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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Klein. The FBI says it's still trying to determine what motivated a twenty one year old. Saudi the air force trainee at the Naval Base in Pensacola Florida to open fraught. Fire Friday. He killed three people before he was shot and killed special official agent. Rachel Rojo says the F. B. is investigating the incident as an act of terrorism. We are as we do in most active shooter investigations. They work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism. This allows us to take advantage of investigative techniques aches that can help us more quickly identify and then eliminate any additional potential threats to the rest of our community she also says the shooter legally purchased the Gun. He used a massive pro. Democracy demonstration was held in Hong Kong today. This time it was authorized organizers. Put the number eight eight hundred thousand. The police estimate is far lower but either way it was a huge turnout Annemarie Evans reports. It sent a clear and mostly peaceful message to the Beijing backed government in two incidents in the early evening. Both the High Court and the A quarter final appeal had fire set at their entrances. There was also some vandalism of shops but overall the protest was peaceful. The turnout was a clear signal to chief. Executive Carrie Lam that the protesters want an independent investigation into alleged police. Brutality and steps to universal suffrage Komo other demands during the evening. There were escalating tensions between launch groups of riot police facing off against masked black-clad antigovernment protesters and police cordoned off several streets but demonstrators than started to head home a rare peaceful protests in recent times for NPR news. I'm Anna Marie Evans. In Hong Kong air strikes and ground attacks in Syria's northern Illit province are escalating. Leyla Alana Allen reports. The Syrian government with Russian air support is pushing further into rebel-held area south. Today's will more than eighty s strikes targeting thirty. He won villages across it lifts countryside. According to the Syrian observed driven Human Rights Twenty. One people were killed eight of them. Children and forty three injured. The escalation follows is a period of relative calm in the area after Russia announced a ceasefire at the end of August since late. November the Syrian government and is rushing allies have violated the ceasefire repeatedly resuming ground and air bombardment across the province. Human Rights. Watch released a statement last week calling for Russia to be held accountable for war. Crimes committed in Syria due to its unlawful disregard for civilian life in the country for NPR news. I'm Lynn Allen in Beirut this is NPR news. Israel is thanking a real estate mogul in Switzerland. Who's donating Nazi artifacts that he purchased the lebanese-born businessman businessman says he bought the items to keep them out of the hands of hate groups? NPR's Naomi's Evola reports Abdullah Teela told the Associated Press that he paid some six hundred thousand euros or about six hundred sixty thousand dollars at a Munich auction for the items which included Adolf Hitler's top Hat Chatila said that he initially planned to destroy the items but then decided to donate them. They will be given to Yod Vashem. Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Center an appearance in Jerusalem Sunday Chatila said. I believe that the Jewish people are the only ones that have the right to decide what to do with the items Israeli president. Reuven Rivlin told Chatila that he had shown the world how to fight fascism with his purchase and donation of the memorabilia for NPR news. I'm Naomi's level off in tel-aviv. At an art festival in Miami a banana duct taped to a wall is one of the pieces of art. Work has been removed after a patron for an eight the banana he called it performance art. He was asked to leave. And then organizers of the prominent art fair took the peace down as it was proving to be a a distraction from other work on display before the banana was eaten. The work sold for some one hundred twenty thousand dollars with the artist's his permission to replace the banana as needed. I'm Barbara Klein N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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