Early Takes On The 2020 Season And Wondering If Classic Jersey's Are Actually Bad


Skirt. Run through our ass shit to attend more man and we could not stop. We failed. To Make, our coaching points in our points more compelling than their fat little girlfriends bid all. Know we al.. We need more dogs. Hello, welcome to unnecessary roughness presented by high noon. Hard Seltzer, unnecessary references Barstools College Football podcast starring me Brandon Walker. Somebody named. Jessica were. Funny that's. Casey. Brandon first of all you always give yourself top billing, and then now you're just pretending like you don't know my name. Name that's Casey and that over there is Joe Casey, and John Thank you for being on the show I say Joe got a haircut you haven't. Yet he did get a haircut Joe, thank you I got a haircut needed it. It was bad. It was long long as wrong ever been. It was bad. It was I wasn't deny was bad, but we are in the middle of a pandemic I couldn't get a haircut. No. My hair three weeks ago. We still are in the middle of it, you know. What can you guys do aren are I. Don't know that we are anymore. I think it's just gone I think you know what I I'm I want to go to the movies. I want to go to the restaurant. I WANNA go grocery store. Sorry well. In a lot of places in the country, you can do absolutely those things. I got out of New, York a couple of weeks ago and I've been a bunch of different places, and you know what life seems to be a lot more normal outside of New York. But at the same time I've seen a lot of memes, and it's like with all the other stuff that's going on, and all the the rioting and the protesting, and all that it's like the crow buyers just feels like blue at twenty eight to three lead I saw all those memes, and it does feel like that like that's all we cared about it, and now it just feels like it's just not even happening. All right, so here's how the show is going to work. We're under some college football news. I have my my two thousand twenty athlon came in, so my first athlon magazine came in so I've been reading it and I've got some fresh off the donut line. Twenty twenty takes that I. Want to get started. We're going to start looking towards the two thousand twenty season very soon. I got a couple of takes. That are just dying to get out there. And is a big news. Though the fact, the athlon magazine is even coming out and the fact that that that's like that's the first big step. For the season actually start. I feel like once. These magazines start coming out. They can't take it back. Yeah, guess what we're going to have football. I don't care what you do. In the PAC twelve or whatever we're having football, and this is all there is to it and I think we're football fans so. We're going to do all that we'll talk about the news. We'll talk about what I just said. The takes, and we'll do some questions and I just watched the first two questions, two or three questions. They were excellent. Some excellent questions at the very very top. We will I don't know if we'll do too many. It's GonNa be shorter show today, so we'll dive into that I. let me just say. This is a college football podcast and nobody here is immune to the fact of what's going on. We all know what's going on in the world, some real problems. Some real issues are happening in the world. I am on the AC every day on the down a lot. JC's on C. C. K. everyday wear on twitter. Rundown yesterday I said something. A lot of people reacted to. certainly what happened George Floyd and all the protests and the looting a visit is. It is the number one story in this country right now. However I do believe in my heart of hearts that you have pressed play on this podcast because you want to listen to college, football takes comfortable talk, and while I have takes and I've said the mouse where Casey S. she said elsewhere when you click on this podcast i. we are going to give you College Football Casey. Do you agree? I completely agree. It's not silencing a conversation you like. You said you've talked about it. I've logged about it I've talked about it. It's kind of one of those things that you know while you can't believe escape. What's going on in the unrest in this country? If you can for an hour and listen to college football and listen to us, yell at each other, and that's what we're gonNA. Do and that's what we tried to do throughout. Throughout this entire pandemic, and you know obviously we're going to continue to have those conversations elsewhere, but maybe not on necessary roughness. We're not ignoring it. We're just GONNA continue on Talking College football, and if you WANNA takes, they're out there. Baby Sports are the ultimate distraction, and so will this podcast, but we also need sports back in the worst way, and hopefully the NBA with the first one coming back in jail coming back as well. It will be all good, so we've got some. I think baseball is done by the way I don't. Think so now you hang around with people talking about baseball two months ago. She works. They're gonNA. They're talking about it talking about it at the last minute. They're going to get a deal then. That's probably fair. It's all doomsday when we talk about baseball. My Program Radio Program is too far in that direction. It's either going to get a deal done at the last minute. All right so. Several items of news out there that have happened since last week. Some. They vary and importance and cultural relevance, so let's just start with the least important one culturally jt Daniels transfers to Georgia. Former five star recruits that was at USC got beat out from job. I Don Slovaks after he got hurt, he is now transferred to Georgia. My question to you to everybody out there. The recruits in College Football Players Not Watch College, Football, Games that was my question, I do not understand. What these guys are looking at when they say I want to be a successful quarterback at the college football level. Let me go play for Kirby smart after what he's done with other quarterbacks there, what are we talking about? Joe You have your hand up. Didn't you've said the same thing about next even before to attack allowing the certainly, and you certainly could have said it probably about arms around before job, saw and I. Tell You guys are wrong. That's fair. That's fair however. Three years ago Jake from showed a Georgia with a lot of promise and led the team to a national championship game. And under three years of coaching, the coaching he received from the Georgia bulldogs he got markedly works. He got even every single year. Yeah, the junior version of him was the worst version of him, and he ended up being late round draft pick I also I also I know. I feel like there's an element and I'm not hating Georgia because it takes a lot to compete at the national championship level, which is what they've gotten to and broken through yet. They're competing in a national title level. I almost feel like Kirby is just the rich guy who buys the nicest things just so he can have them, and not because he really knows how to use them or needs them. He got and I know JT Daniels has multiple years left, but he went out, and he got the coveted Grad, transfer Jamie Newman two months ago from wake forest, just because Jamie new the shiny toy out there, he was the most coveted. Georgia has never shown. They know how to run. Offenses fit by Jamie Newman. They've never shown. They know how to run a read. Option offense or anything curb smart number ran a read. Option offense all of a sudden. They get Jamie noon. Well, assigning a toy comes out T. Daniels. Let's go get him to now. What if he becomes immediately eligible? You just went and got Jamie new, and you're just GonNa Bench. Him has last year. Because you're a Dick and you can't take the most expensive item out there. That's what I want I know it takes. I know it takes cutthroat recruiting. Annotate it when you heard that level. You have to get the best players, but. Some programs and schools seem to just. Stockpile for the sake of stockpiling without knowing how to actually use the stockpile. Saving knows how to use it on knows how to use it. Just seems like he goes on a shopping. Spree throws everything in the car. I figured out later. Well, and we've seen in the past. I mean obviously I saw it up close at an. Go stockpile different quarterbacks. You also have to be telling what did he? WHAT DID KIRBY SMART? Say to Jamie Newman because you saw Kevin someone. Do it with Kyle Murray. Kyle and then at the end of the day. You probably told them very similar things, and it didn't work out and they both left. So what did Kirby Smart? Say when Jamie Newman was coming a Georgia I. I would assume he said. Hey, you're going to be starting quarterback next year. You're a grad transfer. You only have one year. Oh, by the way now we're gonNA come in and have a quarterback battle jt Daniels who probably would still be the starting quarterback? Had he not gotten hurt last year? And like you said it has to be cut throat, but at the same time. What are you? What are you doing this just it again. Governor in a golf cart every time I say that I. Get. Georgia fans all Pissy at me, but until that changes what he did to jake from doesn't scream quarterback success. Why would j Daniels want to go to Georgia and then on top of that? What are they going to do Jamie Newman to Jack's point, it only takes one so of Jd Daniels is the guy that breaks Georgia through because they're going to have national title talent all over the field if he's. He's the one that brings them through doesn't matter. Jamie Newman doesn't matter about anybody. Jamie Newman's and one. The brakes through doesn't matter about jt Daniels, so just takes a while the betting as a betting man, which I know that you are and I know you can't wait to be betting on sports again. If you had to put money right now. WHO WAS GONNA be the starting quarterback at between Jamie Newman and JT Daniels first name this? Even who would it be I think Jamie Newman I don't know. The Daniels has a reason to be mealy eligible. If okay, hypothetically, if it's true quarterback battle. If it was the quarterback, it would be, it would be jt. which would suffer Jamie Newman and when something new? It would suck, but you know. Whatever that's what it is, but I think Jamie Newman we'll be starting quarterback because I don't think jt. Daniels, has any reason to be mealy eligible. I don't see why. You'll would be granted that waiver he's going from. From California, so there's not going closer to home so. We'll see I. Don't think we'RE GONNA. Have to deal with that and Jamie Newman J Daniels. If in fact, you know Jamie Newman this year, jt Daniels and it's a hell of one, too. So Kirby might play this exactly right I just looks a little weird to me. Justice I would. I would stockpile talent to I. Think I think? Really to I wait, we all would. Everybody would, but it does seem. It does seem like. Kirby's kind of Just buying everything without really any rhyme or reason to it. Then again. Maybe maybe I'm an idiot. Justin Ross out for the season. Just Ross tremendous receiver for Clinton from the State of Alabama awesome a couple years ago, congenital fusion in the net career may be over. That is tough. It's rough. Trevor Lawrence loses a weapon Justin. Ross was going to be a first round. Pick. That's that's that's bad. That's bad all the way round. All the way round. You concern that Trevor Won't have weapons to throw to. I mean what are we talking about? CLEMSON'S GONNA lose their five star receivers and have to have to rely on their high four-star receivers. They're not. I I just don't know. The clemson has a dearth receivers. Plus you're. You're in the ACC he's not. He's not in the not in the big ten. He's not going to Ohio state. I'm not really concerned with that I. Think Trevor Lawrence is GonNa make his guys better. I think this'll be the best version. We ever see them Trevor Lawrence. You've got embarrassed the national title game. I think for twelve games this season. He's going to be a man on a mission, so I don't really think it affects him that much like you said. I mean Davos stockpiles talent to so there might not be like another huge five star. Star like Justin Ross, but there's going to be somebody else there, and also from what we've seen in Trevor Lawrence outside of the national title game last year. It's not his receivers that make him better. They obviously help that, but he is such a good quarterback that he's going to make whoever's around him. A better receiver so I'm not worried about that at all, but it does suffer for the for just Ross. Obviously, that's not great. Staying with Clemson so. To items of big news here. Yesterday it was on twitter that a former Clemson player said. After Dabo was trying to come out, and Clinton put off his picture of Dabo leading them in arm-in-arm which tableau always. Front Center anyway I'm not going to harp on that right now. SMIRK on your face when you start talking about him and you know that you get to talk a little bit of Shit. Just it just brings me a little over. A minute, maybe not on this sort of I'm going to defend them in the second story I'm GonNa. Defend Him Oh. But. Yeah! He's always going to be front and center of Edit Everything Clinton does anyway. Player implied on twitter that a former clemson coach. Said said a slur. He's said a slur to the the N. word. I mean let's just be honest. That's what he employs slithers yeah! That's what was said. And then we find out later that it wasn't fact. CLEMSON assistant coach. WHO said. He apologized last night. He said you know I last year when I was trying to tell a player not to say a certain word I said the word or that was a story was trying to play player not to say certain word I said the word I apologize to everybody. It was kept quiet then. and. I don't know right now. In this time. The country that is the. Boy, it's it's. It's a rough time in this country as country or something like that come out. Go ahead. I was GONNA. Say and more of those stories. We'll probably start coming out. Because of what we are seeing in the country, you know obviously the George Floyd thing you mentioned sparked it, but now more of these stories are going to be happening, and it's going to be like well. It was you know potentially buried. Potentially it's been happening at different programs, but for this situation at Clemson. It seems like it's more of like A. he said she said situation and. Flat out can't use that word. It doesn't matter. You cannot use that word so whatever the situation is. It's just not a good luck. Well, that's fine. No, it's not a good look, and no, you don't WanNa be in the news for this. However, I do think intent should matter in this country in any situation, intent should matter. They're saying something, and then they're saying something so if the coach is telling the truth that he heard the word from players mouth, and said Hey, don't say and then he said the word. You brought. You shouldn't because he's not say he shouldn't say it. But if you're trying to eliminate the word from your player and you accidentally say it, that's different from. If you said if you going down the road, you just said it. There is intent there if the man was trying to teach a guy, and he was trying to eliminate that word from his vocabulary on what broncos field that is different. We should treat a different, shouldn't we? The original tweet was implying that he was calling players that slur which again I. Think is the worst thing that. The coach says that's what the coach says I was I was telling them not to say it and I said right well. Yes, so that's where it is i. mean again I I don't think there's ever reason for it to be said especially by a white person, but at the same time like you're absolutely right like the original tweet made it look like he was calling somebody that which is absolutely horrendously bad for a coach to be doing on for anybody to be doing that. He shouldn't have repeated it, but if he. He really was repeating it to try to teach a lesson at it just came out of his mouth. There is a different level of intent and that wasn't portrayed in the tweet because they're going to be people that don't see what he said. They're going to be people that don't know what actually happened and they're just going to assume that that culture is going on at clemson underneath Dabbagh and the assistant coaches racist, and you just can't assume those things. If you don't know the story the same time just say that's right. I think Davos is I've caught him a phone and fake believe he's a racist I. Don't run the racist, organization. If the if it comes out that the player says the coach was calling them that then you need to fire that coach immediately. That coach needs me by. There's no excuse for I, am I? I really believe if Davos all coach. Calling player a certain word, he would firearm immediately. Feel trusted I mean that's common decency. On top of that. This was a culture that was going on. At clemson, it wouldn't just now becoming out because you can't tell me that you have an entire roster full of players that if an assistant coaches calling players that word that we wouldn't have known about that because there's no chance they wouldn't be like. Hey, I'm not playing for this guy. This guy is a racist and then to double down on us like you know people. People make fun of Daboh for his beliefs and obviously beliefs are easy to say you know we don't know his true faith, but I have a really hard time believing somebody like Fabio who speaks out the way that he does on what he believes would allow something like that to go on. Maybe I'm naive, but there's just too many things that are missing here, but at the end of the day. Just tell say just don't say. You can avoid all this. No. That's that's ultimately. He's just shouldn't say it should say. One More clemson thing and then we'll move on from the news. And, this is something I just kinda pulled out. It's not really a news item, but. So earlier this week Daboh had the press conference and I I texted you guys on the reference section. I said I got fifty bucks, says he cries that he he uses this and he fakes cries. He didn't so, but there's some sports writers out there. that are keeping score and things. They don't need to keep score about. Forty after he put out, says daboh. Sweeney's statement misses the mark. Pat Forty and he tweeted out, and there were others that wrote these things. Dan Bulkin was one saying the daboh. Didn't come out strong enough against the George Floyd. They didn't come out strong enough against the the looting or whatever you know what I'm talking about. It didn't come out strong enough against police, brutality and all of that. When I want to know is why or sports writers keeping score with coaches when these sports writers have a hundred two hundred thousand followers. If these sports writers want, these things said, why don't they say it? Why don't they come out and say the things why? Why is sports writer Dan? Wilkins sitting with his tape recorder and making a note of everything, a coach says and saying well. He didn't say the right thing. It's hard to say the right thing right now it's it's it's not. It's not a fun time in America's not a good time in America. Daboh came out, and from the heart was saying we are against this. We're against US where we don't believe in. This is a tough time this country and because he didn't say like a certain set of words or woken or forty, they got all pissed off about it. Sports writers need to start writing about sports and stopped writing about their feelings about life. They WANNA be life reporters. They voted the opinion. Reporters go do that. Go cover the world. It's out there to be covered. Stop just stop telling me that these I remember a couple of weeks ago. When Dan Mullen, whenever might lead? You know might lead in Key West. He should be with his players during a fucking pandemic. They're keeping these these coaches to this cultural standard that they themselves believe in, but not everybody believes in exactly what they believe in I. Don't know maybe I'm just ranting. No I agree with you. It's like they're the gatekeepers of what is right and wrong, but if you don't come out and say what your opinion is, then it's like well. How like how are you to say anything about what somebody else's opinion is? If you're not going to share your own opinion and I understand that outlets don't have the freedom like we do. Do at parcel. Obviously you and I and everybody else can share our opinions, and were given that right and we can go against David Erica's opinions. A lot of places don't have that, but if you don't have the capability to put your opinion out there, then you shouldn't be either agreeing completely or disagreeing completely with somebody's opinion unless you put your own out. I feel about it. When somebody puts themselves out there you shouldn't. You shouldn't sit there with like a stop watching and and say up. He was supposed to tell for twelve seconds. He only taught for eleven. He's he's not a good person. That's that's an asshole thing to do. Yeah. Put Your Voice behind it then it's like well okay. You don't agree with what he says. Well, then. What are you believe? That's the way I see with any of this stuff sports writers are not. It's like you're telling me that somebody's wrong will tell me why they're wrong, but these aren't doing that. They're just saying they're wrong. And it's like well okay. What are we supposed to believe from you then? There's a lot of also like well data, says this now, but he said this in twenty fourteen in this and twenty twelve I mean like you can change your opinion and also Pat Ford has vendetta against uconn football in Yukon as a whole, so he's been on. My ship was for a very long time when you were excited when I said his name. Then it's Pat Four. I was really excited. A decks purposely disrespecting him by calling the wrong name I think. Going further I haven't announcement Casey. Boy I can hardly wait I. spoke to the people behind the scenes, and there is high noon. Peach Flavor headed to my house right now. Now you know that I have fully enveloped I'm fully on board. With high known I love the Black Cherry I love the grapefruit. I love the watermelon, but you've sold me on the peach and I've got peach on the way right now, and it might be the happiest I've been all year. Brandon. Life is about to change. It's true because the variety pack incredible all the flavors that you just mentioned, but like I said last week. If I could bathe in a peach, I would by the way the fact that nobody has sent me a whole bunch of Peach Bay then it kind of makes me. Sad offer still stands. You're popping off because I know I. had at least three DM. Saying I'll buy the peach if she'll really do it, okay. There are a lot of people that were there were offering to send me a whole bunch so I could I trap in it? But then they started also getting that well. If you do it, then, brandon might have to do it. No one wants to see him in a bathtub full of high noon, but the two new flavors, peach and lime are legitimately life changing and I tell people all the time. We don't sell high noon. Just because they're paying for this podcast, we sell it because we actually love it, and it's real juice, and I never thought I would like peach juice, but guess what that Shit is delicious, so grow I'm having a black area right now and I'm like I don't know if you see my face I'm kind of going through an epiphany. I decided watermelon was my favorite, but I look this. You're really good. This is really. You're looking at it as if you want to like kiss it. Agree that island. Hey, girl, I didn't know. That knowing that he gave it that two am look like whenever you're at a bar, and you're just looking around your like that's the one you look. You look a lot better than I thought you look. The fact that we've gone back to back weeks talking about high noon with me bathing in it, and now you talking about basically just taking it home to have sex with. It's very strange. To a. m., things happen. That that is true, but high noon again it's the it's the summer. It's hot outside in most places in the country. Now it's going to be the drink up twenty twenty tailgates. It's so good and the fact that you're about to get a peach brain and Walker happy for you. I enjoy my heart so excited transition from from the news, too. So I got my twenty twenty long magazine him. Just reading the magazine takes put out there for the twenty twenty football season. I'M GONNA. Go ahead and state. My claim on some takes. From there, okay? There are three teams above the rest and twenty twenty, and you can guess the three teams. They're kind of the teams that have been above everybody for the last decade. Clinton Alabama and Ohio state to me are the most well rounded and best looking teams. Alabama has a new quarterback, but he played pretty well last year and they've got everything I state has a quarterback. Clinton has quarterback then they're good elsewhere, but once you get past number three. I think the rest of the top ten I think it could be a very fluid year, was I? I think it's here's a lot of teams with problems up there like in his athlon Penn state's number four and I look at Penn state number four, and I think they they can make the playoffs. They're going to be really really good. They win the big ten, but do I believe Shawn Clifford is good enough quarterback to be Ohio state and to go to the playoff. I don't know Florida's way up there. Florida's number six. Florida looks like they're very good on paper. Do they have enough to beat a roster? WHO's more talented in Georgia and tonight? Rosie Kyle Trask as the best quarterback in the SEC I really can't see that. Oregon has a new quarterback number five. Is Oregon Good Enough Oklahoma. Is You know my thoughts on Oklahoma their phony program out there and they're replacing. Their quarterback were wasting so much. Do I believe Oklahoma I really believe after those top three. It's going to be very fluid these. Even with your take on Oklahoma, and again like I obviously was wrong about Oklahoma by the I knew they were going to get beat, but I mean I'm not saying them, but I mean replacing a quarterback in Oklahoma has been a problem for them until they get to the playoff I mean in the in the big twelve. They've not had a problem replacing a quarterback, but at the same time those. Those top three teams are it feels like the gap is so much bigger than it usually is. Because there's so many, there's so many question marks, but we can say the same thing last year. Nobody saw Lsu doing what they did, so it's like a like it's always talking season, but at the time you know who the best teams are in the country. It's not. It's not a guest this year. They might be even stronger this year outside. Alabama needs to find a quarterback I believe you know savings shown so many times that he can roll the new new guy and be just fine, so I'm going to give him. The benefit of the doubt and quarterback entering the best quarterbacks were just feels intrepid Lawrence and they're the only other two teams. And Justin fields is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Because he left Georgia failed. You know I think he would have been good. Good otherwise but well, but again Georgia. I'm claiming Oklahoma state right now. They're mine. They're mine. I I believe Oklahoma State will win the big ten big twelve. Tim Yours I claimed him. Check I claimed them last year. No, you didn't say. Famous clip about Spencer's Sanders Oh. You, but you were wrong last year I. don't carry over from year to year. Now. I think that it does carry over because. There might team. They got they got. They got a great receiver. A great running back good quarterback. They got a good coach. Bringing back. I think all eleven defensive starters. I have a question for you. So when Max Kellerman every single year says that Tom. Brady's GonNa fall a cliff, and then he doesn't fall off, said cliff, but he brings it back. It's still Max Kellerman. Take so while I want to agree with you brandon. Jack did ride with Oklahoma state last year, so I don't think that we can take Oklahoma, state. He wrote him no for cliff. They died. They weren't good this year. They're going to be really good, but he didn't never walk it back. I will I don't think I could be wrong, but I. don't think that he ever came out and said like Oh. I was completely wrong about Oklahoma. State like I was wrong about Nebraska and you. We've all been wrong. Jack step by Oklahoma state until he no longer could. Actually Jack off the show if I. I will kick off the show. I did A. You're not wrong about that. From that specific game against Texas before I was saying that I'd rather have Oklahoma state's weapons than taxes. I was wrong in Texas won that game, but I will share him okay Brandon. Oh don't you give him like? I will consider it I was I was talking about Spencer Sanders will. You probably knows name. When I was talking about Spencer Stamps. I liked him in high school. You know what this makes me excited because it's early June but now we already know one of the things that's going to carry on all the way through December and it's who claimed Oklahoma state I. If they are actually really good and win the big twelve in the conversation nationally, the two of you will be arguing about Brandon I argued about Oklahoma last year. Jack Fire have to. Plant something in his desk all right. Notre Dame has been have been overrated for so long. The nobody's looking right now and they are underrated. NERD aim has cycled around from the overrated, overrated, thirty, three and six the last three years. They're really good. Last year they went ten and two and one to the camping world. They were really good last year, and they will be playoff. Good this year I think Ian. Book is good enough to get them to play off win the playoffs and their schedule is more difficult to season, but notre. Dame will be playoff good this year. They've been overrated for so long. People just think they're overrated, but they will in fact, beat underrated. They have been one of those teams wearing Jackie. Know this. We talked about this. A bunch of a bunch of times like in two thousand eighteen I rode with Notre, dame, because they had such, an easy schedule in the ACC was such trash, but then it was so easy because of how embarrassing they were in the playoffs. Talk Shit about them last year. They didn't have a bad year last year and most teams would want to have. Have what they had, but it's just so hard whenever their independence. You don't hear about the near as much whenever they're not going to be in the playoffs, but it is easy to say like I. think that we underrated them. Last year we talked too much shit, but at the same time until they show that they belong in the national playoff picture it's it's easy to to kind of ignore that right. I mean am I wrong there. Schedule! The schedules deaf go first of all. They got Clemson this year. That's tough. They got a consonant lambofield. then. They gotta go to Georgia Tech after Clemson. Then they central home. What Georgia Tech Sucks. Though, continue to get better. I. I have to go to pit and pits, not going to be bad this year. But I mean like it's like you play Clemson and you gotTA. Go to Georgia Tech. And, then you gotTa play accuracy. That's top Jack. We're talking about tough schedule. I mean George X the. Toughest game schedule. I just. I mean. I'm not worried about Notre Dame. When they played Georgia, tech however again in two thousand eighteen, when they did make the playoff, the whole thing was the ACC was so down. Georgia tech is a better football team than the teams that they were like they played Florida state in eighteen that was a dumpster fire. Hold on Casey. Did you like when I claimed Oklahoma State and took him, Jack. Did I like it? I didn't really carry their way. I just felt like I'm about deployment another team. Oh, boy, okay. Is it going to be see this is the thing is like I'll stand up for jacket if you try to take one of my teams. It's not one of your teams. It's not one of the things you've been high on. Okay! Ladies and gentlemen. Texas. A and M. Breaks through this year. Texas am breaks through okay? Right here right now, I'm about to say a statement. Heading into week eleven. At our against Alabama. will be no. Are you trying to tell me that you're claiming a football team? From what I told you that I am getting out in front. I believe Texas is about to have their breakout season under Jimbo Fisher. Their defense is going to be really good. Their offense is good on not great, but guess what. Really isn't any greatness at quarterback in the SEC. If there's every year, be led by a great quarterback and be okay. It's this year in the SEC. Who got to be better than? You Sucks Better Philippe a Franks in the these are the SEC west. QUARTERBACKS Makarau Flea Bay Franks, Bo Knicks Mack, Jones K. take Delo Mississippi. State is going to be pretty good. Miles Brennan lsu Killing Mon- looks open any more, does he? They're gonNA pretend. I'm really torn right now. Because part of me wants to be mad at you for trying to claim my Alma Mater. But, then on the flip side, you're saying very nice things about my team. You're saying great things about an first of all the idea of them. Being ten ano- ever is crazy to me because they usually just fall apart at the end of October so I don't know if I should be mad at you, right now are not like. You can't claim my school, but you're saying really nice things, and usually you don't so. I, don't know which way to go. Do you claimed her school? Is there anything she can do about it I mean? You can't take my school away from me, but you can. We can share like Jackson we can share. Out into the schedule. Are you reading. Say Schedule Abilene reschedule. Abilene Christian one when North Texas. When Colorado at home. When Arkansas. When although that game is always really weird and tough. Here's I will give you the next one. I'll just say when it's atmosphere state. I'll let you have it. When Fresno State at home. When. At South Carolina. When. Ole at home. Quick. Vanderbilt at home. When and the only one that's in question in that first ten games as at Auburn. Look at those fingers casing. You're at nine. You're you're nine and without even breaking a sweat. I didn't break a sweat the. You know what's really sad. Is that the only one that I started to break a little bit of sweat on was Arkansas because since no, no since they played grants to state, it's. Weird that you think the close Games Arkansas. Lose whereas speaking of shit out of most of the last decade. I know that I understand that that's what I just said I Mississippi State normally beats an, but the problem is. Is that if I'm having this? Hope that you're feeding me first of all you just you saying they're going to win. It means that you think they're gonNA. Be Mississippi State, so you don't have hope in your team. Why would I but that Arkansas game always freaks me out? Arkansas was one of the worst teams in the country last year in an almost found a way to loss to him. As those one of those things, it's just weird. GonNa win. That Game Arkansas Stinks Arkansas onate me SEC again. I have no doubt about that, but that's what my whole point is I'm not worried about them losing that game, but if I was going to sweat in that little game that we just played for some reason, Arkansas gave me a tablet of pause, but again you're claiming this team. Welcome to twenty twenty. You haven't had battered syndrome. Your entire life like I have had hope. What are you talking to single year? What do you mean this state fan? What are you talking about? I'm talking about am. You're. Your. Your your sadness is more is worse than my said. No No, no, no, no, I'm not talking about that. It's not comparing I'm saying when you are talking about Texas am and having hope Texas Emma's going to break through when you've lived your entire life thinking that that's going to happen, and it just never happens. I have a hard time getting behind you now I do agree with the SEC. West is much more open this area. You always talk about being in the SEC. West is so much tougher because you've got Alabama obviously lsu losing. Joe Borough you the both Mississippi schools new head coaches. Arkansas Missouri the whole. I mean excuse me Who am I missing. Auburn Alabama lsu better. Yes so so I understand what you're saying and I do think. Jimbo is the guy to help? Turn around that program because winning a national championship in call triple is difficult, even if you do have some named Jameson I, just have so much. It's so much pain to have hope an brandon. That's all that it is so if you want to do it, that's fine, but you can't claim my team. You can't do that well. I just did the first upset of the season. Will be when the Auburn Tigers lose to the North Carolina Tar heels. Happens to I didn't really see one in week. One I liked the north. Carolina Tar heels jacket, shaking his head vigorously. Here's why Mac round and his second year. He did great things as first year. Here's another. Take that I'm GONNA put on top of that Sam. How the freshman quarterback was better than I thought? Meaning I news good last year, but I just look at his numbers, you realize. He threw thirty seven touchdowns and nine interceptions last year he was electric. The with the ACC. We talked about it all last season. Was it was clemson and then everybody else, so we didn't pay attention anybody, but when you, when North Carolina fans do get in our twitter mentions or kind of interact with us. After the PODCAST. They were the ones that kept saying like hello, did you notice how good he actually was? And so I started paying attention to those numbers with early heisman odds came out, and I was like. Holy Shit, he was actually really good. Really, really good, really good matter because they're not Clemson, but like the again. That's that's a side effect of the ACC being so shitty outside a Clemson, because if Getting better this year I think a lot of the ACC. I agree with that I. Mean it's hard because they have Trevor Lawrence and he's going to be on a revenge tour and everything else, but you know we talk about how Clemson all your felt like they were being disrespected because the conference was so bad when you have ADT team, might north. Carolina and you saw what Matt Brown was doing, and you know I love back. Brown like that was quieted because the conference was so bad and so Sam Hal became a side effect of that, but when you look actually look at what happened there last year like this team is not far off from being a real competitor in that conference. My lasted for twenty twenty, and then we'll get to the questions. Jack I. Don't know if you're ready, but we'll get to him. To the best coaches in the country that never get mentioned to the best coaches in the country or both first-year guys last year and I think they're about to build really good teams and programs at Chris Climate at Kansas State. And Scott Satterfield at Lewis Scott Right. Scott Satterfield. Satterfield at Louisville, one game from upstate. One came North Dakota state. They both took big steps in their first year. I Louisville was incredible, incredibly different and one year under center field they got to to well, they can run the ball they're. They're vaguely team Chris. Climate I can't tell you. The difference in the to Kansas Day teams I saw Mississippi State play the last two years. He's going to build something Kansas. State Satterfield is going to be something. Louisville and nobody talks about these coaches. I don't hate that I just. It's just Kansas Again Kansas. State is one of those schools. It's like I just can't. They've been great in the past. It's just so weird to think that they could even be in the mix again, but again when you talk about the top upper echelon of coaches, we talk about know there's obviously you know who the best coaches in the country are, but then there's all the names like we've talked about like Mark Dantonio. He's always in the conversation for like a top coach in the country. He's just not. Has the prominence Casey all all the coaches that are always in those lists that are earned the best coaches lists aren't really that good anymore, right? Every time you talk about the best country. Somebody's GonNa say what about Gary Patterson. America lately about Pat Fitzgerald sucked where what about curt, parents eight four every year? There's a difference in the coaches. We talk about and and coach electric list. Yet Chris, Peterson is like all I feel like Milwaukee. Times when you talk about the top five coaches Chris. Peterson's name always kind of floats around. They're like Washington's not done a whole lot. I completely agree with you. The problem is is when those names are so. For a casual fan, they look like well. You know there's there's daboh Nick Sabin and then there's you know you go down the list that newer guys are always going. Not Get the benefit of the doubt, but what? They were building at those programs last year being their first year in power five. Great so we'll have to see if they have a sophomore slump. But before we get to your questions brandon. I've noticed that you have still not been wearing any normal close during this quarantine at all you still rocking the sweatpants and the t shirts. I mean. Have you put on real pants one time. No, no, not to either I'm planning to make it all the way through the summer with nobler jeans. This is no blue jeans summer. I've been wearing the quilted Barschel's sweatpants like pretty much every day. You know how Dave had the the purple sweatpants thing going kind of adopted that my black sweatpants and got them from stored up. Arsenal sports dot com, because I needed another pair, because I've worn them out and obviously barstool sports store has covered. If you want coffee mugs, if you want sweatpants. If you WANNA cut some partial deck of cards, we have all we can keep you comfortable and entertained as pandemic does continue, but even when it doesn't. If you just go to store Barstool, sports DOT COM. You can shop anything and everything right now. Jack. I asked you to go out to rough next to our people and say hey. What are you guys WanNa talk about you got some questions and you're going to read the questions off to me and I'm going to answer them and might let Casey talk a little bit. Thanks, it's so sweet. I love that game plan. We're going to start with Brian. Connolly at beat. Connie team. Go one is a good starter. Twenty Fourteen Mississippi. State Verse Twenty Twelve Texas saying Dak verse, Johnny Who Wins State beat the PISS. Out, of them kid. What are you talking about? Oh I'm sorry. Did Johnny Getting this team? The number one did I miss that. Now that you want to heisman trophy! Individual Award I'm talking about teaming. Team you can look in the NFL. DAK PRESCOTT! He's been the pro bowl couple of years I got Chris Jones on that teams. One of the Pro Bowl Bernard mckinney in. Mississippi state was littered with with Pro Stars on that team. Mike is is I think decent in the NFL I will. I will give you the fact that obviously Mississippi. State was number. One and Dak very clearly has a much better nfl career than Johnny Johnny's not having a bad nfl career because of his talent. He's having a bad and he has no career because of his life choices. You can't tell me and I loved covering Mississippi. State, when back was there I? Don't think that he should be the highest paid quarterback in the League even though that's what he thinks. You can't tell me brandon. Walker that you believe that. When AM UPSET ALABAMA? The number one team in the country and the only reason that they lost a Florida and Lsu was because of a field goal. Kicker understand the Florida game. There was some defensive mistakes, too. That you can say without a doubt. The DAK Prescott would have beat a Johnny Manziel stadium team. You can't tell me that. Football Casey. I have to have reason I just have. Faith in my dame. Yes, I can absolutely tell you that that I can't I shout out. What who who was the guy that gave us a question? Grind Connolly, be con- Eighteen. The fact that we haven't had that discussion before now is very interesting. That's a great conversation. Like how do we actually like planned for this like I feel like maybe down the line in the offseason. Wish actually like come with actual facts on this. Because it's incredible conversation. Good for him all right, let's go. I would take. Texas A&M in that just. certain Ted Lasso at Theodore. Lasso is always a great question. I don't know if we've ever talked about it. Though, would you skip a family member or close friends wedding to attend a huge game irrespective teams. If you have tickets, yeah. Are. You kidding, of course I would. So you would skip the wedding to go to a game. How close how close a friend are we talking? Just get my sister's wedding. My. Sister's twenty five. You're going to get married one day. She better not get married. The falls on. Tell You well. The good news for people like us is that it's actually our job, so we have a built in excuse like you get married in the fall. Sorry about you like even if we're not on the road. If you're in the south and you get married in the fall. You're an asshole. Or if you get married in the fall, and you know that a lot of people that are either in your wedding or that are coming to your wedding are big time college football fans. Yes, I! Agree that your national I'm GonNa say I would have to skip it and I use the work. Excuse because I'm usually either on the road or I'm having to stream or whatever, so I don't even have to act like it. It would be very hard. It was like my sister's wedding, but then again if my sister got married in the fall like my whole family would riot. There's fifty two saturdays in a year. There's fifteen days in the college football season thirty, seven hundred as they get married. Don't interfere with anything. This is just where it's nice to work in sports. You have a built in excuse, no matter what especially, if you don't want to go to a wedding, that's really nice like. It's like a wedding that you would be fringe on if it was between January and August I don't really know if I WANNA go, but I don't WanNa, look like an asshole if it's in the fall, you just like sorry, gotTa make. Money all. Right Jack. Typical Chicago fans at the coil shock cog up at typical underscore Chicago. Best football kickoff time. Phenomenal Just an unbelievable question so good. Question so good that referred to Houston to thirty central on that CBS. Window is perfect because in in in the winter when it gets called when it's dark. You you have, it starts in the in the bride of the day in the in the dark of the night. That's college football that that that ending at beginning and sunshine and ending in the darkest night that to me has caused football I second to that I would say I would say like six, thirty, nine, six o'clock at night. But I don't like twelve. o'clock kicks at all eleven o'clock checks. I do think it matters if you're actually going to the game versus watching it at home, because if you're actually going to the game, I prefer night games because you have all day to get ready for it, and you can tailgate, or if you're working. Obviously, our show is going to be a little bit later, but for as far as TV viewing it definitely is at three thirty two thirty slot because you get to see the day, turn into the. The night you're not exhausted from watching college football. Yeah, because the later you get especially if they're blowouts. If you're watching a night game, and it's a blow out like you're just like. You're not even interested anymore, but she's still. Have you already digested college football in the morning? Maybe not cared about it as much, but you have, and then you also have the prime time games look forward to, and it's just that one game a much fun to watch. Nathan Long. Underscore Nathan long six. Were thoughts on the Cup Cup cupcake games in November. So we're talking to see year, but this isn't this news at all I wanted on people. Again. I just don't I. Don't think that big of a deal I. You know if you'RE AUBURN And you play! Let's say just for hypothetical. You play you. Go An lsu Georgia Abilene. Christian, Alabama s still four out of five weeks. You're playing top ten teams. Am I really going to get on that team and shame them for playing for playing a game in front Alabama, no, I in the SEC which they asked us as the one. That doesn't there the comment, I don't like them at the time, but I understand them. I understand them. If you play in the SEC I remember Mississippi State one year. In the West. Two, thousand ten. There were five other teams in the West. When Mississippi State play them. One of them was in the top ten, every single one of them Arkansas Lsu Auburn Alabama. That right five. Okay, yeah, maybe I don't know that doesn't seem an almost wasn't. The top team played four top ten teams. If. A team plays four five teams on season. Tough fifteen teams twenty teams. Who cares what they do the week before the rival, I don't understand. I'll tell you why I don't like. It is because it's a built in excuse for people when they talk about the SEC because you're right in a vacuum totally makes sense. I hate that week especially when I was covering the sidelines, I hated the idea that I was going to cover it shooting game that week. In November because at that point you are ramping. Ramping up for conference championships and everything else, but I hate that it's an excuse that's why I hate it. Because every other conference can look at and be like Oh. CUPCAKE CUPCAKE SEC game. That's great scheduled an. If you don't want to complain about it, that's why I don't like it because it gives people a built in reason to hate on the SEC are. Skip one that I won't I. Don't want you to skip. To how many more yet? We'll see I was humour. We we can do that one. My order may be different on law twitter than yours just based upon like can i. just ask this one because I don't want to miss. Yeah of course gus. trion at Gus Trion, says who were when the national championship, if every position was filled by clones of their head coach in their prime. Go by their head coach clones of their head coach in their prime I have my answer and I don't know if that's GonNa. Coaches Yeah Oh, that's good. Jack. How let you weigh in as well? Jack, you have to go I. I think I have my answer, but I'm I'm second guessing even in my own brain. And if there's you know. In their prime. My answer is Arizona State. Oh herm. Edwards was a NFL, all pro defensive back. He was very good. If I can staff my entire team out of NFL, albro defensive backs. Arizona State wins the hypothetical clone prime coaches title. That's I mean that's that's the only answer I, for. This other slum no. But I mean I wouldn't. Even! Think about that Jack Do you have. That Fitz, Gerald. Bad about one. I think he was an all American and. Then smart was very smart. Jim Harbaugh won't be an awful answer, not that it was anything special, but you. You have a full team of him against like a Mack Brown or somebody, you probably do pretty good. It's tough, because like you're talking about actual. Playing Primes, which is clearly what the question was, but then like it's sneaking in my head like I mean granted like Derek. Mason didn't do shit like he has a player, but like as a coach and the way he looks now like if you played in like in his physical prime. If you had an entire team that looked like him. That'd be tough to be I think that he could go out there and beat current players right now. Spot player answer as well to. God Frost. From I'm looking at right now, Scott. Frost is not a terrible one. Does? No He, he just played I mean. He played it like northern Arizona, but he didn't make it to the League. That's where what I'm saying like. Obviously, if we're talking about actual playing time, you're going to go with somebody who had a career in the league, but for some reason just looking at that guy like how like just intense and athletic, he still looks even at his age i. mean he played like. When did he even play like in the eighties? Is He that old? Derek Mason. I think he played in like they say. Something like that. Yeah, but I I don't know I mean that's a great question. Herm Edwards feels like the slam dunk on that arguments saying something. ooh, r.i.p Johnny Majors from Tennessee and Pat. Dye from Auburn died last couple days Johnny, majors was legendary coach at Tennessee and Tennessee fans out like. Phil Foden railroad out of their twenty years ago, but that okay I'm gonNA. Forgive you John. Major's was incredible. Ray Coach and are happy to have. Jack, B. R., P.. S.. All. Right! Rit that feels like that maybe shouldn't have been like in the news because now I just feel like anything we talk about afterwards. I kind of feel like an asshole. John Hewitt. John Hugh. Eight, three, seven, five, four, six six. One. Asked me. Walk during the Home Jerseys in the SEC. You just say like best one jump to rank them all but home jerseys in SCC. I. Don't like this. I don't like this. Because every time you rank may I saw somebody last week ranked all the jerseys and SEC and it's always based on money or something else like yet. The I saw my rank had am nine Mr state thirteen. They're the same Goddamn Jersey. They're the. They're both Adidas. They were the same thing the exact same thing don't. Think, we're the same thing. The colors are the same designs are not the same. The helmets I mean obviously aren't. The same and Thomas are far surpassed the home jerseys helmets. Far Superior to anything. To Mississippi State say yes. But I will say. We're talking about Jersey's not see orange I'd say Tennessee. Orange has has a Great Jersey Alabama. How securities are way too plane? I I. Love Alabama Jerseys Mon. You don't, it's just a jersey, it's a junior high jersey. Nobody loves Alabama's colors. No as I. Say Okay Love Been Strung. Helmet and Just Plain Jersey. NOBODY LOVES ALABAMA NOBODY LOST reinstate. There are a lot of people that love both of those by the way I mean. Nobody loves it. They're just playing jerseys. You could just go to this printer and say hey. Man Football Jersey that's it. I think that Alabama I agree with you with Penn State. I'm not a fan of their helmets and we're talking about jerseys. Shirt. But it's just the classic. It's. Her A fucking shirt, so you would rather one of those like ridiculously stupid looking Oregon uniforms. GimMe Tennessee Jimmy. Lsu Gimme some. Alabama's plane and this is classic. Because we we, we claimed twenty nine national titles. We won twelve. Oh, I know it's not classic. Only. The helmets, the colored first of all like. That's like me. Go onto to come into the high school reunion. Ugly wife and I say Oh look at his wife Oh. Yes, he's classic Oh. She's not she's ugly. Will did your ugly wife win a billion? National Championships because then it does change the conversation a little bit. If you haven't ugly wife, who hasn't done shit in her life then. Yeah, if you ugly, who's won a whole bunch, it does make her more attractive. They're trophies. Don't make the jerseys look good. Yes, they do. It's like Michigan so that's classic Kelvin their helmets ugly. Why don't people tell them that? It's subconscious brandon. Yes, it does when you are. You are more attractive when you are successful. Alabama's uniforms are more attractive because they're successful and I would rather the plane classic look. From teams like that because I like I, say this about organ all the time like I love the day. Have all the money in the world. Good for you. A lot of their uniforms look like shit. I love to be organ because you get all the Nike Money I totally get that, but there's high school in Mississippi, got Louis School they were read. Were playing Red Jerseys Red Helmets and ripped pants. Look just like Alabama. Don't you stay new? Alabama you can never if anybody says what's the best uniform if you say Penn State Alabama just lying. That's what you're doing. You're lying sack best although I disagree with you completely on Michigan again. Classic colors. No, you don't like using helmets. And I'm going to say something and I've said this before I'm going to say it again. It pains me, but it's true. The University of Texas uniforms are great. especially, their home color more anymore questions Jack. Also by the way, an black uniforms far away, anything much to be states, everyone only like our black uniforms that we also got from Adidas the same companies supplies. fucking uniform I'm looking at the uniforms right now. They are the exact same. Meets stripes on their shoulder pads or more on the bottom in Texas A. M's are on the top order comes on. The top is top is always better. One to the logo is just better. It's just a fact. Jan Look. Mississippi State two thousand sixteen uniform because I am. This case it's a black uniform, the same ones you wear, it's a Mississippi State Mississippi state do matte black helmet. Casey. We have the same company that supplies us with the same color stuff. I do know that I'm just really nitpicking here to try to one up you, we can. Literally you'll wear Mississippi state here and I'll wear a deer in the office. Literally match like Adidas boosted both of us have literally no difference, no difference, not even a logo different so mice. So my sense, you Texas Stadium sweatpants and they had to air, so I took him right remember. You gave me those two excellent chance. Mississippi state stuff nobody knows. Nobody knows the colors are the exact same loss. I'm they're afraid of Texas A M's all like Maroon Jerseys. From a twenty seventeen Mississippi state game, they may be the ugliest jerseys of. I'm not like Maroon like head to tell. I'm not a fan of that I know. But then there's Iowa two more. This one came in from a bunch for some reason. I'm seeing a lot of Miami fans on twitter. Recently, they're very. Great me at drastic drastic. Jodi do y'all think canes of Y'all think the canes New Year's Day bowl with their schedules awful English by him I. Think he's asking him. They make near stable. No I am saint is. Sure? Don't know no I really. Don't buy am we'll look. Last year. Almost every single one of their losses was by less than touched him. I just never get into close losses as a predictor of future success. I mean they still lost against by. Let's say they open with temple the. Bay. They're going to be four. They're going to be three. Let's play the hand game again. Game so star three. It's Temple Wagner. You may be okay. At Michigan, state. I think I'M GONNA. Give them an Alabama to give it to Michigan state kind of a dumpster fire maybe. Miami was on survivor too I'm. Has Derek Kings give the acting that. Yeah in Michigan State. Again home I picked to be Miami I think piddle beat Miami, so we're at four. No Miami would form. Though in that one. You have thumb. Yeah. No, this one's the loss. North Carolina at Miami. It's bird so much. I know North Carolina Miami. Loss Miami average India. Went Tear King Wen. Sort seven wins. One nine eight or nine games. Maybe I doesn't get you to New York six. Eight wentz get him to near sixty nine months, could but. Also lose it goes six and six ago. Averaging UTECH Virginia Florida State at home at Georgia Tech Duke at home. I think be pretty good. I think it'd be okay. It's just a Lotta Okay and then ACC. They. Do Play Georgia Tech, and we know Jackson very high on Georgia. Tech, a non lie under tech I think they're like sixty to seventieth ranked team. They're not going to be an easy out on the road in November when you came out for a game against Clemson talking about and then you. Have you ever seen a few weekends like talk about a letdown game last question. Dear King is the factor there by the way I mean, he could come in and be a heisman trophy over could go. Get. My my inclination was no, but the more we talk about it. I mean they could. If I had to put money on it I would say now. that. You said you had to morning. Read one question. Is I'm looking for another one, but I can't. Like that. Oh. This was the one that I. I skipped, but this is what I wanted such a lot. We don't talk about them a lot, but not. Nick Irvine Obviously, we don't talk about Nick Urban, this random guy, but at beaver rugby twenty four is Mario Cristobal coach or the product of Taiko players. Playing together for a few years is so we can just talk about as Meyer Cristobal good coach. Would you put them in top twenty? Top Ten I would not I don't think we have. Coach yet okay. I don't think that he's a bad coach, but I definitely wouldn't put them anywhere near the time. I think he had a playoff team last year and didn't get them to the playoffs. That's say yes so. quarterback in a playoff difference any found a way not to go to the playoffs with an easy schedule. And in. In in, easier conference. Ansi, but I mean I I'd say TVD on him. I don't think he's a bad coach, but I think it's a little too early to say that he's a good or great coach. We could be a bad coach I. Don't think you. You definitely can't say he's a good coach okay. That's that's it? That's the questions next week. We're going dive into twenty twenty six, as we start turning the calendar over towards screaming headlong into the twenty twenty season, which will happen Ana very excited about that anything else, Casey. No. I didn't really expect to yell at you as much as I did today. you know it felt really good was my Mississippi State, cowbell take last week. And here I claimed your team this week and said they were going to be good. I I still am very torn. My heart is torn if I should be mad at you for trying to claim my school or happy that you have more hope than I do. Mind Walker. Pitcher.

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