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Trailer: Introducing 'Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein'


Aw in two thousand five investigators in Palm Beach. Florida began uncovering a dark secret. Lotta girls knew about it and a lot of girls. We're doing it if anybody asks. If you're over the age of eighteen just go ahead and go with it. There was a wealthy man in Palm Beach. Who was offering young girls? He's a way to make money. She knew a guy in Palm beach that we could give massages to and we can make two hundred dollars. I was starting to get really nervous and my heart. Hart was starting to raise. He asked me to get comfortable to take my clothes off that man was Jeffrey Epstein and he had set up a system designed to bring bring him underage girls. Girls would say. He abused them and left them feeling helpless and terrified. I couldn't run cutting leave by screamed. Who was going to hear me. WHO WAS GONNA dot com that you were fourteen correct yes. Local police and the federal government would investigate and by their count find dozens of Victims Epstein. Steve would become one of the world's most infamous predators a man who could have faced decades in prison but served just thirteen months in his own wing of a county jail. And why would you cut this deal with Jeffrey Epstein epsteins abuse would spend years and cross state lines New York Palm Beach New Mexico. Oh Paris Virgin Islands and each one of those residences is an alleged crime scene. I'm ABC's Mark Remillard and with a team team of journalists from the ABC News Investigative Unit. We've traveled around the country to look at Jeffrey Epstein and the allegations of his horrifying abuse to hear from from the girls who suffered it. Who are now women fighting to recover from it. When I look at those other girls they were into and I can see All broken we retrace his history. The rise who is like an international man mystery and fall of one of the most prolific predators. I our time. Their kid not have possibly been a more wealthy a more powerful or more dangerous sexual predator. There is no other cases like this. This is the longest standing human trafficking case. This was a miscarriage of justice from the start and until now nobody gave them. If you're you're a victim of sexual abuse your voice should be heard period. I couldn't fight back when Jeffrey Epstein's sexually abused me because I hadn't yet found my voice while I found my voice now truth and lies. Jeffrey Epstein Starts January Nineth.

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