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About coffee has shows spectators daily politics. Podcasts, Sandra in bay is for hardman net current, and we are live at labor conference in Liverpool is just jumping Donal take to the conference hall and to live his speech shadow chancellor. What's he have to say, well, do you think it was very good speeches, clan coach into non assists of way thought things Kompong for the British economy and how he thought labour could fix it. And there was a real emphasis on the top of being ready for government ready for the next election, ready to implement tuna vs re-nationalization policies and tax policies. And so he had a number of announcements and it one was on tax voidance. He wants charity organizations, trade unions church to come together for become pain for fat tax Selo new best companies have shares in companies that Pang fish of tax, which was a clever things too, because labor can do that now. So they have to wait. Being governor, they can show that getting missiles for something, and he was so unashamed in his sessions. While I'm here for c. started with this video Bill Shankly talking about Vegas ocean Oceanus and finished his speech, I say is true socialism, solidarity and tough, but in the middle, he praised the original before he talked about how relevant words if it were to today. And he said that he wouldn't be like previous shotty chunks. This who took up the mess. They were going to Herod when they came into government in order to explain why they can be taking radical. He said that the harder things were the great deal shooting team for labor to bring radical policies saying he was, I think it's the most competent I've ever seen chances speech. They have serve any becoming spotty conferences for eight years now. So Labor's Chudy chances beaches have been on the main critique misreport net grew here Rams they've a conference in speaking people. Do you get the impression that this is a party ready for government as John McDonnell claims row bounces. Oficial. People I and my colleagues in less than journalism into off the record all really quite worried about being coherence. The intellectual incoherence of of labor leadership. These very left wing people themselves. Then they'll anyone just not natural enemies all the foreign projects, and they just don't see the backup. See y'all. Opportunity for. They don't see the intellectual backup for just go for a couple of things point basic, but. Labor's success for retirees on Brexit include something. So ludicrous only Boris Johnson offer. You know, we were taking benefits of being in the single market. While leg said, we're not going to be in. Thank you very much. Now, if you radically because. One you're going to have problems with with with the bomb market. When you get in maybe banking, help you out on Nassar's did after Brexit but gains the raise money. Can you be outside seem tomorrow if you if you choose label says, we insist on leaving the single reject Norway options compromise so far. Can will don't have enough money to do it. Where is the story he's telling the city? I mean, expect the city to like, where's he telling the story? He's having the less wing four full left wingers who provide if you like the civil service, the people to help his ideas through go on the radio until his ideas, and then there and feeling the very top of the labor party guest and Donald Corbin may own who are not reaching out have no have no great intellect and have not fought things through. Now as as is about was saying, labor is very good at campaign really is. What will happen come into government. That's at least somebody accusing people with I left wing. As I get into when we get back to Brexit. The had been an expectation by some pro e nave MP's to Mississippi. This conference Marcus EJ into the party's Brexit position. There is to the second referendum on Sunday BreX made into the priority ballots and emotion to success was decided upon the tens at to fudge when it comes to second front in shock and had jumped Donald today, suggests that even if they didn't the second referendum, it would be a deal note you roll than what looks Mendez, which is an option for Madiun in the EU. It's these. If you've had any clarity, development of the nave position Brexit was pulled prince. We'll try to car for saying that preference is for general election to force a general election, which is really confication because they can't general election I, this is very inconvenient for them because they basically gag dot com. By the people's vote, come pain by pray, remain LeBron peas and by the membership because these constituency labour qualities of submitted their motions to going into this is to they could it be debated by the conference? And we're always saying it's very difficult, Jeremy Corbyn because he's instinctively lever who's gonna party spit between remain leave constituencies been talking to you peaking around coping trying to say that actually that the division within constituencies between even remain, isn't his strokes than not worried about that? No, I'm quite surprised by that. I have to say Putin divisions left by Brexit happened quite strong in terms of identity, nestling labor really needs to work out Nick. Do you think the looks Mems disappointed at but had the Brexit position has paid at so far? Jeremy Kuban did say he was gonna. Listen to the van biz seems that a Thuch doesn't have listened to lots of the MMC want. The second referendum has come about. What's happening a liberal left and Britain is there is furious anger about Rex's. I mean, I need to write this Alantic Brexit peace, and you can see now. Shoots off, shoots off every sanction media. There is a liberal left, protesting protest movements against people who might almost have come from central casting as the enemies of leftism and liberalism for centuries worse. Thank you. Get people like Boris Johnson, Dan Hannan, like Jake small, you might side of politics. You only have to look at those people. Think though anything these people say is going to be disaster for you and for your country. And what's fascinating is for the first time. Less communist party Socialist Workers Party all the people who who back combing and calling himself have nothing to do this best. They're seen as relatives worse as seen as an enemy that trying to stop yourselves being seen by coming up with. Again, I'm to lack of intellectual coherence. Okay. It's going to be okay because there's an evil Tori Brexit happening against wing Brexit's. We don't right wing vex. We won't to left wing Brexit where the EU will say when they become. All people you'll, we're going to give you full access to the single full members single market without any of the burdens of being a single market, but he's just laughable whether that will work halt. I think it will some people because if you like that goodwill tools told me still, you can see it. Process of people stick the young people waking up. What the British fall left is highly unusually among post-communist parties, niece in Europe. It is anti. The communist party Corp. All we could be Nancy, you all along against joining against mass threats against this Boone and you see people shake their heads. Second. What we meant the tumor we've answered for you, whether it will come in songs, make a difference on Britain's position. Europe is something I, I. Looking ahead to the rest of the conference. We have the leader speech later in the week, but we before we have many fringe events. Today's this, so the Dr to prevent Suada fringe event and we'll have to stop the war coalition what you looking forward to seeing for the rest of conference. Nick on wednes- with Russia view that Katy I went with colleagues, Michael creek to the Venezuela out, event lost. And Chris Williamson who really is almost like Mussolini's high. MP quite he sucks up to half it takes you on the planet denounce meeing the platform. We said, well, can we reply on the older came through from the chaff said, no, no, no questions will be allowed in this Fizeau very Castro or Soviet. So I definitely get back to that wall. And of course like specs as you on this. I'm looking forward to phrase Nelson. Alright inside who it's being the great journalist, he's very generous man, taking stock by mail. Looking forward is quite right phrase. I'm very interested in the atmosphere. He's conference because he can tell a lot about where party is mentally. The puzzle lack of belaboring twenty four team with shocking Nate down Beatles. And so far of NATO sit seems quite upbeat that I wonder whether it's going to be tense on the fringes. For instance, whether and pays are going to be scuffling from stand to stand, trying to stay away from seven, whether that's been behind and we should report back on how things tonight. Tomorrow said, join us again, then. Thank you, Nick. Thank you about.

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