#104 - Blake Stoker of Blake's BBQ


The comment. Now. The need. No the eat. Now, I got job. Doug, Obama deputy buckle razor amid tacked on with the. The. On on the land beef. Hello, catching hell. The thanks for listening to the best barbecue show this week. I'm talking to Blake Stoker of lakes barbecue in Dresden, Tennessee soon to be Martin, Tennessee. And he's just a great young, dude. We met over Instagram and we've run into each other on his many trips to Texas to try Texas barbecue to learn Texas barbecue, and he is really put in the work excited to see what he creates. He's going from trailer to a restaurant over the next year. And he's a pretty awesome guy. And I think you'll enjoy this conversation, and thanks again this whole year listening to the best barbecue show. And I'm here with Blake Stoker of Blake's barbecue in Dresden, Tennessee smarten. It's good Spanish Murphy. Snow? It gets better than that. Breakfast. Snows is about as good as it gets on a Saturday for me network, especially in beautiful weather, this maybe the nap afterwards that's about all. Dr I'm the Texas marb acute trip from Tennessee chauffeur officially. This is your third trip in the same amount of months since in twenty third trip since October and you doing research for your new restaurant. You're getting to know the barbecue people you kinda just enthusiasm while is in getting inspired, folks. Like the mayor's job rather ten yesterday. But a lot of time with this dropping info knowledge. Notes. Yeah. Sister segment one. Yeah. You know, eat barbecue even at same time. Trying to be productive in earnings stuff and meeting folks and all that stuff, but you've been putting it away with how many places you go yesterday four. I guess three. We only voted scourge around eighty two, but both places hours. Have gotten around the I think, I'm. This trip put me in like thirty takes his murky spots. I think twenty four top fifty several ten I've been trying to put them away. Most on these trips are for trying to hit new places. This trip has been a little more focused on. Show. My sister. That made to be saying your sister is going to be helping you with the restaurant. Yeah. She's gonna be my my brain's Fernan house. I like to focus more on the quality and all that stuff and trying to get better about me more. Well, rounded, you know, business-minded she's helping me she'll be organization. Well, don't you think it's mart? When you're when you're building something like this to parse things out. So that you can focus on the food. Someone else can focus on the customer experience. And then that way each thing gets a higher fall. Absolutely. And I mean, everybody has their you know, straights. They bring that Senate on that saying about shrink is cooking. Great Mark Cuban, I try to make it that way. And I have a heart. I have town. Town the other aspects, and there's the barbecue going down just really only ten percent of what goes into restaurant. So haven't heard in another parents. And hopefully, put in place much good people have shrinks gonna need some sort of Baker making pies and all that stuff too. But like I'm going to be more focused on stuff. Like that anything, you know, you can have a full dessert menu to a hope to. Yeah. I mean, I in some form. I don't know if busy lavender's well is mama Miller stuff. Truth and all that stuff. But yeah. To to have, you know, you know, in my show, I don't like to compare to much. So you don't worry about you get to be you have to worry about being good as anyone else church as you made Scott been talking this morning. Like, you always say the best is worse imprint I'm not I'm done with trying to say, oh, this is my I had three people truth that morning asking what was my favorite now might really notes. He said it was splitting hairs trying to figure out the best. I mean, once you get in the threat show that white once you're here. It's hard to there's not a lot of move. March or salt here. You know, the no there's like truth headed ruined salty out there, Mark. I'm guy worked. Well for me. Then me nigga, west salty salt heavy voices. Nine is. Reever just know. Like we remember when the non one pepper that. Also does we will out with spots Bevere, but not not fit? Elderly whitey's, quite as well with all the. If you go back, I think I talked to him on the Mike about it. But he talks all the time about how depending on if you're looking at by weight or by volume, you know, the nine to one is it varies it varies. But it, you know, the ideas that it's a lot more pepper. You know, that's that's kind of the Miller family signature, and you see when you're putting together your menu. You know, a lot of the stuff I see making the classics. You have some kind of Blake twists or things that you're gonna be thrown in there. I wanna keep it mostly classic Gingrich. I wanted to risk ribs for Turkey sausage. You know, the basic staple five or six proteins, really. Well. More basic, but really good. You know, the beans salad, swallow, MAC and cheese. Get the basics down, Pat, and you know, not for fake things perfection. But as we can do in delve into expansion eighty do. Do you know like on Fridays have the straw house? Straubing brisket says if I were tech that my mid news. They were they were basically, maybe not a ride, but. Pretty well already and quick myself. What's the process for the Strommen e the is it like a seven day? So I like to go depend on the size brisket and how much time I didn't have minimum thirteen days. Scared push apparently seventeen days, and I guess I could increase my, you know, at allies with the. I'm not gonna increase my solution. Wherever you call it to make quicker process. I know there are some seven day brands now, you can do wet like, for instance, I hear mine when thing that involves is a whole lot of fridge space because you can't stack whenever you're and you can't like stack four in the same container. They've each got have their own container. So that's one thing that sure restricts have much stronger can have on a given. Friday's how much bridge base I have literally one container. I've never tried stack in bell reach. I used to research all this. And that thing I've ever read the research said you pretty much have to go into busy. Ball, you know after? Catching. I know some people even lacking Jay heard a little injecting. I know that that speeds up for sure like I've even talked to God. Say museum. Jackie. Day before and had only work. Really? Well, he's not bad, man. Right. And especially like bridge space, especially when you're trying to do several in down. Well, if you if you're doing. It takes thirteen days, and you do just on Fridays. So I own. Mid week. Yeah. It's like I have I have to make sure all like, okay. This Winstead I need to be starting working my calendar. As you're going in marketing, you know, it is. What's what's today today? The twenty seven April twenty seven. May whatever that would be may tenth or whatever says pretty hard to not hard. You know, it's nice as we've done. Here got probably a whole fridge full for in perpetuity because that's two weeks equity. So I've usually got two batches one that's just one week out. Sometimes I guess technically got especially if on two different day day or something have three different matches in fridge or whenever fringe base. I could find one time for space our up we're in our first week three and a half years ago. Never never racing. So the new place you're going to have a giant walk in. Or what wasting I've been one mystery. He's been about asking folks, like Diskin them millers and John rather than y Carne Whitworth. What size is your. Kian Joni heaven freezer, you know, what what is folks get away with not even having a freezer. I think I want into state had haven't walk in freezers. Probably just the standup say my trailer now for you know, whatever. But yeah walking. I'm scared. I know that I don't know there's no over. No, there's there's no such thing as too much. It can always be used always. Giant room? You gotta keep cold during that's hatful cherry. Volumes enough that it's all we can do to keep keeping and are you using the smokers. You've got now are you ordered some nuance or what I don't have a knee. I'm renting five hundred gallon tank, Franklin style, Franklin stout. They might dad in his hand. We have scattered born back down and his form hand Jack trades wilder with green Chenier condemning literally. So they built those I guess four years ago the end in twenty fifteen. On those ever since then we're about to I'm trying to walk down to cope with housing gallon tanks to start building now thousand gallon to add so. Pardon me, hopes that gets me through the I would awhile hopes that open up and even got to five hundred thousand we're like, okay. It's time to start out in the next one. So with a line, you know of us visits. Tony Franklin's downwind other parts like well now moving through Twitter. So. The line to be that long. But but but we should be thirty minutes. Exactly. And so you're you've got the the space. You're building it out. You got the smokers. It's cool that. In a world where there's two or three companies that are starting to, you know, have one two three year waiting list, this cool that you guys were building your own. Do you are you part of the design team there? I was in school whenever the last year made whenever I come home on the weekend or something like that. Nice. Combing college state. So I was three and a half hours away. This town being come home is created to check on them. That wasn't very involved. Sadly in the build out those just because I was way this I hope to be involved, which I'm bad to be really busy Amore is probably ten question being Texas be back on. But I'm impressed time you taking the the travel minute school. You worked at the Houston barbecue that is awesome disciplined as all these trips. You know, there's folks like Scott evade that manoeuvre. The first time I've been known who was communicate via social media since you had that episode. You know? Best way. All right, right. Communicate in for two years, but never met person. So Houston murky fans, I'm Paki finally end. I couldn't even start you willing to Cohen wrestle. Jimmy Kennedy Patrick feed a lot of those guys autumn. I only know through social media and hang out with have coffee and more. More and sit around and talk sevice really do feel like it's a United see a lot of people doing this from the west coast, east coast all over you feel like it's almost kind of paying Amish to the the scene to like be 'cause you're part of the scene. I mean, like for sure most of the people, I know in the text pharmacy know who you are. You know, you're that guy in Tennessee. It's going to become here's school for me to be over there. We've through Houston. You have thirteen hours away from home bound myself. And in a matter seeps day us, I had one meal alone now with somebody in the marquee fan. Me. Calway owner way row eight net. Sick with me, you know, talking shop all that stuff. So short in a matter. Six days thirteen hours away. I was only on sale for one meal, and then it nine. Sweden to go. Visit the next place. Over somewhere else. We wanna you know, is really cold. So far away from home never been Mon. That's how I feel about. When I go on these trips pay for hotel doesn't really matter because I'm literally gonna close my eyes in the moment. They open them out barbecue. Exactly. Yeah. I'm pretty simple as it is very materialistic. So. Travel camper. Did you can just out front be first in line everywhere? That would be and they were into all that and how much trap more traveling new and the Knicks sort of wind doing all this third trip in her and a half months because I'm right? I'm mad at me walk down. Three years, maybe five years. Maybe maybe not as down. We'll feel like you have a opening date or like a specific you feel like you're you're comfortable deciding this place is going to open up here. No hard day. I would want to thank things continue going as well as they have it can be eleven or twelve months, but I'm also not. So thank you could be as much as sixteen or eighteen months. Thanks, though. So far with the process, but things are gonna happen that may sit back. Roy sits back to. All I can say is hopefully eleven to sixteen months, sixteen months, probably go a little bit awry, but we'll say you've been making friends because it's not a big city. So you got a little more access to the city and the code like, you gotta go through a lot of paperwork or. Work me doing like right now. Like last week every morning. I was in a meeting with. Scenario planner one more. Had a revised at a zoning word meeting five thirty one even and but other more. Engineer contracting pointed our trying to get. Quote together trying to finalize plans, but I know that you know, the final plans probably won't be. You know? Because since talking to yesterday. Sean would have been, you know, the base base point. And he's like, you're going to need a lot more kitchen space, and we had that in mind, but it took help for him to really confirm that. So. You know, there's a lot of work to be doing meetings. This is part of in. You know, we're trying to make the most of it and not not do dribble. We do like, okay. This is gonna be productive. You know, I like being productive. Whether it's shopping. You know, the day before came out here. I didn't have a meeting going on with. Greener. It's going to burn better means down split wit on a pretty day. I can't sit around. Maybe. That's why do you know? My verse gets Ryan thirteen fourteen hours to green in that time. I don't sit down for ten minutes. Maybe watch if I've got myself. Oh, snack smokers. Do you think? There's a. Barbecues hardware, people who do tend to like hard work. Do you think? It's also I mean, there's not many businesses where you can go to someone's restaurant, and they'll sit down and tell you how to design your restaurant doubt any kind of like, it's not like you went and hired him to consult you just kinda stop by your things you come. Other. Explain to other folks, I've even I try not to explain it. You know, until you go experience, it's like snows until you come experience, it, you know, I thought I had no idea what snows BYU, but spin trip like even between my last trip just knows in February two months ago already forgotten that. You know, when you get, you know. There's something special. So yeah. Community and the help of everybody's just unreal. Whether it's which I mean, I'm not looking for anybody recipes. It's not a matter thanking the best worth for. Of course, there is other money stuff. You know? What would your biggest mistake? You know? What did you? Thank you need in your restaurant. But ended up not really weighed you twenty of now looking back. We had twice as much. That and a lot. What are the things that you heard what what what's one thing that you thought would be great that you're totally scratched? I don't know if there's much is much more. And I mean, I know how. Space bridge base counter space, never prep table space. So that's been the. The most consistent answers. I will. You know? I thought we'd be fine with such a sense square footage short space, but we need to you know, we had to add on the second quarter. We had on something outback that's been more or less. The running running answer just making a bigger and bigger. I'm in. In China finger out, you know, how much downing space. He's just all gonna be. It's gonna be. It's gonna be show. We're getting here. He's listening to us. Skid. It's gonna be weren't experienced that. I mean, learning everyday. Cooking. That's everything everybody. Everybody knew that has some test. Teach. Ski keep trying to come out as much as I can talk. People like Koi offers and Kane. Helped me a lot and you stay only and which keep staying on me. Tell. Yeah. I know that you know, each Burs. Big had a long day. You know, somebody sits platinum. I dig into John to get very about the angels, the wide Yonis advice, and you know, make sure the why on unit up walking shadow so everything here. Yes. Well, I'm on you. Because I want you like I've seen you grow. I've senior following I've seen what's happening. And I think, you know, most people don't realize that if you just bend over a little lower turn the planner just slightly when you when you're looking for the light, you get better picture. And when you're good at it you get to eat faster because you're not having. Take it ten minutes yet. You know, me and stay no reminded me. Hey, you couldn't have. I like I like anyone who's willing to take it? You know? Some people outside of a message. And they'll be like, I'm good. I can take pictures. All right. Try to help. I want all the help. I don't know what you're saying. I never will. Do you think that's part of, you know, opening this place and having your team and having everything set up is that you do, you know, you're willing to take what's wrong and right outside information. Did you learn that or you just kind of? I guess that's sort of that way. Always except in point on this being coached. No, I guess also always anything I do walk into the car cooking brisket or shaking my head. And you know, I don't. Voice. So definitely hope some barbecue cooking world because many can't just you've changed just y you know, yet. For something and go, and it'd be burned out Kennex cooking or whatever where you put your heart. Not complicating keep it. Simple. Soupy is mom that same time. Do keep super stupid to the best your. What you nothing paid. No, Comcast and recipe's help get evening. Just you're gonna do do rot. If you're gonna come to snow's that saying eighteen pounds, but it snows in Tennessee. A little more after your full. You know what I mean? I'm not been fully before ten minutes quit eat more when I'm back for year, six months. So all awful. There's a there's a barbecue is good. Whether you're eating fresh leading it. But there's nothing like that just lice still warm. There's that there's a beauty that buttery nece brisket. There's that crispiness the chicken skin. There's something to the flavor, and the taste of everything that people want it fresh, you know, wait in line if they knew they could just take it to go and take it home. But people want to hear need it they want. That's steaming pile in front of them. So that they can they can get a hot night and the brisket here is. I told. And right out here with me. And you know, he's like it just tastes so good. I'm like pets eating putter. So good. I actually got sausage green. Take on Tennessee. That'd be great fister. I will find use for within the next twenty-four way. Saying I do not like that have Mets. More of Santa my. Some Japan at this point. I've eaten quite a few the top spots, especially being and is there are there things that stood out? Now that you've been a thirty plus places that you really didn't expect a bite. This is a little saltier little different or the main name it stood out. Like to incorporate is salt win barks retell zone air before down there. But like, you know, some places that you're really you're you're really. Splitting hairs start trying to vices. But when it can be compared not good or bad. It's all a matter of preference. You know in a bar and rub so go cross solitude person ever really sell ally to want pepper on. So. I won't to get my soul to. Initial taste. So that's different when they want to work in that I've been hesitant to do that. Because I realized that not everybody likes. Dan point out here by spas, much, as I can sit here and take a role. I'm gonna say it would wouldn't regret, you know, ten minutes, not eat a raw ghost pepper, you know, it's Helen. But I realized that ninety nine percent population is not why hope that way so trotting out. We also minimum Norway. Most people new recipes. I think okay, this is it for me. I've gotta do this for you know, what everybody else is here. List pictures here. But do you think you will incorporate eventually maybe a little bit of your level of what you want a little spicy some this. Expanding menu. You know appeal because I know. I am. I definitely gotta try to work on increasing myself or. Alexei just goes back to me trying to peel to you know, I don't want. Somebody it has. Like, they can't eat Ovitz. Too salty. You know, people be will try to minimize. Taking out. So you got it sort of balance between everybody and also making weight needs. But you can't make everybody. He's so. Hard balance. You know, you're open minded. So if all of a sudden ten people say, it's real salty. And then yeah. Back. Mahatma? I'm not at sauce, Scott personally, but want people make like seven sauces. I've got my house amount house hot Mississippi comeback Alabama want sauce bourbon, which is basically a mild sebstitute been. Ever been? For a would be that gives it some sweetness and MAC on sugar in my mouth. Make like Franklin inspired Espresso, typically more seventies through coffee using networks. Still using grew on then covers strong. We're going gonna stop being pick up some topa take home maybe sixer else in Austin crafts, and maybe brisket. But when some covert free barbecue way, he said. Riggan spin it much. Day. Never we stayed just which stayed like halfway between north Austin employer. Bill, which I know is basically all the same. But we say like two eight south view. So whenever we made it making. Wanted to go. Visit I was going to make it a point try to make a point to go. Visit finally rowing smoke from cows feel like every time. Something comes out. Don't get back into town into whiter. I've got they're tired. Playing all Johnson. But. And it's been that much time in downtown. Maybe squeeze a trip or two more before. Squeeze as many as I can if you wanna fly takes a lot less time. No. I guess, but there's something about in the drive to Texas the drought around six v. Yeah. Rolling. Rental cars, I sort of like being in my of space vehicle immune state about the drought. I don't like driving ten minutes back home. But. But I do. Takes his road trips. Rocky. Motorcycle ride out here this morning. It's about. Johny takes. If it were up to me, I'd be driving everyone of these places has it's just it's having my Jeep. I like getting. Now, if I wanna make it out in a rugby. Wilbur to. Your then I guess that will probably end up being a matter wine. I'm not make that like if it stuff. Be doing that. Can make Pella compete south ever, find California, which would go away. Visit all of them. All that can happen. News heritage. Swab. Me Monday with back yours through that niche every Monday, I will pursue. Solve the pictures videos from the balance thing. Yeah. Do you accept gate places is charming? I. Almost three of those sandwiches. You're on your way to having a restaurant you paid to kind of the Texas the world attention barbecue. Is there going to be some? I mean sounds like you got a bunch of sauces, which is very style route. So are you going to be throwing in some other like Tennessee style or I mean off the bat. No. Trailer over the past few years. I've had Mark people on stay. And on people. Coming. I have probably three or four customers literally come get people sandwich. Order to every day. I'm hoping that's something you make. But it's something I ball nothing on me. I don't need barbecue for money whatsoever. Now, I am having to force myself to be a little more business minded have realized okay out big project. Watch your employs pay myself something when I come more visit baloney. It's a really people expect it back on that. You were saying Mindy miss actually, pretty low margin. So my heart side any. Fit my menu, you know, myself. So I'm actually impacted we'd people offer it feel like which may get some some black say what other sandwiches do may like brisket or sandwiches. Yeah. I do I call it. I call it step might know. Waimea do like a brisket with sausage slot sauce. Joan tall swollen sandwiches. It'd be thing. Back home. I'm not huge coastal guy. But I have customers that come and don't individual which twice a week and get like my swallow by punch about a hat down. Don't even get me. One of the soul. I can think for customers now to do that. But they go on sandwiches Turkey, Texas Turkey is. I started certain that beginning of last about this time last year. It took people almost like Bernie and give out to try same. Same name as me having trained people to try and like brisk Turkey without Turkey, dry came be your breasts. Leanest drives me on some putting Turkey breast, and that's going to be dry. Give about you know, their hope even been grizzly me who you think could be straight. Ribs brisket. They come in. John's get hurt wrenching, JIMBO Turk. Chris name which swallow whenever the jumbo looking their quarter pound meat, or what are the differences born size like. So yeah, you probably you probably get an extra probably increase close to four. To get you a big at Blake's. Sweating big guns. Barbecue guys we like our puns trae where barking trae where we have one of our things. Four three or four years ago. Why works when we started. This thing about big butts pork batch. Workbench? And so a joke is. You know, I look at. Really really big time employs some. Hoax. I graduate husk with the restaurant, basically aren't forty to fifty year old women that are. Heater teachers retarded Shire's principals guidance counselor at school steep lamb open near the summer. You know, you're in the summer strikes out at school for the summer. So we've been. I've built relationships with all of my customers. I know most of my. Coasters day weezer three times a week or saying out. Never see. You never seem 'cause never cutting facing away from the. We're window, but I'll hear their voice ten people back in line. And every. I know that home on Tuesday such sets coming for, you know, there to pound Turkey, or, you know, I know that Bobby three brisket talk owes swollen comeback sauce or whatever some. Bigger ice chips. Everybody involved is that something that you're going to transfer onto your employees. You're going gonna show, you know, like, I've heard of places that keep pictures of the regulars they have some sort of system. So people know generally are the manager the general manager will say, hey, you know. Your third your third customer in line right there. That's a regular it. Make sure you give them this. I guess the difference being that we're not in it. It's it's it's a bigger town or where is going to be bigger town still know relative to center of these places so small so it's still community community. You were United in that we all know each other. Now what I probably will have to hopefully, have you in brother. Scott knitting all these Parkview community from out here. I hope that you know, I feed them restaurant one day to show employees. Okay. Here's a list of fifty folks from takes the show up in the next year. Here's a look like you see do points horrid me because you know, we're gonna treat them so much. Don't you worry? Are you excited to have a place for to be a destination? I mean, how far from Memphis. We're going to be two hours round it to. Kentucky. We can we go. Go. Eat a wishers on Saturdays time restaurant skin Kentucky. It's eighteen minutes. The closest big city. Jackson says about an hour right on. Basically between Memphis Nashville. Office says an hour from us. We're an hour off about between national so pretty convenient anybody's ever traveling from Memphis to national vice versa. The huge detour route missing. And your say your job into the other side of state doing some for road trip road trip. You're gonna get within an hour meeting. Like my buddy Zach part for. She's got me. Be Scott's more waste into the sea. He's an hour from me he's real close to the interstate as well. I'm lucky enough to get go MS him eat. His dog barbecues often is I can. Pretty convenient walk. You're gonna thinking about specials like Haugen like. You in big events. Is to have like a talked about didn't like maybe like quarterly. I call it a quarter weeks shindig have hatrick Fiji's or tower heart or Zach Parker, these guys when you guys knew that all I'd like to have, you know, Corey being where we throw Saturday afternoon attracts you need the watt easy. You know, sort of like what Brits done with his open grain view. Boy does quite a bit with JoJo alligator cook stuff like that? Yeah. I don't know. Coho don't have Tom grew into right now, but I'm gonna buddies tower Zach and even Patrick on striking pick something up from to have them. Come in new. I guess pit master, you know. You know, not marketed enough money, but you know, advertise much head. Hey on Saturday may fourteenth twenty twenty going to be an all day. You're starting three to three nine and half graphs greets like that something on the calendar. And they know for two months, they know that okay? Don't point even that day. We know where we're going and do you see yourself? You know, you you can't cook. Every single piece of me. Are you going to end up having little crew, you got anyone in mind out there that helps cook now that you might have? Right. So this point I have trend rug. Yeah. Cooked everything and that's been great. No. But about the union had go short realize. Okay. This is good nail. And I'm going to get into experience nail. But you have especially increase trailer to this nation restaurant. There's no way I mean to have it's just not sustainable. It's fine for me. Now, you know twenty three short in nineteen so not Jane twenty three. It's okay. But trying to each we hopefully went ahead fame. We have a lot not a wok restaurant. But it'd be over to focus all my thing. Many aspects about. Go in the next two months to start training. Committed terms pit mass. Good nationally. So conscious. The the best word for. Mount hope might go in the next few months training somebody and it's gonna just gonna take anybody. You know, it's going to take ownership and be be me when I can't be. Roy take ownership. Two. Would you say that there's you know, there's lots of barbecue between here in Memphis beyond. And so you think you'll have trouble with that? You looking you got some people in mind or you see generally younger people talking barbecue, they're eating the college. My home. Had a couple. But. Backcomb list names. Yeah. Good. I'm sticking. You know, kids looking for part-time viewing these thirty hours, and they make you know, I can just get somebody John hope hope that you're now two years snail. I've got me and in to others with the town where his I mean, I'm always gonna look like. But I need, you know, to have a couple of folks, Tom, I hope in that busy nothing. It's run in the pits renew. No. It's nothing really rolling that. But Maas not style. Well, yeah. I fire point. Now, you can go running thirty minutes, then I can come back and not have a variation. But he's got to be tended to so. Yeah. College could be that age could be could be goods park, Tom. We're gonna I don't care if said seventy five year old man, it's always enjoyed cooking. You're tired and needs needs a hobby coming part-time? That'd be great. All you really need is hard work and attention to detail. Right. Not just. Chart into care. And you must see that. You can't work these thirteen fourteen hour shifts by yourself anymore, especially if you've got to be there for service as well. And people wanna see you, you know, they wanna see joy I enjoy that. By five times about women. We're gonna open time I'm tired enough. Now, I've been up since three forty that's about what time three forty sometimes to forty five. Space, but some Fridays sweep to like four. That's really well. I only want me breakfast in. Yeah. But I'm tired enough to just go straight. But out enjoy interacting with customers, especially the ones that are do you plan to have a, you know, you're gonna have people cutting right in front of the customers or he planned for that yet. Real work in progress. Two years ago strictly like, you know, I'm wanting to you know, Franklin cap cure style like Franken credit right framed. You're all that stuff and then not being enough same Econolodge? Now, it said, you know, you do the line order get a number. I can't remember it's been a couple of years van, but you know, what microphone system there come back. Check your water, then you've got like scream Tejas under. So I've seen say I've been to thirty points is in Texas. I've seen you're your setups. Porta went big partners trips is going places. And now they have their lots of set a really still don't know outta love. You do cafeteria style. But also realized that you're gonna be doing this team seen as much as we should. Which I would love to be takes paper to take to do. You're not used to Saturday morning Kern. So may end up doing like mirrors his bid setup. Goes to the bag and it's table service. Not still as it takes his field. But there's not one set way things have been doing everybody. So we're still flying that that's still pretty large only me questions that sorta got to be decided before kitchen lands. I've got three different plans. Involvement kitchen counter counter service. Whatever sorta gotta be decided fairly quickly before we start really building now tops. You're gonna have has another things. Well. Signet newer Jetson, keep going in that miss learn the most recent police you've been thinking about it. So. Learn to why I went to. Forty sitting around build in size, similar to mine and restrictions. So that Phil comfortable. I would like to we start liking. Space big enough to do a lot more than that. And we only recently found out it was that big. We just going to be not nearly that question. But I think I want to keep on hundred and twenty people the best meal they can possibly get versus trying to do two hundred and quality dropping off retain percent now everybody had the best experiencing out. So rather do proteins four sides onions in COPA deserts to the best or -bility being tried to twenty or try to be two hundred. That's the that's the secret of Texas barbecue, I think one of them is that we're, you know, we're at snows sitting here enjoying the smell the smoke and the food, and there's you know, there's verse kit chicken ribs, sausage network state. It's about it. It's simple year. But they do correct. I wouldn't I wouldn't even get through the rest of the menu on this stuff to have. I didn't get sausage today. But I didn't get to take home so bad. No. No, it's it's funny. Because it's as if you worry that they are gonna like notice that you're not eating something. And I Don I most of the time I come here. I just get brisket and chicken. Make you make your meat stack. Today not today. But it makes you remember I ran out special. I call it the Yoni meet stack swat bread. Brisket sausage pickle. I mean, they got their choice of sauce, and they went to almost everybody swell sandwich back home. So. Sown potato celadon sometimes here, I'm a huge stack or you know, like Tejas my perfect. Chunk of fatty about that did piece Sukhoi Trump. Pick one. Them out. Perfect. Speaking to that. Barbecue there? Deviled eggs is an appetizer. I'm not a snake down. They were so good. I was wondering what are we cut? In strips. It was putting a piece of wood. Not using it like, he's a condominium. So you're kind of stacking some rib with some with a pickle and onion brisket, RIA. That's a cool idea. You know, that might be something. I don't I don't know if you've heard of Bouche, but that's gonna fancy restaurant give you like one bite to get your appetite going. You could it's kind of like the Miller style where the hand you one little piece you could make. You know, the person cutting a little stack. Salty or something? Endless possibilities in this. Nation is only. Your strict your, I guess. Also, you've you've listened to the show enough time to know that you know, I like to talk about the enthusiasts kind of your message because just a few years ago. You know, you're just a guy who was in the barbecue. Try you've gone from having successful trailer to start to build out your restaurant. You know, what's your message to those who are getting a barbecue? Or sitting there working there pits? Listen to us. I would say that. No, go to keep it simple. Stated not one around way. Doing it just being spire. Many troops out here. This is the land of inspiration from me. So make me troops out. Here's you can't means many folks like you. Mitt that have helped me inspired me all that stuff. Keep doing and don't get walked in one year. There's a certain temperature. There's a certain ratio of silt peppers figure out. What works for you tried. Everyone's smoker likes the different temperature try. I've noticed mine wants to run closer to three hundred than anything. You know? Adjust with it. And so I try to do listening earn and and getting better every day. But also, not get off the ended the any, you know. Obscured onset. And and is there something that keeps you inspired. You know, you've been doing this for years. So out everyone, you know, sometimes it's hard to drag yourself out of bed. So it's hard to put that last brisket or something that, you know, whether it's watching TV or calling someone on the phone when you feel kinda uninspired there's something you go back to I think it's having a new customer come. That says, you know, we're Michigan. We had family. Have him. We wanted to town our way. Come. You gotta go by they come by. And they may come into average swell, which is why would day on. I've got time with any fixing. Oh again. This is great either, smells like that. You know, talking phone. I've got a question meet to reach out to you. See anybody getting. Reinspired immigrate really helps coming on these streets and see now, the quality everywhere. It's just seems to be getting hard hired higher or waste onto their quality. That makes me want to go back home and cook the best it up today. Yeah. There's a lot of things I guess keeping visit can get by. On Friday afternoon at three o'clock, never I'll work eighty hours in the west, you know, five days or stays whatever it is. Now, it's pretty and I think I'm just gonna take take a woman weekend here. But I gotta get back. Get it. Try and take Saturday all come Sunday morning. Couple three hours before church. Go to church come back get a sandwich or something. Go from somewhere grind out all all afternoon. Start Maktum three nicks one just gotta love it. You know, it's not for the faint of art. Money like you doing that? It's fun. I didn't know it. But yeah, you stay inspired, which was great. I d- what what? For now. Let's plug your plug your spot. People. Get your barbecue. Now. Well, I'm okay in I've been I guess, I'm gonna break some news here, I've been locating drizzle into C pass three and a half years. Just most of your in the summer nights. Basically learn from may to August. Food betray were important sign winter quarter down from where I'm out nine restaurant because I need to be over run down there. Truly in four point service to Winston painters. Contractors said you don't want to leave them on their own. You gotta watch them. So I need to be questioned and and get people in the mindset of. Okay. You know, we're hearing Martin get to be here. More future serve h sort of moving towards Martin for me. Martin tennessee. What are the hours showed out, which you know, marries? Most days it's you'll evidence he'll mile to clock down. I may have you know, a couple with for Shane Witcher, Colin were drawn. A three pound pickup. Take home. He's about four thirty on making. Sandwiches. On that style till you're not up until six or seven hundred hard. If I were to put a number on my close time, probably four thirty five to about five, but not nearly the mall. You're. Folks. But I'm also working with different completely different. You know, have different mindset, Omar coacher picks is not nearly what it is. I'm trying to teach. So what what's he address and Martin? I should've had. The world's sexually. It is only main drag through downtown. Martin Levin to sold out. What days out I'll be choosing through Friday now nationally one restaurant. I still need to know where they where did you out Friday? I will get you address get back. We're just figured out too. So I've been to takes too often. The address. On. Barbecue business handle is Blake's all in our case the s. Bb? So then your barbecue Stoker, Mark. I'm barbecue. Baby. Q underscore. Don't even know. We'll take it in that. Obviously can people can see you in my current and past Instagram as well. Well, I appreciate it. Eating. Joe? Tacked on with. On on the land. Hello.

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