Santa Anita Derby & QuikTrip 500 - Betting the Board with Brian Blessing June 4, 2020


Lowest. Here on this Thursday June fourth edition of being the Book Radio My name is Ed Burke your host for the next half hour, so we chat Nascar and some horse racing stuff with the Senate needed Derby and the undercard with Brian blessing the host of sportsbook radio and Vegas hockey hotline. Keep the intro short and sweet here today. I've already done the better. Betting podcast for Thursday, so you check that out written content coming on the Santoni Derby over at the Book Dot Com have already done the preview for UFC two fifty as well as this weekend's NASCAR race Atlanta Motor, speedway the folds of honor. Quick trip five hundred. We'll be doing in expanding series preview as well here today. In the daily K B, O article going on over there as well as you know this edition of Bang. Book Radio presented by our friends over at. sportsbook BTV and the number two hundred. Is that Promo Code One hundred percent deposit match the sportsbook one hundred percent deposit match bonus for the live casino at the. It's only a game until you bet we bring our guests today. That is Brian blessing the host of sportsbook radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline Bright House today man. All Right Adam. Yeah, no big day. the casinos in Las Vegas not the majority of them, but a significant amount of them reopened it midnight and see people strutton through casinos again. What concept all right look? Look Nice in busy downtown and a the strip properties I believe opening up here in the morning so. Hey good to see Vegas back on its feet a little bit. Obviously, it's GonNa take a long period of time to make up for the lost revenue and everything that was paid out during the whole shutdown and everything, but like you said Nice to see the town kind of coming back to life, and I'll be curious to see how things go with the temperature screenings given that its surface of the sun hot out there again. Yeah that'll be interesting A really wonder about that. In terms of I'm no doctor, but if you're you, you're out site for bit income in. It would stand to reason your body temperature is a little spiky. Goodness for too because you're going to start hopefully doing some your live remotes here again on Fridays and get some of the advertisers back for your shows as well so. It's. I'll tell you what man it feels like. It was a long period of time that was really only about two and a half months, but it is nice to see the town coming back and obviously missed out on March madness, and all that kind of thing, but at least like you and I've talked about the NBA seems like they're kind of finally. You know formally announcing their plans. Plans July thirty first for a quick little tournament and the playoffs. We've talked a lot about the NHL Major. League baseball is going to have to figure this thing out because they probably won't have a season next year, or maybe, in two thousand and twenty two, at least the last four and a half five months here of twenty twenty twenty should be very exciting out there in Cincinnati. Oh Yeah I mean you know the the summer could be insane. We're usually you're catching your breath before football. We're waiting to see. What the deal B with college football. But the NBA you mentioned their plan and we've already got series prices up on hockey now. The plans are their plans are wonderful. But. Let's see how this thing all shakes out and. I don't know. Can you tell me the next two weeks of we'll see you will. We'll see what the virus dozen the next two weeks where. A lot of people seem to be. have not been social distancing of late. Yeah. Ask for a way out. How's that for a way to put it? Yeah? It's it's a fair question. I know a lot of city. Mayors Kinda talking about that here lately. Kinda wondering how this thing progresses and I saw Les Lately I. Would They not talking about it the minute it started? I know man I know. It was funny I saw something from Saint Louis News source today about how they've yet to find any cases from the lake of the ozarks where they had the big Memorial Day parties and everyone was out there on their boats and everything so. I don't know we'll see I. Has Been pushed to the back page of the paper so to speak well well that that's happened. Let's just hope that. In actuality it's been pushed aside. I guess we'll wait and see here, but. I guess one other thing I. Want to ask you about before we dig into this horse racing card, and and this weekend for Nascar. The Henderson Silver Nights Oh. What a what a creative name! They came up with there. was like one of the worst kept secrets. Everybody knew that, but I mean. They made a big deal they did. you know presentation. got the logo and very much. Making it the Henderson of that, you know they're entrenched in that community, so it's the Henderson Silver Knights. It makes complete sense. From the Organization's point of view, you're able to scout these guys easily the. Management Key. He'll get to see them. Play instead of reading reports and looking at videos of these guys are right here. The Dangling Carrot. And it's a merchandising homerun. They're building the new arena. They're going to start at the Orleans and it will be affordable for people. A lot of people can't afford to go to the Golden Knights game. So that's the good news. The bad news is that basically half of the GEL. They're not on. Those teams are owned by parent clubs. Yeah, these are individual guys with some bucks in smaller markets. You tell me I. You know the Hershey Bears. There's no TV deal if there are no fans at these games I don't know about the sustainability of the American Hockey League so the next three weeks. It sounds great today. There's still trying to figure out the NHL in the age of the oxygen. Tank Gate receipts, and we're not talking about sports fans as today. The AHL's a tough one. I mean you've got a team here in Cleveland like the monsters own Dan Gilbert where money's not really a factor for him. Obviously, he's you know with quicken loans and all this other business interests, but. Talking about a team like Hershey where her she draws extremely well, and in fact, they've been a very good team for a long period of time. I mean they're a fixture in that local community, and like you said they make their money literally offer the gate they don't have. They're not backed by some. You know big ownership group or backed by the parent club or something like that. They've got attendance and that's what helps them. Pay The bills and. And like you said I mean not not all the teams. The AHL are set up like that. I'll be really curious to see how many of these teams make it, and furthermore, if teams do have to shutdown, don't get assistance from the League or something else your then you get into the question of affiliations where you're going to have maybe players from two different organizations play together on the team. How is playing? Time divvied up things like that. It could be a big time mess for the AHL. That's something I I didn't really think about until you just mentioned it there. It's a massive. I mean wh. What do you do next year? Okay or your back up and running with the NHL. The impact would be if the is not there. The the roster size probably has to go to thirty because guys are GONNA. Get hurt and where the body's GonNa come from if the age els out there Oh. Oh, by the way the roster. The roster size is going to go up at the salary caps coming down. It's a nightmare. It is and it's Echa. Alice is they're gonNA have more problems than the age. L. Because those teams aren't actually own by the NHL, clubs so in a way in development I mean. How are these go? Some kid that two years from now. Develops into a solid third line NHL Winger. You're basically could scrap a year and a half of their development, and these guys Y- these guys. Their careers go off the tracks It's the tentacles on every facet of what's going on is just. It's incredible. We hope you're hope against hope. that. Things come back to normal I. mean took sweet. But if they don't, the repercussions are felt. Massively down the road. The they're talking about? teams will have their prospects just hanging around at team facilities, you know. You know scrimmaging each other. They're already talking here. They're talking about the seven teams in the playoffs this year that if they return. These guys will be off skates for nine months. They're talking about putting together some deal for the seven teams that missed the playoffs this year like one big massive, not tournament, but you know a scrimmage training camp kind of thing just so that these guys. Who Have you great careers going? Some individuals on bad teams, but also skates for nine months. What are they GONNA? Look like a year. Yeah, you know it's major league baseball to know they've cut a bunch of the low affiliate teams, the low eighty, the alien types of teams. They've released a ton of minor leaguers over the last couple of weeks. Guys that weren't going to make it, but they were guys that were filling out rosters and guys that were giving these top prospects that start in you know high, A. or rookie, ball, or something like that the opportunity to actually play games, so they're cutting a bunch of Minor League affiliates out and that joke. Joke from College Baseball, a double a is very significant. I mean this isn't like the NFL or the NBA where you can walk off a college field. Go play in the pro game just fine. There's a learning curve to Major. League Baseball Nhl you can walk out of junior college player in the NHL right away, but a lot of guys do that. Development Aid Joe Route to. It's a mess. Man and I don't know I don't know how that gets rectified. You know what I mean. Major. League baseball doesn't pay their minor leaguers. Let alone own any minor league teams. Really some teams don't even get any help from the parent club. It's rough. Man It. It's a it's a tough thing out there. Sports as we know it and these things were happening already. But, obviously you know covid certainly sped up the process quite a bit. College Football College basketball. Guys. That are this big year. To get a payday get drafted. We'll see we're hoping. You're definitely hoping and hoping for. A better car than how things look on the surface for this weekend at Santa Anita. You've got the Santa Anita Derby. You've got the Santa Anita Oaks you've got the Hollywood Gold Cup you got quite a few. Prestigious horse races, they don't really have prestigious fields. And then we have mentioned this couple of weeks ago. When we got the date for the Bell, being June twentieth, we kind of said well, that kind of takes away from the Santa Anita Derby, because maybe some of the horses would have been pointed towards the Derby to later run in the wood, memorial, or the bluegrass or something else over the summer. Then they say the is going to go off June at a shorter distance, and it kind of took away from some of the luster I guess of the Santa, Anita Derby. The Belmont part of it. In the. Way they revamped the triple crown. But, I think a large part of it was. The field size joke the men's cards. Usually when you get the same derby or a big race, the UNDERCARD is amazing. The undercard disaster these three races are. Two horses have to fall down to lose one race. Maybe there's two horses can lock horns here. But I think the broader picture. Is that a lot of the? Established trainers? They've hit the bricks. They went to Churchill. They went to New York. I think I think they're the real uncertainty. In California we're this got shut down. Yes, it's back. But at some point, a lot of the trainers have what do we do? We're waiting for where we get word it. Give me some word got no word. They bolted. You know. Some of high-profile trainers in California went to Oaklawn, and then right over to Churchill downs nene them now now put up sticks in New York at Belmont, so it's horse population horse racing. I'm telling you where it begins and ends and this this is the definition of a the challenges of getting a younger newer clientele. Hey, maybe horse racing was a small winner that it was the only thing going on through this entire pandemic and people that never looked cross eyed at horse racing were better the little bit. Maybe they'll bet occasionally down the road, but the bottom line is war horse. Horse racing to be successful it begins and ends with the horse population. You gotta give the better than opportunity to make some these are thoroughly non interesting. Nine I mean okay great to watch. Really good horses run out, but in a five worst field. It's like a glorified morning workout, and there's no no defined wagering opportunities. I don't believe on this entire card. It's almost the turn to page. So! We will get elsewhere Saturday. We take a look here at the Senate needed Derby because what we said. We're GONNA talk about it, so we're going to talk about it. We'll talk about a couple of other races on the card. As well friars road in the post. One is twenty two one Rushie in post two eight to one shooter shoot six to one. This is a stakes debut actually for shooters shoot. WHO's the third favorite on the board? So that gives you an idea of the strength of the back part of this field and adore is ten to one from post four. Fifteen to one post five, and then the two that are expected to finish first and Second Otter. Is Five to two authentic six to five. Three year old son of into mischief a Bob Baffert horse and this to me. It sounds like the one that you think has to fall out to lose. By open lanes in every race honoree, AP's Ice Horse and their three year olds, and yet John sheriffs have this one sitting on tilt, but he looks like a need to lead type. His best running three races had to be on the front end. And from the outside, even on top of it now, authentic honoree pinned to the inside and is the controlling speed and. Son, of intimacy, and these intimacy forces was just I know we've talked about it on the podcast in the past We had that horse last week in Are we had a big race. Would raging bull one on the TURPS? Santa Anita on the undercard. The race before in terms of the daily double. BAFFERT had a first time starter. Look like a monster in an into mischief or breaking from the rail, which is tough, one beat him at twelve, the one so watch for into mischief horses, the sire intimate. So Just a monster I believe honoree p. i. what I'll tell you the one thing. In terms of making some dough I've actually had some really good success. The last bit. With these horses that go up at three to five or or one to nine you go. There's no money making opportunity those races. It's the one that is that good and should win in dominant fashion. Generally he discourages the other horses. He's competing and contending with so when that horse kicks in and starts to run away. The other horses in the lane get dispirited so just a general rule of thumb you get some really nice exact is by playing that one nine three to five type horse. And play the best closer in the race, because the Horse will save this horse and live to fight another day, and they're backing out and the horse that just is the best closer runs his race and runs up and completes a really good exact, so you know in that regard if if you were looking for. A bit of a price, the best closer. Figure wise on paper is. Coast but I think the one analyst door. What rain in the Arkansas, Derby and that was a horse. I know that I'd included the one thing. I will tell I love the jockey. Change their come into California. Victor Espinosa's on money riders so. I'd probably go authentic with ANU door second. Door. Phenomenal run in the Breeders Cup juvenile last year in November on this track at Santa. Anita hasn't really done much since and a really bad run the risen star with Joel, Rosario, not a great run in the Arkansas Derby finished fifth nine, and a half lengths back, but Charlotte in base in were in that race, and those were obviously two very very good horses. They're so. That's the thing it's sort of. The Science of horse racing is you know trying to maximize your investment? A little bit and I get very guilty of doing this playing box trifle does and stuff like that, but that may be the science here on Saturday at Santa Anita is like you said you've got these clear-cut favorites that really have no excuse, but trying to find something a little bit more creative to kind of enhance. Your investment may sort of be the way to go, and it could be the way to go in this race. No, in the exact can actually pays off that I will say this though the outdoors kind of the definition of what we're talking about. When we talk about the difference between a two year old and a three year old and the new structure, they have for points instead of money points gets you into the Kentucky Derby is so much better than what it used to be where the horse would win. The Delta Jackpot is a two year old, a million dollar race, and automatically get a one of the gates of the Kentucky Derby, and then the horse turns out to be glorified. Phony by the time it's a three year old and door as a two year old. Monster Maiden win just missed in the Breeders Cup. Juvenile just missed in the grade to low south Futurity, and then the two races a three year old horses run up the track twice. So that's the difference. A horse can be completely different night and day from two to three. One more thing I'm GonNa, ask you about what this race just SORTA. Maybe a technical handicapping element that we can do in general because again this fields not great, but you look at Flavian, Pratt. The jockey was going to be writing Rushie. WHO's in the to post here? And as I said rushy eight to one here in this race previously for Mike McCarthy, he was writing friars road. WHO's making his stakes debut here from the one post? It's Giovanni Franko. So flavian Pratt same trader changes horses. That is that kind of assigned you does that kind of signal anything for you? Well in large part, it's part of the daily Rubik's cube is. Is You know we talk about the trainers? And we talk about the jockeys, the most important guy on the track and winter handicap and the jocky agent, because the jocky agent, the guy that puts his jock where he thinks his guy has the best chance to win now. That's not always the case. Because, the bottom line is You could get quality jockey whose wants to be on. Another horse in a certain race, but he's going to stick to the guy the trainer. That's his meal ticket on a three hundred sixty five day basis every year. He's GonNa. Get this one opportunity, but I don't WanNa. Take off this trainer because I'm going to get on a dozen. It horses for him down the road. If I don't ride his horse today, he gets mad at me. I lose the Mount on eleven other horses, so it's not always black and white. Is you're thinking is? Less. Layoffs you'll get authentic. Authentic hasn't raced since March seventh honor, AP same thing both of them going off in the San Felipe stakes, which authentic win on our AP was second. You've got other horses like Russia like Friars Road just ran, may second they've run twice since March seventh on March fourteenth, and may second. What does that matter to you? What does the layoff being from a handicapping standpoint? It could be. There's a lot of ways to go. You've got to look at the works works matter. How the trainers got the horse tuned up and so you start with what you're looking at in the morning. The other thing you could look at it as a form cycle in many instances. Cheaper horses third race off the off layoff. It's supposed to be technically there. Till they're untilt right third race in a form cycle, the horse should be tuned up in ready to run its best race. When you're talking high quality horses like this. It's all about soundness and fitness so. The class. How you treat ores up. Again is night and day different when you're talking to the class of the horse. All right, so we cycle back from race eight, which is the Santa Derby to race five the Santa Anita. Oaks agreed to race here for three year old fillies, two hundred thousand dollar purse, one and one sixteenth mile for this one and. Swiss skydiver is is I mean. There are a couple of interesting horses in this race with skydivers should win. This race has won her last two races. The Gulfstream Bark Oaks, and the fantasy stakes winning those that what nine to one and sixteen to one now she's GonNa. Find yourself to favorite for Ken. mcpeek, N., a new writer and Mike, Smith. Is this a horse that you know? Maybe the price is going to be a little bit too inflated. Oh. No. This is GonNa take a truckload of dough now a repeat of the last race in the grade. Three fantasy at Oakland is probably good enough to get it done here. The I! If you're looking for you know again is a three year old filly. These horses can change overnight. This may be the more competitive race of the three and the the Swiss skydiver. The one thing you've got to be. Is the versatility of speed and the ability to rate or to come from off the pace I like that versatility. The one thing though is this will be her first race over the surface, at Santa Anita which you know, you can take a look at a guy like Brad who's just an incredible writer that's run twice at Santa Anita and finished second in both of those races, but at least has the end and then. Ran a monster race. At Oakland it almost the kind of the same kind of figures in a cheaper race at Oaklawn, so so the two of them are coming back to Santa Anita the difference for speech could make be the difference maker is the fact that she's had a couple of races over the surface but beyond that I mean it's to me. It's these two. Only a five field here one of them is Mur neath I believe it's pronounced. Four Bob Baffert, with drain, Van, Dyke in the mount their. He wrote actually the sources I. Race finished second one length off the win there at Santa Anita. But this is a daughter of American Farrow and obviously when you see American Pharaoh in the blood line, people are going to get really really excited. We talked about intimacy if early and a lot of three year, olds tend to be doing really well for into. Do you feel like people may overvalue. American Pharaoh children because. Of the name I mean we don't have a whole lot of data set of American feral horses running in these races here, because obviously American Pharaoh, not that far removed from winning the triple crown, so feel like seeing that may overvalue some of those horses, or should we trust that American? Pharaoh did as a runner will translate for for being a sire. Is You're right about they get wild when they see that I would say this to. There are some American Pharaoh. Horses that are monsters but I would say to you. Horses sired by into mischief to me are far more consistent where. They just run all the time. Some American Farrell's or monsters. Some are still figuring it out. I get excited when I see into mischief more than I see American Farrell on a piece of paper. Should we pay more attention to the dam the mother? How much does that factor in for you because? They don't run the higher the highest profile races. Well. Known and I. You know I should. the the one damn, but the problem is a sire can sit there and spit out. You know a hundred horses a year. And the the dams doing one right I mean there's the difference and was a a damn. Why should I probably could look it up and It was like the Hor-. The dam had two of her babies to three babies ended up winning the Belmont You know so. Damn and a runner, but yes, the dams. There so. So, few horses they produce is the big difference, and and honestly the the amount of work in the dig takes to find out about the damn. Is Pretty Daunting. What more race to talk about here for the Senate I need a card. The Hollywood Gold Cup stakes grade one race here three years old, and up three hundred thousand dollar purse, one and a quarter mile here and this is one where we've got a lot of data points. We've got a lot of racists here for the horses in the field. Obviously a lot of them have pretty good bloodlines as well as you would expect right now. You've got some DOTS here on race. Ted, which again, a small six Horsfield. Yeah the an interesting one is parsimonious. And this horse won the curling stakes over and Dubai generally speaking sources. Come back from Dubai and it takes them a long time to recover, but Doug O'Neill can be sneaky sometimes, so there's. The connection. Stick out like a silver thumb. It's Doug O'Neill and read them racing, and they had triple crown success and Gutierrez has been to riders. That's sneaky wanted to watch that you might get a good price on, but generally I I pass on horses like that, but to me. It's made core John. Sheriff's is the trainer. And this horse, three of the last four is. Coming off a shelf, but a short break march seventh, but three the last four races. With buyer figures that exceed the century mark, which is pretty impressive, and I think is the controlling speed in the race and I think we'll take some beating here now. If there's a speed duel, the overlaid price you might get, and maybe it comes down because of WHO's in the irons, but If there is a speed duel watch out for higher power This one can I think stage a big run from off the pace? This race? That's featuring a lot of tactical speed and I think Pratt such a smart writer I. Think he sits back here in hopes for a speed duel, and that could be the one that gives you a bit of a price, but again the the price will be deflated just because of the field size. Episodes, interesting, especially because you got a mile and a quarter and you know there are a lot of horse races, the go a mile and a quarter, and you know obviously we've talked. We've told that story before about when I had to pick five at oaklawn and got that one and three quarter mile race, it was just an endurance race and. Didn't wind up cashing that pick five, but you know my quarter. Obviously, it's not as outlandish as a mile and three quarters, but you'll get a lot of these sources, and it's a mile and an eighth. Sixteenth stuff like that now. These horses are all older I believe all of them are. Four or five years old year, so they've done the distance, but. Still I mean you start looking at different style of runner, right? You start looking more towards the closers. The longer the race goes. the really long races. And you're thinking. Oh, it doesn't that long stretch. The Walker the racist. It's almost it's almost reversed the longer. The races speeds tend to up. I mean because the pace. Doesn't ensue, because even the horse want to go to the front going to the front, but no, they have to go so far that they're trying to slow it down upfront, so it's funny. It's more. It's more speed balls in and in stalkers to the point that they're sitting right behind the pacesetter, and generally speaking the pace in these long races doesn't set it up for the closer. That's coming from far back. Interesting that's definitely not the way I would think about it like I said I would think about the other way so I'm glad that you mentioned that kind of set me straight a little bit there and I'll write a preview for the Santa Anita Derby over the Book Dot Com. I'll write up some thoughts on the other races as well like this. Gold Cup race I like the Santa Anita Oaks. You've got a very very very expensive Bob. BAFFERT horse I believe in the Sixth Race Sedan or Whatever, however it's pronounced, very expensive. There Dr Son of curling. That will be a horse that gets a lot of run one that you may want to watch down the line here running six and a half furlongs here for the first time this weekend. Right up a lot of that stuff over at being the book Dot Com something else over at the website now. Now preview of the folds of honor. Quick trip five hundred down at Atlanta Motor speedway first time outside of the Carolinas here aside from that Bristol race and we had over the weekend that Bristol. Race Mad short-track. We figured things to be a a little bit chaotic and sort of played out that way with Elliot and Lugano Coming Together with three laps to go. The racing in NASCAR good for them. I mean these races have been spectacular? No fans, but they've done their job. provided entertainment something for us to bet on. And in this particular race Boy. Hate to be chock eater, but I will tell you at Atlanta Motor speedway of late. It's been a two-horse race. Brad Kazlauskiene. Has a couple of wins here of late then he'd be the first one to tell you. The good fortune was a big part of both of those winds. But? He's also had some really good success at Atlanta Motor speedway, so he would be in the hunt but I. Say to you that last year. This race Kazlauskiene was the winner. and. Double Check Kevin Harvick fourth the year prior to that Kevin Harvick was the winner the year before that Kazlauskiene was the winner a catching the trend. Here you know who actually run well here had a couple of wins, any kind of fallen off the map in terms of getting into winter, circle but Jimmy Johnson won back to back years in two, thousand, fifteen, two, thousand, sixteen. His car's actually really good this year, and he's been a contender. I think there's a price play opportunity with Jimmy Johnson this week. But to me the races all about Kevin Harvick, because it just seems. Out a weekly basis, he's got a car. That's a rocket sled. That's the thing you know a lot of drivers of at speed this year across all three manufacturers as we've talked about him in Chevy shown great speed. Chase Elliott's benefactor in every race. He's been in Alex Bowman's got a couple of wins already even go Kurt. Busch has been quite a factor and Kurt. Busch has been pretty damn good at Atlanta's well. He's had a few. Few. Top Five here. Recently he's in that thirteen and a half fourteen to one range Clint Boyer's number. That's really come down here. He's with Ford, but that's come down from. That was open the forty five range earlier in the week down to twenty two one now so if you're able to take advantage of that one. That was a good price played at grab. I'll tell you what we're back in one and a mile track here and. He hasn't had the best of cars. He hasn't been talked about at all. I've got a sneaking suspicion that Martin junior is up around the front of the pack here this weekend, so maybe not to win, but again obviously you've got all those different group matchups available. I don't know what it is. Joe Gibbs racing hasn't been as dominant this year. Kyle Busch still doesn't have a win, but true exit history of one and a half mile tracks. I'm kinda starting to come around to him a little bit. He's contending in the EMMYS running up there. It seems like he's a cylinder off or something. He's there. But, he just doesn't seem to be one of the dominant cars and he's and he's had calamities and stuff like that goes in streaks, the one guy. We really can't talk about any race right now. Without saying and I and I, I was saying this at the beginning of the year, and it may very well be the I would make a play. I think it could be this year. There's not a doubt in my mind. In subsequent years, he could win consecutive year. Chase Elliott I think can win win the championship, but Elliott's contend in every week every week and you can make the case. He should have won the last three races. Yeah. Can I mean he's? He's been right there week after week after. Accidents on the final lap twice. When he was GonNa win the one race when Bush took them out. Absolutely he was winning that race that was given ham was tires. He was gonNA pass them in the next half lap, and then the skies opened up. And then you know. He made a mistake this time around. He dove into the corner too hard, and he and Llegado got tangled up at the tail end of that race, but the bottom line is Elliott sitting right there with a chance to win every race. This one should be really interesting. Because again you're. You're just over a mile and a half as we know Charlotte's a mile and a half track, but the racist. Charlotte were definitely very interesting. You've got Darlington where it's kind of. It's one point, three six six miles, or whatever it's sort of intermediate, no way kind of tighter racing surface. Then you get Bristol where you get. More condensed track. We see what happens. You get a lot of cautions you get a lot of rubbing tight racing. Now we're backing another mile and a half track where we generally get a lot of cautions, so I'm curious to see here. You know practice qualifying again. Is this all about the car? Or because we don't know where the racing groups are and stuff like that, do we get? More calamity filled mile and a half race. I'm not sure well. We get the speed race. The favourite's hold up like you've talked about with a harvick like in Elliott something like that. If we get a little bit more, you know more variance that things could get really interesting. Well. It's mostly about the car. And then pit strategies can help out and again. We talked about this before Kazlauskiene. They do alternative pit strategies. They find ways for him to hang around races and he's won two of them because of it. He was just there when stuff happened in front of them, but in terms of the dominant cars I'll give you a guy that just seems to. For whatever reason? The car seems to go away on them as the racist progress, but a guy who has had one of the top three cars. In the last. Whatever it's been three weeks is Alex Bowman. Bowman scar been dominant at times in in the first half, two thirds of races, and then it kind of gets away from him, but any eight to one I hate the price. But he's had a car. That's been a contender, but if you're saying to me eight to one or Jimmy Johnson at sixteen to one who's been in contention with a resume of having one here before I think Jimmy. Johnson's a little appealing this week, but I to me. If harvick's cars, right? He's GonNa win. He he co Harvick is really. He's a horse for course kind of Guy I. Mean You you the Phoenix Race? You know you don't even bother bitten to win. Bet Group matchup. Blessing host Sportsbook, radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline Brian. How can people check out those two shows years? Thanks, but on Twitter Bryan, blessing we put shows out and new two KS HP DOT com new to Pacific Time. We got all the top sportsbook directors in Las Vegas and the hockey show. We really had terrific SEO. Golden Knights Owner Bill Foley. was on the show last. Friday, who really just a really cool conversation with him, so we get great guests from the hockey world, it's a Lotta Fun and I put the links to the shows out as well as I said on my twitter at Brian blessing not very creative, but It! That's all right. It's good. It's good to know that people can find you. At Brian Blessing, of course, find you on sportsbook radio and Vegas Hotline Sports Radio DOT COM CASS HP dot. com always a pleasure Brian. Thank you so much for joining me especially with the schedule switch ear. Thank you so much for that and we'll talk to you again next week. All right pal always want Adam. There you go. There's Brian blessing once again at Brian blessing on twitter sportsbook radio. Dot Com KS. HP Dot Com for his two show's. Coming up on our Monday edition of the box I'll chat more about the Cabo. Now do it for me. They can switch missing everybody and it will talk to you again on Monday.

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