The Ocho: What if Miles Austin caught it against New York?


Nona. What world and welcome to another episode of the Ocho presented you in partnership, as always SPN nations blog on the boys dot com. My name are Joa, of course from BTV and from right here as you're humble, host on the Ocho some crazy kids are calling it. The eight, of course, Ocho means a in Spanish happy hump day. It is wins day, June twenty six two thousand nineteen and we're back once again, I told you, we're back to every day kind of routine up until later next week when I'll head to Israel for a couple of weeks with the family, then we're back and I think we arrived back. Or flying back into Houston on Wednesday. I think that's like the seventeen something like that. And then driving back to San Antonio on that Thursday. Anyway. The point is a week and a half after I get back from Israel is when all head out to Oxnard, California, for training camp myself, Jason mimics, rob Thompson, James pledge, our pledge is my Saturday morning hangover co host. We'll be out in ops NAR for a week, if you're going to be out there, make sure you hit us up. We'll have you covered obviously, on ESPN San Antonio on blog on the boys dot com. It will be a lot of fun. Speaking of it is, what if we across Espy nation? And that's kind of our here today, you know, yesterday we talked about what if the penalty against Anthony Hitchens and the two thousand fourteen while Conrad what if that penalties stood and there's a lot of, you know, butterfly effects that you can sort of take after that. I think there are more with today's what if I was really really, really excited, and I have legitimately. Laid awake at night thinking about this particular, what if I've thought you know, I've gone down one rabbit hole. I've gone down another gun, then another, etc, etc. This is a really fascinating to me. I want to transport you back. This is a bad memory, so I'm sorry in advance, I want to transport you back to December eleventh, two thousand eleven the Dallas Cowboys were hosting the New York Giants on Sunday night football at the time. The Cowboys were you know, fighting for the NFC ease the giants look like they were you know, kind of running on empty, and it was a game that ended with Jason Pierre. Paul block of the Bailey's attempt to go and try to win that game. Feelable obviously and wards are hard. But there's a point in this game where Tony Romo has third and five there's two minutes and twenty five seconds left. The giants have one time out the Cowboys are up in Tony Romo finds miles Austin who's beating the coverage and. Just just slightly overthrows miles and miles. Let's just go to the here's the play from Sunday night football December eleventh. Two thousand eleven. Stop coming for the giants here. Us. Warning. Austin coverage four down and works out perfectly. The giants will get the ball back. They only use one time out and they have a ton of time left. All they showed their blitz Romo, exposed them on the blitz. He knew yet, one on one coverage right down the field here, -absolutely wide open. No way in the world. Can Tony Roma's that throw it's been said many times by many Cowboys fans that miles Austin lost the ball in the lights. There's a lot of arguments that you can make on this. But the point is, is if the Cowboys win that game, and I don't want to basically, destroy our interview here. But if they win that game, the season finale against the New York Giants very same team is rendered moot. Because the Cowboys win the NFC that was you'll remember the first of three consecutive week seventeen win in your in games. The Cowboys twenty seven was the giants. Twelve redskins. Thirteen eagles. They unfortunately lost all three. This was the first if the Cowboys win that game there is no, Jason Pierre Paul block. There is no giants division title. And then there's no New York Giants Super Bowl forty six championship, and who wins that Super Bowl because you'll remember the twenty seven playoffs that was the Green Bay Packers. As the one who'd gone fifteen in one that was the San Francisco forty Niners in Jim Harbaugh's, first year there, where he had brought Alex Smith back into the world mean you know, maybe one of them wins the SuperBowl. Maybe Tom Brady into England Patriots when that Super Bowl in Indianapolis, there's a lot of ways that you can slice this, particularly within the giants angle. Because what happens if they don't win that second Super Bowl is Tom Coughlin still retained is Eli, somebody still has his long of a rope. I mean what happens and so to really flesh this out. I thought it best to bring in our brethren from the New York Giants, Ed Valentine, who's the managing editor over a big blue view dot com is home for New York. Content. Ed is a great friend been on the big view podcast many times. And we have a great time. Always, and so I thought it best to bring Ed in. So we could really flesh this out because this is one of the more fascinating. What if I think in NFL history, honestly, because it touches so many different teams. So that, that being said, I'll stop rambling, I'll stop giving away the show and let's do it. Let's get to Ed Valentine again, managing editor from big blue view dot com. Joining us next to talk about what if here on the Joe. With us. Now is a great friend of mine, and a great friend of yours. I know that and I trust that semi over on the other side of the pond. So to speak on the big Lou side, joining us now, managing editor from biglou dot com are espionage brethren. They cover the New York Giants on a daily basis. Your home near content you see a life studying interior team, Ed Valentine managing editor, DV gone. Oh man. R J is as as much as we get along. You always you always liked to throw in a little dig their, you know. But, but I'll, I'll let that go, we do get along. It's, you know, believe it or not Cowboys fans and giants fans you know, we can manage to get along. So there is that, you know, and we do have that, that come, and EMMY in Philly that wears green. Yeah. So just, just as an aside, our J before we get. Into our topic today. It is amazing to me how no matter who I'm talking to from whatever team I'm talking to the conversation. Always manages to turn around or come around to hell lousy eagles fans are. It's one of those things it's like people used to say like everybody is six two days away from Kevin bacon. Like, in terms of life, for, or whatever we're all every conversation in the world is six degrees away from discovering. The eagles fans are the most vile. I say that, by the way, you and I were talking on Tuesday, this is going to drop on Wednesday. I just made an appearance on BGN radio. So I feel kinda bad trashing than well. No, no, no. You're, you're, you're fortunate that you that, that we're doing this now. And you've done your BGN already if you're fortunate because, you know, then then you'd have to you'd have to defend yourself. I just had Lindsay Jones of the athletes, gray the big view podcast, and we're talking about NFL training camps. In the fact that teams so often or so many teams don't involve fans as much as they used to. She lauded. The Cowboys incidentally for, for how fan-friendly their you know, their training camp is, but I had to twist the knife on Lindsey because she actually made the mistake of in, in a recent column predicting that the New York Jets would win a Super Bowl before the giant another Super Bowl and I just I just couldn't let that go. I don't blame you for that. Certainly that's that's too far. You know, there's a line and Lindsey cross. And I said, I said, you just can't do that. Yeah, you're right, though. I'll be at a training camp in pink, like five weeks issue hours. Go for a week in your ride, and Lindsay's. Right. It's so fan-friendly and it does help that you're in California. You know, the practices are at three PM Kelly time, and it feels great. You know, the sun is beating on you, but you really don't notice it just because of the weather. It's, it's an overall spectacular environment. How is giants training camp? For people that don't know giants training camp. I started covering giants training camp in two thousand seven to two thousand eight and giants training camp used to be in Albany, New York, which is twenty minutes away from my house, on a college campus, university of all Binnie. And it was it was great because they had five fields there could sit in the grass, they could bread blankets out on a lot of the fields. The only thing separating fans from the team was like a little three foot high wouldn't, you know, wouldn't pick it fence kind of thing you know, people in and players had to walk through what they used to call autograph alley, where to get in and out of practice everyday they had to walk through the fans. That's it. And that was really cool. You know, they used to stay in Albany, they'd be out in the community every night. So. So now training camp is at their facility in East Rutherford. And I get it because they have three and a half practice fields there. They have an indoor bubble. They have everything they need in terms of equipment, but but fans sit in, you know, makeshift bleachers in a parking lot. Sure, you know, and it's just an players enter fans. Enter from one side the the locker room for players is completely on the other side of the fields. So players can completely avoid fans if they want to, you know, so it's just it's, it's they're invited, you know, the and, and they're not paying not like the eagles, who have won one practice that people pay for. We'll take another shot at the. But, but it's, it's, it's not nearly as, as fan-friendly as, as it once was that's fair after I graduated high school. The sound before started college. My dad had a business trip in Cleveland. And so I went with him and we went to Brown's training camp. And that was so cool. It's literally in the middle of neighborhood. You know, the, the houses around there that let you park on their yards for like five bucks. And I'm sure you know things a little different. This was a while back, but it was really cool. So it's training camps that time where everything is a little bit more personal. It does kind of have that football's in the air five, which is really cool. So I wanted to have you on, as you know, it's what if we across the network, Oliver Espy nation recently here on the podcast. We discussed what if on if your member when the Cowboys beat the lions in the playoffs in twenty fourteen if you remember Anthony Hitchens had a penalty on him that that was later picked up. In lines fans really, I rate it was a really contentious close thing. We discover we discussed that, but I wanted to have you on for a what if that is probably really painful for Cowboys fans probably really enjoyable for you. See I look out for you. I only bring you on for the good times. I wanted I wanna talk about nice two thousand eleven Cowboys giants, the first meeting, December eleventh Sunday night football on NBC. At set at, at the time was Cowboys stadium, obviously, since renamed, and close battle between the Cowboys and giants going back and forth back and forth and would just over two minutes left in the game. Cowboys have the lead on the giants in New York has one time out left and third and five Tony Romo finds miles Austin who's beating the coverage and he just overthrows him by a yard. I mean, just a an extra glove soda. Speak of miles Austin had stretched a little bit more in his youth. Maybe he would have caught that ball and obviously, the Cowboys have the punt New York. It's the ball. Everything follows and Dallas attempts to game winning field goal that Jason Pierre Paul blocks and that is kind of his signature moment. If you agree as member the giants that sets up the win in game for the two teams in week seventeen on New Year's day, New York winds that goes on their Super Bowl run, and obviously, a lot of things you know, would be different headed knock on that way. So my first question to you is what do you think happens to the giants? If miles Austin catches that ball 'cause 'cause at that point, the Cowboys can affectively bleed the clock dry and win that game in New York's probably out of the playoff picture to substantial degree. Well, I mean, we can boil this down to one simple thing in the show. Be done right. Giants win the Super Bowl Cowboys. Don't were done. That's. What happened there? It's done. No. But it's it's interesting, you're, you know, to be serious. You're absolutely right. You know if Cowboys win that game. Giants don't even make the playoffs right? You know, Dallas makes the playoffs. Who knows what happens? Maybe Dallas win the Super Bowl may be. They go on that magical run. You know, maybe the maybe they beat the patriots in the Super Bowl may be the patriots win another Super Bowl. We don't know to what happens to, to ally to Tom Coughlin because, I mean, I think from Cowboys fans perspective, it was Super Bowl forty six that really bought them a lot more favor. I mean, do you think that, that those eras come to an end sooner? Well, no here, here is a really interesting thing. And it's funny because when you broached this topic with me, you know, as an idea for the podcast, I was like, well, where am I going to go with this? And as we've been talking, I realized something. Things have not been the same for the New York Giants since they won that Super Bowl in two thousand eleven made the playoffs only once since then in one of the things that I have often said since that time is that for the long term health for the long term good of the franchise winning that Super Bowl going on that improbable run might have been the worst possible thing that could have happened to the giants franchise her in the big picture it matched a lot of things. Yeah. While here's here's why. Yes, it masked a lot of things because they were not a championship caliber roster at that point in time. And I think that giants fans even forget this. They need to give Tom Coughlin more credit than I think even giants fans give him for the coaching job that he did. Because in my in my view. Neither of those two championship teams two thousand seven or two thousand eleven were teams that were the most talented teams in the league weren't the best teams in the league. They want Super Bowls, simply because of the brilliance of Tom Coughlin, the brilliance of Eli manning and the brilliance of the plans, they put together defensively, you know to, to slow down. Tom Brady and bothered. Tom Brady, the template that the giants put together to defend Tom Brady is the one that team still used today, though. I think that giants fans need to understand. And I think for me what I have often said to other giants reporters is, I think that. You know, I've had a problem, you know, Jerry Reese, I thought sort of overstayed his welcome as giants GM, and I thought that what happened to Reese was that he got fooled by the two thousand eleven title. Sure got fooled by the state of the roster. And by thinking that he had a Super Bowl caliber, you know, roster at his disposal. Only started due to do things like instead of a safe player, he took a big swing and amiss on a guy like Marvin. Austin bribe? No, he traded draft resources for a backup quarterback like Ryan Nassib who never played. He took a big swing and a miss on a guy like montre more who you guys are familiar, you know at and, you know, might my thought always was that he he got fooled by that title into thinking. You know that he had a team where he could take those swings and misses her four week AAC does big swings for home runs. You know when he really had a team that had holes in it. Yeah. I think that any giants fan, you know, if you give them the choice so we need to have the title from two thousand eleven and heavily made the playoffs one year since or we could give up that title, maybe made the playoffs three more times who knows what happens, I think everybody's still takes title. I don't think anybody regrets that, but so you don't think the Tom Coughlin is acid earlier. You don't think he li- manning ousted earlier? Do you think that may be as a franchise? The giants move on from Jerry Reese earlier, if you know, because it's, it's a big leap to go from winning the Super Bowl to not being even a playoff team, if they missed the playoffs entirely in two thousand eleven than I do think it becomes this matter of well, 'cause what was the two thousand eight they were the one seed, and they had the first round exit. I mean so now all of a sudden, you're four years move from that. Maybe there is a bit of a reset. And so in some ways, if feels like if miles Austin catches that ball, maybe the giants are more and I don't mean to take a dig. But more stable franchise in two thousand nineteen than they are because he didn't catch. Well, you know, you could be you could be right there RJ, because I do think that in, I'm and I go back to when the giants let Tom Coughlin go after the, the twenty fifth deletes most to twenty fifteen is in go and. You know, the way things on folded love. Tom coughlin. I thought he was. You know, I thought he was terrific head coach. I admired him as a man, but his time in New York had kind of run its course. And I think we saw that in his dealing with Odell Beckham. Sure the whole Josh Norman incident where after the three penalties in the Josh Norman game all of that he never took Odell out of the game. And then he stood up in a press conference and said, well, I didn't even realize those penalties were on Odell which was a bunch of nonsense. And to me, it was that was when I thought that Coughlin had finally lost it a little bit had lost it a little bit. He had sort of sold out. He was so desperate to win games at that point because of the struggles that he had begun to sort of sell out all the things that he believed in, you know, just just to keep the talent on the field but. My. I remember sitting in the Tom Coughlin goodbye press conference. In John, merica or owner of the giants stood up in front of the media and said, you know, Coughlin is, is, is leaving replacing Tom Coughlin yada, yada. And they never said they were fire in Coughlin. Although they fired call when him or he stood in front of the media, and he said, this isn't Tom Coughlin's fault. This is Jerry Reese is fault because Jerry hasn't given the coaching staff good players, and yet he kept Reese, and let Coughlan go. That's interesting. And, and that never made any sense to me. And it took three or four more years for them to realize that the problem wasn't the coaching. The problem was the people picking the players care, you know. And so now they're trying to dig themselves out of a hole that, that took them seven or eight years of bad personnel decisions to get into see. And I just have to. Agean if, if they don't make the playoffs that year. Maybe it's not right after twenty maybe, you know, twenty two I don't I don't think the giants made the playoffs in two thousand twelve either. I mean, they they went they went nine and they went I think they went nine and seven that year. I'm not sure exactly what the record was. But they missed the playoffs by a game. And they missed the playoffs because of a stupid game that they blew in Philly. That's right. And that was the year, twenty three's rookie year and the year you mentioned how vile eagles are the Redskins, not quite on that level. But just their neighbors. I just I find it fascinating to, to hypothesize on what the giants would look like today in you, can you really can do this with a lot of different things. But you can almost boil it down to that one play if miles Austin makes that catch I mean I, I don't want to speak for giants fans. But I imagine that Jason Pierre. Paul. Is kind of not a legacy Muniz not Liano, if he's a, a ring of honor type guy but he's a beloved character to beloved player in New York Giants history if that blocked doesn't happen. And if the giants don't win that Super Bowl, he certainly doesn't get the decorations that, that are, you know, biggest and brightest on his career resum is that not fair to say, right? You know, many things change, and you can look at I think I said this to you in, in a different conversation, you can look at any championship run to in end you look at it and you think. That was really lucky. Yeah. Absolutely. That happened. You know you get you get plays like that. Where? You know, the are inexplicable drops. There are overthrows you know, how many times has Tony Romo in a practice completed that pass two mile Austin or how many times has Aaron Ross who was the cornerback in coverage there, you know, lined up in the slot and gotten the jam on a receiver. I mean I watched the clip that you put together for that. And Aaron Ross completely completely with. Yeah. I'm like, what are you doing? I could play cornerback like that. It you know, it's crazy. Right. I mean you can you know, you can do a what if what if Russell Wilson doesn't throw it amalgam you can go all day long. What if in that what if you know in in, in a jets game that you're what if Victor Cruz doesn't go ninety nine yards on Ed? That was Christmas Eve of that correctly, that was those that was that was after the game we're talking about, and I remember watching that at my grandmother's house because it was Christmas. And every Cowboys fan was rooting against the giants because they were narrowing the race because of the fact that the Cowboys had lost the game to expire, it's fascinating to me to, to look at this, and it's in the spirit of this week. What if I'll ask you this a non Cowboys non giants part of it? Because you're right. That was a, I would argue that was a more magical run than four years prior. And it's hard to say that because they beat the undefeated patriots in two thousand seven but in two thousand eleven they go through the falcons in the wildcard round. No big deal. But then they take out the Packers. The fifteen in one Packer. In Aaron Rodgers MVP season. And then they go to San Francisco in that's still the old candlestick. And they beat the forty Niners in Alex Smith's return to prominence in Jim Harbaugh first year there. And there was even I forget, who it was. But the forty Niners return man when the ball grazed his knee. I mean that game wasn't credible. And so then obviously there's the Mario Manningham play in so many things in the Super Bowl so who wins the Super Bowl if it's not the campus. And I know every college fans going to get upset with me, but the Cowboys are not running through those teams. What who do you think it is into your the best of your guest who wins that salt? I'm glad you said that not me as I really don't want your readers coming over to big blue view in hammering me for that one, you know, but. You're, you're right. That was the that was the fifteen in one year for the Packers. Right. And Rogers one MVP crazy. I, I have to think that everybody on the planet thought that that was going to be a Packers Super Bowl season. You know, and, and, and it's funny because, you know, but this is the great thing about sports, you just never know what's going to happen till the games are played. I would as of said, I would make the argument that, that the giants won two Super Bowls when they clearly were not the best team in the NFL. But that is the way that is the way sport. Are so often. Team a minute. It happens IMB doesn't win and it's you know it's kinda why it's magical. You just can't predicted you know, at at and it is a great what if because I think the giants franchise. The giants franchise without a Super Bowl title that year might be much different because I think they might have made some different decisions, you know, just in terms of who was in charge, right? Yeah. If you don't have that, you know, I also think you could argue so many franchises would be different off of that. And that's why you can find a lot of great. What if spent I don't know that many touch as many teams as this one because if miles catches that ball, the giants are potentially very different. Maybe Tom Coughlin. Never goes back to Jacksonville because, you know, there's a big difference between two times to winning head coach manning front office and a one time SuperBowl winning head coach men, an office his previous, you know, ties Jacksonville aside I do think that Green Bay certainly gets passed a divisional. And if the giants aren't there to take them out, and then I think we get, you know, because you, you also remember that was the playoffs where we got that incredible. Forty Niners saints game. The Vernon Davis performance for the ages. I think we get a an Alex Smith Aaron Rodgers NFC championship game, and that would have been obviously the first, you know, the two quarterbacks in the five drab everybody would have had fun with that. And then, you know, maybe university of Michigan football's different because if Jim Harbaugh's forty Niners beat the patriots in the Super Bowl. I mean who knows if Jim, maybe his still the koshen San Francisco. I mean you know there are so many careers in legacies that are on the line. What if the patriots when that Super Bowl Tom Brady gets his fourth much earlier? I mean, it's west Welker ends up with one that Welker Welker most infamous plays that missed catch in that Super Bowl. If that never happens. Maybe he's more beloved. I mean, there's a lot of west look at this so fascinating. The last thing from giants perspective about this and talked about, Jerry Reese, and we talked about Tom Coughlin. And, and, you know, people from the outside have poked fun at the giants for for continuing to ride with the lie. Manning sa- grip point. And. I have made the point previously the last couple of years. I, I completely understood a year ago, staying with align manning completely understood that because, you know, basically, if you looked at the market, what real choice did they have in again this year? If you looked at the market, Nick foles was never a possibility. It wasn't going to happen. And, and if you wanna tell me, you know, tyrod Taylor was a better option than Eli manning. You go right ahead and tell me that. And I might laugh for the next six weeks. All right. You know, I hope you're on but I get why he still there. But where I'm going is, if he doesn't win that second Super Bowl, I have made the case that if the if the giants were going to sweep Tom Coughlin out after. Two thousand fifteen I have made the case that that was the perfect time for them to make a clean break from the coach from the era in general, and from the quarterback, and it would have been easier to do at that point in time, if Eli didn't have the second Super Bowl, I don't think there would be the allegiance to him the of for him that there is still to this day inside in nineteen twenty five giant strive, which is the address of civility and it just, you know, for me, I wonder, you know, I just could've for me at that point in time, it just would have made sense, and I think it would have been easier without the second title. I agree with you. And I think you know, the, the truth is, and I'm sure you feel more passionate about this than I do, but allies, probably going to the hall of fame and you. If you can win two Super Bowls and have a mediocre outside of that not saying that's the case with, but that is the perception by a lot of people. But if you can, if you could choose to Super Bowls to win you would wanna win the two. He won. You know what I mean? Like he wanted his too bad ass Super Bowls. He beat Tom Brady. You know, up until Nick foles he was he was Tom Brady's kryptonite in, you know, winning that second one to a lot of people like us Cowboys fans, you know, you could you could chop up the seven one and say, okay, look they got lucky one year one day, you know, they managed to pull it off cool, but that was it. But then, when they did it again, you know, the, the, the arguments against him became a lot more hollow, and so- allies legacy as a whole, I think, is a lot different because he goes from being. Yes, he has this miraculously one time when he still has David Tyree plan everything. But if you doesn't have that second one specifically that second one against the New England Patriots. Again, you know it's, it's just a different were. World. I think that's really fascinating. And it is so interesting to me, how you can trace it all back to miles Austin. You know, I I hadn't really made that connection. But it's, it's an interesting one. And, you know, when you lie retire someday, you know, we could we could do hours or of show on ally manning in the hall of fame and, and we're going to have to do that some day, but yet I don't wanna get into that. I hope he does make the hall of fame. I I'm fascinated. I'm going to be fascinated by that whole debate. And by how long it takes for him to get in if and when he does get in. But, but yeah, this is this is this is a fascinating topic. And it's amazing how how one little turn of events can can create, you know, so many Domino's. Right. And it's not just what if team x one that game because you could say that for so many things, but this is this is one catch. And I sent it to you mentioned it you watched it. That's very catchable ball from. Miles you know it's not like you know it's so far out of his region. And you said it best, you know, they've probably hooked up at the time it hopes up like that, you know, hundreds of times, in practice, in camps in so many people, you know, are probably said as listening people swear that miles lost that ball in the lights of the stadium in it's just it's kinda crazy. I think Eli in maybe Jerry Reese. Oh, oh, miles Austin, basket or something? I mean you know that it's, it's funny because people will make the argument that Tony Romo was was probably a more talented player some ways than Eli manning. And yet, I think about the fact that ally, Manning's career is defined by those two magical runs. And by those two things that he actually accomplished. And in from the outside, you think of Tony romo's career despite the brilliance. What you think of our all of the things he almost did all of the things where he fell just short. It's, it's the tragedy of sports. I mean you mentioned that there's magic and there's tragedy. But thanks, thanks for walking down. You mentioned you hadn't thought of it. I've thought about it a lot because that was a really horrible day from the. So you know what it is? And big blue view dot com. What else work and we find your give us all the details. Please, as Witter course at big blue view on Twitter. Big underscore Blu underscore view on Instagram on our Facebook page, all those good things that I have other people to manage, so that I don't have to worry about them. Well, appreciate it. Appreciate the time. Actually, check out the big blue view podcast as well. You guys do a great job again, that's been Asian family, those strong, and you mentioned that we get along. And I'm happy for that. There is though those two days every year or just we're not as close pals. And that's that is this is true. This is true. You know, but, but I would hope that, you know, whenever either one of our teams is playing the eagles that, that we can bond a little bit. That's right. We have four -tunities every year to really just, you know, be some potty go. Thanks a lot, man. We'll talk have. Rescue. Shadow once again, to Ed Valentine managing editor over a big dot com for going down memory lane with us. I can't believe that game was eight years ago, you know, Ed and talking about. And he asked me was that the same season that Jason Garrett iced than Bailey. I forgot that even happened if I'm being honest. I mean, eight years ago is a long time and sometimes I like to measure time like this. So the two thousand seven season was was eight years ago. Right. And that doesn't feel like that long ago two thousand three was eight years ago at that time and two thousand three and two thousand eleven felt like forever ago. But who knows look, we got more what is coming to this week? Hopefully you're enjoying them. Hopefully you're having a great rest of your week. Make sure to check out belong the boys dot com for all the best Cowboys content in the biz and make sure to subscribe at the blog on the boys podcast feed wherever you get your podcast. Have fantastic Wednesday great start to your Thursday? And we will see you. Magnon my fr-. Friends is always go Cowboys.

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