The Kevin Long Show: The Complete Fighter's Handbook


<music> Kevin Product was the south game media find US music masters of this Kevin Dot Com realty free music as long as the withdraw right is that the we time for the Kevin Log show and I'm your host Kevin Law and this week's episode is going to be sure analog shorter because of the topic is the complete fighters handbook and aside from the kids that I'm sure I would use every one of them. I can find a reason to but the thing that stood out the most is that they had specifically say that even though the Amazon John is a female fighter not all female fighters are Amazon's GonNa talk a little bit about that more next week in the complete wizards handbook because I had some ideas I was reading. Reading that <unk> is going to be next week's he has so. There's that podcasts. I'm kind of doing this out of order and that's okay because it's my show we're GonNa talk about that in a minute but this week's podcast podcasts that I'm listening to and would encourage you to listen to to is tells excuse me Gosh all over the place today tells of Sword Fall it is a fight e actual play and they are all members of the L._G._B._T.. Community that's pretty cool so I don't know if this is yeah. I just need to do another podcast because have a lot of things on my mind I like. I don't know if I'm GONNA keep podcasting anymore because I don't know if it's doing in good I have the Patriot not the patriarch the coffee and it's not going anywhere so I don't even know if I want to do patriotic. Injury on I have asked a few times what kind of reward people want but I never hear anything back. I don't know if I WANNA do twitter anymore because I have lag two thousand followers. It's it's like seventeen. Eighty five at another count is like seventeen forty. Maybe one or two people will respond to my comments or questions or whatever and it just gets this old monotonous and I don't like social media anyway. I only do it because I'm trying to create an empire. Hen is just not going anywhere so why bother father yeah and I want to do to other podcasts on Tuesday stories at one on Friday with my son but if I'm giving up on podcasting why even bother to-. Oh yeah there's that so I've also got a survey and I need to link. I need to remember to put it in the show notes so you can go take it to help me out because I really want to know why you guys want in the show. I'm still trying to figure out the CO hosting. If that's what you want or give me topics that you WanNa talk about respond to the Magic Mondays you can find us at the Kevin along. Show with your suggestions in comments and you have. I guess I'm asking you to be more involved in my podcast and if you don't that's fine but if you don't don't be surprised when one day it's just not their me myself and I have a hollow have agreed again. Thank you for listening to Kevin Long Show you can find.

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