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Extra: Eileen Gray


Hello and a very welcome to Monaco on design extra. It's a show brought to you by the team behind. Monaco's dedicated weekly design program. I'm Josh Venit now. In each episode we take a closer look at a story that we think deserves a bit more attention. And this week we're looking at the work of the late. Irish architect designer and modernised Eileen Gray the Bard Graduate Center Gallery in New York City is currently exhibiting the biggest retrospective of the designer's work in the US since the nineteen eighty s. a good time. We thought to learn a little more. His uncle's mate Lee Evans. Eileen Gray was truly a modern day renaissance woman and pioneer of the modernist movement trained as a painter gray was an architect and designer working in furniture textiles and graphics though many may know her name thanks to contemporary furniture pieces set into bliss steel gray experiments with numerous materials throughout her career. In fact much of her initial work was a very different style. Utilizing the ancient technique of lacquer locker at the time was a very unusual medium. It was primarily used for restoration for furniture on the French at this particular time or very suspicious of lacquer because of its mystical properties. That's right if a golf curator of the Eileen Gray collection at the National Museum of Ireland. It was an ancient technique that not widely used in contemporary furniture. Design on gray really. Singlehandedly began to introduce locker pieces at the furner exhibits at the time at the Salim's at the time and the French publicly took on the critics began to shower her with praise for her very unusual work which really does the work of cubist movement freezing. We now call the movement she never would like to be in categorized in that manner but she had read introduced locker to French designer. Ever an experimentalist great pivoted from working with lacquer combining this technique with other materials. There's one piece in particular signals this transition. The transgender inspired by the deck. Chairs of Ocean liners first. One was done for the Maharaja of indoor for his house in India cooled. Monica Bob this chair. We actually have on the floor here. The Bart Center in New York. The original chair uses both lacquer and seat fashioned from refined animal height but a few months later. Great ped- This designed down. Further opting for plane would from hinging mechanisms and a plain black that a seat. Not Forgetting the adjustable head. Rest this shift in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty three reflects grays newest interest in architecture during and design. She really began focused for the physicality of people on how they interacted with objects and have interacted with space. So she began using materials. Boss would entice sensitive. She began to produce pieces such as the table but everyone knows her for us to Kenner table. The Hudson trustable can home ECHINACEA. I'm very lightweight you can move it from room to room. All these chrome nickel pieces. Were easily multi-functional. Multidirectional created what became known as accounting style cheese cork on awful. She's one of the. Fresh designers Cork Cork ingenious material to use in a domestic fasting. Because it muscles the sounds if you have a corked table in your setting the table and somebody might be smooth things lying on day badge nearby. The sounds completely muffled. And you don't have the sounds of cutlery or plates clunking so she really saw the way that people are going to use objects and interact with objects Though they would meant from US production materials that she chose even the design. Subtly change for the people that were going to use the particular object or piece of furniture many of the pieces. Eileen created at the time the House eight ten to seven the first complete architecture project green box having previously worked with then partner at the time. John Better beechy eight ten to seven tantamount to her architectural ideas. Varies manifesto made physical? What she felt architecture should be she really looked at this house and how she created it for somebody if each and he was a man who loved entertaining he loved vacationing by the sea. So the location that she chose a very difficult spot at down along the path She twisted the highest back. Ninety degrees to really maximize the effect of the Sun and wind coming through the building. The whole embodiment of the house. Were literally to take you on a journey furnishings. That were used colors. That were used materials. That bring us all supposed to engage your fences from the moment your life to to the moment that she walked around the house you let on a journey. The hallway is too downstairs to add to the garden. The garden again was an extension of the building colors some tiles that she had used in the inside of the highest were used on the pathways and step up the outside of the House and she planted lemon trees. Orange Trees Lavender Oleander Yorker to gauge. Your sense of smell and bring you down crude the garden all the way into the C. D. tend to seven was complete but shortly afterwards gray spit ties with John Vici. She was given the code by the industry and effectively made a footnote in the Canon of modernist design an architecture future when she finished you know you tend to seven ninety. Two one thousand nine hundred thirty so by this stage. Nobody really wanted to know. She has always continued. Still doing design. Work She just turned one thousand nine hundred years of age. She was playing around with creating a shocking punk tank. Celluloid screen that pre dates the ninety days. He's Memphis Group. And she was working on this in nineteen seventy five nineteen seventy six. I just loved. There is a ninety eight year old woman age of not going to pass it to her. She's still was constantly cresting things and trying things and experimenting things and she just never gave up. Eileen Gray's legacy continues to be shed thanks to exhibitions like at the Graduate Center Gallery the showcases early incarnations curated by Khloe pity have featured in Paterson Dublin showing the breadth of Gray's body of work to wider audiences. The exhibition traces a time line from those early lack of works architectural drawings e ten t seven and sending. Lloyd works in later life which is quite a feat. Considering the island gray was a designer. Who didn't believe in archiving and of destroyed material and correspondence? Hey we see a designer in motion and we get a better grasp of a multi hyphen talent. He's retrospectives along g the monocle. I'm aliens. Thanks to our producer mainly Evan. The Exhibition Eileen Gray is open a debarred graduate center gallery in New York until July. The twelve thanks to Jennifer Golf curator of the ingres collection at the National Museum of Ireland. Speaking to us there and Saudi. That's all we have time for on this week. Show but if you're eager for more design stories you can listen to a full length program which is on Tuesdays at eight PM London time and is available as apoe costs thereafter to subscribe. You miss a beat. You could also pick up a copy of Monaco Nagazine. An old self respecting newsstands today. Show is produced by mainly Evans and recorded by Christy evidence. Go Josh Van at thank you very much for listening ankle by.

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