2950: Raw Dog w/ Andrea Allan


Hey. Enzi GSA, we missed one hat should wound faults. Of course. Welcome everybody to keep in the girl. I'm Keith Malley Hamda a great day injury with us, low Andrea Kello Andrews, adding to all the sounds because Julius cousin happened to be in town and he's railing and can then him found a connection. It is Andrea such a fucking weirdo. When I started speaking a different language, she pretends like she's speaking along with me and the other person by just putting on a terrible accident Dak late accent, the what the. How is that different? Honestly, going ching chunks. I don't know. 'cause I 'cause I laugh. I make the mistake of laughing because I love his Railly's deeply and my heart and I going by it also. I'm also an immigrant, so double points. She also does this other thing where because not only my Isreaeli have Iraqi background there any background. So apparently she knew some Arabs past. I'll say some shit about my life goes fucking era. Just start cracking wrong. He's always right. She's like this mother fucker, and I'm like, that's a fucking here. It's an era of New York, crossover, your anger, two different types of anger running through your veins. And one of them is Arab. Yeah, they're different. Yeah, I believe the thing is every time she called me in Arabic. You not wrong. Yeah, that was my herbs. I'd coming you and Michael arguing about nothing just to argue because you love it. That's fucking era. Bullshit. I know lots of airs you guys love crackly little. Do love that. That's their impersonation of me by shopping area in Israel by the holy wall. Oh, it's just another schuch. Okay. So this outdoor market, I see this little magnet in the tells the temperature and pitcher of lawful. I need some mental from everywhere. So I go to buy many much is just four. Okay. Here's for punks. They got mad that I didn't thicker them. Yeah, they love to fight. It's a cultural thing. No, you'll fake to me and then you take it. Like I just wanted. Yeah, so funny. I warrant Keith about Israel before we went and he still was just passive, Keith, you know? Yeah, and it was just so sad to watch. And everytime we called him out. He's like your the crazy. Yeah. So he would basically do what you do except not call me era, just call me crazy. I'm just like, Keith, if you wanna get the full awful, you can't just be a bystander. There's no line just get in the fucking front and yell Salafi at someone he goes, I don't know magin. Right. He goes, I don't know how many times I'm gonna tell you. I would soon die starvation, then fucking philosopher at someone. And so me and my brother is fucking cracking up, Keith, not having, no, they have a singing Israel. Shopping is a spectator. But you know what's the worst is. So I got, I got to this country when I was four. But my parents obviously were like full going dealt with all of this background. My mother was born and raised in Israel, and there are these markets were you do have to Dicker down or you're just gonna be shit on all the time always so high so that you will Dicker down or if you paid full price, would you be okay? No, you're an idiot. Okay. Like everyone in this situation, the guy selling to you, the guy buying everyone thinks you're more okay. So you just know. Welcome to our country. So her whole life. She was negotiating in the market. She comes here and start negotiating with Macy's. And unlike mom, you can't do that. And she goes watch me and swear to God. She fucking did it. Of course, she got makeup came away with free CD. They didn't have free CDs. Yeah, he's supports CD. He's not exaggerating. She walked away. She's like, you have to have something clear a gift today because my mother turns me they always have gifts, believe me the evidence the back and I know they have. They don't care. She doesn't get it sister job like, oh my God job, and you're the fucking immigrant that's like harassing her today. They don't care. And in a way I get it, they don't care right or wrong. I know. But she's wrong like, yeah, in terms of polite society, she is wrong. But look at all the free shit. She has. That she doesn't, you know, right. That's where you're hoarding comes now, but you know what happens later. She fucking re gifts that as if that's the thing I got a pill cutter from her where she got that only guy went. She did meet Keith one time or twice. I don't know. But the first time she met him, she they believe in always like bringing something gift and blah, blah, blah. So she rings him a whole. It was so sweet but so misguided. A whole Jakhar Noir set might have even been lotion cheat on you. This sent and for a second, I was like, it was this what my dad wears because I don't want this. Totally. Yeah. It seems like that's what your dad would wear. It might have been one of his sense mover and shaker. So she's like Underwood. I feel like New Yorkers wanna yell at one another, and then keep moving. Like we like we like confrontation. I fuck you. Fuck you. And then we move along Arabs like to really lake stain it. You know, God, that accident is just some good, amazing. I would watch New York, like there's going to be a fight, but no, the brothers hugging, yeah. Okay. Yeah, that's the thing I talk about this a lot like my sister-in-law's will back up. Once I start, I started with my brothers and I'm like, that's Aarab. And I'm like, what's going on? We're just talking like you're yelling shit at each other. Like on a personal level, I go, fuck you. Like when you were young, you did this and that's why global blah, and they're like, whatever. I don't care by the way speaking of parents, the new show, so good under VIP called shit. My father in law says, thank you. Definitely check it out, but you remember, knock you Asli. The first phone call started with somehow me, of course to my ex-father in-law about like we're Chit like acid and sometime your ex father and call him daddy. Oh, okay. No, I mean, the worse weirder. So somehow. Could be anywhere while they're saying hi, he brings up how much Tom Cruise seems to run in movies, and I was like, I thought about it. This guy is a running motherfucker. Yeah. And then I just happened to come across an article from variety that figures out how much supposedly in this movie and each movie he's running and then compares it to the rotten tomatoes score. The more running he did, the better the movie was received and thus the better the more money at me. He that shit. My father in law says, why was jumping on that couch. This is is well received, right. I don't know when it's good in that we wanna see run not be happy about its forward, not upwards motion. It's so funny. Like I don't understand when somebody, let's say you bought stock in a person. His stock went down a lot when he jumped on accounts on Oprah. Why? Why did? Because he seems fake because he because he was because he was a forty year old man jumping on a couch over a ton of right the. Because when we when we talked to twenty four year olds, we're not like, wow, you really have me jazzed. I gotta jump on Oprah's couch, jumped on a couch. Now in front of you guys, you would probably send me to some sort of civility. That would make sense. Really boy now not over boy and certainly not over a sixteen year old. Boy, this is the age difference that they had and and no one bought that ever. So it was like, okay, number one movie where he ran the most three thousand two hundred twelve feet mission. Impossible, three followed by another mission. Impossible goes protocol war, the world's minority report the firm. He ran twelve hundred feet in the form. It's about lawyers on the way to run. Meanwhile also worth world with terrible short. But it's it was so bad. I forgot he ran in bad. It was. He was so good in that he ran in loafers right edge of tomorrow. Jack Reacher. The mommy another mission possible movie rogue nation Vanilla Sky. God loves running. He really does. He heading Vanilla Sky through the streets runs in my dreams. Yeah, prime time square. The empty Times Square probably ran through well, they have to put in the scene where he run. So whatever happens using directors know this. They do know we gotta get run in seen in their won. The won the whole page says the run. Maybe. Maybe they were like, well, Baywatch did really well. What did they do? They're right by the way talking to Julius cousin, you're talking about how Israel, I guess it's not now, but in the past they took siestas see us does and what a we all need to do this. It was really great. Actually, I didn't. I didn't appreciate it as a kid, but what? What made me feel really weird during that conversation. He's legitimately from Israel. He just he's visiting here. And I'm like, yes. In the old country. When I went to visit, we used to have siestas and he's like, what's a country that you're speaking about? Because I live at different. It's so different as like, yeah, when I was younger and I used to visit, we had to channels on TV, and the both channels would take siesta also. So everything would shut down so sweet TV with Chet down. Your neighbors are sleeping. If they're home your local Bodega, which they have they have. It's called him a call it. So you're say it again mccullers. That would that would close for two hours and you just were quiet. And as kids you don't always wanna take an app so you don't. So we were downstairs playing one time, your neighbor will and she did. She came out and was like, excuse me, what are you? Fucking rude like, you know what time it is right now, if you're not sleeping stopping so much fucking noise because you know everybody else's sleeping. I understand. You're not supposed to say America's number one, but we could emit it is the most influential if we took naps, would we? We would they look at us completely different like we were softening? Yeah, probably they're known for not taking vacations and all of a sudden they take naps. I think everybody would be more productive. Now after your nap, you don't get a second hour to wake up slowly. Yeah, emails boss, I'm coming to Italy. Does that too in Greece? All lot of European countries have or Spain's they have siestas and then they have dinner very, very late. It's also where we go for vacation. That's why we had so much energy to argue. The battery's dying. Tell me what's what's funny is the first thing I think of is my God. Everything's closed. What if I need something from the Bodega from like your local market, shut the fuck up two fucking hours. Think you guys are angry because it's hot all the time. Do you think it doesn't? The climate has something to do with it? Yeah, I do. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause in August, maybe people are more aggressive. Yeah. I get more aggressive in New York in the summer. I also think it has to do with a lot of territorial war there. A lot of living with your direct quote enemy, right? A lot of quote enemy. You can underline that. That's bold it. You know, all my even even back in the day, you know how we have. If you see something say something, I don't remember that not ever happening in his own as well on the buses at always said, see something say something. Can you tell them about a post nine. Eleven world. Yeah, right. Yeah, but also the to be fair. I don't think it really really comes from that. I think it comes from. We put our emphasis on other things and we don't think were yelling at each other. You know, like we just like I talked to my brothers. I'm speaking to you in truth. If you take it poorly, you don't think I love you, and I really do. You know, it's like we rose each other gas lighting. You know, we were talking yesterday show where Kyle realized when we went camping, how much I love to sleep and I do, but what's funny, you say that very casually. It's not just that she realized how much you like to sleep a shed. She came to the realization that you like a lot of sleep and an unusual amount when we go camping with Keith, he'll be missing for like almost the whole time because he sleeping love it. Yeah, no good for you. I love it now what it causes concern right? For who I mean, once you're used to it, it doesn't. But the first time round, you're like Zee on having a bad trip on drugs or did he is he dying and you also quite a lot of napping with laziness, like, wait, where's? Is he not an energetic person like there's just a cause for concern I need his take on would I rather have jonky aids. Important question. I lose twenty dollars a week. Well, here's what she didn't tell you when she goes, oh, lakes, law sleep. How many times she said, boy, I'm tired because it was freezing at night. We couldn't sleep air mattress popped, of course surprise. So let's nap during the day. It's like, now does the rules we the beat we go with the company now that's funny because I just fell asleep in funny. You guys, you're all having stay on sleep. We'll wake us sleeping in the fire, but somehow she's, you know, part of the group Kyle's like new to the group relatively, you know, I don't know if I would be comfortable first year, especially she wants to bond with your friends. I feel like actually feel like going off and sleeping would be rude, even though none of you would think that I can understand that, yeah, took me a while, especially in the group campaign, but I felt responsible for the group camping because I put it together. So I would wake up and go to the groups. I to make sure that no one's looking for something. And now I just live. Many one can do fucking eggs, all my God, God I can just imagine it. Just women fucking cycling around. Can't you need help with that? Can I do this over eggs? Of course, in the last episode describing Keith making eggs in. Everyone helping him. Maybe they knew that I got lost to the bathroom ten feet away because it was completely dark. We'd get random text. This is camping. We get random techs every other hour like, okay, I'm lost again and it's Keith. You know where the bathroom is. It's, I mean in all is a bit dark and you do get like it's easy to get lost, but it was very comical. Bloop, Keith is lost. All right. I'm surprised you didn't fuck with him. Candan say this in the last episode, chief fucked with him one time, and I thought that was like too much and she she even news too much and she couldn't take it back, but it wasn't. It wasn't because of the dark. What she went up to your tent. You were sleeping is the I? It was the last day first morning we're going to be leaving and she goes, she's cater. Yup. I'm like, yeah. Can there was arrested. Of course she was, and then she says, and then she thinks that she blew it by going. So the ever mom's number. All right, what you're asking, but okay, she was arrested. She came clean thinking that you blew it, but I'm like, why wouldn't she be any day of the week? If you told me your arrested, wait, one hundred percents, anybody you you? Why am I getting arrested? Pick you? Yeah, because you you were yelling at me about ten dollars because you have resting getting arrested analogy. Hundred percent. I'm like, I mean, it's a split second my head, but she was brought up busted with weeds. She instead of throwing the weed on the ground in the dark. She had a fight about weed the outdoors and it's a plant. The next thing she's in cuffs. Yes, I didn't know that arranger head power you are most likely to get arrested. You've already been arrested, so. So in your mind, like the description that you're you're, you're describing shirt. I am always too much of a hippie to not get arrested would be even that they let me get his take would be surprised if I was arrested. No-one suppressive your rest now. That's kind of Roenick. Yeah. When you got arrested, I went, oh yeah, yes, she did. Of course. She just because we'd know your hope you love fight like it'd be even this. Yeah, you're on or just because we'd so I was supposed to throw it in the ground. I mean, you're talking to me. I get nervous that a cop cars drives past the smoking on the street. She can give shit. But with that said, nobody would buy it if I was arrested, Bolom undermined that. Okay, wow. Look at you proud. I don't know what else to say. It's just like, okay, it's funny because to me, I'm so mild-mannered and it's funny, I think your mild-mannered. Yes, that's crazy. A Texas couple nearly died for love. Joshua Mason. Twenty-seven of Denton, scouted out a gorgeous scenic spot to propose to his girlfriend. This is in the Colorado mountains. He popped the question to Katy Davis, twenty eight on a hike, so twenty seven and twenty eight. But as night fell that got stranded and began suffering from dehydration and outed sickness backpacker happen. The spot them and called for help the next morning. They alive. They are like, she needs to leave him. Yeah, that's app. And then also understand that quite personality. What she mean? Leave him immediately. You can never tell what they mean fair, but we're outta show right. Who wants, I guess I would say this, but yeah, you only I hate these proposals where the only think of the heroic part young like, oh, beautiful scenery, but you never went hiking. You didn't. You didn't look up where you were going hiking and you didn't prepare for anything, but the story of your glorified question to spend the rest of your life with someone. Fuck yourself, right? Yeah. Bring bring her favorite food bring water, right? What did you bring my rain and my dumb dopey smile. Okay. See, shouldn't he get arrested too? Isn't he saying the same thing? No. Think about it about your bias here, Keith do not decide the same thing that I did. Can I tell you guys about ZipRecruiter fan, maybe you have to hire this is the smart way to do it? Not he I wear thinking about hiring Andrew the back and forth me and had to deal with. But if we had ZipRecruiter deal with it and find the quality candidate or vice versa, Bom, simple, easy and breezy. Okay. Yeah. Please can work for you. That's what I gotta deal with. Meanwhile, you found out the guys nervous. He's actually a good worker. Let's sip recruiter. Do the work. I'm only speaking out of school at intern. Rather ZipRecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you. 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Did you know that Louis CK by the way and listen to the absurd if you haven't with him the share with your friends and titled Louis CK returns are our thoughts on that. I can't repeat it. Oh, but you can guess I think you met with Andrea what I say kinda with that was there as well doing one at a time with Andrea kindle. Louis CK showed up at the comedy cellar again. Oh, really? What it's not as, but it's. Not as big as news now everyone forgets he you do at one time and then there's a whole hullabaloo. And then people just forget controversial comic Louis CK performed. The surprise set again in New York's comedy cellar. Late Sunday night and patrons were not happy about it. When person said he wanted went on a round midnight. A few women walked out. He didn't address the allegations. He was a little arrogant. He made some comment like I've been off for a while because everyone needs a break, wow, the balls CK caused outrage when he showed up at the same venue in August for surprise, comeback. After that set comedy cellar owner Noam Dworman told the Huffington Post that the venue was instituting a new policy on scandal-scarred stars quote, essentially swim at your own risk. We don't know who may pop in and that's not that's not on the lineup. If someone does come in that you don't wanna see, you're free to leave. No questions asked and check completely on the house. Having said that we don't expect Louis back. Anytime soon. And of course, you know, beginning of Tober is back. I can't help, but feel for Noam even though like part of me wants to be like, oh, you're taking the easy way out. But another part of me is like, fuck that. You've established this venue and you know this one guy's reputation and terrible things is now going to take you down. But at the same time, it's like, well, it has to do with you going not you for a while on a date. I can't support this guy. We have to leave then like, obviously I would just suck up the money. Right. Can you imagine echinacea the manager? I think I think I got to leave because this you understand and they'll pay for the check. Yeah, he's upstairs now. Go upstairs, not gonna. Find a waitress to get the manager. Meanwhile, I'm probably right by that table of comics. Yeah, I'm like, yeah, I can't be here with Louis hair, and here's a question to drinks and chicken wings get the things fucking wrong. I get that. But I imagine that seller runs really smooth. So I imagine they let you out our, I'm going to give them that. What if Louis c. k.. Wanted to be on our podcast at stiff because he would have to address our questions. Yeah, I know it's different. I also end and you will see he is in that show if you wanna download it or not. Yeah. I also Louis has a lot to do with why the salad is as successful as it is. He put it in his TV show. I mean, it's been a club in New York for a long time, but it hasn't been club in the way that it currently is both. I didn't visit the seller throughout. It's the like history, but I didn't used to be a big fucking deal from what I understand. And I think it was always a big deal, but comedy wasn't as big a deal and sell the comedy clubs weren't as big deal for sure. Comedy and Louis c. k. has brought more to comedy cellar. I was going there as a kid. It was usually packed now. It's always packed. Sure. So yes, new, we put it on like tourists go there to visit as a destination because he put it in his TV show. Yeah, so I can imagine he's probably in a weird spot. How about the that goes Louis CK will be up next, let's take five minutes. What do you wanna do though? You can leave and not feel like shit. I guess that kids that gives the show the rest of the show applause. That gives a good it. I get it. Yeah, this is someone creeps out there. This is why I use ring r I n g on my house who's knocking on my door, who's doing anything. I see it right on my phone. I can answer it virtually. I could be in the studio and say, yeah, leave the package there. It's fine or no homeless person. You can't stay here. No joke ever. Since I got ring. I do not answer my door anymore because it's usually a package that will be left there anyway. It someone wanting something else. Yeah, Jehovah's Witness, it's it's, it's somebody that actually don't have to answer the door for most of the time. If I'm waiting for someone than I know they're coming cut, it deliver service. They put the sticker. You aren't here. Yeah, hot him. Put the sticker there with no noggin started walkaway go, hey, that grazes coming from. You didn't knock leave the fucking pack. It's not exaggerating. I said, leave the fucking package. The left the box. There's another time where I hate that people do this. And for some reason they do this to my place now a lot. They'll ring the door. And because my windows right there, knock on the fucking window, they'll knock on the door and it it gets me like, oh shit, this is important. I gotta go. Now I look at the ring and I'm like, UPS you're gonna leave it at my door and five seconds. If I don't get up and they do and then I go get it. I don't have to interact with anyone. Everything's fine me my pricks. Mahan I got a fucking it's worth it to put it away. No joke in there like fuck a masturbating with that. Sounds like they should put that in, they'd say, should be point. Good point, HD video, two way, audio features on ring devices, right? That's the secret as listener. You have a special offer on a ring starter kit available. Right now with the video doorbell in motion, activated floodlight Cam, the starter kit has everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home. I really the most shocking part of this was I know this sounds crazy, but it's so fucking affordable. I thought this thing would be thousands of dollars just go to ring dot com. Slash k g that's rain or Angie. I n g what kind of speech impediment is this? It's going to ruin all of it. It's wrong. It's ring ring. Like, you know, that guy who proposed to fucking idiot that I hope she left him ring dot com slash KFI. That's right. Andrew, Twitter account is at Andrea comedy, enjoyed this one. All your mom's dog. Thank you something to keep in mind everybody. All your your moms know about you porn. I was so I well, I'm seeing a guy who has a kid and I like this is the first time that I've been with someone that created another human. I'm like, he did that because you fuck without God. So you're an adult relief. Right. I have a letter here asking for help Amelia Kenton, Keith, Andrea. I assume you play a large role in this as well. The new spin show. What do we do now by the way, has been great hesitated about getting VIP. I know Keith, I'm an idiot and I'm seriously glad I opted in. I have a difficult decision I've been dealing with and I could really use some advice. I struggled for a long time with self harm cutting, but have been relapse free for long enough that the scars are now white, which is probably as good as it'll get do have two distinct vertical as in down the arm, not across scars, and those clearly scream suicide and not self harm. Wow. Can you to remove those? Got balls and now face with figuring out what the hell to do about how many arms look. I wear long sleeves around everyone except a few close friends who know about this. That means that I've spent the entire summer sweating worse than a whore in church. Even around strangers, I'm self conscious about this. It was just a bad time in my life was really sick. Now I'm med managed sick and I don't want stairs, or comments or bullshit from people. If I shouldn't think of any that I couldn't think of any better way to get attention for myself, which it was never about wanting attention hearing that feels like absolute shit be because it's a reminder of the times I was asked if I was sure I didn't quote ask for it after being raped, just don't know what to do about this. We keep wearing long sleeves because I hate now I hate how I feel with my arms uncovered. Do I fuck it all and tell myself to stop. Wearing long sleeves because I hate, I do I say, sorry, do I say, fuck it all and tell myself to stop caring, how people react though. I tell myself to fuck off because I'm the one who put myself in the stem situation, both long sleeves and showing arms are uncomfortable, not sure which is worse for me, you'll they're both really smart and wonderful. And I think you have seriously good advice. Anything thrown my way would be appreciated. Thank you, a million Amelia you fucking rock. Like you are wearing on your arm. What everybody else is doing to themselves on a daily basis. And the reason people feel uncomfortable is because you're a reminder that that's really happening, so I get it. I totally get it. I have a scar down my chest and I could see people looking at it and it's like, I almost want them to ask me because otherwise you just staring and just uncomfortable dumbest way to kill yourself. That would be the most rock and roll away to try to kill yourself. Holy shit. So that'd be right down the chest and then across rip your heart out through the tips. First of all, you're not the only one. Obviously, we all know everybody who has cut before chore. Yeah, and we know people who cut in different ways. I know my good friends, Andrew and keep have cut with alcohol to bring us into it. And we all have something like that. The things that people don't understand that are taboo in our culture and that basic bitches want to pretend like is so unusual that they don't even know how to handle, which is such a shame. So to me, we do know one person who's willing and able and has cuts all down her arm who who openly talks about it, which is just dodge. And she has said if anyone wants to get in touch with her and people usually do to get in touch because she now wears tank tops and t shirts, and it's very, very obvious that she had a more traumatic childhood shoot thrash that shit up real good. Yeah. It looks like a new form of skin color on her. I don't know. It looks bad ass. Right. It'd be honest, but right so perspective, weird to say it's bad ass because you're a victim of something like a mental, something that you had to deal with and now are Medicated. But to me, I would go where my people are so alcoholics anonymous, go there. You know, people who tried to commit suicide, go to those groups. That's one thing and I would reach out to people like Jesse dodge who have had a chance to speak openly in front of large groups and have experienced this without as much of the shame as we put on it. Does. What else is going to say about that? I don't know. I have thought, yeah, I think get a tattoo over it. You know, depending on where it is, if you wanna get a tattoo that commemorates your growth or something like that, like a tattoo of a straight razor, right? Very vertical. I don't know. I don't how big day are, but I feel like you could get a beautiful tattoo that replaces it with like a nice new memory. Not that you're trying to cover it up, but if you're covering it up already, then why not get attached to or something like that? I like that as an end result, and here is what I was going to say. I think it ends it something like what you're saying, like you do have more options than you know. The main thing about this is that every time you cover it up or don't talk about it or people tree, you certainly, and you don't know how to respond, you're holding back all the stuff that you will have to go through. So what will happen to me, you're going to have a year of very uncomfortable times of being open with the cuts. So sometimes somebody's going to say it and you're just going to break down and cry, and that's where you're gonna have to happen. Sometimes somebody's going to mention it and you're going to attack them and get angry. Sometimes you're going to say, and you might have a really in-depth conversation and during that year of generally experimenting with your own emotion of how you feel that way in an open environment and also feeling super vulnerable is going to be fucking tough. And on the other side of that is something different that you're looking for that you've been looking for. So I don't think that there's a way out of feeling uncomfortable until you double down on that discomfort. I don't think there's any way out. Of terror fear uncomfortable except for doubling down on those feelings and doing it anyway and finding different ways of reacting in experimenting with yourself, holding strong, having someone to on call to like text or call every time. You know that's going to happen because you're going on public being very gentle with yourself and putting yourself in vulnerable positions when you're ready with a system in place, and then you'll be able to get through it that through it part is going to be suffering. Once you finish suffering and you like experimented on how you suffer and how you get through that suffering a whole different life awaits three. Does that make sense? Two of my face on yours. What do we think, but don't don't be ashamed, don't be ashamed, it's it's perfectly. It's perfectly reasonable to one out of this life. Yeah, in moments in totality in in thought process in as an answer for things. It's totally understandable that you have thought that way in that you've acted that way, but we're really glad that you're here and nothing that I'll tell you what must be upsetting millio walking around the streets, all these people that didn't cut themselves. Sure. Really look at you. You didn't the time I, I see something I see somebody without my disease and like, oh, what does he do? You have, you know, you're not cutting yourself. What do you do for shit. I got a little one. I have a tiny one on my restraint here. What was that one about? I smashed a bottle of champagne against a wall in one of my. Fits of rage, and then he was my twenty fifth birthday. It was pretty pretty quit drinking pretty shortly after this. But I was just I had my birthdays on Year's Eve which saw. And my birthday was just, it was fine. But it has such high expectations and I was twenty five, which is in my mind was like a big year. And you became an adult shirt? Yeah, I guess so. And I just I went to a party with some friends and like didn't cues to guy than wanting to kiss and it was fine. But I just I guess it was a year where in my kid brain twenty-five is like a big huge year, and I thought my, I'll be rich by then and I'll have a house question Mark. I don't know like there's huge talk right now. They're calling it a quarter life crisis. Yeah, because we know as adults that you're not going through anything, but I do remember being twenty three and going well fucked up. I would just be doing all the college I had. I had things where y fucking loser until I went home and I was drinking. I was hammered, I drank some champagne alone, and then I just threw at the wall felt kind of. Awesome. I'm sorry, that sounds so fun. You fucking. Yeah, honestly, I would love to do that sober now, but, but I realized that I had there was glass all over the floor, and then I just sat down. I was crying and I started cutting my wrists and with the piece of the same with the piece of the glass. Yeah, so pathetic. Yeah, it was so by so many feelings Rousey give it to me like service. So lonely. All I have. Is you pain bottle. And I didn't get very far actions, not very deep, but and then I kind was like, whoa, what. What are we doing here? This is, and then I also realized that I made a mess to clean it out. And so I'm like crying and sweeping. I lived alone like, well, here you are being a failure again, clamp fucking mess that you made. That's one of them. Yeah. I mean, yeah. So you're certainly not alone. Hey, what do we think about Brad Kavanagh? Will he make it to the supreme court. I think so. Yeah. I think there's enough for publicans in the position devote vote that I think they would rather have a Republican in there than a decent human being four accusers now party of wonder is a bad news of the number gets too high. Then people just roll their eyes and go with. That's ridiculous. Is bad news, no matter what this whole already in bad news if assigning for him. For some reason, everyone has to be right about this, and it goes for all sides, of course. But one side is right, but everyone has to be right. So you'd rather vote somebody in. It's like how people feel about God. It's how people feel about like their football team. You know, you football team hasn't won in a decade, but they're the best. So you'd rather vote for them. You'd rather bet money on them. You'd rather know that you were right for putting your energy behind something in someone rather than saying, you know what I was wrong and we need to maybe do something different with our lives. Eighty six percent of Republican women said they believe cavenaugh ten percent, white women stop yourself and percents Ford. That's terrifying terrifying. Yeah. I wonder when he twit, women, amazing, but even without putting the race on it, it's, you know, don't forget that women are going through it and they're going, yeah, we deserve it like that. It's more sad than just the just of course, it sad of the racism part in the white privilege and all that chip, but don't forget that these women are still in that system. They are a, they're agreeing to it when it comes to men and women eighty four percent of Republicans said he should be confirmed. They percent saying they do not Democrats oppose them while the same numbers, but in reverse eight percent oppose him eight percent endorsing, like you said in the last show purely based on the way he behaved in that hearing, I wouldn't endorse he's crying and screaming like a toddler, and you're gonna be able to handle emotions. You're doing the biggest cases in the where this this could be having this job could be more important than being president of the United States. Yeah, most definitely. In fact, I really wanted to know if he was having his period. Can you imagine if a woman reacted that way? Oh, they would throw it to the dogs. You can't even react that way when you were the one raped? Yeah. You have to contain yourself and remember everything and don't don't fuck up on your speech and don't stutter. Don't do anything, but he can go, boo, boo. They asked the woman professor Ford. What percent are you sure that this happened? She has to remain calm when she says a hundred percent. See, she has to remain calm, not him somehow God, how is it question? Can you imagine this guy could be in the same in the same place as Ruth Bader Ginsburg right there either club. Club it. So my God welcome to the country. Oh, God is winning migrants another, aren't we glad to be here? I really am glad to be here. I mean New York. I was just in the south and I'll say like a lot of this country is different countries. Oh, thank you. Honestly, let's just become a doughnut. You know, like your all around the edges and then the middle can govern themselves in just let it burn to the ground. So you're including Alabama and your Donut. Oh, God, no is that's in the center is Alabama on the edge. I don't know how geography works. It's pretty south. Okay. Then a doughnut with a bite taken out for the missing parts and more water. Yeah, buddy wants a beach America in America. Yeah. Okay. There's two of us together where United if we want, but you can also do your own thing. Remember that line you guys wanted to draw. We're ready. Yeah. I mean, are we ever going to feel so far divided the in. Politics is. So there's ROY Moore, this guy, it's like. I don't know how far we can go, how blatant it could be. Yeah, go, this is yeah, this take it seriously. Like if we were in a classroom in fourth grade and we heard this dude speak, he would be like, okay, so we're going to keep you in the fourth grade for another year and we'll work with you. This is fun. This is a fun little story. So CNN female reporter is saying, hey, all right. We're at the route the hearing and we see professor Ford as walk into the building. Let's let the cameras sit on their face for a little bit. Just get a reaction. Well, here's the way it came off arms folded and not gray blazer. Just want wanna sit on their face. Look at that bit of a smile, smile after this process. I'll see you so brave. This one of consider the first of all do eat her out. She's the champion, right? It's her day. Funny, what what did she think she was saying? I believe she's trying to say, keep the camera on her face on her face. And even she said. Oh, I wanna sit on her face, but it really comes off at different way doesn't arms folded and that gray blazer. Just wanna sit on her face bit of a smile that this mile into this process. It's funny because see, doesn't seem positive about it. Like those aren't necessarily, you know, arms folded in that gray blazer. Sounds like brunch talked for? No, she didn't, but Elvis wants is interface. What kind of sexy you into. Do you remember that the vinyl song? I touch myself, yes. I don't want anybody as when I think about you touch myself. I don't know if there's anything the great Serena Williams can't do, but she can sing and she did that song. Yeah. For to bring awareness to breast cancer. She lost her friend in twenty thirteen. She's covering tits in this video of course, but it's supposed to make you think a early detection. I was pretty amazed. I want you. We're. I want you me a search mass. I want you and me. I want you to mind me. What do we think in so far. I'm gonna to do better, but what do you think pretty good? It's good. Okay. Now grazie. I wouldn't know. I want some Merican. I'm like, I don't know that frozen song. Go let it go. That's good. No, the answer to that is no, but the sounds and could be wrong a bit auto tuned. Don't wanna shit. The last person I wanna shit on because I think she gets way too much shit. All the amazing shit that she that she does. So please don't take the. I am too harsh on everybody. I don't even wanna talk. Sounds great. It's wonderful of hurt, but it's good. It's I was surprised. I want to hear Tom Brady sing. To remind me. I think. Neva. Oh, no, Ono. Keith lakes thinking. XY to know, see, she's whispering in your eater. Draw Selena like that. That cartoon. She's an angel. Oh, keep isn't even listening to the technical aspects. I want. To me. Plus you like when people talking slowdown in weird. The song? Yeah. Yeah, that you can understand the words. Kief touches himself to win people, slow down. What's to sleep in. I'm just saying if she was on singing with the stars, she wouldn't be the first one kicked off. No, no, it's it's. Yeah, pretty good. And it's like one of her many talents she can replace Cavanaugh anyone honest be I could be better. Is that what we're judging? I'm on board? Yes, absolutely. If I sang this song during the hearing, it would have been better than what he honestly say, hey, Cavanaugh was already a federal judge. Well, thanks for bringing it up. He's fired from that now too. Great. What are you a person? Do you drink beer? Do you drink beer. If you guys asked me that in this office would be in trouble. Right. Every store sells bear. So beers legal, right? And he was like, eighteen and eighteen was legal, and some people who are not, but I was okay. Mary. Mary do. Yeah. Why can't you be the judge that can tell that you sound like shit. I wanna hear more people. Powerful, powerful positions force to talk. Yeah. Just a ten minute interview of you talking and I ask you, what magazines do you read and just sit back and wait. Yeah, but not on regular shows on podcasts because you get on a podcast and you're not gonna be able to like get away with all the shit that we've to go to commercial. No, what are you speak for? Thirty seconds on what counts for everything in America. We'll be right back with the the new judge Cavanaugh where we play throwing water in each other's face what an exclusive we have for you. Yeah, there's a female. I can't remember exactly what she was talking to him about. I think the Trump cover up with stormy Daniels, something of a societas with that, and she was like, do you know? Did you talk to anybody in that law firm about it? And he was, I don't know if I know what specific person are you talking about and she's like, you didn't answer my question. He was like, yeah, I don't know the person. Who did you talk to anybody at that law firm about that thing and use keping like, I'm not sure like it was so such non answering, and I think he was trying to not like, say anything on record this God. I know I'm like, totally going the obselete. This always worries me like eighty percent of people just in general, are on his side. What are in a country idiots. I don't know if we do. We ever look at somebody who's quote on our side and just adamantly keep defending them. This is I'm trying to see what I'm not seeing that beer answer was stupid. He so angry allowed to be angry why she not allowed to be angry? What is that? Even if she was accusing him falsely accusing him? Why is he allowed to be that angry as an impartial person? That's what your job is supposed to be. Why when I, when I raise my voice about an opinion, that really matters to me do tell me that I'm yelling in might be on my period and you right out the gate are just insulted by the notion that somebody is accusing you of anything. It's the teams. It's red team blue team, and that's and that's the end of it. But that's what I'm hoping I'm not doing on my team. I hate this team thing, you know, because you're telling yourself what to believe before it happens. I don't even wanna be. I don't even want to call myself a liberal because. I don't agree with anybody's anything. I don't agree with one hundred percent of all the thoughts that liberals have. I don't believe in one hundred percent of all the thoughts that Democrats have, and I don't want to be associated with teams like that. It's fucking annoying because I'm gonna miss something. Rooting for my team. Yeah, exactly. The new judge is going to be a toaster he's for. He's pro pro Barth. I think what it is that the the right now at this point has gotten so the far right is openly racist openly anti women's, right, to choose force to be on the left. Yeah. What else are you going to be on? Sure. I would say compared to other places, we're probably consider very left, but I consider myself left of center not full left, you know, but I don't know. I also what is this and then what are you? Are you gay straight when you had when you when you ate a woman out that one time? Do we throw everything else that you did out the window? And we just kind of make new assumptions altogether all around. Now we gotta talk to you about this for years. I'm left. I wanna left half this country behind make more lakes. Hashtag more. The Great Lakes. We have five, yeah, those are all winners. Even we'll start pouring the water and if they can figure out a way to stop drowning, they get to live. That's a tool song. He goes learn to swim would just gonna flood all of LA and their bullshit and you to learn to swim where you didn't not LA we keep LA. We keep. We keep the outer edges. We keep the west coast, the east coast, and then we start flooding the center. And if you survive, you can live in weird Waterworld America or swim to Canada. No stay the fuck out of my youthful place. I'm going back there when I'm older and I don't wanna see your fucking dumb faces. It is good to know. It's there. Andrew, once the hour stand up show coming, I'm going. So you miss with today. Thank you. Tober thirteen. It is that gutter in Brooklyn, which is a bar slash bowling alley, which seems weird, but it's actually very cool. There's a back theater space where I'm going to be performing Emily's going to be hosting, so we're not bowling right beside you know, not right beside me their space, but it is cool if it's going to be a fun night. Like if you wanna go and hang out bowl afterwards, you have that option to go space, like if you're coming from Adda town. Yeah, we'll be in a part of Brooklyn. It's like, oh, cool. You. Yeah, it's a little New York City experience. Yes, sure, for sure. And there's good pizza. Yes. Yeah. Emily's going to be hosting my friend, Daniel Simonsen who's a fabulous comedian will be opening and then I will be doing my first hour. I'm very excited. Is this historical, I feel jazzed everytime we talk about things Hugh, I feel jazz too. I did half an hour last week and that was really fun, and I'm going to do a few run throughs this week. So we tell us about that because this is like you're putting yourself through at this week, I think. Yeah, about the half hour doing the hours this week, the hours this week while I'm doing. Tell you about this case. Okay. So I'm just doing like after the latest open Mike at the creek, I'm just gonna take the mic room and run the hour in like twenty minute increments and leading who just some like a few comics in front of comics. Yeah, I think she stopping every twenty minutes for critique. Infront of comment or jealous that you're doing this and what rake the, but are also on her side. But they've heard every fucking joke. They've seen around stage a million times I, this is amazing. I think it's, I mean, comics, how, what? Good what is going to work? Well. Oh, yeah, you're, this is this is the best position that you could put yourself in, but also in terms of vulnerability and and like you're in the line of fire, so brilliant. I love it. Yeah, much. She goes, you're not invited to to me. I don't want because it's the work in progress. You know what I mean? I've done the half an hour in in like entirety and that was great, but it's a whole different animal. I'm like breaking into chunks so that I can be like, oh, maybe this chunk should go here or this chunk should go here. And I want feedback as like the flow of thing want you to videotape this back and forth with comics and have them shitting on me. Well, like the behind the scenes of this very epic lead up. Yeah, not a bad idea. You know, people are just going to pop in there. I know what strangers I message the owner of the creek task. If I could do this and she saw the message never responded. So look doing. Ambush show. Right. It's I mean, I think it's just the easiest to do that if she keeps you out, walk over to my place, it's very close. I'll leave you guys do thing. I'll be outside smoking. You don't leave champagne in your house right now. Now, Andrew is going? Yes. So I'm very excited if you are in New York area or nearby, and you wanna see something fun. Please come out. The ticket links are in the bio of my Instagram, which is Andrea underscore Alan eight or at the hot mess. Comedy, our Instagram, which is hot mess, comedy hour. Or if you're friends with me on Facebook, I posted there. It's pretty easy to get to Tober thirteen. You born in idiot. Yeah, so fucking. Can use the word then because that's what it is. You can leave that word in eighty eight more referencing eighty. Yeah, October thirteenth. It starts at seven, right? No doors at eight thirty. You see that I have on my at seven so I'm not lead to your thing. Good for you. Looking at my schedule right now. Thank you. I don't shall seven. I'll just play bowling. I have a question. I have a question for you guys, actually. So originally. 'cause I'm going to release an EP with this hour. I'm not sure if I'm gonna release the full hour yet still deciding, but. Originally, I wanted to call the EP dog pig. After one of my favorite and best jokes. Guys, real ugly? Well, it was nine. Yeah, it's a horrible joke. I don't say anymore, but I just enjoy the word. But then after my tweet the other day, I was like, oh, what if I call the EP raw dog? Because it's kind of like Eddie Murphy raw and also Rodriguez funny and being wrong, and I still get to use the word dog. Does any of this have to do with your actual jokes? Nothing. Okay. Raw dogs bed. Yeah. Does better. Yeah, I like rod dog dog pig is yours in your heart, but it has nothing to do anything, but I love how you try to shoehorn it in literally everything every everywhere I can the joke that never went over. Yeah, that's what I love about it so horrible. But we call each other Doug pigs now because of you. Yes, it's lovely, very satisfied, made its way into our own personal culture, but in the long run that might be our thing, your thing, the thing that raw dog is also funny. It's like eye catching, perhaps, rod, Doug, and then the subtitles, you know, like your mom did exactly damnest my peer person. Well, there you have it. Everybody follow injury. See what's doing at Twitter account. Like I said is Andrea comedy. That's a blast around, try to guess what are real jokes and what's a cry for help and we'll talk to you soon.

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