2020 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Slim Jim League #2


MHM. Command go as high as he did last night. Is Todd Gurley going to slip as much as he did on Sunday. And how will the pros able to deal with three former national championship? Joe's follow along with the live draft board tonight and listen to our analysis as we call the action from the twenty twenty F-. F-, PC, pros vs joes Slim Jim. League number two to see who will win eight, twenty, twenty one F. FCC main of team. We've got a great show for you. Dave Zach is here I'm Eric Bachmann stick around your high stakes. Fantasy football our starts now. and Radio. Broadcast live and heard around the world. You are now listening to the most entertaining our radio on the planet. You'd be high stakes. Fantasy football hour presented by F F. P, C dot Com with your hosts, Eric Hoffman and Dave at the high stakes, fantasy football hour is your home for football analysis from the best fantasy players in the world, and now because no one else was available. Your Eric Men and Zach. Brandon? Talk me not to. Take. Cooking. Hey thanks so much rob greetings in. The Balka Hollick's Zach and addicts tuning in tonight. Welcome to the latest episode of the high stakes, fantasy football hour presented by my f FCC DOT COM. I, am as always your slightly above average host Eric Bachmann my co host is the patron saint of fantasy football the digital grzelak tonight we have the second of six special episodes for you this year. It's the pros Joe's F. FCC, Slim Jim. League number two draft. We'll be covering it for the next ninety ish. Ish minutes follow the live draft. Boorda youtubecom slash high stakes, fantasy football and shut up to the chat room right now. If you want to connect with us on twitter at HSS, our Eric Bachmann David Zach is where to reach US facebook dot com slash. HSF powers were to chime in and connect with us there, or if you want to give the call, a program called the night three, four, seven, four to six, thirty, six, eighty, two, three, four seven game. My Best Friend and audio engineer Bryce my mutual friend, or I should say our mutual friend and producer rob. We'll be answering emails at high stakes fantasy football gmail.com if you have any questions, tweets or emails, send them now and we'll. We'll try to get him throughout the program. As a reminder, tonight is the deadline for the twenty twenty main event early drafts slot to to get that those those early drafts lots on August second. Make sure you are paid in full for your PC main event teams. Teams and remember each additional teams. You'll get four hundred dollars off square those balances away tonight. My F. FCC DOT COM. You have until midnight. Pacific Time so about six more, and then she goes all right. Let's get into tonight's lineup. I'm very excited to bring this draft tonight because we have a great mix of Pros Anjos tonight there almost through the first round here is who is drafting tonight. Twenty Sixteen F. FCC main event champion David Hubbard drafting I tonight from fantasy prose. Right behind him. That's my tag. Jason nearly three time eight event and high stakes auction champ is drafting Third Tonight Curtis Patrick and Ryan McDowell from road is and Dynasty League football runner ups in their pros Joe's leagues the last two years. They're going to try to break that trend tonight as they. They're drafting board NFC rookie this year. Theo Graham injures drafting the athletics Jake Sealy. We'll be selecting six tonight. The twenty eighteen football guys players championship over all winner Ross lively in the seven spots, and I- Wjr Buffalo Radio's Mike Show will be picking eight. Eight followed by Chris Birch. Be Eight twenty six time F. FCC stakes winner in the nine spot sports goods Davis Matic is in the ten o'clock tonight. The Twenty Fifteen F. FCC main event champ Gary Allan in the eleven, and then Elliott Chris from the noise, picking up the slack in twelve spot tonight, ladies and gentlemen. I WanNa bring you through the first round first of all a welcome to my co host before I turn it over to my dulcet tones or turn it backward. My dulcet tones. They've Zach. Zach. How're you doing great? How're you doing a lot better than I thought I would be you know these slim draft? This is a departure from what we've done in pros. Joe's the last couple of years normally we do a twenty eight round, basketball draft either slim's eighteen rounds, no kickers defenses, and as fantasy Mojo, Armani says no excuses so this draft will fly by night. I expect it to be done in a little over an hour. Without further ADO, we'll get into the first round. David Hammer takes Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey followed by Ezekiel Elliott to might take care Dave. Two nights in a row, not have saquon Barkley in the to spot, and that's wrapped up. PC drafters them in selecting a that's interesting, really something else. Yeah, this is crazy, so Barkley falls to the third spot again. Tonight Jason Abberley gets him there. Alvin Kamara to Patrick McDowell in the cleanup spot followed by Dalvand Cook to Theo Graham injure so five straight running backs to start off. It won't be six as Jake steely takes Michael Thomas Derrick Henry Ross. Ross lively after that and then Davante Adams. The second receiver off the board and the second receiver in the first round drafted by Mike Shope there from wjr Buffalo Radio. Travis Kelsey is the first tight end to Chris Birch Bayh tonight miles sanders Kenyan drake and Joe. Mixon, wrap up the first round sanders to Matic Drake to Alan Mix into Chris. Are You I? There's not much to say about the first round tonight so I just want to get your thoughts sort of on the field tonight Dave three. Three. Have we ever had three six figure? Overall champions ever in one processes Joe's before we have the twenty fifteen and sixteen main event champs in Hubbard and Allen in here plus the twenty eighteen football guys champ in Ross lively. This is insane water. Go I. It's a Lotta Dough, and they're going up against some some pretty stiff prose here tonight. I think in you know I'm hyperbolic as all. Get Out, but I'll tell you this. This might be the most loaded pros vs joes draft we've ever had before. You're thrown out pretty big words there, but yeah, it's it's impressive. Everyone's really good are really good player. Have we had a conversation about who you prefer in the first round between miles, sanders Kenyan drake yet because I think they prefer sanders myself. You do okay now despite though I. Go ahead well. I mean just because you brought this up and I kind of. Timeshare that. Time right? Yeah, I think yeah I. Mean Sanders is really. Coming around him more because he just said, it does look like a really. High Quality Athlete. He was behind Barkley I just I. Feel like they're gonNA. Have to give them have to give them touches. Math given carries Boston Scott's pretty pretty solid actually, but he's just. He doesn't really compare drake to me. He doesn't have quite enough of a track record as a feature back I mean not that sanders doesn't necessarily either but. I I do like the Patio Sanders. Over Drake, drake I think was like a second round or saying the second round pick. Yeah, yeah, and you know she took awhile ago. Sellers so I'm going to all right. Let's move into the second round here. In Elliot, Chris kicks it off with tyreek. Hill at the to a one followed by Gary, Allan's taking Chris Godwin the first buccaneers receiver off the Board to the twenty fifteen main event champ. has got second tight end off the board. Davis Matic takes him in George Kit at the two or three Josh Jacobs to Chris Birch. Be Right after that to go with Kelsey Julio Jones's Mike Show. starts off, receive receiver. He is the only team to do so in this draft tonight. The Andrea happens off the board to Ross lively after that they were you on board with the Andrea. Hopkins going after Jones Godwin and Hill I mean we haven't seen really. Hopkins slip this much before as far as F- F- PC drafters go over the last week and PC. Best Ball Slim's the Andrea Hopkins is actually going off the board on average at two. Oh, six as wide receiver four. I can see the argument I mean who does. He actually was scoring touchdowns last year? Then that's was always what was missing in his game. God was going to give you know blanket target so I I. Really I am a big believer in over Evans on that team. In tyreek is just you know what he's talking? Two thousand receiving yards. I could see tyreek over. Even even Dante Adams easily. Actually. You know it's funny about that. Is I had that in the Scott Fishbowl earlier this summer I decided I was going to take a receiver with my second pick, and Thomas's off the board and I actually went with hill over Adams there and and and I think it's a little bit different but maybe not so much I like both of them this year quite a bit all right moving on Nick Chubb falls about a half round later a little bit less than a half ground later as where he went last made the athletics Jake Seaweed takes him at the two zero. Zero seven followed by Austin Equity Theo, Graham Injure Mark Andrews the third tight end off the board tonight after two. Oh nine to Patrick and McDowell Aaron Jones and Quiet Edwards. Lehrer the running backs off the board, after that, after that to Abberley, and Tagliatelle and completing the second round is the second buccaneers receiver of the Second Round, David Hubbard Takes Mike Evans their aptitude twelve quite Edwards. Hilarious Dave at the to eleven tonight to Mike. hagler normally goes that the to eleven. This is where F pc drafters are taking them as the running back fourteen in this format you on board with that I don't know if I am. I personally am not i. just think it's too big a risk. Your rookie back was GonNa have limited training camp that early. All right so integral years defense here and I don't know if we talked about this last night, but the winner of each of these leagues will get a twenty twenty one F F pc main event entry for free It's roughly about a two thousand dollar value. Second place gets you absolutely up kissed, so maybe there is something to. Swing for the fences to go for the home runs instead of the doubles instead of the the singles here and Edwards there could be a potential league winner, and especially when you have the pairing them with Ezekiel Elliott if Edwards, Allaire Hits I. Mean Again, maybe maybe not, but you could be looking at two top five running backs there as possible. Andy Reid though you know he he has, he always goes with. You know traditionally on one back. back generally has to be a really good pass lockers. And he took some wild. Even bring along some of his other top guys like Shady McCoy when he was with the Eagles, he didn't start them right away. He eventually got there, but it wasn't right away. Right and that's true. Ryan Pool checking in the chat room tonight debut remember he drafted with nutrient quilt at the twelfth spot last night, and pros vs Joes Number One Slim Shady League. He says picking I is brutal this year because there's just not much value, the tooth return, and while that might be true I will happily make my peace with not a lot of value to three tournament. Tournament can get Christian McCaffrey at the one wants. That's my feeling on it I mean I'm fine with the one that that covers up a lot of awards, and and we'll see how these one one teams turn out this year with caffeine with the to number one picks, and each of these two drafts as you're about, the third round is paired McCaffrey with that's how quarterback. Yeah so last night it was McCaffrey Jackson tonight. David Hubbard Pairs Christian McCaffrey takes. My Devon's in the second takes Patrick Mahomes. quarterback off the board at the three zero one. We've had this discussion with a few high stakes owners over the last few months and I think for the most part. It's been Lamar. Jackson as people like the. They're like him as their favorite quarterback this year. Jimmy Wagner I know called in last night and we were talking with him. He was drafting in the second spot. He actually likes mahomes over Jackson as well. Do you have a preference when? When it comes to, and and you know again I, think that it's safe to say. Lamar Jackson Will Garner a a significant more amount of rushing yards this year I don't know if that makes them more susceptible to injury. I'm not sure how you look at that between Mahomes and Jackson. If you made up your mind, you're gonNA draft one of them and you have your pick of either one. WHO's IT GOING TO BE? I wrote Lamar. Jackson I mean the the rushing yards to me. He just has a higher floor, but you'll. Mahomes was was running evolved pretty well at the end of the. Didn't that season, the Super Bowl, a lot of rushing yards and silly, you know. X. And one of the under on his rushing yards, put a I. I think I'd still go Lamar Jackson although I. You know it's fairly close. They're pretty I mean they're both amazing? Yeah, they. They are both very good all right, so let's talk about this next. Pick here from Mike. Tag Leroy. He's getting a lot of airtime here. Juju Smith Schuster at the three Oh to Smith Schuster on average, going at the wide receiver eleven at the three twelve. You think that's an overdraft given that you could've taken. Golladay Beckham Robinson More Cooper. Any of those guys are still out there. Well, you know the Juju is GonNa. Run Slot again this year. He's got big Ben back, so he's got a lot of upside. And you know there's no way he was coming back to in the fourth round, so that's kind of where he hasn't ranked yet. He has to take them there if he's going to go wide receiver and he has running backs. So I I can't really fault the pick I mean it's really compared to eighty P, because that's what he likes us. We only yeah. You gotta get. Your is I. Think we drink. That are drink because that's the first time I've said. Get your guys this season. If I remember correctly, I would say you know and the thing is all those players. I think you know. Once you get past Evans. I think all the the rest of the group next me like six guys or five guys are kind of on the next year. Right so I can see them being a little bit more interchange although ADP won't tell. Tell you the after aforementioned Lamar Jackson? The second quarterback selected He goes the Jason Neighbor late tonight DJ. More for the Rainbow Start for Patrick macdowell as they go running back tight end receiver to start balanced balanced balance. We heard from todd boroughs last night from the run to daylight podcast, Zach Ertz the number, four tight end off the board to grandeur followed by Alan Robinson Jake see then we see Leonard Fournette falling bought another half round from where he went last night. Ross lively gets them tonight at the three zero, seven Levian Bell, and James Connor Para former teammates. Go back to back here real. Real life teammates I should say Levy unbelted Mike Shop and then you have James Connor to Chris. Birch has his number two running back. Trio receivers ends the third round here Dave Amari Cooper going to Davis Matic Kenny Galaxy to Gary Allan, and then Odell Beckham to Elliott Chris as both the eleven and twelve teams Allen and Chris Get a couple of running backs to start off in the first round. Then they both go receiver receiver in the next two. We didn't see anybody. Go crazy tonight in the in the top three around and go with two tight ends. How do you think that's going to affect the? The rest of the draft. Are we going to see a more smoother? A less exciting more quote unquote to form draft tonight given that we haven't seen anybody. Double up at the tight end position I think so I. Think you know everyone's playing. Nice so to speak right now. I wonder you know it. You say that kind of adjust, but with these the loaded Joe's that are in this division with all the experience on the pro side. Guys who have done this before and Tagliatelle and Sealy and and Davis. Matic and Elliot Chris in all. These pros I wonder if there is something to. Be said about maybe not going hog wild and doing something crazy here and just kind of letting the chips fall where they may. yeah I think so I mean. It's interesting because I think if you. To the benefit of all twelve owners for each owner not to do that. You know what I. Totally prisoner's dilemma with people. Where you know it's you're you're trying to? is is really optimal for the group that does that, but you know so i. don't know I think it's I think it's smart traffic everybody Alan Robinson Dave normally goes up to three eleven over the last week. In the F. FCC best ball slim format, which is what we're dropping tonight, proposers JOE's. Jake takes him about a half round ahead of ADP. I don't have a problem with that I don't know if you do I think Allen. Robinson is in for another great this year. I Love Island Robinson I hope you know. I think he would. He was so heavily targeted last year. He's he's separate so well on his route, so you just seems like he's always open. and. I would improve quarterback play. He could do even better than last year. You know it's interesting, too. Because normally he is being drafted as wide receiver eleven. He goes as wide receiver ten tonight, which is basically the same, but about a half round ahead. Maybe the receivers are getting pushed up a little bit tonight. The running backs well fall. Time will tell on that moving on to. To the fourth round Dave and as Henry mood a mood. Oh pointed out in the chat tonight. No one likes curly. In these second time, he fell to the fourth round tonight. He falls to before a one. Maybe Elliott Chris gets good deal there on Todd Gurley. He gets mixing and girly and his backfield tyreek Hill Odell. Beckham why that's not a bad way to start this. Effect when we can actually stay healthy, he could be and relationship I like girly at the four. Oh, one for sure followed by another guy. Former fantasy royalty here David Johnson at four to Gary Allan Aj Brown is the second receiver drafted by Davis Matic. He takes him at the four zero three tonight. And then we get a pair of running backs off the board. Chris Birch. Bayh Takes Melvin Gordon. That is his third running back. He's selected tonight and then Chris Carson the number two from. From Mike Show here from wjr Buffalo Radio. He takes Chris Carson. They're Cooper Cup off the board raw slyly followed by Adam, feeling the number three receiver drafted by Jake Sealy, so dave in a format where seemingly everybody is going running back tight ends. Couple of teams go. QUARTERBACKS out of the first four around Sealy as the only guy to take three. Three receivers whether this you know changes the way that people are going to be dropping receivers in the next couple around I'm not sure if it'll be very interested to see how see lease team turns out giving he only has the one running back in the three wideout so far potential league winner Jonathan Taylor the third running back drafted by Theo Graham injure. Injure as he pairs, or I shouldn't say pairs. He adds Jonathan Taylor to his running back core with Alvin Cooking Austin Ecuador their trove receivers then next Calvin Ridley to Patrick and McDowell decay, metcalf, the number, one receiver for Jason Neighborly, and then you have. Tyler Lockett Dave at the four eleven might take ear followed by Rehim Oester the freshly re-sign. MOSTER. News, yeah, no, he They updated extra half million. The sort of yes, it was. I don't know if it was a half million, but I know. They didn't add any years on to his contract I think it was purely a financial thing. I'm I'm trying to find it right now. But I do. Let's while my own homework. You know to find him. Okay if you WanNa do that then that that's that's good because I wanna talk about again, Mike. his pick here at the four eleven tonight now he takes Tyler, Lockett one pick after decay mccafe goes, which is interesting, because not only are these guys, real-life teammates, but how lock it on average is not going until the five eight at wide receiver twenty two now I, I actually just listened to a podcast that might take the. And I. He didn't say anything shocking in there, but but one of the things I noticed about him over the last several years is and I think this is the mark of a good fantasy player to? He cares not for ADP. He is going to get his guys, and if he has to draft him earlier than the hive mind is saying so, be it if if guys. Guys. He doesn't like are going earlier than he's comfortable. He's he's not going to to get them at all, but he is definitely going out and getting his guys tonight Edwards Layer, Juju Smith Schuster and tyler. Lockett significantly assignation gently at least half round ahead of their ADP all three of those guys. He's going out and getting guys. What do you make of the Tyler Lockett picket four eleven? You know she's not who probably taken for you know it's fine. If you walk it you know it's interesting with my unlock. Going back to back and I kept going just ahead of them. Now I get. That I probably would have looked at turned maclaurin. Who was the next receiver drafted actually? And you know I I don't have ballista receivers in front of me, there's. Someone else I would have taken in front of. To me that he assumed command the volume that the we both especially metcalf now, too. Yeah, by the way Moster two hundred and fifty thousand signing bonus plenty of extra incentives. You could make up to five million and he was gonNA make so he's in the neighborhood of Seven Coleman salary, so yes, there won't be much jealousy in the locker amendment allegedly Yeah, thanks to Brett. Tessler had that on twitter earlier today Let's I want to revisit this forty niners backfield conversation a little bit later in the draft, but I think the most thing is interesting. David Hubbard takes them there as number two running back I should point that out as well as far as the rest of the fourth round Dave if I think I'm seeing this correctly. Taylor is the second rookie running back off the board We've talked about him quite a bit. Feeling this year, Aj Brown last night. When at the five Oh, wait tonight. He goes at the four zero three. You're talking about a round and a half of difference. Where would you be comfortable taking him? is the four zero three two early I know. The five of weight is way too late for me for brown I I just such an electric talent. Chelsea the player in a low volume passing game so I. Think I'd be looking at cooper cop feeling i. do like really quite a bit this year, so that those three players for sure I would probably take Brown. I think maybe I would. Between him and Becca Five. That's pretty close. Yeah, it is very close. I JUST WANNA remind everybody to. If this is the first time you're ever listening to high stakes, fantasy football hour. I WANNA. Remind everybody we do this show year round. Friday nights at ten nine central live on blog talk radio DOT COM. If you can't make the live broadcast to hang out in the chat room with the other high stakes, players you could basically get it anywhere podcasts available separate deesor. We're still working on that. Not Available on. I'M GONNA. Be Out of business before you know I don't think so now. They're pretty good. They're bigger overseas. I can tell you that HSF. Our Japanese listeners are just waiting for more Europe more, but yes, yeah HSF HSF, our dot com where you can get us. obviously apple podcasts spotify Google. podcasts Amazon Alexis stitcher tune in spreaker pod chaser audio bursts, breaker cast box, overcast, popping podcasts radio public podcast, an anchor I suppose they'd just doing this despite me. ME, no I'm not I just want to let everybody know. That's all on your iphone or your android device as well and I. Don't know if we'll hear from tonight. Actor factor not available on blackberry you A. we'll give a shadow to Dan money for fantasy MOJO DOT com. He is the guy that designs the pros vs joes single year. He puts this all together with Jos in the pros. Check out his website fantasy Mojo dot com, if you. You aren't an F., FCC league and you haven't subscribed to that. Need to do it right now. It is an absolute must. It is a wealth of knowledge, huge database of ADP draft boards, and what have your fantasy Mojo Dot com? Check that out. Let's get to the fifth round here Dave there in Waller V, tight end off the board here at the five, Oh one quick the rainbow there for the twenty sixteen F F pc event, Camp David Hammer as. As he now has two running backs, but receiver a quarterback and tight end we talk about the importance of not going early quarterback and early tight end and this well. We haven't really talked about that. In the in the terms of an F. FCC best ball swim format does the same still hold true in this where you would, you personally would probably stay away from a quarterback and a tight end early by early I mean within the first five rounds. If saw value, I might look at it I usually when I'm talking about that or we're talking about I'm thinking more like main event type stuff where it's a manage roster and you really have to cover by weeks and all that. How did you don't have to cover here? But you know because the lineups optimize, it's not as big of a concern. I think trying to get the number one running back number one quarterback. Top five tug ton. Is You know it's not a bad strategy by Hubbard? David Montgomery to Mike Era Right after that. His number through running back third, running back drafted by Jason Abberley the Godfather Takes Kareem Hunt there at the five 503 three. You Have Terry McLaren who you mentioned before Curtis, Patrick and Ryan McDowell. Take Him Robert Woods is the first receiver selected by Theo Graham injure their We get a triple threat of running backs after this day Mark Ingram. Ingram to Jake, see Lee Devon single. Terry Ross lively, and then Ronald Jones the third running back selected by Mike show from Wjr. Buffalo Radio Keenan Allen and DJ chart to Birch, be and matic, respectively followed by Adam and anger, six tight end off the board at the five eleven, and then court learn certain rounds out the the completion of the top sixty picks in tonight's pros vs joes draft here as he is. The third receiver taken by Elliott Kris okay. So let's let's break this down here. A little bit Dave, you, you look at this round right now and and I. The first Guy I want to talk about is Kareem Hunt. He goes at the five zero three to Abraham here in hunt on average normally. Is SHOOT SCREW UP! Sorry, my fault. Kareem Hunt on average, is normally going at the five Oh five as running back twenty eight seems like pretty solid value, but you're also talking about drafting a quote. Unquote backup running back in the fifth round. Is this something with all your high stakes? Accurate something that you could. Make a case for. If you were doing this in this format, you can make Sports Kareem. Hunt was scored the same as nick trouble last year when when he was there so. If you could make the case that he's just as much of a starting back as Nick Chubb is so. you know he's a pass catching back I like him. You super talented I. Don't know if I just GONNA. That went after him I think. I might have taken hunter. That's probably gonNA maclaurin, or would you have a preference there because we know the target share mcbrayer, maclaurin could be out of this world and I can't believe I'm saying this, but woods might have the better quarterback in this situation where he does. I do like maclaurin better, but I mean the quarterback play a super important for wide receiver so. It's pretty close I'll take McLaren Mike show. We'll. We'll talk about his team. you know as it turns out when we're when it's all, said and done here today, but I Kinda Wanna get your opinion on this. He gets the too high target. High volume receivers early with Adams Jones, and then he kind of back doors into three running backs that should get a lot of volume here with Bell, Carson and Jones. We normally talk about getting the high volume, high touch, running backs early and then kind of cobbling your receivers together. We haven't talked about maybe going with. Guys who are GonNa see maybe a hundred and sixty hundred and seventy targets. I don't know if that's is that too crazy to say for Adams and Jones and then you get three guys that that have some warts on them. Obviously Bells let people down Carson's been hurt Jones. We don't know how much of a volume many touches. He's GonNa get in. Tampa. This is an interesting way of attacking this draft with the receivers early and then the running backs. Yeah. You know I'm not to Chris Carson this year, but I get the I get the concept. It's offense. If he stays healthy, she'll do well Roggio. That's a little early ADP wise for him, but that's fine i. mean if that's what you WanNa take him at least it seems early so I'm yeah, this could really work well for show. Ronald Jones normally going at the five twelve so. I mean a little bit less than a half round. Let's get into the sixth round here and talk about what's going on. We had the third rookie running back. Go off the board and that was the Andrea Swift at the six. Oh, one tonight to Elliot Chris followed by T, Y, Hilton once again flirting. What that turn Dave, he goes at the six zero two tonight. That's the number three receiver drafted by the Twenty fifteen main event champ Gary Allan camakers rookie running back actually three rookie running backs go in this round here camakers. Davis Matic followed by. by J Dobbins to Chris Birch me I can't marry if we talked about this last night and I'm GonNa. Throw it you right now on. Ask You your opinion on this, Davis Maddock had a choice I mean I'm sure he was considering other players than just to rookie running backs. You have acres in front of you. You Have Dobbins in front of you in this format. The Best Ball Slam where you get all sixteen weeks. Where would you be leaning? Would you be leaning towards acres or Dobbins there if you're going to go with a rookie running back? I would lean towards acres. Simply because of the there's less competition well. There's more competition as far as bodies go, but I mean you bought less talent, right? Ingram's actually a really quality back and I I think the case made it none of the other banks in spite of the coach. be saying if they're all good I, think you could make. Three might not be good at all so right after Dobbins goes to be so matic takes acres, and then Dobbins goes the be Devante Parker too Mike show right after that followed by Hunter Henry. The number one tight end, for Ross, lively, the two thousand eighteen FCC champ various guys right after that third running back selected by Jake Steely Stefan digs number two wide receiver for Theo. Graham injure. He does not take a wide receiver till the fifth round, but now he goes back to back at the position. third quarterback is now off. The Board Cuyler Murray to Curtis Patrick and Ryan McDowell there at the six Six Oh nine. Thank you, sorry. Mark Brown this math. It's not good marquees Brown to the six ten to Jason. Abberley right after that is his number, two receiver Aj Green to Mike. Tagliatelle and then we'll fuller to David Hubbard. Willfuller once again, getting some love in this format Dave, i. get it I. Never will get it, but David. Hubbard won a boatload of money in two thousand sixteen, doing stuff like this so far. Be It for me to criticize him I don't think I could get on board. With Wolf my number, two receiver even given the the talent. He is assembled at the other positions. You know. So I mean the the CA-. The case for will fuller is. you know he doesn't have great hands and he gets hurt a lot but I mean he gets open frequently he's. He's got a phenomenal quarterback throwing to them. There's not a ton of competition for targets there, so if he actually healthy, he might probe quite a good season, and he is this his third year third year, right? fuller. Yeah, Oh, I, think. It's more than that I. Think so I'm GonNa look it up right now. GonNa I'm trying to figure all the years. Myers been trying to trade so I. Spend this much must be as forthcoming at two packer on twitter, who Dave and I are and plenty of private dynasty leagues with that. That's sort of why think to packer plays dynasty to try and trade to acquire willful, and then tried to try. Them for you know a hilarious amount of. Exactly. Fifty fifty he was a twenty first pick and the twenty sixteen draft, so that would be sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. This'll be fifty or twenty six louis. How many teams I mean? How many games does he played? I wondering is now that is. Toya, three or four years worth of games. I actually forgot he went to Notre Dame I. totally forgot about that. I don't know the. Bizarre okay. I can tell you this He played. Okay. Okay, let's put this to you right now. Put a little guessing game here, yeah! So don't look it up. Sixty four games is the total. He could have played. Over the course of his career thus far now the total I'm going to give you. Over under includes. No, no, no, you're gonNA guess how many games he's played, but the total that when I revealed the amount this includes games, he left early. Okay. Okay so this. Game's as he started and completed is not started. Just play that way. We'll play I'll. I'll give you that. He has started one fewer game that he's played in his career, so it's basically the same number. Okay, so sixty four is the total. How many Games has willfuller played in? Wrong tr chat here he's. Anybody's got forty six great guests. Bad prices, right guests forty two. He didn't four three. It's it's. It's interesting because he played in fourteen games his rookie year. Yeah, then went down to ten, then went down to seven. And then and then it's Last year. He played in eleven games. Oh my God you get more for. A hamstring, always Yeah I. Mean I I don't saw soft tissue injuries I don't think he's had like broken bones or You know mental health or anything like that I. Think it's all been soft tissue. You know I don't. Feel well I mean that's another thing. Nervous breakdown well I mean you know whatever it is. I DON'T WANNA! Make light of it, but but that's that's an issue that certainly people are dealing with and in the real world and fell to especially now. He Antonio Brown Okay, so we'll go at the six twelve there. Let's move on here and talk about the The seventh-round Dave Tyler boy to David Hubbard says number three receiver. Dak Prescott number four quarterback off the board to Mike Pagel year, Jarvis Landry and Michael Gallup back toback there to Abe. Really and then Patrick and McDowell. quarterback round here Shawn Watson number five quarterback to feel grim injure here tonight. At seven five Hayden hearse will be the starting tight end for Jake Sealy, and the fighting Sealy's from the athletic. There Julian Eshelman, the number, three wide receiver taken by Ross, lively, followed by Russell Wilson to Mike Show That is the number six quarterback, nope. Just six quarterback off the board Tyler higby remember him last night the Scott Angle in what seemed to be the one on one It was actually the fourth round tonight. He falls to these seven Oh nine Damian Williams off the boards you Davis Matic as his number three running back at the seven ten Philip, Lindsey off the board to Gary Allan at the seven eleven followed. Followed by Jared Cook at the seven. Well, do Elliot Chris. Where does the ones you normally that was? I was actually hoping you were gonNA. Talk about something other than that because I wanted to look that up. Oh, sorry, okay! Last night! He went like pretty wait. Yeah, one owner I was that Mr Consistency Yes, it was that was Bob Lung from Big Guy. WHO HAD He had four net and Berkeley. If I recall correctly, we yep, and he kinda. It was Kinda weak at running back and we were. We were like Oh. Man, you got Lindsay. Was that as number three? I thought he had won wonder where I was either a third flames whitish. And Lindsay well I'm using remember this. Yeah, well, one hold was less than. Twenty four hours ago, yeah fill up Philip Lindsey last night, when at the twelve ten oh, yeah, thanks to Ryan Pool pointing that out in the chat, room. His his ADP over the last week, nine, twelve, nine twelve. Leading the difference here tonight is he goes up. The seven eleven here. We're talking about Davis Maddox here. This is interesting with Damian Williams because he didn't have Edwards Allaire, my air them at the other end of the board at the to eleven. This is a good lesson for everybody out there at least I'm on board with this pick just because you don't have. The starter doesn't mean that there's value in drafting the backup even in the sixth round when you're talking about such an exciting situation as the Kansas, city chiefs backfield. You're you're presuming. That Damian, Williams is the ACA. I'm or who do you think is right now? Yeah, it sure as hell isn't teaming Williams. He's the starter right now. Oh, so even a better value all right now. What do you see? What do you think Andy Reid would say right now if you had? Hey, who's the starter? Oh, the rookie pizza! Ask drafted. Call the piece of crap. Oh, the rookie was done. Nothing whatsoever has even had a practice in the NFL. WHO's the? Who's the guy that had the story about the? They texted mahomes when they were on the clock at the thirty two pick on Thursday night of the NFL draft, and they said Hey, what do you think here? And he said Clyde, he texted back Clyde and I don't know if that was read or the GM or whoever was but they liked this guy quite a bit. Bit Okay, so you okay, so let's let's pose. Pose this question to you, my friend. How is too early for Damian Williams? And before you answer that I'll tell you that F. FCC drafters on average over the last week have been taking Damian Williams after six. Oh, four as running back thirty one in this format I. Think when when you're hearing the late seventh round I. Think this is where you would. I would look to take him. I would not take him in the sixth round in fact. I. Maybe you would take him over guys I. Just don't like Geist. Sorry! Sorry, there's no I'm with you on that. Take them over guys, but I mean there's a big gap between you have the three. The three rookies kind finish that here, and then you had guys kind of sitting on never never land, and then you gotta under the Damian Williams teams white. Cohen you know Lindsey usually goes a little later. Later so I think you know Williams is actually usually in. That's here above that so I think that's a really Nice Valley for Davis Yeah. It's Kinda funny because guy running back, say like JK Dobbins normally goes after him. He's like right around. Ronald Jones Mark. Ingram right so I, I think that is a a nice little value their point even if it's someone like, let's say if it's always worse guys. Guys from we go. He's not not that much after the guys is actually going I just had it son of a gun seven, zero, five, seven five him, so if I'm drafting, I don't really care for guys, but if it's the ninth round, it's like the nine zero five and I in Geis's out. There and I need a running back I. Probably would take him. Yeah is twenty four six later for God's. God's sake and the wisdom of the crowd. Tell me I should taken him to eat threatens earlier song and it just takes a shot at the. He put out a tweet today saying he's all good and ready to go like medically checked out and I'm like could be. You should have tweeted that out like in April. I don't feel great about it. In late July that he said Hey. Guys I'm all good. To me, I don't know about that moving on here until the eighth round eight. Oh One. Let's kicked off so. When we last talked about the seven town. Jared Cook was a final. Pick their to Elliot Chris. Chris doubles up on tight on here as he goes Cook and Then James White the number four, running back drafted by Gary Allen, Christian. Kirk Davis Brandin cooks is the number two receiver to Chris Birch meets TJ Hopkinson. We'll be starting for Mike. Shope Dave I think you'll have some thoughts on that shortly. And then Deonte Johnson, the number four receiver to Ross lively back to back tight ends here in the seventh and eighth four Jake Sealy from the athletic. He Goes Hayden Hurson in the seventh or Eighth Year Rob Gronkowski that's right. Rob Gronkowski backing up Hayden hearst you heard about that. You heard it here first. Marvin Jones the number, three receiver to grandma, and your followed by Tariq Coin to Curtis Patrick and Ryan. McDowell. Of course from road is and dynasty. League football. That's their number two running back That's juicy. Let's talk about that. No, Fanton Johnny Smith back tight ends to Abraham and Taylor and then Nicole Hardman to David Hubbard here at the eight twelve. I don't think David Hubbard plays in a ton of baseball leagues, but this is a pretty. standards the wrong. Word I I mean cookie cutters the wrong word, but you can see what he's doing here. as far as you know his his makeup gets the elite running back, obviously right away. That's a no brainer. He Gets A. One A one B quarterback here he gets a top five tight end, and now he starts building up big play receivers Evans Fuller Hardman, and then it gets the. Consistency in quotes with Tyler Boyd here, not a bad way to to make your to make your team as dominant as possible from the one on one. Oh Yeah I mean. We talked about Harbin yesterday, and we both prefer Watkins over hardness. Player that you know there's the one I would. Toss out so to speak, but you know it's fine. If he likes them all right so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, there were nine tight ends off the board when Elliot Chris was up at the seven twelve. He goes back to back ends with cooking. Your sticky I. Don't know how you feel about that, but if I'm going to wait on tight end, and there's nine of them off the board, I'm probably going back to back and I feel pretty good about myself getting cooking, get sticky there. Yeah what I was looking at what what he did. I think he realizes that Berkeley fence. Virtually took the right. He was the first guy who's taking a second sight on. so then he really. He pressed the kind of the run here and you saw the run really go after he took Cook and All the other guys that hadn't taken realize that one and then the other people that had. Like maybe I'll grab a second one and you saw that happen in the next year round here. You see it still going on now. We are not halfway through yet. But I'm going to ask you about KRISPIES. Wide Receivers here from the nine spot only Keenan Allen Brandin cooks winning strategy here to load up on tight ends and running backs in and fill in the receiver cracks later. You think he's able to do it. Could sure I? Mean it's possible and cooks them. Both veterans I really like. That those are what I would call low risk patients in that all we have to say healthy and a typical one of their seasons, and he's got to find wide receivers, and it's still like he's got plenty of plenty of time to grab receiver Mike Show was one of the last teams de last, but one of the last teams to wait or to to grab a tight end. He gets Hawkins in here, Dave. I was team Hopkinson three or four months ago. And you never were I quite frankly I don't think you have been. Basically since October of last year think you've been pretty down on. Do you know why? pissing me off, you might do a couple of my dynasty teams. He made me may actually sucks. So God you end up trading him anywhere? No are those hiding premium leagues at all dynasty. I'm in some, but I don't own. Them. So I, guess like even me who and I own? A couple of dynasty leagues non tight end premium I don't think I'd be on board with him. As my starting tight end here it's it's. It's a little dicey. I mean good for him that he gets Russell Wilson quarterback, and he still has three quarterback or three running backs and receivers there, but I would have rather had have had. GRUNK definitely would have rather had fant. I don't know you're feeling. You might have rather had dallas. TJ Hopkinson at that point, it's possible I. Mean It depends on who else he grabs a tight on Hopkinson. There you know I read his article. They compare Hodgkinson's rookie season so rookie seasons of other elite tight ends. It's actually kind of fairly comparable, so actually felt a little better. Having read that article, right, but It just I guess we'll just see what happens. I mean they did draft him. What tenth over all and that was yeah, it temporary eleven somewhere around there right around there run Samarinda and got picked both teams yeah. So Yeah I. I I don't WanNa. Be Crap over hockey I mean there's a chance he could have a really good sophomore season, and and and if he does Mike Show seems looking pretty good here. Yeah, it is I mean like that he does need to. He still needs to address tight on kind of the point I think we can both make is that he's he. He can't feel feelings to super comfortable with the second year tight hundred really virtually nothing except for the first game of the season Three Cohen at well okay. Well, let's let's say the Cohen. Cohen Conversation for Patrick and for later. I'll get to that shortly. Let's kick off. The ninth round here is is this draft has has moved on to the second half and are in the tent Blake, Darwin to David Hubbard as his number. Two tight end him at the nine one tonight Latavius Murray's Mike take now, bear in mind, take. Our had Ezekiel Elliott, and he goes with Latavius Murray there instead, and I can bring this up right now because Tony just went off the board in the Tenth Round Davis. Matic that's interesting. And and there might be some twitter back and forth here, too, because take took Edwards. Hilar- at the to eleven. Davis Matic Takes Damian Williams at the seven ten. tagliabue takes zeke Elliott at the one to. Davis Matic takes, Toni, Ballard at the tunnel, three kind of interesting stuff there and we'll see if if that plays out, but let's atheists Murray again. Take didn't have Chimera, but he's still took them overpowered I. think that's interesting. Dallas got her to the Godfather Jason Neighborly as his number. Two tight on Kerryon Johnson and Alexander Madison after that to carry on Johnson to Patrick McDonnell. Alexander Madison to Theo Gremaldi Deebo Samuel. Samuel, the number four receiver drafted by Jake See, he grabs him at the nine, zero six Johnson to Ross lively right after that in the middle of the night that the nine ninety sevens area slate and fourth wide receiver, taking my Mike Show couple of quarterbacks around running back here Josh Allen Birch Ca Sean bonte Matic Tom Brady to Gary Allen and the last pick of the ninth round. Is Austin Hooper to Elliot Chris? Dave we talked about Kris, going with the back to back tight ends in the seven eight is Austin Hooper overkill at the nine twelve. They're given how late he waited to grab his first tight end, or is this 'cause I know you've done this and fantasy leagues with quarterback before haven't seen you do it with tight end but do you think that's overkill there to go cook? You're sick and then still go get cooper. Yeah I think there's a little bit and what I'm kind of wondering is I wonder if he was considering hooper. When he took cook and sticky news all mad because he came back to my right still there. I've done that before playing time, so you can actually I could. If that's the case, I could see that he was getting almost a full round of value on hooper. There's as far as ADP goes. Yeah, I mean now actually him doing that. It really does press other. The other owners that that only have one side, and even if you have you know Vatican bursary a Kelsey kill. Probably. Still need another one well. Actually I'm sorry I city, but you know medical kittle You know you gotta gotTa grab another one eventually. You know it's kind of interesting there to for Chris it, you know He. He took three running backs in the first six rounds He had three receivers in the first five rounds. So you know it's not like he's hurting the other positions. Positions. Maybe this was a luxury that he was willing to take a chance on to get that tight end fifteen, which is where he's going in F-, F PC, best ball slim's to get him here in the ninth route as third tight end and bear in mind at that point now he doesn't have a quarterback yet, but bear in mind at that point Dave there were only. Eight quarterbacks off the board, so he can make some hay while the sun shines here coming up in his next turn. Yeah, it's interesting I I, do think. Don't know if I should say. It's not but I think the eleventh round. You'RE GONNA. See A lot of quarterbacks go because neither magic, nor Chris have one in. If these guys are paying attention, they'd really should start pounding them. but there there are probably some value in fact, you probably GonNa like they're both teams. Start off with you. Know the Garoppolo Nick foles. DWAYNE Haskins Tom darnold. Yeah, the Balkis favorite all your Darnold, my favorite. I'm just saying you know three crappy quarterbacks is your favorite way to go? Eight is my favorite way to go. That's why I love. Richard balanced teams so much from land I in fact I think Sigmund will be. Speaking out of order here but I think he was referring to balance quarterbacks last night. 'cause he richard balanced did not take one out of the spot he did not take one until round fifteen out of eighteen brown draft last night, or no around fourteen I think it was. Around fifty because he got mims in the eighteenth, he went fifteen, sixteen seventeen quarterback and. He said he's like Nice job. Taking the quarterback tank to empty on that or something to that and I thought that was yeah, that was pretty good. okay, so goes with the final pick of the ninth round here Dave. Let's get onto the tenth around Elliott Chris goes with Jamison crowder as his number four receiver, Jack Doyle to Gary Allen as his backup tied into Evan, Ingram Tony Pollard Davis Matic who I already mentioned. That is actually mad. V running back here in the first ten rounds CD lamb, the number three receiver to Chris. Chris Birch followed by Jordan Howard the fourth, running back selected by Mike Shope, Jay Stern. My guy is backing up. Hunter Henry for Ross lively in this format this year Matt Ryan the first quarterback selected by Jake Sealy Chris Herndon off the board to do Clemenger and then Zach Moss goes through Curtis, Patrick and Ryan McDowell, Mike, Williams, and Sterling Shepherd right after that to really take, and then Kevin Coleman to David Hubbard here in the tenth and bring this up. Here is as we wrap up the tenth round, Dave. Orchard already had Rehim Oester. Is it enough in eighteen round best ball slim to just go to bat with most and Coleman in the forty niners Backfield, or is there more to be done there? WELL IF GONNA. Go next pick. You'll see more got done, but yeah, but he's not niner anymore. Though no I know, he's not but I'm saying that he I'm talking about just grabbing a running back gasping right That's fine I. I think you can pull it off I. Mean Look at the offense. Let me McCaffrey's must get his. And then you look at the the forty niners offense is great, so that really does it's nice. I mean you just have to worry about by weeks. A Little Chris Birch be I know I've talked about his receivers a little bit already. CD Llamas your number three and I and I understand you know you look at the rest of his team got Kelsey and higby. He's got Josh Allen as quarterback. He's got four running that that he drafted in the first six rounds. I. Know You gotTa be week somewhere. This incredible field that he's drafting against cd-rom makes me feel a little bit uneasy as my number receiver here given that he might be the number three receiver zone. Yeah it is very true and he's the super talented player. I saw I think. He's looking just like an upside fire, not flyers, but outside guys this point. and see lambs. Hopefully it'd be part of maybe three or forced. I WANNA say straight receivers. You have to get quarterback, but he might not need to take another running back when you have Jacobs. Connor Gordon and Dobbins I don't even see the need to take another running back. Surly all right I want to bring up a few pairs of names here and see if if I'm just you know losing it or if there's something here Dave. Tonight Matt Breda Jordan Howard separate teams David Montgomery to recall on separate teams Edwards hilarious Damon separate teams, Murray and Kamera separate teams, Hunt and Chubb. Team Kerryon Johnson Andrea Swift not on the same team Austin. Single Terry not on the same team Ingram Dobbins separated. It goes on and on and on and on. It's trying to lock up a Backfield as much as you and I have talked about the importance of doing it in a close league like this. Are We overrating at a little bit because these talented drafters here now by and large with the exception of maybe Hubbard at the one spot with the with the niners running backs here tonight. They've avoided it. It hasn't been a big deal to them smart. Bit Indifferent. How do you feel about this? The all got delving cooking Alexander miatas. That is true, yeah. but you know I think it's fine I mean you can. You can go any direction you want. If you're going with a receiver, heavy team and you're running running backs later. I think you're fine. Just taking stabs, other players and some people don't like handcuffed when eighteen ron format, it doesn't limit you a little bit. Because then you're talking to roster spots on on one team in one position so I kind of get it. If you just take some savage and other other players, backups, or other players like standalone like Moss for example, he's going to have some Santillan value I mean the right or also I can see that Beck and Carrie Johnson. He's. He's GonNa. Get carries it almost for sure so I see I can see that as well and a lot of these guys are so much time sharing by going on in the NFL I totally got it as a reminder. This is the first year and the F. FCC. Proser says Joe How many years. We've been doing this ten too many. I don't know it's getting. It hasn't been a decade. It's close. This is the first time we've ever had a best ball. Slim eighteen rounds, no kickers, no defenses, and if you WANNA play in a format like this, go to my F. FCC DOT COM. Not only do we have the best ball slim's active there, but the baseball classics started there as well as terminator. Satellites super flex plenty of different basketball leagues to choose from and don't forget our F.. FCC Terminator Tournament Coming Up. I think in about five days. We kicked that thing off. You'll definitely WANNA. jump in that three hundred fifty dollars for an entry thousand dollars. If you want to pick up three teams twenty five thousand dollar. Grand Prize this year, huge prize. Cool! Check that out at my F-. PC DOT COM. We'll tell you about a few of the more leagues If you WANNA play for the Brood money to six figures, the half million stay tuned, and we'll talk to you about that when you can sign up for that. Moving onto the eleventh round here Matt Breed Up to David Hubbard at the eleven, O one as his number four running back. That is the twenty sixteen F. FCC. Over all champ. Anthony Miller off the board to might take the earth eleven. Oh, to add monds goes to Jason Abberley as his number four running back the first team to backup quarterback. It was Curtis Patrick and Ryan mcdonagh from road of is in deal left drew. BREES IS GONNA be backing up Kyla Murray? That's two consecutive pros vs Joes. Drafts David Job reasons draft as a backup I guess not that all all that surprising when you. Say All out drew brees is normally being drafted as quarterback twelve. So you know half the time. He's probably being drafted back not a big deal. Henry rugs right after that to theo. Graham followed by Preston Williams the receiver for Miami to Jake SEALY jared. Goff will be top signal caller for Ross lively as he goes at the eleven seven tonight Jerry Judy to Mike Show John Brown to Chris Birch Be Jalen rigor to Davis, matic and Emmanuel Sanders to Gary Allan, those four receivers all go in the eleventh round Marlin Mac wraps up things here in the twelve going to Elliot Chris if you Had John Well. I guess this is more of a rookie running back discussion Dave how important is it? It N. will frame it with. Edwards Allaire Jonathan Taylor. Jackie Robinson de'andre. If you draft one of those guys in this format or just really any twelve team closed basketball contests. How important is it to to get the other guy later? To you if you're drafting one of those rookie running backs trying to lock up that Backfield, do you care or do you not care? Specifically for the rookies only well, you have to look at each one I mean. With Edwards Hilarity, you have to spend six around or seventh rounder on Damian Williams so I'm probably not doing that. DO A. Job Until Taylor I would tell you look at it because. You know what's his name Marlin Max pretty cheap since I. Think I would look at trying to do that or. Dobbins and Ingram. No, because you're. They're back to back activate. Acres and Gerald Henderson possibly, but the thing with that I probably would just look at. Either acres or Henderson, whichever prefer it. I mean I kind of prefer acres at this point. You know. He's have to deal with Malcolm Brown. Possibly see so. There's always that possibility we. Swift and carrying Johnson side I would actually look at that for sure I think that's what I would consider we We have talked about The rookie running backs. What about the rookie receivers here? Dave, are you on board? With Any of the rookie receivers? I guess this is just more of a question in general, not necessarily this format, but this year given the truncated offseason. Wide, receivers, not the easiest position to get accustomed to in the NFL, and you look at some of the landing spots, or some of these guys you know. CD Lamb goes through Dallas where there's already to establish guys there Jerry Judy goes to Denver where he's gotTa deal with Portland, Sutton and often You have Jay Jalen Reagan I. Guess is is a prime situation. Justin Jefferson just has to deal with feeling. Are you on board with any of these guys this year? Any of these work receivers excite you from a redraft. Perspective Jerry Judy I think is running. He's separated. He gets open consistently. He's going to be opened immediately from day. One and I think that. He's GonNa Start from day one, too, so he's GonNa. Have to worry about Amari, cooper and Michael Gal like CD lamb has to you know he's GonNa be out there in three receiver sets rugs. You still make the argument that maybe he's just a speed. Demon like rigor compared to. Judy's the guy from me. I I want to ask you about John Brown. Who went off the boards to Chris? Birch here at they'd take a drink. We're talking about krispies receivers again I feel like I've been doing this seventy five minutes. Nice John Brown is still in Buffalo Dave but joining him in that wide receiver core. This year is defined digs. It comes. Comes over for Minnesota and I feel like those guys aren't necessarily complementary to each other I think that what John Brown does really well. I think Stefan. Digs does pretty well too and I'm curious your thoughts about because Brown had a pretty good season last year with Josh Allen throwing to him early on, and then he fell off a lot in the middle. You're Kinda off John Brown then this year. Yeah, not. It's not a huge fan of John Ronaldo. Get Stack 'em with Josh Allen so Scott Sir Alan Brown's stack right. Yeah, and he's basically. He drafted him three picks ahead of where he normally goes so i. mean it's there's. It wasn't an overdraft at all sign. Up with those other I mean again, he's working receivers and I. Think he's doing fine. John I wouldn't have a problem with that for all right moving on to the twelfth. Round Boston Scott at the twelve, although one to Elliott Chris Elliott Takes Boston Scott. Is Number five running back here? Justin Jefferson to Gary Allen Right after that Herb Smith a young tight end with an old name, I just figured was that name or it's so annoying. It's like earl, half, ler, Adisq, hotshot, wide receiver out of Vanderbilt or something. You know you never hear stuff like that, yeah? That's not a real person. By the way IRV Smith off the board at the twelve o three tonight. Sammy Watkins to be so birch be really focusing in on these receivers, nowadays as he takes Sammy Watkins at the twelve four Curtis Samuel off the board to Mike Show right after that that is number, six receiver, golden tate to Ross lively, and then you have zero Henderson to Jake Sealy there at twelve. Oh seven tonight Nikiel! Harry the one on one in several dynasty leagues last year Oh how the mighty have fallen. She should or a great year. It could be a value this year. Yeah! If you awesome, they're all those F. F., PPC weren't Akil. Harry got cut at roster cutdown. You can go ahead and grab them. There never know what'll happen. The old grandma takes him at the twelve. Ian, Thomas, as the backup, tight end to mark Andrews where Curtis Patrick and Ryan. McDowell right after that followed by Paris Campbell to Jason Neighborly Eric Ibran to Mike Tagliatelle and then Carson wentz backing up Patrick Mahomes for David Hubbard should bring squalls while it was just. So cheap just. To me, ADP is I. Mean Kim Gracious. It just seems like such a deal You know what Dave you might be right on now. Maybe you're not right. Hold on, let me Let me look this up. Do this the right way instead of. messing around here? Carson Wentz nine one, so that is a great deal. It's like cool rounds. Right four rounds value. That's crazy, good job by David Hubbard. It's why he's the best, or do you know why why a lot of people view them? As the best I think he's one of the best no question. Your here's my home so arguments. What do you your quarterback for? You? Don't until you know until something happens or whatever you have. Your KNEECAP hops out. Of, Carson Wentz, just waiting waiting in the wings right? Yeah, twelve twelve. Right exactly okay, so talking about this this twelve down here which by the way I should point this out in the btr chat for all the guys and Gals, hanging out in their Ryan Pool, just pointed out two thousand nine was the first year of pros vs Joes, so this is the twelfth year that's. Fine yeah he's already died. I. Don't know it's right pools that he's a booder Kent. He knows things well. Having my fantasy. We get that time. Response Forgot where I never felt I. You're right. We weren't weren't. We are ready to copy and paste team news into lease, I will go very unfunded. There was times when people are driver on our either yeah, but there's times when people were drafting live in Vegas and that this is when I really wasn't going out there and I would wait till the till the wee hours and I would get the draft boards emailed to me the images, and then I would stay up the rest of the night loading rosters. It's so it was just the most arduous process ever and the way that things become automated, not just from that sense but from from A. Just a streamline Way of doing things in general has been such a blessing because I lost a lot of sleep. Man, it will, not I find. Funny as I mean you know even right now. The live events we actually you know we do live drafts. We prefer the classic draft boards. You don't believe in having monitors or anything like that Fred so we still actually have people that do that that you know overnight. They will. If this was this old retired couple. It themselves are them and sitting. There was a couple of farm and other people yeah. and so then the you know, we give them the actual. You know, the the the sicker boards, or whatever the small ones and overnight. They put him in there, and they were pretty awesome job every once in a while screw up. Someone's you know Antoine Smith and Anton Smith or something like that when the names are close, but by and large, a really fine job, and they're really good people and I'm glad to pay him some money for it and You know the fact, is we? We can actually a nice restaurant that night, instead of having to do the same thing. Yeah, it was. It was so weird. The first time I was able to do that. I'm like. Oh, my Gosh, this is what Vegas is like. When you're not working speaking of sleep deprivation, I must be suffering from it right now. I was wrong I was wrong. I was wrong. Ryan fool did not point that out in the chat room. It was the one the only Henry Mood pointed that out. Very much wealthier of pros. Joe's Henry thank you so much. We couldn't have done it without you. That is good stuff right there. Twelve years of pros vs Joes what a time to be alive Okay, so kidding aside, Earth Smith. You like him as the Minnesota tight end own this year, right? actually I don't really care for Smith. I don't really care to own a minute Rudolph. I can tell you that I know of that. That's true I. Don't really I'm not a fan of either to be honest, so do you like Justin Jefferson curiously, who actually went off the board tonight, to Gary Allen at the at the twelve to do you like him, I feel like Mallard circular only pass catcher. You like in Minnesota this year. You Feeling Right, yeah! You know jogging. Dolphins will run through Delvin Crook Madison and get his you know. His. Some. Yeah, but you Justin Jefferson I. Don't you know is? Not a huge fan of the talent IRV Smith. Same thing I. You know you look at his profile and mock draftable. It's like. You know puckered lips. There you know right. Yeah, nothing expanding at all he's not. He's not a leading anyone category, and he still does have to deal with Kyle Rudolph. I mean I know there. All you know turning into more the blocking tight end supposedly, but I'm not buying it, so that's just my opinion. I'm sticking with ut's this with Theo. Graham injures pick with Nikiel Harry before as the number five his number five receiver that he takes in the twelfth, Brown you said that. which just watch out for Harry this year, maybe bouncing back maybe. Writing the wrongs of his rookie year. What happened? Why why do you see what was? He mostly hers hurt Ya. That's the thing is. He was a super talented player coming out. He actually Beckmann. Score not something that rose doing anymore, but he had that one of the highest female scores coming out this past year. Team invested a high picking him. And you know all of a sudden. He's be forgotten I. Don't think so! I mean he's. He's talented player. And I think the Patriots are GonNa. Do whatever they can make them successful. It's kind of interesting because I'm trying to think how it went down last year, but the number thirty to pick in two thousand nineteen draft and the number thirty to pick and the twenty eighteen draft. We're both skill, position guys and excuse me the twenty nineteen draft in the twenty twenty drive. They're both skill, position, guys and people that. Players that we didn't really see coming. We didn't necessarily see the Patriots taking Harry at thirty two. We didn't necessarily see the chiefs taking quite Edwards Hilar- and number thirty two this past year, and it drastically changed the front end of dynasty dress the this past year at the past two years. Really, it's so weird to see how things like that workout and just wish so if you're a first pick, every team has like a fifth year option. Is that now? is correct so I mean they're not this a huge deal, but the Patriots now of their fifth year option with Harry. If you've been, you've been taken with pick thirty, three or thirty four. It's a four year. Deal right. So I mean they they want to develop may have a shot. They have an extra year to work with them and figure it out. If you were a running back in this year because it's not really a fan. Is Not. Really a fantasy question. This is more of a real life football question. wouldn't you rather have been Jonathan? Taylor, where the team doesn't have that fifth year. Then quite Edwards Lehrer. who goes like five or six picks before him, but he's at first round. Pick and then the team can keep him under control for that extra year, whereas the colts can't do that with Taylor, it's an interesting way to look at it. I can see that argument I if you're good. Yeah I mean I think because it's the cheese because of their great, and you're playing with the you know the world, chance or whatever you know. Yeah I think I'd be fine being Edward Solaire in. Suck with this awesome team in four hundred fifty million dollars quarterback exactly, and that's my next point. Two is because at some point. The bills are GONNA. Come do for the chiefs, and maybe they're gonNA come at the same time Edwards Allaire is getting free agency in front of them to it's it's. It's possible he if he's a successful running back on. If they win a couple, more super bowls he. He Test Free Agency he might have a few rings, and you might move on so depending on what you value winning Hugh. You know if he does well, he's GonNa. Get paid eventually I think it'd be alright. you had mentioned earlier in the broadcast that you thought round eleven was going to be the quarterback around my nose. Wrong, totally wrong. You gotta say totally wrong. You're pretty close. Close, it was around thirteen where they all went out for you off well, I mean two rounds whatever you're talking about the middle of of a draft. Who knows what these guys are capable? Let's I'll take you through the thirteen here shot pyramid thirteen on one to David Hubbard Greg. Olsen is the number three tight end drafted by Mike Tagliatelle there at the thirteen O. Two Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers backing up Lamar Jackson for Jason Neighborly followed by Antonio Gibson to Curtis Patrick and Ryan McDowell Hime Hind catching running back for Indianapolis. goes to Theo Graham adjourned as a as I point out that I wanNA point. Excuse me point out that grandma's your took Jonathan Taylor in the fourth round, so he gets two thirds of that colts backfield. Then here, come the quarterbacks Daniel Jones Dj. Cam Newton to Ross Lively Matthew Stafford to Mike Show and by the way those three are all backing up the starting quarterbacks for all three of those teams, those are the number. Two quarterback drafted by each one of those PJ. Competitor Sony Michelle saw news on him Chris Birch takes him here in the thirteenth Jimmy Garoppolo to Davis Matic. It's his number, one quarterback so Maddock wicks on quarterback. Gets Garoppolo here in the thirteenth. We'll see what he does going forward to see how he fills in that position then zone. Them's about five rounds earlier than where he went last night Gary, Allan takes him as his number, six receiver, and then Baker Mayfield the final pick of the thirteenth round to Elliott. Chris I do want to point out that and we'll get into analysis here in the thirteenth fourteenth round is now. Now, completed I'll take you through that as well. Elliott Chris Waits until the thirteenth round to take. Mayfield is the number. One quarterback does not wait time to take his number two. He goes back quarterbacks Mayfield. Ben Rothlisberger Ryan Tanny Hill to backup. Tom Brady for Gary Allen here in the fourteenth round, viscous Chanel to Davis. Matic and then Joe Borough to Chris Birch be both five rounds later than where he went last night. All those F.. FCC DRAFTS AJ Dylan right after that to Mike. Shop Mike Show Mike scope excuse me. I need to take a drink of water here I think as the number five running back there for the W. G.. R. Buffalo. Radio boobs Kent too much mooner. Can the show tonight and I apologize so then Dawson knocks the number three tight ends. You Ross lively Anthony Mcfarland after that to jake see Hunter Renfro the Las Vegas Raider slot receiver to Theo Graham and JEB. And then we get a rainbow, a semi rainbow here to finish off around fourteen Joshua Kelly to Patrick and McDowell Gerald to the. The number as the number three tight end selected by Jason Angrily then you have Gardner. Menchu backing up back Prescott. You Might Tagliatelle Jerick McKinnon as the final pick of the fourteen thrown to David. Hubbard got all three properties now. That is what I was alluding to earlier I asked you if that was enough I, if if having moster and Coleman was enough I, guess the point is moot now because the hovered, it wasn't enough, and he gets off. Three running backs now now. The question is a Pacific. In North Carolina or is it like Orientale? And what were the other two your now? That America's Orleans Yeah oriental. What were the other two? Right now 'cause it's. Isn't it funny that we both? remember the Oriental. I remember Baltic, Mediterranean easily 'cause. It's just, but that's only to, because it's true. That's why I remember. If I can't all right so as Oriental, And it was Come on now. They want me to order it. This is unbelievable. Wants is putting monopoly did like hey, here's where you can order it? Okay Vermont and Connecticut are the other two Oriental Vermont and Connecticut. Was Ready with North, Carolina Pennsylvania and something else. Pacific consider yeah, the the Greens as it were I'm just looking at this right now. Do you have in the United Kingdom monopoly? It's totally different properties, or is it like your Oxford Shire? So okay so if you like a really biased slums or crappy. Or so in the UK heart place in Boardwalk are Park Lane Mayfair oh mayfair. Yeah, that's the Greens. Regent Street Oxford Street and bond. Street out affects I should actually jumping UK this? Sounds pretty cool the light blue. The Angel is Lincoln. Houston road and Pentonville road. So, it's so classy. I wonder specific pieces are different to hey. I always thought there's still railroad. Yeah, they do. They call them stations. Things Cross. They have that in a universal actually for the for the The JK Dhabi what? The, Harry Potter. Our right all right, so you have king's cross, Marylebone Fen Church, Street and Liverpool Street Oh and you'll never believe it. The utilities you know they're called electric. Company and water works in the United States. United Kingdom. They're called. You guessed it electric company and water. Or they are the same. There was a fun little adventure. High is getting with not very nice. Okay, so obvious question you order you that you I would. Let's play it. We're GONNA play for real money. It's GonNa be fun. you. You play by the way you play five hundred bucks for free for the three parking. No, we always when I played it when I was a kid. We always anytime. You had to pay a fine or something it would go into that in the middle of Kitty Yeah and and then oh my goodness the. BRAGGADOCIOUS Terms that were thrown around after whoever won the kitty for the first time I mean they ruled the roost? Oh, it was disgusting. That's why I hated playing it. It was it was ridiculous all right so so moving on This is this is what I wanted to talk to you about McKinnon. overkill there if you already had most or if you already had coleman, would you still be taking McKinnon in the Fourteenth Round I, you know I probably would not taking somebody else. That's just me. Then factors water running back right after that I like. You, they're talking about Sunny Michelle, missing time, and not being ready for Camp I. Just I didn't really read the article on rural. Some yeah I saw that too so Damian Harris interesting. He went right after him. Carl interesting to your and Evans's another player. That was nice back. so I think we're going differently, but you know probably wants to lock it up they c Mackinnon Mackenzie ready, they'll so. He says if he says he's back. I mean we'll see. yeah, I'm skeptical, but again David Hubbard is forgotten more about fantasy football than I'll ever know. Still I'll check to the razor on that one Fifteenth Round Brandon. See He leads things off with Hubbard. Damian Harris right after that to Mike Tagliatelle Devante Freeman off the board at the fifteen three to Jason. Neighborly, McDowell and Patrick Take Allen. Lazard Robbie Anderson right after that as grandma goes back to back receivers. They're Darren Evans as the fifteen o six pick tonight followed by Carlos, hide off the board there OJ Howard the loan tight and taken in round, fifteen. Antonio Brown. Yeah, you're going to get away from him. He's selected in the fifteen I. Ha-. Kirk cousins. Fifteen, ten Justin Jackson at the fifteen eleven, and then drew lock At the fifteen twelve, so this is something I. I should bring up because we saw pool and. Tranquility do this at twelve spot last night dave. they go triple Elliott Chris Excuse me because triple tight end in round, seven, eight nine. And then he goes triple quarterback in thirteen, fourteen, fifteen with Mayfield Rothlisberger and lock. You don't see it done too often, but I think it turned out pretty nicely here. Yeah, you can definitely make your work. I mean Nice job, actually He waited a long time a quarterback and he he was much funnier than I was in that situation I would've taken somebody. Popped in Marlin, Mac Boston's Scott Jamison crowder, all fine picks actually while spicy really got some. They're running back and receiver before attacking quarterback, and he did really he did fine with me. It feels big Vans Ruak. I think he'll be. He'll be okay. Yeah, I think so too. I actually liking that team. We'll get to that more when we do the Team recaps coming up later on in the show WanNa, take off phone. Call Right now. We'll go out to these seven four zero. You're on the air, even Balkan on the HSF. Our who we talking to. Hey, what's up, guys? It's Curtis Patrick and Ryan McDowell. Gentlemen welcome in glad to hear from you tonight. It his. You know talking about your the tweet. You guys put out I think it would curtis. I. Think you put it out about how you guys were runner up? In your own league, the last couple of years still had a pair top fifteen finishes. Is this the team? That's going to get you off the snide this year? How do you feel about it? I I think we're. We're both happy with the bill, but it has been brutal drafting between. Between these jobs here I mean we've been snipe on both sides hard. It was an absolute gut. Punch to lose Dallas. Daughter where we lost him and then a couple of rounds later in the area I mean we really had those got circled and then around there actually selected. So you know just it just goes to show that the value doesn't really drop when you're when you're drafting with this quality we makes. Ryan, let me ask you as far as team. Construction goes as you look at you. Know How you guys have put this together tonight. I! I know you didn't exactly get the players you wanted and a couple of spots because he got sniped, but by and large the way that you put this team together. You happy with the construction. Yeah. We were pretty pretty locked in euro or Your RV. Do we get back in the in the first round from that force? and. Just loved. The wide receivers were available to those those rounds to five ranch. Yeah I mean I, it's it's. It's pretty solid. as I like all three of those guys I mean I think you're talking about a pretty big target share for all three of them, and then to to get the guys that you've got a running back in eight through ten. I think you did a pretty good job. There did anything stand out to you not not necessarily with your team Curtis, but did anything necessarily stand out to you in this draft tonight that you didn't see coming or or a little surprised to see. we were, we were a little surprised to see. I mean even from the to spot just as Elliot. Go number two obviously I. think those top four picks. are pretty locked in and what ever order they're going to go and I was joking with with tags. Before the draft. You know asking if he was gonNA follow his rankings because he actually has a Kamara number, two and the personal rankings, but he said he might have something special for the format tonight, so that just got. You a little bit of a weird start, and then worth Ryan, and I are thinking baby. We've got shot. saquon wanted four but everything kind of fell into line. I was a little, a little surprised to see Just the way that the quarterbacks went to to have that break all the way until the sixth round when we pulled the trigger on Tyler Murray not to see somebody else joke for doctor to Sean. I! Think this is a big group of guys that are maybe part of that late round. QB. you know upbringing especially on the analyst side of this draft and we. We thought you're going to be lucky to get Maria the six, and we ended up taking him as the QB three. Ryan. Let me ask you something How important is it for you for you guys to get one of those elite tight end because you get mark Andrews here roughly about a half hour earlier than than his eighty p as you take them in the second round where you guys kind of dead set on making sure you've got an elite tight end in this draft. Yeah, we really were. There and in that late second round ranges. Even though we recognize those probably a little bit of a range. I think you fell. Off Your third round in. This love the rain is that then you get in this format? Expecting another year similar to so what we saw last season so. Even though. You going in. We're comfortable. Games some freedom to to way on that position which we did. Upper. Curtis final question here for you I'm looking at the roster right now. Be Between you and Ryan tonight, and and I could be wrong, but by my count I see three rookies on this roster rookie, running backs, but none taken before round ten. Is that something that you will probably apply to two most your drafts this year investing in rookie, running backs, but not investing early in them. Yeah ON CONRAD OF HIS DOT COM today one of our analysts in a big time FCC player in Monte San wrote about this a little bit that you know with everything going on with in nineteen, and these rookie backs really already being aggressively drafted by the high stakes community. When when we have rock-solid receivers going in the same range, it almost makes more sense to target The the guy's a little bit later on in the draft. It's kind of that dynamic that we saw with nick shove his rookie season where there was an incumbent veteran that made it wasn't firmly entrenched, but people were worried. Carlos high you know would hold down before and Nick chubs ADP was depressed in and and I think the same dynamic could be playing out. Here was Zach Moss in particular that. That you Devon single -tary isn't exactly I don't think people are looking at him. Like a bona fide Belco and so You know if if if single -tary, we're there and we were just looking at frank bore. You know people would be drafting moss single. Terry's going so there's I think there's an there's certainly a range of outcomes where Moscow performance Terry. This year looks like we're going to be on the clock here. We can make our last pick. live on. The air is just your? Three rookie boxes more than we probably wanted to to grab but because we went with the modified gop build. It's just the way it played out. It just happened to be the values on the board trust. All right, so take us through your last. Pick here. gentlemen. What what are you thinking i? I look at the roster that you've assembled so far. You have the two quarterbacks. You have the three tight ends you have I think six running backs. The rest are all receiving. What are you looking here with your last pick? So for this last pick, it into the best slim format which which I definitely applaud the F. FCC for for I think. It was warranted to add Add this limber format. Take the defenses knickers out I. Think is important in this format versus the twenty eight round format to get production from all of your tax and we went out another receiver here. There's literally only one guy left in our Q. We had loaded up. five guys might make your folk for of them are gone, and this is going to be kind of a boring name, but it's a guy that I absolutely think we'll get some flex usage in this format forest, and so we're GONNA. Take Beasley here. They know he's love. Pick right there, and so ends the draft of both Curtis Patrick and Ryan mcdonagh as a reminder to all the listeners you can follow us on twitter at St, Patrick NFL, check out all of his work at Oguz Dot Com Ryan is at Ryan, M. C., twenty three of course check out his work at Dynasty, League football dot com at deal. Excuse me. L. Football guys tremendous to have you in pros vs joes again. I hope this is the year that you guys breakthrough. Get that league title yet. That main event entering next year. comped good luck to both of you. Thanks for calling in tonight. Be Good. We'll talk to you later. And appreciated phones. Thanks for covering the show. Absolutely Curtis Patrick Ryan mcdonagh ladies. Gentlemen good to have those guys on both ratio here as both great sites to yeah absolutely. Preferable. We'll say road of it's. It's tremendous work that we ever had. I still well. Your care. I I was just. GonNa pay like before. We become partners with either of those sites I. I was a subscriber to both and really like the content. That's turned out there. Although I mean, there's so much good fantasy content, a lot of these different sites. That's great I don't think that given my dynasty performance in my career I doubt dynasty football as a Resource Book Your Carrington team is is about to become like because six like a decade long. Long Juggernaut so I don't know about that I'm really mad. Pretty teams right now. Trees your whole team I'll have to look at it later, but potentially. Yes, all right so moving on here in the sixteenth round Dave Dede Westbrook off the board here. You know I gotTA. I gotTA. Fix My my view here. because I am not getting. We haven't really done in seven minutes. address show Yeah, we gotta go through. The teams here Okay. We don't care. Yeah, I'm sorry about this ladies and gentlemen down. That's why I had why head Curtis Bryan on should have well. They were like in such a stone all right so sixteen one dede westbrook goes the Elliott Chris followed by Philip Rivers to Gary, Allan Lynn, Boden Davis Matic, and then Chris. Birch takes the Sean Jackson. That's a nice little pick up there in the sixteen Brian Hill after that to Mike. Mike show a scope. Excuse me, tyrel Williams and then Steven Sims back receivers. They're too lively and sealy teddy bridgewater backing up the Shawn Watson for Grandeur James Washington Michael Pittman right after that to Patrick and McDowell and then Abeille rounding out things here in the sixteenth round, tyrod Taylor and then Reggie. Bonifant NYSTROEM, taking Boffon for sixteen twelve, and so the Furner I'm trying to wait until the late eighteenth round by Howard. To back them up with Beckham McCaffrey. There's some talk that he may not be the backup. Yeah! I. Don't buy okay. You think it is monofund. You know what's funny about that. Speaking of Carrington and my dynasty league. I have to cut so many people and I don't know McCaffrey and that I think it'd be cutting on. You know just because there's no reason to. Go to you. You said it not me. Seventeen O one Brian Edwards rookie to David Hubbard, there John Ross to Mike Tagliatelle to by lawyers. The third quarterback drafted by Jason Angrily will d'isly the third end Patrick and McDowell Rockwell armstead to theo, Graham and JEB followed by Reynaud. Cobb to Jake Sealy, Sam Darnold to Ross lively Adam Trautmann to Mike. Show a SCOPE I. I am going to get his name right. One of these times mice go takes 'em Trautmann as his number three tight on Derek Carr number three quarterback to Chris. Birch be followed by a trove receivers. Jalen Hurd Jeffrey Larry Fitzgerald two matic, Allen and Chris. We haven't talked about Jalen. Hurd Jalen Hurd and redraft formats this year given the injury deebo Samuel. or You staying away from him, just giving kind of lost his rookie season and He's of playing from behind again. He you know he's an interesting dart throw, but he's really. You're actually really aiming for a triple seventeen when you're talking about Dr Throw. He's a tough one. use a super talented running back at when he was in college, and he switched wide receiver to have a longer NFL career. I You! jalen hurts talent quite a bit. I used to do. Brandon is now right I I ever. Hedrick. Who I like who I know, you don't yeah so I and then they always talk about using all these I, always he, he can actually run the ball play running back. He needs to I. Think He's worth a shot seventeenth round. WHY NOT I mean! I probably would've take I probably would have gone with you. Know Fits and or Corey Davis and the players right after him instead but. But that's that's all right. I mean I can see the argument for her It's a Corey Davis is GONNA lead off the eighteenth and final round here tonight. He goes to Elliott Chris. Tyler I for Gary Allan Benny Snell off the board to Davis Matic, Chris Thompson Pass catching running back for Jacksonville to Chris Birch. Be Dwayne Haskins backing up Russell Wilson Matthew Stafford for Mike Scope. Jalen Rashard right after that to Rosslea Antonio Gandhi. Golden Receiver to the Athletics Jake Sealy the final tight end chosen of the draft. It's David and joke who he's also. The final non receiver drafted as last four picks are all wideouts you heard the coal beasley picked to wrote of is and Dynasty League football there Patrick and McDowell Devon do Rene Marquez Valdez, gambling and Josh. Reynolds wraps it all up with David Hubbard's spinal selection of Mr Irrelevant. All Right? Hey! I was talking to. You okay. So do you WANNA go through quickly? Yeah I'm just kidding. Okay. I I don't WanNa. Put you out here all right, so let's go to David. Hubbard Steam I quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes Carson Wentz Christian McCaffrey Rehim oester Heaven Coleman Matt Brita Jerick McKinnon. Reggie Bonifant Wide Receivers Mike Evans. Will Fuller Tyler Boyd. McColl Hartman Perriman Brandon I Brian Edwards and Josh Reynolds Tight End Darren Waller and Blake Jar Dave so you look at this, and obviously the quarterbacks are good. went out of his way to me to lock up the Carolina and San Francisco. Backfield's peppering in Breda there for SS and Giggles, as it were the on nine hundred nine panther running back on his team You See A. A A good mix of big play an unknown receivers. They're hoping to hit home on that tight end of the week. I'm not a big waller guy this year as anybody who knows who who has seen the the fantasy, underground, world, famous draft guide player profiler. That's who I talked about in. Why not? Hi, Darren, Waller! Oh, thanks for just talking about only there and now great talking about it here to although you don't get the video form here where you do Video Cameo there. Unfortunately I do get the video. Very funny Tight end, but this is the only quarrel with this team. I kinda like hover. Put together It's one of those teams that's GonNa. Not It's either GONNA win or it's GonNa. Take like nine to twelve and that's fine. Actually that's exactly what you want. I WANNA get the team to here, but let's go out to the seven one six real quick and take a phone call here. you are on the air with Dave and bulky here in the high stakes fantasy football. Our, WHO's this? Dave and bulky. This is Mike show by drafted eight. Hey Mike is so good to hear. At least you know how to pronounce dangling down so terrible at it. It's it's. It's a work in progress. I. Sincerely Apologize We have. We have a real real radio host now. This is the worst so Mike, are you? GonNa be peppering. Praising your team and talking about how awesome it is to to the end reaches of of all buffalo tomorrow. You just dominated all these pros and JOE's. How do you think it turned out for you? To answer your question, definitely not. I will not be doing that because this is an elite group. But. It could've gone worse for me. I think I mean. How many times in these drafts do you really feel like you did badly though? Last week for an article at our website wjr, five fifty dot com I tried to do badly every time it was my pick I thought I thought well. What would be the wrong? Move Right here and at the end of it I looked at it and thought most people would probably be okay here. And, so I think it's hard where you told me if you think I'm wrong, I think it's hard to at the end of the draft. Look at it and think that it just was a disaster. Good players. And nobody's drafting. Who? Digs first overall, and this is not. That kinda group, nobody. Nobody's doing anything crazy. So I'm happy, but it will come down to You know mostly lock I mean a lot of other factors, but. I'm hopeful about that. I'm hopeful. Hopeful is a good way of looking at it. Maybe the best things to quote Andy, defraying from the Shawshank Redemption I wanted to ask you Mike so when you knew you were picking eighth year, did you? SORTA of I'm like okay well. Maybe I'll start off the pair high volume, wide receivers, and then kind of cobble my running back corps after that was that something that entered your mind as this is the strategy. We're GONNA. Take her to the board. Just fall that way for you. Know! It was really the ladder I, thought I think in most of these starting receiver receiver is is dangerous. Because as everybody knows, the running back thing drops off pretty fast, but I thought devante Adams was worthy at one eight, and then I thought Jacobs would come to me, and around two or even maybe drake I had a little bit of a thought to drink at one away, but then I thought I'll take my chances the other way and then Julio Jones without those two guys available Julio Jones to me was a home run so after that it was trying to figure out how to get running back right, and then maybe force it. What do you guys think I might have forced it on Ronald Jones, but I thought there was a big drop off after him. And I was relieved later on to get the three running backs in three four five. Yeah I don't think I don't think he forced it I would much rather. You know to get that third running back there in the fifth round in a format like this. I I think that's something that I would be trying to do. your three starting barracks, and then you can pick up Howard tenth I thought that was really yeah. We're tired Dave. Really liked that pick I thought that was solid to eight again eight starting running back in the tenth round. It's hard to turn that down. The knowing what you know, now seeing how this board turned out. Do you feel like you waited too long on tight end or are you? A Hopkinson guy that you're happy is leading the way for you at at that position. maybe both last night. Am I right? Last night was heavier on tight end early. I know Sigmund took who, in the first three rounds and I think you know last night. That there was more of a push tight end, but it goes like that sometimes. And when it came to around seven, eight Hopkinson was the one I wanted. This is a eighth overall pick in the draft last year titans usually. Struggle right away or they take their. They need their time. And quarterback was hurt so I think in a league like this where it's Kinda like first place or nothing. Hopkinson has a chance to be. Has the chance to be great there so of the five or six or seven guys pick in those rounds. He was my favorite. I like it I like it quite a bit Mike List and it was the treat having you on for sure. We're obviously all going to listen to. You. wgn. Sports Talk Radio in Buffalo. Of course, we listened to that online, no question and then we. And like twelve other super. Yeah. Talk Yes. Yes, no Mike Mike is, he's he. He knows what's going on with that so wjr Buffalo. Yes, exactly, and of course we follow you on twitter at shop, Talk, S. C. H. O. P. P., A. L. K.. Your maiden voyage in the pros vs Joes is complete congratulations on a very well put together team. Don't be a stranger. We'll talk to you again real soon. Enjoy your evening and enjoy the rest of the drafting season man. I would love that it's been an honor. Thanks for having me and good luck to you guys this year. Thank you so much? We appreciate that that is Mike. Show, Ladies and gentlemen from wgn Buffalo Radio certainly appreciate him. Joining PROSER CISCO is this year I like my to should be in every friend. He's a you know a gated in player for going forward I. I use your season for sure he's I have no problem with that whatsoever. no question all right, so we should to be get to my tag team here from fantasy prose. The she spots or Prescott Gardner Menchu tyrod Taylor. No you go ahead and then I'll have something to say about that team. Okay, so Prescott Menchu and tyrod Taylor are the signal callers running back Ezekiel Elliott quite Edwards Allaire David Montgomery latavius Murray's Damian Harris receivers. Juju Smith Schuster Tyler Lockett Aj. Green Sterling, Shepard Anthony Miller John Ross. Marquez scheduling Johnny, Smith Eric Ibrox and Greg Olsen are the tight ends. I'm not a huge fan of the tight ends Dave and I'll say this for the rest of the team. I don't necessarily dislike the running back corps and the wide receiver core but he went out and got his guys didn't grab a whole lot of value, but if he's right, and by the way might take, does for a living project projecting guys, so he knows what's going on with these players. I don't think it was the players I necessarily would've taken but I. Think this is a competitive team. Go ahead. What were you gonNA say about it well, okay? This specific to my, but is so this is a loaded question out of all the running back in the first round, which one of the least likely to Miss Games due to Colbert nineteen. Zeke Elliott that is correct. Yeah, correct. Yeah, he's got the antibodies. He's got unless you get it again. Don't talk. So all that's one. That's one possible reason for taking Elliott a little earlier I know there's. This you know, it's interesting. When Curtis Patrick was on, he was saying that he had the your head. Alvin Kamara has is number two running back this year? Buddy set up. Wait for pros. Joe's tonight I might have something special well. This is something specially takes. He does didn't take Barkley and it takes Ezekiel Elliott. Their God this number. Two pick is so. It's GonNa. Be Fun seeing what happens tomorrow for any of that. What do you think of his team? I think team a little bit better than you do I. Mean You lock at Aj Green? Shepherd Not Gargantuan Fan, Anthony Deal mvs you know. Yeah off right I mean. It's eighteenth routes who care right who cares tight ends. Not You know not not guys. I like to tighten but Again he's got a shot I mean. He's got a shot I mean it's. It's tough to really rip on DAX Great. And then you know men's shoe and Taylor deeming Harrison on the fifteenth. That pick and I alluded to this after after a second round pick. I said if Edwards Hilar-. ends up coming out like gangbusters this year he could have to top five running backs in that by might be enough to carry them to the twenty twenty one F. FCC. Main Event Foale Free the Godfather Jason Abe Really picking third tonight Lamar Jackson and to talk of lower than you have the running back Saquon Barkley. Aaron Jones Kareem. Hunt Chase Edmunds, devante. Freeman receivers K., metcalf marquees. Brown Jarvis Landry Mike Williams Paris Campbell Michael. Pittman Devon do Bernie tight ends no Fan Dallas got her. Gerald Everett forgot Aaron Rodgers also quarterback on this. As well, don't tell Aaron Rodgers I. Don't WanNa mad at me. Story he would be yeah. I know it would be. Funny Fred Prima Donna. so anyway, You just blocked me on twitter I just. Happened Right now. okay. He was just from a burst from the the running. Backs are not necessarily deep After the top three receivers I can't really find I. Mean Burnett and in the eighteenth. Okay I like the tight end though I, just I don't know if the running backs and receivers are, the depth is strong here. You know the thing is what you're kind of our omitting and I'm not saying you're admitting it totally but. You're. Lamar Jackson, Yep so I. You know when you when you calculate that in this is a pretty strong team. Actually I I actually like this team, arguably the best quarterbacks in the in the league. Yeah, he scores what he scored anywhere near last year. Barclay Aaron Jones Cream on those guys for anything like they did last year the McAfee Brown. Landry Mike Mike Williams I think he's finding the financial I mean tyrod Taylor come on. Fine, but I mean you seen on like Williams and then and then and then hunter. Henry I. Mean Maybe tyrod actually her thirty two hundred yard, yeah! I mean okay, it's let's. you, you could be right. I'm fine with fading Mike. Williams here I kind of like. Okay Curtis Patrick and Ryan mcdonagh. We actually talked to these guys just a short moment ago. Let's get into this. Kyla Murray and drew brees. The quarterback Alvin Kamara to Rico and Kerryon Johnson Zach Moss Antonio Gibson Joshua Kelly running back, Dj more Calvin. Ridley tear McClure Michael Gallup Allen Lazard James Washington Kobe's Lee at receiver. Mark Andrews Thomas and we'll Disley at tight end top to bottom I think this is. Is Solid. What this team depends on they've for success is getting a little lucky with those running backs, and the fact that they drafted five of them between rounds eight and fourteen. They might have luck on their side. I like the receivers i. think tight ends are good as long as Andrews against as healthy, and then you have Calamari and drew brees quarterback. What's not to love? You it's kind of like a high leverage team where the the receivers are really good commercials. Good Angeles Grape Maria great, they do need rb to kind of produce right, so we'll see what happens I I think it's not a bad roster instruction where they did nudity AFDC this year, and obviously new processes, Joseph, the aggrement or at the five spot. Here's how his. His team turned out to Shawn. Watson Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback Dalvand. Cook off an actor. Jonathan Taylor, Alexander. Madison, the hime. Hines and Reich well armstead at running back. Receivers are woods, fundings, Marvin, Jones Henry war rugs and the Keel Harry Hunter Renfro and Robbie Anderson Tight Ends Zach. Ertz Chris Herndon and David in joke who Dave I really like this team I did I think he did a really good job now. The question is okay, so woods Diggs I'm on board with the top two receivers then he needs. He needs harmon Julius equivalent to dollar day, so here's the thing with Marvin Jones you. Have always been more of a fan of. His than than I have yet. I feel like I own him and more leagues. And we want her to. Have to find a league that we're both in where I would Marvin Jones, but that's the thing I in, and he could be fine. In fact, he might a fine number three receiver this year, and and whatever, but after that rugs, Harry Renfro. Anderson one of those guys needs to hit I wanNA throw I mean those are all solid picks. They all have a lot of night. which is what you mean, yeah, Oh, in different ways right I all of them are actually. And, and actually like team I. Mean I think he did the super well. Erz Herndon and joke who love it and then the running backs. Cook Jonathan Taylor and Perry Madison Yeah Wa perfect I feel like you. In the eighteenth round that was like a really cool good. Is the second straight we're not. We've had and in the last. I'm arriving trying to like butter him up on. What are we here? He's a rookie. Who You? He may not even remember player Jake steal from the house. Jake steadily from the athletic. Dave Matt Ryan and Daniel Jones at quarterback, the running backs are Nick Charles, Mark Ingram. Darius Geiss Daryl Henderson Anthony McFarland and Darren Evans Wide Receivers Michael, Thomas, Allen Robinson Adam Phelan deebo. Samuel Preston Williams Stevenson's Randall Cobb Antonio Gandhi. Gandhi Golden, and then he goes with just to titans hidden hurts Robin Kaczynski. They're pretty good ones I mean he gets him in the seventh and eighth You look at the receiver depth. That's pretty awesome I. Mean you could talk about He his maybe having the deepest receivers in this league with Deebo Samuel, says number four. Preston Williams as as number five i. know you like sense Kinda like Cobb to. To and then he takes with Gandhi, golden right exactly walking up a crappy part of that receiving core Chubb Ingram guys, not my favorite trio, running backs, but when you consider the rest of his team I think he did a pretty nice job. Here I think so too I agree with most of what you're the Let's go to Ross lively here and look at his team the twenty eight teams. Teams football guys champ. Jared Goff Cam Newton Sam darnold his quarterbacks running back. Derrick, Henry Leonard Fournette, Devon Single Terry Duke Johnson, Carlos, Hyde and Jalen Rashard I receivers the Andre Hopkins Cooper Cop Julian. ESHELMAN deontay Johnson, golden tate tyrel Williams Titans Hunter Henry, J. Stern. Burger and Dawson knocks all right so as I'm trying to pick this apart here, You're never problem and I. Am I. Think there are now other. nother deep team here He didn't get Zach Moss to go a single terry. I don't know how important that is. When single. Terry's only his number three running back I like the receivers Hopkins Cup at Omon Johnson lots of lots of veterans. Millions late yeah Ataman. Tade Tyrone Williams lots of veterans and look what he did to. You know what I'm on board with this team and I'll tell you why. Ignore the first running back, so we'll get to the last three Duke. Johnson Pass catcher. Carlos Hyde backing up a guy who's oft, injured and Chris Carson. Jalen Rashard last round pass catcher. I really really good team. This might be One of the best teams in the League to I feel like I've been saying that with a lot of these teams, but we knew it was gonna be a bloodbath, and instead of nobody coming up with a good team, everybody came up with a good team very good good Rosser instruction overall The running backs are really solid I mean everything's pretty solid on the scene I think it's world on well. Put together all right so we. We just talked to Mike Show. Show, WE'RE GONNA talk about his team right now. Russell Wilson Matthew Stafford and Dwayne Haskins at quarterback Levian Bell Chris Carson Ronald Jones Jordan Howard Aj Dylan Brian Hill at running back. Davante Adams Julio Jones devante Parker Darius late and Jerry Judy Curtis Samuel at receiver, tight ends or TJ Hopkinson, OJ Howard and Adam Charlton. They've is as they look at this team I think if the tight ends can stay afloat, which might be asking a lot I know he likes Hopkinson We'll see about Howard I. I have Limited expectations for Adam Trautman, but if the tight ends can keep them alive, this team is going to be competitive as well. Tall GonNa depend upon those times. Yeah, I mean he just he must have Hopkinson breakout awesome and if he does, he's a competitive if he doesn't. He's got has problems traveling? Problem with him is I always think of Rambo or first blood trautmann's Rambos. Station, she for what really yeah so I. I can't get past the name sorry okay. Colonel Trump goes back to the Giovanni. Bernard. USCIS that we have. Several years ago, Chris. Birch Bayh actually correct. I'm sure it is crisper to be drafting in the nine spot tonight. Josh, Allen Joe Borough Derek cars as quarterbacks running back. Josh Jacobs James Connor Melvin Gordon j Sony Michelle Chris Thompson receivers, Keenan Allen, brandin cooks CD Lamb John Brown Sammy Watkins Antonio Brown Sean. Jackson. Tight ends are Travis Kelsey and Tyler Higby I. Think the story that we talked about. Is Atropine Trautmann all right colonel, Sam Trautman so so we talked about this One of the story lines in this draft. Draft was. How does Birch be put together enough receivers? I think he did a good job. I am not a fan of the Antonio Brown pick, but all the other ones I mean Watkins the. Sean Jackson get those guys. Wait those veterans late. That's really GONNA help. His team is running. Backs are great, I think it's tight ends to stop after Kelsey and Higby I think that was a solid decision, and you get that third quarterback to pair with Allen and borough was a good job getting Derek Carr so I liked that. I like versus team overall. I think you really find jobs running backs fantastic. Titans Grade Josh Allen I. Mean Getting Him in the ninth round like that was was was pretty solid. Taking a shot. Joe Boroughs good, too. I mean I think he has an overall really good team Davis Matic takes Jimmy Garoppolo and kirk cousins as quarterbacks. He goes miles. Sanders, camakers, Damian Williams Ca Sean, Bond Tony Pollard, Lynn, Boden and Benny Snell as his running backs, receivers Amari Cooper Aj Brown Dj Dark Christian. Kirkdale regula viscous Chenault Jalen, Hurd tight ends or George cadle, and Irv Smith maybe the most upside of anybody in this draft so far as far as combined. But they've maybe the most question marks to with with the rookies the you know you look what he did after mile, sanders that's a lot of question marks at running back, but you know with a lot of upside and then you look at only taking two tight ends only taking two quarterbacks especially when you wait until round thirteen. I don't know if that'll pay off so while I could see this team being very successful. There's a lot wildcards on this roster. That makes it tough difficult to pin down. Yeah, I would agree with you on that Garoppolo and cousins I think I think it's a little bit because they were so cheap I feel like you just. He gave away the value that was just gifted to him because. People were letting quarterbacks. Go for so long. We don't have to wait till the thirteenth Ron and take to somebody else just Chiba earlier. Gary Allen the two thousand fifteen FCC main event champ takes Tom Brady Ryan Tannehill and Philip rivers as his quarterbacks running back Kenyan. Drake David Johnson Phillip Lindsey James, White and Justin Jackson receivers. Chris Godwin Kennedy Golladay T Y Hilton. Emmanuel Sanders Justin Jefferson Denzel. mims and Alshon Jeffery Tight End Evan. Ingram Jack, doyle and Tyler is kind of unsexy team Dave with with all these veterans here I guess for me, he? He's going to need You know white to patch up some holes. He might need Lindsey to to get a Gordon injury, so he can get a couple of star table weeks here, but then you look late and it's like it's a couple of rookie. Receivers it. It's Alshon. Jeffery it's Justin Jackson and need some help. to to become fantasy relevant I. Don't know if this is the way that I would have drafted my team from that, but you can't. Really. I mean you look at the top four picks, Drake Godwin Golladay Johnson. There's a lot of fantasy goodness there. Yeah there's a few players. I felt like were. Maybe he should be. You know no offense, but I think he should be checking ADP. A little better. I mean Lindsey was early Denzel. mims was pop. IV Five rounds early, so I feel like some of those picks were just like they have been made later and he could have grabbed somebody else. instills got the players like. Final team. We're GONNA. Look at tonight from the noise. It is Elliott Chris. He takes Baker Mayfield. Ben Rothlisberger and drew lock quarterbacks. His running backs are Joe Mixing Todd. Gurley Andrea Swift Marlin Mac Boston Scott Receivers tyreek, Hill, Odell Beckham Kirtland, Sutton Jamison crowder Dede Westbrook Larry Fitzgerald Corey Davis Tight Ends Jared Cook Mike, sick and Austin Hooper so when you take those three straight tight ends there which I i. like you know that trail is is great, but then. Then you're looking at you know Marlon. Mac and Boston. Scott issue number, four and five running backs. He waits until round sixteen to kind of patch up that receiver core with Westbrook Fitzgerald Davis I. Mean You could do a lot worse than that I think. He did a solid job with this last three picks and I'm no problem with the waiting on the quarterback until round thirteen to get Mayfield Rothlisberger and lock to certainly a competitive team here. Yeah. I mean He. I thought he'd picked value with Todd Gurley, I still feel a girly. Going to a fourth-round is It's kind of ridiculous I I just think. When you have that offense being that good. So getting those top top six picks I can kind of mess around a little bit with the other stuff, so I think it's a good team overall. Duty Fits Corey Davis kind of garbage late, but that garbage could actually pay off. Yeah I, mean they only need pay off a few weeks and Here's crowder's a solid picked you. I thought the ten throwing there there was a tenth round pick. Yeah Yeah Nice job by by Elliott Chris there from fade the noise dot com, a nice job, everybody. Yeah, great show. This is a fun draft I knew it was gonna be fun with with all the talent in this draft, and all the accomplishments for both the pros and. This was fun. I want to thank our guest and Curtis Patrick Ryan McDowell, and of course Mike Show for popping in and chiming in with us when I think they're their money, the F. FCC Dave Girls. Act Our producer, mutual friend, ROB audio engineering, my best friend Bryce most of all all of our listeners tomorrow night. We do it again. What what are we? GonNa Draft Football. GUYS, yes! Six left in the football, guys. So what time does that start loving fifty five eastern rite? In five minutes from, yes, you're looking at sixty five minutes from now. If you WANNA take a chance of the half million bucks for three hundred fifty dollars free, my F- F- Dot Com Leagues half-full. Make it full full here tonight and jumped in that that will be fun. Ladies and gentlemen tomorrow. We are back at it with the twenty twenty. Twenty F- F- pc proser Joes, thin, lizzy league number three We're going to be on an hour later. It's ten PM. Eastern nine PM Central and we'll be right here on blog. Talk Radio DOT COM as well as having the live feed up at Youtube. Dot Com slash high stakes fantasy football tomorrow night's Joe's Kevin proctor. Eric Rubin, Mark Davidson and Jacob. Glenn Lowy Matthew Jacobson and Scott Colby all going to be participating as far as the pros go draft sharks jared small, a fighting chance fantasies. Bryan Drake and pro football focused Wayne McFarland football guys, the rocket scientist. David, dodds will be drafting sharp football analysis. Rich rebar will be on Brad Evans from noise and of Course Josh Hornsby from Rhode Islanders all participating on the program. Tomorrow can't wait for that one ladies, gentlemen, it will. Will be fun. Remember get your dress early for the F. FCC main event. You have basically a little over four hours to take care of that to make sure that you are getting your draft slot by August second make sure you are registering paying for your team in full of my PC DOT com planet. Hollywood reservations quite make sure you're taking care of them. We'll be out in Vegas in a little over a month month and A A little less than a month and a half. I don't forget satellites dynasty and the Football Players Championship. All at my FTC DOT com your week continues. Another episode of the high stakes fantasy football hour presented by my F- F- pc dot com that was broadcast live and around the World Eric Day will be back next week with more analysis interviews and advice from guest much smarter than they are. Thanks for listening and we'll talk with you again next week. Around what? Walk through, they come. In. Three. I was actually also thrilled I. Don't think I said this. During the broadcast tonight, we ushered in a new computer a new PC. Non Bell It is an ACIS. I WANNA say yeah. That's better than I wouldn't know I'm not I'm not an expert on this, but that previous computer has handled the Youtube livestream for just about every pros vs joes draft that you and I have ever done and and so we're moving onto bigger and better things. Hopefully, we're set for the next decade with this bet. I didn't buy it. No, this is my wife's computer. Actually I was looking all over. Laptops, but none of them work. invite a new computer know they're pretty cheap, noted I know well, why, by one when my and I said I'm like okay, so I'll bring this home from the studio so like I. Don't worry about it so apparently. She doesn't even need it. Maybe I'll just make this a new computer for me. No good yeah, all Right Ladies and gentlemen I'm GonNa I'm GonNa Badger Dodge to call him tomorrow you usually do. He rarely does I don't know. All right, you do that and we'll talk to everybody else. At ten nine cents tomorrow with it getting ready for angry phone. Call football guys co founder David Dot. You Suck

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