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Analyzing the Sixers' Trade Options, Joel Embiid's Injury, the Second NBA All-Star Returns and More (Ep. 171)


Welcome soup site podcast. My name is Alex Kennedy. This everyone knows we're now posting new episodes of the podcast every Monday and Thursday. And you can find episodes on spotify apple. PODCASTS stitcher audio boom or wherever you listen to podcasts. Be Sure Subscribe and leave us a reviewed less. Know How we're doing joining me. Today is key Karlan. The editor of sixers wire one of the great. NBA Wire sites ran by USA Today. Sports Media Group. You can follow him on twitter At Kai Underscore Carlin Chi. Are you man. I'm good Alex. How are you thanks for having me? Ben Yeah thanks for joining me. I'm excited to talk with you. Obviously you run sixers wire and there's lot of sixers news and notes to get out there today and discuss. Let's start with the breaking news that just kind of came out before we started recording. Here Joel embiid has a torn ligament in his left hand. There's no timetable for his return. He's kind of weighing his options The team has been struggling recently. We know they had a four game skid and now they're dealt this big blow what are you hearing on this and what kind of impact will it have on the sixers team while the sixers just announced that he just kind of weighing his options in terms of treatment as he's gotten no timetable return but my gut tells me that he's probably going to be out for at least a couple of weeks as a torn ligament so the you know the sixers are a team that want to take a very slow with him. The most cautious roure imaginable to be able to make sure that he's ready to go once a playoffs roll around. That's always the big plan for this year. That's why they went outside. Al Horford so in terms of impact on the floor. Now you're counting on Al Horford who's had a really top December and now you're hoping that he can be able to really in a big way and move over to the five and give the team really what they were signing with him for. Sharon you know the sixers right now. They're twenty ninety four in fourteen on a recent podcast. I talked about this. Struggle is in it obviously. They had the big Christmas Day game. The big win against the Milwaukee Bucks folks than the four game losing streak this team struggling but recently I know embiid in Joshua Johnson and come out and kind of made some comments about the struggles and how they were taking a toll There was a great the article today on the ringer by Kevin O'Connor and he kind of talked about the issues with the sixers team. You mentioned Ben. Simmons unwillingness to shoot in beads ability ability and this was before that news came out the lack of our perimeter shock creator the absence of a high of high volume shooters the shallow bench team chemistry. I mean the list goes on and on there. You've been a lot of things that have been talked about when it comes this sixers team but they are on a fifty to win pace when you look at the teams play versus some of the issues that are out there. How how concerned are you really about this sixers team as currently constructed? Well come playoff time. Ben Simmons is GonNa shoot the ball right. Let's not lead like less than sugar code. Benson is definitely not shoot the ball. It's killed them. The last two playoff run second round against Boston in two thousand eighteen against Toronto last year in Twenty nineteen and coming up in a twenty twenty that they can get away with mass shooting the ball in their first round opponent in two thousand eighteen. They played Miami team. That was really not all that talented. They made the playoffs strictly off of culture. Whatever they really promote down there in Miami and they got away with the fact that Benjamin's was not able would enable shoot the ball than they ran to Boston? Boston really you know they killed him with that. And the last year though going up against Brooklyn team who Brooklyn was good but Brooklyn is GonNa stop. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid at the time they weren't built like that right so you can get you can get away with the nasty with the ball. You run into Toronto and again those problems run up so against the elite teams James. These problems are going to be continued to be brought up now in the second round where they faced a Miami team. A much improved Miami team this year or they faced off Indiana or Boston or Toronto. AIDS teams again is going to hurt them. It's going to kill him. Shoot the ball. Do you think Ben realize this because Brown I mean I know he recently had some interesting in comments and said you know he failed when it when it came to. You know getting Simmons to shoot. Simmons obviously brings a lot table even when he isn't shooting but it seems like like he's hesitant to even try attempting any longer range shots and that's kind of what I took away from. Brett Brown's comments about it. You know where. What's the solution here to Simmons Gene? And just come to that realization. Or when I've seen his interviews it seems like he feels like I can impact the game of time without shooting. I don't need to make that change. But everyone else around him seems to realize realize he does what. Where do you think this kind of goes? How does this get resolved? I'm not really sure how this gets resolved and you're absolutely correct abandon. has this or around this confidence that he can really impact the game so many different ways that he doesn't necessarily have to take jump shots and he's absolutely right. I mean we're talking thing about twenty-three-year-old all-star is a top twenty top twenty five player and he's one of the better players in my opinion in the game. He should be in running for an all defense team this year. But ofensive -ly that fit with between him and embiid is kind of awkward sometimes and it's because he can't shoot who for example. During the recent Roach they started off with the Orlando Magic. And Joel embiid seven footer took eleven three pointers eleven. Yeah Joel embiid taking eleven. Three pointers is it. Shouldn't happen Ainhoa in that capacity. And now you're looking at it and you're like wiser seven taking threes when you have a point guard who won't shoot even mid range shot and then and then that's an issue when it comes to the fifth between these between these two we have thousands the next question for you. I I see that a lot in twitter with fans and even some analysts are bringing up Simmons and embiid do not fit together. This will not work. You Know Simmons they have a team that's built around him with a ton of shooters and I didn't see some people on twitter saying Simmons should be playing a different position. You know. There's obviously a lot of conversation about this. Fit Between Simmons and EMBIID did Do you think I mean. Obviously we've seen the sixers have the most guaranteed money of any team in the NBA. Going forward committed to this group. So there's no question that they've bet on this group and obviously okay. We saw them extend Simmons. Do you think they believe this bit can work as it is or are we gonna see at some point these two have to break up okay. Here's here's my prediction Alex. If they lose the second round again this year they'll firebrand because easier to do that Benner Gel then they'll bring in a new head coach and see if he can work that out and then if it doesn't worry me then then L. and Josh Harris and the new coach will kind of have to be like okay. We got to move either better Joe and at that point you have to decide. Do you WANNA be a half or team and dumped the ball down Joel. A long beat and have them dominate the low post or. Do you want to build around. Ben Simmons us at Breakneck speed as six ten point. Guard can really give And he's and and one of the better defensive players in the League lead like I mentioned earlier so there's a lot of different issues that they're going to have to work out and it's something that is going to really get question that's going to haunt his team over the next year or two is going to dog them. It's GonNa be Banner Joe who you keep it better Joe and and is going to be a really big thing that a lot of people really going to focus on right because this easily till this point they were able to say look. We need to improve the supporting cast. We saw with Tobias Wise Harris Al Horford Jefferson. That was the recent focus why I guess before we get into you. Know more about Simmons and EMBIID team will look at the looking at the supporting cast. What do you make is is that they have so far it and how they're playing right now? It seems like Richardson Harris are playing. Well Horford I know some people kind of like you should bring more the table able but I mean this is kind of what Al Horford does. And he's been able to fill in for embiid but you know as the five as you said. What do you make of the supporting cast? And how they're performing. I believe Josh. Richardson in has lived up to expectations. You know he's not. Jj redick he's coming here in. Just shoot forty forty four percent from deep inside him which is which is going to do is give you great defensive. Play and really a little bit of everything. Offensively he can score he can distribute can rebound the ball. He's a dog. It gets energy he hustles. And that's what Richardson has really given this year here. I think he's worked out. Okay in terms of Horford. We all knew that this was going to be a awkward fit in really clunky heading into the season and and that has absolutely been one hundred percent the truth to the first Alan. What we at thirty eight games of the season Horford is not a three point shooter. You can shoot the three ball adequately but Brown's asking him to take four or five three-pointers a game and really that should not happen and is really hurting him. Offensively Tivoli is hurting. The team. Offensively is hurting a Joel's numbers. Because it's getting double teamed every time down the floor and it's something to wear again you you have a decision to make do try to move in the summer because you're going to be on the hook for another three hundred million dollars because he hasn't been able to really live up to the contract so there's a lot of decisions to be made on this team. There's underlying issues that a lot of people are really really. Are we talking about how people have noticed. And it's something that we all kind of predicted when the season began in the sixers. Really Kinda Try to sweep it under the rug and say Oh we're GONNA play volleyball at bullied ball does not work in twenty twenty NBA. It doesn't work like that anymore right. I think now you have this team you know. The expectations are so high. That whenever there are issues. Or they're losing streak immediately. They're under the microscope when everyone wants to look at what's going wrong and how they can fix it. I mean this article by Kevin O'Connor honor that I mentioned is a great example. Knowledge is breakdown. The struggle is that have happened so far and Simmons Shooting and some of the other issues but he also does some reporting in the article. He says that multiple leaks sources had told him that the sixers have expressed interest in a number of wing players including Robert Covington. We'll eat beasley led Robinson the third `Davis batons each toine more Andre. He did acknowledge that the sixers don't have a ton of trade assets so they may have to figure out you know how to improve this team without making a move of but of that list. which players do you think makes the most sense as possible targets for the sixers the guys who make the most sense for me or Beasley and batons but the the point that you brought up? His team doesn't have much assets to really make a big move am is really only have two as stylized teams will really league China Covet and that's young Zeier Smith who hasn't played yet this year because he's still trying to recover from whatever the hell happened to him his rookie year last last year and Mike Scott would be another one just because he's a veteran in his contract isn't too you know. Expensive is kinda cheap and the sixers. I really don't have the assets or pigs or the young pieces or guys who can help right now to go out and get a job as Burton's or Beasley or Robert Covington or or or anything like that. But if I had to come up with two guys that list it'd be doubly Beasley batons. I feel like academically helped his team the most especially Beasley with shooting and his playmaking ability. Yeah I would agree but it feels like if those guys become available like you're saying they're gonNA have a lot of suitors that are interested interested in those guys and they're gonNA have their pick of of options in terms of trade so it's GonNa be tough to compete with other packages become available Desire Smith interesting thing I know. He's playing in the G. League at the moment They recently had the G. League showcase in Las Vegas and I know he's been struggling there too so that doesn't help either when it comes to his trade value you but when you look at someone like Andrei Udal retweeting more guys. That could be much more. I guess someone like more. I think he's he's more obtainable. Someone like L. dollars interesting because obviously Memphis. They want to get something back in return. There's obviously going to be a lot of teams interested in acquiring. MP's he's bought out but if the sixers team that Kinda says okay. Fine we'll meet your demand and give you a pick y you know. Obviously he has passed in Philly and fans of loved him there. What would someone someone like Dolla- or more be able to do to help us team or even like a Glen Robinson? The third you know are are those guys really enough to help. Because I'm not sure they do enough to improve this his team and it's almost like a lateral move. In my opinion I'm not a big Glenn. Robson the third guy. I watched him in Detroit last year in that I thought the Pistons gave him. You know so many chances to really become that legitimate NBA rotational player. And I thought that he just kind of failed in flopped and like every way imaginable even with the warriors this year. I really have not been impressed with Glen Robinson. The third. It's like okay. He he's he's he's just a guy. Yeah you know what I'm saying and Sal. He's really going to help Dahlie I'd be like could definitely help just because he's improved his three point shooter over the course of his career. He's got winning experience with the warriors at finals. MVP in two thousand fifteen five straight NBA finals. Who's a huge piece of all those warriors teams and if the sixers bring him back he'd be a really nice bench apiece? He's twenty four. He's fallen out of favor in New Orleans. Pelicans at moving on with this This kinda rebuilding plan that they really instituted if you were to come here. He's a good. He's a good shooter again. He does he does he. Just another guy. It's not like he's going to push the needle. Yeah I think guys like more Dala could be good locker room guys. I know twenty someone that helps young players and a very selfless when it comes to his role on over the off season. He was super excited about the Pelicans boobs even so he knew it would mean he was GonNa move to the bench and play less someone like a good all as you mentioned. Obviously Great Locker Room Guide great careers a winner. How much is that needed? You think in Villi because I had Trevor Booker on the podcast over the off season and he obviously was only in Philly for a little bit. He wasn't there super long but we talked about the sixers he. He said there were chemistry issues and he said I don't want to go into it too much but the chemistry was just weird there that those were his words. So when you talk about guys like iggy dollar that could it helped locker room. Is that needed. Do you think that could maybe help the team bit. Sorry Alex Got News at the schedule. Unbeatable have surgery tomorrow. Dr When we will devaluated in one two weeks awhile surgery and then one to two weeks. That's a pretty mean like you're saying it's probably going to be a while until we see him play their surgery here. That's tough tough news. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's really big for this team. Especially you know. They're at that point in the season. Where you WANNA be able to try to build some type APPA chemistry and and really make that final? Push for the postseason I really feel like without embiid. You're you have to focus. Kasan Simmons in Horford can get Al Horford moving over to the five and hope that he can become like that guy that he wasn't Boston or Atlanta. Uh then they'll be in good shape. You can also use Ben Simmons to attack. It can also be a free flowing style. Offensively with Tobias Harris Matisse stibal coming back from MS injury and and so it does open up a couple of different things. But I mean. Let's be real you without your best player for one or two weeks. That's huge so before we get back into the other stuff here. What's the reaction in Philly? To 'em Beedon is injuries. I mean I know. Obviously he's been more durable recently and early on it was a big frustration for a lot of fans and there was a lot of you you know comments made and it wasn't a great start to his career. I know they were obviously hoping that he would. You know get healthy. And he's kind of become a symbol of that process and and fans love him but how frustrate are really fans there with all the injuries that keep popping up in how durability continues to be a question all they're frustrated Alex. We're talking thing about a a city that threw snowballs at Santa Claus. Right so so obvious like people here are frustrated when it comes to joe well but they also understand how talented he is and they they they grow really patient collide were you were. Mentioning has become the symbol of the process when he gets introduced every night the the PA announcer Makor introduces him as Joel. The process embiid every single night when he gets introducing starting five He's become a symbol of hope for this city and even without even with all the injury issues and with all the frustration that the fans have expressed he is the Golden Child Right Now Philadelphia sports arts and I really mean that between species probably between him and You know people still love Nick foles around here so you know is fine between five between MP and in false right now in terms of all golden child. I mean people people love to Welby here no matter what I feel bad for Fan. You've embiid than you have carson wentz between the two. You know it's always always it so bad it's so bad right now. They realize yeah definitely. It is right now in Philadelphia Sports. A whole yeah well. Hopefully those guys get healthy and we know how good they can be when they are healthy so at least in a better position than some teams here but one or two more questions here about fairly before moving on again you know as you mentioned guys like more you can do all. They could help in the locker room. And like I was saying you know Trevor Booker. When he was in the podcast was talking talking about how the chemistry was always issuing really when he was there and he had a brief stint there either described? The team is kind of weird in the chemistry being an issue. He didn't WanNa go into much detail all but he did say that when you look at Villa team would it help them to bring new dollar someone that can help the chemistry or leadership. I feel like it could Bunkers absolutely correct there. It is a little strange here Just because a Benny Joel third the all-star do other the leaders in no no matter what but it's not like they're best friends off the floor. They're they're Kinda like day. They come to work. They play with each other. They know how good each other is like. They understand how talented I wanted. The other person is But it's not like they have this amazing relationship Joe Wells best friends were honestly Jimmy Butler it. It was really great friends with Jimmy and he was great friends. Jj redick right now. That they're now that they're gone. He's kind of been notice. The different vibe Joel. This year and he's even mentioned it like I'm not having as much fun on the court and I need to. I need to play to the crowd war and everything else in between all that stuff at the end of the day just the chemistry with this team. The locker rooms. It's weird weird and you you got at that sense whenever they played against me Butler Both Jimmy Ange well-made comments about you know catching up and being really close and still being friends so I definitely kind of got that vibe. A bit whenever they played against Butler and his return. So yeah that's interesting. I think it's people don't realize that's one of the things that you see behind the scenes when a player loses their best friends on the team it can lead the issue. Is You know one of the first things that happened in Orlando Whenever Dwight Howard initially got frustrated was he was close with Cordingley. Antonio Tony's not and I know fans Roy surprised because they think oh well you know. Why is it? Goes to so-and-so Tony potatoes even play but but was like his older brother and according to his best friend they live together together at one point because coordinate. We had a fire at his house. It's a long story but people always thought it's Jamir Nelson. They always assumed other things. But then whenever those two guys left in the Vince Carter Trade. That was kind of the beginning of the end. So that's always interesting to me to see the relationships and dynamics behind the scenes so if if embiid feels like the two guys that I relied relied on that were close. Friends of mine are gone. That's that's certainly a problem. I agree with you there right and especially I think it was. Jimmy's first game back here and post-game him Joel. Jimmy actually talked outside the heat locker room for one st like five minutes after the game. Twenty five thirty minutes oh well And the even Joel's comments after. Jj returned here to New Orleans with warlords. Joel had a comment. I I wrote something on it. Joel said something along the lines lines of it was good to see him. I miss him I miss. I miss him so so when it comes to relationships is he understands how talented Benjamin says bent on really understands. How talented Joel is Dan? Mutual respect for each other but they're both closed France selling they hang out Ben meanwhile really close with Josh. He's really close with Tobias. Bent didn't get along with Jimmy. And I'm not sure Ben and James Relationship to my understanding Ben Nj were always good especially with the way. Jj talks about him but it just kind of seemed like this offseason was really tailor made more towards band rather than Joel just the way you really look at it interesting just one or two more things here lasting one thing. That O'Connor mentioned the article that we talked about he speculated that Chris Paul could make sense for the clippers and that's a huge contract first of all and we know Paul is playing really well the thunder right now and let me give those reasoning real quick. He essentially said that while. Simmons Simmons is great as an open floor playmaker. He isn't a true creator or orchestrator. So adding Paul would give the sixers and the pick and roll passer in Creator now. Now I'm not a huge fan of the idea again that contracts brutal. We know. He's a much older now and I'm not sure if he's going to be able to play at this level for the remainder the season. But I'm sure it's going to be a hot topic. So what do you think of the hypothetical. CB three trade. That was mentioned. He mentioned possibly giving up Harris or Horford but that would always be way too much so if they could do it with making a package with other pieces would be something that you'd be interested in if you're the sixers. No they just know and his island. Chris Ball isn't a great player. Obviously Chris Balls go into the hall of fame ballot but he's an asshole. They like everything I've read has pointed to that back. Its relationship with the Andre Jordan is relations with Blake Griffin. That's where they were all icy the and I'm not really an you know and you were to enter this locker room and try to tell Joe Well to what to do or try to tell Ben What to do just that there's no no way it would blow up absolutely not it'd be for you. You'd have a lot to write about but I'm sure it'd be kinda frustrating for everyone else. Oh Yeah Yeah definitely a lot of fun in terms of as a writer but my God No absolutely not. Oh Yeah for sure before we talk about the Second All Star voting returns. But I know you recently did a one on one with For six wire. Can you kind of talk about that article and what you guys discussed discussed. It was just a little combination of a lot of things. I wanted to get his Kind of his perspective on Philly with a typical game day. Like for him and What music is he listening to? kind of like that So one interesting aspect I really thought was was really cool. He's his musical. Single interest in his choices are definitely different. Like most players. pre-game our listener or Bob vibe out to like Drake Travis. Scott or J. Cole. Something like Bat right and John. Richardson is listening to some Indie band. Called Chrome like any ban. You mentioned was Mac. DEMARCO bed he he's like he's Canadian Just indeed broadband by lead singer head. And and I and I'm like Josh. Like what you listen to. He goes now he's like yeah the dismount they were Bass Guitar at home. I'm trying to learn how to play. And so so definitely definitely very interesting. And also when he was in Miami He said he had three WADA's hang out in his backyard. Which you know Florida? They're all the place three Kuomintang out his backyard. Any named all three of these random iguanas. They were named Terry. Og Larry and Barry about yeah thought was funny so go and check that out. SIXERS DOT COM. There are a couple of different. I'm broken up into three different pieces so that it's all it's all around there out soundly phone with it too. It sounds like you got him pretty candid and having fun so everyone make sure you check that out out on sixers wire make sure you follow Chi Chi underscore car lynch articles and interviews. That's awesome so transitioning away from the Sixers I wanNA talk about Out The NBA. Second All Star voting returns. They released this afternoon. Just a reminder of the fan vote counts for fifty percent media votes player votes count for twenty five percent When it comes to selecting the starters and reserves will be chosen by the head coaches? So let's talk about some of the big surprises with these second returns to me. The ones stand out. You still have Caruso at number six among Western Conference guards which is pretty wild to me. I look at the Front Court for for the western conference or Renault Rudy. Go Bear in the top ten and you have guys like Carmelo. Anthony there at number eight which I mean I get it. He's a big name and fans. I recognize it but it that was pretty wild to me. I still don't yeah. So and Steph curry at number four. He's barely played. God so those are the folks in the Western Conference. I those are the ones that stood out to me. You Have Lebron James Number one leading all players and then Anthony Davis number two among frontcourt players in the West so obviously the the two Lakers got a ton of coach not not surprise anyone but starting with the West what are what are some of the things that surprised you and can you believe. Alex Caruso at number six. I'm so Alex Russo. At this point the average is five and a half points a game lays like I get it. He's fun fun. All this randomized photo shopping. Everything else between I get it. Yeah but he's not good. He's on all star. Aren't knocking off. That's where it's like the ultimate medium if he makes the all star team right. He's I mean people will have a lot on twitter so but I'm upset that he's getting more votes than Shea Gilders Alexander. WHO's having a hell of a year? In Oklahoma City I think average nineteen point eight points off the top of my head He. He's he's been terrific and it's just adapt that bothers me and it. Just it really bothers me. How like the casual fan? Just really goes with the Trenton. The casual fan is what makes up like eighty percent of NBA Fan. So it's like I get it and same thing with Carmelo anthony like they all know Carmelo Anthony. They don't know who to go there. It's because you play Utah so I get it but I'm still not a fan of that I still don't like fan at all. I really know right and we talked to this in the last podcast cast had Dennis Chambers on and we talked about just kind of the issues with all star voting. We talked about how sometimes fans can get it wrong because they just recognize certain names or they think it's funny to vote for sprinting career but to the players when they voted typically gotten it wrong to you know we've seen a lot of players vote for their friends or their teammates. which I SATU so I mean it just seems like all around? Fortunately we haven't had a scenario where we've had a guy make the all star starting lineup. That really shouldn't have been there. I think you could argue certain employers but we haven't had a Taco fall or an Alex Caruso actually starting the game and even Zastava Trulia got a ton of votes Jeremy Lin Gaetana votes. But those guys you know they didn't come close either so I think the NBA's current system does seem to work. You know the returns look crazy but the actual the results of the NCAA. They work pretty well but so right now just kind of a recap. You'd have James Harden Luca Danni which Lebron James Quiet Leonard. Anthony Davis Invest. I'll be the starting five so yeah that's wrong with that right so I mean it's hard to it's hard to argue with the results even if you have some crazy numbers in there you the fact that Caruso and curry had more votes than Dod Mitchell Devon Booker Job Mirant radio bear. He has more votes than Carmelo. Carmelo Anthony Brandon Ingram. Even if you look at the front court side so it's pretty nuts but yes terrible you know Caruso. He's living the life man every single events which covers those job right now. He's having fun out there. I love it. They absolutely should everybody. You know we're all look at Alex Caruso and we're like hey man I would love to switch lives. And he's like I didn't do this. This isn't my fault. I just have some random dunks every now and then and then you hello everyone lying. Let's look at the Eastern Conference so again you have Taco fall. That's the big one. The ease number six among frontcourt guys. So you have him He's above Ben Simmons. Can you believe that he has more action though. He's Oh yeah he has. He has almost one hundred thousand more votes than Ben Simmons. He has more votes right now than Jaylen Brown Bradley beal Andre Drummond sonus. I mean it's just it's crazy so so that's the end zone that's obviously the big crazy one and then you'll get the guards kyrie irving number two. He's barely played. He'd actually start if the game were. Today Darren among the fans at least Dare does at number four with nine hundred thousand votes the gap between Derrick rose. And everyone else it goes from. Derrick rose at nine eight hundred nine thousand nine hundred. To Zach Levine. At five hundred and seventy two. So there's almost a yeah. There's a huge gap between rose. And then Zach Levine. Being Kyle Lowry Jalen Brown rip below him so rose I mean his fan base is really loyal they always turn up these votes But then yeah you have been Simmons. The number eight among Western Eastern Conference guards. That's I think that's a lower than he was during the first returns. And then yeah no Spencer Dinwiddie in the top ten now on Eastern Conference Guard. So that's kind of where things stand the east. What do you make of the second returns out east? Derrick rose makes a lot of sense I was actually looking at his numbers. DETROIT DETROIT. Think he's averaging seventeen and a half points. He's doing that off the bench so I feel like that's an impressive enough to earn some boats now that much by I thought he deserved the top Senate voting. I think he's already got a couple of games Game winners by on the on the pissed inside things so I feel like he's having a hell of a year by In terms of like the top ten guard voting does not enough like the All star. Voting is definitely definitely very weird. It's it's strange. Ben Simmons definitely not the higher she definitely be higher than eighth. Dinwiddie should be in the top ten. He's having ease he's carrying Brooklyn right now so But aim fans are GONNA fans. That's who they are And also real quick shout out to my man Dennis Chambers who you just mentioned you had him on the last podcast really good friend of mine. So he's big shots Dennis. Yeah he's a funny. It's fun having them on. And we Montauk sixers a little bit and we talked about a bunch of other stuff but yeah I know he's a he's from Philly so I'm sure I figured Eggert you guys knew each other. Yeah he's a really good friend of mine so shout to my Guy Dennis. I'm missing down here since he got that job at CBS. I miss him a lot. Yeah he's a funny dude So wrapping up here with the Eastern Conference Taco falls play twenty one total minutes this season and he is at number six front. That is just wild. I think if I had to guess about the the Eastern Conference guards I think when you look at the fan vote and the versus the player vote wanting to happen last year. When Derrick rose was Minnesota the players actually had him higher on their guard bliss than Damian Lillard which was wild at the time Moore was averaging being like twenty six and seven assists? He was playing out of his mind. And then rose was still coming off the bench and Minnesota and you had the players vote rose above him so I wouldn't be surprised is if rose did make it in with the combination of his fan vote and then the player vote last year. The media vote was much lower for rose so I do think that will hurt him when it comes to the final. Oh ballots but if you look at the guys above him I mean Kyrie Irving. I think the players are going to knock him because he hasn't played Kemba Walker is above him and I guess he could be the starter started next to trae young. But yeah I mean I think Derrick rose actually has a shot if you look at how. He's respected in the vote. He's got in the past from players so that'll be interesting to see. Yeah definitely will be interesting because I mean the good thing is I mean the crazy thing is do. It's all it's in Chicago so that that that's going into fuel evening bulls fans who are hanging onto the fact that Derek has wanted to be there in twenty eleven darrow's Dila beloved figure in Chicago. It's his hometown player in hometown player of you that yeah that's true. Yeah hometown so it's not just pistons fans in general as it's also bulls fans. NBA Fans. Who Remember the to the the twenty eleven in and VP here? And he's happening okay. Here we in Detroit sound like he's been garbage like I say he's averaging seventeen and a half points but to be a starter at the All Star game when you look at guys. Thank trae young and Kemba Walker and even Kyrie Irving Irving was really ball in output Brooklyn before his injury and irving where to get back healthy. Liane totally would vote irving in over arrows. To so right I mean yeah. I feel like anyone's been. NBA Twitter to knows that. Eric Rose has some super loyal Royal Fan. So it's not a huge and they're they're they're very very supportive So as of right now eastern conference would be the starting lineup would be trae young kyrie irving youngest onto the Kunio. Paseo calm and Joel embiid so again. Not Too crazy when you look at You know the actual starting lineup. So we'll see we're going to keep track of obviously the the All star votes throughout the remainder of the voting period We'll keep you guys updated on that and You know hoops hype. Obviously have those is to And I'm curious to see it's really interesting to see the reserves. I think the head coach is usually do a pretty good job of choosing the reserves. But you know when you look at this list. There's a lot of guys that there's not a huge gap between you know the obvious all stars and then the guy's right below them so it could be pretty interesting to see who actually makes it and who doesn't but again we'll keep you updated on that throughout the rest of the voting period on hoops Dot Com. Hi It's been awesome man. Thank you for joining me. I really appreciate you doing this. I appreciate you Alex. Thank you so so much having me all man. This is really great. Yeah we'll have to do it again. Make sure you guys check out his great work sixers wire make sure you follow him Chi Underscore Carlin. If you guys want to hear more episodes of the hoops say podcast. CHECK US out on spotify apple PODCASTS stitcher anyway. Your favorite podcasts are found until next time. Thanks for listening.

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