55: Deus Ex Mannequin


What happens when you listen into more than one hundred forty thousand different communities made up of three hundred thirty million users. You hear a lot of stories. I'm Ameri Iverson. I'm Ben Brock Johnson. And we are from endless thread the show featuring stories found in the vast ecosystem of online communities called read it every week. We tell a different story from mattress industry conspiracy theories to jellyfish things that bring victims a sense of doom in even a serial killer that may have saved jazz music subscribed to endless thread wherever you get your podcasts. It's two thirty five AM and a wide body jet somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. And you're listening tonight com. Aw. Hello and welcome tonight. Call a podcast to keep you company on this strange days and loonie nights. My name is Emily Yoshida. I am once again here in Los Angeles. You can't keep me away. And I am joined as ever by Molly Lambert, and tesla, of course, Holo. And of course, I'm desolate. Trimmed. I'm sure we're back together in the same room. I have just gotten off a plane from New York, I it is about one thirty pm as we record this. And I woke up at local time one thirty AM. So I'm dislike year in Langley ears which is the as a separate. We're in. We're in a air air air flight air flight yet era flight fear, an aerospace travel themed episode. Yeah. It's I feel like I've been on zillion planes recently. I've watched a lot of succession as I was telling Mullen tests. That's now my my plane show. So have you guys seen the Langley's? I've never seen legally guy read it a long time ago. The TV movie of the language ears is so good and scary. It's basically minute. It's a lot of things that they then ripped off for both stranger things and to some other had the monsters likes to stranger things monsters. No, the monsters are amazing because the Langa leaders are like so the language is a Stephen King book about people my boyfriend got me to watch it because he remembered he'd watched I think when it was on originally. It's so scary when you fall asleep on a plane, and then you wake up, and like almost all the people are gone except for you. And if you people, and then those people try to find out what happens like what is going on. There's like nobody flying the plane or something. And basically it's like they like went in a time loop. Oh, yeah. But the language here's these like they're described as just like giant lake dust balls that room through space just like eating space time. So they're like not sentence. They're just things there's sort of. Yeah. There's sort of like tumbleweeds that like eat everything. Like like space time tumbleweed. Yeah. It's really good. And I recommended to everybody. I'm in the right frame of mind. Award angle ears episode. I also like those I went back and watched all those eighties Stephen King like TV movie series of events like the stands good. Yeah. Just other rebooting it. Yeah. Original the stand nineties TV movie. Nice. Great thumbs up to that. I'm Molly ringwald Dr area. Sinise. I feel like I'm in. I'm I'm now entering the right? Head space for that. I I don't know if such a dark spot for me, all those Stephen King TV movies. I watched the at one recently. Oh, like before one movie came out. Yeah. So good. They're all like, a Dino there before whatever we call the golden age of TV. But right there interesting enough. It's like, yeah. It's good to make something that's like four or six parts. Sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good length. Guys. Remember Merlin moorland an NBC five part thing or Cy fig we mostly missed the real golden era of like be part movie series. Yeah. But I mean, I feel like it's kind of exist. Now like half the things that we like is shows are actually considered mini series now. But that's because now everything is like they sell it as a miniseries. And then if it does well, they make another season ratio. Like, yeah. Gallardo life or American crimes story you. But we'll we can talk about that like that. Yeah. Yeah. We first real quick before we get into the meat of the show. I just wanted to share my recent experiences. I guess in the same vein is food moods. What's what's what's the good? What's a good SAS, Fash fashion, fast fashion and corn really needs to come up with a tune for it? I know you're recurring segments. The end of the show. We'll have figured it out. Can it be the hot pocket song, fast fashion? I had to kill some time recently in SoHo and was walking up Broadway and decided to go into some stores. I'd never been in before. But it always just walked by. I think just consider everything around there to be something that I can't afford or it's just like I'm not in the market for. So I'm not gonna go in or I'm not interested. But I went into an and I tweeted about this, which is like the most mystifying. Like, women's fashion. It's like, it is fast fashion. I guess, but it's oddly expensive, Molly looked it up. And apparently it's Canadian it's from Vancouver than somebody tweet us and said they have like crazy sample sales. Yeah. In Vancouver people mob like like an arena, it's like the Barneys of Canada. But it's like re that's saying something that's bad. We were saying it was like the clothes are kind of like h an EMMY, so yeah. But it's like, no you can walk into a lot of stores like that. And kind of be like who's the and other stories girl who's the coast girl to pick my two favorite lake Scandinavian semi fast fashion brands, and you kind of have a sense of it. But this is just like all over everything. It's just like everything fabrics are they working with are we talking like synthetic. So there's a lot of wool blends like Olsen thank blends, but they kinda just feel synthetic at. So when you pick them up and see the sweater costs like a hundred and fifty or one hundred and eighty dollars. You're like, oh, wow. This is not what I thought I was working with here, Tennessee themed fancy theme. But it's just there's something kind of a ish about walking through the store, and like it has these weird little like tone poems on the tags that feel like they were written by bought. It's very odd. I did not buy anything from Rita. And then I went to this other store called. For Burke shot. I I've never heard of. So how do you spell this? I can't remember if it's Berkshire. I think Bursch gotta and I thought again, this is like some Zara square, maybe more expensive type store. It is the cheapest store I've ever it's it's cheaper than forever. Twenty eight good. Not really. But it's like it's so cheap in there. So much of it, and it's much more like youth oriented like it feels kind of like going into a wet seal in the nineties there all these like, lucite blocks say like we celebrate the dancers. But everything was kind of nonfunctional in the store like most of the mannequins were undressed. And there was just like a mess inside. And it really felt like and out with all of the empire. No, I I got really obsessed with the Fash in the other side's fast fashion of brandy Melville. Oh, yeah. Yeah. On the sideline opened in the Americana. And then I found out that they are like side one side only one size only on the size of small, and it's like if you don't fit it you can't shop there, which is so shitty. And then I just like I went into the store just to see what the stuff looks like. Right. And I was so normally first of all they had a lot of stuff for the branding was Los Angeles nineteen Eighty-four. So weird gonna now I'm already thinking about fascism, but then literally one of the tags on one if they are sub labels is called John Galt. Oh, we oh. You told me about that? I think I remember this. Yeah. Is like this is like they're they're telling us. But he's like the style of closes is like girl in country music video Abercrombie. Yeah. It's basically Abercrombie it's like a lot of like Mannini lake distress jeans and plaid shirts that you're supposed to wear like button down to like, not even like, a cool, scary fashion. Node store where you know. Like, of course, I'm scared to shop there, but it would all the clothes with really good. If you had a platinum blonde blow out, the official, hairstyle, female fashion. That's the lung sorry to generalize. Here. They called. I called. So we have a lot of calls, and they're all week on Nikoil, and we're going to. Yeah. We had a lot of responses to our discussion about velvet velvet goldmine, which is a great movie, but not the movie we're talking. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. I I was thinking I watched a bohemian rhapsody recently. And it just made me wish I was watching velvet goldmine. Instead like, I feel like the theme of movies. I've been seen recently as it's a lot more fun to like watch. The fictionalized version was words like not dependent on depicting real life events c can be like it's an artist. Kind of like David Bowie are kind of like a glam-rocker, but not have to like go through every single bullet in the Wikipedia article. But anyway, yeah. Velvet velvet buzzsaw which now feels like it's been five years since it came out. But it did get a lot of good responses to us about a killer art, and all and yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. And the and the intersection thereof. I was also saying that I went to the LA art freeze, and that it was xactly like velvet buzzsaw to the point that I was like is it even parody. It's just representation that they have a home a man they had silly lake sculptures. There is a giant like ketchup bottle. Claim Paul McCarthy pop art is back baby. Was cool because it was as tall as the water tower. It was so it was like oh my God. This just reminds me of like, did you guys read this is still one of the most memorable New Yorker profiles to me the profile of of scooter Braun in the New Yorker where the reporter just like followed him around going to all these like shitty pop. Art galleries in Los Angeles and like buying art for his home. Just like the worst stuff the worst like phobic, see tight stuff. Yeah. I will just say that as I walked into the art fair. The guy in front of me was wearing a full Adidas jumpsuit and a cowboy hat cool. I kind of respect that's a good lick it kind of. In the cold and sun, Cong peeing in places. Where everybody is like look at me look at me because you then you never feel bad about people watching exactly like a wannabe wa-. You permission to give you permission. But then I was also like yet me out of here. Then. Well, we had two emails two separate emails about the Denver International airport a baby DIA D. I e and other d I. We could kick it off with crisi. Oh a. Yeah. Let's let's read Christina's who who writes to us sane. So when you guys were talking about velva, buzzsaw and art kills people. I was immediately reminded of the demonic blue horse overseen protecting the Denver airport which killed its own goddamn, creator was the Denver airport ever address on the pod. Forgive me. If I've forgotten I get absorbed in the Stargate apocalyptic famous shelter theories now. And then and while I don't necessarily believe these stories one cannot deny that there is something wrong with the Denver airport. Okay. Bye for now. Yes. The blue Mustang blue Sopher Lucifer, so blue Sopher is thirty two feet tall and nine thousand nine thousand pounds. I believe. So that's already like just not really right somehow. There's something very big. It is made of fiberglass and it's yet killed its creed. Or he had just finished the head and it fell on him in his studio, and then his friends and family and staff finished it for him shit against what may have been their better judgement. But then her airport is also is just a mess. You guys. I don't know this about Denver. I do want to talk about Denver airport for sure because there's so much stuff going on there. But I wanna encourage our listeners to look up a picture ocean. His glowing red glowing red eyes God it looks looks like from hell the head. Agreed see what the airport when you're you might coming there with a lot of anxiety. It's the gates of hell. Yeah. There's something very Ghostbusters sustains on his sort of blue tinted the picture and on Wikipedia night. So he's like a luminated. So he's he's blue. I mean, it's beautiful. I is it it's pretty metal. It's sort of it looks like something at the beginning of like like a distributor or production company logo at the beginning of the heart. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a TriStar so very dramatic. So it was installed in two thousand and eight. So it's pretty pretty new, but this is a tip of the ice yard. I ice furred iceberg. Yeah. This is angrier. Did you guys know about Denver International airport? So crazy super we anyone been there. I have I feel like I went before all the weird stuff with her. Except like obviously the runway thing must have been there for a while. Let's back up to you people know that that one of the conspiracy theories is that the runways are in the shape of swastika. Yes. Would you like windy people are like only if you really look to see that. Jim are they that way? You wanna see us while in the way that all rectangular not can sometimes be turned into swastikas because whilst because they're taking rectangle or not. Yes. Yeah. And also like you will. Yeah. I mean, it's like from an aerial view. I almost bought some bedsheets on sale the other day that then I was like, you know. Pattern is a little on. So so like the ceiling kanter's is a little swastika. So yeah. Anyway, you tonight, my friend Caleb. They got married in a he and his wife Marie got married in a place in Chatsworth. That is a building you can rent that's owned by the city. That's really cool. But it's like an old an old timey California house and into so old that it has a bunch of swastikas as a motif in one part because it predates. Yeah. And for the wedding. They covered them all with post it notes, and it was very. Wow. You'd think that they would get those replaced if they were renting out the places of anyo. I think it's part of their like, it's a historic. It was like a time when it was trendy to put them in things because it was a trend for like oh eastern, Mr Smith. Yeah. But besides the swastikas on the runways. There's also there are gargoyles by baggage claim their secret bunkers, apparently there are some murals that people think are like tales of the apocalypse and at some point a CEO took over Denver airport and decided to like kind of play into it. Yeah. Enjoy it. There are conspiracy theories. And so they kinda showcased some of the theories but not like the swastikas, right? For instance. But yet pillow long until right? Yeah. People also think there's like some kind of freemasons connection, and there's a lot of like right wing conspiracy is about like lizard, people in the bunkers and stuff. It's it's an interesting. Interesting rabbits, Denver, I don't know. I think I've gone through a couple of times. But I did get stuck there for an extended period of time when I was pretty young like when I was eleven or twelve traveling alone. Yes, I was traveling alone. So I really remember the Denver from that. I remember the. Smell of the Denver airport. Really really exciting tricycle down the hallway. Bleeding kind of it was before cellphones too. So I had to like use the pay phone to call my mom second with her. It must have been before. All this at least the stuff that's really on the surface because now they have like because of the CEO who took it over. They have all these ads that are like there's something strange going on in Denver, and like pictures of aliens and stuff on like light up like billboard advertising spaces. It's very, yeah. Have you seen these now? Oh my God. I saw when I started looking at it. But I started like this morning. I was like this is very strange sent us something about those ads awhile ago. But then I don't know if we read it on air. But now, you know, Denver Tortolero. Yeah. It up night. Call clearly we're we will go to the Denver airport. CEO Kim day hit us up. We were like we would love a glamorous trip to the Denver and a hotel skirts of the airport if they have one that's like, yeah. True. Onsite. That'd be great. It smell like it's a smell I associate with like other kids houses. Oh. House is another kids house every once in a while, I'll smell something like that. And think of the Denver airport. I wonder if it's mildew it's sort of mildew. Yeah. It's a little musty there. Other haunted airports, have you guys ever this isn't about haunted airports, but it's one of my favorite airport related ephemera things the carpets for airports website. No. Oh, yeah. We're just documents all the pattern. Yes. People write little essays about the carpets on the please. Look it up. It is such a good website. When is it carpets for airport Sakai Cup? Yeah. And they play it's like the sort of live globe like a three d sort of. So you can kind of spin it around and then pick a different airport. Yes. And some are. Yeah. But you know, who co runs this website, Hugh, dancy the actor Hugh dancy. It's I'm yeah. This is I know. No. I think it's him and somebody else about your poor cat's amazing. Yeah. But it's it's so good. And then it really makes you. Anytime you're in an airport like look down at the at the carpeting and think like this was a choice because of course, all these big like institutional places, there's nothing that's not thought about in them as far as like, you know, just like creating like a scary. Yeah. Because it's all mentally pacify higher environment. What is full longest you've ever been trapped in an airport. Oh my God. So long I spent I think it was like eighteen hours or something in Philadelphia in college where it was one of the things where they keep delaying the flight incrementally that they wouldn't let you catch just. Yeah. And that was also pre I wasn't pre cell phones. But it was so long that eventually we were just like using pay phones because you're quoting Dr. And my friends we were coming back from spring break, and I had pneumonia. It was really. Terrible. You all I wanted was a cheese steak because I was like I'm in Philadelphia. Even the airport will have a chief. It was like we got there and about. About clothes, and then nothing serving cheese steaks until after we had left. It was a nightmare. That's brutal family. I was I recently had like a layer. I knew about that was long. But it was something like six or eight hours in Minneapolis. But I I feel like there must have been other ones that were longer than I've blocked from memory that were accidental like I just got stuck believe Dallas Fort Worth is my most hated airport. Yeah. Yeah. It's that one. That's it's own city. It's its own city. And like that was one we're I probably got stuck up for the longest, and it made me realize just like we'll never be able to live in space. No matter how big you make the by the bio dome. It's never going to be big enough. You just wanna be outside so bad. I have to say that I could stay at Logan and Boston for a long time. I love the Logan airport. They have a legal seafoods. Like, I I'm very fond of Boston in general and feel very at home there. And the people very nice, I could have chilled there forever. Philadelphia was not. Hey, yeah. I've been to the yeah, I've been to all these airports. I can't remember I must not have spent long enough in them to make an impression they all do blend together. Yeah. And that sort of place listeners is what makes them sort of nightmare places. Yeah. So guys getting back to the night calls real quick. I'm just going to read an excerpt from the other night Email that we got regarding over regarding blue Sopher. This one comes from Austin. They mentioned the fact that a lot of people want Lucifer removed. But he says he or she says the whole killer art thing is, of course, very sad. But it's fascinating to it's easy to read into it as an idea of our artistic hubris. Also, it is how the Kim Cottrell movie mannequin should have ended. I'm from Colorado originally on reading the Wikipedia article was surprised to learn that it was only erected when I was in college. If feels as a central to DIA as our conspiracies about lizard, people living in the tunnels underneath the airport, which of course are. Out of the branding of the food court renovations there. Wait. Are they suggesting that the mannequin should have killed the guy at the end because I agree. I mean. Yeah, that's all of a sudden a much better movie. Yeah. Definitely smock in a. Yes. I guess the thing that's troubling about them leaning into the leaning guy was murdered by the like a guy was murdered for one and two. Like again, it goes against this entire thing about like, the the the pacifying nature reports. Yes, you're not supposed to be thinking about anything creepy because it's so close to being creepy already like how they? About plane crashes on movies rains. Yeah. All still and now mainly especially after nine eleven they did. Yeah. But then I feel like they always do. They just take out the mentions of it because they're like don't think about it. I I feel like a McConnell, sir. At this point of safety videos of different airlines, which are more more troubling, the more cute. They try to be. I don't know if you guys overflew virgin America. P, but the big like musical number one, which was their last safety video before they I think they shut down that one with like. Yeah. Because it has like a wrap in the middle of it has like robot, dancing horrible. Then they're still like you still a woman putting oxygen mask on a small child. As their plane plummets? I always thought think of fight club. Yeah. Oh, of course, you always felt like virgin America's vibe was like knock not right? The reason that it's like not soothing. It was sort of like it's the party played. I like the purple lights. That's it even thought it was like made me feel a little geology. We well. It also had the thing of it had the thing of the the message in between the seats next. Same SCA has that too. Yeah. Over the verge, right? Yeah. Yeah. But that always like it felt like it was given to kind of a wink of like, hey, like, you can go say hi to that sexy. Someone in Rhode thirty two. But somebody on Twitter recently posted that I think it was on a plane. I'm pretty sure it was on a plane, and it was like the diet coke was the beverage sponsor something. And so the napkins that they gave out but the drink said like here's a space to write your number down here. Somebody which is. Thanks, Steve twelve no. It was not received. Well, I mean like I can like it's the thing of like it used to be fun to be on planes and you used to get horny on planes. Now. I can't think less horny, no those bathrooms. Tuck at the mile high club makes so much more sense. If you're thinking of like, a two story play here, and it was important case. Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of terrible flights now getting more into air travel. Not so much air airports. We have this call from Matt who writes us saying after listening to test talk about air travel in the most recent episode. I was reminded of a story. A teacher told our class about a ghost the night. Call memory connection seen by a flight attendant on an Eastern Airlines flight all I could recall was that the ghost appeared in the oven used to warm up. Meals warn, the FAA about a potential fire. I think if a a I did some light Google lean and sure enough found that story and several others about the ghosts of flight 4._0._1.. The short story is the eastern 4._0._1. crashed into the Everglades in nineteen seventy two. And the pilots is a flight were spotted multiple times by several witness. Over the following years, especially on planes that had been fitted with parts salvaged from the crash eastern eventually had to remove all those parts and the sighting stopped. I hope you found this interesting as spooky as I found it love the pod. Oh boy. So news to me that you can use salvaged parts from crashed play such a bad. I tell you that idea. This is a totally new story to me. I'd never heard of any of this before this is wild. So yet this this plane crashed in the Everglades nineteen seventy two and the pilots name was Bob loft. And the flight engineers name was Don repo, which also like how could he be real coming off, Tom I'll come on law fan loft blog. So they were two of the people who died there one hundred one people who died, and then, you know, I think something like between thirty and seventy survivors. So it was the weirdest thing reading about this is that. There were people who would call the flight attendants over on flights that were in planes with the salvaged parts, and they'd be like there's a woman sitting next to me in her like her eyes are closed, and she looks very sick. And then the flight attendant would come over and there'd be no one there or they'd say like a man just came over and started talking to me, and these were these people were credible Ling, they say, I don't remember where I read this. But it said, although Eastern Airlines refuses to discuss the matter researchers of interviewed numerous individuals claiming to have encountered the ill-fated pair that the loft and repo on L ten Evans as the reports would have it loft and repo have devoted their after lives to watching over the passengers and crew of the planes and the detested are extremely persuasive. Many come from people in highly responsible positions pilots flight officers, even a vice president of Eastern Airlines who allegedly spoke with a captain he assumed was in charge of the flight before recognizing him as the late loft. Faith thing. Sometimes like the apparitions will be like, I will never let another crash avenue. I will protect this play found like they're friendly. Goes, you know, they're very friendly goes. Yeah. It's just like I. Yeah. It's one of those things the more credible. It is the more. It's like, oh a person who's probably like as on the straight and narrow as you can possibly be seen in response to our plants having ghosts question. Somebody said, oh, I thought your question most do plants have ghosts like have sold. Then they were like the ghosts are the oxygen that they make that we all breathe. Does the singularity were hall one nine explosion? Yeah. No, this the plane thing is so when is the last time that people were having sightings of this is mostly other any reports recently. That's the question. I thought that the report stopped after they removed the salvaged parts, but mania also Eastern Airlines doesn't exist. Any was it? Only Eastern Airlines flights that were haunted or was it like other than the just particular type of thing. I think eastern though, it's it's hard because it's all kind of collected on these websites yet or like, you just really want to believe the story, but they're not super specific. But it was other eastern our eastern or. Yeah. Yeah. And no. Psyched to have like a good ghost on the airplane yet. Keeping that playing good gremlin on the win. I don't make Molly texts me before I fly to keep the plane up. She johnson. I'm like keep it up with my thoughts. Yep. Well, speaking of plants having feelings, I think that we got a night call about a plant. Not sure it's paranormal it's probably static electricity. Born time I was walking in a carpeted area. And I was near plant and the plant leaf unfurled shocked me, and then I back up again. So that was a negative experience with plants. Paranormal, but you never know. Very excited to hear this. Because I don't know if you guys know about the quote unquote, sensitive plant the mimosa. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'm obsessed with the sensitive plan. Do you know about this? It looks like a fern kinda. Yeah. It's really pretty. I allocated I'll plant, and if you touch it or stroke, it it like. By traps yet. Yeah. But it's interesting because it's like, not totally understood. Why like it's it doesn't really protect it. Right. Right. At her. It's not it's not a carnivorous plant either. No. Yeah. The trap you just Email an Email. They had them at Home Depot, and they were marketing them as plants that I was like, and then he really died. Yes. Oh, I saw ghost. I think you'd probably was like I put it where the jasmine were. It was just sitting on the lead right above the jasmine, the died so say. I definitely think plants can think and feel and there's footage of like plants doing things in kind of slowly. But I remember seeing somebody in a documentary of a plant like it was like a parasitic plant, and it went up to other plants and it could recognize whether it was in their family or not. And if it wasn't their family, it would be like, Nope. And like move on and then eat some other plant instead that it was. Yeah. It was amazing. I wonder what plants that was I will find out. I I did a post about it wants a million years ago. This salsas reminds me of like poison Ivy from from from. Robbed is just for poison Ivy. I know. Yeah. I just love. She's like a good eco terrorist. Right. She just wants plans to rule the world again, which I really feel strongly with what happens to us no human extinction project. I love poison Ivy. And I love any time. There's like a monster villain of the week on sailor moon. That's like like plant oriented because it's always like a little like creepy. Ryan. That'll like. Monsters, your scary little shop of horrors. Terror fine. Yeah. It's really terrifying. This problem where when I start thinking about if plants have souls and see goes and can hear and stuff because I like adopt a lot of plans like if anyone's giving away a plan, I'll just like automatically take it. But then you run into a problem because you need eventually to like get rid of some plants to take care of the plants that need more space and to just like give away your plant, and then they come back, right? Yeah. Toaster. Way. Don't get rid of. It's kind of shocking. There has been a Pixar movie about this like way deal. Yeah. Just cooked up Sino cooking with fire. I feel like that's all like any time. I'm just like donkey on Pixar just like thinking of the next anthropomorphic thing. It can make you feel bad about. Well about women. Yeah. No. That'll never happen. But yeah, it's like I feel like their entire business model is like making you feel that about like imagine feelings on things that don't. Well, that was kind of like the why feel like the time was right for Marie condo is. Because it's been so many years of anthropomorphized objects like great. They are they do have souls and feelings, but now you just tell them. Yeah. Go away. Good argument for her. That was saying that it was all Shintoism where it was like. Yeah. All your stuff does have a soul. That's why you thank thank you. It could goodbye. Yeah. Fun. The interesting thing in Japan is that people don't like like used stuff or like, a take such a secondhand stores is kind of like a more recent phenomenon because people just don't generally by secondhand stuff because they they like because of the sort of Santo beliefs of like the energy and like the the previous life. It's had. But I think people are doing it. Now more just because of the economy, but like, but because of like, also, the people in view this the stuff in there, people take really really care their stuff. So like if you do go to a second hand store, it tends to be really. Good condition. But I feel like we could use a little more of that in our culture into the idea of getting something second hand in getting an influx of other vibes. The only problem is being able to like revive right strong suit necessarily. I feel like I have a pretty good read on vibes of clothes like like where you can picture the clothes having been maybe it's like worse for like harder objects. Yeah. But softer are objects. That are more absorbent. I feel like I can read the advice. I can I mean almost all the close eye buyer you so better be good at reading. Ever had a haunted clothing item. I think I have. Yeah. I had a real of jacket that I lost at a nightclub in Providence, Rhode Island, and it that jacket that jacket was the second hand jacket. It was like it was from. I think the store was called rag time, and it was on fair street. And I remember like, I got it. And then it just like a kept falling off the hanger. And it was like that's an and I'd like zip it up and the zipper kinda slide down and fall off the hanger. And then eventually I lost it and felt like it like wanted to leave. So I just let it go. But it did have a bunch of cash in it, which I was very I mean, that's a dick move of jacket. I feel like coats tend to have hold onto the most. I think so maybe things we could get we'll also you wear coats, so much more than you wear any other one article of clothing separate, maybe jeans, while I have a coat that's come into my life that it was not preowned. But I like I have a coat now that I did not. Pay for that. I feel like maybe has some bad juju on it. Because of the way that I I acquired it it to me. And it's fun. It's fine. But I didn't take it from anybody game gave it to me. But it's like it's like, I don't know. It's like, yeah. Anyway, but but I also guilty that you didn't like earn it with your brain. Yeah. But it's fine. It's fine. But. Other weird or way, but I also picked up a jacket once at at bar Stella like a few years ago when I lived here, and I tried to I tried to return it back to the bar, and they're like like I like we don't have any idea. You should just like hang onto that person hasn't been here. Yeah. This Jack is far was never hearing. But I so I was just like you should just keep the coat, and so I had it. But then I just got this really bad feeling about the coat like, I shouldn't it fit me. It looked. It was like not a code. I wouldn't wear, but I just didn't I felt like I should not have it. So I think I gave it to somebody. Chase them. But yeah, I don't know. Now, I'm thinking about the sopranos episode about a jacket, which there's one where somebody gives Tony jacket, and then finds out that he's like gave it away. Oh, oh, I do kind of what kind of jacket was it. Was it a leather jacket? Yeah. Something he would never wear. It's like he sees the guy sees like Tony's made wearing it or something. Right. Yeah. Coats have fag. Ejb man. Also purses. Yeah. Definitely had some secondhand purses. That were not meant to stay with me. It's really hard to get rid of purses is impossible. I go through a change personal time. I mean, you throw them away just buy cheap ones. And then when they wear them through which I always do. I just move on. Oh, I move on from them. But I think I find it hard to give them away. Like, it's a very it's such a touchy thing might get so gross. I'm just ashamed. I don't wanna be like. Akers had this this person where Lotto's in pretty good condition, and I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff because I was having some kind of like panic induced move or whatever. And I remember leaving a box of stuff outside of out of the closet like when I was like driving this U-Haul truck, and then like rounding the corner and like a homeless person at Ari picked up the person was it was like walking off of it. And it was like the way it was like seeing like yourself like from. It was like slips that somebody. Oh god. I feel really good. Like, I feel like somebody's shy. I sometimes just leave stuff out. Yeah. I'm like somebody will take it ever left. Something big out. And then watched us, no, one take you at work. We're starting out. And I was like how she was like you don't want it. It's been in the rain for like three weeks. So. We use it. Nobody people do curb alerts and then like you can see people kinda slow down and look at the couch. It'd be like, nah, somebody sad left of copy now like waterlog copy of art of war outside of my. Was there as of the time that I left the other day herb alert outside Emily, she could picture, and it was so cold. Now like it gets so cold out, the my phone just shuts down, and so I was going to take a picture of for Instagram and just say somebody lost. But then it was not meant to be. Yeah. Anyway, take care of your stuff. And then and then then sure that it has a good home don't waste stuff. And if you have a story about a haunted object, a bad juju item of clothing or anything else. Sensitive plants weird plane flights please give us a call at two four zero four six night. We do not have any kind of personalized outgoing greeting leave your message. Anyway, that's the right number. You can also Email us at night, call podcast at gmaiLcom. And while you're at it. You may want to follow us on social media night. Call podcast on Facebook night. Call podcast on Instagram nightfall pod on Twitter and subscribe to us if you haven't already on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts. We are there. Keep up on all things might call. And yeah, we'll be back next week. Oh, also, if you have any ideas of things that you would like nyc hall to look into doing like a book club. Yeah. Dacians hit us up with some suggestions because we're planning some. Fun ways to we're expanding our empire. Exactly, we're expanding our empire. Thank you for listening. And we will see you next week by.

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