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WWE Crown Jewel Recap


It's not medical marijuana it CBD and if you're at the health magazines and journals credible it feels good on my body during the course of the day it's like it's not even there and you don't need a script when you buy from the source I trust. CB distillery are the experts if you're into health you be wise to visit C B Distillery Dot Com Austin for twenty percent off at distillery dot com this is right Nation Channel One fifty-six welcome to the busted open podcast aw yesterday afternoon starting with the big news the fiend Bray Dan Seth Rollins we talk about that on today's episode we also get in deep is it and neuronal emotion coming out of that match also we get into at pity I mean in day before we get going job and then the sister Abigail and now a new champion listen for multiple surprises and shocks you mark you can't really have a problem with yeah I I I'm I'm one of those guys that I like to see Wjr and I would have liked to seen him fight the demon from behind but just like we saw at Helena cellmark Bray Wyatt kept getting coming yeah well that's the same thing with the fiend bray why it's just like those like title office seth we now know Bray Wyatt was drafted by afternoon so now both your world heavyweight championship titles are on smackdown and mark on yesterday's show with bully I talked about how seth rollins imbalanced said the same thing how he had to lay down to the guy that's right I guess right now the female white is the hottest thing in the wwe and for all of those people that were criticizing whining not just you but I'm one of all the people that hate a story line perspective that you do him like he do Iraqi sense of loss he loves the title but more than anything he's been fearful mirror like the rocky movies sean having somebody that's clothes me I'M GONNA go out here and I'm going to do with champions do stories in wrestling that made us fans I mean I we've what does rocky all the movies that you've ever watched do one through six pick one like they all have emotionally invested more 'cause you're right you need to get emotionally involved you hit the nail right on the head job especially in his promos get you getting you emotionally invested in him. I think we saw a different type seth rollins going into this match up on Monday I know you you see that Seth rollins because mark you said now he's hit rock bottom now we get to see him at the bottom rung of the ladder and climb his back way up to prominence so now seth has to be that wrestler that gets you emotionally involved we the other guys step up and go why why should he get another shot has perpetuate what we already see he's he's the show because I guarantee you there's about five guys and let's let's get that I that's what I I mean I want diversity run all these guys at the team and and he gives a shot in maybe wins again takes it back all right I like what you're saying work is way up and then during that time see other wrestlers challenging for that title being shoved down our throats now why are we into Roman reigns because he's nowhere near we wouldn't want to see what you're hearing catch busted open live Monday through busted open Asia let's go out to Michael and Indie Michael What'd you think last when I stood up and just raised my hands I was just super excited champion I wanted to see the scene win and that they that he actually stop worrying about that and just enjoy pro wrestling the I liked that and that and that they maybe they just wanted to you know like also now crown jewel Halloween so that's why I think I think he ended call Michael thanks for that call I know it sounds like something you're gonNa have somebody like the fiend win title why not do that on Halloween happy and that's something you could talk about for years and years to come they just now you know we didn't I don't think anybody thought about that going into that show yesterday a character like the wide doesn't need a title but he has the title so is hot right now so why not capitalize it how many times have we talked about whether it's Braun the title and they don't well now they're doing exactly the opposite they now you see the theme is on the card wouldn't against whoever the guy is like that's that's man is good it's not only good take what you get because the businesses so good Berga whatever you want and having bray four and here's the thing to he's going to be on smackdown tonight now smackdown is a tonight on smackdown I know that I do they what do you think about hi he has the title what would happen bad for you and I mean it just like man you can do is so many when you can and I think that I- fans is referenced resident is being mind Mike is it is yours it is our don't know Sirius Xm then listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone how can you not be singing the praises of the Talia and Lacey Evans after and what a moment never thought that was coming when we found out about it you know ah crown jewel and just a moment where it was hard not to get emotional we get choked up before the match even started and then Lacey Evans in their embrace after the match back between the two of them just a wonderful moment that I'm telling you these women and when I say these women I mean Lacey Tesla because so many things spawned from what wrestling has been attacked and vilified for going to Saudi Arabia of giving a whole entire country a philosophy in just a few minutes don't have all the rights that they are slowly getting but do almost every job that's available and has this is a big moment and the wwe should be really really proud of themselves but we wouldn't like it if we had somebody come their dictatorship there's differences in philosophy to balance out and and be fixed I mean you look at what we're going through in a hundred years ago so let's give it a hundred years gas analysis how did you you didn't know that it would it would came this far them doing shows in Saudi and he talked about the only way you can make changes not getting into the politics of why they're doing it why they I initially thought that it was a Lacey Evans when we talk about change I don't think anybody thought that change world champion in three different sports when you talk about list we don't have one side pitted against the it is and I remember when I was in Louisville Kentucky I heard a story ended and of course is racially the be the name of the school because they segregated when they join when it came to well let's put this name first and then you can hyphen it and no that's that's not what we're going to do like that they were identical they ran the same you know like seventy years old news tell me he was like mark the team that they were eighteen and I was like wow I'm not saying that their philosophy is broken because that's their philosophy they've been that way for the thing that I'm most happy about is happening through pro wrestler I've been that they've wanted to do for a while now which is you bring East Western order that Mike what you're hearing catch busted open live Monday through Saturday showman and so anything to happen him for him to get knocked out and come on man you have two guys striking current world champion out of there like Whoa wait a minute this is wrestling this is not do I mean he could have swung as wild and crazy I was I I mean you walking listen I don't criticize it wasn't what I expect it and move right along to the next thing happy because there were holes in what could have been some of and Mark I andbranch Stroman is the guy that's going to be here moving forward it's not gonna be Tyson if you wrestle and you do all brian throws a punch and drops him Tyson is pulling himself up on the ropes he shaking off now you hear Tyson go and knocks the dog shit out of Brian Cold flat as gene and he stands up and he stands over him like Muhammad Ali and he jumps up and takes a victory lap poetic then the guy gets his ass kicked he knocks his ass and he stands up he gets the one-two-three so frustrated is so this is why a lot of times I get frustrated by did I don't I don't think there was one person who watched that matchup between Tyson fury and how Braun Strowman was portrayed and if there was any tyson fury and there was a story that was played off of that so I don't see what they did because otherwise it made no sense to me at all Fox sports right Brian is one of my guys here but this is the one time that I wish I got a call and go hey man what you anybody and if I was if I was Tyson fear is boxing camp it can happen when you go to the ground and none of them are good and I I would have wanted to protect that and is not boxing wrestling you my world and Tyson came out after him why he was the only ground you don't have to get up and get back down you keep oh you push them to a corner and now you start to get to the point where the ground in a referee goes in like Canada does and now he comes up he shaking his head he's like come it's like a bad habit covers him one two three but he stands Komo and away played out last night was terrible because so does the slam to fury and five seconds later fury's back up on his talk and news they had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius Xm but you don't so you can listen on your phone at home online that Sirius Xm dot com slash busted ask you who do you think about the best reactions last night well definitely belong on that list manslaughter belongs that's that's my list and I know that I love Randy or not that list he got I'm from Mensa Were I mean it was completely nick maybe the best match tonight if you look at it technically what took place in that never disappoints in the ring of course I mean says and when you see him in a ring he never disappoints have you ever seen you and I do mean they were thrown together him and chambers I mean can you think of it Amos is able to come back and resume being the shame maximizes his time with the company and and be this reaction and Umberto man he somebody that they're obviously pushing and giving some shine every week because I could see him being but come back in about three years after you've and you finally able to let your skills and that's what I don't see from him I don't see and that I've seen doing this Pentagon junior and I told Megani some individuals from singles matches he's he's good almost said effing seven he's going to be a monster I mean. Aj styles a handsome body looks good athletic can move bigger and thicker you look at his brain you could tell he's got room to grow you know I mean don't job him out but I wouldn't put him in before he he was he was impressive he made me think about the future of with the wwe you know you've you've recommended town you've helped develop minor league coach talking about an mlb prospect is that the to bring along other guys especially young ones making him look good without you know overdoing it I wish I could I could I could be my prime rib sulfuric Cochet I make it a contest and people feel it they can sense it we talk a lot about Seth Rollins I've talked a lot about seth rollins and phony when you want to garner some emotion from these guys as you do you by the heel and just chunk them into ropes kick him out but it's not etched in stone I'm GonNa Change every now and then happens it's not perfect it's not going to be polished up I don't just happens and people can't see through you they don't look at you like that was script you know the lines but how you deliver them Is What makes a good Paris Hamilton and all of these great Broadway plays participants that make it I wanna see ricochet no wrestling does me dominating him throwing him into a turn Book Bang and he moves and now be fly come up you better get up and Monday is going to be a collective oh and I'm GonNa just that's why I WANNA ran the weapon I wanna Vince always Vince love guys that fight with the hands up it means you these

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