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Hiring is paid program on six thirty wwl. This is the Tom Three show on newsradio. Six thirty WWL AV and W LAPD HE DOT com. Welcome the CAB. I guess you know Y it's not eh on your shades you know. Put the call Sean And my hat. Don't hang on the same nail. Do Know Myers can't stand to hear the same song and I don't leave the highway long in the bow. How down in that got ramsden fever and this rambling thieving? When I first heard Johnson whistle? If someone said newburgh damned the dam. Sure told you wrong. Welcome appreciate and that sounds like a little bit of Merle Haggard me absolutely. Yeah I was in one of those moods yesterday morning. Sat there my desk for two hours. Orthon didn't them and listen to borrow haggard. So it's Kinda carried over from yesterday. Okay well you could do a lot worse. I could yes. Immoral was a bad do. So yeah so I could be on Meryl's level and Start Robbin banks and road houses and things like that get thrown in jail started racketeering operation in jail. But did he do that. Oh Yeah Yeah. He was moral was a bad dude. Like I said he got got thrown in jail started gambling start hearing in jail got drunk in jail few times and then He credits johnny cash for really turning his life around. It's all johnny cash Play thank whitten when he was twenty. And that's when he decided he was going to pursue music a little bit more seriously than a life in jail which she did. Yes and we're thankful for that. All right let's start off with our scripture reading here today Philippians chapter four therefore my brethren dearly beloved and long for my joy and crown so stand fast in the Lord my dearly beloved I beseech you odious listen beseech syntax that they be of the same mind in the Lord and I entreat the also true yoke fellow helped those women which labored with me in the Gospel with Clement also with other fellow laborers whose names are in the book of Life Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice always let your moderation be known to all men the Lord is at hand be careful nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication location with Thanksgiving. Let your request be made known unto God and the Peace of God which passes all understanding. Show keep keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus finally brethren whatsoever. Things are true whatsoever. Things are honest whatsoever. Things are just just whatsoever. Things are pure whatsoever. Things are lovely whatsoever. Things are of good report if there be any virtue. If if there'd be any praise think on these things that's Philippians four well if you haven't been hiding under a rock you know that Trump launched a missile attack against Some people in Iraq and ended up killing General Awesome Sulejmani of Iran. who had been behind behind the tax on the US embassy in Iraq and head attacked and killed number of us? US servicemen over the years and trump says this is from Fox News. He says it Sola Mani was planning imminent and sinister attacks in first public remarks in his first public remarks as US Airstrike President Trump accused Iranian general question Sulejmani of planning imminent sinister attacks Friday in his first first televised remarks. Since the deadly airstrike that killed the General Baghdad's International Airport folks. Iran is always been trying to stir up trouble in the mid east and has hates America and our former administration Asian basically made a deal with them. That helped helped him significantly MM cinema billion seven in unmarked bills. Basically we took action last night to stop a war. Trump said during brief remarks at his mar-a-lago resort in Florida. We did not take action to start a war he. He made made that clear that he wanted to stop a war. Without divulging details about what led to the early morning air strike that killed Sulejmani and nine others. The president that said the United States caught the general in the act and terminated him Sola. Monte made the death of innocent people his sick passion trump added saying that what the US did yesterday should have been done a long time ago. How different is that? From the Obama Administration and John Kerry and his secretary of state who basically made a deal with Iran on to try to prop them up and and keep them going late Friday night during an event with Evangelical Supporters Orders Trump addressed the airstrike saying quantum Sulejmani has been killed and his bloody rampage is now forever gone. The killing of Sulejmani. The head of Iran's elite Kudzu force marks a major escalation in the standoff between Washington and Tehran. Yes I'd obviously does but but you could argue that that escalation was there to begin with. They've been out Attacking tankers. I and doing all sorts of things for some time. Senior State Department officials described the killing as defensive. Defensive Strike supported by solid intelligence and claimed Sulejmani was planning imminent attacks against the United States interest in personnel in the region the official said the attacks were being planned in Iraq Syria and Lebanon and targeted. US diplomats military personnel and facilities. That has Americans they claimed hundreds of Americans could have been killed so the idea here is is i. Strike was preemptive. The officials disputed the characterization of Sulejmani death as an assassination which is against US US law instead describing it as an action taken in self defense. Meanwhile Iran has vowed harsh retaliation for the US US strike with the country's supreme leader. Ali Ali Khamenei warning. The harsh retaliation is waiting Khamenei. WHO also called Salamone? The international face of resistance declared three days of public mourning and appointed Major General S. Mail male quantity Sola. Maine's deputy replace him as head of the Quds Force senior State Department official described Sola Meinie Friday as as Iran as the Iran regimes indispensable man and claimed. His death would make it very hard for Tehran to operate as has before so trump was obviously very surgical in this strike back and hit them in such a way as to compromise their ability to do further the things because of the well just the strategic nature of off of this man Everyone in his little foreign legion is now scurrying for cover. Said one official noted that Sola the money in the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden or the only terror leaders who have tried to formulate detail plans for a mass casualty attack on US soil. The operation has also touched off a fresh partisan clash on Capitol Hill with Republicans cheering during the death of the brutal military dictate. Commander as long overdue and Democrats voicing concerns that they weren't consulted and that it could drag the US into a new Middle East conflict. Senator Tom Cotton said Republican from Arkansas said that Soleimani got what he richly deserved. Quantum Sulejmani masterminded Iran's reign of terror for decades including the deaths of hundreds of Americans. He he said tonight he got what he richly deserved. And all those American soldiers who died by his hand also got what they deserved justice. America America is now safer after. Sola money's demise Democrats meanwhile described the killing as a dangerous escalation with senator. Tim Kaine remember Tim. Kaine Remember Hill. Hillary's running mate of the guy that well her lapdog Senator Tim. Kaine Democrat of Virginia grouping it with the Iran deal pull out what is a brazen decision that makes the region less stable. CAIN called on Congress to act to stop president trump from entangling America in in yet another unnecessary war in the Middle East United States said Friday it was sending nearly three thousand more army Troops to the Middle East and urged American citizens to leave Iraq immediately. The State Department said the embassy in Baghdad which was attacked act by Iran backed militias men and their supporters earlier. This week is closed and all the consular services have been suspended and our own congressman. Andy Barr tweeted yesterday. Let me get this straight the same left wing politicians who defended the Obama Clinton inaction leading to four dead Americans in Benghazi now policies to our enemy in Iran when Donald J trump takes decisive action to eliminate an imminent threat to our embassy in Baghdad. So it's interesting It's just it's it's the discourse that we have you know you can You can have somebody that stands up for the US and our interests in office which we do now or you you can have somebody that lays down and basically gives up and that's what we have had in the past stay with us. You're listening to the Tom. DEPRE- show newsradio six thirty P October Tacoma's perfect contract and twenty nine thousand nine hundred and Syria out. Elijah Cummings al-Baghdadi Exit Surinam. Welcome to twenty two US radio. Six thirty on W. La five this. Is Tom Dupree of Dupree. refinancial group frequently. I hear from people I meet that say. Oh I've heard you on the radio and I've been planning to set an appointment with you. Let me say to all of you to whom this applies call us now. There are several good things that happen when you set an appointment with us but the main one is that. You're no longer in the dark about your finances. We give you lots of information about your account completely free and with that obligation. Also we let you know in no uncertain terms if we think you're on a good good track for retirement or not. We are candid GATT to all of our clients and prospects we tell you the truth or free no obligation review of your retirement. Common investments. Call US at depre- financial group at eight five nine. Two three three zero four hundred also listened to the Tom Depre- show on Saturdays at seven to nine. AM At newsradio six. Thirty P that's depre- financial group at eight five nine. Two three three zero four hundred six thirty W. L. A. P. and it's a big jobs man here but I've been working man. Dang near all my live. It'll be bone work in longs to hander bid to us out. Drink my beer at Tabah sang. Thank you need a man blues. Keep Jonah Grass back on the Tom to fresh every every day we welcome John Short to the show. How are you doing how you doing? What's on your What's on your mind? Well we'll we'll try did yes he was he did get into Iran leader out. He good no so I wish to this. Don't I wish when Jason Weaver is terrible. But they didn't do it but trump did and he stood up for the US didn't he isn't easy trump to bowl I did. It was a good the first half was not good at all. It's hit us all my pillow. Just like Jay said sometimes hit it for the second half was good. That's right thirty seven zero. Make a DVD. Are we ready to gain the need to. Yeah I agree with you and sell. It ain't GonNa be Ha- uh-huh yes that'd be good. We'll be good. It'd be Missouri today. That fifteen big in in Tennessee tomorrow by ten big women's fancy ball all right they lost last Thursday. Is that combined blues out. You know what I'm saying. All right we did we lose that game so bad high because they get the highest. We don't yeah. They're number four in the country also. Yeah we need certain needs to be six two six three six ten win all right. That's hard to find in women's John Wa appreciated them happy. What trump did you hear some real? Hey you're this good ho sometime. They do pay in Montana that you heard of her no she her main songs cowboy Sweetheart Patsy Montana yes. He's four Patchy Klein. Yeah okay. We'll we'll look her up John. We appreciate it. You're great raisman. All right there's another article here. I wanted to talk about This is from the daily caller caller Where Ted Cruz Republican Senator Cruz issued a pointed response to an Obama Administration alumnus. After he suggested that killing of Iranian General Sola Mani would lead to a worse case. Scenario trump may have just started a war without congressional national debate. I really hope the worst case scenario doesn't happen but everything about this situation suggests serious escalation to come said. Ben Rhodes a former national security aide to President Barack Obama he tweeted the statement followed news that president trump order to strike against Sola Mani in response to roads. tweet crews asked if it would have been better choice to send the Iranian regime. One one point seven billion dollars in unmarked bills an apparent reference to the Obana Obama administration shipment of money to Tehran as part of its end of two thousand fifteen Iranian nuclear deal. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to send him a billion seven in unmarked bills. Dell's in pallets on planes in the dead of the night. So he could kill more Americans the junior. GOP senator from Texas wrote roads. A top screenwriter screenwriter and advisor to Obama was involved in the two thousand fifteen Iran nuclear deal which consisted of a number of US concessions in in return for the Iranian regime giving up its nuclear capabilities. Critics however pointed to manny evidence that Iran was repeatedly violating the terms of the agreement trump pulled out of the agreement altogether in two thousand eighteen. The Pentagon confirmed late Thursday that Sulejmani. WHO's blamed for the deaths of hundreds of Americans was killed by drone strike near Baghdad's airport? The strike came after iranian-backed protesters storm the US US embassy in Baghdad. On Tuesday since the end of the Obama Administration roads has remained a steadfast critic of trump. He was filmed breaking down on the night of trump's upset victory against Hillary Clinton so this Guy Ben Rhodes was Is A is a partisan Jason Hack to say the lease and a guy who cruise calls out. IRAN THREATENS AMERICA WITH THE LAWSUIT IRAN TAKE A international legal measures against us for Sola money's killing Iran. Ron Will Lounge legal measures at the international level to hold the United States accountable. So so they're now going to sue US over this Which I think is laughable when you consider what this guy did and how we basically were standing up for ourselves? It was clearly a terrorist action says Iran Iran will launch various. It's legal measures at the international level to hold America to account for Sulejmani assassination. They call it so words are just what they are. They're just words And you can You can draw your own conclusions. But I'm with trump. I believe he basically did what he felt needed to be done. And followed the trail of Of violence and oppression and Nefarious activities against you. US troops and trying to go after. US civilians stay with us. You're listening to the Tom. DEPRE- show show on newsradio. Six thirty P. Your late news should be new crazy concept right thankfully W K Y T is putting the new back in late news. Kyi T.. News at eleven is always brushed with newer stories and more updates so there's less repetition which means no wasted did time. I watch salmon amber for my news and Chris Bailey for forecast that lets me know what to expect for tomorrow. WNYC news at eleven newer fresher. Hi this is Tom Debris Junior. What does a good financial advisor do? Perhaps it comes down to asking the right questions instead of having all the answers for instance should I take social security now or later. Am I really ready to retire. Is My money invested properly to pay me an income during retirement. These are a few of the questions that might come up in your discussion with a financial advisor. Good questions are what a financial advisor may be able to help you with. You will come up with the answers on your own. If you're not sure about some of these things need a sounding board called a pre financial group at eight five nine two three three zero four hundred for a complimentary appointment point also. You can listen to the Tom to pre show on Saturdays at seven. AM newsradio six thirty. wwl That's depre- financial group at eight five nine nine two three three zero four hundred. The borders of Iran's top military leader in the streets of Baghdad. Today where funeral processions wins for General Qassim. Suleyman took place so Lemani killed outside Baghdad's airport from a US air strikes sparking anger and vows revenge from Iran's leader President other than trump saying that Soleimani was planning attacks against Americans ABC's Ian Panel is in Beirut Lebanon a place where if you UH officials say Soleimani was targeting. US Intra the the United States is now sending three and a half thousand more troops to the Middle East just days after thousands of protesters storm the US embassy in Baghdad the response in the middle least immediate with protests in a number of cities and fears of worse to come in Australia. Extreme heat and high winds fueling wildfires in New South Wales prime. My Minister Scott Morrison warning residents to get out in. The absence of Dousing Ryan's would normally bring a season like this. UNDERGRAD control is nowhere in sight. Many residents taking shelter on navy ships offshore Michelle Franzen. ABC News another wet evening across the area that rain will roll on the overnight overnight. Low clouds and fog temperatures in the low forties as the Mamas. Drop into the thirties on your Saturday afternoon. On a gusty northwesterly wind. We'll see rain changing over to period creative some rain and wet snow into the afternoon and evening with temperatures still above freezing most of that will be melting on contact and as we roll our way today on Sunday a little morning snow flurry otherwise becoming partly sunny temperatures in the forties from the W K Y T first alert weather center. I'm meteorologist Chris. Bailey Broadcasting Alive twenty four seven from the heart of big blue nation. This is news radio six thirty w well as an iheartradio station. A stroke stroke can come out of nowhere fast so baptist. Health Lexington is ready to respond immediately. We're a comprehensive stroke center with the highest level of care for the most challenging cases are nationally recognized neuroscience experts use breakthrough technology that can start to reverse the effects of a stroke in minutes at Baptist Health Lexington Lexington. We're focused on stopping strokes and restoring lives. 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This is banking reimagined capital one within your world terms apply re comparison based on FDIC National Rate Capitol NA member FDIC. Six thirty. wwl Willie P wander kilos. The phone I guess see against is that we got in bad to apart at the Jones is play for fun games and boo. WHO's in I guess the most drying well well no? I drank back on the Tom to pre show back. This is from the Wall Street Journal. The killing of Sola Mani shines light on the secretive cuts force at spelled Q. U. D. S. trusted deputy is named to succeed exceed Dead Military leader preserve the regional networks. He built Iran moved too quickly quickly replaced the assassinated leader of the elite cuts force with one of his top deputies and preserve the networks cost him Sulejmani had built before a US. US Air Strike killed him early Friday morning. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei appointed s Megani to the roles hours hours after US drone attack. General ceremonies convoy. Shortly after leaving Baghdad's international airport. The attack eliminated the main architect of Iran's on foreign forays ranging from the propping up of Lebanon Hezbollah movement to training pro Tehran militias who fought against Islamic mom extent in Iraq and Syria so surprisingly these guys were actually fighting against Isis. However the network that General Sola lamantia created will likely remain in place? Many of the allies nurtured rely on support from Tehran as much as Iran needs them to extend its influence across the Middle East as important as Sulejmani was his death won't substances the effect. Iran's regional operations said Ashok Sean Asta Var and expert on the Revolutionary Guard and associate professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey California. He proved to have both pragmatic and risk taking inclinations. It's unclear how his successors will behave or how much they will aim to emulate or depart from Sola Mancini's these approach. So it's interesting that Iran basically had so so many tentacles so many different places in their desire to control of the narrative in the Middle East and it was very strategic. And you know they were kind of like The special forces or I don't know what you'd call them but A as a special elite force that basically promoted violence throughout the Middle East. Here's a story from The election stuff That's been going on here with the Democrats PEOP- Buddha judge as Iowa and New Hampshire primaries draw near and South Benz. Boy Wonder Pete. Buddha Judd seems buoyant in the all important early state polls mayor Pete has been perpetually dogged by major issue the youngest and most activated voters in his party all seem to hate his guts. Now it's interesting to me because Mayor Buddha judge is when you look hit The left wing of influence on the Democrats. He seems to be trying to position himself. as a As as a moderate but the you're younger left-wingers are not buying it. Normally the first candidate tentatively generation can expect to why away ride a wave of youthful enthusiasm as John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton once did for the thirty-seven-year-old Buddha judge. It's been quite the opposite. The newly radicalized teen vogue invoked A CRINGE-WORTHY CLASS WARFARE PUN to declare his campaign lesson in. PD Bourgeois Politics Jacko. Ben Tribune of the Socialist Wing of the Democrat Party has developed seemingly an entire vertical focused on slamming mayor. Pete a writer for out magazine putting it in starker terms tweeted that if he had Kunas he'd run as a Republican publican against trump in the primary why is this enmity from young left wing activists toward Buddha judge so visceral role. It's true that they favor Bernie Sanders but Buddha judge comes in for a type of loathing that passes even That they hold for Sanders older rivals Joe Biden and Elizabeth. Warren and. What's interesting to me? Is the dichotomy automate that you see in the Democrat Party Between the new ultra left wingers and people like baton and like Buddha judge who are trying to basically occupied some middle ground. And and you know it. It's interesting what will happen this to me though it's It's just interesting. Well it's interesting. I'll put it that way. Let's go to something annouce here. Poll finds Americans found Clinton's offense is worse than trump when it comes to sizing up the impact to president. Trump's partisan impeachment in the house last December. It's good to look at how he stacks up with other highly criticized presidents. That's exactly clearw- pollster Jonathan Zoghbi of Zoghbi analytics did in his latest survey in it he asked voters felt that any of the last twelve presidents dating to Dwight Dwight Eisenhower committed impeachable offenses in light of the historic impeachment of President Trump House Democrats. It's interesting to think that this this moment in history will mean and how does it rate Zoghbi said in in sharing his data although most scholars argue events can't be defined or processed in historical terms for about forty to fifty years. After we thought it would be interesting to see what impeachment now means for trump so we asked survey respondents. Do you agree or disagree that each one of the following presidents committed an impeachable offense while in office he said Richard Nixon who quit over. The Watergate scandal was first at seventy one percent followed by Bill Clinton who lied about having sex with one time intern. Monica Lewinsky at sixty one. One percent trump came in third at fifty. Three percent and Barack Obama was fourth at thirty eight percent. Zoghbi noted that unlike like with other presidents the partisan divide over trump was epic. The partisan lines were drawn when it comes to the impeachment of trump. More than three quarters of Democrats mkx rats agreed he committed an impeachable offense while fifty three percent of the Republicans disagreed. This is different than Nixon or Clinton in that all all demographics including political parties thought they committed impeachable offenses the house impeach trump on a partisan vote last month claiming blaming that he needed to be immediately removed from office because he is a threat to the nation and the two thousand twenty election. And there's also talk that he was using this attack on Iran as a way of basically changing the subject and making himself self You know The wag the dog scenario This idea of just just changing and the subject through creating an attack on Iran. All right. Let's go to a break here. It is the Tom Depre- show. It's newsradio six thirty P quick. Throw Canova Richmond Creek Twenty nineteen older. Let's get it on outstanding. Welcome to twenty twenty Thanksgiving Newsradio six hundred men. WLA Hi this is Tom Debris Junior. What does a good financial advisor do? Perhaps it comes down to asking the right questions instead of having all the answers for instance should I take social security now or later. Am I really ready to retire. Is My money invested properly to pay me an income during retirement. These are a few of the questions that might come up in in your discussion with a financial advisor. Good questions are what a financial advisor may be able to help you with. You will come up with the answers on your roane. If you're not sure about some of these things need a sounding board called the Pre Financial Group at eight five nine two three three zero four hundred for a complimentary point point also. You can listen to the Tom to pre show on Saturdays at seven. AM newsradio six thirty. WWL A big that's depre- financial group at eight five nine nine two three three zero four hundred six thirty wwl. AP At the old man come in home Beer to warn you thought you own the fall. Get rid of the grander better. Be there long though the All Burma thousands come in the ball. I've been working in a sawmill. Come all the kids got when someone back on the Tom Debris show well get this Fox. News says it Michigan Swing Voters Rip Pelosi Democrats over impeachment push a recent focus group with ten Michigan voters. Repealed potential warning reveal potential warning signs for Democrats ahead of the two two thousand and twenty election as a focus group. Roundly ripped impeachment as a waste of time folks. Look at the amount of time I'm an effort. Congress his put into impeachment and as I was saying in the last segment. This is a guy who a president who is trying to do things in the world to make the world a better place and the only thing that the Democrats have been able to do since since he's been elected is to try to pull him into this impeachment thing and it just is so clear to me. What kind of leadership I'd rather be with and that maybe must've you listeners would rather be with back to this article? The panel was comprised of people who voted for President Barack Obama in two thousand twelve and then switched parties to vote for president. Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen Michigan went went for trump over Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen by less than half a percentage point in two thousand twelve Obama carried that state by nine percentage. Did you points over then. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The focus is in the wrong direction. Not Working on policies that will help help. People said a man in the Saginaw Michigan Group conducted by the communications firm engages on December ninth the House of Representatives voted to impeach trump on December eighteenth. Why is the focus continually on trying to get rid of trump? What are you doing for us? said one woman in reaction to the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Give it up. Nancy added another man. The Michigan Focus Group seemed to find that these are folks folks who are not swing voters. They're kind of just trump voters now said Fox News. Contributor and pollster Christian soltys these focus groups are great said her guests co-founder of optimus polling Scott Transfer. It's pretty much describes probably what everyone's feeling when they watch reality show they're like look it isn't about you guys. The the people in Washington do not seem to be able to get the message that the swing voters are more concerned about bread and butter daily things and They're not as focused on impeachment and and the idea that the president needs to be removed. And it's just not getting through it. It seems to me and then we have We have Okaz Zeo Cortes. who rifts trump for ordering a hit on terrorists Sulejmani nothing but you know the Democrats can only we come up with a negative things to say Democratic New York Rep Alexandria Cossio Cortez on Friday criticised President Donald Trump for ordering the killing of Qassem Soleimani last night the president engaged in what is widely being recognized as an act of war against Iran? One that now risks the lives of millions of innocent people she wrote in a lengthy twitter threads Sulejmani was reporting reportedly planning imminent imminent attacks. That could have killed hundreds of American right now. Is the moment to decide if you are pro peace or not a cossio. Cortes added the cheerleaders of war removed from its true cost will gladly convince you. That up is down just as they did in Iraq. You know three. Oh Cossio Cortez said. Congress has a moral and legal obligation to reassert. Its power to stop this war where they didn't a war. He said he was doing it to head off having a war and protect innocent people from horrific consequences according to the US Department of Defense Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats. Okay that we know. Here's a story out of Virginia Gun. Control standoff hit heats up in Virginia as sanctuaries grow in big votes loom a battle over gun control in Virginia with national implications is heating up as the legislature prepares to vote on sweeping new restrictions and localities band together to divide them in growing numbers. Virginians turned out to debate the measures and other issues at public hearings on thirsty less than a week before the General Assembly's first legislative. You've session of two thousand and twenty both. The Virginia Citizens Defense League and gun owners of America specifically warmed about Democratic governor. Ralph northerns related budget proposal. Which directs two hundred fifty thousand for the Department of Corrections to incarcerate people as a result of new restrictions and a measure another measure included over four million dollars in eighteen authorized positions part of an apparent team that second amendment groups groups warned could be used to enforce an assault weapons ban? The new general assemblies expected to vote on bills in particular which would ban assault weapons opens. Raise the minimum age of purchase in the run-up to the session and following state elections in November a defiant protest movement has taken shape that could influence influence similar movements in other states more than one hundred cities towns and counties have passed sanctuary resolution. Resolutions meant to flout an assault assault weapons ban and other proposals. According to local outlets activists on both sides of the debate raised concerns during a hearing in Suffolk. This is not about gun safety public safety or whatever you WANNA call it. One speaker said it's about control of people based on a radical political extremist agenda. Virginia seems to be Ground Zero to me of liberals versus conservatives. It's obviously the mother the the mother of So much of American democracy is is in Virginia and The struggle goes on there in a big way and something that's gotten my attention in. Is this huge wildfire. These brushfires that are going on down in Australia. It's tragic Five hundred million animals have been killed and It doesn't show any signs of getting any better. It's it's these massive brushfires that have been taken place and the Prime Minister of Australia has gone to visit the place where it's happening and the people have jeered him him and told him You know to get lost and the fact that he's not helping the area. This article from the Wall Street Journal says Australia calls out. More troops is fire crisis. Escalates Australia called up. Three thousand thousand defense forced reserved ordered in more waterbombing planes to help fight ravaging wildfires as temperatures topped one hundred degrees degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday Prime Minister Scott Morrison also deployed the Australian Navy's largest amphibious ship the HMAS as Adelaide to support the evacuation of fire affected areas along the southeastern coast to other navy ships stationed near the town of Malla. Khuda in Victoria State attempted to rescue eleven hundred more people Saturday. This thing has just been in A terrible human tragedy. And it's just it's gone Destroyed so much acreage and Human dwellings and the Animal The animals that have died from it right. Now there's a there's a brush fire that is this is big as Manhattan. It's amazing and I was watching some of the video last night and I'm not saying this as a joke but if you never felt felt bad for the species of Koalas now I I saw the horrible thing about this happened Koalas. Yes and what what's happened happen to them and it's just terrifying. They've had to be Many of them have had to be euthanized. put down and it's just really some. I mean it looks like absolute hell. Yeah I if you had a vision of hell this go online and look and see what's going on over there there. It is absolutely tragic. Yeah it is and there are so many things that go go on in the world that we don't have any control over and this one is is one that just really is amazingly bad so they deserve our prayers and and and our the thoughts very much trying to find something else. There was an article I saw here. Here here's that that article about three fires have combined to form a single blaze bigger than the New York borough of Manhattan as Australian firefighters others battle what has been predicted to be the most catastrophic day yet in an already devastating brush fire season. The fires joined joined overnight in the region in Victoria state. Creating six thousand Hector Twenty-three Square Mile Blaze according to gipps Lands Department of Environment Land Water and Planning in neighboring New South Wales state of fire in the Walla Lindi region of the capital Sydney remains. Maine's out of control content. According to the Rural Fire Service it is burn two hundred sixty four thousand hectares of land in recent months whether conditions are deteriorating rapidly on Saturday with the county's Bureau of Media are warning that Windsor picking up and temperatures are increasing. All right stay with us. Got Mike Johnson in the House and Gary Euclid. We'll be talking about the economy. Business things of that nature newsradio six thirty W. L. A.. P. It's the Tom depre- show.

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