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Are they demonic possessed or merely architectural design in mythology they were believed to frighten away evil spirits, but the idea of goals physically coming to life is a more recent notion. If you enjoy this episode and WanNa hear more like it. Check out our mythical monsters podcast every Monday we dive into history's most legendary monsters follow mythical monsters, free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Please note all myths and legends have variations and the story you're about to hear is not intended to be read as a definitive interpretation, we've combined several accounts of the Gargoyles to bring it to the center of this dramatic retelling, and to truly emphasize the character and ferocity of the monster. The morning sun signaled the end for those that were condemned. The jailer lined up the prisoners, checking that their chains were secure before the bishop arrived, it had rained the night before the stone gargoyles protruding from the nearby church, dripped black water from its gaping mouth, a grotesque sight. But for these prisoners, it was also a symbol of hope of potential salvation. The bishop arrived and went inside the church to pray while the executioner insured that the chopping block was secure. The prisoners side the dark bloodstains left by the countless men who had lost their heads over that wooden stump. The bishop emerged from the Church Bible in hand. He moved along the men he offered each of them their last rites, and the chance to confess their sins before their time on this earth had ended. The bishops stopped at the last prisoner. He stood taller than the others, and his eyes sparkled with a strange fire. He had not yet been broken by the stagnant purgatory of imprisonment. That one the bishops said drawing a finger over the man's forehead. Without a word the guards moved and released the man they gave him fresh clothes, sturdy boots, a bag of supplies and coin and sent him on his way. The released prisoner thanked the bishop for his kindness and swore that he would earn his salvation. As the exonerate made his way out of the village. He stopped once more to consider. The gargoyles mounted over the church. It was because of that Garg oil, and it's kind that he had been offered his freedom. He would never forget it. Welcome to mythical monsters, apar-. CAST original. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Every week. 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Most no Gargoyles as the stone sculpted spouts that adorned cathedrals churches largely associated with Gothic Architecture gargoyles divert rainwater away from the roof of a building in order to prevent water damage. While these creatures can be found in Catholic imagery and tab lows, from the early Middle Ages research shows that there is really one key definitive or of the monsters legend, the story of Saint Romanos. They stand above perched on their stone precipices, always watching never blinking wings, stretched jaws, gaping, hideous and beautiful and eternal. They are the gargoyles. A perfect combination of form and function the oil is more than art there. Gaping mouths are used to divert water away from the building's roof in order to prevent damage the structure, a statue that does not serve this purpose is technically called a grotesque meaning that the bat winged statues shown coming to life in animated films and TV shows are not truly gargoyles at all. The practice of adorning the spouts of buildings with animal likenesses dates back to ancient Egypt. But the dragon like creatures that are commonly used as gargoyles today originated in medieval Europe long before these mythical creatures became a fixture of Gothic architecture, they appeared in the Stone Tableau of Catholic churches often, they were depicted as Satan's demons preying on the sinful. But somewhere along the way they went from being symbols of evil to our ever watchful protectors. To explore the origins of the Garg Oil, we must look into the annals of a Catholic legend one that tells of a priest who traveled to a region of northern France in order to do battle with a monstrous evil. Guillaume could already feel the sweat drenching his cotton shirt as he half dragged the oversized bucket toward the riverbank. The town well had run dry weeks ago and there had hardly been a drop of rain. Desperate the citizens of Ruwan had turned to boiling river water to drink. And today it was yom turn to fetch the water. He loved the bucket to the Riverside and set about removing his boots and rolling up the legs of his pants. This was no way to live of that he was certain. The town was cursed and all who lived. There would surely be better off by leaving it. But the town council had voted on this exact issue. Many many times, and the verdict had always been the same. They would live or more accurately dot. With this land that they called their home. Damn Guillaume cursed as a mosquito burrowed its way into his neck, the drought, the heat and the flies made him almost wish for death. Surely Hell couldn't be worse than Ruwan. Guillaume was so caught up in his own era tation that he didn't see the movement below the surface of the water. What at first seemed like a school of Shimmering fish was something more something bigger. The creature snout broke the surface of the river, blowing hot breath across the shimmering water. Guillaume glimpsed it only briefly its slender snake like body, leathery wings and grey scales before it struck. Guillaume didn't even have time to scream before the creature buried its razor, sharp fangs into his neck and dragged him below the water surface. What his wife realized Johm was missing. She went to the river in search of him. All she found was blood-stained mud on the soaked riverbank. The gargle we had claimed yet another victim. For months the region of Roin had been victimized by this sea snake, which sprung from the river to pull hapless villagers to their deaths. The town elders had been slow in mobilizing a response to the creature, but with Kiam's death. They found the pressure mounting. At this point in the story, the GARGOYLES bears characteristics more commonly associated with a better known mythological creature, the dragon during the dark ages, the common perception of dragon wasn't the massive winged behemoth that we know today. Rather a seventh century, European dragon was more akin to a very large four loomed winged snake, which developed from the Greco Roman. Conception of the creature, most dragons conformed to this standard idea and few individual dragons were noteworthy enough to warrant their own names, but the Gargle we demanded special consideration, especially due to its relationship with water. That night, the villagers gathered before the church in the town centre action was a necessity. These men and women would not stand idly by and wait to be picked off one by one by this scaly beast. One man barked. No rain comes, and now we cannot draw water from the river. Another replied, we will die of thirst. Better to die that way than end up in the monster's belly yelled another. We must be calm. The local bishop caution to the ire of all, but the people could not become another spoke. Send Word to Paris, have king. Clovis send men with swords and nets, so they can cut the creature down with what money the bishop retorted. Armies are not cheap, and besides what goodwill armed men be against a great water serpent we have to. To do something. Someone shouted on this. The town agreed the villagers could not rely on anyone else coming to rescue them, so they decided that they would take the fight to the creature themselves. It was decreed that every able bodied man would gather whatever tool or weapon he could find at dawn day would march to the river and kill the Gar gooey. The next morning. All of the men armed themselves and ventured to the riverbank, ready to take the creature down with pitchfork and hatchets. The morning water was cool, and still the men waited for hours finally, one of them waited out into the river until the water was at his waist. The other men followed suit until they were all half submerged ready to fight the creature on its own turf. The fools. As soon as the first man was pulled below the surface and devoured, the others dropped their weapons and fled. who were they to think? They could take on this creature, farmers and merchants, all of them, no warriors. As the men fled for their lives, the Gargle, we rose out from below the water surface, opened its mighty jaws and unleashed a torrent of blistering flames. The men fell one by one as each of them was burned alive. Satisfied that its enemies were slain the gargle. We retreated back into the water. The women, children and elders of the town rushed out toward the riverbank to wear their sons husbands and fathers had fallen one woman fell to her knees beside her husband's charred corpse curse you foul beast, may you be struck down by God himself back to the pits of Hell from whence you came? As if in response to the curse, the dragon rose once more from below the surface of the river, it opened its mouth as if to blow fire on the remaining villagers, the people screamed and covered their heads, waiting for the burning embrace of death. But the dragon did not breathe fire this time instead it gushed a massive stream of water from its gullet, uttering a terrible gurgling sound as it did, the creature sprayed out so much water that had flooded the riverbank, washing the morning villagers away with their dead and covering the entire town in a violent tidal wave. When the water subsided, the creature was gone, as was the town everything, the few survivors and their homes, their valuables. Their livestock had been washed away in the flood. All they could do was pray. Next the survivors of the GARGUZZOS attack receive help from above now back to the story. The people of Rwanda long plagued by the dragon that dwelt beneath the waters of the river seine had attempted to fight back against the monstrosity for their efforts they were completely utterly devastated. The men of the town were burned alive by the creatures fiery breath, the entire town was wiped out when the creature bellowed a tidal wave of water over the surrounding land. The few survivors were left with nothing, but the soaked tattered clothes on their backs. When travelers passed by and asked what had caused this desolation, the survivors replied. It has no name but Garg Louis for that is the noise it made when it sprayed a devastating wave from its gullet. After losing their village to Gargle we, the people of ru on were hopeless homeless more than a few of the survivors felt that God had abandoned them. Until one day a priest came before them. His name was Romanos. Was the real life bishop of the region of ruin during the early to mid seventeenth century, though very little is known for sure about his life. His legend is much more interesting. As the story goes, Romana had received word of the People's plight. He knew that as a man of God. It would fall to him to lead his fellow believers through these dark times, times were hard and living was tough. The last thing Ramona's needed was these people thinking that God had abandoned them. Romanos was not a young man anymore, but he was spry and clever, and most importantly he knew that God was on his side when he heard of the garguzzos devastation, he packed a bag and set out not for the afflicted village, but for a nearby hamlet one whose help he knew he would need. Romanos bellowed his announcement as the people gathered around him in the town's circle. People of Ruwan I have come with grave tidings from your countrymen. A dragon infest the Seine. River and it has claimed the lives of many men in the neighbouring village. One man marked back. They knew of the threat months ago and yet they chose to stay where they were. Their pride in their precious land has led to their ruin. Romano's shook his head in disappointment. Come now is a man not entitled to the fruits of his Labor. How would you feel if tomorrow your homes? Your family's everything you owned and held dear was snatched away from you. I do not know how this dragon will be done away with, but I know that we have a duty to our fellow Christians to open our homes and our hearts to those who are in need. The people were not convinced. They feared that opening their homes to the survivors now would just lead the dragon to their doorstep, but Ramona's assured them otherwise he had consulted the Churches Best Jerry and determined that the creature was different from a normal dragon. It made its home in the water in the river Seine, and it seemed unlikely that the creature would stray far from that location. With his promise that the dragon would not leave the river Seine Ramona's had convinced the villagers with their blessing he set off for the remains of the village destroyed by the Gargle we. He walked for many miles wondering when he would come across the remains of the village, he had seen war, and he had seen wastelands, but he had seen nothing like the wet charred remnants of what was once fertile soil that now stretched before him. It was only after he heard the sounds of someone weeping nearby that he realized he had reached the village, or what was left of it. Come Out I will not hurt you. Ramona's called slowly. The haggard survivors emerged from the holes in the ground where they had been hiding. Romances. Spirits fell at the site. There were barely a dozen women and children, all clearly starving, sick and hopeless. They I'd him warily and did not speak. Romanos broke the silence. I bring word from the neighbouring village. You are all to come with me. They have shelter, food and warm beds water with which to clean yourselves. We have had enough of water. One sickly boy said. The gargle we will see us all drowned before the week is out. Romanos tried to offer comfort. Have faith young lad for together. We will recover through God's wisdom. One of the survivors cut him off. God where was God. When the Gargle we ate husbands, or when it torched our sons, or when it conjured black water from the pits of Hell itself. Romanos had no answers all he could offer was bread and hollow words of comfort before he finally started back in the direction, he came. The people said nothing as they meekly fell in line. They had no fight left in them and nothing to stay for. When they arrived at the neighbouring village, the survivors were taken in by their fellow countrymen. They were granted fresh clothes. Warm Food Shoulders to cry on. As the rest of the village retired to their beds Romanos find himself unable to sleep. who was he against such a creature? How could he possibly hope to destroy such a monstrous beast? As, he normally did romance found solace before the altar, he entered the village church, dark and empty, given the late hour and kneeled before the crucifix. He waited there for many in solemn meditation. Hoping that God would see fit to guide him. The morning came too soon. Romanos emerged from the church is red weary from a lack of sleep. He wondered if he had the strength to do what he was about to propose. romanesque trembled as he spoke for even he was not immune to fear. We must be brave. We must take our fate into our own hands. The survivors continued to balk one said. What of God aren't you type supposed to tell us that God will fix all our problems if we only believe. Romanesque shot back if you chose to stay inside a burning building and perished from the flames. Would you say it was God's will? For your demise? God gave us minds he gave us will. He gave us the grit to achieve the things in life. That must be done. What do you propose one villager asked? Romance responded. It's quite simple. Really we kill the Gargle we. Roam honest, continued, speaking his courage rising. I have a plan one that would see. The creature lured away from its aquatic lehrer out into the open where we could more easily kill it. and. How many of us do you expect to risk our lives to see this plan through the villagers asked. Romana stood confidently. Just one I need only one companion for this to work. Is there any among you who are brave enough to stand with me? The villagers stayed where they stood none of them moving. Romana spoke defeated. Then someone take me to the cells. I would have words with the sheriff of this town. The villagers obliged leading. To the large hut where the sheriff resided. Inside Ramona's. Of cells each one filled with a criminal who was awaiting execution Romanos, considered the men, and finally approached the one who seemed to be the most able bodied. Romanos pointed a finger at the man. You, what is your name? And what is your crime? I'm called Philip Sir the prisoner responded I robbed a man on the road. You will do. Romana turned to the others. Release this man. He is my companion. Now for none of you were brave enough to join me. And, so the villagers released Philippe to Romance Romances Charge. Romana saw that Philippe was bathed clothed and armed with a dagger. The next morning they set off to kill the Gargle. We. Next room honest faces the Gargle. We now back to the story. The name Gargoyles, comes from the French word Gargle we. This word seems to stem from La Gorge the French word for throat. The name shares in Etymology with Gargle or to wash one's throat Gargle we is a form of Onomatopoeia or a word that sounds like the thing it describes. In the story of romance and the people of Iran, the sound of gargling water signified that the Gargle. We was close, and that death was. Ramana had come to the region of ruin the people there had been savaged and terrorized by the sea snake known as the Gargle we, he had led the survivors to safety, but when he asked the people of Rwanda to join him on his quest to kill the beast. Not One person stepped forward to volunteer. Romanos was forced to conscripts. Philippe a condemned man from the village prison, and so the to set off toward the Seine River. As they walked Ramona's urged Philippe to be brave, and to follow his commands. They would only have one shot at taking the creature down. If they hesitated even for a second, they would likely meet doom. It was not long before they came upon the Bank of the River Seine close to the village that the Gargle we had destroyed Philippe on Romanticize command waded out into the water until he was waist deep in the frigid river. The man shivered rubbing his arms. I hope the beast shows up soon before I freeze to death. He shouted only half joking. Ramona's didn't respond at the water's edge. He waited is on the unbroken surface waiting for sounds of movement. And our past with response, waiting at the river's edge and Philippe standing in the waist deep water until. Philippe suddenly cried out in surprise. Something just brushed past my leg. Romance left his feet fishing into his bag for the small crucifix he had brought with him. It was time for battle. The gargle we emerged from the depths of the water. Romano's froze just for a moment. As he beheld the creature for the first time, it's black scaly skin. It's long twisting snake like neck. It's black, devilish is, and it's maw lined with razor, sharp teeth, hot with steamy breath, and about to snap at Philippe. Romanos regained his senses and Sprung to action. The creature hissed in agony, reeling back, as Romanos held out the cross, Ramona's pressed his advantage, as the creature arrived, he bellowed at it by the power of God Almighty. I cast you from these waters. The creature hissed in pain. And slithered out of the water running along the Riverbank Romanos chased it with the fervor of a younger man he knew at last that the Lord was on his side. He would emerge victorious over this creature. Philippe followed Ramona's after the monster. They reached the entrance to a dark cave. Just in time to see the GARGLE. We scurry inside. The two men stopped for a second to catch their breath. Fee Leap glared at Ramona's as he wrung out the water from his soaked shirt tails. He was shaking with fury. He knew he was supposed to be the bait that was part of the plan, but now that he'd actually seen the creature. He couldn't believe he'd listened to Ramona's. This priest was going to get him killed for sure. You escaped with your life. Let that be enough romance replied. The two men stood at the threshold of the cave, waiting for the creature to emerge. We are here. We are waiting Romanos yield into the abyss. He knew they couldn't defeat the creature in darkness. Romanos turn to Philippe. His voice urgent your dagger quick. Draw blood. Philippe hesitated for a moment, but the priest had led him safely this far. The former prisoner drew his knife and slid its blade across his arm blood dripped on the ground, the scent of it Wa- fghting into the cave until. The creature emerged from the shadows, snapping at Philippe Hungry for his blood romance, once again raised his crucifix, and cried out in a firm voice. Halt I command you. The creature writhed in pain as it fell at Ramona's feet so long as he held the Cross, it could not disobey him. Romance had been granted power by God himself, and through His grace he had tamed the beast. Romano's got Philippe's attention and nodded toward a thicket of vines nearby. Grab those vines wrap it around the creature's snout so that it can't open its mouth. Philippe did so meanwhile romance lifted Phillipe's Nice keeping one hand raised cross aimed at the creature he jammed the knife into the cloth and cut through the fabric when Philippe finished wrapping the creature snout with the vines, he pulled the tatters of Ramona's robes and tied them into one long rope. The two men now had a leash with which to lead the creature. The villagers of Rwanda gasped when they saw the creature, approaching alarms were sounded. Men were roused weapons unsheathed, but Philippe called out to them, ordering them to lay down their arms. The people did so as they saw the truth. The creature was bound helpless harmless. They cheered as romance and Philippe, led the Garg we to the town square Rome honest issued commands. They needed a cage that would hold the beast. The villagers quickly got to work. And before long they had constructed a hefty would cage Romanos led the creature into the cage. Only then did he finally lower his crucifix. As the Gargle we regained its senses, it began to thrash against the walls of its prison. It made to breathe fire onto the human, but it found that it couldn't open it snout. It was trapped. Romance left it to the people of the village to decide the monster's fate. The survivors decided unanimously that the creature would be burned alive mirroring the faded, had dished out upon their slain husbands and sons. And so the creature was put to the torch. It screamed in agony as the flames melted. It's grey scales and scorched. It's flesh. In the morning the creature and the cage had been reduced to ashes save for its head, the villagers inspected the remains, and saw sundered flesh around the Garguzzos snout. It was fireproof a byproduct of the flame. The creature once breathed out. Romanos declared they should mount the GARGUZZOS head atop the church with its mouth pried open. That rain would flow through it and not seep into the church. It was only after they mounted the creature's head that at last rain once again fell on ru on. The people watched in awe at Romano's invention and were impressed at how the GARGUZZOS head redirected water through its mouth. Romance return to his own church soon after his mission had been completed. And as for Philippe, he was pardoned for his crimes allowed to walk free. He did not look back on the village. As he hiked over the horizon, he did not look back to see Romanos the man who had given him his freedom. Watch him go. Romance departed the village soon after the Garg Louise Head stayed mounted on the Church in ruin for many centuries, and the villagers and their descendants were never bothered by the spirits of evil again. Some even came to believe that the GARGUZZOS head once a sign of terror and deaf had become something of a good omen that warded off monsters and demons. The tail of the Gargoyles has a scant origin. Most original sources of the Garg gooey story merely relay the Basic Facts Romanos Fata. Creature called La Guardia we in the region of Ron. He captured it with the help of a condemned man. After burning it alive, he placed the creature's head atop a church where it functioned as a waterspout, the conclusion of this story when remoteness allows the prisoner who aided him to go free is credited as the source for the Bishop's privilege. Whenever prisoners were brought out to execution, the Bishop was allowed to choose one man. Man to pardon as a sign of God's everlasting forgiveness, while the legend takes place during the seventh century when Ramona's was believed to have lived the story, itself didn't appear until closer to the thirteenth century, this was also around the time that stone gargoyles began to be used as waterspouts in Gothic architecture, because the Gargle we was depicted in art as a demon, a monster, the fact that it appeared in churches was a subject of controversy for some time Saint. Ramana story may have been away for Catholic writers to justify the use of Gargoyles in Cathedral buildings. Through the centuries and up to the modern day, the presence of Gargoyles and religious architecture has been justified as symbolic the way they divert water away from a structure is said to mirror the evil being diverted away from the church. Additionally it's likely that gargoyles served as something of a literary device. Illiteracy was high in Europe during the Dark Ages and Gargoyles were sometimes used as depictions of demons or devils in visual stories that the priests would tell to spread the faith during the dark ages when Catholic priests were trying to convince citizens to attend church. They relied on this kind of striking imagery in order to attract attention. Gargoyles were likely popular, precisely because of how disturbing they were to look at and that popularity lend itself to more and more gargoyles, being constructed as parts of churches throughout the Middle Ages. However. Gargoyles have been a staple of medieval God architecture for so long that it's not totally clear why they became so popular. It's actually likely that many gargoyles from the medieval period were only created due to a creative urge from the sculptor, the creature itself however is linked to Catholicism it stands as an embodiment of evil that through the faith and effort of a man of God is struck down and becomes a symbol of the church. Indeed gargoyles are terrifying to behold, and they're a strange thing to adorn a house of worship, but perhaps that's part of their staying power. A gargoyles represents the capacity for a creature to transform from being evil to one of protection, just as the condemned man may be given a second chance at life. The gargoyles was in a way redeemed through its presence on churches across Europe. But perhaps there's a part of the gargoyles that is meant to be explained so that we can project our own anxieties upon it. The STOIC stone creature is a reflection of our own fears, our own nightmares, our own existential dread, when it comes to the thought of the Almighty of what comes in the next life and knowledge that they will still be standing vigil long after our time on this earth has ended. Thanks for listening to mythical monsters. We'll be back next week with a new episode. You can find all episodes of mythical monsters, and all other podcast originals for free on spotify, not only to spotify all have all of your favorite music, but now spotify's making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like mythical monsters for free from your phone, desktop or smart speaker to stream mythical monsters on spotify just open the APP and type mythical monsters in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at Park, cast and twitter at podcast network. I'll see you next time. Mythical monsters was created by Max. 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