes. I was a javelin catcher so it was it was setup punchline setup personally so I wrote a He. He's coming to Rhode Island that Saturday Saturday night I see in the paper the next day right some jokes that go there go in the dressing room between shows and show him that jokes and he says can you read and I said Shit Yeah Yeah Yeah I can read. He said the reason I asked he says I'm using Maitre D.'s and busboys to do the the setups the the straight lines and and they can't read and they fuck it up so you know I'll give you three hundred fifty dollars a week and I'll pay your expenses and you can be in the act with me if you can write jokes like this every day and I said sure and he said okay we open at the Apollo Theater next Friday night with Jackie Wilson and big may bell and I said great and he gave me his address and phone number and I went home and the next morning I had told my parents I was leaving home with a fifty two year old black guy named sloppy in and I did I did. I went up to his house and in White Plains he lives in White Plains at the time when we started working on the act and did a couple of bits and and we opened the Apollo theater that Friday night so we did that for about two and a half years and Steve Roissy who was splitting up with Marty Allan Sauce one night and he came to slap me and said look. I'm splitting up with Marty. I can get us ten grand a week Rica at Caesar's Palace which was more than than slapping and I were making and sloppy said to me look I gotta take this opportunity this guys you know now. This guy has a a player and I'll keep you on at the same amount of money as a writer and I said No. I think I'm going to take a shot at television. So that's my loose loose connection with party. Allah so Rossi indirectly launched you into a television career indirectly yes yeah you're strange odds of this don that a kid who's. WHO's working in a furniture store in Rhode Island should suddenly be on the road with sloppy white performing it Orange Tuxedo. Yes Wilson on the Bill Jack Ma Belle Jackie. Wilson live like this was your excitement was pretty astounding you know for me to to suddenly suddenly find myself in the Apollo theater time. I don't think I'd ever seen more than four five black people in my life certainly not in a group so you know to to go to the Apollo Theater and and beyond the stage at the policy was certainly a life changing eye-opening experience imagine and you worked with these liked liked legendary black into tamers. I did yeah I did we we went back there the following year with Lou rawls and the OJ's while we worked with young Holt Unlimited we worked with with Arthur price shock. You know we worked with a lot of different people. The platters latter's there. There are all kinds of different places. We played a lot of colleges and and clubs around the country in Vegas. We worked in VEGAS for like months at the time. What was the act. I know you you said you weren't orange talks and you were the straight man we asked. Tuck sometimes you know he would say that's a nice Tuxedo wearing mystery. I said we use I address like that. The open that was the opening joke which worked very well at the Apollo not so good in the cats but yeah we did that and he did playing straight for him and writing jokes everyday. I'd try to write topical jokes for out of town we were in and he did an act the first black lack astronaut which was again setup punchline and then we had an act way where where I was reading life magazine and he was reading Ebony which were exactly the same size the the time and I would do some Highfalutin story and he would do the the black version of the same story nineteen years old yeah yeah it was pretty wild that was my that was my education and he became like a surrogate dad to me. You know he was he would tell me things that my dad wouldn't tell me you know you know you can smoke doc dopey. Stay the fuck away from the cocaine you know. He told me that my father would've never told you. It was very good advice. To how did you do it. I did I avoided the cocaine. How did you meet read because I knew we were talking before. We turn the MIC on the sloppy and read had history too. Yeah sloppy read were were partners at Fox in the in the early days Red Fox yeah and I met him on the road. You know we hung out together and we've got high together. You know it was it was a small fraternity of of people that slapping new you know and read was one of them so years years later when Red Got Sanford and son that was how I got to graduate from a joke writer to a Sitcom writer which in those days was a a huge leap shore this so sure so much more difficult less rosy comes in joins the act and this is a an invitation for you to hit the road and and then try your hand as a writer and I love the story where you wound up in. La with a couple of bucks in your pocket and you would give yourself a limited amount of time. I gave myself five days to get a job writing while tastes but I thought well. I thought that would do it because I had sloppy gave me a phone number for George Slaughter because George had made a ah a black version of Laffin called soul and it didn't sell shouldn't have it was really funny but it didn't sell but but slapping now had a relationship ship with George so he gave me this phone number so I checked into what was then the players motel over here on Vine Street and on a Sunday night and Monday morning I called all the number and it was the switchboard at NBC. Okay I talked to George Slaughter and they put me through his secretary and she said he's in a meeting eating and I thought okay well. Call me back he didn't call me back so the other thing we had done was the Steve Allen Show and there were two guys name Jeff Jeff Harrison Bernie Kuku who produce that and Jeffords said if you wrote this material if you're ever looking for a job call me so I called the Steve Allen. Show Kukushkin Harris have been fired tired. They're not there anymore said WHO's producing it now. They said Elias Davis David pollock said. Can I talk to them. They said they're in a meeting so I thought this is weird. In in meetings you know so. I said you have a number on Harrison Kuku off and they said yes and they gave me the number I called it and Bernie Koff answered the phone because they're assistant. Tina was in the bathroom and they were looking for a third writer. Someone young to complement bill box and he went lock junior right the Jimmy Durante show so they invited me to come over and bring my bring my material with me timing had she had she not been in the in the bathroom. Make phone things wouldn't turn that way you would be you would be talking to treat whether it was right. Ah We will and and then they just hired you from that no I I had. I had a phone own book size of jokes because I've been writing jokes every day for two years so I left those and they said we'll call you. in a couple of weeks. We're going to London which was ally. They just told that the everyone it would call them back. Great stay was total bullshit. I went I went back to the hotel and George Slaughter had returned my call a so I I made an appointment to go see him. Jordan at him dropped off my material their copies of it never heard from him. that year. I finally heard from him a year later and he hired me a year later but Bernie kickoff calls back and says Can you write some stuff for us. I said what do you need. Eighty said I need though a monologue for Jimmy Durante a monologue for Bob Hope and three pages of cross talk between Durante and the Lennon sisters so I said sure he said when can you have. I'll have tomorrow morning so I went out and bought newspapers and wrote Topical Jokes and whatever I wrote all night and I brought it over over there Wednesday morning now and Wednesday afternoon they offered me a job so about that things really fallen into place they did yeah yeah yeah and what did that lead to well first of all tell us about Jimmy Durante. Yeah Gilbert's got a story to that's that's what it led to lead to uh-huh working for. Jimmy Durante on Jimmy Durante presents the Lennon sisters our which was you know and it was unbelievable. It was really an education because Jimi was. He was eighty two years old at the time and he was doing this show so he could bring it all his friends. He brought it. You know we would we would have Jack Benny for an entire week. I think he did two episodes. Bob Einstein was on it once. Oh it was all a show yeah. I remember him being in the dressing zero but we had you know Frank Sinatra and Danny Thomas and George Burns and Benny Orange Burn. Everybody yeah everybody in the world. You know we got to go to Jack. Benny's house. You might like this the story Gilbert. We were writing some stuff and they said Jack wants to see you want you to come to the House and I thought Oh shit. Jack Pat's so he knew him for years she had been writing. were running from for years so we go to this house was over where the playboy mansion was right in that neighborhood neighborhood and we pull up in his big house in Butler an actual Butler a guy in a Butler uniform and and I walk in and there's Matisse on the wall and we go up the stairs into Jack's wing. Jack had his own wing on the right side of the House as I recall down this long hallway. Royan Huey knocks on the door and from inside the door. I here yeah come on in his voice and so he goes in. I step into the room and okay. There's a four poster bed. Their big bedroom and Jack Benny is sitting eating on the end of the bed and a an elegant robe and leather slippers. He's watching a TV. That's here on the wall that I can't see and he's laughing his ass off off. He says I watch this every day. It's hysterical and I come and he's watching highway patrol with broaddrick throng AH and every time Broderick Crawford speaks Jack Benny Collapses and laugh. I love it. This is the funniest far in the hold of the whole year was like that and everybody we've spoken to has nothing but good things to say about Jack. Benny we've done two hundred and sixty or these in not not a disparaging word. Here's here's here's Jack. Benny was the week of the show we we meet for breakfast in the commissary the ABC commissary and prospect and Talmadge and he orders Bay connects and the Bacon and eggs common. We're the the only people in there and he takes it by the eggs and he stay says waiter who made these eggs and a guy says well you know the AH chef chef. That's a short order. Cook says the chefs has Brigham out here and we're all looking at each other. Oh Shit what's going on and this guy comes out. You know terrified. He comes out and it was almost like yes Mr Benny and and Jackson did you make these eggs and the guy I said yes. These are the best eggs ever had in my life and that's kind of what he was like. He was a positive force. She knows everything was every day was the best day of his life and he was like he was like a funny. Mr Rogers that's interesting yeah yeah yeah what about what about Durante. I don't think we've in all the shows we've done. I don't think we've ever had anyone tell us about. Durante Durante was was a show business animal. You know he was he was was everything about him was was steeped in show business. All his stories were references to people he knew in Vaudeville and how the actor evolved and yeah that wear Mrs says Calabash came from and you know he was he was an encyclopedia of stuff that I had never heard of that fund you sit and let them hold court. Oh God yeah fund was I would sit in. I was the kid also come on kid. We're going to go eat and and I would go to lunch with him. Sammy Davis Junior or Frank Sinatra. You know we used to go to this restaurant called Sarno Overrun Vermont and they sang opera there we ate there every day and it was always with a different different star now. Durante story through but I just want to say like I remember like you know growing up people who old enough after amendment the Durante on TV he would always end the show with abby good night Mrs Calabash where the you are so who was is Mrs Calabash. Well you know there are different stories. I asked him this question directly once and he said is she was a woman who ran a boarding house that he stayed in when he was when he was struggling and she let him stay there for nothing interest and the act hit and the act took off and he would always thank occur for her charity him to get his career going the story. I got have as that. Durante not toward the last years of his life became a recluse and he wouldn't go out. He locked himself in no one would see him around so someone yeah. I know said they searched and found this house knocked on the door and here hallways and they goes does I'd like to speak to Jimmy Durante and permit side the house. They hear hey here true. Yes me every time I don't know. I had a friend who go to George Burns House. One ninety lighting knocked on the door and this guy answered the door and he didn't wreck it with. He didn't have the wigand or didn't have his teeth in. It was George Burns and didn't know it was George like someone completely -pletely different. MOMS Mabley was like that MOMS Mabley lived next door to sloppy white in in White Plains when when I first started this she was mrs mixed door neighbor She had a sign on the roof of her house that said no squares allowed. That's cold but she was you know she she you would not recognize is her at all or if she was out of the drag you know she was in she was like a normal human being everybody came through that. Durante show and when I heard your interview with with with barricades listening to go going to IMDB and looking up those durante shows. I mean everybody yeah one in every variance for you. What are you. What are you twenty twenty one. I sat with Colonel Sanders Arnold the real colonel said. You're a kid at this point right. When I was a kid twenty-three I was twenty two years old. Yeah and you worked with Jackie gleason. I did you know this is a the gleason. Story is very interesting. Alan cats and I were partners. I'm actually having dinner with Allan Allan. Cats and I were partners in the early days of Laffan thin and we were writing together. We wrote the Sanford and sons together in seventy three and we get a call that Frank Pepa and John Ellsworth were going to do a Jackie gleason special in Florida and they wanted to take some writers with them and would we go meet frank peppy it a- and if you don't know who they are they created Hee haw and syndicated he saw themselves and they were rich they had a lot of money and and and two Canadian guys who created yeah exactly and they and they wanted to they wanted to wear the t shirt as frank said of having written for Jackie so we go out to the Malibu colony knock on the door and frank pepe who was one of the most elegant people I've ever met and and and and a consumer of Jin. Let's put it that but but he had a Martinez said Hi is do you drink ink and we said the yeah said you're hired that was the that was the job and we went to Florida for six weeks in the everglades down there to work for Mr Gleeson who was very unpleasant. It was it was not good. It was not a pleasant experience. There were the four of us and then Walter Stone was one of gleason writers terrific. I could could never get him to leave Florida and come out here and and one of the Guy Jimmy something who special material anyway gleason said hello hello to us the first day he set up some chairs we were sitting in the Sun. He was in the shade and he told US okay. Here's the here's the show and he laid out the entire show. You had it done. There was virtually nothing to do except fill in the blanks. We're and we're there for six weeks and I came over and introduced himself to me and I thought well this is nice and later Jack Philbin producer said gleason thought you were peppy and nails whereas agents otherwise he would never talk to you it turns out to be true hilarious to the he would come into the room to hear jokes and stuff and Allenwood pitch a joke to him and he would answer Walter Alter. He would never make eye contact with anyone else he would only address Walter Stone so it was unreal it was a it was a tough six six weeks. What are you picking the blinds to see. If you guys were working he would come around in the afternoon and peek in and see if we were writing and now you you know it culminated at the Miami Beach Auditorium. I loved Frank Pepe at my whole life for this night. We had a car they gave us. A car are finally that we could drive down to Miami because we were staying up in Fort Lauderdale inverrary someplace the night of the show. It's raining hammers myrza nails. It's raining like it can only rain in the tropics. It's just unbelievably hard rain and we pull up to the Miami Beach Auditorium Frank and is driving in John is in the passenger seat ally in the backseat. It was like a Ford some kind of Ford verifone Affair Lehner and they've been drinking a little bit and and we pull up and there's a guy there in a yellow slicker. He's got a it's got a clipboard Franks's. Hi where the Writers Guy says what are your names Franken names as you're not on the list and frank turns around and looks at us. He says where we're not on the list and the guy says yeah you pull out here. You go down two blocks. This is a parking structure and Franks's. Thank you very much and he puts the car in reverse and backs up at full speed bounces over the the the lawn there and slams uh-huh into the flagpole opens the door to the car opens. The door of the car stands outside. It's pouring rain. It's like standing in a shower. He's soaking wet instantly and he looks back at Alla. Ninety says Sia and he walked off into the night and I never saw him. That's an exit is fantastic. You toll toll unbelievable story to told a story that one time you know he was berating his writers and all the people were with him and now I got a mental block on his composer. Sammy Spear Sammy Spirit Yeah that was at the production media first production but he's going around talking to you know June Taylor Art Carney and the and and he says Sammy Sammy work on the music. It's never been any good and I'm thinking he's kidding. Kidding all serious dead serious that and finally Alanon. I walked into the Miami. Maybe charter time. Somebody told the car away John Ellsworth left and we walk in and he had set up a couch and a TV set in the men's room of the Miami Amy Beach Auditorium and his agent Sam Cohen who is the biggest agent in the world at the time is sitting there also and the three of us sat there and we're looking at this monitor all to to our left one hundred urinals that Tori and it was it was like the smoking room I think they called it at the time but but it was the men's room and he comes on and we had worked on the monologue for five of the six weeks because he had so much of it laid out in his head we wrote the honeymooners and the Reggie van gleason whatever two or three days and he said just work on jokes for the monologue so we had been writing jokes every single dave for over a month so I'm curious to see what he does and he comes out and he says Oh we got such a big show tonight. There's no time for a monologue hit it. Sammy Zombie never did a joke not one nothing that we wrote the whole time while and then he did the show and I I have to say this. I sat there in the men's room and I laughed because he was so brilliant at what he did. He was so good at at at being a comedian that he made me laugh as much as I hated him. What was this thing. Ted Wass was telling me that you told him on the golf course he would wet his finger. He would put the jokes on the well. There was a yeah he he you know there was a there's a story that that he would Marvin. Mark was one of his writers also yeah and Marvin could do gleason so he would come in and he would you know pitch joke stoneman he would ask that the jokes put in pile one joke per page and he would slide hide them in front of him while all the writers were watching read it and then slide it off the other end of the table into a wastepaper basket so all the jokes you'd have to watch him read them and then dump them in the wastepaper basket and according to Walter Stone after the writers left he would go into the way super basket and take out the ones that he liked unbelievable. We also heard the swimming pool story. Oh Yes yes that's true. I don't know that story. What is that one. I I. We heard when it was time for the writers to get their our checks. He would have them old. Stand around the swimming pool and you know say they write. It's name crumple simple up to check and Lincoln into the pool and rightist jump into the pool their check. This is as possible we didn't do that. It was so hot down there that would have been good but was he not getting along with Carney. We heard some things that there was. There was tension but that I I don't know I never saw any sign of it. You know interest Carney. Was You know he showed up and did what he did so brilliantly but I I don't know we were privy to to any the of that stuff. We were sort of banned from the stage and wasn't Sammy Spear the one writing you know because at one point Jackie gleason was all of a sudden a great composer conductor at least in strings and any put out that album music lovers yeah yeah which I doubt yeah. I think you know I look. I don't know oh but I I wouldn't surprise me if Sammy was was actually behind that I'm not sure I don't know yeah I don't know but it was fifty five degrees in there you know he's the one that started the the temperature that it has to be cold for comedy to work that. Letterman later yeah interesting was was Frank Fontaine. He must have been gone by then. 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The female did had somebody say Dorothy provine ready to fucking like Jack Jim Hutton Milton Berle Walter Brennan yes Brennan Brennan who hated blacks and Jews. She's she's also in the Great Race Jamie Farr. Did you mentioned the we just we. It's just a fifteen minute conversation. Look Out James Cecil Zest bragging possess gallon slow aw Gilbert and frank's amazing colossal obsessions every Thursday only on stitcher premium butter you bump on podcast in downtown her back to New York and now back to our show. Tell us about social ladder came back into your life and this is how you wound up on laughing yea. I love you know I. I've talked to him recently. He was we had here. He's fun is unbelievable. He's great is a force of he is terrific guy. Yeah the the following year. you know. I was hot young writer and I got hired for laughing so we did three years and that's where I met Alan cats and then we segue into into doing half hours together for a while any any any stories at all about that wonderful cast about Gary Owens or I know you recognize. Tom Louis Tomlin's genius right off the Bat Yeah No. I don't have any any any Arnie job yeah I that era. was you know it was it was pretty fantastic for me. I was just thrilled to be there I was I was very very happy to be around. These people you know it was it was it was it was a really magical time. You know all the the the the great show business the stories were all happening somewhere else. That plays ran like a clock that was really good. And what about the guest you remember anything of the guest stars. I remember meeting some of them. You know I remember meeting John Wayne. I remember meeting Wilt Chamberlain. I Remember Meeting William Buckley. You know they would come in and out of there and the Nixon. You know it was it was an exciting place to be you know it was a it was very cool but I don't have any great stories from from the laugh in years I find that that story that that show on IMDB to the RCA special worth Frankie avalon and Ed Asner Sner and do you know what I'm talking about. No Harry Belafonte Job John John Wayne was on it. Yeah yeah no I I mean there's so many things that I wrote that that I have no recollection of. It's it's it's. It's a little frightening at this point in time but no I don't remember you know we did a couple we did a I'll send your picture. We did a ATV. did a couple of TV roasts the early roast. I wrote one of the first ones it was for Howard cosell. It might have been the first televised roast and I remember sitting in the back. It was I was with Red Fox and Mohammed Ali and sloppy and the four of us sat around and talked for hours but Y- wish I had we had taken the time to remember what we talked about. I know we talked a lot about pussy. We're reading his way around that that was that was as I recall. That was the the the number one topic now. Read hated white people well you know he his tolerance for white white people was was was not as high as it was for other for other racist was. Ah Listen it worked for me. selfishly speaking you know the reason that we got a chance to do Sanford and son and start writing half hour. We wrote seven of them in that first some good one two in the back night. Yeah there was some there was some fun stuff in there. he wrote the one that introduced Julio that introduced Gregory Puerto Ricans a Puerto Ricans. Yeah we did right that yeah wrote that Horn one Lena Horne yeah yeah yeah I remember I went to the dress we used to do. Two shows you do one at four thirty and then the audience another audience at seven thirty and the four thirty show was so bad ad that I called my family and said don't come to the show tonight. It's a disaster and then at seven thirty. It went through the roof the I I hadn't realized realized that you could modify your performance where it's not so good at one performance and it's really good in when the lights come on and read was really the only there for the for the the real show as he called it a friend John Amos was in that Lena Horne episode yeah he was on. He was on the ranch recess. Yes you know yeah and here with US twice lovely Guy Very Kurski. We've had on a couple of times yeah percent. Denver skin off yeah he he. He's not too quiet about his hatred of really ask. They didn't care if he did. There was a third or people shooting at each other at one point in time but demain apparently carried a piece yeah carried a you know he's a preacher now. You should have him on. That would be really fun really interesting. I'm not sure if he's still packing gentlemen nice feature of Sangria goodness NATO Wpro Paulie Metro. It's very common thing that's a friendly way of talking to each other and Spanish but we call ourselves like new Negro to me because you are going going to enjoy this. It's called Sangria. Thank God was angry. I mean it means bluff they did he's only a name because because of the color was brought back from the booth. He's a very popular drink. Do you like it yeah days. Good case back ripple gold flat fact they should call his plan. He was down in the bottom. All fruit like garbage. You can stay but even if you want to but I'm leaving. No excuse me Mr Lemond. Please come back with Negro. GonNa the Ramey Amy Another Pigeon Shangri. La hold the garbage. What what was the thing no you you were told you guys. We're still get you tried to make the jump and you were told. You can't write half hours. That was yeah. That's the way it was. You know there were joke. Riders and then there were like real writers Sitcom writer right and that's how we made that transition. It was largely due to the fact that read said. Yeah let these guys do it because I knew him. 'cause we had hung out together. As as contemporaries you know look in comedy you know in within the world of showbusiness show. Biz is like a big tent. You know it's like a circus and you're either in the tent or you're out of the tent and when you're in the tent. I don't think there's a whole lot of color caller a whole lot of prejudice. It's just sort of like we're all in this together. At least that's what I like to believe before we go deeper into red in San Francisco. I'm going to try to jog your memory on these based on your you wrote the Rohan and Martin special and seventy-three with Ruby Keeler for Christ's sake Ruby Keeler Dolly Parton newhart Cox Belafonte Afande credible cocker. RCA opening night was the one I was talking about. Yes well. You'll have to talk about that because I got nothing. Jacquard Borgnine Glenn Ford Howard Cosell John Wayne and Tony Orlando and dawn. Wow aw I'd like to see that what I can't you tell us about Jack Carter Jack the the only stories I remember member but Jack Carter we did this. I started to tell you we did this big roast one night that was for celebrate. Frank Sinatra's. I don't know hundred year in show business or whatever it was was again with Bernie Kuku off and and and Jeff Harris and right before we started shooting Frank's lawyer Mickey Rudin said by the way frank will only appear in this show for four shots for you can only shoot him. You can only photograph him four times and they have to be less than ten seconds each go ahead and I don't know where this came from. It might have been a ploy for more money. I need it might have been negotiating but that was the rule couldn't shoot frank more than four times. Total of forty seconds is and the and the roast is about him. He's sitting next day so it was it was a bit of a triumph and but Jack Carter was on that and the one I remember was the guy played the rifleman. Oh Chuck Connors Chuck Connors honors he was sitting down to the left and he got hammered this thing and he started to yell at the audience. You know you fuckers go back to Beverly Hills you fucking hero. H- he had a bad night that what about this one more remember Jack Carter Remember Jack than his bit. It was an angry guy. We're told yeah one more time was another show you wrote with Pearl Bailey. George Gaba Carol channing Pat Boone tiny Tim and the Jackson five that I remember Minnesota. I remember one joke that we wrote for for for that show and a joke it was the joke was it was an introduction. It was like was share judy frank all the greats you can recognize by one name. Ladies and gentlemen Georgia Gobel the only thing I remember from this. I think the pointer sisters were on that show while on the subject of red and I'm trying to remember where I read it. Maybe it was in big man because you tell some of your your own showbiz stories in the book to was it. He had an attack dog dog named Agnes Red Eye all our members this giant Saint Bernard that he had when he lived in the house until Luka Lake and I went over there one Sunday and started to walk through the gate and read comes running out no no way way way way and they had to put the dog away said because the dog the dog doesn't like white people never avoided the dog. I loved his line in your balk to he said He loved Asian women and he said you ever see me with a white woman. I'm holding for the police. That's what he said. What a piece of work another name. That's come up on this show. Show a few times people would stories Jerry Lewis. Yeah Yeah you know I was friends with Bill Richmond Bill Rich Guy who wrote with Jerry. You're nutty professor and nutty professor. Were very very close. I've met him on laughing. Bill was in his fifties when when on laughing he was rather talk about him. The Jerry Lewis because I don't have a whole lot of Badger Louis but bill was an amazing character. You know he'd been a pilot in World World War Two. He got out and became a big band drummer. He was Frank Sinatra's drummer. He was the drummer in the Les Brown Band and that's where he met Jerry Lewis and then he wrote the nutty professor with Jerry Lewis and all those Jerry Lewis Movies and he looked like cary grant and he was a scratch Golfer. He was one of the most incredible guys that I ever met. He was a cool cool dude. We lost him a couple of years. Yeah we were going to try to have on here. You're at the boy to and lady and Yeah Great Great Guy. You put him on staff at lower kit. Put Him on staff on everything being around them. You know he was just he was everything that I wanted to be and we'll never be as long as you eh he was. He was devoted to Jerry. Even when Jerry fell out of favor you know Jerry became sort of a a passe and bill would always defend him saying you know that the Jerry was was an innovator and was was really a good guy i. I don't know I I didn't have much interaction with Jerry. As long as we're talking about classic comics you did work on action accent horrific Jay Mohr Ileana Douglas yes series that you and Chris Thompson did and you you must've Thompson Chris Thompson said we did that show because of his need his love for narcotics and hookers and trips pat on the show is appropriately about greed that was a wonderful experience. I loved working out that we had Eliana Eliana here and we talked to him. That was a show. I mean if you did that show today. It would probably be better suited for for a net flicks or or well. There was really it was originally for. Hbo You know it was and it should have been on HBO shooting. Now it really it really didn't work on Fox. It was the the audience lanes actively hated the show just a little bit you know they were they were doing heaping hunks of hatred hurled that it and within the business people still talk about it and still still refer to it as one of touchstones. Everley was close a great deal of funding about about Hackett anything he was terrific. I mean buddy was great. He was you know he was. He was tremendous fun to be around you know as as long as you wanted to talk about. Buddy Hackett another liked pack eat by the way yeah yeah yeah he was he was he was great. He had got a lot of Buddy Hackett stories none of which I remember what about Bob Hope you know. I don't know Bob Hope Nope I knew him. I worked with him a couple of times you know I met him in Chicago. Once when we were working at Mister Kelly's he was there came into the club and he was like you know he was like a building. You know like Bob Hope was was an astoundingly giant Bryant a character in the business but I was I was in the men's room at Lakeside Country Club germ and and I was in one of the stalls and I hear Bob Hope coming in he's talking to somebody outside of the bathroom and and he walks into the room him and he's an icon I know from the sounds that he's walking over to a urinal now. There's a there's a there's a certain set of rules in this situation Asian you either cough or you make noise so the person the other person in the room knows. There's someone else in the bathroom or you. Don't make any noise I didn't make any noise and I heard heard this no come on along and listen and a Lullaby of Broadway. Ah Washed his hands and he walked out. You're going to top that one. Tell us what's best for one of the best moments of my life. Tell us about working for share don another larger than life. Yeah share that with you know. I have fond memories of working for share because that's that's where I met my wife. Yeah you know she. She introduced traduced us. It was it was fortuitous for me. you know that was that was the share special with George Slaughter. George hired me to write the share special special and we went to we went to New York together. We went to see Bette midler and she was going to be on it and we went to flew down to Washington. DC Sharon Sharon. I see Elton John flew back on the starship that famous rock and roll airplane. We came back on that with Elton and you know it was is again your shot of a cannon you know. I was into this other world. Cher was as exotic and and and as desirable as a human being could be at that point in time and it was a thrill to do that show again. There were all these incredible people that showed up you know he had even Bowie there for Tina Turner Tina Turner Charles it you name 'em. They were there deputy. David Bowie came in with his assistant at the time was redhead woman. I forget her name but we walked into the rehearsal halls over at CBS over here in Fairfax X and she was dressed in this black dress a see through dress that had she had nothing on underneath it and you were supposed to just conduct business like like you know there's nothing unusual about this and he never referred nobody ever referred to the fact that this is a naked woman here talking to us but Bowie was great. He was he was. He's the one I remember the most I think because I was so of course can stuff that special that that pilot or that special is good with with Bette midler and Elton at Elton's doing comedy skits Yeah Yeah. He's yeah when we went to see him. At the Sherry Netherlands the first time we saw him and he was running around the the sweet sweet up there doing his grandmother because there's a bit in the right and the special where he plays an old person a wheelchair. He was doing his grandmother. Yeah he was he was great. Fun said the show was fabulous anything about captain kangaroo. I don't remember humble. I don't WanNA maligned. Let's talk about a little bit about the big man the book which he wrote a two thousand and nine I think yeah this is what I actually met you when you and Clarence were on the Joy Behar show plugging this book ten ten years ago and it's a wonderful read not only because it's a it's a great rock and roll book but it's also filled with fantastic anecdotes in some of your anecdotes as well as stories about you in and Clarence the the Groucho phone booth story can you can you comment on it. I can comment on it. Listen the Clarence told a lot of stories. It was a storyteller and I can't verify whether you know did he play nine ball with Fidel Castro. I don't know that he did so so he claims that he did. He claims he was there with hundred Thompson and they they're playing nine ball was Fidel Castro. I don't know if it's true. I'd like to believe is true. I haven't really really tried to disprove it so the Groucho Marx story is you know Groucho was walking down the street and he picked up a phone in a phone booth that was ringing and it was clarence in Clarence who had been given a phone number by girly tried to pick up in a bar lovey and she she said yeah she said this is my phone number and really wasn't was the number of this phone booth and it was answered serendipitous the sleepy bye Groucho Marx that is wild yeah how much does that Sinatra story about Sinatra meeting eating with him and wanting to cover born to run as far as I know ospel Frank I. I certainly hope it's true I wrote it. I wrote it the way that he told all the to me and I. I hope that it's true that frank wanted to wanted to do porn to run time what we wanted to do as a ballot you yeah Mrs version of Mrs Robinson with Jili. We references chilly chilly yeah yeah chilly. I met Jili before I met frank you know I wanted to. I wanted to be in that world. When I was in high school. Even before I met sloppy I would drive to New York and hang out in Gylys and I got to know the guy the cabdriver who drove him this guy named Artie while and he introduced me to Jili and I started to hang out in Gylys. That's the first time I met frank was in Gylys now Gillian billion his wife. His wife was honey as her name was honey. Just jump back story. How did he find out he was stalking. Groucho Marx. How groucho introduced himself. Oh introduced himself on the phone but Clarence didn't know who Groucho Marx was sir. Do you tell the Deniro the painting story too because that's a great story in the book. The Deniro story is is. Are you talking to me. That's you know that that you know Bruce has addressed this this story to and it might be urban a a an urban What do you call it. yeah an urban myth but according to Clarence Deniro said the the are you talking to me thing that he did in taxi driver he got from Bruce that Bruce was he went to Bruce Concert early on and Bruce was standing onstage and people were yelling bruise brews and Bruce stood there and said. Are you talking to me. I'm the only one here are you talking to me and the Deniro says that that's where where he got that bit freely old driver. That's cool at some point in the book. Clarence says that that springsteen was funny that he could have been a comedy writer. Is he funny funny. He yeah he is funny. He is funny. You know I'll tell you I'll tell you a story. when Clarence died I was down in Florida for for the funeral. You know we're all in the hospital for that last week. It was really really a difficult week. Bruce was amazing that week bringing people together and anyway after Clarence died where we were up in his apartment clearances apartment. We're getting ready to to go to to the church thinking thinking and at one point time that's just bruce I there. I said you know clarence us to tell dirty jokes all the time yeah so I said did Clarence tell you the the Willie Nelson Joke and Bruce said No. I said okay sit heritages. It says what's the last thing you wanNA. WanNa hear when you're blowing Willie Nelson and Brusett oh Jia. I said I'm not Willie Nelson so he doesn't laugh right. He he walks over into the kitchen. He leans up against the counter. He looks down. He says looks up finally says you know that's really funny. My heart stop don't make so many good stories in the book at one of my favorites. Is Your Robert Altman story which you have to tell Gilbert quick. That does a true story. I'm at an apartment in a full floor apartment on Park Avenue with these with very socially elite upwardly mobile people who I have nothing in common with and the hosts came over to me he said there's somebody else in show business here so I said Oh great good anything you think and he says come with me and he says Bob and he says this is don realises. This is Bob Altman. It's Robert Altman right yeah and Robert Altman turns to means this shakes hands. He says urine show business so I said yeah he said. Do you have any dope said no and he walked away. Path never said another word and I went back to talking to defeat or whoever uh-huh and we worked together twice we did yes okay we we had. Jim burroughs air last week and Gilbert was that was riding him for never never happy to see you. Did we probably met through through through Jimmy Valley early on you Jimmy. Yeah I have a great Jimmy Valley Story. I've got to tell you this yeah. Jimmy Valley is writing Jimmy Valley for those of you. Listening thing is a very very funny combat. He was working on my wife and kids. We're in Vegas. Me Damon Dean Laurie another writer and Jimmy are in Le Circ this fabulous restaurant where drunk we've just wrapped the Michael Jordan episode and it's after dinner and I said the Damon. Why don't we get a Louis the thirteenth. It's this fancy brandy. It's like five hundred dollars. An ounce Damon says yeah so the Maitre d' come so we ordered one and Damon says hey do you have anything anything better than Louis. The thirteenth and the guy says in eighteen fifty three a galleon went down off the coast of Jamaica it lay at the bottom of the sea for one hundred years until it was it was that was divers went down and resurrected it and on board were four barrels of brandy two of them belong to Prince Rupert of Liechtenstein. The Queen of England owns one and we have the other. It's thirty five hundred dollars. An ounce outs Damon says we'll have one and this starts the ceremony that come out with this casket bacharach crystal glasses and the guy draws an ounce of this stuff and he says you gotTa let it sit sniff it right so I take it and I sniff it. I handed dammit. He sniffs the handed. The Danie sniffs it dean hands it to Jimmy. Jimmy takes the whole thing and his mouth mouth goes spits it out on the floor. He says this is terrible. Well it was the the funniest thing I had ever seen a human being. Doing everybody else was aghast. They're out of the place but it was It was a bold bold funny funny thing to do that. You're on till death. You were on the bread guy. We saw about two episodes of that one of them. My my favorite episode was one that we're in the locker room together me and Brad Garrett and he notices is that I have an extremely big Dick. That's the whole running fake news. That became my favorite dead TV TV episode well. We've book into this conversation. Yes yes the big take. I got got a couple of quick questions for you. Your listeners Jason Pagano my fellow Rhode Islander Dan Dan on both dawn big. Fan the given the timing of the interview. Do you have an anecdote or two about working with the late Great Valerie Harper. You wrote a couple episodes of Rhoda. I produced wrote a Alan wrote for for for one season. I guess it was after we left. Mash No. She was delightful person. She was she was lovely. I really enjoyed Roy being with her. you know she had she. She always struggled with her weight. I remember when when we showed up for the first day she had lost a tremendous mendes amount of weight in the in the off season and and the following Monday like we we met on a Friday and the following Monday she listen. I have to tell you this story. She said when I was driving homeless that I stopped at a bakery and I bought a birthday cake and I had I had them. Write Happy Birthday Marsha Marsha on it and I took the cake out and I went to the drugstore next store and I bought a rat tail comb and I went into the car and I use the back of the comb to cut cut the cake and I ate the entire cake. I said wow that's crazy. Welcome to the show. Here's she shaikh. I got to work with her. A handful of time she was very sweet. She was very sweet and so so was Juliet Kaverner. Yeah it was great. Everybody on that show is great. Charlotte Brown was the showrunner that show terrific terrific writer. Lynn Mancini Says Don's choice on this question. Can you tell us anything about spending time with either the hilarious Chris Rock or the dearly departed Dr John. Well Dr John. You know wrote the did the theme for Blossom. Yeah I don't have any great stories by Dr John Chris Rock. I got to hang around with. I basically got paid to hang around with Chris rock while we're doing everybody hates. Chris and you know it was interesting the way Chris Thinks Chris thinks in a different way it was remember Taiwan. Michael Vick got in trouble for the thing with Allison so I I I'm having lunch with Krista. Day and I said you know this guy. There's there's no way to forgive a person for this. He said well. That's because you're white. What are you talking about. Black people have a different relationship with dogs. I said how he said. I'll tell you how during the underground railroad the dog said. Hey their under the stairs. I guess he's got a point a little bit different point of view a very funny yeah just quickly Don. We gotta talk a little bit about the Larroquette show before we get out of here. I I loved hearing your story about who was the executive was at Sagansky. CBS that absolutely hated the show hated hated it. We delivered it on Friday. We thought boy this is going to be great. Let's hire a casting director and he called Monday said hate this. Just get it out of the building. I'm not going to give you a notes I hate this right and and that was it it was was dead at CBS and then I think it was three years years later. Larrikin stumbled on it got a hold of it and then became the John Larroquette show a very infant ratio years very it was edgy. You know it was it was dark. Ark Wanted to do a very dark comedy. You know it was a he had a sign. This is a dark ride that he got at a carnival when he was a kid and the line in the script was there should should be one of these hanging at the end of the birth canal yeah. I watched the pilot last night. I'm and I watched a couple of them. Last night like Richard Ramirez Night Stalker reference pilot pilot Dr Edgy Show Surprise Gilbert wasn't on that somebody who was us on that show was slapped. Bob Bob Cat was on Bob Cat was on the show and he played a character who when he was drunk didn't talk like Bob Cat he only it only talk that way and acted that way when he was sober but when he drank you kind of talked with a slight English accent did did listening to Tom. Waits somehow how inform your writing and creation of that show almost everything that I've ever created has been based on music. It's been based on something. I'm listening to it. At the time I was is listening to nighthawks at the diner. You know Tom Waits early. Stuff and I wanted to write about people who worked from midnight to eight. Am You know the original title. Title was the only come out at night yeah. It's it's very edgy and it's very smart. I mean I'm listening to. I'm watching it under there's Edward Hopper references and Beckett references dances and Miles Davis and I turned to my wife and I said this is another show that might have been better suited on cable or on HBO or in This Day and age on Netflix Net flicks as opposed to having to compromise by being on that work we were where we were you know there's a there's a whole Thomas Pinch on running in that in that show and the Stephen Eighty Hitler episode written by Your Pal. Jj Wall J. J. Tucker Jj a week ago. Oh Yeah yes that was a wonderful experience. I'm still friendly with the John or talking about doing something else. What a Funny Guy Yeah. What is he's a great guy. Can we ask I ask you before we jump about a couple of people Brian Keith the late Bryan. Cave that you you did a series as with Yes yes all heartland. Yeah Brian was he was a cowboy. He was he was. He was a no nonsense kind of western stern character. You know he would sit on the can with the door open and give you notes for stories. Oh Yeah I mean you know we could stay here for a long long time. If I were to repeat other people stories you know it goes on for for days and days Brian was he was. He was a real interesting throwback character. Yeah I came from peckinpah movie. You know he's like that kind of guy. He came to a sad end unfortunately Brian. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. What about somebody we've. We've desperately wanted to have on this show Malcolm McDowell. You did Pearl well. Yeah I still friendly with Malcolm. We Love Malcolm. He's he's asking them to tell you his Danny Kaye Olivier story okay which he's great stories you know. I don't want to repeat Malcolm. Snow if you can get him here. He's got some wonderful story liked it. We liked to go get some great colonialists stories race. Yes yeah he's he's started in that movie and he's got some great stories. This is throwing a bone Gilbert but Sid Melton was on blossom and he's come up up on the show one hundred times. Danny Thomas is old sidekick. Yes anything s not really. I mean Sid Melton. You know you get a call from Paul Winter. Tony Thomas saying you know Sidney his insurance. You've got to put them on the show talk. That's kind of how it happened. He was a delightful guy. You know he was a wonderful guy but he was one of those one of those people that are inside the tent but they're near the exit. What about Bill Dana Ena who was on that show. Yeah Bill Dana I knew mostly from Hawaii for for a while. I had a house in Hawaiian in town that bill had the house in and I met him on the beach in Hawaii and most of most of the time that I spent with him was was there. We you know we almost had him when we had him booked yeah. Oh No we had Jack Carter Book to both they both took a turn for the worse check by insurance you watch how did Ted's character and you know Ted was here right. He's he he. He brought us the lovely Ted Wass We. We had a great time with him. How did he come to be based on his character and blossom come to be based on Dion. Dion is a friend of mine has been a friend of mine for a long time. He was on the share show so back in the seven okay as I was creating blossom. I I went to Florida for Dionne Fiftieth Birthday Party so that's thirty years ago and and I went to his house and he lived in a neighborhood yet two cars and three kids and you know and I thought this guy's in the rock and Roll Hall of fame fame and he's got like a normal life you know dad's on television or not in the rock and Roll Hall of fame. They're not hip. They're all you know older and the like my dad and that's why I changed the character of the father to a musician. He was a studio musician. He was a piano player and it was largely due to to the to the to the fact that Dion was was a dad too so why not have a dad like that why don't have a dad new new music and musical references and you know different broach sessions yeah. Did this just a little little tribute than the night you met dion was that the Phil Phil Spector night that you went to the it was the Phil Spector Week of Yes because dion was recording an album with Phil Spector and he invited invited me over to the gold star studios were on Santa Monica and Vine Street there and and AH I walked in studio three I think and we walked in my wife and I and and I hear who the fuck are you and I turned to the right and up on the up behind the board is Phil Spector who is in a white jumpsuit with a giant White Afro uh-huh wig in Red Sunglasses and he's pointing a forty four magnum at my head right could still see it. It was like Oh fuck right right. It was really odd because behind him was Bruce springsteen and Steve Van Zandt and Robert Hilburn from the from the time sitting there yeah and Kazak Glickman who was diaz manager at the time was in front of me and Jack jumped up and said no no. It's okay phillies says okay don't shoot uh he didn't shoot. He said all right. Come in and sit down. Shut the fuck up. I'M GONNA show Bruce springsteen how to make a fucking record tonight and they cut this the cut this this record called baby. Let's stick together so you've had a gun pulled on you. By Phil Spector you've seen Uncle Milton's unit. I may be the only anyone can claim both of them. The only living I live in show business right there I WANNA plug the book to doncaster so it's a lot of fun and got some of the stories the Sinatra that the did we'll let people buy the book but there's that story about buying the painting. Yes Ed with the Deniro and the the story of the painting which people will have to buy the book yes led by the book. Let them let them by the Damn Book. Keep something secret alaric catch show why why is it not available. I mean I had to find them on Youtube and yeah. I started liking your show. I have no idea why I don't. I know why I don't know why should be seen yeah. It was a fun show. It was way ahead of its time. It was a was delightful had a lot of injury. Lenny Clark was a regular Giller on that show Gilbert Laura Yeah. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah what a and tell us about the ranch the ranch well my work on ranches finished now there are there are twenty episodes ago there are there are ten which will be released on this coming. Friday this week and then ten more in January and we we'll have completed eighty episodes of terrific terrific experience get to work with Sam Elliott. I mean my God tells about Sam Elliott. He's the coolest man in the were. I just I just WanNa be Sam Elliott. If he's great he's Great. I loved him. I loved everybody on that. Show Ashton was terrific. Danny masterson was great debra winger. Has You WanNa talk about great stories. If you can get debra winger to do we're right. We're taking notes here. As you're talking she is. She is a wreck on tour. Yes fabulous will you. We write another memoir. I mean this is a this is a partial memoir because it's also it's it's it's told from your point of view but also so clarence is point of view yeah. I know I'm going to have to hurry because I've forgotten three shows. I did today while you were talking to me so I have to I'm not sure I I'm not sure I really want to get the third act of memoirs is always the tricky part and let somebody else. Do it. Okay okay so this has been great. We really appreciate your thank you. I've enjoyed enjoyed telling these stories get the good wine. Well order the good one good wine or the good ones. You never know what's coming yeah so I'm Gilbert. Godfrey Bitches Been Gilbert Godfrey to Mason Colossal podcast with my co-host ranked Santo Padre and we've been talking about the man who produced a show that had me on in a case of art imitating life a man with a gigantic great the time we want to thank Ted Wass to it if you talk to them before we give our love what a hell of a guy yeah. This is my best friend and how many people can say. They started a pink panther movie exactly. There's only two one of them's dead yeah yeah. Thank you don. this was a lot of fun. You can't arm pop. Eh uh-huh aw yeah the Bab Ah and aw aw Yeah Huber Godfrey's needs of musing colossal podcast is produced by Darah Godfried and Franks onto padre with audio production by Frankfurt Arosa web and social media's handled bye Mike McFadden Greg Repair and John Bradley Seals Special Audio contributions by John Beach special thanks to John John Murray and Paul Rayburn Burn.

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