Guatemalan Civil War ended - December 29, 1996


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Today is December Twenty Ninth Nine Twenty Nineteen the day was December twenty ninth nineteen eighteen ninety six watermelon president all artists and the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity or you are in g signed peace accords ending the thirty six year long Guatemalan civil war in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The United States Central Intelligence Agency back tactic O to overthrow the democratically-elected Guatemalan President Huckabee'll art. Dance right wing Guatemalan Army Colonel Carlos. GUSTA automous led the coup American anticommunist. Fear was at a high in audits was deemed a Communist threat. He had legalized the Guatemalan Communist Party. He and his land reform threatened major land owners particularly the US based United Fruit company. Audubon was forced to resign and went into exile optimize took power in Guatemala and reverse reforms from the last decade and returned land to the United Fruit company throughout the rest of the nineteen fifties government corruption was common leftist political parties were banned in poverty was rampant automous was assassinated assassinated in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven but military personnel continued to take power but the Guatemalan civil war did not begin until November of nineteen sixty when the country was under the autocratic role of general us as a group of junior military officers attempted a revolt against the government and failed but some of them went into hiding and established contact with. Fidel Castro's Cuban government by nineteen sixty two they established an insurgent movement known as m are thirteen and from there the conflict escalated left wing. Guerrilla groups began fighting government military Harry forces there were demonstrations riots and strikes in Guatemala City with the assistance of the US the Guatemalan armed forces engaged aged in anti-guerrilla the conflict was especially brutal marked by violence abductions in state terror in one thousand nine hundred eighty. Six civilian rule was restored in. Julio's thought of Mendez Montenegro. The candidate of the moderate Revolutionary Party was elected president but violence and terror. The intensified as the army launched counterinsurgency campaign that broke up guerrillas in the countryside guerilla attacks continued in Guatemala City though. Oh after Colonel Carlos Authority Ohio assumed the presidency in nineteen seventy. He declared a state of siege. So that the military imposed more control over civilians civilians including a curfew home searches throughout the rest of the nineteen seventies. A series of military governments perpetrated violence against guerrilla groups. Can't anyone who seemed to support their cause Guatemala's indigenous people had been subjected to discrimination over the years and many of them fought in the civil war. Their communities were hit hard in the violence of the conflict in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the Inter American Human Rights Commission issued a report that said the Guatemalan government government was responsible for thousands of missing people and illegal executions throughout the nineteen seventies. A particularly bloody part of the civil. The war were the years. Under the dictatorship of General Efrain Rios Montt. He resorted to using scorched earth. Policy and indigenous Mayans were murdered and mass but the war. He had pledged to end escalated and in August of Nineteen eighty-three. He was overthrown. By General Scott Umberto. Oh Maria Victoria is. The new president promised a return to the democratic process. Two years later a new constitution was approved and presidential elections elections resulted in the victory of civilian president. Monaco Benicio today so I develop peace talks between the government and rebels of the Guatemalan revolutionary. National National Unity began in one thousand nine hundred four but the civil war raged on until nineteen ninety-six when President Alvarado art suit was elected finalized the peace negotiations and on December twenty ninth. He signed a peace agreement ending the Guatemalan civil war. More than two hundred thousand people were killed over the course of the war. Most of the people who were killed were my in the army was responsible for the majority of the human rights abuses committed. Three months was convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity but his conviction was later overturned. A court later ruled that he would not the sentence if found guilty and a retrial due to his senility. He died in two thousand eighteen while his trial was ongoing. The effects of the war resounded into into the twenty first century. Poverty crime violence and human rights violations continue to plague the country. I'm Eve Jeffcoat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. And if you WANNA hit us up on social media you can do so on facebook twitter and Instagram instagram. At T H Z. PODCAST IF YOU WANNA email us you can reach us at this day at IHEART MEDIA DOT COM. Thanks again for listening. And we'll see you again tomorrow for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows did you know the air inside. 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