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Steelers Preview: How the Steelers get their first win vs. the Seahawks in Week 2


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The seahawks travel across the country for a one o'clock kick-off eastern standard time and we have a lot to talk about. I I bring in Brian. Anthony Davis Bryant has gone this evening. It Really Good Jeff. I have one thing to say I am not ready for prime time either. Well not many are Dave. How about you? I've never been ready for prime time all right. Let's let's talk about this. Upcoming game because it's in this on the standard is a standard Wednesday night last night. If you haven't haven't check that out go back. Take a listen I didn't WANNA spend a Lotta time on last week. You know I mean we had the post game show myself and Lance has and Brian and Tony did a great job at the hangover and then the stat geeks still touched on it. All this stuff has taken place. I feel like let's just leave last week and last last week let's focus on that what we're supposed to this show and that's preview the upcoming match up and said before we get into anything specific. Dave wanted to start with something. That really wasn't report last week but is is important this week at nats injuries. I WanNa know what's the latest injury report now. We don't have the final injury report. That'll be Friday this record on Thursdays today's Dave why don't you give us a quick rundown of the steelers injury list and then if there's any notable names from the seahawks that are banged up as well all right so so you went to steelers injury list because because I know last week you were more worried about me and my injury. If I was going to be able to come true or not hold on hold on I want to talk about the kick. We will talk about the kick around the world. We haven't been on since I do have a Brian and I have to admit something but we'll do that later day go. I just can't believe how long it's been since this show just think of everything that's happened since the last preview my goodness. It seems it seems like I was just talking to you guys but man. There's it's just been all kinds of crazy steelers stuff but let's talk injuries. Today was yesterday was rough when you looked and you saw ten players on the injury report now one of which was Ben Rothlisberger not practicing on Wednesday as usual. I'll no I'm not I'M NOT GONNA get start holding a a holiday. Now's your chance you wrote this article for the site today. If you wanted to have your get off my lawn moment about the players getting a day off like now's your chance okay well. I was Gonna say people could just check out the article if they wanted to. It's it's it's there on behind the curtain dot com my thing is I understand Veterans Wednesdays off you know given the vets day off every once in a while an Obama basically gets every Wednesday off so he only practices on Thursday and Friday right and that's it Saturday's just a walk through when when when the coach comes out and twice in his post game press conference says we weren't ready for prime sometime he saying we're not ready and if you're not ready part of the reason you're not ready is because all these all these players. You're not having them practice so much I understand especially the season goes on yeah. Give these guys days off really help them to get recovered. Give them extra time before they have to come back and play again. You know especially if you're giving them off Wednesday so that way you play on a Sunday. You don't have to really come out and practice. 'til Thursday but this is week two after you just lost by thirty thirty points because you weren't ready to handle the New England patriots. I mean if there's ever a time to say that you need to be out there. It's now you know who you know who didn't take the day off yesterday. Tom Brady and that's after they won by thirty points and they're already favored by nineteen going into this week against what should be as completely inferior opponent which which is kind of a game that they have a tendency to sometimes struggle with in Miami but still he's not taken time off because he knows the need to prepare. That's just all I wanted to bring up. Is this the time that we really need to give guys time off. So there's my rant. There's my get off my lawn. If you really want to go in check out that article some really great discussion in the comments author throw throw some stuff in there. Let's get back to the injury so on Brian gaining to save save an old man Shakes Vista Cloud you so my little wink yeah you know what Dave I get it but there's there's two things you can count on when the steelers lose it's Ben Roethlisberger saying the quarterbacks got to play better and I'm the quarterback Blah Blah Blah. We hear that all the time and Mike Mike Tomlin sings something we weren't ready for these guys we we weren't prepared and so that's just kind of their go to answer to pull out because they're never give you anything really good here and they're gonNA give that out to you. Look we've seen these days off work before for. I remember when Choi Paula Malai was listed because of age but because of old bones or something a couple of years ago and it was it was kind of funny but when they're when they're winning it's fine but right now it's just the fact they were embarrassed because they they just were were not up to snuff that is their Kryptonite that team and we're GonNa talk about this more of the preview but I don't really think that comes into play but I get what you're saying my question only is this dave if the steelers would have played better than what they did not saying that they win the game but they played better her. Would you still have the same gripe what I still have the same gripe yeah not to this degree. My Gripe is it's such a delicate balance. I'm not because as we to. He says yeah me too is it because of the performance last week or is it because there's week two or is it instead Yada together if they'd have come out and they would have thirty point victory and they're going then what honestly would have worried hey. Are you taking things too lightly. Take for granted. I know but I mean it. It's not even just this week. It's all I mean he took every third day off in through crew training camp and the preseason which is just what they do every time a starter mrs practice it throws everything off. It's just how it is so I know some people don't like it. I'm not saying that he has to practice every practice. I'm really not and it's not that he's not out there. It's not that he's not in the film room. It's not that he's not on the field field going out with stuff but some of the biggest complaints were you. Don't have the chemistry with your receivers yet. I'm not saying needs to play more in the preseason. He threw two more passes the what Tom Brady did in the preseason. Some people try to say one but they forget Ben threw a pass on a two point conversion. That doesn't count the stat line so I'm not even saying that that's the case but it's just we just take it for granted all Benz pricing a Wednesday Benzon pricing on Wednesday. Maybe there's a kid. Maybe there's going to be a time where they need the extra work and who's to say he didn't get the extra work on the side with the receivers even though he wasn't out there in pads doing other things so it's really hard to judge. Just can be frustrating that it's just taken for granted that it doesn't matter that we weren't prepared. Let's we're not GONNA do anything different in our preparation well to me. If you ask me it comes down onto like for instance when you talk about a quarterback and that's this is the two names you brought a brady and Dan when it comes to the throwing mechanics and some of the played baseball -aseball whole life was a catcher had to take care arm a lot everyone throws a ball differently and ben his head. You know you could see as his career progresses. His throwing motion is not say as natural as Brady's in changing your throwing motion is not something you want to have to do at the professional level. I think that it's more for his arm than anything else. They just don't want. They just want to save him save. His arm. Arm is still fresh for games and later in the season because because he's talked about that before he's talked about how he doesn't throw in the Aussies that much I think breeds is more of a natural thrower can handle that workload in. It's not like any team is is doing a lot of work on Wednesdays anyways but I think that's what has more to do with it and say in his knees or anything like that. There's people in the live chat suggests it's the only weekday what the heck all preseason off and they throw a lot of footballs and training camp in so you WanNa make sure that the his his Armstrong WanNa make sure it's durable can withstand the rigors of a sixteen game season so that's my balance. I gotta get back to these injuries to two players. I did not practice yesterday or today and that is Joe Haden while technically it's three Roosevelt next. We know he's not going to be playing this week and maybe for a couple of weeks. A coach Tomlin brought that up on Tuesday his press conference. He's got an injury that could keep him out. You know P- I guess several weeks of the best way to say but Joe Haden and and Marquees pouncey neither one of them have practiced this week everyone that was limited on Wednesday came back as full participants on Thursday. Stay James Connor Zach banner were limited due to illness so that was something that you hope that they could come back from which they did T. J. Watt was back out there full full. We'll go so as Juju Smith Schuster Sean Davis was limited on on Wednesday and full on Thursday. That's positive and throw edmonds was another one who was limited yesterday but was full so he had likely I saw that there was a question was was that from the game or what did he actually. Maybe I I tell you what it is. What am I major lead but the the the most notable player for the seahawks is Tyler Lockett who is arguably their best receiver? He did not practice yesterday. He was limited today so he is progressing in the right direction but we'll see if that's good enough to to get on the field on Sunday okay guys. Let's talk about the two players that were held out of practice this on Thursday. That's Markey's pouncey. That's Joe Hayden Brian. I WanNa ask you first. Which of those two let's assume and I don't think this is a safe assumption any stretch of the imagination but let's say both I players are not going to play this Sunday at Heinz field which one concerns you more murky pouncey? He is the anchor of that line. I mean I comfortable with. BJ Phoenix coming in but pouncey is the guy that makes things happen he is Ben's main protector as far as I'm concerned you know I I would much rather have him coming out there now. I'M GONNA get slayed for this plane for this. Look I'm fine at this point with Artie Burns earns coming into fiesta come in as a third guy I think pouncey is there's just more of an upside with bouncy. There would be debuting. I think I agree with Brian. I think I mean nothing against. BJ Finney I actually I say that I think Finney plays better guard then. He does it center. Even though he was a senator in college he did a fantastic job filling in for David decastro couple of games last year when he was out with a hand injury but when he comes at center it's not quite the same now I know a lot of people gave them a hard time over the snap or the lack thereof came from it but that's wasn't that his first play in there. I'm pretty sure and I mean he turned around and said like didn't you say to you saw him hold up his finger so that was I mean that that's going to happen sometime that that's that's not that you know it's no different than the than the tackle rocking back so but I I think the biggest thing that I feel that might not be as good centers either has guard is he's having to go in for county so he's he's the guy that makes all the calls calls all the blocking assignments online. People don't realize that that it's the center calling out anything. That's going on with the blocking so that's that's Kinda like income kind of like losing your guy with the green dot on defense which I guess the steelers don't are GonNa vary that week to week anyway but it's the guy that's making your blocking. Getting calls is going to be out so but the steelers are pretty deeply offensive line so that's true very versatile group in if any does to get the start then Brian's awesome br. BJ Finney Pants will only gain in the lore of BTS's steelers Radio Youtube you too magic. You know what I might have to wear them for the game this week because I think the luck I've never actually worn them for for an actual game so maybe it's going to be the pants. I've never been thankful to Davis a field goal in my life that you have to watch. Watch the game with you all right. Let's get things started with the upcoming freeview. I want to know Roy quick because to me. I don't know a lot about the seahawks. I really don't we interviewed a brandon Scholtz last night from deal goals. He's there podcasting producer. He did a tremendous job at he's talking about is it. Is it a lance after the show. I didn't know any of these names. He's talking about 'cause it's not only the NFC's the NFC west. I mean it's the furthest away from the East Coast as possible so for me. It was one of those situations where I mean I know Tyler Lockett and I know Russell Wilson some of the players remaining on that defense but guys the steelers. What did the steelers need to do on Sunday outside of the Generic Eric Score more points answer? What do they need to do special on Sunday? They didn't do last week to make sure that they don't fall to Owen to that. They get one wanted to get to one on one and get right table. Start with you thank you. It's very simple something that I expected them to do this. Past Week that I I thought wasn't even going to be a factor and that's why I thought they could very well win. The game that they completely failed to do and that is controlled line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball the offense did not control the line of scrimmage. The defense did not control scrimmage. They've got to control the line of scrimmage. They've gotta get after it. Fire off. The big is big guys got a role. That's what they gotta do it now on both sides so they can control that line of scrimmage if they're if they're costly possibly giving the running backs two yards of push and then they can fall forward for two more yards. Even if there's no hole there you go then you give them a whole and you're talking about seven yards a carry but if you're getting pushed back yard then you're in trouble so you gotTa Control Line. What about you Brian? What what are the steelers need to Sunday? I really WANNA see James Connor. Get a lot of Carey's early and often start controlling things you opening up starting with the run to open up the pass when we get to the pass I'd like to see well. I'd like to see Dante moncrieff shackled before before player warm ups and so or maybe third or I might be illegal so so but maybe some stick them maybe he'd go back to the good old days of the seventies and some stick him but you know I'd like to see more. I'm agreeing the live chat on this more James Washington to help open up for Juju. I really think he's that dynamic playmaker. I think the ONTA- Johnson is going to be a dynamic playmaker. So those are the three core guys I wanna see go ahead mix in mixed in a guy like a moncrieff and don't let Switzer you'll leave your team in in targets. I mean sure he caught him but he's yards. Were it was like watching Jerome Bettis late in his career three touchdowns one one yard rushing. That's basically he's catching six balls but he has what seven yards receiving or something like that. I mean it was just ridiculous but on the offensive side of the ball that's what I think they need to do to control and then on the defense you know you just have to shadow Russell Wilson make sure that he doesn't and beat you all over the field with his legs and be ready for when he throws the ball. somebody mentioned watch lock it. I really want them to watch a decay metcalf. He's been overshadowed a little bit since he dropped down to the second round but I saw him on that touchdown reception the other day and I thought he looked magnificent. He's the got you really need to keep an eye on okay for me. I mean obviously Tomba two dollars. The tip jars had put this up there. He says the actually score points in the touchdown zone would would be a key for the steelers that would be a good key and I it's. It's GONNA be offensively. I think everything that you guys said is one hundred percent agreeable not not discreet all I want them to be aggressive. I when I watched the steelers patriots game from last week. Everything felt really safe. It felt really eh really safe. The play calling was safe. Ben's decision making was safe and I get it. You don't WanNa make the costly turnover but at the same time you're you're going to have to be aggressive. You're going to have to try and Seattle's GonNa do with New England did New England kept seven defenders in the box of us the entire higher game and was fine with just playing unless they went five wide in which case a-changing sub packages but they were very aggressive on the line of scrimmage dare the steelers to take shots and they ages did it in and what they did except for the one James Washington they misfired so wanted to be aggressive in on the on defense. The Defensive Front has is to win this match up because what we say last week. This is an offensive line they can exploit. This is an offense of wine. That's missing their center. This is an office of line. They had all these trades. They only had one sack and they barely touch brady the entire game so I thought. TJ wanted well especially because he was double teamed. Every single single play buddy free did not play well. He did get a sack in yes whoop de do he was stonewalled miss every single. Oh pass rush attempt so for me. Those are the two things be aggressive on offense and lastly they have to get after the quarterback with their front. They can't have to rely on the blitz all the time because Russell Wilson. If you blitz in he escapes the pressure you are going to get burned down the field in a very very the big way so it's GonNa be interesting to see go ahead. Dave I WANNA ask you a question. Was something that you said Jeff was at when's the last time the steelers were really aggressive in in week. 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That's code SB nation only draft kings minimum five dollar deposit required deposit bonus requires a twenty five times playthrough eligibility ability restrictions apply see drafting dot com for details in week one in terms of what playcalling and yeah I'll tell you the the last time I can try the game against the Cleveland Browns when they were of big at halftime and they if they went from they went polar opposites they went from super aggressive. They're just throwing the ball downfield. They're pushing the pace lady on bells breaking off runs and then all of a sudden in the second half they just pulled their foot off the gas pedal and then the browns came back. They ended up winning became still Brian. What are you going to say that twenty sixteen in Washington on opening opening Monday night football? I thought they really look dynamic that night and I think when you had talked about aggressiveness in play calling an offensive look at what the Patriots did did. That's week one aggressiveness. They earn a gadget play. You know cattleman throws it back James White to me. That's aggressive. It doesn't always work but at least you're being aggressive aggressive. They're taking their shots on the field. The steelers offense is still built around having the deep ball available in if Moncrieff is not that guy then you need to play James Washington more although that Lance and I both agree that we think that the way that they deployed Washington this past week was really really dumb. You can't have him just running. Go routes outs. He's a he's a very versatile wide receiver in terms of thinking back to the preseason all those in the post droughts that he caught he was does deep in cuts. What's he can make those plays too? They have to trust to make those plays or should I say Ben. Rothlisberger needs to trust him to make those plays so I don't I want to get too far ahead of ourselves in terms of our preview before we get to Dave Stack EEK statements. Dave you have a stack for US tonight. Oh I always have have to find something for Stat Geek except the problem is I all my good numbers tweet up between my show on Tuesday and just texting jeff random stuff enough. I text them all these things. I'm like wait a second. I got nothing left IPAD GEIC so after Brian Brian Okay Hey hey Brian Dan. I'll ask Brian because this is. We're going to eventually get to a scenario of which is kind of fun that Brian Likes to do of that was the game wear member. We'll we'll bring up. Something and we'll be like Oh yeah. That was the game where where in some of these things I was looking up. It may be triggered some digs in my mind that I want to see if we if you guys remember the same thing hey hey brian what's the record of the NFC west at Heinz field with Mike. Tomlin is the coach aw crap okay so it's been six games. They've played. They've played six. NFC West teams since Mike Tomlin took over over at home okay well. I can tell you right away that you know I'm probably going to go ahead and say six six and on this because I cannot remember I lost at home winner winner chicken dinner there Bryan Hi Nancy Davis. They're six L. Gay of course two of them. Two of those wins came against the Seattle seahawks. Do you know do you remember both of those games against Seattle something significant about both those games one was like thirty one. Nothing worth I mean was a blow blow off. You know what I believe. They were the second game of the season or the the home opener times possibly one time they were and I have that written down here the time that they were. I'm pretty sure that one was in two thousand and eleven yes. You're correct so the one in two thousand there's one that one yes two thousand eleven twenty four to nothing and the one in two thousand seven that was week three and that would be like thirty one nothing well. It was twenty one to nothing nothing. Well one was twenty four twenty one. Nothing wow so the thing that's crazy is the Seattle seahawks have never scored a point at Heinz field. Wow Yeah when Jeff talked about Brandon was Schultz. I can't name yes. Yes who came on their show last played. I actually did WANNA brandon shows within this week he was blown away by that stat he could believe that they've never skirted Heinz field so and I brought that up Tuesday night but with that I found that the steelers are six under my Tomlin against the NFC west they are right what you hope team would be they win their home games and they split their away games so they're they're six and three and three on the road now they've won three they've one on the road against the NFC West three times and I was wondering if you guys remembered those games because two of them were against against the against the Saint Louis Rams yeah they won the West Coast. It was in Saint Louis the first one of them okay go ahead. I was GONNA say the the the most recent one was two thousand fifteen and that was feel call on fire very good feel caught on fire. The steelers went to six and what was the other significant thing from that game hasn't been Rosberg got hurt and might be finished the game. They say you guys. You guys remember so that was the game at Jeff loves this too so that's really significant about the other one because it was right right before Christmas in two thousand seven. That's something really significant happened there Jeff. Do you know that you're taking my question. Okay well. We work continue. Something significant before Christmas happened basically a Thursday night game Thursday night game basically ended Willie Parker's career. He broke his leg really. I didn't have that for that game. I had something else about game. They romped they destroyed the rams that at night on twenty four but yeah late in the game too and it was it was the typical use of the running backs until builder wheels fall off and he he just got destroyed broke his leg and that was it really I mean he came back and played in the super bowl year but he wasn't never say but that that game also gave us the first and only touchdown by. I'm going to say I'M GONNA say famous Ms Stihler the only ever had one career touchdown and it was the last touchdown of that game one career touchdown. He's a famous deal MS stihler. You had one touchdown Brian Cheetan. No no no. That's the reason he only had one touchdown because it was a defensive player. Casey Hampton scored a defensive touchdown touchdown although it was he was legendary he he would've had twenty touchdowns if he could catch I Taylor I would be Taylor's. Only down of his career was in that game against Saint Louis. You know what I almost wear that Jersey tonight to that would have been good good but the the other one that steelers had on the road against the West that was in Arizona in two thousand eleven as well but I was looking back at some of the great stats that the steelers have at home against the NFC West not only do they are they six at the closest game the closest game him out of all of them was twelve points. They went by twelve points or more in all six games. That closest game was in two thousand fifteen against. That's the Arizona Cardinals where they won twenty five to thirteen. That was the game at that's not breaking doc. Landry Jones got them to win right. That was the comeback second-half by Landry Jones Martavis Bryant Davis who came in for an injured my leg hurts vic yes started because that because vic was still playing because of the field caught on fire and then got hurt against Bush and Vic was starting and Landry Jones came in and the steelers were losing halftime and Landry Jones came in and lead them back to a twelve the point victory so that's when Landry Jones for the flannel into the US chuck a press conference afterwards Oh shucks. I'm just glad to be Edward. Flannel like who is Guy Yeah you David is that all your I mean the questions I will say that out of the six Ah six games against the NFC west Heinz field three were shutouts to against Seattle and I can't find what the other one is and if it wants to make anyone feel any better her when the steelers the steelers generally start home and away or away at home they don't play either the first two games on the road or I two at home they're they split them and in Games where the steelers go on the road and lose and come back home seinfield under the under Mike Tomlin they are three of those games now. If you remember the two thousand eleven game I believe that was the same year they opened up the season and Mt Bank stadium and got their doors blown off. I have written here and it was extremely embarrassing. It was a very similar feeling to what the fan base is feeling right now. After the Patriots flew the steelers doors off go ahead Brian. What was the record that that year the two thousand seventeen with their final record do you know are you asking or the rebound and they regarded that you brought this up on your show Brian the loss to the eagles where they I think we're held to three points as well where Ben was sacked? I don't know how many times and they come back from these losses. A Lotta Times have really good season so Did you guys Dave. You probably listen to the show garnered with Brian. Did you listen to the standard last night and Brian Right and I are interview with Brandon. I'm not a team player Jeff. I know that you'd rather listen to the idiots in Pittsburgh so anyways here. There is a staff that he said that in the Russell Wilson era he is only one. I think one game in the month of September on the road in the month of September. It's incredible how slow starts they have tra- traveling to the east coast bad bad football team if he's he did win they had was in the two thousand thirteen season when they won the Super Bowl. So not you WanNa talk about the stats coming at you all over the place they're saying I'm good things for the steelers we got A. I'm not sure that I'm buying into all that but still it'll be interesting so okay good staticky Davis those good stuff Let's talk about this upcoming a little bit closer Let's talk about some X. Factors were talking about a guy that we think can be offense and defense in someone that could actually league changed the complexion of the game in one way or another Brian will serve with you. Who is your x factor or factors plural for this upcoming week the game so this week with Vance McDonald we saw what he being absent last week until the fourth quarter really did did you know if you go ahead and put him in the game plan and work work that angle as well? You know oh he's going to be more effective than you. Dinka dunks to Ryan Switzer and drop drop balls. Don't they moncrieff so I WANNA see number eighty nine nine get out there. Let's see the animal go wild obey Dave going with what could have been the x factor last week and that is one Sean Davis US coming back and playing and seeing if the problems that the steelers had on defense. It's going to be tough because no one is New England so you're not GonNa get the pure measuring stick from last week to this week but if you can if he comes back and shares that defense up I personally thought he might have been the a guy that called the place would get green dots that they made a big deal of over the about this week. TJ Watch the one that was calling the place. I thank Sean Davis might have even been that player because he's there that can do it. I think getting him back is going to be a key factor with what he can do if he can show up that secondary for the steelers. I'M GONNA go generic here. I'm going to go with a player Brian mentioned earlier and that is James Connor and they have to get him going doing early. I don't think they need to run. run run run run but they need to get him in situations with the offensive line feels that they have played. It's working. If you watch the steelers when they run the ball well will they typically have one or two plays in there's typically David decastro pulling out front or pounds he's playing him pulling out in front because they're athletic and they lead the way a they just keep running those plays until they can stop it and they need to find with that play as early. Get James Connor going in then you know see if they can. That's I still think is Ben. Rothlisberger gets older. The reliance on him needs to back off a little bit and that's why I would love to see them be. You're more of a run oriented football team but that's just not the way that the NFL is trending right now so but I would say James Connor would be my ex factor now guys. If there's one player let let's talk about Russell Wilson in particular because it's too we know the best if you're on the defensive coordinator Keith Butler in your figuring out a way to defend against it's a mobile quarterback but yet a quarterback that's not like like rg three you've he was before he got injured where he was typically a runner and didn't throw the balls ause well. Russell Wilson is a very good throw the football Brian if you're defending him. How Are you coaching this defense up to take care of that job okay? I've already used ether so I can't use. I use that anymore so let's just go ahead with these shadow the guy with who would you do. Would you spy him. I'm going with Baron or Bush idea. I mean that's I'm thinking of a fast guy in the middle that could go ahead and shadow him in and I m you're not going to get the the stats out of these guys. We're looking at stats. We're looking to get to your we all keep this guy at bay and I'd love to see a speed matching up with speed with one of these guys especially a seeing that we've seen sideline the sideline from Bush in limited time so maybe that's a that's a good way to go gave leaving. I like Brian's idea. that you know baby spy with with someone like a Devon Bush you're outside guys contain you but depre- is not gonna be able to just run the Ark and get and get taken out of play because if that's the case then Wilson's going to be able to just duck right up under go if if if the outside linebackers are going to rush in that manner that they do especially depre- then you have to spy because someone's going to have to be either for when he takes off so the question is do you WanNa have your have one of your middle linebackers. Sorry inside linebackers doing Matt Job or do you want to change the way the outside linebackers rush in order to contain. I think you definitely have to spy Russell Wilson. I wouldn't be shocked if they would even put someone Mike Cameron Sautin or Mike Helton with that job someone that is more of a defensive tackle linebacker someone they can keep up with Wilson It's GONNA be interesting. He is really the he's their Straw. That's hers drink. He's on their dangerous football team. I don't care what they look like last week against Cincinnati team in Seattle early in the season this is not going to be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination now. Let's let's talk about fantasy football for those that pay attention to Arfan Little League and I'm talking about US three two of the three finished in the top op three this week. One of US did not mention any names Brian anyways he's looking day was Victoria. He finished first in the league last week. I finished in second. You better thank your lucky stars. Larry Fitzgerald started catching fire at the end of that game going to overtime but still when you're looking at this is game from a daily fantasy football draft kings as vandal whichever service you use who are some players. I WanNa know who you WANNA start. Who You you WANNA bench in? Who's that one player? No one's talking about the year could take a flyer on his ace money well Brian. You are the loser week whatsoever radio. Hey Look Tom. Tom Petty said even the losers get lucky. Sometimes I add Lamar Jackson. I was like yes and then I just took out Sammy Watkins. I figured I I recall in here kill. Yes hurt Sammy Watkins. The rest is misery but with that being said Russell Wilson's the Guy Hi that I'm looking to start this week against the steelers the I mean I I really think that in this game he'll put up some magnificent numbers so I wouldn't say he's starting for the steelers Game Russell Wilson for the steelers game years starting a please do. That's all I'm going to say I hope review. Hey I've I've seen this movie. We're GONNA take over Brian like you guys want to jump over me Ryan. You have to send the screen shot to prove that you were playing in your fantasy league so you've gotta gotTa make sure he's into your lineup now. It comes down to the dollars if I if I like something else so go with something else but if you don't track now aw we're talking about the whole league I get it but hold on so you really like him in this matchup yeah. Do you think he's GonNa be playing. Catch up and throw a bunch sure. Do you think that he's just going to wait to see defense on fire. You know what I I remember the game just to four years ago and he they in what they scored about thirty one points on the steelers thirty nine and he was going crazy to Doug Baldwin and he just he he had an amazing game Baldwin's not there yet but you have have some talent on that team and Russell is a fantastic talent so yeah I would start Russell Wilson Awesome this week and have no problem you know t mobile has always been shaking up the industry like right now. They're gonNa let you you try. They're stronger faster more reliable service before you buy it as in on your own phone with your own number that's crazy right but t mobile does their own thing right. Now you can test drive the T. mobile network free for thirty days or thirty gigabytes of data without switching carriers but fair warning. You'RE GONNA I want to switch because T. mobile has been relentlessly expanding coverage with its low band six hundred megahertz spectrum more towers more engineers and more coverage than than ever before so you can go even more places and T. Mobile's right there with you. It's no joke if you haven't tried t mobile lately. You haven't tried T. mobile so try it go to t mobile dot com slash test-drive use your own phone your own number all your apps. Everything check it out free for thirty days or thirty thirty gigabytes of data at t Dash M. O. B. I. L. E. DOT com slash test driving test for thirty days or thirty gigabytes. You may need to upgrade your device nice. When you switch to get full coverage Yikes okay? It doesn't doesn't mean I'm going to. I'm sorry I just the other sometimes when somebody says something crazy we want to jump over them and only balls and things like that so that's why China here's the big difference between all started in my daily Fantasy League and saying you can nail a fifty five yard field goal. There's a huge difference. That's why I wasn't going to back off for down. WHO WOULD I start? I think Brian already hit it. I thought START DANCE MCDONALD I I met earlier on with what he was saying. I say let's let's start Vance McDonald. There's no way the steelers going to wait until inside of two minutes left in the game before they target him again. Nano part of that was the Patriots specifically. We're trying to take him away. They did a good job with their match up there but I think convent's is going to need to come out and and the steelers are going to establish something with with the Titan with the middle of the field and I think could be a good way. I think you're right Dave. I think that after watching the seahawks let Andy Dalton have a career year against them in Seattle last week. I'll take it number seven. It's Ben Rothlisberger at home is not Ben Rothlisberger on the road. He didn't play well last week. If you follow this team closely asli he typically bounces back. I'M GONNA put number seven as my quarterback I can take as many screen shots as he wants. I'll probably never seven as my quarterback gagged because when he's at home he's pretty much a safe bet to get you a couple of touches and so I think that he will be looking at advance. Donald okay so let's talk about who you're gonNA bench edge Brian. I'm sure you're benching Ben Rothlisberger half the steelers at this point so I don't have a problem with every I'm just looking at it from from the steelers every week and we're open team and so I'm like going against the defensive. I'm you've actually feeling good about this and you know I've got a fantasy role. I don't care if I lose in fantasy and as long as the steelers win so so I'm not going to root for one of my guys that I put in against the steelers. I'm just like going. It's like playing the stock market boys so here's the thing so so if we're going to go ahead in bench somebody this week. I'm thinking that you know I know I'm not allowed to go ahead and say Ryan's AH. I know you're not going to go ahead and let me do that. I'm actually GonNa Bench James Washington this week and the reason being is as much much as I think that they should go to him. I don't think they're going to. I just don't think that they're putting the stock in him that we are so I mean she's just my opinion but I really don't think that so if I have to. I think they're going to have a great great week all the way around but I'm looking James Washington to just not get the targets Dave. I'm benching Dante moncrieff increase out of principle. I agree with that. I because I don't want them to throw him the ball because you know give him. Why is it that that when somebody's struggling the steelers seem like they go out of their way to throw the ball to him? I seem to remember after someone else with mangled the hands. What do what do they do that like the first play in the playoffs? They try to go deep to them. You know things like that so they want to go out of their way to to throw it to the guy. That might be struggling. You know what it when you do that you're leaving yourself and second if you do that on first down you're leaving yourself with second. Dan and do you really want to do that. You really want to take one play like that and do that. I still think they'll look to give him the ball but I don't think he should have anywhere close to ten targets like he did the last last game and like I said he had seven yards on ten targets. I mean point seven yards target. No you know what come out ball out this week and then I'll put you back in the lineup your benched out of principle last week the steelers tried to back system and they played a lot of Jalen. Samuels and it just didn't didn't work and so for me that tells me that if you know the predictability of the steelers they're gonNA ride James Connor this week. I think a lot meaning. They're not gonNA play. Hey Jay Lynn. Samuels is much I would say don't play Jalen Samuels in this match up. You could start James Connor but I wouldn't. I wouldn't play Jalen Simmons. I think the only way he sees time is in spot duty or gadget plays or things like that or if something were to happen to connor so I would say stay away from Saint Louis Okay here. Let's let's take a break from fantasy football and let's have told Dave Avenue this Brian the USA bigger comment real quick. I mean everybody's doing the washing over moncrieff. That was a fantasy football segment and that's not that was just a comment. What I think is going to happen but I agree? That Washington is the guy and that's who I want to see. I said at the beginning of the show yes he did to you. Check the tape all right so last Friday after this show we went to a local field and Dave I give him credit eh Keita's Today for putting you know putting up three and put up or shut up as they always say he showed up and we put a tee in the ground and he taped up forty five yards hurt in he missed all three and then he tried a fourth. It was unofficial but he missed that one too. I do have to say though we've lost connection. I was going to end the show anyway. The connection ended when we were ending the show. No matter what it is the kick heard round the world and I do have to say that we then walked up ten ten yards to thirty five yarder in Dave nailed it it was in the middle and I you know I was so proud of them. In fact I wanted to see him I I. I didn't want to mock him. I wanted to see him drill one but when he moved up to thirty five he just cracked it it was it was was money in the bank is a golf terms dead nuts right in the middle and so for that I had to give Dave props because he said you'd better tell everyone on the show. Then I made that thirty five yard or he made that thirty five yarder said big props today for for putting up with our shenanigans dig Bob's Brian for wearing really really tight pants. It Has Mike Mitchell Jersey. I no problem making a fool out of myself in my wedding for goodness sake. Here's here's the Kevin Kevin writes. Let's try forty five yarder Jeff's not saying he can kickoff Geico forty-five Jeff knows that he can't kick a forty five yarder David because he said he could make a fifty five yard field goal. I'm not saying that I I know that I can't make it. If you want me to myself I can kick off a T. That's fine but I'm not gonNA make it so group group so with that said I think it's time before we answer some questions and the show to get to our prediction segment. I gave my prediction last night on the standards of standard. I will say what that is again but I'm curious what you guys thank Dave for the degenerate gamblers gambler's out there is has the line change from yesterday or earlier in the week and if so what are the numbers it changed from the initial spread God when when an article came out with that on Tuesday but if you're following along on the if you haven't had a chance to you guys should check it out on the site the bt not again bookie articles and what it is is kind of like a an informative piece on a little little bit piece of of betting. Here's we go and then I pick ten games and people vote and were we're betting fake money on these games and then we're GonNa see what we can do and of course last week. Everyone picked the steelers which because I'm like Duh you might not want to pick your team but therefore we lost that one but we won the other two that we got so well granted that was the one that had the most money so therefore we were down twenty five dollars for the week but at least we came to the other ones but but it in that article so this was the this was what we had outlined and that was that the steelers are four point favorites at home although the because of the betting has been on Seattle fifty six percent to forty four percent and the current over under is forty seven points so what was the spread again four. Oh One K. steel favored by four all right Brian. What are your thoughts on the Game Eh prediction? I think the steelers are going to win. I really think they avenged that loss. Let's go ahead and give them a score. Uh of we're going to go twenty nine to twenty one with the steelers victory and when now this is the part of the show were jeff talks about the crazy number that I just threw out but if we can go back to last week when I picked thirty three for the Patriots I think I was correct and then has not I've been brought up so I just WanNa bring that up thirty three. I was rolling on the twenty nine for the steelers but thirty three so book that twenty nine my friends since it's going to happen I wanted to tell you why say this stuff because my father who is on all sorts of boards all season. He's Don a lot of twenty nine boards and it's basically yeah you get a team. If that team has twenty nine you win the money exactly yeah. It has between twenty nine so when I see numbers like twenty nine it's just such an odd number and I I always think of my dad. Someone's hitting that at his bar this too so okay Dave. What are you thinking about this game? Yeah I've I've done. I've done twenty nine leagues before Oh yeah I mean we did it where you were assigned the same we had sixteen people you had never teams one from an NFC and they were your teams all season and if nobody wins it rolls over weak the weak and it stacks up pretty cool yeah. It's really cool it really is we just did a dollar per team per week two bucks. That's pretty cool. What am I doing unpredictable game right? Okay I do think I do think the steelers bounced back and come out with a better performance I think on both sides of the ball that they do and I'm I'm GonNa go this week. I'm going to go steelers twenty seven twenty so they're going to cover cover and unfortunately I think that puts me right on the over under doesn't it because I said it was forty-seven I'll change it to twenty eight to twenty so then that way. I'll say I'll take the over well. The early line was forty six and a half okay. You went with ad then yeah. You'd be fine I said last night I think the steelers do rebound. I think they win. This football a ballgame. I predicted the score of twenty seven to seventeen that they win by ten. I think it is going to be closed in the first half but I think in the second half the steel is going to get their act together income out and actually put up some points. I like the steelers do not GonNa hit the. I don't think they're gonNA hit that thirty point plateau but at the same time they're gonNA come close twenty seven to seventeen so right now. If you WANNA throw us your prediction in the live chat feel free that'd be awesome Dave. Do you have the information on our survivor league because there's a a lot of people that listen to the show that watch the show on youtube their inner survivor leagues. I know you put out an article updating that. Do you have that information handy. I have that information Asian exactly in front of me right now heads that leaves. I'm still in it Brian Are you early. I took the seahawks last week. Nearly I took the Ravens to beat Miami and obviously it was a big winner I didn't I watched the first plane as I get one of my game. We know Dave Victory Engla- uh-huh yeah which which is funny 'cause I got someone that just ripped ripped apart on my show Tuesday saying saying you're cheering against your team. How could you ever do that? I'm not cheering against my team because I picked the other team in survivor. I'm not even trying to win this league. I'm in this league to see someone else win this football on just in there to have a a good time. I was hoping I would lose and we'll get knocked out but Brian took the pick that was the majority of of the choices of across all six leagues and that was the sea hawks they were chosen. I think they were picked. One hundred fifty five times they were the most common selection selection in all six legs. then followed by Philadelphia wasn't the same in all six but they had the next most one hundred one and then Baltimore had ninety one on the most common incorrect choice which is something I definitely want to bring up is people that I didn't go in time to make their selection so for those of you in this league. Make sure you go ed now. You obviously can't pick the Thursday night game. it used to be that you had to do about Thursday night then everyone would get knocked out because it forget my Thursday I didn't I didn't set my fantasy land up because I forgot about there's game tonight but make sure you get that one o'clock on Sunday because you don't want to get knocked out but could you just didn't make your choice. The other choices that a lot of people made where they got knocked out was the browns who then gotta handed to him the jets and and unfortunately a lot of people had taken the lion's wow although they did not lose in order to move on they have to win people so jets to beat the bills yes there was there was one league where there was because I went through with each one and broke down. How many people eliminates there was a lot more? The people that got correct answers that aren't even listed here because I was surprised at how many people moved on week one because we usually just crushes peoper people oh in in a in a survival league but in this one they did pretty well but it was looking pretty grim for a while when Seattle was down to going going into the fourth quarter there when they were down to the bengals at home and Philadelphia was down seventeen enough that in the first half so it looks like tons of people were going to get knocked out but unfortunately unfortunately unfortunately for those of you that picked it. They didn't so out of the five hundred and ninety two entries now remember I have five live of extra those so really it's with five hundred and eighty seven people but out of the five hundred ninety two entries four hundred eighty five or still alive. We lost one hundred seven the people this past week so were moving on but you can't pick teams pick this past week Jeff. You can't pick the ravens over over the the cardinals does this week shucks and unfortunately I can't pick doing over Miami which I have a feeling. That's going to be very popular. Pick autumn. I'm not touching that game with twelve foot pole well. I'm I'll take Miami with the point man. They're giving nine nine or are we through the spread tade straight up. I mean if Miami keeps this single digits the victory. That's like a win for them. Hey Arm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script into riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle slow. We also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP got here Brian. Here's the reason you don't pick a team like New England this week. Even though that's an easy win then they're gone. You lose them so then. You're if you're still around in week eight a week nine. You're picking a tough match-up. That might be a pick. Em Game and you're really you're really losing out there so i. I'd like to save Pittsburgh for the Miami Game. You know I would like to do something like that. I'm picking a team like Cleveland over the jets. This week has darnold out and I'm thinking I'm not gonNA lead Cleveland later. If you already make your can you go back and change your pick well. That's that's the thing you can change your pick up until okay one o'clock every Sunday. Do you want a good strategy to make sure you're not using the teams that you think are going to be better down the road you could make picks for all seventeen weeks you could go and right now and make all your picks now. You might want to change them at some point but then that way you know wait a second I don't Wanna I don't WanNA use Baltimore this week. I WANNA use them when they play well with secondary played Miami and now they're playing Arizona today. Play any other more cake teams and that probably not you know or you realize this is your best chance to to to use them because they're not gonNa have easier games so that's something that you can do but there's been a lot of fun so far. You've gotta check on on Tuesday. Every week. We will have an update of is an article on the site. where I just compile all the games that you can see what's going on in the other leagues since you only have access to your end and Dave. How did you do in our picks from last week? Have you have that right here. Yeah I already had that calculating we were it's funny. How does it how do you generally wanNA? Do you Wanna I mean when you pick games a lot of time to finish around five hundred well. You and I both kind of fish around five hundred I got you against the spread. I was eight seven while you were seven and eight but you you did much better with over unders especially especially against me. I was seven and eight with you over under your nine and six over unders took a ton of unders in week one yeah there was a lot more overs than I thought there would be. Yeah that'll be interesting. It will be interesting so okay. We have a time we've got three minutes or so. For some questions of you have some questions in the live chat at fire away will answer as many as we can before we get started. I hear there's a shootout going on right now between the panthers and buccaneers of not watching that currently a lot of people were touchdown a lot of what is the score is ten six. Oh that's a shootout alright. a lot of people picking the steelers to win someone said twenty nine overtime game wow twenty to twenty one steelers someone pick Seattle. Someone said they just don't like their the chances. It's going to be interesting to be. Can I bring up a question that was brought up a long time ago so I can't actually brings us. Is that I'm pretty sure it was Darren. Dalton Said said that about three go the whole show without mentioning the Rosie Nick Situation of him being out and what are the steelers GonNa do yeah I knew for not gonNA play fullback 'cause they didn't do in the past week anyway. That's one of the reasons why I think you know when they lost skipper which Brian I feel he brian let me ask. Are you okay because I I was literally going to a phone. Call out. Have someone come by Your House to make sure you're still okay because Deontay Johnson Johnson is starting for dinner and teaser skippers now. Remember the giants got. It was Ed Johnson. I was going to say it was the day job AIDS that Guy so anyway yeah you guys you're steeler hangovers just turning into like Memoriam of these players. It's it's well. That's that's that's true. I mean it was was very fresh. At the time it was so fresh. At least I'm not the guy and I saw this on twitter. The guy that his skipper he arrived live team. He was posing if he wants to skip. Gosh like it could away my Hodge Jersey. I think when they lost skipper via the waiver wire they signed. What's his name day? You wrote that article all right Elliot. He's a special teams guy and so I think they'll be fine in terms of special teams as rosy next excelled as for fullback. Everyone says he's going to play fullback who cares they don't use a fullback. You know Carl's as why won't they play fullback simple. They've run out the shotgun. Semi shot nutting Smith's going back. Maybe that just goes to show you what they really thought Sutton Smith on the practice squad plot or on the fifty three and they still called J Road Elliott instead of Sudden Smith Yeah since we've done a lot of questions I'll ask the last question here guys. What were your thoughts on? Joshua Joshua Dobbs being shipped to Jacksonville for a fifth round draft pick Brian. Were you happy sad. Indifferent didn't care well. I was hoping to get a A pack of lucky strikes out of him and I don't even smoke just a couple of weeks ago so you know a fifth round. Pick is is amazing. I love this guy as a person. I thought he was a fantastic. Ask Dick Guy for the community of Pittsburgh but what we're looking at here is he really did have that much of a future with the way Mason Rudolph played in the preseason isn't so getting a fifth round pick is that's a big win. Dave that is a big win. I mean yeah apparently the people were asking about Dobbs before week one but I think a lot of the trades I mean still going to have to give up anything else. I I thought maybe they get a you. Know get a sixth while giving up a seventh that famous move or get a fifth by giving up a sixth or or something like that they just flat up got a fifth round. Pick for them and some people are like but they use the fourth on him. You know what you use them. He developed per year. He was your backup for here. Can you turn around and just get one less round value forum a guy that was that was not going to suit up all season if things go right then and that's great would have been nice to have him running practice this week as pretended to be Russell Wilson but you know that's secondary will that's good would get the fifth round pick and I do think it's pretty interesting to note that this has never happened in the Mike Tomlin era and it only happened at the very beginning of Kevin Colbert era where the steelers only have two quarterbacks on the roster with the third one on the practice squad. That's interesting enough like I said this. I asked Lance what he the thought of trade last night and he has all fifth round. Pick whatever it is as mean anything now that means a lot of my opinion based on the fact that that's it's just a it's you know errors that you have you can use even you could say you want to drink. A trade is here's a second round and a fifth and fifth rounds of one that you've required via trade the same when they trade Gerald Hawkins before the season started. It's a player who's GonNa get cut. Joshua's is GONNA street clothes all year. You just got a fifth round pick for him so good trade at those really good as for the steelers to quarterbacks. If if BEN GIVES DOWN AT MASON RUDOLPH GOES DOWN in the same game the steelers are screwed anyways so a and they're they're not dressed. You're never gonNA address them for the biggest reason they keep three so no one else can sign them away but when this was the case they made the decision that they were bringing back Elliott. who had someone sitting in the live chat? Yes he led the AF is because he's no longer practice squad eligible because he's already played eight three seasons so therefore they were bringing back Elliott and hodges they couldn't put Elliot on Practice Squad so you had to put Elliot on the on the fifty three Hodgson the practice squad. I'm content with that and let's see what happens. We'll see what happens all right guys. Good show thought it was really tight. Let's hope for the best fingers crisscross regards to the steelers playing Sunday that's one pm kick-off Eastern Standard Time at Heinz field and we'll see how everything goes and hopefully you'll be talking with Lance and myself and the post game show somewhere around four thirty. PM Eastern Standard Time talking about the steelers first win of the regular season but otherwise we will see you next week for another episode

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