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Jerry Rice, Lorenzo Alexander & More


Chuck dogs like Wiser Guy Selling hot dogs in here. I'll get tickets at a game. I want to see is a hassle but I missed that stadium stadium atmosphere so I brought the stadium atmosphere to work. Oh Michael Vivid seats make buying tickets. Quick and easy find a seat you want. And just a few clicks nice. I just got tickets to tonight's Game ice-cream get your ice cream you guys can all go home now. We're good here. Adam Schefter podcast. We'll be joined one of the greatest football players in NFL history Jerry Rice as he gets ready to watch as former team the San Francisco Forty niners take on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL divisional playoff round in the wildcard round. We saw the career of Buffalo Bills Linebacker. Lorenzo Alexander exander come to a close a great career thirteen. NFL seasons he announced his retirement after the game and hill into some of the reasons why he's walking walking away from the game and what will always remember about it. End will preview the rest of the NFL divisional playoffs with the ESPN analytics Guru. Evan Kaplan but before four we get to that the coaching Carousel and the NFL is spinning wildly on Monday. The Dallas Cowboys Hired Mike McCarthy on Tuesday Booze Day the Carolina Panthers Hired Matt Rule and the New York giants from the process of finalizing a deal to hire the Patriots special teams coordinator and wide receiver coach. Joe Judge and NAT leaves the Cleveland Browns as the lone NFL team in this head. Coaching cycle not to have a head coach at this particular point in time. But the browns have scheduled setup. They'll be interviewing the Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz on Wednesday the Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Adams too fancy on Thursday and the Patriots Offensive Coordinator. Josh mcdaniels so many thought would be in play in New York and Carolina before they went another direction on Friday. Keep in mind. The Brown's already have interviewed Eric. The Enemy Grumman Robert Sal and I think the browns would like to have a coach in place by Saturday though. Maybe it's at some point. This weekend will see what they decide to do at this point in time before we get to Jerry Rice. I want to remind people to check out the first draft. PODCAST with milk. Hyper junior and Tom mcshea the the NFL draft is on. Everyone's mind and first draft. has you covered if you like this. podcast this is one. You'll also enjoy listening to weekly episodes began January January eighth. But before we get to that podcast first we start off this podcast with the Great San Francisco Forty Niner Hall of Famer Jerry. We rice now bring in the thirteen time. Pro Bowl selection that ten time first team all pro a three time super bowl champion the MVP of Super Bowl. twenty-three the offensive player of the year in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred. I go on and on but there's no need to list any other credentials other than we are now joined by the Great Jerry Jerry Rice. Jerry thank you very much for taking some time. Great thanks for having me in happy. Twenty Twenty Happy Twenty twenty number eighty Joey Gibson a feel for what it's like in the bay area now with the excitement surrounding the forty niners. Adam is crazy here right now and I'm sure there it is. It's going to be outrageous. You know we know that The Minnesota Vikings are coming in You know we hosted in that whole the fans are excited so we're going to be out in full support. What of the San Francisco? Forty niners and You know just the excitement you know being in the playoffs again having a home field advantage and now it's it's just up to those players to go out there and play football jerry. What is most impressed you about this particular forty niners team? I think we get you know. Give up attitude you know they. They had to battle through a lot and I predicted this. You know early during the season. I'm not trying to take Take credit it forward or anything like that but I just felt like there was going to be something special with this team and to be honest with you had him. I feel the team should be undefeated. You know. They shouldn't have lost a game this year. But you know sometimes it's okay to win To lose a game then it It helps to Spring that focus back again. They did what they had to go into Seattle to get home field advantage and they have done that now. Now it's up to them to Just Europe and get ready for the Minnesota Vikings and just keep this show Going forward undefeated. Wow this they had a yeah. They had a good chance of going on undefeated this year. And I and I joke around with Stephen a Smith you know because I was I was In New York and I told him I said this team is going to go to the Super Bowl and I still feel that way. You know you know. You've got the Minnesota Vikings and you have to respect that team but you know you you have home field advantage You know you have Expectations is sky high. Right now and you just have to Continue to focus in on your game being best football team that you can be and and just win football games now. What about this team? Do you think will enable it to win the Super Bowl Jerry defense always he's been decent. You Win Championships with defense Botha and all of those guys that defensive line You know they have to put pressure on the quarterback you know it costs a quarterback to feel a little uncomfortable You know where p might makes mistakes or something like that. They got to be able to shut down. And Ron Cook. You know he got a big game against the New Orleans Saints feeling He had about seven catches for one hundred. Twenty five yards and stuff like that. So you you got to win support. The WHO's the guy in this defense. That most impresses you in San Francisco the Botha Botha is a Bee's animal only in and you. You know the thing is George Kill you think about that offense you know to fill up that guy. People's Samuel Re receivers receivers as not looking for To catch the ball and just go down and Jimmy G. You know you know he's like captain of that ship man I and He's really he been exceptional this year. with You know just getting the ball in the hands of his playmakers and stuff like that where there. He doesn't feel like I have to do it on my own. You know. He got weapons. He got all All those guys to to help him to win football games but you know just just just You know George Kill Botha Botha to me He brings a dimension to that defense. And I it's something I haven't seen in a long all the time. He can do it all. He can rush the quarterback but then he got the ability where you know he can jump up and make an interception come down with the ball and run with the ball. uh-huh so yeah they are happy with the niners right now. And I'm very excited Jerry. Would Nick be able to keep up training with you. In the off season running the hills do all those kinds of. I don't Oh I don't know he wants to do that. He'll with me a lot of guys you know. They have cade admit they have tried to conquer and stuff like that in that. He'll want to make him throw up and they they felt like you know. I always joke around with guys I looked. I'll make sure I bring out the paramedics or something like that. Just in case of went goes down because last eight hundred meters You know to the top of that hill is going to challenge every bone in your body and can you still run those hills as effectively could no no issues. I feel I feel run to heal L.. And I can do all of that. I think I I have probably up my My you know my condition and stuff like that after I have stepped away from the game. Because 'cause I I wanted to be one of those is where you you know how when certain players retired in their people see them then they say oh. Did you actually played football right. You know and I was like no you know. I want to stay in shape and part of my regiment. You know my entire life so you don. I'm I'm still challenging myself. I do a lot of cross fit. I do a lot of Peleton and occasionally go back to the hill and and run the hill. You do is. Who's WHO's your favorite Goto Peleton? I got the Peleton biking treadmill like three or four months. Go try to do it every day. What classes you're recommending to Gerry? Sorry I have to. I have tune day. I have Robin I have Alley and stuff like that. They challenge me man. And and you know to get you. Don't bike for you know thirty minutes. Forty five minutes or even an hour. You know you're GONNA be soaking wet once you step off that bike and You and I liked it it it. It takes them into pounding all my body but also it keeps me in good shape. You ever been to the studios in New York City. No you don't WanNa do one of those I want to. I just want to show up and just walk in and and and do a class I think Cam Newton. He did a a quiet once but he only did a twenty minutes. You got to go there and you gotTa do a class thirty forty five minutes or something like that. You know it's funny. We had had a few Monday night. Football Telecast this year from metlife stadium in New York so we would stay in Jersey City so book fallen is big on the Peleton and he would say to me. I in the first week were there. He's like I went to Peleton's into classic you went. He said yes I said. Well we're back here can we go all ranging so when we were back for I think it was the giants cowboys game in November. That morning we leave the hotel in Jersey City six. Am Go to the pill studios to a class that morning. The in person who was like it was like wearing the hills with Jerry rice and then we leave and go back to tell and get ready for Monday night football. I got to go one time and it was awesome. So here's I don't want to if you're in New York I WANNA go with you on Dow man. I'm down. I'll I'll go in there and we'll go in there and we'll do it has to do and get a good workout and and and you know I wanNA exit really experienced that because you know It's great being at home where you have it in your jam him or something like that. But you know to actually be in class I think that would push me more. And maybe I you know my numbers would would go up higher and stuff like that because I'm always challenging myself to get better every day. Well I'd like to do that with you. Let's let's talk a little football. Some of their current Dave receivers who is the wide receiver today. Jerry that most impress you man. You got a lot of young guys coming up. But it's still. Julio Jones wants to me bad Julio Jones you know This guy I think around about twelve thousand yards already. He was the fastest. We'll get to luke twenty thousand and I think he's only going to get better because they fear sizes spe- His jumping ability. And and he's he's one of those guys that believes in his crap where you know you can't cover me one on one so I think he's only going to get better. Is there a young receiver. Not that Julio's not young. He's relatively young but young wide receiver in this game. That you look at that impresses you well you look at Hopkins Out of the taxes accents and stuff like that Deebo Samuel I. I like him with the niners. Because of his physicality and stuff like that and he's one of those guys has that Wanna get yards after the catch and I was one of those guys that weren't to do the same thing so yeah there's a lot of young receiver you know even You know element element You know what he's doing with the Patriots and stuff like that you know because the game atom changed a lot now You GotTa think about you. Oh you don't see that hard bumping Ron Anymore and you don't you know you got to That feels the Dow feel. You don't see that anymore. You you know when I played the game You've had to fight for everything. I mean. It was going to be physical all the way down. Feel and You know I really. I preferred it that way because it it really helped me know exactly what it'd be back as Addie now is able to come out on my cuts and and catch the football. We'll have more with Hall Fame Wide Receiver Jerry Rice in a moment but first a word from vivid seats. 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It's he has an old download the APP and joined the vivid seats rewards loyalty program today make a memory that lasts a lifetime and let vivid seats APP. Help you get to your favorite live event event. Enter Promo Code. ESPN twenty-five for ten percent off your next order. That's Promo Code. ESPN twenty-five you've seen the size ice of seahawks wide receiver decay metcalf in titans wide receiver. Aj Brown the two rookie wide receivers. Who Played College football together? Yeah Yeah dareus era. They're huge You Know Aj. I had opportunity to take him to the hill and we ran a little Section of the hill that was not like the full Oh hill but you know what he's doing with the titans in Bet Calf what he doing. WH- Seattle you're talking about big bodies guy there are fast and And very physical. Those guys are incredible. Really really impressive. The way that they have taken the League by storm now one other wide receiver and wanted to bring up. You spoke to Antonio Brown Brown before. He was traded to the raiders. What do you think? His Future Holt at my read on no man. There's a lot going. No I think you you know because you've got to think with The New Orleans saints you know they work them out but for some reason They decided to go in a different direction. And you know when he was with The Oakland Raiders He was doing well there. But then everything just went downhill and he goes to the Patriots. I I think he's amazing Football player. But I don't know if people really GONNA want to put up with Those headaches that's that's it you know With them being a distraction to the team. And but you know when he's on that football filming and he's an animal and I think he could the some great things You know put a patriots this year. I also want to ask you about Tom Brady. You're a guy that played in the NFL. For twenty years. Jerry and you you finish your career which I think. A lot of people wind up forgetting in other teams other than San Francisco. Played with the raiders. You play with the seahawks. You even spent time in Broncos training camp in two thousand five. When I don't know if you remember this I was pestering you? Then I was covering the Broncos back then and I got to see Jerry Rice and Trinity in two thousand five which is something. I'll never forget. What would it be like for Tom? Brady could you envision Tom Brady playing for another team. you know I gotta you because you never know because Montana you know running a lot you know joe to me is one of the greatest quarterback play the the game. It's the same thing with Tom Brady now. Does he still have that fire in him to want to still play Is there You know is there like An opportunity still with the New England patriots. Or if he wants to go somewhere else to WHO You know pursued at. That was something that I that I had to do. Because you know how it's done in San Francisco The only thing I could have done was like retired but I still had a lot of football emmy and I still wanted to compete. That's why I went to the Oakland Raiders. So it's hard for me to say that you know you know if he's GonNa leave or if he's going to retire It's GONNA be up to him to make that decision. What do you think will happen if you had to guess? Now I don't know I I wish I I you know I wish I had this This ball is crystal ball or something like that. got to see exactly what might happen down a row. But I think it's GONNA come down to Tom Brady and his Decision He he has done so many great things and and You know with the new New England Patriots and You know he's the face of that franchise You Oh so. If if that franchise is ready to go in a different direction now or if they feel like you know that hey we oldest guy the respect is back that you know we should let him come back for a couple more years so we have to watch and see how this is going to unfold but you know what a amazing career career that this guy already had now geographer league. I need to ask you about the gold jacket. Club you're hosting experience Kerry champion Hall of fame experiences. Which is the official experienced provider of the pro football hall of fame for enshrinement weak? And for those who are interested fans can buy the packages at H. O. F. EXPERIENCES DOT COM COM H F experiences DOT COM. What what fans be getting if they get the chance to purchase a package like this? You know chalk talk a meet and greet. That's the most important thing to me because my always try to make myself available you know for my fans and I'm excited about that being a host and also you know being there with Carey Champion We're going to have a great time. There's GonNa be some other Hall of Famers there you know Emmett Smith and also Barry Sanders. They have hosted this event. So I'm excited. You know just to let the let the people know that we're human and You know it's like It's going to be so much fun because when you think about it it's going to be the hardest tailgate in Miami Great Food Music all of those things so it's GonNa be At the guy got you know it's GonNa be at the Gulfstream Park Casino and race track so there's a lot going I'm already getting pumped up about an atom and stuff like that you know because anytime I can make myself available for my fan. Dan I always look forward to that. Did I hear that right Jerry. Rice is human. Did I hear that. Yeah Yeah we are. We are that bad in and You know for so many years it was all about the fans that that gave me that inspiration that go out there and be the best football player that I could possibly be. Ah I'LL BET and I just hope I didn't let them down. Well I didn't let them down. You didn't let me down today now. We'll see whether the forty niners will come through. And now let you down down with your prediction of them. Going to the Super Bowl. Yeah they're not GonNa let me down. I'll be right down there on that deal This coming Saturday and you know get My my teammates. All well my My team all wired up out of it. You hear me my teammates you. You still feel like you're part of it right. You feel like you're part of it and stuff like that but you know it's all about those guys right now and and I'm I'm really gonNA GONNA be there for support. And what will you say to them on the field before the Game Jerry because we were on the field before the Monday night game against Seattle. And it's like you're a part of the team there and the fans love the organization loves you. Everybody loves you. What were you what will be your message to the players this Saturday? Well this is your show. This is all about you. Guys right now is not what about the old forty niners anything like that. This is about the new generation of guys and this is the time to put a mark and on Levi's stadium and it's what you're going to do doing this ball game you know. Are you going to completely buy into it. Sell Out Have confidence in each other other knowing that you got each other's back and stuff like that. Get ready to play this football game with one heartbeat. If you do that you're GonNa win this game and you get ready for the next one damn. I'm ready to run them. Hills here right now. Okay Jerry really appreciate the time thank you so much pleasure. Hope Our paths cross again soon and thank you for the time today. Yeah Adam Peleton and you buddy you gotta let me know. Honestly I'm Jerry. I'm down in. Let me know when you're going to be in New York and I'm GonNa meet you there. We're GONNA have a great spin class together. It sounds good. You Take Care Okay Dude. Your nose is bleeding. Yeah I think I might still be believing what happened. I thought I had good seats in a game that was stuck in the four hundred. That was three days ago. They were super high. Yup I felt like I was summoning Everest. Look next time just go to vivid seats. Tickets are one hundred percent authentic and you can even see where your seat is before you buy. It can't believe I'm going to say this your genius. Well well you welcome I kind of am. We're on the earn ten minutes. Maybe we should get that Kleenex out of your nose joining us now the thirteen year. NFL veteran who announced his retirement after the bills wildcard loss at Houston. Lorenzo Alexander. Renzo thank you very very much for taking time today much appreciated. My pleasure fishers own Adam. Well here's my question for you. How does a guy who is an undrafted drafted free agent in two thousand five? That goes to training camp with the Carolina Panthers with nobody in Carolina expecting much of anything have long. NFL career that just winds up now where he's a two time pro bowl player the defensive mvp of the two thousand seventeen pro bowl played in the final title. Ninety six games of your career the second longest active streak among linebackers. Before your time on Saturday. Five Time Walter. Payton man of the year nominee including get your last three seasons in Buffalo. How does all that happen? Drafted free agent from five. I mean in my mind is only God's house blessings and and what I mean by that is he's put Great people in my life. You know really starting to at an early age and I have my father's house but he tried them all. Steve Foods my coach coach really played that role and create a great foundation in from there. I can name numerous coaches and players that really poured into my life. My career's headed handed off. The field. probably highlighted probably by Danny special teams coach in Washington. and also run the Fletcher. I had opportunity play with your washing for quite a long time but amongst those men there were many of these Just really helped me out and I think from my perspective was I really grew up in those first couple of years. Because I think like most NFL athletes. You've been the man your whole life. The whole life visit me. I didn't get drafted so that was worse than that in the face and I got a couple of times and so that really may motivated. Ovadia meal really gave me a different perspective on what I needed to do to raise my game professionalism to another level in order to give myself an opportunity just to get a chance to get on the A C or make the team and so with that I took advantage of it And again just always trying to stay coach always trying to learn and try to grow each and every single year a year even as I made the transition to multiple position and just never got complacent at route was at because I saw a lot of guys come in with a lot of great talent but didn't end Achieving what they set out to do so I tried to take note of those things learn from mistakes and not make it my own and also taking things from my God. Like I say they your money Fletcher at Your Car Williams Just list goes on and on with guys all save caliber guys even issue with Frank Gore that you get to be around and learn from and so I think good. That's what Really allowed me to take you know a very humble beginnings almost no chance no shock ever make it and turn it into a fruitful and productive reductive NFL career. I'd say and you mentioned some incredible men. There Larry Fitzgerald London Fletcher Frank Gore examples of professionalism. Analyst is about and this year Lorenzo. There will be a bunch of players who go undrafted. What would you say to the guys who go to training camp camp without being drafted who are long shots? What would you recommend to them willing to make the team into an NFL career? So there's two Beta stays because You know obviously I've had a lot of guys had mentioned some guys and from my own experience I would say One check your ego because you no longer the man Dan You have to humble yourself and and and the great ones that you see. Do it So you need to be comfortable because what your college or high school is not necessarily GonNa work at this level or awesome at a total different technique. That you want you to learn. That's going to be conducive to their system. Or whatever they sound guys be successful throughout their coaching career And then number number to take care of the things that you can control Don't walk in there with an entitled mindset of what you would maybe gotten away with in college as far as maybe being late not working out to your full potential Maybe missing some classes have been a little Lazy as far as your mannerisms and how you approach your tasks that your coaches ask ask transcend ask you to do whether it's Rehab or lifting weights Approach like a professional. Like you would want somebody to treat you like the people that are working for you show up all the time one hundred percent effort do extra ask questions figure out the why and then talk to vetter leaves that are in that locker role with and try to you. Know get an indication of what allowed them to play seven eight nine plus years and lead and Really become their shadow. And if you're able to do those three the things is definitely going to increase your chances of making that team because oftentimes is coaches coaches. Want the best players. Don't play on Sunday. They won't guys that they can trust left because obviously their job is at stake too and live and die with production player so if you can gain their trust they're going to give you an opportunity and then it's up to you at that point you take the skills and the skills that they have have helped you with they make the most of it. So what led you to retire at this point time because it certainly looks like you could still play Lorenzo. You had twenty four sacks the last four seasons they still count on you as a leader. I mean you're thirty six years old. You probably could've kept playing if you wanted. Why retire now I think it comes a point. Everybody's career we really sit down and do a self evaluation of where you're at As far as professional career they weren't you had as far as life outside of football and for me Family I hold in very high regard. I've been married for twelve years in January. We take we have four beautiful kids and and and because of the blesses football is giving me is giving me a lot of freedom or bell playing football financially relationships ships as far as other avenues. I WanNa do and All the reasons at this point to come back and play for selfish reasons to continue the field my passions advised vides far as being a football player. You know to feed my ego but as far as people recognize it as sociology with being NFL linebacker. And so the reason why I really stepping away. So it's the play a supportive role in my family Really be there with my kids and be able to do at a high level quality of life Because I house as you said I'm thirty six you start playing thirty seven thirty eight in the way I play through the Kennedy. You continue to put yourself at risk obviously additional head issues news Concussions C. T. and then also You know knees hips auto little things that people tend to take for granted you know because right now this this past season it's hard for me to wrestle with my sons. Go out play. Whom for this? You know mess around because I'm sore grumpy and I don't WanNa be like that so it really was a just taking a self evaluation of what I want to be. What I think is really important especially at this age is I have kids in the House at eleven nine and five and because I have an older daughter is in college I know it goes by extremely fast and so I want to be there and really enjoy these these These glory days of being there in of their childhood And I don't know if you've got to see my daughter perform national answer. But she did an awesome job so I just want to be around fast in those moments in their lives whether I literally hoops literally football or My daughter acting and being at her place and not be able to miss any of it. So that's kind of rhyme at and Al Ed in the stage of my career and top of that they you know enjoy The foods that me and my wife have sacrificed for the last fifteen years. And they'll they'll be able to travel a little bit they've got some time It really just grow in Have some increase memories away from the game. Good for you on all those things. I got a couple things that you said that just triggered immediate thoughts from you. Lorenzo number one. You said your daughter with the national anthem doing a great job. Did she say me after that. I miss something on Saturday when she started the national national anthem so my wife had kind of indication that this is the most likely to be our last year or so back in June. She team My youngest daughter Zoey would would would be able to sing the national anthem. And so she bay surprise me We play the jets. My last home game with her singing the national anthem and there was a beautiful thing my teammates. He makes two years and so it was just a a cool Atmosphere in a An experienced a half you know. Have One of your children sing the national anthem and do such a great job in Boston. I didn't even know that she's saying that is an unbelievable thing. I thought you meant in Houston on Saturday to the wildcard game. And I'm like I didn't see a five year old girl. Okay good okay. So we're good there and that's an unbelievable way to go out and your final regular season game now. Here's another question you mentioned. You have a daughter in college lick. So you're six years old. How old were you when you became a dead? I became a dad when I met my wife when I was twenty four and I my wife Dr from the previous relationship but I don't differentiate let somebody asks me. But that's that's how I have a daughter that's twenty four and I'm thirty six by the same thing armor. Yeah I married a woman who had a child with a man who lost his life unfortunately tragically at nine eleven. And I don't think of him as my steps and I think it was my son or your daughter. I'm sure exactly. That's that's how we operate that that's the way to go. So what you mentioned all those things a lot of family time. Is there anything that you want to do professionally speaking still in the next chapter of your life. Yeah there's some things I definitely have opportunity to. Do you know since I've been look up. I'll definitely kind of branched off into the broadcasting world Done a lot of BDO JUST TV or radio. And I really enjoy that obviously keeps you around the game engaged about Bill goes additional relationships and I continue to do something at least speak about something that I love. So we'll see what I do. Something Phoenix There's several other outlets out out there. That are have a chance to at least have anything with You know probably really start down here at immediate role during the Super Bowl So I'm looking forward to that as well then I have some other things think I would do with my foundation for their kids as well while vomit these transition processes well so Couple of things on the horizon and kind of have to take time handed out and for those who don't know you establish the Aces Foundation. Were your mission is to support you through emphasizing accountability taking on the community striving driving for educational excellence while promoting a healthy mind body and spirit through sports. That I get that right Lorenzo. Yes absolutely correct. I mean those are the really the four pillars of my life go to allow me to be successful and I'm just trying to embark in transition that same type wisman pay for it to the next generation especially in households. That don't have a father father or or you know maybe with grandparents or don't have the economic resources in the gain access and just trying to fill the gaps where I can and doing different programs have different collaborations in various cities that I've been in so that's really the past and My True Passion is you're serving comed- especially young women that come from neighborhoods That that I grew up in which is what. What kind of neighborhood did you grow up in an offer from California inner see Grit with a single parent. Bob Did excellent the job but Obviously awful stepped in as well but I mean I have cousins that you know what the prison you know selling dope gang violence shootings and so That's obviously the ideal situation to raise a kid up in affiliates to really overcome environment. And so I just try to provide resources programming and enhance. What other people have already are already doing To help these these young people Because oftentimes you can identify yourself and be identified the other people people by where you come from and I'M A testament to and most of other guys come from Oakland and similar In the cities is that we all have the ability the overcome that we have a great spirit inside of us that it's not a fair but of loved powder sound mind and you have the right people cultivating that in you. You can achieve great things and not get caught up the shortsightedness of what some some of the other things may bring you immediately. You know as far as maybe money women cars and stuff that does not really legacy based aced inside is try to help people obviously with the the resources but also they mind and and how they view their perspective on the world and and who they are and how they fit in. How did you manage to avoid similar pitfalls that other family members did not get through I mentioned I mean markle Stephen Moore Probably the most vital figuring that because he plays that father figure role he'll never claim to that. But that's the way I look at it in the way I love him and especially because he had the three daughters had his own family and being a family man now. There's no how much time it takes to now. Added additional trout. That you really care about the poor into and then amongst other her Coaches that I had I even had a cousin that was that was in that lifestyle to really step up and didn't allow me to even partaking any of it and when he was a couple years older than me and then he used to always threaten it. And if I catch you out here streets It's GonNa be me and you and so he was bigger our scared in a sense and so I have a lot of Gratitude for what he did for me as well now not fighting the answer that push me away and so I've just been blessed to have people like that to really look for me Special in my life and so that's how they would avoid you know wasn't because I was just great person but I have people standing in the right direction. Those men did a great job. And more important you did a great job and you're to be commended. I mean it's just outstanding the career that you've put together the impact that you've had the life's the lives that you've helped shape ape. All those things is testament to you. And it's while you're a five-time Walter Payton manning year nominee including each of the last received with the bills. Well how do you know win that award. It's been great man every year. I mean you think about the guys that have been up for it. I mean Thomas Davis if his Gerald Who Chris Long Win it last year? I mean so there's a lot of guys film in A lot of great men in our league in I think that oftentimes gets overlooked. So it's just it's just cool to be a nominee and represent. Obviously they made him a little bit represent the man in our league and all the great work that we do and so I know we have Several guys that are beginning this year that have been a lifelong committed to the community. Not Think about a car. Rudolph back up a Richard Sherman Guys that I know and in really respected. So you know it's great to win it but We're all doing great work regardless of who comes home with the award right. You're all winners. But it would be great if you can win it in your final. NFL season this year. Be Awesome I mean obviously brings additional resources to the Buffalo in Oakland community and so it would be great to have that recognition. You know kind of Augosto on me. You bring up the Buffalo in Oakland communities. Where will you live now that you're NFL careers over? Yeah we actually being PHOENIX I had I played a couple of years. There Really love that area. I've seen more for the most part year round. You know being an old beat up guys always great to wake up to some warmth For your joints cost of living. Great is a lot of. NFL players have a lot of plant. That have That was ideal now and so we have like a natural community. Kind kind of built up for us Because that is the hardest thing that you transition is the locker room aspect that you get every single day and so it's great to kind of have that kind of already set up In the Phoenix Area Force. And so we're very excited about that. That move and getting out there and here in the next couple of weeks or I love that area. That's a great area and yeah you have to get around the golfing often. which is some point or something like that I know how do you play? Yeah I play a little bit. I'm a lot more than I've done. I know because it's it's hard to get out there. Walker course swing when club. I used to be so all the time so I'm looking forward to it. You know early in the podcast ahead on Jerry Rice. We made a plan to go to the peleton studios in New York City together. I want to make a plan with Lorenzo Alexander Zander to play around the golf with him at some point time. When are you gonNA go penalty to? That's all that stuff. I got one at the House. Oh isn't it awesome and Jerry and I were talking about that. Who who's your favorite instructor? I love Alex. Probably Ali love those are my to go to I'm Robin in there for a while but when I really want to get after this is Alex Tucson is the man right on another wait on another level. Yeah he's phenomenal. Nama and you know what it was funny. One day I was on there and he responded to one of my instagram stories. And I'm like Alex to set the man himself responding to one of my stories though he was a big throw. wrote for me right. Yeah yeah that's don't right there and he. It was pretty neat this year. That okay before I let you go. Lorenzo I have to ask you your thoughts on this buffalo bills team. I'm a bitter loss on Saturday. One of these years the fans there will get the joy of winning another playoff game. But what do you think the future holds for this buffalo bills those team in the direction. It's now under what the players it has. The organization is definitely prime to repeat what we did this year having that success and take it the next step and win a playoff game and the reason why I say that is because of this. The young talent that is on that team you know. Kind of headline biopsy Josh challenge balanced me damage. Your baby is white and then you have better Georgia Mike. Hi I'm GonNa have guys like John Brown coming back co Beasley off. The line is going to be solidified over. They bring us Spain Spain back. And what all those guys. I'm naming the young roderick talented guys. I like that year. We went to the playoffs in two thousand seventy. We're we're kind of like a a mosh bag of these players and talent kind of piece together and we were able to you know because we have to at least make this team Sean and prime to be together for at least three to four years And so with the cat room that they're gonNA have this year and then the way that the Scott Department of the coaching staff Evaluating wait and bring in players free agency as well as draft is. They're gonNA make some. I know they're gonNA make the right moves and ask them to help them Get over that Hump and really really be a a real contented sheer by beating those elite teams in the regular season. They take that to the playoffs with a playoff game. So that's kind of my prediction. Just kind of looking at it. You inside knowing how shot is built the team culture and just how the guys have responded and so there won't be any drop off because I'm not there because I've had impact my power. Wheels had an impact on me with the men in there and I see several guys stepping up the field for which need on the team really bring everybody together especially to deal with adversity in Definitely exceed what we did this before. Legal Lorenzo what do you think it will be like when you sit down at your home in Phoenix next September to watch your first. NFL game probably the Buffalo Bills Reaction as you. Watch your former team. Go to work without you. I it probably a little bitter sweet Obviously I love to go out there and compete but I know what it feels like Monday through Saturday. On my body so I'll be happy in one. Regard is sad adding another But I'll definitely be happy rooting for him so I'm not Quite hit me yet because right now. It's Kinda like regular season schedule so I don't have a couple apple hurdles April then training camp with hopefully by then transition but Definitely rooting for those guys and definitely Instead if the success that if they have next year and what if somebody calls you in August September. We've an injury. We needed to replace help by doing that. They call him an like sound John. I might come off. The fence Marchand Hall Trail Game. That's Mike I it's not get a playoff game or maybe in the first round by I can come back for three games the AFC championship in the Super Bowl. That's that's probably all. I got left in me so that you do that you do that. You're open to yeah. I would do that if they called me. And they needed somebody body Off the best like that okay. I'm putting that on the ESPN bottom line. Lorenzo Alexander is open to return to twenty twenty one season for a playoff run for a contending team. No no for the bills for the bills just for the bills rials. Let's make that perfectly clear. We got all the conditions under which what you would call very very particular requirements varies. Fake News come off the bench for well. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA keep that in mind next season if buffalo happens to suffer a key injury at linebacker or to a special teams player. I'M GONNA keep you in mind. So we'll we'll keep that in mind. We'll keep our golf match. gotcha mind perhaps. We'll take a spin class together with Alex and Lorenzo congratulate you on an outstanding career. A more than what you did for the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals. The Washington redskins the four teams. That you played four for thirteen seasons was the work that you did for various people in various communities tremendous job. And I wish you luck in the Walter Peyton Man of the year award. I'm rooting for you to Super Bowl. No disrespect to any of the other nominees. I appreciate your brother Man. Thank you for having me on all right coming up next on. ESPN analytics grew. Evan Kaplan but first a word from ziprecruiter in New Year and you want to keep growing your team but you need the right tools to help keep your hiring streamlined line efficient. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash asap comes. ZIPRECRUITER sends your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards. But but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyze each one and spotlights the top candidates. So you never miss a great match. ziprecruiter is so effective that four out out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day. And Right now. My listeners can try Ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive of Web address. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash A. S. P.. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash A. S. P. ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash. ASP's SP's Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire cap hit we now welcome in ESPN analytics Guru. Evan Kaplan welcome back from the holiday holiday. Break Evan. Happy New Year. Let's dive into this weekend's divisional playoff games if that works out okay for you having your usual or it's Saturday. Four thirty thirty five eastern Vikings at forty niners. How do we break down this matchup? This one you have to start the quarterbacks here and we know the history with with Kirk cousins and Kyle Shanahan who he played with Kyle Shanahan was Shanahan was the OC and cousins first years in Washington and certainly there were talks talks that cousins would potentially go out there to become the forty niners quarterback when Shanahan got the head coaching job. Now you look at Kirk cousins. Jimmy Garoppolo this season both completed sixty nine point one percent of their passes Jimmy Garoppolo through twenty seven touchdowns cousins twenty six cousins had a total. QBR Fifty eight point eight Garoppolo a QBR of fifty fifty eight point seven. You look at both teams built around the running game play action passing you see a lot of similarities between these two teams but what really stands out for me at him for this Sunday is which offensive line can stop the defensive lines pass. I think that will be the key to this game. We saw in the wildcard playoffs in New Orleans Orleans however soon griffin and Denise Hunter they completely threw the saints off their game without offense early in the game the saints eventually got their footing but I think the the early disruption of drew brees completely threw the saints off base. The forty niners have a similar Impressive pass rush when you look in. Nick Boza Eric. Armstead deforest buckner. I think and as we go through these four-match all kind of give a key for each one. I think that will be the key Saturday afternoon. which offense of line can stop the opposing pass rush? I think I think that's going to be the case again. And who. Who has the advantage? Well I think that look I. It'll be tough for the vikings to be two thirteen win teams on the road. We've never seen that happen in the wild card and the divisional round. It's happened later on in the playoffs. The start a playoff run beating two thirteen win teams. I think the forty niners will do enough to slowdown hunter and Griffin and they'll move on to the NFC championship over there. It is. Wow that's quite a prediction right there. What do you disagree why I think you have to favor? The forty niners. Just think about it like this seven. The Vikings went into New Orleans. Tough physical game Short we travelled very short week. Travel back Have to go to the coast now right and Kyle Shanahan two weeks. That's a problem for anybody. I just think that he's going to be able to move that football. Although I will say I. It's hard as it is physically on. Wildcard Wildcard teams to play that much. I think we've seen an awful lot. Sometimes a team wins in the wild Koran and really gets a lot of momentum and carries it right into the divisional original run. And that's something that every one of these home teams this weekend. I think has to watch out for. I agree completely and especially in the case of team like the Vikings who didn't end the season on the greatest no week sixteen on Monday night football. We saw that disappointing performance against the packers. They sat most of their starters in week. Seventeen so it was only came into the playoffs with a ton of momentum but then they have gained leaned all that momentum with the upset win over the St.. So I agree with you. I think they could become and also keep this in mind. This is Jimmy Garoppolo's first career playoff start as great eight as the forty niners have been all season as impressive has he's been especially later in the season. This is first career playoff start. We know what happens. Sometimes when quarterbacks get onto those bright lights in the postseason choses how he's GonNa play. We have no body of evidence to compare it to so we will find out Saturday. Four thirty five and the Vikings play at San Francisco an early start in the bay area one thirty thirty five Pacific Time that night. We have the titans at the Ravens. Eight fifteen eastern. How do we break down this match? Bevin this'll be fun and I think this is really gives. Is this kind of old school field with this game when you talk about the running games right so the NFL's leading rusher and Derrick Henry who we saw what he did in the wildcard round against the Patriots against the quarterback Lamar Jackson who will win the NFL MVP and broke the record for quarterback rushing yards in a season the ravens led the NFL rushing. The titans were third the teams combined for more than fifty fifty five hundred rushing yards this season. which is crazy so you talk about a key in this game? It'll be who's going to stop the run better. I mean I think that will have a direct effect on. WHO's GonNa win if the titans can go in there and slowdown? Lamar Jackson. Impressive Ravens running. They'll they'll have a chance. I don't know that they can do it though. Yeah you know it's interesting. Is Lamar Jackson. Accent is the MVP of the season but there can we might be the MVP of the past month now the second straight year that he's gotten better stronger as years. Go on and it's almost like a big body running back like that defenders don't want as much of a part of him later. In the year he gets stronger. Everyone gets more tired. And that works the advantage of somebody's big and toughest Derrick mckenry absolutely and and you look at him with yards after contact as well leads the NFL. In addition to the total rushing yards. And as you said tough for him mm to tackle he put up a great performance in the wildcard around. But I think sometimes what people are forgetting. What the Ravens with with all the The the deserved hysteria around Lamar Jackson. That is this defense was third in the NFL. In scoring defense. I remember we talked back before free agency before the two thousand nineteen draft about all the defensive players players at the Ravens lost the dairy Smith and Terrell suggs and Eric Wetland. Cj Moseley well. They've retooled that defense a lot of which is since the the the trade for Marcus. Peters who has really short things up on the back end and that even they blitz a ton fifty four percent of dropbox they're sending a blitz which is by far the highest rate we've seen in the last decade and third and scoring defense that speaks speaks volume so this is a balanced team. There's a reason they won. Fourteen Games Adam Right. It wasn't just on one side of the ball so the titans they beat the Patriots. I think it's GonNa be a tough task for them to go on a Baltimore and win again. I agree with that. I think this Baltimore team has just rolling along. It's it's a great team. They've won twelve straight games. Last time they lost with September twenty ninth. I agree with you. I swear. Tough out for the Tennessee. Titans on Saturday night Baltimore's just rolling right now. What what about on Sunday? Let's shift our attention to Texans at chiefs three. Oh five eastern Sunday. What we make that match up this is going to be a fun game? I think with the Shawn Watson Patrick Mahomes the second career meeting between them. They met earlier this season week. Six when the Texans went in there and one we talked about the similarities between the before that game they continue now now they were born three days apart they have the same number of touchdown passes this season. They were both named to the pro bowl. And we'll talk about key in this game. It's going to be. which team can slow down the opposing quarterback when the play breaks down over the last two seasons they have the most completions and the NFL? When they're under pressure? Mahomes one Watson too so that what is going to be critical in terms of when this play breaks down which defense has a as does a better job of slowing down the quarterback. How much credence do you put into the fact that Houston Houston were able to beat Kansas City earlier in the season? I think because of where the game was the fact that it was at Arrowhead. I put something into it because we know they weren't as good at home this season as they've been in in some years past but that's one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. So the fact that Shawn Watson in only his third year in the NFL was able to go in there and get a win. They put up thirty one points. It should have been more if you remember the game. They dropped the Andre Hopkins and will fuller both had a couple of drops. It could have been touchdown so that was a seven point. Join Gaming could have been much worse so that was a game. The Texans really dominated. I think psychologically when you go into a place that's tough to play. That historically has a great home field advantage having a winner earlier this season. I think it means a lot. You know it's interesting. I don't think it could be completely dismissed. Look Seattle went into Philadelphia early this year And won the game seventeen nine. They go back in the playoffs in seventeen again score. I was wild. Okay so I mean that's that's just how those two teams matched up I know Carson Wentz got hurt on Sunday and that change Dineh but it's the same score twice with two teams right so there has to be something that tells me. The Houston is capable of going in there and playing your gate good game. I'm not telling you that the Texans are GonNa win the game. But they're capable of playing good enough to be competitive and have have a chance to beat the chiefs in Arrow doesn't this feels a little bit like like a chiefs here though just and there's no there's no and and the defense yes much better in the last six games they've given up. They've allowed eleven and a half points per game that's the best in the NFL from week. Eleven to seventeen. Yes yes. It's easy to get wrapped up in Patrick Mahomes and the offense and Kelsey inhale and everybody but this defense and there's no patriots just just feels to me like this might be a year that Andy Reid gets back to the Super Bowl. I don't disagree with that and it sets up a potential. AFC Championship game. That would be unbelievable. Again that's no disrespect to Houston Tennessee. They've had great seasons and they will have a chance this week and they can pull the upset good for them right but we got the. We've the ravens is a heavy favourite. We've got the chiefs heavy favourite. We'll see if the heavy favorites can live up to what Vegas expects of them and set a great AFC championship game all right. The final game aim of divisional playoff weekend Seattle Akron Bay six forty eastern Sunday night. What are we make? Whatever this one you've got the two quarterbacks left left in this playoff that that has some experience as opposed to the six others Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson with nine wins each in their postseason careers. You'll get the six other quarterbacks they've combined for four wins so this there's experience here. They both won super bowls. It's the eighth meeting including the playoffs. Between Wilson Rogers. The home team has won all all seven of the previous meetings. Russell Wilson's never won at Lambeau field. But the thing to counter that Wilson has been great in his career against Super Bowl winners. Fifteen and six against super bowl winning quarterback as the best winning percentage among quarterbacks with at least ten starts in the Super Bowl era so this one the there's is a Lotta great history. These teams have been involved in some historical matchups in the NFC championship. Back in two thousand fourteen. The packers had a huge lead in Seattle sixteen. Nothing seahawks REBA comeback. I'm back advanced to the Super Bowl again. This this this one this I. It's almost fitting right that this is the last match of the weekend because it'll you'll kind of build up off to it right. You've got a lot of other quarterbacks other making their first start or the second star trying to advance their first maybe conference championship. And then you end the weekend with Lambofield divisional round to super bowl winning quarterbacks just has that gives you that that good feel about the visual weekend right viterbese Sunday night to be cold. Dark and yet. Russell Wilson going back to Wisconsin and the one. The Seattle is the have been a better road team than they've been a home team this year. There ain't one on Sunday. They're eight and one on the road. Exactly Y- been. They've been extraordinarily tough and and the whole narrative about West coach teams. Not being able to travel doesn't doesn't Work for them. They're they're only. The one loss was on the west coast against the rams in Los Angeles so anytime they've really had to travel time. They've won this season. I don't think that's going to be what what prevents them from. Winning this game against the packers. Hey ever really appreciate the breakdown of the divisional regional matchups games this weekend. She'd be a gray weekend. We'll look forward to talking to you to review those games this weekend and to preview the Conference Championship Games on next week's podcast guest things out. I'm looking forward to it and so there's ESPN analytics Guru. Evan Kaplan special. Thanks to him. Special thanks to the outstanding former Buffalo Bills Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander as he ventures into the next chapter of his life. And I'm sure great. Things await him much as they awaited him any experience them during his great thirteen eighteen year. NFL career and special thanks to the greatest wide receiver. We've ever seen play the game Jerry Rice for breaking down what it's like in the bay area and looking ahead to the forty forty niners matchup this weekend and special. Thanks to you the listener for tuning into another Adam Schefter podcast. Please join us again next week when we look ahead to the conference championship around and we're joined by the great dolphins legend Dan Marino. Who will talk about what awaits the the teams that go to the Super Bowl in Miami this year? Thanks for listening this week. Everybody talked to you next week.

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