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Pay It Forward Friday: Nicole Jones


Hey everyone and welcome to another paid for Friday episode where we highlight people that we feel are doing a great job of publishing leadership content the resonates with us we will include links to their work tacked on our post to make sure they know we appreciate them. This is our way to say. Thanks to other leaders individuals that are having a positive impact on helping others become better leaders through sharing their thoughts opinions and ideas online all to see and hear. Khorasan. I've always wanted to use our platform to advocate for other people passionate about leadership and give our listeners as much content as possible to help sharpen their own skills through different perspectives and approaches. Have you like us to check out any one specific? Please take them in the comments or send us a message with links to their content on this episode. I WANNA recognize Nicole. Jones Nicole is a certified. Executive Coach runs her own coaching company. That gives you a little backstory. Christner reached out a few months ago before we started these paid for. Friday's because we wanted her. On our guest series we are fans of her content and really enjoy what she posts in how she provides value to her followers. There was an article she published last October called Workplace Communication. Everything you need to know in this article. The cold discusses how to evaluate. How well you communicate in a specific section. She share some things. You can ask yourself one. Do I go the extra mile to ensure information is understood to do? I proofread important information before I send it three and myself aware of how I communicate via body language for choosing my words carefully five do I listen with intent and six. Do I build strong relationships with my co workers? The article goes deeper into each question. And I really love how she lays it all out provides examples and also gives you advice on how you can get better at all of these things. Even Cooler thing about Nicole is that she is genuinely an amazing person. We've spoken a few times on the phone. I have enjoyed our dialogue as much and more than her online presence. So I highly recommend you take a few minutes. Checkout Nicole content as usual the link to her page the article I reference will be in the episode notes. Great Job Nicole and thanks for helping others to Hashtag be a better leader. Thanks for listening and let us know who else deserves kudos.

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