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Hi you're listening to the road to a billion podcast. I'm your host stuff in georgia. Since two thousand eleven. I've sold over seven hundred million dollars worth of products for both clients my own companies. I've also founded or co founded eight different businesses that grows between seven to nine figures in revenue. Today i focus a lot of my time on teaching training a mentor in the next generation of freelancers and entrepreneurs and that's why created the road to a billion a call in radio. Show style podcast. Where i answer. People's questions on mindset business ownership scaling funnels copywriting and more. If you want to admit a question then check out the show to learn how or visit me at stephan. Paul george dot com forward slash. Subscribe to opt into my email list. And every week you'll get a link to join the live call in show and with that being said let's go ahead and get started. Hey you're listening to the road to a billion podcasts. I'm your host stephan. Georgia and i'm glad to have you with me here today. The road to a billion is a call in radio. Show style podcasts. Where you can ask me. Questions about freelancing copywriting entrepreneurship mindset scaling businesses relationships money and more the reason for the name the to billion is because i am going to be hitting a billion dollars in sales this year for both my own products and products of mike For my clients in the copy four or start businesses that have sold stuff. And i wanna make an impact in the lives of a billion people across the road whether that is emotional financial mental. What have you. So we'll start taking calls in about five minutes from now and again the way that works is you'll just put your questions into the section in zoom and then ed ray will review questions and feed them to myself and my guest jan gottlieb who. I will introduce in a moment here before introduced gen ed. Do you want to go ahead and say hi to everybody and Kind of a share who you are and what you do sure. Hey i'm ed ray. I loved break dancing. And i'm the facebook compliance guy so help people scale fast and furious on facebook. Supercharged copywriting skill and completely avoid and navigate the treacherous waters of facebook's that don't get hit by facebook span hammer. That's me also perfect. So today we are joined by gen gottlieb. I'm very excited for this. Gen z co founder and chief mindset officer for superconductor media which is a awesome pr company. I use them. If you've seen that i've been featured in forbes business insider cnbc's grow to features Buzzfeed on the harmon brothers podcasts. A bunch of other cool opportunities that i've gone to have and it's all thanks to jen and chris winfield her partner and their team so really excited to have john here she's a former. Vh one host. And a broadway actress and transitioned into the role of pr. We'll get into that story here but she also has su super tanker media's unfair advantage live. Which is the royals. Premiere publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media. That's actually amazing. What you all do if that someone talk about. That and jen herself has been featured in numerous top podcasts as well as in forbes business insider shape women's health well plus good. Cpi security good morning. America pbs and in goop is one of the top eleven professionals helping people to find satisfying successful career. So jen is awesome to have you with us today. I'm so excited to be here. Stephan i am like one of your number one and so this is geeking out yesterday where he planned. The last. minute is such an exciting. that's awesome. We have thrilled to have you here. I'm never get tired of looking at the backdrop that you have there too. It's legit. I need to my back. I've been thinking about this about these Like diplomas that. Don't even really mean that much to me. My wife put them up cygnus it. She did art or something. But i like the backdrop of the new york skyline is a very very solid. Good framing. right. There is a catch twenty two because everybody thinks it's fake zoom background because it looks like Swear to god. This is really a window shade in front of it. So we're really lucky. It's a beautiful new york city. That's awesome I know i for a minute. Thought it was faked. You remember. i've talked to before when you moved around and go. Yeah it is a man. That's awesome so jen like like let's start with kind of what you do. Today was supernatural media and then from there kind of worked a little bit. I'd love to hear the journey from you know even started. Vh one kind of stuff and and and sort of how that journey because the serve a unique kind of road taken to what you're doing today and now he who you and chris are at the top level in the road of pr and connecting people. So i just love to hear about where you are today and and kind of the journey to get there. It's a wild story. We love the quote. You can't connect the dots looking forward looking backwards because in my life you told me years ago that this is that would be doing. It would be like your bachelor crazy. No way So it's it's a pretty cool story. And i think that it's it's really super inspiring people that have a have a big dream or even just a that. They're not even clear of and just by stating baby steps getting to our m. but For renton now when we're backwards. We are Crispin my partner. Also ganders superconductor media so like you said the agency that represents people step in really amazing amazing entrepreneurs small business owners or some brands companies. Like our foods chilling pads tech companies as. Well that are doing really amazing things in the world the majority of the people that we represent our are game changing in really have amazing message to share. We reps people like les brown outermost big motivational speakers in the world. Amy porterfield Foods that are like bring To the world and we also have a portion of our company. Our tagline is pr done differently. And you talk to a lot of people. Every day that comes to me is a giant. I was burned by the agency or had a really bad experience with chattahoochee childcare. Watching in you know you've heard someone else say i've been burned by pr agency or you personally been burned by the let me know because inseparately a common thing in weren't comment and completely disrupt this industry a naked something that works because at the end of the day of we can help people with amazing messages. Share those messages with the mainstream media where the majority of the people are listening watching reading. We can help more people so a couple of things that we do differently. As is we really focused on the mindset piece and getting out of your own way to get yourself out there in the media because a lot of the times people entrepreneurs especially there's about imposter syndrome and that's why my on mistitled companies jeep transit officer. So really really really great how to get over that ear how to remember at responsibility to be this ball and we do things like you said. Unfair advantage live is our big event that we do which has changed drastically due to covid and then we also have our on boot camp which is coming up which will talk about. I'm sure Where we teach for five days how to pitch in book your first tv segment so we do everything from the big agency. Side with in our high level. Premium clients tunein teaching people. That are just getting started. Really hot to get the her stevie segment and how to get in media me me ask you john when for people who are sort of a little bit shy or afraid or they're not sure if like pr or you know doing media. Efforts is right for them. You know who who is a good fit when you were generally working with these types of people and especially people who are maybe a little bit timid or afraid to put themselves out there. Yeah i love that question meetings. The majority of the people that we work with would call themselves the majority Work with had never done a facebook live. Four have never done an instagram before our actual we really really really scared nervous themselves out there but they have this this carling deep inside of them that that extends to them everyday whenever they see somebody else. That does something similar to that in the media are that's your that's getting press. They feel this thing. Got like all my caught me. But then when they go to do it they feel really scared. Or you'll shy or they feel like they don't wanna be brag or they don't wanna they don't like marketing themselves talking about themselves. So were they happen imposter syndrome. That's like a one day. She realized that. I don't really know what i'm talking about. So i may as well not saying word right and it's still comment and like i said we really work on that piece piece the most out of anything in boot camp and at our event. Because if you get through that you know we're never going to get over that fear Performing title if he said it was on broadway television and you would think that i think the most competent percent ever right. If that's what i do. That's what i've done for a living. I'm not and i have to work really really really hard every single day to feel i feel the earning do it anyway. So we teach a lot of like tools. Tactics had a jewish with that. Had understand that it's going to be scary but if you flip it around and we really focused on thinking about the person on the other side that need your help so h. p. helped one person every day if your message if what you're going to stay with the media and in the media on television in a publication you're not a facebook live you oppose anywhere something that can be visible to somebody else. That's going to help somebody. It's your responsibility to be visible on the show up every day that you don't go follow someone else or buy something from someone else. That's not as good as you or doesn't care as much simply because they're visible in. You're not so if you flip it around and d.c about the person that you're helping on the other side of the screen it takes the fear adamant it takes the ego out of it. It's not about anymore. It's about the people that you can help with what you're saying love that doesn't awesome reframe and a really cool way of looking at it from a from a mindset perspective. It's funny because i feel the same way with with sales right. We talked to you about sally. It's if you have a really good product and you're like you almost have a responsibility to sell people on it if it's going to really help them right and It sounds cliche. But it's true. And i think if you have a crappy product and you don't feel good science and go find a different products like excite transition in the way. Pr is selling. The one thing. I think about as a copywriter is is. Were selling all the time. That doesn't need to be a cynical jaded thing right. It's like you're selling yourself. You're selling your message or selling mindset shift. You're selling a product. Whatever it is always kind of selling in so Pr's the same thing but again it's not about you. It's always like the the the viewers always asking. Wasn't it for me whether you know that's because we're trying to buy a solution Product or trying to just learn something new that you're sharing it's like that's what they're asking if you focus on them than it removes your eagle like you said so. I think that's really kind of really cool advice general question i guess i have to is for product owners and offer owners because i'm in the road of direct response. A lot introduced to your team to steve. Gunn i'm not sure if you guys are are moving forward or not but you know. He's got this cool cd of tommy chong as spokesperson doing while. But but i think a lot of people in response Who have like really cool. Businesses and brands are using leveraging. Pr really at all right now. And maybe they're afraid to maybe they don't know if they'll get an roi maybe they don't know why they should. But i would be curious to hear what are some reasons that someone like kind of direct consumer brand would want to leverage amplify their pr presence l. Yeah well this. This is so fun because we do talk to a lot of people that are in direct response marketing and like we love as email copy. We love these guys are all mark but what pr is and what it is. I like to call it like match up. Essays sprinkle on top of all of your marketing efforts because at the end of the day people walk that party bare fixation they want. It's a weird thing when you see step in georgia in forbes next to each other suddenly you have more credibility than anybody else on the internet. So if somebody's going to buy your products let's get an amazing email like this looks dope but they go google. Let me see if i can get a better price or get something else right. And they go and they start ruling but then they see all of this media all green street press like today show remorse america for easing the local news. Even if you just see like product on tv it's this weird thing to happen to somebody's brain and they will always choose your or the competitor. Every time every time it's also in amazing way to communicate with your buyers getting needs should be and i know that you use it incredibly putting it in your mouse right in just to show credibility in that social group. It's amazing of follow up with sales. I love having sales conversations with somebody then being able to have the follow up instead of the follow up the just bubbling up to the top of your email or just wanted to follow up here. I just say hey. I wanted to show you an amazing piece that i was talking about something on tv that we were speaking about about our in our last conversation. And what that does is just makes that person. Think wow this is legit and so direct response. Marketing and people that have a direct consumer product. That person is always most likely going to go do a lot of time. sometimes people are just. They'll just by but they're gonna go do their research and they're gonna rule and they're gonna see who has the most media and then they're going to go by for that reads it and also if you can leverage not just using your products. Is this yet but shape health. The health products have a fitness product. Like big health. Publications says that your product is the shed and you put that in your email now unused Hey help magazine just add. This product is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Check it out. Someone's going to buy it just because health magazine said they gave it their chakma magical theory nest the makes perfect sense and i think even for people who are speaking from stage or if you wanna be able to like i think people have a cool message and have a cool story and i think one thing is that people underestimate how many kinds of newsworthy things have going on their lives like even just a lot of folks on who joined the royal or gonna watch the replay on youtube or listen on. Itunes is like you know by virtue of you being successful freelancer right. Now and twenty twenty. You know during covid like you're making money is like the that's actually very news worthy. They probably get a lot of press about it. Sending entrepreneurs right. I mean how many businesses are small businesses are tragically closing down because of covid But then at the same time like a bunch of business owners. That are thriving. And it's like just to get that. I think people get afraid of doing pr. I was this way because of an ego thing right. It's like a my just doing this as an ego play just sort of trying to like soak my own ego and you know but to your point what this guy with me putting myself out there general like i have a lot of cool things to share if that helps other people than i owe it to them to share that stuff and i say pretty much everyone in my universe weather your email lists or again someone who watches this content. Whatever it is like you privacy share to you so i want to challenge people to kind of to to think beyond just a simple digital funnel or even just facebook says awesome but i but i really think that you know. Pr can be really avenue. That's not being utilized right now and a huge opera. It sounds funny because pr. it's been going on forever a response and even e com in freeland. All these things people are just kind of like. I don't know but but it's a huge again the forbes thing like you said like that does help me if i want to go try and get a client for consulting and i can mention that like oh yeah you know will It's funny you ask about that because up this article or cnbc keeps doing features about me. It's is crazy build improving credibility so there's really a lot of reasons to consider it. I wanted to kind of expand my audiences minds about this stuff. I'm so glad to have you be sharing this with me hundred percent. It's the best time as awesome. So we're going to question if you missed. I do want to talk about. I won't talk about your guys is beyond challenge coming up before eight to i. I am curious real quick with you and chris. I mean you don't have to share you know raw numbers. Whatever you're comfortable with but yeah day it's like let's not lose sight of the fact that you've built a seven figure agency and you've done it pretty quickly. I'm not sure exactly what the time horizon is. But i know it's been a few years and i would love to hear sort of some of the keys that enabled you to to kind of get to where you are like. Why have you guys had so much success. And you know what makes a few mistakes made along the way to where you learn lessons. I'd love to hear that way and it has been not so chris huhne partners. I wanna say less than to have your spouse. Maybe you two years ago in this business partners. He was already a doing unfair advantage last so he was connecting entrepreneurs media with event and that there was no business attached to it. It was just this amazing event. That did his offer. Just doing his carl. And we you know my expertise is always been in mindset coach our wellness coach and then also by energy so my mind kareem in my vision was always able to combine everything that i love and nsa literally. This is my vision. I wanted to be like spears. Tony robbins like jay z and beyonce in a power couple. That was always before chris. That was my manifestation. That was what i wanted and Agnew averaged a believer in getting super theorem. What you want and visualizing it in jail not because it will magically come to me if i visualized that but because when i do that the opportunities become way more prevalent like those like there's neon lights. Oh this is what you're supposed to here it is here. It is your debts and christmas doing these events and like holy crap. This is a way for me to be able to be on stage for help people. And then also i knew a lot about media byard because that's how i built my. This was the only thing that i knew to build my business because of my entertainment background so he came together. We built superconductor media and it just started out of the need And this is a really amazing reminder to anybody starting a business it was not going to be an agency it was going to be group programs and someone came up to me at an unfair advantage. Live event and said not gonna do a group program. Let me pay you to do this for me. Please please let me tell you to do this warming lease and we're like oh crap. I guess people meet this so we took one client. We should one client and then god okay. We're crushing for this client. Somebody else heard about it and they wanted to do it and we took another then another guy so it almost happened on accident out of a need and just kept growing and growing and growing from there now coronavirus. Kobe happened and we need a lot of actually be allowed. Mistakes prior to kobe In the year of twenty nineteen. I would say so. People can learn from our mistakes are business grew really really quickly and we decided that we were like okay. We can just hire a coo and let go of the reins in travel and speak everywhere and like let this run and we can go be the face and i did that a little too quickly and we stepped out a little too fast anything Many people make this really want to share it. Because i want to prevent somebody else making state and got a little far away. We let other people take control of our vision. And it's really easy to do that because like this to do or scale Useless electoral control. But we step back to bar and then we realized you know that was a mistake in things started. A lot of bad hires were made and the culture started to share and then run happened and then everything kind of just shit has to happen for the shift happens. It all kind of really gwen out. What do we do so like. What an amazing excuse to lean out step back in in a big way remember when our visions and change things and really get back to what we want. Cheer like me and like archie publicity officer angela instead of looking at all big shiny objects to try and get coverage so we leaned out and we decided to create this on tv. Recap at the time. It was on tv challenge because the majority of our revenue came from this live event or unfair. We will do a couple year and you would make seven figures Now is like how other than our agency. We were making a lot of money. Those events could do more. We had cancelled our vet. So what are we gonna do. We had to hit it. And when you decide to pivot you just you can't think about it you have to take action and you have to just go and so immediately all right. We're gonna do this challenge model. We didn't know what we were going to sell on the back end. We had no idea we were like we're just gonna do it just like we had no idea what we were doing. When we started the agency we just took action and then a ruin morphed came wanted as we went so we did this. I yet charging. Learn everything that we need to know about challenges within like a week and and then while we were in it we decided what we were going to sell an we created an eight week accelerator program and we built that eight week accelerator program as wet week to week to week recording the content and it did amazingly and we felt amazing doing it which step that's the most important piece so if you don't feel good doing what you're doing don't do it. We felt amazing. It was like this is our thing and and then we did it again and again and again and now we you know we really found our seats. Thought we changed it and made a better recall the beyond tb boot camp and be seen accelerators on the back end and agencies thriving Because we leaned down or amazing as you know. It's about this all the time but we had a moment there where where where. It was a little freaked out moment and we came back to our war. We came back to who we are to our heart in our really on a roll. Yeah that's awesome to hear. And and i know knotty my head like when you're talking about the ceelo thing it's something i've been. I've seen so many times and giving advice recently as well. Because it's what i've learned for my own personal brand and what. I'm doing nbc method. I'm i'm kind of taking ownership of the role of ceo. Which i hadn't before it was kind of being more passive and mcknight even more active and it's a totally different ballgame. So then i'm going back to reading about leadership and team building and all of these things but as back to the first time i was a ceo of my first off salva company that went from a million to twenty million in a single year which is a big leap mike lessons in the first year sucked and one of them. Was that whole thing of i. Think a lot of entrepreneurs ohio. Ceo that means operations. That means i can focus on the thing. I love to do and to put any focus into this at all. Because they're going to handle it all but what happens right as you guys learned is a coo sony's directions don't use oversight still needs guidance. They're still need to be led by you and over time you can let go of the reins more and let the coo take on more autonomy. But i think a lot of us entrepreneurs make that mistake of sort of abdicating right. We we hire the cio. We say all right you got this and then you couple months later a month later. Whatever and you're like why do you think sock like. Why is this not going good right. And and and and and the crap lake so Yeah like i. It's comforting hearing that you guys made that mistake to because you know. I think we've all made it. Anyone who's really ever growing a business. So johnnie i wanted you to share about the be on. Tv the boot camp that you're doing and that's one of the big reasons i'm going to have you on so you could tell my listeners and viewers about it and i have a link for this. This is not a secret webinar. But i do have a link to the you can check out and isn't affiliate links. If you do do it. I will get a commission clear and straightforward about that. I'm however obviously i'm paying you guys. Whatever i pay you like six thousand plus a month or something like that. Ten thousand zero. What is so clearly. I believe in what they're doing. And hence why. I wanted to share it with my audience as well so genuine kind of walk. Everyone through that isn't after that. Welcome to the q. And a. section after the interview on is it is five gave you can actually. I'll let you honestly. It goes for about eight days. Overdeliver like a beast and we give all these extra calls but it is everything that you need to know to be able to pitch in book and totally like crush your first or next t segment and it is you maybe thinking. Oh my god but like. I've never even done this before. How am i going to be on. Tv or petrified either breast alive or crass record in posted on social media what we do is we create in unbelievably safe space in a bang in community where we all practice messily right and imperfectly and we can you know. Have this bubble in this space where we can practice being on. Tv being on tv participation. Kim in by this day you have absolutely everything that you need to know to be able to write a pitch in the best way the way that we can stacked What we teach how to pitch how to get your messaging tight so if you're having trouble with messaging we'll tell you how to get that mess j tight right on each users had a right not pitch than how to you know. Have the confidence to be in camera. Do a lot of stuff with minds work but most importantly the community that we bring together for this on tv. Who can't so raking rocking the people that do. This are amazing. Transformations that happened mindset wise. Because i'm going to let you in on a secret stuff out of you know this. But we're really a personal development company and we use idiot as the gateway to personal bill. Because once you start to quote yourself out there and actually feedback calling that you have deep down to be seen something magical happens and you start doing a little more internal more and then you believe that you're the expert and then you do it a little more. And then you help more people. It feels better and better and better. There's so much momentous rough by the end of just five days we also bring on up from one of the biggest shows. I'll let you guys know just your just your listeners. From good morning. America producer in With our chandra members. So you guys sign up. It's dope it starts on tuesday and i if you're someone Community we wanna know. Yo you are our community. You're our family will take extra big deal awesome. I'm going to put the lincoln again for those who Who want to sign up. But i do think it's really dope. I love it. And the good morning. America i think alone is so cool edwards. Messaging me while while you're talking about had a few questions in To happen agenda Your questions for sure. So who who do you think gets the the best use out of pr. Like if someone like. Sam someone's totally starting out in like online freelancing and they you know they they wanna did start with pr. Would you say that. That's good for them. I think that idea for absolutely everybody. If you have an experience everybody needs. This is my personal opinion. I think that absolutely everybody needs personal. Grammar now stephanos power of that. He's he's a copywriter. Will the greatest copywriter in the world. But he's building this really powerful personal brand. Because here's the thing you're in this for the long run. Have company right. Now that may change company sell company by company. Whatever you may have completely ten years from now but the one thing that you will always have is your personal brand and who you are and so people love you right. They're going to buy from you. Whatever you're selling or ever and ever and ever matter city you want to build that footprint at like that really beautiful online and it doesn't matter people think like oh i've gotten pr before for something else. That i did ages adele in. It's totally different from what i do now. So can i still use that leverage donald. Does that even make sense. So a highly leveraged the back that was h one even though that has absolutely nothing to do with what i do now. I leverage it every single day of my life because that gives me credibility right and so if you on so chris my partner. He was in the new york times for his Seo company ages ago this may have been ten years ago. He can always say for the rest of his life as seen in the new york times right. If you can have those little media logos at the bottom of your website for the rest of your life has media doesn't die. It doesn't go away. sc non gm or for stephan. He's got a beautiful little media logos at the bottom of his website. These examples will lead you presentations. That's there forever. And if someone is ever grueling and they're debating if they wanna work with stephan and his company whatever. He's doing her by from him or somebody else. That does the same thing with the same prices. He has all these beautiful little logo under his name. The other person doesn't were the issues. What are they going to add to that. Jen is honestly like. I wish i had started doing more. Put myself out. There are more earlier on because it's really just been started last like late november. Actually it was. It was december. Yeah yeah so. It's been less than a year. And it's calling my. Mls is a little over three thousand people. I've got what about fifteen hundred zero subscribers. Justin the stuff and talk copy. That facebook group has five thousand people Do this show. And i've got the puck and this really rewarding because again my whole why is showing people like a better way that they don't need to settle for the status quo whether that's within like a corporate job or their current freelancing environment or with their company and struggling. That's what just gets me out of bed in the morning so you're reaching people. Interacting with people is energizing and fulfilling. But i just think about you. I've been freelancing since two thousand twelve but it's like what. If i if i had started then i could have melissa of twenty five thirty forty thousand people and even on the email list i've been i'm very transparent about it if most almost everyone on this call right now or or the show is on my list but you know the average basically average describing my list is worth at least five hundred dollars per year and it keeps going up because it's been less than a year so i've got three thousand people so it's like that's one point five million a year that i can time expect to generate from my list but it's like man imagine if i had a twenty thousand person list or thirty thousand dollars or fifty thousand and if i had been doing this for eight years i could have had that and so again. This is like a pitch to everyone that you know if the pr is up for you right now. The totally cool. But but i do. I am passionate about this and wanted to share it because for me personally as a mentor. Guide i'm like this is something that i wish i had been doing earlier and i just wanted to share that ed you have another. I think the giving other questions on that like is someone like me Pr seems like this kinda scary expensive of foreign idea. That's like reserved only four celebrities and people who have really something crazy to share like. Is it really that started in. Like what does it look like now. I love this question so much. Ed thank you for asking. This is actually very very very important. Because yes i do. Have a premium agency right. But you don't need to hire a premium agency to get started with. We are we. Have we help people that are getting starting for fifty five dollars this be on tv campaign. I can tell you. Some of the stories of people fifty five bucks they come into this beyond buchanan and they leave getting national television licence so in the new knowing how to write pitch sleep easily. Pitch yourself yes. We haven't accelerated where we teach people. So you don't need to pay an arm and a leg to hire someone. You're not ready now. If you have a big company know steph in. You've got a lot going on. You just want to pay someone to do or you. Yeah you're gonna want when you're there you're gonna wanna hire an agency like ours and that's but when you're here right now. This is something. I can tell you guys. A quick story of an amazing thing that happened in the anti cap cracks so there is a woman incredible african american women who can't believe this woman's awesome. I didn't really know much of her story at the end of the uk. She comes on Too soon and she's My story in. She says the day before. I found this young t boot camp. I called the suicide hotline. I was gonna kill myself former marine suffering with severe. Ptsd and she's like. I just couldn't take it anymore. And the person on the other side of sesame don't do it wait one day do something else. So she's like so. I waited one day. And i saw this ad for this be on tv. And i clicked on it. And i signed up and she started doing what we told her to do and she started doing some facebook lives and putting yourself out there and writing some pitches. She got on the second day a message from this woman who said to her. Thank you so much for the message. That you share. Today's she did like arrive or something like that. You know for the first time because of the message that you share. Today i got out of bed in fed my kids the first time in four months because it my child committed suicide and i haven't been out of bed. So brenda is is the woman. For in challenge attorney she was like holy shit. My message matters. Holy shit message matters until she found meaning in that so because of the needing that she found that she was like. She's a completely different person she ever own. Tv show now. She's writing a book and she's been in several media placements because she's just honor roll. It just takes that one reminder that your message even yours every single person could help somebody out there in such a big way and you don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it just need to take action so bats duty. I honestly genetic i forgot. It was fifty five to rs. And now i'm like really fighting myself. Not turn this into like a pitch thing. Because i'm like it's effing fifty two hours later. I feel like everybody. Like i'm gonna do it even though i'm paying you guys for the premium level. Because i'm like fifty. That's actually a crazy price point. So it's it's insane it's insane. I'm pointing to like one more time. They mentioned again the end of the show. But not gonna hammer you all with that. But i e yeah fifty. Five dollars is crazy. I feel like that's yeah. I don't know why i want to do it. I'm not even close right. Live like you are you. You actually someone who is kind of close to i mean you've been thinking about when you and i started together and why you were be borderline homeless. I hired for customer service job for like fifteen dollars or fifteen dollars an hour. You went from there to like a manager to now you've run multiple companies for me. You put on virtual events uric a leader you're doing this wall having You know you've got three young kids. Like i think like i. You know i love you. More lies worked for me since twenty different companies. But like to me like you've got crazy amounts of stories to share. Your elevation is incredible. Said i'm not crying. You're crying but seriously. I actually think you should do it. But i'm joint. I'm telling you all different types of people in their people that have never done a tv anything in their life before they just feel like. Oh you know like already part of the music community. And i want to start to share my message. Whatever that looks like. We're going to do it. You should do it and again okay. Last thing i must say the maria cuny's again going back to like for the freelancers who are in here. Who are always asking about. Trying to get more clients right and i share strategies but like one of those is. You're gonna learn a bunch of really good outreach strategies that attention to people and whether you apply that to the media or you could apply these same things to prospective clients and as you get pr coverage again that helps you to get more clients because you have more credibility So i would really think about that too the freelancers as like a as an opportunity to get more to grow yourself and your brand and kind of leapfrog. The developmental journey answer grueling. Such understand this rate the programs for people that want to share their message. Somehow the immediate you. If they don't know how that a fair question her messaging. I should use that. That's great brilliance. Pretty good and molly said. We'll be a repeat session if we can't make it next week. Well here's the thing if you can't make it next week you can just be in there because all the calls recording industry minded a facebook group so you can watch the calls whenever you want to Even if you can't make them live which is pretty cool The next one now were skipping november. It will be till december. So i would. I highly recommend that you be in. This one is special because this is the facebook group has already happened in popping right now. It's off the chain. So it's if you just feel like you might miss the calls. Don't worry about it. They're they're being reported in. You can watch whenever you want. Swear to god lasting. I'm gonna say a swear you've seen it because my mind's is working again for the freelancers and copywriters it's like the end. You're going to be in a facebook group if a bunch of people who are trying to get their message out like do you think that could be an opportunity like investing fifty five dollars but then you potentially are gonna like to get all kinds of gigs from people. Who are hiring you to write their copy like if you copywriter poster. I'm a copywriter. I'm an expert messaging. But i'm excited to learn how to do this messaging for pr. I've had success with clients already blah blah blah but. I'm just can't wait. I wouldn't i wouldn't. Don't don't pitch people in a facebook group. You share your message. You were writer. You're good at messaging. I i feel like how would that not probably gets you some clients. I actually declined. Generation strategy two hundred and fifty percent perp fifty five dollars yet. All of you guys. I'm telling you this community right now. I almost four hundred people in the facebook group and they are all entrepreneurs trying or you know somebody with a message trying to get it out there. Your ideal clients is about four hundred people in there and not only will they. Could they be your air copywriter. But they're just wanna know and like really interesting human beings and you can refer people it really magical stuff happens with the connections that are made in that group forget the content the contents amazing. But yes you are one hundred percent writes. Yes that's us that just makes me. I mean the price point but then that to me makes it a no brainer because again you know for all everyone here and then people who wash replaced like i think you can see that like Yes i'm telling you do it. Because i think because i think you'll get a ton of value from it and multiple ways but even as a marketer and as a freelancer i'm like oh shit like that was not premeditated but i'm talking to you. I'm like yeah. This is facebook group of like four hundred plus entrepreneurs in this community that you can be a part of so. Seems like a no brainer. So awesome what we mentioned again at the end here. But i'm glad we got to share the challenge. I know some people shop and take my money sold. I see some people who are who are definitely hopping on board which is awesome. And i really again. I personally use jan increase in. Wouldn't can't say enough. Good things about them. So that being said that what are we doing now is. We're gonna move to the qna portion where we're going to look at questions. I will go through and and share those and then we'll bring the people on live kind of ask the full question whether it's address you or myself. One of us will kind of answer. It and i'll walk through with on here. I always say that you know. We may not have a perfect answer. But we'll do our best to just sort of help people get clarity or whatever it may be me. Yeah awesome so you want to go and kicks off your make. Sure if you have a question about whatever it is about freelancing clients crafting offer pr specific anything pop it into the to q. And a. awesome cohen. go ahead. This was a pretty straightforward question. I can't sars more than is already summarized. So do you want us to have the guy on. Yes or are you. Ask your question on here. Oh man twenty co host. Steve goes oh my gosh. Oh my gosh alright. Wait for it for naughty. Boy nutty boy. We should all shame. Step with the naughty boy. A bunch of people saying that they signed up bali girl. Leanne i think amateur sir. Matt floor is a sasa. My people earlier too but Yeah grilling you girl. You'll get there you just quietly keep writing really good copy. We'll we'll get there eventually but are now but okay go ahead or listen to. Let's ask your roi question. Logan kimmy yagi org. Monte high hygiene has that high note yep so just basic gave christian advocates lamb. How trick roi or results from a pr campaign. Great question. so there's different ways that you can track. I mean we always say that there are like there's really no guaranteed with with pr. I kind of fun Because you never really know what's going on with the new cycle so we can have. Our clients looked good morning. America's segment which the biggest nationals. I've met of all time for their career and then all of a sudden trump gets grown virus. And they get you know they don't get to be on good morning america anymore like they're bumped so there's a lot of uncertainty when it comes to being able to track specifics and to chinese specific amount not money that came but there are unsure. And you probably do things with links to articles so you can see like a lot of the times when you're writing your doing print publications or like online editorial stuff you can put links to your email lists right until you've been able to build your amounts but links to your options. You can also use them in your facebook ads. So let's say you're selling a product using facebook ads your media as your credibility marker in your facebook ad which dump a lot of times account or and then you can see exactly how many sales coming from that specific act. So that's not direct. Roi from the media. We call in direct and the indirect are. That happens is unbelievable. You will get you will get clients reach out to you i had. It might many times. I saw you on this show when i love to hire you right. That's direct roi. you'll be able to track that specifically but the indirect leg science for email less when they buy your product after like four or five. He knows when you get them in your funnel from the article or the facebook god with the image of the media ahead and the knicks through. And then they buy right. That's all indirect are line. that's trackable So the best way we do it at super connector media is we create spreadsheets and we just say how many views each you can see. How many news articles out honey shares the hi. How many click backs they had in order to get your email lists. There's a lot of different ways to do it but just remember that there's two different types is in our lie and direct. Roi answered the question. Stay cool one thing. i'll say liffey. Does he helps me on my team of raise. The the fascination boards for the youtube videos including this one so he'll be writing that an awesome job Your first couple of things. I've noticed during the pr stuff is What is is this direct optime malysz. Right people come in. They're like oh you. I read this You know read about on. Cnbc grow or whatever it is and again. If i know that the average discovered my list is worth over five hundred dollars per year. And i get like you know fifteen or twenty new options. It's like oh hey like that's probably you know another whatever. It is seventy five hundred ten thousand dollars in revenue that i probably generated from this one media placement and if i'm paying a mike isn't like whatever i'm paying i pay up front six thousand a month but if i get a nevada zero well paid for this month so it doesn't happen instantly because i'm not selling a private selling more products and more trans not just more a method but i'm not like my thing like i it's it's important i could probably is it better and another strategy. We've been talking about that. I really wanna implement is actually running promoted facebook ads and post like to the media right to the articles and then just retarget people people who click to those articles. Think every targeted on facebook to opt in pages from melissa. Get retargeted for the freelancing stuff rb cs. I think that that's a really good strategy to is promoting that media and then just retargeting to the different pages for the people who click on it and journalists eleven. You tell them right. Yeah so. I think that's a win win. Two awesome cool if that helps yet things. Sweet ed who got who got next next up. We got justin lucas base as well. You can ask your question on here justin justin. Hey what's up. everyone eerie. Hey you yes. Oh jen really random question. What was it like being on the show of billions raise birds. I love that. Billions is really interesting because it's a reminder like i'll tell you a little bit back story so i was on billions and i had two lines on billions. Okay guys. let's be real at. But i did. I think six auditions to get those two lines. Who are i called. It was insane like you guys need to know that. Just get wind on a show like that. You have to audition your base off. So i like talking about that when it comes to media because a lot of the times in order to get one article or when broadcasting that used to follow up time after time after time after time with retirement so i of billions again and again and again and again did get it get get it and then finally got my shoe line big moment and just in talking about when i played the personal trainer for acts and it was really fun. It did something really interesting actually i. I was really really nervous on that set. Because i watched the show. I was a big fan of the show. And it's like a boy's club very much and all joking. We're all on sat. All the boys are like you know having fun joking together. And i kind of like wanted to get in on the joke with the guys so i they were like making fun of The carrot the keep very much in character in the moment. I think this is. Why did this character the whole time. Even when we weren't shooting and they were like telling him he was started working out the gen. He's like. I don't want to jump on. That box is used box johnson. I'm like you can't jump up on. That box was playing with the boys and he looks at me and he goes for you to tell me what i can and can't do. I was so nervous. Because you know in like this my time in like imagine that when i was just i shut up. Obviously afterwards i realised Character job of course means to me because he was lovely after that. But i was almost crying and it was so scary. Not a great moment. So it's really cool sometimes to hear the backstory's when you see something then know what happened really binds means. It was an interesting day. That's so cool asking that question next. Justin yeah man. That's that'd be so terrifying. God like i. I'd i'd good for you for for kind of having the inner strength though to kind of release that and continue on right like running off the set or something because i mean that could have been temptation for sure. Oh my body my mind and my soul what. It's my body there. But i was like breathe. It's okay just do it. And i stayed did it and now i've got a great story to tell so. We always say you know lead into those those messy moments of your life. That's that's a cool interesting story to tell the media that you could tell in your copy. The facebook live like remember the so now. Anytime women liga shitty situation. When i feel scared or whatever i just remember this is going to be a really great story and i think that's important. I'm sure stephan. You use that copyrighted as well right one hundred percent and then just being vulnerability and authenticity. Something i really strive for and sharing stories that were maybe a little bit embarrassing things like that. I mean even that i think is a powerful tool when you communicate with people and i think about to marcus Leeann the guy from the profit. He's the harness. Yeah and he You know you're you're part of the hundred million mastermind and you were at the. I don't know if you're that dc talk when he talks about the first dinner. And then i had to read is but i did get him for hundred million top. When speak at the event you spoke. This whole thing is like i'm nervous. I'm afraid i feel like you guys know all these things that i don't know i'm worried of like you know that i'm a dinosaur. Like it was just all this stuff about how we're so great. And he's so afraid to be in front of us and it's like you're talking about disarming audience when the successful person comes up and then there's like. Oh i hope i can learn himself from and you're like oh something empowers the audience so much so i think even just from nap perspective storytelling is and being vulnerable and telling uncomfortable with stories is if you can own those and turn them into assets it can be extremely powerful assets streaming people are attracted to real people right. People don't like to buy from perfect sale at the more that you can be you that more you're gonna store one hundred percent awesome. Ed who do we have next year for our. Qna's next up. We got the man myth. The legend marcus. Surtee as marcus. Can you ask your question on. Media pitching marcus. Ooh close four. Am airedale group. Marcus gender. I wanted to ask splitter your tips for writing a killer media pitch that stands out from the rest and yeah question. It's great question so and be on. Td boot camp. We actually take apart all of the important elements of the pitch. So do the camp is. You're gonna learn exactly how to write a match. But i will tell you right now. Our couple chips. You wanna make sure that there is a timely news hook akeso people unfortunately the journalists producers. I'm so sorry they don't give a poop about you. All they care about is their audience right and what is their audience care about their audience cares about what's on right now. That's why they're so. Whatever it is that you do whether it is your copywriter you sell product or you are a coach whatever you are. How can you tie in what you do to. What's going on in the news right now. So is it could be something as big as corona virus cova quarantine election this big things that are going on Or something happened to celebrity. Recently we linked to type things into that right or something. As simple as there's a lot of national holidays like national donut night right or there's like national mindset week or month or international dog day whenever there's so many different nationalities google those in. Look them up and if you can tie or hitch into something that's timely the Now and all is about back. then you will. Most likely you're pitch will most likely get picked up another check that you wanna make sure that you do is still on that in that. Realm of the producer journalists only care about their viewers or readers or the listeners. So you want to pitch the topic first and then yourself second so you always open up the pitch with maybe amazing statistic of what's going on in the world right now. Why your pitch matters. Don't even talk about you because they don't care about you and then after you've done a little bit of your pitch you manage love stats facts figures so numbers you can say sixty percent of women right now we have like this is a great pitch example For a for tilleke doctor right. Sixty percent of women are having trouble getting pregnant during rona virus. Or something back and then in. This is alarming laurie. A little bit more out. Then after you're done with that. Dr joe can come in and talk about ways to reserve tilling during quarantine pitched the topic first and yourself second very important and then the other piece that you want to make sure that you have is topped whites so you wanna make it super super super easy. This is specifically for broadcast. But you could also munis for reaching an article you wanna write out exactly what you're what you're segment in your article about in talking so usually three to four to five on specific talking points on. What the topics that you want to hit in your segment mapped out for them perfectly. So that they don't have to do any work guy. So you wanna make timely. Timely news huck so ties into something. That's going on in the news right now. You wanna pitch the topic. I in yourself second and you make sure you've got some talking points in there. There's a couple other amazing elements you wanna have where we go over that in detail in the buchanan. And by the time you're done you'll be able to write pitch so if you're not signed up assigned awesome cool helpful marcus. That was super helpful. Especially using the calendar to generate ideas for pitches like every month. You could approach. Tv shows with exactly. I mean right now. For for me. I was on. I did a podcast interview yesterday. That gen team got with a faster than normal and it's like the number one. adhd podcast. Tonight tunes. I don't know how big of a category. Adhd is an nineteen but you know all these things also add up and the guy was awesome and and it was great. But you know part of that too is. I think it's like adhd month or something like that. October and it's also national bullying prevention month and so obviously have adhd so we're speaking to that But then in addition to that. I've got story of how i was kind of like the chubby kid when i was in middle school when i got bullied and overcame it and so then it's like okay. Great there's you know these are things that we can talk to. So there's always against always something month every month and you probably can relate to a lot of those things here instead of always been reps but no ripta. But i did do yoga this morning so feeling feeling good. It was great man. I mean. I'm a little like light but i'm like definitely a little sore but it's okay ever come twice a week announced me. I do want to point out. Something for everybody in louisiana mentioned it in here as well But a lot of what ginger said really does you know that their similarities between that and and writing good sales copy and especially email creatives like topical emails. Like it was subject. Lines are almost always gonna get a really like a higher open rate because people want to hear things that are topical and that's the same thing when pitching people about pr. But it's also the same thing when y- when selling and then kind of what's in it for me type of thing you're answering this case you're answering that for the producer or whoever. The person is at your pitching on the media but same thing when you write to prospects of a cold email or facebook ad or anything right. We wanna do. The first sales figures with copy like we're leading with emotion more because we can get away with that more but you usually status later on works and then the talking points is just really important. 'cause i've noticed that with mackenzie who's my main kind of wrap some sound feedback out of some feedback to or is it just me. I heard for a second but narrowed that okay cool so yeah even like you know. What are three actionable items. What five actionable. Things and like providing that to the media have noticed has been really really valuable to when you're like here's five ways that you can make more money freelancer right. They want a five. They want us bolted number. List-serve no so that's a really big thing to they all love that if you could be like yet the five top things for four top ways to whatever and make those you're talking points than Yeah that's awesome cool ed. Who do we do have here. Actually marcus has another good question. about Figuring out who to pitch tv. Show marcus what you hear. So we'll stick with legend. Marcus what is what's question number. Two here you're still available on meat yourself. Maybe you may have walked away here. They are actually the other question. We see i. I think. I wrote like three one to be like. How do you figure out who to pitch at a tv show. And how do you find your contact information. Yeah so we really are. Firm believers actually in. Yes you can find all contacts for people at different stations. You can go to station. Index dot com and you can find all the websites for all your local news stations. Like there's ways to google and find people's our contact information's but here's the thing if you do that and you cold pitch somebody that you don't just send them an email they. Your emails went to be one of thousands. These journalists these producers they get thousands of emails and air once every single day. Why are they going to open your email. If they don't know you so we always say that you'd wanna make personal relationships or have personal relationships in go for the lowest hanging fruit. What's the lowest hanging fruit. It's usually your connections and you may think like john. I don't know anybody in the media. I guarantee you that you know somebody that knows somebody. That's in the media and you just need to get that one media hit to start the momentum so we they always say like. When's the best time together sales right. After he made one sale the best time to get win a pitch is right. After you wanna pitch so media gets me gets needed to get media and what. We always tell people. Do we do in vientiane Campus we actually this unbelievable tool that helps you to leverage your own network. I two kneeling contacts to pitch so that you're not a cold pitcher. You're actually pitching somebody that wants to hear from you so that you can get that i get the ball running the low hanging fruit so what i would do if i were you. Marcus is before even look up anybody's is. I would try to make a list of people in your life that you know possibly connects you to somebody in the media and really get creative like who. Is it that that you know to be in the same industries you. That's got needy. Ever four where they been. Who's written about that. Do they know that person. Can you reach out. Nasko haiti no the journalists. That wrote about you you know can can you introduce me It's all about getting really creative with using your network your immediate network instead of just pitch and lived in. Can you connect us to somebody. In the media. Joined the be on tv buchanan. There's a lot of opportunity for us. That is really good advice. Though because i girl i went to high school with and she's a local. Tv like newscaster now like the anchors and then another woman i know is an anchor on tnn. She's moved back to san diego. But like yeah. You'd be surprised if you look at. Dr fairway video with your own is better health. Health company with his wife is an inker and north carolina. And it's like you know it's almost random but over time you realize you know you've got these connections and so that's really cool really good advice and i'll say because even with the rojas billion which is you know hugely viewed. But it's like you know. The youtube video gets a know between one thousand views. So far i mean the overtime the pike to five ten thousand whatever but and then the face lies which we can do today. But it's a five hundred fifteen hundred using overtime more and then the huge audience. But i'm getting pitched now from people who are emailing me about like you should have this person on. And they're sending their bio and things like that but even for that. I'm not i'm small potatoes but if i don't know the person i'm not super motivated because like i don't really know this person. Are they going to be a good fit Versus i'm reaching out to people in my network or if they john caproni was like. Oh have ron lynch. On ron lynch is like a Infomercial legend school. And then oh that's a good idea message to myself but But yeah having a warm connection is this is just like getting clients. It's so much better to have. A warm introduction are warm connection to somebody relationships make it easier to that homage. That awesome advocate. Who do we got here. Beautiful our next up. We have ever fung ever what's up. Hey how's it going ahead as ago now Yeah so my Question was just on Mindset you mentioned like mindset is pretty big in your business and i was just curious about Your mindset going through your career transitions and if you experienced imposter syndrome. If at all i think A lot of people including myself Or a kind of going through Possibly some transitions with their careers and Trying to make a transition to fulltime copy as well and just We'll let to hear what your experiences are. Have you ever like fluctuated back to give her ever going. Bats entertainment or even just dabbling in debt. Or is it more just a you know. I'm just curious about your perspective. About like a. What kind of stayed with you or maybe. What kind of grew with you In terms of your experience with With mindset Thank you so much for asking that question. I love this question. Yes every day in my life. I don't think that that's something that really goes way but I always say we work really hard to make our life easy so every single day acting work on my mindset and there's things that i do every single day and it helped me get antique state so that those things like imposter syndrome in perfectionism in comparison in all that stuff all that ear stuff keeps us stuck and keeps us from taking action. I have the tools to combat them. And i also have the community around me to hold me accountable to not getting you know letting it sucks me in but suggest you know like i feel it all the time right like i'm a human being every day and during especially during my transition or my career and i was leading company when i had never let accompanied before in my life i was an actress. I was a personal trainer. I was you know. I had my oldest was just me and then suddenly needing this team and you better believe that i had an ostrich syndrome one day. These people are going to realize that. I don't know what the hell i'm doing right in all these bureau like i would be doing this It's normal and fear. Is this really crazy thing. That comes in because it wants to keep us safe right. You're wants to keep us at the same level because if long as we're saves there's like no lion or tiger choosing right. It's always going to keep us from nick excuses in order for us to not take action. It's not step into the greatest version of ourselves so can come in as impostors In command as perfectionism can comment comparing yourself to other people it can come in is analysis paralysis. Like not being able to make a decision that you just don't move and if you can for me is always acknowledging no fear and saying like. Hey what's up by like. I'll talk to your sometimes so whenever i'm gonna go make a really big scary decision or maybe even like go speaking at an event or just do a team meeting. Leave my team right or something scary. I'll be like okay. Fear i get it i get. You're trying to keep me say. I'll say we're in the car and i'm gonna put you in the passenger seat and you can be here with me in the advocacy of the car. But i am driving car and you can't even touch the radio so you'd knowledge the viewers there and it's going to be there with you. You're going to do it anyway. And here's what happens for me ever. Is that every single time. I feel that fear. But i still do the thing anyway and i still take action do it. I realized i didn't die. Nothing bad happened. And i was actually better off after than i was before. Then i put it took another quinn in the confidence back. Then i get more confident for the next time and all of those moments to you as you go into your trans transformation in transforming into the leader that you're going to be your new career getting into copywriting and everything like that every time you're scared to take that action feel like maybe you're not good. Enough acknowledged buren Gets you but i'm gonna still just do this anyway. Because no rose happens without discomfort so lean into it. Do it anyway. It's gonna suck. It's gonna hurt like working out socks lake stack. Which is did yoga. Feels a little bit sore. It's gonna still do it anyway. Because he knows that there's growth on the other side so every single time you do it. Anyway you're gonna get serotonin dopamine in your brain Oh i didn't die. That was amazing and next time easier and that is how my mindset works every day. I'm really helps. Yeah that's awesome the acknowledging it and really just kind of jumping into it really got a lot of value. Thanks so much awesome. Yeah john was great. That was one of the highlights for me. Of just i love. I love just acknowledging fear and then kind of everything you said. It was good. It was gaming up. I'm like having to put fear in the passenger seat to you. Know you're right and it is a journal. I mean think about it goes back to like whatever we do hard stuff whenever even them like the seven habits of highly effective people when i did a video yesterday about what was on my bookcase. And how these How private victories proceed public victories. Because we when you do little things in the morning like you out when you know one two or you make your bed or whatever it is you have that little confidence boost and then going to something even bigger like putting yourself out there being on tv. Your whatever these things once do that that that that adrenaline and the feeling of accomplishment you become so much more powerful so i just Yeah that's awesome advice. I mean it's skydiving. Have you ever. did you ever go. Skydiving alex That i never wanna do it. Shit you're you're i did at one time and for me. That's all i wanted. I'm not like a like. Oh i want to keep going. But i did that thing. Either complete surrender and acceptance. We were going up in the plane and you know you tandem obviously especially the first time and the guy next to me was like are you came man like you're being really quiet but i was actually a serene like i had just full acceptance that i was going to do it. It'll be fine but that once we landed back on the ground that you have a high for like an hour and a half or two hours where you're just You know and that's an extreme example but it's the same thing just putting yourself out there or doing something big taking a risk all those things. I mean thinking that that high you get afterwards how good that is You know. I think that's something that can help to motivate you to to go through the pain to get to the pleasure that comes afterwards. Also one thing. I always think about this actually motivated me in thailand something I remember i was at the west mall. Which is the most famous mom canada. And there is this huge water loop de loop and i was so scared to go on it because i was like fuck that that. That's a that's a water slide. That's a no go for me and then all my friends were going. I was the only one who didn't do i one of my friends. That is one thing he said. Like how are you gonna feel if you don't do it. And i was like shit so it's not like what happens if you if you don't do it and i take a step further at. I love so much here. We go this this. This is going deep. You guys so sometimes if i really gotta get myself in check i will imagine the end of my life. Okay and i will imagine that at the end of my life. One of the rules is that. I have to meet the gen. That did every action step. Even if she wasn't even if she was scared she did it all. I have to come face to face with her. I have to meet her. And i have to see her and see everything that she accomplished. And i always think. I don't want to meet that girl i do now. I wanna be that girl right. I do not wanna frequency her so the fear of like at the end of my life having to meet the girl. That did all the things i was too scared to do. And not be that person that puts the fear god in me so that just like going one step. Further from that socal awesome. We've got a few more questions. I think people are like you got people saying oh damn whoa love it. Mind is blown. That's yeah deep but make it way if you really need to do something and you're really really knowing your heart and you got yourself. Do it just imagine meeting. The girl did it on the other side of the guy. Do i have above one day. I feel like you might be able to get some kind of press coverage for it. Maybe maybe you. Maybe we'll have another question from lutfi sold. We're gonna bring him back on. Hey it's kind of funny because sometimes on on these calls. We don't get hardly any of the questions then here. We're going to get to everyone. I think this is awesome. Awesome enjoying it whatever. Yeah what's up so my question is in this. Each new on brings keep up especially in commerce. Wins like the best time for business to start considering pr and what other keeps fall. Assist to cut through the noise especially with so many new competitors entering already saturated. The market yesterday was the best time. Start at the. Are you heard stephens. As i wish it started sooner so. Pr's actually it's the secret weapon because most people are focusing on social media. They're focusing on you. Know like direct response marketing. All that stuff which it works in. It's great but if you start with. Tr in the very beginning holy crap. Because it's all about momentum with armenia and one thing about tv. I wanted to mention this really cool. So i did instagram. Live with dave meltzer. Dave meltzer read stuff. Any smart hundred million and we were talking on instagram. He's like john. I'm double down on tv I just got a new show on bloomberg. And he's like people think i'm crazy because like what's mainstream media anymore. Said you wanna know something more money watches. Tv a men more money watches tv so you may might be like the interior cooler trendier more millennial or whatever like do all the online stuff the influence or marketing and stuff but money is watching tv and reading these publications. More people are watching tv now than ever before in the history of times were sitting at home and were looking for content to consume. And we're looking for answers. Were looking for products that are going to make our life easier. We're looking for mentors. That are gonna tell us to help us feel more certain during this time so if your company can be the one that comes in and is visible in the places where people are looking reading watching listening to. I'm not just talking about the tv honor wall on talking about tv on your phone. Ryan like youtube. All of the people are getting their news from somewhere. So if you're you're you're companies that person that is answering the need of the client where they are during the time when they need you. Most they will be client forever. It will be a follower forever. This is long game shit so the to your question is when should we start npr. It's yesterday so it's now now now now now And it is always valuable and misconception that people think they need to be ready to get yar as being a human or a business or a product just in existence. You already talk your okay. 'cause i was wondering. Do you need to stop now. My book fifty five dollars come to it in every so many people in my fifty five dollar campaigns of getting national media coverage and local media coverage it's amazing and they spent fifty five dollars sow the link back in there again Fuck i had a good point. But i can't remember it so we'll come back to me in a second. I'm sure sorry no lose. Was it bolivia answers your question. Then the second power healthy catcher the nine th century. Wait time out. i remember my answer. My my point is going to say really quickly that one thing. I really am a big adam. Person is basically what everybody's eggs is the egg right so like when everybody is doing like if everyone is focused on like whatever social media platform or whatever kind of mode of selling like i'm not gonna and he's like don't use assets like us us up to everybody's over here. I come back over here and you see that direct response all the time. Where i've had friends crease. Seven eight like figure. Companies from like newspaper editorials. Nobody advertises in the newspaper anymore. Like perfect so cheap. But it's still a great distribution and markets here and then they create these newspaper editorials businesses and create multi million dollar companies People go like a few years back emails dead. Emma's dad is like all right. Cool he would. I know double down on email. Made ten twenty thirty million dollars Direct mail same thing like phone sales like and ascending with with tv and pr. Traditional media is like everyone's ignoring it. That is not everyone is smart people who are utilizing in your road But but yeah. I just think that's a total in the name of your your live event unfair advantage. But it's like a total unfair advantage. Because you're coming in and doing things in a way smarter way than than everyone else's so i just wanted to make that point and then lucy please feel free to go through a second question there are i guess the answer yes it so race yes when i was on a call with marcus. Ramona's one hundred million. Call tony those calls. Like only two people doing them every time. So it's like you get to talk to you like marcus like one on one and he was like what if i worked for your vr company. Janet hugs warning or publicists. What would you tell me is like the most important thing the most important member and i was like i don't know of so nervous. I don't know what i'll tell you. And i was like fumbling around like. I'll tell you it's stand for something. Stand for something and that is how you cut through the noise. Don't be all things to all people. Don't try to impress all people and when you're pitching to you wanna make sure that you stand for something so instead of trying to say you. Don't well some people feel this way and some people struggle with this problem but some people know stance or something people are fucking scared right now. You are stressed out right now right. If that's your opinion then you need to say that stand for it and whatever your product is or whatever your company is or whatever your missions in your value prop and all of that stanford slowly incompletely for all the time no matter what and be in that lane always in you will cut through the noise and also be you be because there's only one you so we always say you know what i'm studying. We were talking about this earlier. Lean into what makes you different. And what makes the messes of you and The realness the authenticity has that. There's only one you with all those messy stories with the miss that you are so not will make through the noise real easily because there is literally nobody else with your story. Yeah that's awesome so good. Liffey is a dancer. Your question awesome. And then eddie have one more. We're gonna we're gonna do really nice because we ended at eleven thirty my time soon. Seven minutes from now and one question. And i think is great. So who's are the honor of our final questionnaires. It marcus again. Marcus is getting the one on one combat cushion for his name. What's up my question is how do you mention your website or product or whatever you want to promote on the can drive the traffic but also balanced i would like not pissing off like the producers. So that he's still getting back again. Yeah so there's all different ways to do that. We always media training in our company and usually on for broadcast. They will not allow most of the time. Give you that honor saying where can people find you. You know if you're on a podcast a of time giving the the opinion say where people find me so what we like to do is tied in there in any in any question that they ask you tie in your products on your website so if somebody says oh what's the best tip to ray copy you can say well in my copywriting course at operating or dot com i talk about the best chat is number one number two number right and the next question that they ask. You is so what's you know. Won't you save big mistake. That copywriters make a when they first start out. Well the big steak we saw this one of our members of my top rated dot com. They made this mistake right. So tying in in Without them having to give you the opportunity to say that is always the best way to do it the offering value at the same time. If that makes sense sense. Marcus makes sense. Yeah thank you even into content. Yeah awesome cool. A so sweet awesome. We'll wrap it up here It's going to put the link. One more time to be on tv bootcamp which is right in the chat and then of course it will put in the youtube show notes in the description bat so for those who watch on youtube. Check it out if you are jan. I know this one because the next one after after this december you're skipping november. Right so i guess for people who spent come on itunes for awhile but still the link people may be able to join one of the future ones as well as that how that works or yes. Yes chris thumbs up listening the background. Yes sir all right awesome. So we'll put that in there too and Jen thank you so much. Any last words of wisdom or anything you want to share before we wrap up here. This is so much fun. I love this l. combat. Anytime you guys are the bomb. I hope to see on the e. On dvd boot camp and the biggest. That i can give you guys before. I leave is ju just know always to be as you as possible and that you are enough to be on tv or be in the media just as you are right now and that's actually going to eat your secret weapon and i'm sure that's happens as that time when it comes to copywriting as well it's exact same thing for the media absolutely jen. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody who was here at this live recording. Everyone the cia. Love you guys and girls. Ed ray thank you as always for being an amazing co host. You're the man and we'll see everybody next week. So thank you so much. Thank you so much guys. I i all right. That's just about it for today before we finish though. Let me share a little bit more about how you can stay in touch with me. I have a private email list. Where i share a high level tricks. Strategies and insights about copywriting entrepreneurship mindset in more in fact often my podcasts. 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