Equity Monday: Edtech consolidation, and Amazon continues to make you like it less


Equity is brought to you by x. crunch that prodigious tech-rich payable you. Keep running into you can break through that payroll at a steep discount. If you use the promo code equity. If you do you'll get access to our best stuff you'll make really good internally at the same time another that. Let's start the show. Good morning and welcome to equities. Monday episode. It is april fifth. This is our weekly primary where we catch up on the news and as always explore the numbers behind the headlines. Catching you up. American stocks are set to rise this morning after an end of the week. Jobs report boosted shares after holiday stock market is closed in many parts of the world. Today but the major news the indian stocks took a hit after covid nineteen cases. Rose in the country. Cryptos are flat and without ground setting. Let's get into the weekend all right now this weekend. A couple of things for you to know the biggest story from the last couple of days involved facebook which had answer after someone posted information concerning about five hundred million of its users on the internet which insider reports includes telephone numbers and other personal data. The bad news is that the data appears to be legit the good news if you can call it. That is that. Facebook says that the data came from a patch. Two thousand nineteen leak great. This story underscores my view. They companies that leak customer data in any capacity should be taken out back and wacked until they realize that. It's not the sort of mistake you could simply say whoops to and then claim to try to do better in the future. I think ten or twenty dollars per person. Impacted by league payable in a lump sum to the government. Right away would wake a couple of companies up. If you arrogate to yourself the authority to hold information about anyone you need to realize that if you mess up it's gonna cost you enough to ruin a quarter or two or three. That would help the other bit of news that broke this weekend that you need to know about concerns. China that the f. t. reports a quote record number of companies are abandoned to list on china's answer to the nasdaq as regulators increase scrutiny of technology businesses. This of course comes after. The chinese government yanked fintech giant ant groups back in november now the f. report that some seventy six companies pulled their plan listing on the stock market based in shanghai in march loan. Now some hundred eighty have done so in total but back in november. that number was twelve. The newly reported data shows just how sharply things are changing china's tech and business ecosystem. Just a couple of years ago you can think back to. I think it was twenty eighteen. China's venture capital volumes matching and even beating that of the united states and the shanghai based our market launch in two thousand nineteen to provide a listening spot for budding chinese tech companies. Now today twenty. Twenty one chinese venture. Capital numbers are far from contention and the state is cracking down on not just leading tech players but also appears smaller firms as well brazilian liquidity dry up. It's just not very good all right. Turn into this morning. What is the latest. The biggest story that i could see from the weekend involved american e commerce and cloud computing giant amazon which is in hot water today after the american. Nfl rb or national labor relations board said that the company was a very very bad boy. The new york times reports that the company quote illegally retaliated against tube. Its most prominent internal critics would fired them last year now. Amazon is in the midst of trying to beat back. A union push among some of its warehouse workers and the company recently face planted when a suddenly churlish social media strategy backfired and the company had to admit some of its drivers peed and bottles and worse while on the clock. Nbc news had a separate report up from a couple of days ago. The headline of which. I'll just read for you. Fired interrogated disciplined. Amazon warehouse organizers alleged year of taliation while and there's big news out from the indian startup seeing this morning which will kick off by noting coaches reporting concerning ed tech giant buying akash educational services. The company acquired is what we call a thirty-three-year-old chain of physical coaching centers. Essentially by jews when i r. l. The deal itself cost around one billion in cash and stock protectionists sources now as the edtech which a huge boom in usage in sales last year matures. Expect to see more of this sort of deal and more deals on the smaller side. As well i reckon not every startup in the space. That raise money last year is going to make it. And there are plenty of deep-pocketed ed tech giants. That could get acquisitive this year. Now the funding round world. We're gonna stick to the indian theme for the first one. It appears the social commerce bug truly is a global phenomenon. How do we know. Well indian unicorn michel that's m. e. s. h. said that it has raised a three hundred million dollar round the values the company at around two point one billion according to tech reporting. That's up from about six hundred seven hundred million back in two thousand nineteen and get this softbank vision fund to lead the round. That is a sentence. I am being forced to save more and more often. So i wanted to take note of it and then there's krista up an sf based startup that just put together a fifty million dollar round according to venturebeat looking into the company it appears to track customer service interactions and then after what works or does not particular company provide active human agents with props to help them better chat with other humans via text. Now you look ahead to the future all you really have to do is toss computer powered voice on top of this and pretty soon be won't need customer service humans right train them up and then off the go little bots. Yeh i suppose so. Customer service gigs are awful and humans are very mean to each other so maybe this sort of take a step towards future in computers. Try to talk us. Out of cancelling annoyance resistance it of humans. Do so is a good thing. But i i wonder what happens to workers who declined to use christa given prompts. They get penalized. I'm all in favor of software tooling for underpaid regular folks but something about this company caught in my craw. We'll dig into this morning. Andriessen sequoia and gray lock were in the rally closing. Today's of the notable and fund from the. Us there's a company called alchemy technology. That is going public at the moment. The provides software to banks and it was founded in oklahoma as it turns out according to newspaper the oklahoman. I'll call me. Technology was founded as. I thrive by serial entrepreneur gary nelson more than ten years ago and oklahoma city. End boat now. The company is based in texas. Today it does appear but the fact that a technique going public was founded in. Oklahoma is legitimately super cool for anyone not in the us. Let me explain what i mean. If you live in america and someone mentioned the state of oklahoma you either think of a musical or some sort of flat landscape that you've never visited where probably more tractors than people now. I'm sure that oklahomans would vehemently disagree. With how most people think about their state. And don't worry. I get it. I oregon. which is two-thirds hickson and slant no worries but the outcome technology. Ipo should help shut some of those critics up. You really can't found tech giant anywhere. I'll come technology proves it and it's always need to find new places where they have sprouted up so please more this oklahoma. We'll take another and that is our show equity of courses back on wednesday and friday. We have a lot of really really great stuff coming up so we'll see you then. My name is alex. I m alex on twitter. Deputy podcast equity pod on twitter. Post jokes memes and kind of make fun of one another. It's a good time until wednesday. Stay cool be safe and we'll talk then by.

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