The Great Gildersleeve 48-04-28 (288) Dinner Courtesy of Hercules Kitchenware


The, Kraft Foods Company presents Harold Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. The, great dealers leave is brought to you by the kraft foods. Company makers parque margarine every day. Millions of women all over. America serve parque margarine because it tastes so good. My. Own and home again try it. Love it. They are why parque margarine made by craft. Well. It's one of those Balmy. starlets bring evenings. Time revealed kind of life, but just made for sitting out in the park swing, serenading your best girl, and that's just what the Great Gildersleeve is doing. Nemo. He pushed shine into. Still re beams will bring loves dreams we'll. Be Paddling. By this. That one. Did you like? Yes! You ever destroying the you. Back in college in my senior year, I was president of the Ukulele, Club. Radiotherapy can play by your Yasha affix. Wouldn't go that far ahead. He! Yes it is. Mind if I move a little closer. More. We'd like get my. UKULELE way. Yeah. You know what the day after D'Amato insured Saturday. No. I don't mean that CNN. Flush session bad. Was the day they collect the cans. To remember Saturdays, ask, second, anniversary. We've known each other to lunch. And you didn't even remember I did too. In fact, I was planning a little celebration. You high well. How about coming over to my house for dinner? I mean that's what I planted. Suite. At Line! About celebrating anniversary right now with a little kid. Maybe two kisses. Second Anniversary. I'm all. That's one. That's two. Oh? We. That very serie. By. Morning. Marjorie fast the toast, please. By the way children. We're having guests for dinner tomorrow night, and I want you both to be on your best behavior. Leroy. Are you listening? Coming. Spare. Child we're celebrating our second anniversary. Your second anniversary. We've known each other two months. Oh for heaven's sake. Well, the fair sex appreciate these little sentimental touches. Old Uncle. Learn that a long time ago. That's why he's been so successful with women. Asia cornflakes you're. GonNa be late for school. Cream. Right other isn't anymore. Thank. Leroy! Necessary to shout for Birdie every time he wants. Would urge you to jump up and get it for yourself once in a while. Birdie has plenty to do you know. Don't forget it. Marmalades all gone. Never Mine. Anyhow I. Don't know where thirty. Eight. That Louis Young Man. Thanks. Ed Brady. Before I forget having guests for dinner tomorrow night, so I wish you'd cook something sort of special tomorrow night. Only here tomorrow night. SPA Jack invasion over the. Is this weekend convention? Yes, I'm taking the bus. I asked you last week. If I go on, you said sure go. That, would you? Go! Desperately, I remember now that. I know but. Cook. Pay But. You could go that what you said. Say I didn't fail you. Go back to. Go. All. Take the bus this afternoon. That is. That what you? said. Philo wrote articles on. Landry Oh you're doing the kitchen I was passing. The spirit, my dear with very gone, we'll just pitch in here. Out I'm build real, yes. Great make all right down to the station saw off. Brady she deserved to get away for a few days. Leroy, Your stomach. Funny Roy. Keep in restaurants have a childhood. Sunday for desert. We'll go down just as soon as I call. His Fairchild couldn't get her all day. Excuse me. I'll just tell headline we can have. Dinner Here Tomorrow Night Birdie gone. She won't mind going to a restaurant. I might even wear my Tuxedos. Secondhand. Blue Line. This coup! taught. that. About our anniversary dinner tomorrow night. Me Too, but you know I invited. You have dinner here at my house, but. Auto show. But headline me over your. Way Those little mean Pilak. Ration- seen. Most Yankee man, don't have a stay at how much! Mean to a will, they won't take me out. But not. I'd be. Always thought, I looked more like a chiloe. Ask. Bill. You Know I might GonNa do. Now. Marjorie. Miss Tiles coming to dinner here tomorrow night? We're. GonNa take her out to dinner well. No, that's not the sensitive thing to do. Anyway minds. We I thought you might Cook Dinner Tomorrow Night. After all you've been studying cooking in your home, economics class happened to. We've had so far dessert all I can make Tapioca Yoga. I don't think we can make a meal on that. Don't you know how to cook meat and potatoes? 'til next semester home. We can't wait that long. Tail Grill just a minute I. WanNa. Get these things settled. I suppose I could Cook Dinner Tomorrow Night Myself. What are you kidding? No, I'm not have you know I was considered quite a cook in my younger days when I was batching, l. sure will I was in fact I was famous one of my dishes. Mullah, Ghani stew I'll leave. Uncle Mark you can't be serious about this. You'd Better Hire Cook for Tomorrow Night Mullah. Ghani stew at Gildersleeve. Think you're smart. I'll just show you. We'll see whether I can coconut. Dinner Tonight The Southfield well, I've changed my mind. Leave dinner right here and I'll cook it. Say, let's get those little frowns. Little faces now this is going to be a lot of fun. Now that you to set the table and Z. Great French chef France Law Gildersleeve mcglinchey Z. Kitchen and prepares Emil. A La. Off. So. Let it Cook just little longer? Beginning to look like a school right though I'll be good. For everything and I could find. Potatoes leftover meat. SUCCOTASH! Pig's feet. I think we used to put. Mulligan Donnie. Let's see if I missed anything. That over there. Some, Rhubarb. Might as well throw that into. Improve the flavor. Might improve the color to. Abrahams little tight. Loosen it. That is. The judge. What is what matters and Apron offer one Khokar to catch me in this thing. You look very fetching in that gave us. May I take you dancing tonight priscilla? Priscilla. Goat. Brays Gone I. See that you've taken over in the kitchen. What is that which is brought your concocting their? This happens to be Mulligan Tony Stool. Now is more like swamp. Here. I came by because I. Thought you and your family, my bike to accompany me the summerfield. No, thanks. We're having dinner here. I don't want to call at Stewart Dinner. You know what they're having. Summerfield grilled an idea leaks. No and I don't care adding your favorite dish. Mice tender to. Melt in your mouth, and then there's mashed potatoes. Mother Enrich Brown grading. And a few tasty vegetables, of course some Chris Golden Corn Bread. Topped off by a flaky deep dish Apple Pie Rather. Stay here and eat that. That's what you think. Come on, Y'all love beloved out. I can. Of, the cat next door. Delete anything yeah. We'll be back with the Great Gildersleeve and just a minute. You know even Leroy who is much concerned with buying food has some pretty firm convictions about food in general. I think also it tastes good. Everyone agrees on that Leroy and everyone agrees that parque margarine does taste good. It's the perfect spread for brand. Beyond millions of women say hasty park is their favourite topping for Brad. Roll Muffins and Don't forget waffles. Why Arcades nourishing to fifteen thousand units of essential vitamin aid are added to the wholesome goodness of choice. Farm products used in the making of delicious. Parque House waffles with plaque, Cain, why the rich fresh flavor of Parque improves best dishes. Know that Parque is quality margarine, because it's a craft product, and they're delighted to find that this top quality margarine actually cost less today than it did a year ago. Actually Cost Lance and take Bennett. Rightly right next time friends as for parque margarine delicious nourishing economical Parque A. R. K. A. Y., if made by craft. That's why it tastes so good. Well, this is the day of the Great Gildersleeve anniversary dinner with a alive. There's a right way the wrong way to do everything and this time. A great man decided to do something the right way. Kim Striding purposefully downtown? Just passing Glide Munson barbershop. MS Lloyd wait a minute. What's your hurry? I like a little business to attend to this morning. I was sitting out here Sunan Myself. Things Kinda quietness shop. This I am yes well business to attend to. What is it funky business? If you must know floyd. I'm going down to the employment agency. I'm sorry to hear that commission, but it's tough to start looking for another job at jury. Floyd I'm going to the Employment Agency to hire a cook all. Yes, now if you don't mind. Hiring a having a Birdie, God's but nosy Gertie went on a little triploid I'm having guests for dinner tonight, so I'm going down and Higher Cook. It's all right with you. Isn't it sure thank you. That's cleared up a hiring a cook just for one night. Yes, anything wrong with that. No I, guess not. If got the Delta throw away? It isn't exactly throwing away. Floyd I gotta pay it to somebody well forty months in those I can get that. Phenomenon look. I'm not interested in any of your air brain skeet say they only lead trouble. Okay? I don't even WanNa hear about. Okay got my mind. All made up I'm going down to. Say I can get the dinner cooked or nothing. Club's mission booth and you have a hero, Hercules kitchenware. The kitchenware beyond compare what's that got to do? It was a fellow come in the shop yesterday. The demonstrates that stuff the pitch is he comes around. You have cooks a meal for you and tries to set kitchenware boy I. Don't want to buy kitchen. We said you did you just act like you're interested? Am Cook the meal and you tell them taking part in fans and scrammed. Well I don't know not only that he buys all the grocery he does. His waiter to the big champ. Whole thing, don't cost you a dime. No doesn't seem quite right if I. don't buy anything people do it all the time. Let Oh, man, Hercules worry! Wouldn't hurt to talk to their salesman I guess. I got one of his cards in a shop. How'd you come in and get a haircut? We'll talk it over. I don't need one but well okay. Finish. Afternoon. Honesty Things that they rally department oh fine. Just thought I'd stop being on my way home and pick up a little ice cream cord I guess. Forever. I want to get something special tonight, but flavored. Would you suggest? Together. I can hear what I hand paid very common. That's chocolate banana night, pistachio well. WHAT ABOUT BANANA NUT? It's good, isn't it? Yeah, if you. To you like it. But you're not buying for me. Give me any. What kind I don't care. Give me any flavor you have I. Have Lots of frame burned? That's chocolate Fernanda. Just I'll take Bernama. Adding tonight. Yes Miss. Fairchild coming over. act. Birdie away. MADRES COOKING DINNER WELL, no! Hercules kitchenware companies cooking. That is one of their salesman Mr. Right I talk to Him Avenue and made all earrings. Yes, he's going to buy the food cook the meal and Sir. I see, Well. That's the way he demonstrates. His kitchenware gets people to buy. It only aren't going to bite him. He thinks I am, but I'm not. A. He won't mind. Do that. I! Don't think I'm taking advantage of it. Do you. You. PB everybody does it I'll bet you of became in Cook Dinner. At Your House, Iraqi county. My Hat TV prepares and I know that, but if he did come to your house, what would happen? Maybe they wouldn't let him in. God's Peavy Gimme my ice cream. Heaven Anton. down. Thank you again PV before I go. I have one last request to me. You have a can of Tutti frutti ice cream gang stick stickier head at a good day. Joke on Michigan. I Tutti Frutti is. Uncle more. This is ridiculous. A salesman cooking dinner I never heard of such a thing. Sure sounds goofy now children UTAH. Somebody at school hears about this. All just don't WanNA. Hear anymore about this youtube. Look stairs and start getting ready for dinner Mr Right will be here any minute. Let your local worry about Myspace John I. Go on both. And Leroy. Just because we're having company, don't get tongue tied i. hope you know what to say at the table. Cute the courtesy. Kitchenware Company. Get upstairs. Hope everything goes all right tonight. On Atalaya and must be Mr Right. Wow, let's elegantly Hercules. Get your way on my on Ri- right on. Well at believe me, don't kitchenware. Is. Still I. Take those pots pans out to the kitchen. Down here for a minute. Roundup. Grocery. Now Before I begin, I. Just want you to look at this. Beauty, isn't it? How would you like to have a pot? Light back for your very? Well Mr Right I didn't promise I was going to buy. You know also absolutely no obligation all. I, want to give this Levi's. You're good with. You'RE GONNA. Get me mean. Mr Right. A lady friend of mine miss add line. Fairchild is coming this evening while last. Why of all the Barry I wonder if you'd mind if I didn't tell our salesman just introduced you as a friend? Why Force! That's the way we have heard you like. Fate Limbaugh, ads. Latin Nice Star I suppose you'd like to start dinner now so. Excuse me. Ally you really got all. This new tablet again and I just couldn't like the. Knowledge going to ask me those you come in and. Yes, this is Mr Right I mean. A friend of mine. Ed This is Miss Berra child and. I was just telling you about her. Oh yeah, well, IT'S A. Chopping Young. You see British away on a vacation I asked Ed because our dinner tonight. Well cooking his hobby, it isn't happy unless he's bending over a hot stove. That now can. He brought. Paul. Beautiful! Actually. Get you wherever you I'm and complete that class you won't be. Any. I guess you'd better stocked making dinner now at the. All Russia fend off like that. I winter, stop began acquaintances. But. Had such an attractive well. You had secular attractive frame I. Keep it all yourself. Research. Did anyone ever tell you look like Ingrid Bergman? Compliment, but you don't really move. Do. Now you all. Yes, I do! You. Over Heaven. I. Don't really end up liking with. Looks like. Let me. Think about it Mr Right you bear a close resemblance today I entering. Joan I'm ask you. Dana I mean. I think you'd better start dinner now. Okay Franchi Brockie this time. Would you like to step out of the kitchen would be and see how I. Rip up a steak. Wait a minute. I don't think. You not to watch a man in the catch. You do the headlines now. You just stay right here. We'll have dinner all cook for you and what? You. Along are they going to stay out there and the kitchen? Alabama line thinks I'm gonNA chase after she's sticking. I'm not jealous no sir. Ingrid Bergman. Rather be with that salesman. What do I care? Wait A. He's got nerve taking her away like that. After all, she's my girl. It's my kitchen to. Show him now look here. He's gone. Line One Way. Holding hands someplace. Throw it over for kitchenware say. Let's last meal. He'll ever cooked for me. It looks like to have dinner off my boy. Don't ask too many questions. Leroy just put a little code on. We're going down to the summerfield grants not. People. Way Lai see that floyd. Or I had to go over to my house to get the money for lack of by these pots and pans for your friend Mr. Right Kinda consented to them. Wasn't that Nice of ood Very Nice? He had an extra say. It is. Where did we go where he said he regarded in another family. That man said enough to cook then. Yes, he does. Track more I'm going to make our anniversary dinner with my own little. Code on, go take it off right. Decided we'll have dinner here at home after all. I want a character. Well sewer you. A. The Great Gildersleeve will be right back. When you buy a spread for the Family Brad. What do you look for Quality Economy Flavor? Jews parque margarine and get the tops on all three counts Parque is the margarine of craft quality. It's the perfect topic for roles, muffins, pancakes, and Waffles as well as breath. Why is housewives say if their choice for cooking and seasoning? You'll love that parque flavor, and you'll like the way parque helps. Keep food costs down. Remember Economical Parque Margarine actually cost less today than it did a year ago. Try Nourishing Economical parque margarine. It pays so good. That's P. A. R. K. A.. R., K. made by Kraft. Hello. Oh. The Guy I was wondering if you and your power. Then they will thank you won't. That'd be a lot of work from Mississippi? I can catch manage. What I thought you said. Mrs TV like salesman. Looks like Ingrid Bergman. PV. She looks much like Ingrid. Bergman is you look like Dana Andrews. Good night, folks. Latest play by Harold Hurry Adeline Fairchild I Miss Universe. Shorter listening. 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