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Hi Everyone. And you're listening to unexpected take. Today we'll continue our sex tech journey. Before to start beware disappeared is an explicit version with some illustrative language. In the field of data and technology having a governmental framework is really important. And it seems that New Zealand is the only country in the western word to have a chief censor and this chief is called Devi chinks. We must of the time thing that center sheep is synonymous who've Otari -tarian regimes like North Korea. But rather than being the arbiter of taste for the Adult Entertainment Industry New Zealand chief censor is in favor of education on sex and consent. He also explains that the interesting thing is if you don't have any authority that makes those center, Kohls you abdicated to private sector and also true group of invisible kind of bureaucrats and groups. So censorship is still happening in various ways, but it is happening in a degraded disorganized way that nobody can make any sense of it. How is it then insects take? So consider sexuality as an art therefore role models and no late needs to be accessible with related to. Try to be a better cook by looking for new spices. New Cooking methods a new recipes we only make you unbeatable in a replaceable. I'm sue this is Derek. We hit because your son just look this up online. Matt. To say. So he watches he online. On his laptop had playstation he's fine your. projector anyway, we usually perform for adults, but your son's just a kid. He might not know how relationships actually work. We don't even talk about consent. Just get straight to. Dot in real life back. I met a a young boy appears holding a laptop sees the porn actors and drop his cereal. As you have guessed it. This is the viral New Zealand TV advertising to porn performers urging parents to start sex discussion with their children. Because if you don't no one else shoot a will do it. UK government wants also to reinforce h verification. We've a new law. The purpose is to prevent under eighty s from accessing adult content, but to be honest, the effect of it can be young. You will tell me that the current checkbooks saying I'm over eighteen is not efficient and you're right. But here your age verified only by sharing identifying details like the ones that you have on your driving license or sport, and if you cannot do it online, you can get the porn pass by going to shop or your telecommunication providers. You wouldn't want to register your personal data and others to know what you're doing. And Steal. These are the measures that the UK government will put into application. These could anchorage some people to share the sensitivity. To anything online and went gathered in databases, those can be tempting targets of hackers. And when you are not a big company but more an independent website or itchy co producers what will then happen. Sooner or later those known mainstream companies can die and then not being able to found any implementation of age verification. mindscape. Operates as a total monopoly in the Porton Street and it operates as monopoly in a way that would not be allowed in any other industry except that nobody ever wants to examine the porn industry and so new anti-trust legislators gone after mine geek minding owns corn. Hav, you porn read to sex dot com it owns every single tube site and and porn production companies and so on and so forth. This is Cindy Gallop CEO and founder of make love not porn had the chance to interview for disappeared. Make love not porn is a social sex video sharing platform. Anyone can upload their real word sex videos, which will be seen by real people before release it to its members. Rather than being scripted and performed Cindy points out that, the videos must contain what goes in real life as it happens spontaneously in all, it's funny messy and sometimes awkward beautiful. Ridiculous humanness. I think he and recent studies confirm it. The issue comes when people use porn to etiquette themselves on real life sex. For sure when we can't talk about it, the transmission of knowledge is broken and each generation needs to find their own source of information and when it comes to practice, everyone is facing an awkward situation. Twelve or thirteen years ago I began realizing through dating young men. The I was encountering an issue that would never have crossed my mind if I had not encountered it so very intimately and personally I realized I was experiencing what happens when two things converge and I stress the dual convergence because most people think it's only one thing. Are Almost always experiencing what happens when today's tential freedom of access to hardcore porn online meets our societies equally total reluctance to talk openly, and honestly about sex it's when those two factors converge the porn becomes sex education by default in good way. So I found myself encounter a number of sexual behavioral means in bed. I went whoa I know where that behavior is coming from I thought Gosh if I'm experiencing this other people must be as well. I. Did not know that because twelve thirteen years ago nobody was talking about this nobody was writing about it. This was me incomplete is solution As an action oriented person going I want to do something about this. So eleven and a half years ago now. I put up the money a tiny clunky websites make love not porn dot com factor in its original. It's ration- was just words the construct was corn world versus railroad. This is what happens in the porn world. This is what really happens in the real world. I have the opportunity to launch make love not porn at Ted in February two, thousand nine. I became the only Ted Speaker to say the words come on my face on the Ted Stage six times at session. The talk went viral as a result and it drove this extraordinary global response to my tiny website that I have never anticipated thousands of people wrote to me from every country in the world young no men and female straighten gay pouring the Hawks out and I realized I'd uncovered a huge global social issue. and. So I then felt I had a hustle responsibility to take not pawn Ford's in a way that would make it much more far-reaching, helpful, and effective. And I also saw an opportunity to do what I believe very strongly, which is the future of business is doing good and making money simultaneously. I saw the opportunity for big business solution to this huge untapped global social need. And I use the word big advisedly. Because even then eleven and a half years ago. I knew if I wanted to counter the global impact of porn default sex ED. I would have to come up with something that at least half the potential one day to be justice masks, justice mainstream, and just as all pervasive in our society as porn current es as make love not porn fade greatly be pro sex brooke born for Notre Difference. In two thousand, fifteen, the Atlantic reported that bit cited at Org an online birth control support network for women faced an empress it and situation we've a lot of their content blocked on social media. and. This is only one example among many of tech giant's applying adult content policy which allow them to censor content. And make love not porn also faced such obstacles. As a new social sex starter them for years to open a business bank account. Pay Male cheap credit card processor, and streaming platform companies won't work with them. Their policy always say, no adult content. What is that telling us do we need to have a chief censor like in New Zealand to make it clear what is or not sex education? In episode one I. talked about my difficulty to fan data for the sex industry. And the few that have found were from porn herb according to send Gallup Mandic has put into practice successfully older dynamics of technology in the adult industry. So as soon as Manga releases its annual analytics report, a lot of people jump into it, talk about it and here Dsm? Dangerous Interpretation Risks. Note that data is not representative of the whole sex industry and it is not the sex behavior difference. So not the real life sakes for sure we need to start somewhere and by steps. So having more light on such data can only support to analyze it enter challenge it. CD also confirmed appoint of a high risk of a closed loop when it comes to recommendation system. That's much. Vaunted porn have algorithm you just referred to. Only, teaches people to such what porn hops up. It's a close loop because we do not talk open honestly about sex in the real world. There is no educational loop in the real world to counter that closely. And that's a very dangerous situation according to the BBC in two, thousand, nine, nine, hundred, thirty, eight percent of UK woman under the age of forty have experienced unwanted violence during. Sex. Here, Media Sam is not put into question because there's a clear and open communication for consent and permission and according to Cindy such as dangerous situation is happening because sex has become very high terror and male century. Let me give you a couple of demonstrations of why that is never going to be the place to go for sex education. I've an art project that I've wanted to do so many years I want to take the whom page of corn hop. Or you one of those sites and I want to recreate it and replicate it re shooting every single video thumbnail with agendas flipped I. Already do version of this on twitter at troll point sites. Grasses might tweet something about a blue bag and I will tweet back than Hey Brussels I want to see the female version of that I want to see a lick. I want to see a photo of a naked man on his knees and own around a bunch of women naked from the waist down shoving their pushes in his face. All process will tweet a still from video and audio on the hey brothers. The female version of that, I want to see a giant pussy looming in the foreground and cliffs up behind it. Three beaming men's faces green from it covered in procedures. Nothing would demonstrate the ridiculousness of the male Lens inform warn that do not I mean. What are your sexual values? Note that all values in society that were transmitted to us by our parents are also varied in bed for Cindy Gallop. Those values are empathy, sensibility, generousity, kindness honesty, and respect make very serious point you you've done because I am my own research night I feel admit I date young than cash and recreation love them. I see for myself exactly. What happens in the real world all the time when porn acts of sex education in the absence of sex education conversation real long. So I'm very selective about whom I date I only date utterly lovely young men with all the right values outside bed and yet in bed I, see them modeling the behavior that says, my Dick is the center of the universe because in A. Male dominated porn stray the porn that most young men and women grew up watching is porn says it's all about the man and the only thing that matters is the man's pleasure on only thing that matters is what he wants to imitate matters is whether he comes the only way to really understand what is great consensual communication sex and good sex behavior is by watching people actually having that kind of sakes. Cindy also claimed that her startups data could have a huge importance because right now quite rightly. Every body is talking about consent everybody is writing about consent. Here's the problem. Nobody knows what consent actually looks like vets and make up the media's object lesson in consent communication, good sexual values and behavior. We are literally education through demonstration, and so what we saw working on with a partner is an algorithm for consent and I'm not going to say any more about that because this is a confidential project. In fact, consent can be understood from multiple angles from real word sex videos we could collect for sure with permission victim like desire. Body feedback or reaction People's actions said action and excitement duration, etc. but what is selling an out now is netflix distributing kidnapping sexual assault and Stockholm Syndrome as heat with the movie three, hundred, sixty, five days. So, how can we make each other more comfortable with consent and especially not killed the mood? One thing that I can see is that we need to be more comfortable with words and here it seems like. To talk about genitals, we have childish or medical or dirty words. We have a very different approach to algorithms and for Cindy Real in global innovation is only possible if there's a change from top to bottom that equally distributes and value people that reflects our society as it is. The BAR is set. So low right now when the bar is defined by white men, we have not even begun to see how high the ball can be raised when we walk them in the innovation, the disruption, the creativity of women. Black talent of color talent, lgbtq talent, disabled talent. We have not even begun to the greatness of it, and this is valid for any company I would say that is even more for technology including data and data signs. It is still a Greenfield. So ease up to us to ship it for better and for Cindy it even goes until word peace Herranz will bring their children up openly to have. Good sexual values and good sexual behavior in the same way that they currently bring them up to have good values new behaving every other of life we will therefore cease to bring up rapists. Because the only way that you end rape culture and this is the only way is by embedding in society, an openly talked about promoted, operated, and very importantly aspired to gold standard on what constitutes good sexual values and good sexual behavior. When we do that, we also end me too. We end sexual harassment abuse violence, all areas where the Kobe traitors currently rely on the fact that we do not talk about sex to ensure that victims will never speak up. Never go tortoise never tongue body. When we in fact, we mustn't empower women and girls worldwide. When we do that, we create a happier world for everybody including men, and when we do that, we are one step closer to world peace I talk about make no porno attachment about well, peace nine ball checking. Another problem that a lot of sex thanks unconcern is the lack of funds. Cindy. told us that the investors won't found her because of the fear of others. The one thing I did not realize when I'm balked on this venture was at MIT would flatten enormous battle every single day to build it. Every piece of business infrastructure. Any other tech start up just gets to take for granted. We can't. I can overcome all of these issues with money investors won't fund me because the issue that we experienced that no other tech startup does is the social dynamic, the Eichel fear of what other people think, and that only slows down the startups energetics project on six behaviors and consent. It is never what the investment I'm talking to things when you understand what we're doing why we're doing it to make novel nobody can argue with it. The business cases clear. It's always the fear of what they think other people will think which operates around sex on Mike. Another area we have never had the funds to build out the kind of data analytics dashboard the I want to have we're trying to do that very slowly over time we are getting there but if that's flooding me, the tens of millions of donors they shower young white bro founders with to startup awfully trivial food delivery APPs and ridiculous gaming ventures are being a very different situation. And so no, I can't compete with anybody state undertakes because nobody will invest in me and give me the funds to build out the kind of resources that we want a need. So now the primary and main focus is on keeping make love not porn live. So Vienna if you're up to the challenge, let's become six thick hub of Europe. And for US data experts, data is data, right. The only data opportunities as it seems that no one is yet going. So let us know if you're up to support. Here. Let's all talk openly and honestly about sex and make it normal like sixty does he want to support our mission one very simple MICR action you can take, which is talk about sex every day I'll give you my own instant on facebook. A friends will post. Let's celebrations all much less now. Obviously but lovely vacations taking in tropical far away places and people leave comments on those videos. You know happy birthday or what a great vacation. So whenever I comment on their status on the birthday celebration one, I will say happy birthday. I. Hope you had great birthday snacks on vacation photo I'll go. Wow Lovely beach had great sex on it because they are. I WANNA do that people go. Right semi, we did that socializing a normalizing sex. That's why it may not. We corner solves the social sex revolution the revenue she part is not the sex. It's the sexual civilized sex to help mission everyday talk about sex being netflix. Congratulations. Listening to distant sire if you saw it, you actively breaking the Lome Lessons Taboo of practicing your sexual values in December time you're helping bring data science Susan next level in daily life. I would like to think think together for her time and her passion for bringing all of us to the next level of sixty innovation. Department of Internal Affairs of new. Zealand for the amazing work done on keeping real ally TV advertising. And expected data is a production in creation of. And you can find all the desert on your favorite podcast platform. Headless growth is true by readiness, a review of what you like and what we could change find out even more about sex and did assigned in the next. When the waiting is unbearable an writing youtube no more and good tribute reverse on unexpected dated come or wherever you listen to your guest, the curious and challenge your environment talk to you soon.

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