Ep 99: Rebeccas Story


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on spotify apple. PODCASTS podcast one dot com in anywhere else you podcasts. My Name's Rebecca I grew up in Batavia Ohio Which is near Cincinnati whenever someone asks her in from always say Cincinnati? No one's going to able to find Batavia on a map at the very small small community I love it. I mean it's been my only home. I now work in the community unity. I work for children's services Four Clermont County Which is the job that I've had for about a year and a half? It's January sixteenth. Two Two thousand twenty and I'm talking to Rebecca more on skype audio Rebecca's describing for me her hometown of Batavia Ohio as well as her upbringing bringing but growing up was a little different My parents got divorced six months old so just never knew what it was like to really have married parents parents which was really fine for me because I didn't know the difference But also my parents co parented really well like they should have been like the poster child for like divorced and it was just great My mom was more like strict Monday through Friday. Made sure sure I had all my basic needs met Just kinda mom and then. My Dad was like my son weekend that he worked. The COP so schedule was really really weird so whenever I was with my dad actually at my grandparents and so my grandparents how to really big role of raising me I was with them almost every weekend and which is just something that I look back on now They are family was just pretty simple. especially for the first part of my life and we just the power team and There weren't really any big issues when recalling what it was like for her growing up. Rebecca speaks fondly of both of her parents. Sonia Sonja and Michael. Her Mom was her rock and her dad was a phenomenal father to her. A man who truly doted on his daughter he was a Warren County. Johny Sheriff's deputy and although he worked a lot he always made time for her. We just had a lot of fun like the place that has condo and Mason and there was a gas station about a mile away and so we used to go and take his truck and go sit on the Better the truck and eat ice cream together. That was something that we you did almost weekly And just like small little memories like that. Where like no like my dad like really tried to make sure I had everything I could And Dan treated me as if I was adult and not just like a child that could understand. Thank you always tried to explain things and try to give life lessons from as early early if I can't remember. Rebecca was an only child although she would inherit some step siblings a little later in life after her parents divorced when she was really young her dad remarried twice once when she was about five or six and then again a few years later her mom would remarry too but not until does she was thirteen. It was actually that year when she was thirteen years old and just two months after her mom had gotten remarried to her now. Stepdad ad when everything in Rebecca's world would change. It was the summer of two thousand nine. She was with her youth group for Church and they had gone up to Cedar Point for an overnight trip on their way back in the twelve passenger church Van. Her youth pastor suddenly instructed them all to turn turnover their cell phones he then turned off the radio and told them to just talk amongst themselves for the rest of the trip. And so we you get back to the church and all of the parents are like huddled together and I see my mom just sobbing. And I'm like Oh no Because my mom dad has been sick my whole life and so I just automatically assume that something had happened to My GRANDPA and so they said we're about everyone needs to stay in a couple of like my mom was crying and I want to get out of the Van Dyke staying here for a second. We'll come get you so my pastor went and talked to my mom for a few minutes and they came and got me We walked into the church. And I mean I think it really explains my mom. She just sat me down and said Rebecca last night. Your grandparents were murdered in your Dabbagh shot on a burglary. Rebecca had just received the worst news of her life her grandparents Warren and Maj more had been murdered and her dad had been shot in a burglary as she tried to process what her mom was telling her. She had so many questions what had happened. Where was this her father and would he be okay? This is Jillian. And you're listening to court Junkie Episode Ninety nine take less night. I ordered food from my favorite restaurant just by talking to a speaker in my living room. We're living in some pretty amazing times but one thing remains the same the way in which we call her our hair career options. You can go to a salon. Sit there for hours and spend lots of money or you can get a box kit at your local convenience store. The problem with that last option is that you either. Don't get the right color or the colored self tends to dry out your hair. But now there's a new array. 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And so what are some of your favorite childhood memories so I know you were talking about going over to your dad's house with grandparents. But what are some of the things you remember both the by your grandparents and your dad and mom and all that stuff so I think the biggest thing with my the parents is they always did like a joint birthday party for me and it was always the best day of the year for me They run it out like an the ice skating rink and a bowling alley and movie theater and like always be very large birthday parties. especially because my birthday. I'm going five days before Christmas. So they always wanted to make a really big deal and just I mean it was awesome. All my friends are jealous and it was just so fun And my friends still park both parties. I think that's where my parents were really could come together. And love may very well And they never fought in front of me Any discussion that they had about me with always always done privately. Which is something that I love especially with my work now or I see parents just fighting in front of kids all the time like? That's such a traumatic thing that you can put on your kid So my parents just did a great job of keeping that separate And then as far as the grandparents We just had like routine though. My grandma had multiple sclerosis so she was home all the time And I got my love of cooking from her for sure We used to cook all the time and she was one of the best thing I've ever met and we would make tuna salad for lunch and it's something that like is various eligible for me now like if I make tuna salad it just reminds me for and it just brings a spot on my face. She's just so funny And she I get a lot of my personality from her I think Pretty Fassi pretty straightforward doesn't really take a Lotta crap from people And so you are their. I love her theater and I try to work on making sure people fear but she was just so caring but you knew that you did not mess with her and I I I love that about her personality. And then my GRANDPA For most of my childhood he was the Mayor of Union. which is the town that they lived in So he was away all day Working at the city building and stuff like that so he would always come home and eat dinner with us and then he would or would you like my bedtime routine which would sit in a large red leather chair together and he had a very low voice in very gruff and he would read me just from memory Like childhood story so like go like having three barriers and he would do all voices and his popularity was like this amazing character and I loved it So we'd sit there and we'd always do that while my grandma like cleaned up from dinner and then my grandma put me in bed and she'd all we Sing you are my sunshine to me and trace my face until I fell asleep so other like the best memories they have them and it's just them taking care of me. There were some cracks and Rebecca's vision of her great life with her loving family one day when she was in third grade. She Remembers Coming Home from her dad's house after a visit. I came home from a visit with my dad one time and it was just my mom. said it was just tripping along with just talking and she asked me about how the weekend when I think that and I said well and then Data Cup put it on the fridge. And she's like wait. What are you talking walking out and I said Dad Made Me pee in a cup and then he put it on top of the fridge and she was like she? Just let me go off and do my thing. And she's like that not like that. Something's wrong and So she had called a couple of people and like this isn't right like what's going on. It's been she actually called his employer which was born county sheriff's Office at the time and I'm suspecting that Michael using has even testing clean and She's like if he had like you might just want to watch Next time he does a drug test and so I think within the next week they drug tested and watched him and he tested Costas And the mom was just like Nope we can't you can't be unsupervised with her at this point I don't know if they like. My Mom deserves so how many awards for Big Mama Bear like. She protected me through through and at that moment. She's like no. You can't be unsupervised with her. I'll go get full custody. And she got full custody of me within the next six months from then on Rebecca would have supervised visits with her father. His parents Rebecca's grandparents. Warren Warren. In Maj would serve as the supervisors but michaels troubles didn't end there not long after that. He was arrested for stealing. I'm from evidence and for running. What investigators said was a mobile meth lab from the CONDO? He shared with his first wife. He was found guilty of stealing ailing from evidence but was acquitted of the drug allegation. He served about six months in prison but not long after he was released. He was rearrested for violating his probation. He spent another six months incarcerated. It was hard because I like I loved the fact. The Dad was a cop and to see him now completely opposite was really hard for me. It was so hard on her. In fact that Rebecca's mom took cooker to see a counselor a move that Rebecca now says got her to where she is. Today after Michael Married his third wife a woman named Ellen Alan he and Eland moved to Atlanta where they lived for about two years Michael ended up coming back to live with his parents while he and Eland and went through a divorce rebecca and her father were still working on their relationship. But it wasn't easy it put a strain on early should my grandparents for sure Because I didn't want to go over to their house because I make you would be there and so things are really tough on us. Listen I think you could start to see that. They're chaos going on in between the house between my grandparents and my dad and there's a lot of tension and a lot of snapping happen at people and stuff like that so I really didn't he my grandparents the time a couple of months before the murders when Rebecca's mom told her the devastating news. She had no idea what to think. I mean I just broke down. I started screaming screaming. I could not process the words that she just told me And at that point all we knew that my dad was in surgery and that we had like he he was in protective custody. That like no one could go to the hospital like no one can go see him and so I was freaking out because I thought someone someone had just tried to kill my dad and my grandparents were gone and didn't really know how to process the grandparents piece and I think it was just like okay is my dog GonNa make it or are we. You don't have three people and I mean I get goosebumps thinking about my mom telling me that It was just very simple straightforward and I just lost audit. I had to be like help out of the church and does really couldn't understand what was going on Rebecca and her mom were finally able to go down to the University of Cincinnati Hospital where her dad was recovering from surgery. She remembered looking down at him in the hospital bed and seeing blood said there was blood splatter on his feet and so they had not cleaned him up very well From the scene and stuff like that so I just remember member like his feet sticking out at the end of the bed And just be like Oh like this is a perfect. This is awful. Her mom asked him and what happened and he told her that someone had broken into his parents house where he had been living. The intruder murdered his parents and then shot him in the leg before before fleeing the scene so he told he like walked my mom through it But there are some who just came in and mom's like did you know him like Gino. We know this was and he's like no but like all find them off. I'd Rebecca told me. Her Mom was skeptical right away and knew something was off. My Momma did not believe the story. My Dad was giving right off the bat. She said there's no way It just seemed to sketchy. I think she had been in contact with my uncle. Who contact with police and there's already concern that that my dad store it was not legit? I think that's what my mom really like. This is not adding up and didn't really feel comfortable being down there and just her and myself. Michael told detectives the same thing. He was questioned while in his hospital bed on June thirteenth and June fourteenth two thousand nine after telling them his version of events he he reportedly stated. I want an attorney. I'm done thank you. After some additional prodding by the detective he asked him to come back act later as Rebecca and her mom left Michael's hospital room. She remembered seeing some sort of guard. Either a police officer or security with the hospital stationed outside of his room as they loved. She said she may have seen him a couple more times in the hospital as he recovered when when he was released he went to stay in a hotel for a couple of days but then he moved back into his parents house to the scene where they had been shot and killed builds Rebecca's mom wouldn't allow her to go over there to see him so one of their meetings took place on the side of the road so he could give her something that had belonged to you. Her grandma while Rebecca's mom and the rest of her family may have had their suspicions about Michael's story. Rebecca's mind didn't really go there at least not at first instead. She found herself afraid. I don't know if I really processed it I think. Initially I was scared because I thought if someone's GonNa come from grandparents then how does that mean that they're not gonna come for me and if they have been dead against the more family mainly because I knew my grandparents I knew that no one would ever want to harm them so I think I was just scared first and then the more things rolled out the more I suspected I don't know this is actually true and I think I was just so focused on you know we had the initial Night of the murders and then we had to get a funeral underway and That was down in Nashville so that required a lot and And this is off the crazy and then I had to go back to school So it happened towards the end of summer or I guess the Middle Summer and so it's just Kinda flew by and then it was just focusing on getting back to school and being a eighth grader. About a month after the murders Rebecca was dealt another. Blow Her dad was initially arrested on drug charges but about a week or two after that he was charged with the murders. My mom came home and I got a text from her friend and Said Your Dad's on news again aside. What like turn on the news and my mom came home at that? I'm and said MOM. I got a text thing that on the news. What's going on she like? I'm so sorry like I tried to get home like I wanted to tell you. Your dog got arrested today. he's been charged with the murders. And I think I just I just Kinda I'm like I'm a slow processor offer so I like to sit back and think about things before I give it response sometimes Physically I can be like I can lash out when I'm emotional and so for something that I've really tried to do is just sit back. Think about it and then I'll come to my conclusion story just remembering that moment just sitting very still on my couch and just like I knew this was coming coming. It doesn't take the pain away and he loves back at school. Rebecca was going into the eighth grade and news of her grandparents. Murders had hit just about everybody in her small community. She recalled one classmate approaching her and accusing her of lying about what had happened. Your grandparents prince weren't murdered. He said to her. You're making it all up for attention. Teachers and counselors intervened and the boy eventually apologized list. Rebecca visited her father frequently while he was awaiting trial. Her mom would take her to the jail at seven. AM on Saturday mornings. Sometimes great sometimes they were just odd and sometimes I stormed out so they kinda hit or miss. Rebecca told me that she the and her father actually never discussed the murders. I think we've just never. We've never had like one. All of your jail. Interviews are recorded so there's very limited things and make INSA- Especially when they're pending trial just because they can use those against them in trial and so we never really talked about the murders but he would make comments about like. Oh like yeah like I really Miss Your GRANDPA and I would just remember being so annoyed of like. I don't think you get to miss them like I. I don't think you get to be the entitled to that if you actually were the one that killed them. It would be another four years before Michael would stand trial. Prosecutors had announced that they would be seeking the death penalty. Rebecca was on the Prosecution's witness list which meant that she had to be ready to testify. She also Oh had meetings with the defense team just prior to trial. A day-long mediation was held or Michael's attorneys were attempting to hash out a plea. He deal to avoid going to trial towards the end of the day. However Michael requested to speak with his daughter the mediators it was going back and forth between prosecution and with the Dunn's team and had been hours we it was getting late and so My Dad's attorney came out talked to my mom and then they both came over to me and said your dad wants to speak with you And the MOM's like my almost very hudson on letting me get one. I think the only time she'll put her foot down but I said mom like I always go talk to him. I go be fine and you gotTA realize I. I had not touched my dad in over four years and now it's going to be any room with him with his lawyers to where I could physically grab his hand which was such an Odd thing for me. She went in and gave him a hug. He sat her down and ask her what she thought about going to trial. And so what is your Brian Trial and I was like well. If you believe that you do not do this then you have to make the decision of whether I want to go to trial and I think he really tried to put it on me to make that decision but I even seventeen like absolutely not. That is not my job. That is not the role. I'm GonNa take in the He. They then dropped a bombshell. He told her that he was now going to tell her what really happened that night. He was like okay And he's like well then I need to tell you the truth and then came up with a new story that he and my grandfather got to a physical fight. After my GRANDPA had killed my GRANDPA and I just don't remember breaking down and his lawyers were pissed like my mom was furious And I just broke down and my mom just got me out of that courthouse as fast as she could. According to Michael's new version of events Rebecca's GRANDPA had killed her grandma After an argument Michael then had no choice but to kill her grandpa after they struggled over the gun. It was yet another story story that was unbelievable. Perhaps even more unbelievable than the first one Michael's attorneys seeing as he was now claiming that he did to kill Warren more knew that the plea deal they had been working towards was no longer. It was that night but it was decided that we would go to trial. Prosecution was done. They were pissed when they found out that soaring. I know we're done and we will see you at trial and so we're left on a better note at the end of mediation. My team was furious because it ruined all of their years of work. Michaels trials started in September of two thousand thirteen. He was facing two counts of murder and one count each of tampering with physical evidence possession of a handgun by a convicted convicted felon and falsely reporting an incident according to prosecutors Michael Shot and killed both of his parents before shooting putting himself in the leg to make it look like he wasn't the perpetrator. They told the jury that the stories Michael came up with after the incident are not possible. According to the evidence as expected Michael's defense attorneys presented this new version of events to the jury in their opening statements. Joann Lynch said that Michael was home at his parents house when he heard them arguing he then heard a pop along with the sound of his mother hitting the floor. You're he ran over and saw his mother's body so he confronted his father. who was holding a gun? The two men struggled and the gun went off several Herald Times. Two bullets hit Michael in the leg before he was able to grab the gun away. Firing it at his dad as he fell Lynch Said said Michael came up with the initial intruder story in order to cover up for what the fight was really about drugs. No one's ever going to believe that my grandpa just snapped. That's not who my grandpa was in any sense so I think that's the hardest part is like really like you're gonNA. You're going to now throw your dad under the bus. Like how could you do that. I mean we're asking the guy that accused of murder how he could throw someone on the bus. But you're like how. How can you do this? The Commonwealth called several neighbors of the Morris to the stand who all testified ride. They had heard the gunshots that night. All of them said it was a quick succession one right after another detective Tim. Carnahan testified testified that his he was at the Moore's house securing the scene he thought about it for a second and then guests that the gun might be on the roof of the house. Sure enough enough. That's where the three fifty seven revolver was recovered. He said investigators returned to the House the following day and found blood on the back Deck Jack near where the gun had been found. The blood was human blood. Gregory winger the Medical Examiner told the jury that Warren and managed more were each shot in the back of the head. Warren was shot at close range and also had injuries on his face. The surgeon who operated on Michael after the incident testified that his wounds were superficial investigator. Brian Cochran it took the jury through the items of evidence found at the scene including more than a dozen bottles of pills a DNA expert testified died there was a mixture of DNA on the gun from both Michael and Warren and that the blood on the duck was from Michael and Maj Michael's older brother whom the family affectionately refers to as smitty took the stand and said he had questions about Michael's intruder story in the days following the murders. He would ask what had happened. But Michael would offer few details in the years leading up to the trial. He said he didn't confront Michael but he did continue to ask questions. He said one thing his brother couldn't answer was how he was able to run down the stairs after he was shot. He said he wouldn't have been able to make it through the narrow stairwell. Smitty said he also asked why someone would come in shoots shoot Warren. Imagine the head and kill them but just wound. Michael Michael's response was that it was maybe a warning but he wouldn't say anything else. Smitty testified that the first time he had heard Michael's new version of what happened was just days before the trial on cross examination. Smitty admitted that their Father Warren was on several medications and that he had a number of health problems he had also. We've seen a psychiatrist and was dealing with his wife's multiple sclerosis diagnosis Michael's current girlfriend Sherry testified testified that while he was in the hospital he told her to that it intruder had broken in one of the last pieces of evidence the Commonwealth presented to the jury were the results of Gunshot Residue tests conducted on Warren more. The results were inconclusive. To be your twenty twenty shows up a lot in science fiction. 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For a free safe safe sustainable shipping process so thinks sustainably consign with the real real today and earn up to eighty five percent commission plus site credit authentic antics sustainable luxury only at the real real dot com. When it was the defenses turn to present their case one of the the first responders to the scene testified that Michael's testicle was dangling when he arrived even though the surgeon had earlier said it was a superficial wound and then Murdy Pie? Burn a longtime friend of Maj. More testified that she talked to Maj on the phone just hours before she died. She said she didn't notice anything wrong that night. But that she had noticed a change in both madge and Warren's attitudes over the last few years she told the court that Warren was depressed and was angry with Michael he had given him money and a place to live and Michael abused it by taking pills else she said Maj was feeling like she was a prisoner because she was always confined to the house due to her Multiple Sclerosis and that Warren was often frustrated with her because of it. She testified that when Michael got out of the hospital she was the one who picked him up. He stayed with her for two nights and she said she would have allowed him to stay longer because she was not afraid of him. Another friend of matches. Judy Chris men testified mystified at one time after she had surgery. Madge came over with some prescription pills. Because the doctor hadn't prescribed her any she too said that Warren was depressed and that she and madge had started drifting apart she said it one point she had thought of the more family as a perfect family but as the years when by she saw that it wasn't much to rebecca surprise. Michael decided to testify to by this time time. Rebecca was heading into her senior year of high school. She attended the trial as often as she could but she did go into school on some days. That's that's where she was when she got word that her father was going to take the stand. My Dad was not supposed to take a stand that was never in the cards. Everyone a new that it would be great if he did and so. I got a sitting at school. I forget what I was doing but I'm Oh. I was on the news because I just had downloaded the news. APPS to make sure it was being updated and reporter had tweeted Michael Moore to take the stand and an hour and a half and I was like Oh my God I call. My mom is a mom going to trial. She's like Rebecca. I can't go to work like like I can't leave work like you can't go and I said mom I'm going like there's no I'd like to go and so she called my aunt who was already trial? She said that she'd keep an eye on me because they didn't like hormonal. Seventeen year. Old running the Boone County courthouse. Michael I talked about his childhood and about is very tight family. He said that when he was in high school other kids would come to live with them because his parents would take them in. He called them great people. He said he started to party while in high school and that he and his is mother had a rocky relationship. She saw more potential in him. He said when asked if he had lived up to that potential he said No. I have not Michael called his father. Brilliant and said he never failed at anything even when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a difficult prognosis basis. Warren's still bounced back. Michael testified that he got married had a child and became a Warren County. Sheriff's deputy in March two thousand two. He injured his back. While on the job and later became addicted to painkillers. He told the jury that his is mom who had pills for her. Ms Diagnosis would often share her pills with him. She had given him the combination to the safe where she kept them because because she couldn't always it herself the fact that Maj would share her pills with Michael upset. Warren Michael said they would argue often in about it and Warren would try and limit her pills. Michael told the jury that he's an addict that he couldn't stop and that his mom would give her pels to him because he said she's loving sometime in two thousand five. He testified that he opened the safe and saw a note in there from his dad. Add the note. Read quote Michael. If even a single pill is missing from the safe. Don't ever come back. You'll never be welcome again on the day of the murders. Michael said he and his dad were on the Internet looking up directions when he asked his dad to get his mom another pill. Warren asked what happened to the one she had and Michael told him that she had given it to him. Were in refused to give her another one. Michael said he told his mother what his father had said and that she became angry were in came up the stairs then and they started arguing and then it got quiet. He said he said he heard a pop and then heard his mom hit the floor. He ran upstairs and saw his mom lying there. He said he was angry and so he went to find his father who was on the stairway they struggled. The gun went off and hit him in the eye. Hi he said he thought he was going to die and so he wrestles the gun away and fired he then fired second time. Michael Said said he was thinking what just happened. Oh my God I just shot my dad. My Dad just killed my mom. I'm shot. He said his immediate reaction was to try and cover it up because he was scared. The jury however didn't believe Michael Story either one of them and they found him guilty on all counts. Yeah the guilty verdict was just a rough night but I think also coming coming back to the community. I grew up in when I got home. One of my best friends so my grandparents died when I was in eighth grade. His Dad died when we were in the ninth eighth grade and so we experienced very serious losses very close together though he had left bouquet of flowers on my front deck and I just remember. Just it's like getting them anything so excited and we love musicals and he like row in the cards something to one of our favorite musicals and I just want to be like this. This is my breath of fresh air during the horrible day of. I still have people that love me and are willing to help protect me. Basically and it came in the form with my seventeen year old friend that I'd known my whole life. Rebecca was asked by Michael's defense team to speak on his behalf at sentencing the importance of what they we're asking her to do wasn't lost on her and it made her feel like her family was divided. The trial was really hard for me. Because I I saw like I mean you visibly saw that our family was split And that was really hard that there's certain things that we will never recover or from and this is going to be one of them you know in. My mom got called to testify by prosecution so even in my own household it was like well. I'm the only one on his side. I was really really hard so you felt like you were on his side and your mom was on the prosecution side. Is that kind of how you looked at it. Yeah so I think. And not as bluntly ought to say it but it was very like well known that my role was. Let's get him after he and I felt so much pressure. I mean I'm seventeen. I'm trying to get through my senior high school. I was still trying to defy where I wanted to go to college college like but I have to just take this break and go attendance trial with all these emotions and all these feelings and just not knowing what what the hell's going on and so I don't know like I there's just so much pressure on me at that time and I just felt so overwhelmed armed especially because it was like well. We need you to testify because your dad is really looking at a really good chance of getting convicted and getting the death penalty so at his sentencing. Rebecca did it. She went up there in argued against something that she had been four prior to being put into the situation the death penalty. I was always like Oh yeah like if people are victims of crime like they should be given definitely whatever and I say now look back. It's like Ooh you should probably like experience it before you really like. Make a comment His for me like I know that my dad could be a dad from prison even if he was going to be gone forever and so when I testified I said. Do you know I fully believe that. My Dad can still act as a parent. Even if he's hours away in Kentucky I believe that he he still has a role in my life. And I also believe that this is GonNa be a time where we can really grow and we're kind of relationship and I mean the point that my dad being in jail for those past four and a half years were the first time that I've had a data on on drugs And that was just such a unique experience for me and something that I think is really changed my outlook on having him in my life. I think it's really easy to just shut someone down and keep them away and I'm all all about healthy boundaries like there's certain things but my dad cannot be a part of my life and that's just in order to protect myself and make sure that I'm not Dependent on him and I'm not just always willing to bend over backwards for him But there's just certain areas where no like. We can work on this weekend. Try and establish a healthy relationship and I always felt that my dad could have role in my life but I just wasn't certain of what that role was going to be at that time. Michael was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole is appeals have since been denied I asked Rebecca how often she sees her father while he's in prison. She told me that there was an incident at the jail. Not Too long ago and a fight that he was involved in and so his visits are currently suspended and will be until at least next year they talk on the phone however however about every three weeks she said their best conversations are about her work and the work he used to do as a police officer she still has her memories of her dad being a great dad and in her small community she still runs into an even works with people who used to work with her dad. Bad Rebecca wonders a lot. About what could have become of them if her father had not had an addiction and had not made the choices. He made the best thing that I've ever done for my my dad my Degree is in social services. But it's a focus on addictions counseling. And I really wanted to understand addictions because I WANNA understand why my brain works the way it does and the more than I understand about addicts in in general the more. I'm able to understand my dad and just have a more working relationship with him. I asked Rebecca what advice she would give to someone. Listening to. This soon may be in a similar situation. I watch a lot of trials and I know my listeners. Due to every witness every victim every defendant didn't has a family or has loved ones who may be struggling behind the scenes with how to cope with these decisions that they didn't make. She told me that for her. There were two main things that helped her her faith and her counselor. She also feels lucky that she had so much support from her community community for love and the care that came from. Just my community really pulled me through. You know my friends and my the teachers and I'm just really thankful for those people because I don't know it's fun. Now that I work for the county I get to interact with them Pretty frequently still especially with teachers features could remain reporters child abuse and so it's cool to see them still loving and taking care of students years later. 'cause I I just really felt that from them despite it all Rebecca still struggles with how she views her father. There's my dad who find dad and who I'm always always gonNA love and try to take care of and then there's my dad who's been convicted of these horrible and horrific things and then there's the guy that I associate with killing my grandparents who I loved more than anyone in the world and so it's really hard 'cause I feel like you have to Kinda put into categories because if you mix it all you're just gonNA be a train wreck and so like I'd be my dad in very different ways in different scenarios. But I've I've never been afraid of him but I'm also I think out of something something that I've gotten out of all this is I'm pretty resilient and I'm not gonNA put up with this crap a lot which took me a really long time to understand because I do think one of my dad's fault since he's very manipulative and especially? When I was younger I believed every you worry? said I thought he was greater than anything that this world could offer. She was my hero and someone that I looked up at time so I always wanted to see the good in him and it took me a long time to realize I have to make some of my own decisions and kill him with certain aspects which has been created created tension in our relationship. Now but I think now we have a more constructive relationship in beverly ahead as we talked. Rebecca remarked that she has photos up in her office at work of her friends family and even of her father. I I mean I'm sitting at my desk right now at work and I'm looking at forty already pictures but I have hung up of my friends. My family and you know about includes my dad. I've a picture of my dad and I when I was a baby and then I have a picture of have him in his jump from prison. So you know I I'm laughing. 'cause they're just two very different pictures but they're important moments in my life and things. I don't take for granted and I don't know I I'm smiling because I like love all of these people and there have all been there for me through through thick and thin and I just. I'm just so thankful for the people that are around me and that's all for this episode. I WANNA thank Rebecca more for sharing sharing her story with me. Many people don't know this but court junkie used to be a blog. I started back in two thousand thirteen on that log I would accept writer. Submissions admissions and one day. A writer reached out to me with the story about the murders of Warren Badge. More and so. I posted it fast forward to October. Two Thousand Nineteen nineteen and I received an email from Rebecca Moore saying she had googled her family's name and came across that log post she had started listening to the podcast cast and we started conversing back and forth and then decided to create an episode about the murders of her grandparents. I WanNa thank Rebecca for her bravery and willingness to talk about it and share her story with all of us. If you have any thoughts on this case please join our discussion on instagram. At that court. Junkie tweet me core junkie pod or email me at podcast at court Junkie Dot Com. If you WANNA hear these episodes ad free. Please consider supporting the PODCAST ON PETRI ON GO TO COURT JUNKIE DOT com slash support for more details on that and on how to get access to additional a bonus episodes. And if you have a story you'd like to share with me that involves our criminal justice system. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks thanks again for listening until next time. as the NFL season wraps up. You'RE GONNA want to check out the Dan Patrick Show for everything coming up. Dan in the DANETTES provide the most up to date sports coverage every day of the week. Plus dance got the biggest guests the best commentary and everything in between with a bit of fun on the side. 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