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Everybody has a PODCAST, right? Every celebrity everyone would college. There are literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there and yeah, it's a bit of a mess. I'm nick cloth at my new show servants of hot. We'll give you the most interesting and important stories in podcast. And I'll tell you why you should care. Listen to serve in a pod on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever get your podcasts. Four. What would you talk about on your on your podcast five? Strand present. Two hundred fifty. Show. Here we go the fifteen minute morning show podcast while we're off to a great start in the very first moments, we have Scotty be giving a man Bun two straight name. I tell you what the hell is that. Isn't that going to pull my hair. I hope so. Oh Good I love it when you're paying also, we're trying to get brody brody. We hear you. We don't see where where are. Very. Well what's that? What's behind you? That's my show and tell item. Hide it. You've got to hide it. Oh. Yeah Mine. Right here. I've I think I'm. GonNa. Go ahead and say I'M GONNA guess. Mine is the most unusual show until item on the show today I. Could. Be Wrong. Nate what made you decide we needed to do show intelligent. I was just thinking about. If I was broadcasting from home. I would have all of the things that I cherish and old near and dear to my heart around me and always fun to tell somebody with something means no I thought it'd be interesting to see what you guys have around you. GotTa say this has gotta suck for people that are just listening to the PODCAST, they're going to be more incentivized to watch it now. Yes With that said I think we should start. Our show Intel Day there's Garrett. He's ready. Gandhi don't even in your own house you're gonNA, your your sister's apartment. Or House. So, what are you gonNA show. Intel stuff that your sister owns is your sister's item. I, got something right here. Hey when you traveled from Michigan to Ohio, you brought all the critters with you. nope. The critters are still in Brandon's custody. I mean, he's already killed a snail. We and we actually this is going to be around the room. Tomorrow we got into a fight about the snail and I went to prove something to him about this nail and he said, and I quote you can try to prove me wrong with your little facts but I choose not to believe them and I was like great. So. Thanks I'm never gonNA. Win I'll stop arguing he was like I know. Hold on. So what argument is there about a snail? How can you argue about a snail? Soviet argument was do snails change shells. He. Had One take on it. I had another take on it and I knew I was right. So then I went to pull off up whether or not snails changed shells and he said my information and facts meant nothing to him. He knew. Twenty. Answer They don't change sells their shell grows with their body. Crabs will change shells but regular snails because he was saying, well, maybe it was your fault that the Snell died because maybe he needed a bigger show and I'm like no girls at their body, you kill them or those alternative. So. Is this fake news fake snail news? CNN. No snap. Snail. Focus smelling. The funds that what was that? That's that's. Got To be. Signing on. Your on. Sorry. Be on the show with us. Attorney on. We want him don't you want to be on the show with you but I can't hear you WANNA show. How are you answering me that if you can't hear me Your turn speaker up early way to check in just plug phones in your computer you can't hear. Computer. Scary said that I love. On your computer. Just like that. All right. Well, okay. We have to show until we're almost at a time. So who wants to go first and you WANNA go first with show and tell sure sure. Okay. So you guys know this show the Sopranos. Watching it now aired ninety nine to two thousand seven right scary sounds about. Right hold on. Hold on that ECHO is way too. We Got Terminal Scotty. No, it's nate. Art. Here but alternate lower. Okay. So okay. So Sopranos Okay. Go ahead. Quite so they used to send us merchandise when they launched the shows, they premiered new seasons. So I kept a lot of crap that these shows us to send us know. The Sopranos sent. This. Work. DARTBOARD DARTBOARD says the Sopranos. HBO and it's Fabulous Shape because you know my husband's British. So he likes Dr Boards. We hang it up. It's in great shape and I think it might be worth something one day. So I'm not getting rid of it. I love intron of trying to remember what significance that has to. The Sopranos. and must have something to do with one of the season's episodes I don't remember either. Being. An could have been I won't tell you rather than using darts they shoot they would shoot the targets to. Show until then Daniel Hey frog what's your show and tell item? So you know how when you see something, it reminds you of somebody. Yeah. So the other day I was online and I saw something and it reminded me of my wife Liza and so I ordered it and it came in the mail yesterday and so I gave it to her and she's not as pleased as I was. I bought her. Can you see what it says? That's not nice. Not Bought her necklace. Now, that's a thought accounts I thought. Real diamonds. August. No there's not for the win. No, we don't congratulate that sort of behaviour now that's not. Cool. No. That's not nicer by people stuff when you think of them as whole necklace, we could buy you. Nice. All right. Sorry. I'll be happy froggy. Oh. Sorry. I'm hearing echo whose speakers it's driving me insane. You don't hear that Echo God because and the door between us it may be because Scotty opened up the middle door. Fifty. Minute morning show pocket. Scotty just got. You have a show Intel. It's still. There it's still echoing. I it's headphones I'm assuming brody had. Something is something. I don't know what it is. It is it could be Ga- guarantee you on muted is everybody is everybody who? I know what I'm doing here. Okay. Everybody needs to be. Not Muted, but I don't join with audio so it shouldn't be a problem. All right. Hello. Holding gone now, Scotty have a show. No No. I'm here you're G comeback. Go hello hold on a second. You know who's doing. It's nate nate's been doing all along. He knows he's doing it makes. Your speaker is online because you don't have headphones on. There's no other way to Harris I'm listening because scary has the door open. My my speakers were good. We're not going we're. Hello Okay Show until. Years. He's coming in. No. Come, to your show and tell. Help Scotty. Sitting in my studio probably for. Three years and I'm finally going to take it and crack it open, and since his a coin shortage I'm GonNa, bring it to the coin star and I'm going to the money so I can buy groceries. Can you crack it open live on the podcast you want me to. I want you to throw it on the ground in destroying open. Breakfast. Oh. Stick. That was awesome. How. Much do you think is in their Scottie? Dog's seventy five. Dollars. Now you gotTA clean. It. Scotty. We go buy another one that was fun. Lady on. Hello Lady. Wait you broke my Hulo Lady piggy-bank told me to I love them while we're with. Shards of ceramic. Okay. Scary. What's your Intel show? When I was a kid growing up, I used to be on the CB radio CBS like citizens band radio citizens, Band radio breaker one, nine, microphone go breaker, one, nine, one, nine I. But I used to pretend like I was part of a radio station and I was friends with Bald Freak Ronnie who left us a couple of years ago to do his own thing and Ronnie and I in highschool used to go back and forth on the on his CB and my. So when Ronnie scall- go the bald freak left here he also left me His original. Citizens Band radio. Oh, my God and he's still on that. Yeah it was pretty much. In. Remember this. This was all your fault. Keep living the dream. Thanks for everything. That was his gift to me was his nineteen ninety s CB radio getting shot of that look at that. That's real album radio shack. Wow I remember. One Nine Channel One nine was the truckers channel correct channel four channel nine was the emergency channel nine nine was the emergency and you had this lingo with stay ten, four means over ten forms. Okay Ten, ten, twenty, what your ten, twenty, year location all that stuff. It was all these codes for twenty was pot I. What about You Gandhi? Welcome to show until? I have something very strange and I have a few of them. But I told you guys a while ago that Brandon and I stopped by a firework shop and bought a bunch of stuff that I didn't even know we could have but you can have it apparently it's legal. One of the things that I got multiples of is a little smoke bombs I. Don't know when I'm GonNa, use it but I carry it around with me just in case I ever need to vanish in a flash poof I'm gone. Purple I have blue not going to do it. Now, my sister's guest rooms she'll kill me. Wait hold on if Scotty can break the piggy-bank, you can set off. The smoke go on. An, convicted I'll be homeless. Away, you're watching this on the zoom room Scotty, slowly cleaning up all the shards of porcelain. Story money out of it. Life Right now. Forty minutes. We going to hurry. Okay. Well, by the way, if you're going to sell off your smoke bomb, always have a trap door. Just say, so this goes off and it clears and you're gone. So, important. Yes. Garrett shown telling you have today my son just turned five and we my wife and I realized that he has enough toys. So what is he going to get for his birthday? So we suggested he loves Chris Missile Gap Christmas stuff. Well, someone decided to get this humongous. life-sized grinch that sits in our living room has scared the shit out of me every morning. I, come downstairs. Someone sitting there in the dark. Every frigging morning I know it's there. But every morning in the dark in the shadows this green lump that looks like it just a human radio attack me. But now I'm putting it into hiding. Sorry he's a mean one. I love that I. Love that. What about you? What's your show Intel? Well I was still living at home at the time and my best friend Rob was trying to convince me to move in with him. His roommate had moved out. So we were sitting in a restaurant very late at night. You'll know the restaurant and he said, I have an idea if I take that and put it in our kitchen how cool would that be you have to move in? I'll take it and it'll look right in our kitchen and that was one of the deciding factors semi moving with him. We took the menu from White Castle. What a whole And so as you can see, cheese was only ten cents back then. This is this is breakfast menu. So it was on the wall in apartment every morning we would come in and we would look at the menu and. Pretend we were ordering menu, but that's one of the reasons I moved out. It'd be cool to have in my kitchen so. There you go. Wasn't but yeah. Cool. Nate did you ever show tell today? We had the the nine, forty, five whistle as we call it here, and this is one of the bottles of whisky that we've been drinking and we have to finish it. It's a scotch and yeah. So we'll be finishing this when Josh, the engineer returns next next week I love that. All right you drink till then. We don't drink when Jeff is here. Yeah. We'll have a glass of wine yeah. Jeff likes. Rose. He's a Wino-. He is I think right a time I don't. have. One Minute left for you is yours. Okay. Hold on hold. Hall. What the fuck is that. What did your mouth is a child they`re Begin here. I can't hear you what is it? Oh. Burnt marshmallow helmet. Did he cover speaker? Holy. Crap. Don't break it. So that looks you know my friend King Solomon, the artist. Yeah. He didn't arrangement with Yeager Meister and came up with the limited edition King Solomon. Year. Bottle. Why It came in this really heavy heavy. Display, case. I'm trying to put it together anyway. I can't wait to drink jager meister and totally hallucinate you guys hallucinate on your mind. Is that one? Puke for me. None of Elvis a very limited edition run but this bottle now he's got the money. So cool. Matches your background so the background of what did All the back there. Yes Brody. Elvis it's very cool. You're doing that but think about it. If that was scary, it would be a sponsor and that'd be why he'd be putting that bottle of we know you're not doing it for that reason. But that's By good things, I'll do a search for King Saul, the Yeager, meister maybe you can buy one of these, but it's very limited edition. I'm going to drink the whole thing for lunch today. That's awesome. G regulate the pig. So I still got a bottle of my freezer from nineteen ninety-seven no kidding Dago they're. Doing I've got some. That was a great show. Intel are we done? We're Dong The. Morning Show. Hi I'm Devin leary and I'm Carolina Barlow and we're here to tell you to dump him break up with your boyfriend and we want you to listen to our podcast true romance every week where we talk about our love lives and the love lives of others please join our exes who we know will also be listening like, Kyle. Kyle. Are you there? Hey, babe how's life? No, you look good though me Oh my God sob please. I haven't even gotten a haircut like three months. Okay. Please help us pay for Carolina psychiatrist bills by listening on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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