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Its barbagallo Michelle Harvey one show featuring a wakeup team you WANNA. Have a good time. Make sure you stop in at the I you located eight thirty one south Delaware Dr Here Eastern. Pennsylvania. The awful American cuisine a twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They have a Digi on site also Friday and Saturday here this move sound of local artists featuring jazz or are when you stop in. The show morning show CINCI. Hey this sunny jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact km w roofing contractors LLC for all your home and remodeling needs contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, eight, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimates and they're licensed and bonded call them today how the Harvey Morning Show thank you. Debate. Yup. took. Think. That been despoiled that you can't do. Is No map would stop it. Stop It. Back Ok. Do. Never stopped believing. Good morning it is a weird Wednesday. It is Wednesday August twenty, six, twenty, twenty. It is twenty six minutes after the hour. To Sean Hug Mon- show featuring DJ Long Co host Bobby Cologne where you get your morning start only place on earth where you get you want to start right that chat wrong is wide open up please call in five, seven, zero, nine, eight to A. Six, nine, five, zero. Thank you so much. Broadcasting Live right here I heart radio radio DOT. Com Fan, radio. Comedy world, net, Radio, sharia, morning show, dot com, and right here on the all mighty face book live like share Shaw Show feature wake up team or earthquake to start right sitting j s to the E. Double N. Y. and you can't deny Cindy J. A. on aware Wednesday good morning Cindy J. and how are you? Good Morning. Sean I'm doing great good morning to everyone listening. We have a great show for you today on this weird Wednesday we're going to get started with sunny says where I will let you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news. You don't WanNa miss that good morning. Good Morning Cindy Good morning everyone here in. Bethlehem. The weather is a little warm. It's nice. It's sixty five degrees. The highest going to eighty one today it's sunny with a little overnight rain in Strasbourg sixty one degrees seventy nine for the high sunny again, rain overnight and North New Jersey is going to be a sixty eight degrees right now going to a high of eighty two today and it's going to be a beautiful sunny day seventy in. New. York City Eighty one for the high end sunny in Atlanta at seventy three degrees. The highest to be eighty, eight today it is cloudy with Possibility of a little rain showers sometime in the evening. In Miami Eighty two degrees F for the high partly cloudy in. Evening showers also seventy seven in Chicago Ninety three would be the high today and fair in Los, Angeles is sixty eight degrees. The highest going to be eighty six today and it's going to be fair. That's the way I have for you all. What's look like where you are probably Cologne alive and the show having won and show featuring Cindy Jake, will you get your morning started? What you get your morning started right Barbie clone. We have the morning buzz and I guarantee each and everyone that you guys before nine. Am this morning your head we'll be buzzing. Yes, and in the nine o'clock hour, we're going to have front page news with Sunny Jay where I will let you know what's going on locally and nationally some big stuff happening. So stick around for that. Yes and there will be some harvey have to split Scott. Stay. Tuned. So don't go nowhere. Finds finds. Don't. Don't go nowhere we got. A. Shot out the room. Back Yeah, WE'RE GONNA. Shout out the rule Van Bang. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA show you guys some love wisdom heart set in the chat rule on Wednesday. We are back our first week back. We're doing out there be. Some of the. House. To show everybody. A. As. She. Don't. A One. were. On, the. Way. I'm happy to pay. Me Too. Date. Glad. Joe. attack. Soon. nope. Give. Sorry. Talk. She. Loved. ME. A. We're back. Desa, good, friend. Market three, your your your support my friend we back. It is a weird Wednesday. This Wednesday August twenty, six, twenty, twenty. Is. Thirty four minutes out the our walk back Sean Harvey. Show. Future. Saint James Coles Barbecue, we get your morning started right only place on earth where you get you want to start right only place you're going to get this morning love tell your friends spread the word. We are here and guess what we're here to do business. Next week we have a house all businesses locally here in the Lehigh Valley Allentown then Bethlehem and surrounding areas your Komo. Now also in the Pocono area we right up the road from the POCONOS. So you have a business weather It's a beauty salon, a major corporation. e commerce business, whatever you have you out you out here you know you Hustle Nash whatever you're doing. One out. Here we go. Spread the word you. You Know Shaw Harvey Morning Show. Featuring the wake of teens Barbara Cologne lives matter. Men But businesses say that's right. So a have a guest coming in on Monday I. Mean this Friday. So please join us on this Friday. You know anyone that has a business that want to be that once they business shared on radio here will thousands of folks listening was strongly suggest you had them reach out to US city apartment. Like. This A. Bit in the circle. Aside. I need you. Right. there. Okay that was how I just wanted to turn this because I need you know because I feel like I'm missing now. You. Guys. I have almost. Fear of missing out were very bad very bad like chronic, very bad condition. Well, listen for last three weeks. You've been posted on social media. No one's been reading poked right now you back on the air. So you've. And before we get into the shadow cj, I knew that. I was. I was wondering. One of us, which one of us we're to be late for the first time. Really. That was because I didn't know what was going to be party colognes never leave is I think that's Weird I'm late there's usually not really my lane. So we're probably that is weird. Shit. Uphill up in the parking lot parties in the park, his car she's going over. nope. She's doing whatever she got loose stint. Bobby a some city CJ. Shot up chat room and we are. Just, let the House Kaplan is A. Take some guys. And I'll be on my way. Back, I said Okay Dr. seuss he always says. What you say Sean say. Okay John I hear from you. Better. Late. Than know. Exactly. But you know me I tried like, hell? Cat? So, don't agree showing less. Yes. Yes. Let's give it a round of applause Jane for being. Late. For why Here, that's all that matters. Here he's here, especially shot out before we get into the weapon was shot in the room. Shut out to the one and only Dj while Yes city a crack this lap top open roles not here this morning and of course I didn't know what I was doing. And I need to write it down I. Got Everything down. It's just it was something weird with facebook. laming. Phases. Right so wrong is talking me through it and I, go wrong wait. Let's do the video chat the. Was that the message. Okay. But you see like me. To Bring with. This weird. Would you mess? Message in a man, the first thing in the more. Shouldn't be you'll say he's in bed. Right Like. You see like you got on a baseball cap you don't know what else is going on. And he's got. The message in each other do do that. Do Guys facetime each other? Yes. That's. A real juicy story to. Tell you that Sean does time Jacob. Whatever you do want android. Service. Off Use the Messenger. Facebook Messenger. There's no like an APP for joy. I noticed that knows they're wack but Kerryon. We haven't adapted to plug in April. So. I'm from the I'm from the Bronx Ex. We don't face Mendome face. There's very there aren't occasions that I do facetime of or Messenger men, right. I don't think men should be doing. Six o'clock in the clock. was shot out to DJ wrong. Wfan K. his radio station station with the with an attitude you know they have the open house. That's every Saturday afternoon from twelve noon to three PM misdee- also DJ on the show and DJ. Wrong. So let's support them. W.. F. Mk DJ. Rome. Stay with attitude. Open House twelve noon three PM T. K every Saturday I love that name. So what we do real quickly bill to quit weather, and then we're GONNA shout out the room. And you know what? Baden, why you're doing all these guys in the chat room saying they don't face time other guys why not? Do. The says you ain't face. got. His Cox. Walk. City real men don't. You. What if they time Prentiss? No would you facetime? House something like pressing they WanNa talk fine. But I'm not face timing or message in anybody and I'm not doing it without even women I'm not even doing it without notification I. I'm going to text you I I I need. FACETIME message I'm not just going to messenger. You own a videotape that is very disrespectful. Right there whether you talk to a man all women you don't know the answer though. You'll use really invaded my privacy when you're doing that right because you see my background. Everything not. Don't just call. You back. DROOL-O. What? Really, like you like comedy, you'll house what? Is. Just. Reckless. So I know women are more receptive towards a facetime or messaging right? Yeah all the time. Yeah. Me In Veneta actually facetime alone. You'll be. Beyond a fatal face. All the time. Rob Your. House. House party is an APP shines. It's an APP. A video messaging APP. But it's good because it works with Android iphone. So everybody can be. But it tell it gives you a notification when somebody's at the house like Barbie being. Right. So if you talking to semi innocent a notification to the people that can join just let you know when your friends are on the APP but I don't know who she's necessarily talking to I'm assuming it's probably Shawna's. Most likely probably. Can actually barge into the conversation you can join. Able Okay, that's real. Enough. There, we're talking about privacy get out and I'm like, Oh, I've like. Malley. So you should get. Think real men should do that. Let Sean is nothing I. If men need a permission. I. Give you permission to Sean To. Always took. Care this but you'd go sit in front of him and talk. Ra rather sit and talk to somebody or tax or call than. In a message another man through video chat. Look look shout out to Jerome Oats. He said I lost some guy friends who kept trying to face time. For. Didn't know his government. In the situation just. Won't. We we had something. To do this was business. Yeah Laptop it was better for him to work on it if he just was guiding me through it. Right and that makes sense. Now I'm not GonNa hit Rome at seven or any. No pause or missing session at seven fifteen in the morning on the video chat that you always good but you. Not doing that I think that's sad. You're out right here. Now great experiences we watch TV together sometimes when I'm on my face times what we sell in watching each other could. We was really on lockdown on my God. He was on face time for hours. What's your? Will be sitting at Selwyn or having Cook Concession Yeah we have all. The time and Y'all just having a whole nice conversation just joking around. Yeah I love it. Right Man I don't know what? I'd do without it. And none of the men in the chat room I can't Chapman right now they're not agreeing with this, right Shots Sean Brown. He said I do it with my friends with does he do it with men friend or women friends all Mr Brad has a Lotta one. So. Mr. Brown your Simon. How come you don't pay Off. CJ. Mr. Brown. Face time is six thirty in the morning right? I don't know. You breaking all type of cold, but which is her would. Not No I'M GONNA I'll respond back was good. You're going to the go ahead with the text back I'm a man what's good. Video Chat me at six thirty in the morning this no, we're not doing that. And I like to sleep in the new. Diet. Over share I know it. Well that. You're missing out. I don't think men should be video chat and each other first thing in. Though. There's no logical explanation that you can give me I. Mean I guess you don't talk what do you think it's Thing that's a feminine. Not Respect to. Meet to familiar. I just think that men we built in a different way. You're not built to go yo. Let me video chat Mr Brown. I'm not GONNA say that. I'm a Texas. I'm not GonNa sit there and your Prince Cox no pause the video chat in no I'll text them or call and I. Just think that built different like that you guys have cooking shows. Gossip. You're talking to this party thing. I'm not Minna not doing that men if you in the channel putting up a what if you're video chatting of men put number two if you not. Before we. My goodness asked I'm always on on a has party up. So so princess is video. Chatting yeah he can. He has option 'cause he's on house parties to. We'll we'll be. Looking at markets. Johnson. It's just code really would. Right write in but you go right. On these have a cigarette. Like that because you know why? because. Mr Emoji. Is a real man. To Princess. But then he only be only side. Different. Bobby Cologne cj that's he's also. Video Channel Son Different. But man to man Mr Emoji, do you think I'm going to video chat him at eight o'clock in the morning? Why? I don't WanNa. See we look like. US medicine you know chopping it up through phone or text. Phone call the station a text message. On. See. that. Did. The DJ won't well I'm happy that I'm a girl and I can facetime everybody right because I love it. If that the world that job men are living. You'll put those. Shaw shows. Semi Barbie. Kidding me mad video chat all the time. If you video chat me at six o'clock in the morning, I'm not picking up the phone. My Boy Jay I live in Florida. Now we've league a all the time we'd be sitting on the porch I'd be sitting on the porch, but you don't know what's up we chat. Problem and Every month my family. Somebody birthday is my is my sister's birthday on Monday I. Get all my sisters Mahbubur together. My mom we re video chat there's nothing under that every month. With Zoom Com. I think talking about the personal. Rome and Francisco Pause Mr. Moody they get it Brown. I'm not of course the. Your family, we've zoom LEXI's a voter. Not GonNa get up in the morning at six o'clock in video. Esha-. Number one I'm not. I'm not going to video chat. No Dude eight o'clock in the morning and see now we talk about like sits in the afternoon. It's seven o'clock out the no. Tell him what about John What about later in the day right doesn't need to be the morning. With. The. One o'clock in the afternoon, I. Maybe around five o'clock run I am not video chat six. I'm not. I don't I don't. I love you to death but I'm not going to do five thirty video court just chop it up with you. I would tech she was going on and I'll call you. Now. There's nothing wrong with it. That's right. Mr Rounds. When somebody living with somebody living out of state and you haven't seen him in a minute and you you you go figure she was on and see they face. Honestly. Sean is like having a conversation with the person right in front of you? Yeah. Round. Change his thinking. Exactly, Marchais. Saying that my in his barbaric Arcade Sean old time. Okay. pinkish sound like nervous not like you nervous you might like it. Kids say factory. New Thought. He time and everybody now like you. Do. You have a strong desire to get up in the morning at six o'clock and video chat. To say, hello? You do that. Female to a guy a man. Is. You I said when you're doing guy. Afternoon you're not wake up in the morning video chat with do I say okay. Okay. Why are you not video chat in the door in the morning with deficit making a morning or the afternoon we can tell you that why why you're not doing it at six in the morning at five o'clock in. Milwaukee Milwaukee when I wake up walking around my house butt naked see so sick meet. About possibly being. Hit. Example right here. Brown you like me. Right you sleep in the new poll, right? Right, right. So we can have that conversation man to man right now. Right Right. So. What do we have that conversation on a video chat six cognition and talking about walking around but. Wouldn't that be weird. Conversation. I. Happened that quote we have this conversation right now. At eight o'clock in the morning but we can't video chat this conversation at six o'clock in the morning why that's why? Do. Early in the morning, we're both breaking the. Girl Things I. Guess It is I. Talk About growth in the early. Think. Some light. Shower with. Shah. Everything. Right that's a man thing. I'll. Talk with Bras Brazos. Five. Brown and I can't do that. We can't talk about being in nude. Clock in the morning right Brown. V. Via Cello young lady early in the morning that I've been doing nap before. What's it. Doing afternoon. So if you're a guy doing in the afternoon, Sean, try it in the after. Route. Racial So, ground would be okay for us to video chat and talking to nude at five o'clock in the afternoon. When I know. The point of trying to make this this this a man cold that we've not, we can't break that cold. He's he's saying he's given the timeframe. He's saying I'm not doing this in the morning. We're not talking about this anymore I can video chat you at five o'clock in the afternoon we were, but we still can't talk about nude. Okay don't talk about anything nude, but we're talking about now. In the morning this twenty Chinandega. Airport. So lab. Validity. The anything that you're talking about. We're talking about being in the news over the phone ran out very comfortable right now. Close right now. Eyebrow. Negative talking to on the phone. He's evil. Ex. Calment on Budnick Seo. Let me get what why why. Back. The phone down just putting. said. Because we have we emend are men. Brown is such a man that he's not talking to another man on the fall where he can't see him at Brown but as negative, that's what we are. We built that way again whatever. GonNa talk the Bob you're on the phone for two hours which wear yeah. Men Can't do that. I'll probably show like. I've got this. Nebraska you're. Not brought. A woman right at six o'clock seven o'clock in the morning on a video chat. NO PROBLEM RIGHT I. I I normally. I I have I have a colleague. You know I'm not going to call you. I'M NOT GONNA call you. In the morning van and video chat you and I'm not GonNa Call You after eleven o'clock and via chat you sleep like that I don't do stuff like that. That's just. Randomly video, call people right. Now. Is. You See. Is An anomaly he just. You think he's one way. Don't take I consider that I consider that ruled. Would you suggest video chat someone randomly like that without fail. You know what? You know what they have the opportunity think the not pick up the phone fax they put up from God. That Song Hey I was thinking about you just WanNa see face. That's exactly what would have van would say. Video Chat and the woman this guy, he's a man's man but brown, you can't sit there and just video chat folks while giving them. Fair. One nothing. Also Way, what do you call them I? Am about the video. have. been. Why would it not because if you won't call you call what matter? On, who trying to video chat like if somebody personnel like my circle, they could video anytime now answer but it was like a random I asked. My friends at this? Video chat they were so happy to hear from me. I'm not disputing that cine. Mr Brown I'm just saying that men did. Mad Things it. It's a man thing. He's Brown and I can't even talk about being nude on video chat in the morning but we could do it over the phone right now. It's a man thing. So it's the form of communication. I know it's a man thing. Role was in his bed but s naked with a baseball cap on avenue we dealt with the business I didn't go. To baseball and. I don't. Go. We did all of the business I didn't go. Is that a Yankee? Finit. No he was going to be like, what are you doing for the day? We probably would have been like, oh, nothing because. I. Have A CONVERSATION Listen I've been I've been checking my boy Jada. And I when I when. We answered it. He Hamill Sherman. So what you're doing, he's GonNa pull us. Oh okay. Because he was he was a Miami and we talk for a while and I go back and enjoy it. So we talk later. City the guy didn't have shirt on. He knew Brown's video calling any answer. Is Line Movies and why this is valid because at a pool. What? Would if it was. In Cleveland. Off. Brown coal. She has box. Engage in this. Year. With the book it's no problem in the pool saying if he's in the crab and he got his boxes on and no, no shirt once I brown 'cause. He picks up the phone. He's sitting on the couch. You see socks box is the place left Nipple I'm not talking to a man, I his chest with boxes on one sock. From. Brownsville Brooklyn Brown cut this out. Right. Now listen. I got to do Brown Stop Video Chan. People with that. Now, keep doing that Mr for doing Mr Brush. Warning. Brow stop doing it. It all the time. And Brown, and they don't want to if they don't want like not answer vessel if you talk to a young lady video Chad and. US she actually. Take his shirt off and all that stuff you know did. that. Happen with me with with with with Tonya. We on the. We. Give it. Hume. Mr Brown. Sobriety why? Why? Why you ladies baking cookies on a goop room. That's. Something that's why I don't like answering guys on the facetime either relate. I assure you. GotTa. Listen. All Top. Niki's my homegirl we video chat all the time. This this. Time Babe. Nothing wrong with that. That's females say. Video chat and six and seven men as well doing today. Now exactly. Why, why not why? Why I have I. Have I have one two best friends and I'll have I'll have a problem. So we do agree that mentioned video chat and each of at six cotton. We don't says lack of. Original emergency and I like suffused boxes blowing or something they house and they need to show it to me sock a walk them through it. That's the only reason. Exactly. So but on a normal circumstance, you wouldn't do it right. Like. Not In the morning. But I, will that guy problem with that? Brown Gablers, we're GONNA take a break worship later. WanNa show, cine bobby. I'm not calling no number main. Delicious. Real. Real man say. Well video are you video chat the dude at seven o'clock on? I'm not video chat never severna morning only only. Video Chat really is my family like my cousins. My brother. Like. Right. Right. Yeah. That makes sense why row wise he's a man. No would've Kansas. That's because no one I'm a man. Could. Ladies Ladies Ladies can talk. Talk whatever true. Percival only only. Show something like Yo. Look at this look at this broke or like if. You know one of my boys they somewhere and they like, no, you should be looking at the look crazy over here. y'All. Monthly shorty. Over the as she looking, crate your fam- over his party. You gotta get hit by. That's only time. You Pay Star me another do. If you know what I'm saying is either one I'm showing you something like y'all how do I do this? How big? Look look at like. 'cause you know 'cause you know that specific dude knows how to fix it. Or? Or? If I'm China. From. China, make you feel bad because you didn't come to they're like Yo I told. Up. Why you wake. Up My Jane. But I'm saying row. Don't you feel. So if another guy called you right likely John called you. On facetime on a messenger. Video you'd pick up right. No. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You pick up. Out there you just. GotTa do do. Not going down and. What you want exactly. I was sitting. I don't understand. My logic CJ understand. Sensational has. Has Above Intelligence. He makes sense all the time. You got you're dispute what he's saying. Mr Mortgages. He just he went to pick up your call if you're calling the that's the same thing like as in reverse I would tex. Well, I joe, I need to talk about. Let me video. It's the same thing. All you like Jake that's the other thing too. In you wake by yourself. What is about Dow? US. Juicy like girl hold. A lot of my Scott Matings I if I'm sure him young she came. All this. Button tibial on. A. got. A big. Wipe you do. By yourself monkey. Got Show you socks. Whole. Mike and s you guys are Mesa now we've got another all star member on the phone to. SHOW BUTTER DON'T BANKS We went from Mr. Sensational. To Joe Butter. This is serious. Hey. Joe. Are you video chat. Let me tell you some. I didn't even know that was a teacher when it closed starting I one time to call you on it and I put the phone to my ear and I realized that I was going video. Can you take it away from your ear and I was done I hung the phone up. Hung up on. Them. On. The phone up on the phone I don't I definitely didn't even. That Egypt growling McDevitt speaker. Then let's classic. Know why because Joe Joe and They will mean telling you're missing now. Time you. Let me tell you. While, we going through Kobe from the beginning. back in March right. All the guys ever ever my partner every. We all we all organized zoom just to see how people were going. So we had a, we had a like a twenty twenty person doom and we were chatting it up and one of the guys that we grew up with over forty forty five years dot grew up since we will younger he pops up with no shirt on. We immediately. Geneva. Homeowner saying. You gotta go well. When you listen later a joke, but it just called in and he's and. He's again a real man. He disabled the Messenger doesn't even have. Now that's me now. Cine As a courtesy. Whose close in the world leaders Dale with the video. He's a man. You men right men are ridiculous and well. Some dude. You Video Jetsam do just like Joe said he doesn't even have a shirt on. Would you? Would you grow when his shirt off? No Monument. Brother like my family got. Sean Right. Sean this I know he ain't GonNa, talk to them without a shadow. You met. You met the smash. Meetings back. Yeah. We we pay some all the time when I sure but but but like. Right right like I've been having a lot. WANTED GOING ON AT POPS PAUL Happy Yo. Here. Right. That's the way he's utilizing hold on hollow. Joe. Yes, I like to say that you are real man brother. And you. You're. You're missing out. You're not sitting here. You know baking cookies facetime and the whole thing into crew party. Your whatever you're not picking up. So right he he. Did this able back? And only in the only time that I that I did I get us is when I was troubleshooting you know about my partners Own posted I think Tom because he was home and I was home and we were shooting stuff that had to do with the music. And he was telling you know. Talking about Ryan with your own palm not no not no social radio chat out the cost. Exactly. The same thing did this morning DJ wrong. There was an issue with the system video chats, Barbara who's sitting right here, and that was it off the line Joe. You. I'm applause you one more time sir. Joseph, not only from the Bronx with Jesus Christ was born. All men brother. Guy Though he's a man. Okay. Mississippi who election of more Jews? Well, why is your man? All Man. God bless. You already know listen only. Only family. is about being face combination looking into somebody's High Much doing that. Like I mean unless unless you know that's the sexual preference. I. Get. Preference. Sexual Mail unsung don't face timing unless you got some good shows. Leave if they tell me, he's show. Right, right. Let you know why Because once again Cindy Jane Brody Cologne talking to a man. What are you doing? Shanty in the back. Are you at this Dan Bull. To video time now. Right snappy video chat. Now, he want to see what's going on. Go see Bob Simion with sending. VIDEO CHECKING Off. Exactly exactly going. Nazi. No Law. Yeah. You're GonNa have to let me know GonNa Bill. If you knew right face Thomas Listen we will have a little fun on video you're open for that right? I we. GotTa go. All Right? We'll be right that we're GONNA shout out the room. Let's Goldman we go. We we coming right back. Should. Come. So that no one. She. and. She was. Insist. She. Came another. He was knowing down she was how? Is Now. They went down. Baby. Oh. Imagine. Her. All. Happens, that happened never happened. The million things that had to go to make you. Way. See Horatio I was going to. Now you're GONNA have to listen to this. Okay. I wasn't Jae. Rod on his elevated. Because that's just what I just. We go. down. This. Just He was. Initially with. ME. Not Least Duck out. Dobie. Thousand. They tell. Thaw. Back. Hey Why become Michelle Harvey Morning Show featuring wake up team? You WanNa have a good time may show you stopping at the I m you located eight thirty, one South Delaware Dr here in eastern Pennsylvania the offer American cuisine in twist on cocktails or Wednesdays and Thursdays. They have a on site also Fridays and Saturday he had this move down of a local artist featuring jazz or are we stop in? Make sure you tell them to show having morning show cinch Hey is this sonny Jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home and remodeling needs contact David. Read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, eight, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show. Thank you. It's become. Michelle Harvey, one show featuring a wake-up team. You WanNa have a good time may show you stop the I. Am you located eight thirty one to South Delaware dry here at eastern Pennsylvania the American cuisine in a twist on cocktails a Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a dvd on site also Friday and Saturday his moves out of a local artists featuring jazz or are be when you stop in May you tell them to show having morning show CINCI. Hey this is Cindy J. from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home remodeling needs contact. David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, eight, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimates and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show thank you. Back Folk. We're that. I am have. Back is a we're Wednesday this Wednesday August twenty, six, twenty, twenty. Twenty minutes after the hour look back Shahabi morning show features Sydney Jalen. Glow Week each morning started right chat rooms wide open up. Please call in five seven, zero nine, two, six, zero broadcast radio. Dot Com iheartradio Sean. Harvey Morning Show Dot Com fan radio station, DOT COM comedy Worldnet radio off mighty facebook live. Only place on earth gets more to start right. Cologne four shutout room could you give us some local weather? Please don't mind shore here in Bethlehem guys. It is sixty five degrees going up to a high of eighty one today and it's going to be sunny. What little rain showers overnight in Strasbourg sixty one with a high of seventy nine sunny as well and showers overnight I have for you all. What's it like where you are where we Cologne chemistry you live from the show one show featuring me Cindy J. we get him on started, right? Exactly. What? We need to see the hearts in the chat room right now we already missed the first round of JAL, because we've been on. The show is just dumped right? Right cannot. Arrested you just follow along with what we do. Or your radio stations out there. Took off three weeks and you're still stuck place. Be, Nice be nice. To do some. John Nice Dave on an opportunity to live. Highly. Disappointed me. I can't now that one. because. The sticking up place. Was Bad radio. Taking up space soon don't. He knows my. Right. Bouma hands flocked forty of. Sticking up. You WanNa. See Hearts in the chat boom right now we want. We want to show you a so much love 'cause without you guys. We wouldn't be here. It's puts Koksal Pause blackheart and. Building. Is One of the Santiago Shepherd in the building I saw her she's here with George Henry and build. She's here's the world famous young nut in the building has always here. So you know what I need to see the hearts retina because we wanted to shout chill out right now I swear I can't see nothing we're the. Chat. In I WANNA see a heart right now. That tennis chat room with a heart attack. Chat Room. Chat Room Twitter Twitter, Heart Center. Shaft. lesko turned? Down Hey. Set. Bobby. I thought make it another. Another day. She's like. You didn't. Smoke. House mark doing. Three. Months. With. No pitches. Won't. Other you back up our. Hearts coming to keep those last coming We'll do this again come as. A Chat Room Hey. Fat Chat. Chat Room. Chat. Chat. Bobby let's turn down. Galloway. were. Ways. Bro. Rose. Talking about calling on video chat. Why he cuss what? Am Not naked don't. Show says Arab. Yes. You just can't be calling in. Oil. Shot out son. Does the other shirt on he's a hey. Is. You. GotTa be hanging out. This. Through. This this is gonNA. Video. Chat listen. We shot out the room. Bro. Man. Back. To Devas. Somatic. Pay Banat. Always say that get close. To show you know. You always talk. To See, you we bought. Again. Okay okay. Shut up. With, heart that suck. Cocoa saw right the videos. Go ahead. Mess with go by. Cocoa virus say nothing the best were cocoa go. Rhino. Board. The mess with Oko by stay in the mess with come. Give it to me now. Oh. That's an investment. In a mess it. Give it to now. We gotta go. The pick down. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Heart Attack Barbulescu. Hey. Arts. Hey. What are? act. Hey. When are back? De. De. Team? We have Chris for MC gape in a building. Good. Acres Oh math is just popped in rural. Good. Morning Kareem Lewis here good morning. Kareem's but not George Bray is end up building what Merle Hay Marin Halloway is in the Buddha. Good. Morning. How are you today to Kisha? Grandma's here young is in the building what up young? Good Morning drew. Here Hey, bad GRANDPA. Marcus Mr One emoji Johnson who finally gave us a few words today. Thank you as cleft for them. Good Morning Mr. What Emoji. Robin Andrews is here on arrive in. Who was Valerie town bears good money val the Bay Hey. Good morning to you. Last Sean Hayes Jones in the building ceiling is he out with? Dj Vom in the House Gordon. Hayward Audrey Aid Johnson just parked there. Hey. Artery wanted to Santa IAGO shepherdess here. Good Morning. Beautiful. How are you today MEX-. Right town yet lead net is in the building good morning girl. She's a day one right? Mike Go Street justice quest is here. Hey she just is. NASA Rondo in the building Good Morning Lynette how you listen morning. Jim. Ju- Miller is here hey girl because you're. A member of the week. Hey, chat remember the week jam. Oh. Hey Pam. The, longest reign. Yes. A few days yesterday's Eric Pharma District Building. Might have ended today made from. Greatest Hey Baby. Mr Robinson. Apprentice. Yourself. Chris. Is. Missile Ideas. Here. Sign more. Whole I. Bet you the Sun D. I bet my life on the city. But I bet you this young man, a videotape video chat and another young man at about seven o'clock eight o'clock in the morning if it had no. I. Think I think that's what he said. He said he don't not doing that. Don't for that. He exactly why why Bobby why you know why? Because he's a real man would ever show US why now? AFRITA Jacobs's here. Good morning our free. She's in the building all the time now, Shantou Logan just popped in good morning. Good Morning Beautiful. Who Else we have? Johnny. We're Bo is in the building on Johnny. an grades is here Hey Vivian Vivian. That that. Name Vivian says it do something to? Does. Me The Sarah's up. So even when I was a little boy 'cause Vivians poplar back in those days to hear but that Vivian God blessed. Vivian. Left please long and now if you've ever yeah, you do I don't. Know about three. Wow, that's. What? Is told blunt. Bobby when you get by fifty five people start dying around you on well I liked diagramming. Exactly. Mike Rabbi to like every time, she's done like telling stories. But they're all dead now. Like Oh my God. Deliberately, back. into to the. Lowest. A dilemma for me nicely task softened the blow I have no Miss Pearl. They are rough with it. You know this is the ultimate neutralize. Rail Rail said Vivian, it's always a bad Puerto Rican chicken and every inquiry. Because three of them they. All Puerto Rican. Spanish name. I. Don't know what? I don't I don't know. So now her leash meals snow. Horatio name is Audrey of babies. I know they are Puerto Rican Yup right. Right, it could very well be. My whole being used to make the COQUITO dot last year yards harbors. Yeah. Great live long please shut out to neuroma row Johnson it's in the building. Back. Foot or did you make it back for that Meghan? Twenty dollars? Mega. Get the window CPAC. Right. Did you pull up in Albany about six in the morning She's eighty seven northbound three o'clock in the morning. PAINEL God blessed. Veneta. I know a man named Vivian Wow when Never knew many you that's okay man. Yeah a naturally right is here good morning that. Was do you ever Jackson? It's in the building come on. Dear. How would you the? showed out this lady right del Andrews Good Morning Della Hey girl a lot of. The only. Only. WanNa. Know that name was trademarked facebook. Which at girl? Lee is in the building lise guy what's going on? Schedule Change I think it's About he had to go and do something so he might be working. In now he might be working with. Kids. Unemployment stopped. The six hundred went back to work. Yeah. What's up with that extra stuff? Right, right right and the girl de low is in the building out to you girl good morning. Richard None. I'll guy from wolf nation, it's in the building went up rich. Guy Kununurra Williams's here. Good morning q a ghost in Lydia is hey. Is Yes. That's the thing. Tang got love about this show we keep the doors open. Some of our listeners go away and then they come back. I want to welcome to back. Bless. Rail say. No Do Vivian. What you GONNA call them that's his name. Vee. Vee Vee Ski VAT the. And I don't know whatever like a V. Boogie. Does. Something else in Cohen Right. He's right. He's. Young. Man Now. That'll be the sound bite. That would to my. You'll be like you'll live. The Be Maybe I guess. Washington it's in good morning. Hey Girl Morita chocolate thunder semi that here what up my name I read anger of her ratio Gonzales in the building. Next to be Xi's Lebron's hero. Okay. Why grow? At. Least Mohammed it in the building a thank you for tuning in. Yes. She you bruce. Muhammad Hey Lisa. Welcome to the show. Thank you of tuning in. The while you heard about show, but let us know where you're from. Thank you. Julius Gill Shah is here good. One Helium Julius. Yes. Real Mr Sensational Holly in the building real bit. differently. Right? I GUESS What Apple Jason Simmons's here Good Morning Jason Jason Simmons that's my cousin. Hey. If that's the same. Show. Andrea. This is. Kevin Communist here. Good Morning Cav Kevin Dj is in the building. Dj. Wants. Yes, he is. Posting pictures of his wife. His proud talking about. Thousands of beautiful. He has a beautiful wife I know his wife as a good friend of mine. Meant for. Every every post life. You ask was at least say man I told your baby make a season for me now we on. Your days right now. Smashing the. Evening. Is that what you guys are really doing. That's so cool CEO and they pushed back the start back to school. I guess that's we talk about like in October some time now so So no, he's to bad. Are you guys on a schedule. So y'all ready to head at baby. How? Though let's let's let's you listless roof for our nephew. We want them to think about your smashed. We. Need a short harvey show baby in the mix come on. That's right right and Li give us the times like just a window Tom when you're smashing and all about him in. The BAP missing you hearts is something. We might all my video chat. Exactly bring you in the show. Yeah Avis Denise here. Good Morning Abe is. This how are You guys say good morning the Queen because she is in the building alias here. A God bless acquaint we love aid is. Really like supernatural. About she was on the cruise, she didn't get sick, right Now I was sick for her. There's been healthy the whole thing. was. A bunch of getting sick. She's around these folks is she's not saying. She's she's a nurse. against good immune system. Is Healthy. Right. GOBLETS. Scotland between here. Mikhail Farber in the building and Say that a little more slowed now a little bit. I. Don't get don't give. Don't give them the prince's love. No doubt. The that now could they wanted? ME. Pharma is in the building yachats. Okay. Money watching me on the big TV. Screen. He might face I look young. He does so. Shirt. I hope not. Torpedo look into monitoring and I'm not looking. To. Stay. Right. Right. Ever whatever you say his name. We go into that. What the hell he's right. He's doing looking at me play vic. mackey. y'All will be bugged out at least got that video chat. We would in the middle of him smash I'm like what? Like. Kareem Williams just probably in the building good Morning Kareem Hake her hand. Day. Who Else we have show he was in the building. He God go back. Yes. The savage Kim Campbell in the building head Cam Good Morning Him Diane Hoh we had a Diane Hall. is in the building Good Morning Diane the Co. Harris. Is here Nicole Mr Brown is in the building good mono- Brown. Hey Mr. Bray Cynthia Hernandez. Hey, what's going on with? Cynthia. Hernandez. Yeah Do you know Cynthia Hernandez don't but I'm just saying it's gotTa be from New Jersey. New York. I think she's from New York originally but she lives here. Hernandez. Cal. No her that's Brooklyn Bronx up telling you Hernandez Hernandez and abroad Bra probably from Florida Cynthia. I'm saying this woman is from the Bronx. New York. There's a lot of amandas in the Bronx Jerry in. Jersey. Right Sable. Storm. Acre. Aso's the studio. Good but. then. World site. But thank you. We're GONNA get some more lighting but thank you really appreciate your means a line call. Because Ever since A. Bobby said Mickael. Somebody who voice changed online. That was going on. Private show, I'm watching the soaps. Void. Soon didn't. Last time you've been around, you know. Beloved has found some love and we wish best. Would that name that names that Seattle shaky? Changed I'm like, Hey, that was going on I know possible the humidity. Whatever goes. and. She's GonNa get a dose. Mickael. Later on this afternoon. I met. What ever you? Good morning goes. From me, I don't want to stay with subject you and the team. Guys called into the. Job God bless come on. Day. One. Because We have here. John is in the building good morning John John Ford Fuller John Fuller. Godless Kevin Darkwa just profitability. Kevin. What's going on? How are you today? Sean Oliver's here. Hey best book, Martin. Shaw. How are you feeling on even though we know the real Even. Though they like to be my phone, right I'm saying. The worst Will. Get home aside city that ain't right. She's going to keep it in the forefront of everyone's. Forget about you. Definitely, got it of. Well. She don't have it. Well, she's definitely going to get it. A. Word. This one. This is the one who took all of with. Sean Brown Oliver away from Derek, Jackson. I nobody nobody don't try to stir up Ratatouille Deora is. On the Chow. Present and you took her away. Let to. Trying, the speak truth. Or? Get. Massage. Didn't take anybody's best for. You should see me. Making a trip down to nyc today. NEEDS TO? Ships and carrying on. We're right behind me right right definitely Campbell. Joe. Up, here, slate I want knows. Join she. Goes all right get my. Before we. Video Chat. Got A girl. Who Else we? Half Joe Butter is in the building what up joke good morning. Hey. Oh sure you Miss Wilson decided grace us with his presence Bush. Women. Are Start back to work in. New York City mad at US I. Don't think so. I know offer showed into. Bed at you Sean I. Know You for forty years. CUT It out. Natalie Turner just pop think more Natalie, how are you? Hey. Shayla Hall is here good. Morning Shayla. W M Dixon's in the building because what's up with you? Yeah Coy pop is in the buildings. Day One. been been with us from day one crash. Kareem Lewis is in the building good morning corrine corrine. Jennifer, Shetty is here. Good, morning. Would make. A career Lewis, you can't go wrong with the name Kareem Lewis. You can win to life with Kareem Lewis. I can't name like that outcome cream lose. You winning. Win. Each Jacobs. Hey, girl how? How are you? Based on all the time five in the morning. We always facetime and it's the only way talk to her. Vanessa. CINTRON is in the bill de good. Sized. City, she's still singled out there. Is Still, single ready. She. Know. Second so Shocked City Block. Morning Guys, Sean Brown Oliver. Here from you. Sit. down. Worry. Give you. Forgive him. Toro girl keep that foot. Especially on the neck Laura. Listen. Actually heard right now shown Satan I bet they to. Right, Sean. I'm I'm there I'M GONNA. Meet? Her. The massager between when the husbands. Go. Shown. Just, go to the poconos I don't. Know Cyndi congratulations. Oh thank you wish when I Big Smile you term purple every time they say something about this K-. Pixel Charlotte. Guide your studio this. Amazing. Thinks you are really doing the damn thing. Oh thank you sean she's always rooting for us. I, know that's my best friend. She's great. Yes and my best friend. Jerry. Jackson. Got To say about all that was found. That's between India. That is all the name that I have seen right now, if you WANNA get shouted out. So you guys pop and say half of the next goal rail be right back. She got me. Today. Scott. Did. On. Canoe. And A. tweet. Hey. Scheme. Place. Abbey. Slowly. Don't. Talk. She. Make me. Okay come back. Software market. Back. Again, we have back it is. A Wednesday Wednesday. Twenty, six, twenty, twenty. Times it's fifty three minutes after the hour. Look back. Shall you more show future. CJ. Calls where you want to start playing. Well, you get. You want to start right here for be real quick for. Music just a quick local, and then we're going to get into we do front page news. Is that cool? Hair about about sixty six degrees right now I'm going to high eighty one today sunny with a little overnight rain showers sixty one in Strasbourg. The high will be seventy nine. It is sunny and fair right now with a little overnight showers as well. That's the way that I have for you all. What's it look like where you are probably Cologne coming to your life and the show having showed between Sydney J get started right? Exactly. We want to start right. Thank you so much. For Your Service got to right now we're GONNA go front page news on Wednesday. That's what we're going to do right now. Let's. Page News. Satan. That's go. From. J. K.. F.. C. J. and she got the. She got back show. Go. That's always happens. Great. Song Barbie Union Sunni this choose novel. Heck you. Harry. This called. Let me know that I'm so proud of her. Dates, is you know what I've been through mother and now really getting my morning. Thought it right. Appreciate it because been going to. Help. We always say like like. We're family here. You know what? I mean. So we're here each and every day and but it's bigger than that night. We all collectively it just one big family. So when One of our family members are going through something. We are here yeah as a group collectively for the individual and there's no difference with you or anyone of us. So we have so much love for you. And and we hear us in this room but everybody in the chat room? I wanted to give Roma a shadow been in boxing me in stuff in. This is hard like output and wish this nobody. About the have triplets and deal with them by myself. With. This month of being gone. bumped. I. Know exactly what to go shadow Samara is I. Mean I call my Mother Fifty Times a day and Had A for forty eight years in I don't know what to do. So. I. Appreciate. We love you. Again Oh, we're here for you. We love you to death so much and know that. You're not by yourself. have. Your. Play to when you have your friends and you and your family God bless your mother. But we are here for you know that this is. Undisputed we here for you and we love you to death. And we appreciate you for being here and for even sharing this you have to but when you share. Than, the love come back to you. Imagine you this share. And you'll be sick in your house and your spirited. down. And your your Solo. Right. But you didn't you shared because it's part of the healing process. You never hear from your mother that's never going to happen. For you the hill spiritually. That's why we all in this together. Appreciate it. From the Bronx Song. Grown Castle Hill. Projects. Steve Income is. She knows about the bi she's. She's a bronx hero at that CJ. East. Thomas Back Dan. Yes number that you was talking about the shadow was you there that made up that was selling the the pita bread with the. Mattis. I was too high drunk. I was always in the bone ballrooms shadow city that had a boom room with only play reggae now. Sydney. Towers. Your favorite room. You'll see nobody does everybody gets the In the Room right. Right. Our boom blown foam and everything. All right I'm not making it was called the BOO boo. You. Through attract. The Lights. down. From the ex we love you to death and we're here for you. In God's last son. We got. A. Whole. God bless. down. Bless. God. Bless. God. We gotta go. Speak Right over your relationship any. This is what I was talking about the day and the same thing that Bobby Cologne was talking about yesterday talk about some turn occurs. No, that's. Thank you so much Q. Argue. Okay. Thank you so much. Show how? Anybody. So I. Come on at Dunk it a child who's this. Leslie. Old. Ore. came. In Narrow, I ran on Mir. Divorce. Block. Good morning in talking to people. owed. Took you. She's not another show. To so many people don't. Nashi not. Oh. Because I seen one that was yesterday's. We're I'm wearing a black shirt, right? That was on yesterday. Established. Show. That's. Maybe. I just seen the comment you left Oh thank you so much sir. Our wake up in the mornings anymore don't. Wait. No no no no no no no. No. Not. She always. Own Catering. Start catering yet, but you know about to be back out those. People. Out of work child so Long. No No. No probable. That's. So funny. Talking to everyone. To take. We will see all your. Thurbers was this. One is. Still early. Days. I, think it. was like. I know she's. Room. Could you sat out? The. Second Lawn. England. Glistening. This warms my heart sitting. This show. This show is over now. You Ain't got to do to. report. I'm. Didn't. Now, go back to yesterday showing talk back to the third like right. See how much I? Are you in the right now, I'm wearing address bar has a Cardigan Sean is wearing black. Are Aminu, like A good me data. Everyone abrupt shirts. No I have on a yeah it's like. orangey black. Recorded, live. Combing doing shadow yeah, we didn't. News about the those but this is this is more points. and. All new listeners may we'll your info treat for this young lady? She's back in the Chavan. She's back calling and I like my heart is. Filled with joy right now barbagallo. It is. Known this woman before all of this. On a flower head. Does. He lives voice quickly. Myself going. On Today Show Much. Yes now you back boop. Good. She's correct. You. Love, you. To. Go Back and look at tomorrow's. Show. Annetta. Giving, out shoes put. News. Mark. She so popular now. Okay. All his right in the world. In the world now all my thanks so much. Thank. S ARADO and. Say. Page show. The pace. Joan should get back soon. Changed. As new. Show. Best. As new new y'all as to the double in. Indicate DINACCI got the front page new jobs. News y'all. Yes. Yes. Can Morning I have the front page news for you piping hot breaking news for you. Sure I. She Piping Hot later on today I'll tell you. Ask. We lacking. Been Half. Forget I said that. You guys know Wednesday I like to do is. Do Regular News and then I'm GONNA give you a couple of weird news stories The first thing we're going to talk about is the Republican National. Convention last night. Malania trump was a featured speaker, which is hilarious because girl where have you been right all of a sudden she got something to say because such. melania trump addressed the RNC on its second night striking in empathetic tone. That's some of president. Trump's other champions have struggled to summon from the American people. The first lady acknowledged the threat of the corona virus and the sacrifices it has required. Other. Appearances at the event weren't so well received how Democrats. This Malania right. And highlighting her. Accomplishments at one. Do I. WanNa know I first lady. Of. Both. Count, Dracula when she does. Yes is of the blood of. Dracula office time she'd be working on her honors each or anything Other appearances at the. Event House. House. Democrats have opened an investigation into secretary of state. Mike. POMPEO's prerecorded remarks from Jerusalem which criticized China and call Cova in nineteen the China virus. It is highly unusual for Secretary of state to, tread into partisan politics. But during a national convention. But base. Say that his presence actually violates the Hatch Act which restricts federal employees from engaging in partisan politics while on duty. During last night's events president trump also issued a pardon to convention speaker John Pontoon and held A. Ceremony for five people. So what you play is just a normal. Day. Monsters. Monsters who? shelter. But no. That was you know the RNC lineup last night a very underwhelming watching that garbage. So. Does she rip off Michelle Obama speech again? No. I can't say that, but she wasn't really saying anything. Yeah I'm sure nobody really cares. Basically, she was like basically the softest everybody, the only one bringing any type of China bring people together I didn't watch it. So I don't know it is crazy part about all the senior. This is a woman who has come to this country. As. Immigrant. Parents. Immigration This is a woman at that. Knows first hand with this all about about being a immigrant. And coming from one country to the next right and her parents and someone some of the folks that her family. at the same time a husband. Is ripping apart families of immigration. Yeah. Exactly she shouldn't be there. She should go up there she should actually Amelia actual divorce And Apologize. because. This is a total contradiction of the trump. Presidency. You should be on your wife come in here as an immigrant and get other people in this country. The right way of people are here don't put them in jail. Do the right thing. which you your wife is from Europe and whole families here. But. You want to rip apart the Mexicans. South America when it comes to the border and this is a this is so sad that this woman is up there talking we should be telling the truth. She can't say because he he probably dictates her whole life as well. This is the worst. First Lady of all time. She had no 'cause. You know she wasn't on the front lines on nothing. We didn't even see it in Kobe. We use checked that White House I know she's still alive. Come out. Living in New York I don't think. To stay in the White House with this she totally embarrassed to this man and yeah but still it doesn't take. The fact that this woman is the worst first lady of all time. Be Way worse the worst. Scheldt from our beloved Michelle. Obama to this. Like a three hundred and sixty degree to her. She will never be recorded in the record books. Nothing. Banish her from the book. Who, who who you'd never seen in the hood. Kiss a baby. You have. You, seen what is scheduled. She Ain't GonNa buy her. Police violence as protests are happening could no-show show Wisconsin for third night after Sunday's police shooting. Jacob. Blake. Two. People died in a shooting overnight and the sheriff's office reportedly trying to figure out whether it stemmed from an altercation between demonstrators and armed men who were protecting businesses. Governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency hours before the unrest. Family Attorney, for Jacob, Blake says police have still not given a reason for why they shot Blake who as you all know I reported a couple of days goes a black father and he's hospitalized and currently paralyzed from the waist down who was shot in the back several times after he was trying to stop and altercation from two other women happening. Why you got shot. We've talking about we know why he got shot. Racist Police officers shot him. I saw the video. This could win one hundred and fifty different ways. And then you're going to take to police officers going to shoot him. While he's got his back turned. Yeah it's crazy. Advocate with a burning down. But this is this like I said when when you shoot one of US moving forward, we burning things that you know I didn't advocate very. This is horrible but. To get some results when they start at ten P.. Steph out. This is horrible. What they did to this man. It was to police officers. They could've just tax them of tasers like Barbara said yesterday, but to come out with your firearm and shoot him nascar racing back and they'll sit there and tell me that. You was in. No that was sort of video we saw what happened. and. Then last night you out this shooting and PEOPLE GETTING KILLED WHY? Because of these racist police officers you could keep training them all day the races part that's what I said before when all this went down. To the racist police officer, let us know that you racists. We put your someplace else. And what's happening now unfortunately is that when these protests are happening there are you know a terrorist groups that are going out along with protests? Shooting People there is there was a notice of an alleged mass shooter Kyle Rittenhouse who shot several people in Kenosha as he casually walked towards police on their reports of. Them giving hand signals, things like fat. So definitely, you know when people do want to go out and protest, you have to be careful right there are people that are acting like they're among you and they are not. So it's. Fabulous. Everybody and of course, everybody that is out protesting is not trying to be destructive as well. But. These are the type of things that happen when you know when you have police right on killing. People. Up and you know that's scary that yeah. Now you got nash shooters coming out and I would have place for them to be. A breeding ground shoot, right? Exactly. Right. So it's In this town this isn't Kenosha Wisconsin. Wisconsin. It seems to be a Lotta. Doubt. Who how many black people are canot shove I get out? I don't know what's going on. Also in other news, we are having reports. North. Korean. Leader Kim Jong onto health our favorite dictators. Don't forget that you're a dictator, right? Well Bobby. If we had. Kim Jong Hoon here. The cocoa would be gone. The President of the Philippines who said that he will shoot. There's only four cases there. He said if you come out. After ten o'clock. He ordered them to shoot them dead in the. Shoot them dead. That's Him. After ten and we go. On the. Catch asset into rectum. You'll catch rectum shot. At ten o'clock. In cases where the had. Serum. The former South Korean official alleging. The dictator is in a COMA ACCORDING TO THE NEW YORK, post Kim Jong Moon delegated some of his power to his younger sister how you going to do that for you in a coma in a coma Chang Song men of former aide too late. South. Korean president. Kim Dae John has alleged Kim Jong Hoon has become seriously ill amid speculation about his limited public appearances. He said I assess him to be in a coma, but his life has not and. The former aide added that the leaders younger sister Kim Yo Jong is preparing to help lead the country. A complete succession structure has not been formed. So Kim Yong is being brought to the fore as the fact. Is, being brought is being brought to the forefront as the vacuum cannot be maintained for a prolonged period I. Guess the speculation of what's going on with the country and Kim Jong UN not being available. Kim Yo Jong has only been seen in public a handful of times this year following unconfirmed rumors. That she will be running. Say First of all the country now she's going to be the second. We'll see for first of all event wave say these names May. John that was lost with. Kim Jong. Sung would have a lot like your Korean. Look right now don't. Like any how did you? mean. Say. Because they can't be Oh Jong. Kim Jong. Kim Dae Young. Not really been. Some easy ones, but you get the Razi one share your same altogether. Right. Your. She would be if she does you know of course, she's GonNa come into power it would cement her as the country's second most powerful figure and a possible successor to her brother. So. Shuts, her Kim Yo John She's about to take over. North Korea. She and they say she is just as ruthless. Because people think that she's a woman she'll be soft, they're going to. Get rid of. Tant. Damn about trump. They start working them nukes over there. What happened to Kim Jong with a coma? He had some type of surgery, some type of long surgery or something like that. But it just went silent nobody heard from him after the surgery you know why? Because this particular country or maybe Kofi Essay Cocoa Episode. Yeah these countries like if you go to. South Korea like American is they're up to date they got the Internet creating don't have they got wheatfields and ricefields and and they beaten people out there. So they don't have the technology said it's only money they put in stupid missiles when they should just you know work on government and and all things that do need health and healthcare and all that they don't do not so. So he's probably got a simple coal and had an operation and they don't even have the right equipment. Any might have to cody. You don't think he would have the best equipment. At, all. or they might have like outdated equipment. This is too busy trying to make a missile. Create. All this too busy trying to take us out there trying to take us out you take it out right a coal. Kim. Jong Kim Jong Un. Pray for. Prayers over there. So we pray for Kim Jong. Hoon. Anti. GotTa pray for every. Twain. Shut shot to Kim jong-il. Like. I have a couple of weird stories for you just really quick. A twenty year old college student took full advantage of being home from school during the pandemic. He raked in one hundred thousand dollars from older women in the. Hamptons. For sex work through the quarantine. Some nights. Eight goodbye that show he hated. The HASHTAG Hampton Ho. Off. Is. Jamie. primax. WanNa be a Hampton. Twenty. One hundred. One hundred thousand dollars in cash. She. A story from the MOM's friends. Son Lives in the Hamptons and he's been living with them since March? He's a junior in college going back to school. The MOM was apparently cleaning his room and found hunt one, hundred thousand dollars in cash. The mom thought that he was either that either stolen or he was selling drugs mom no these hair. So, it turns out that it was neither that. The father told him that if he didn't tell him where the money came from that he was going to call the police and that's when the sense that it was. He had a conversation with an older woman at a sandwich shop they were discussing how? Our, how he tested negative for Kovin and after their convoy, the woman asked him if he needed money for the summer and revealed she and her friends, we're looking for a young man to help them out. For Kobe. SNAP. In at the right time showing the. What he was doing, he was sharing his Co. Vid Free Pena's for five thousand dollars a session from. April to August. That maybe it was getting them coins. Yeah and his mom. Is Making Him Return Oh. Hey Mama My. Is. Now. On twitter now now now? I agree with you. But the problem is they said that he had has a darker side because people say that the women took advantage and they should be charged but I was like. Minded Business Mama he earned that day money square. We're saying if it was a twenty year old girl smashing older man. Yeah Junior Conqueror Listen listening. Look the Hampton whole I gotta call. Right this. Wall this is a brilliant idea. If I wasn't engaged polity your. Hotel. I got I got enough I. He move out but right behind. The city twenty years one, hundred, thousand dollars where I used to. Came School Guskov's claw. But. This is the difference between bound this difference between the Babylonian family, an African American family. We found a hundred thousand dollars in our kids run. Full sex or whatever. You, you're breaking me off some of that money. Right is do. We say half of that he likes Kabale. Stories I'll hit you with a shame on you. To do it. Now, while you were telling me about I had scheduled going. To call the police tournament. Money Beasley. Manual basis. Of Cash. And be like Oh. My God, what are you deal? So if you're twenty one years old twenty, twenty years old and yeah. One hundred thousand dollars smashed build a woman in the POCONOS. I want a big concern to when that wait to send. You money from. You call. Them. Ask You. How much money you take. Say How much? It's going to take a minute counter it thousand dollars. Okay. That's not like the snow. Our. Topic, the seventy, three thousand. How The Textbook. Up. Hamas, what are you saying? I don't know. Cologne. Okay that's. My House. Where you? Pay later. Okay. So you temp. TEMP. Greedy you know. In better. If. Love daughter. My oldest daughter was all about. If my beloved daughter the same thing. And it was one hundred thousand. And she was twenty years old she smashed. Yeah. I'm. Take percents. Taking twenty five stacks. Green she worked for. The House. You gave away. With China. I'm taking twenty five stacks of that and you do which one. Cessation is on the phone. I'm laying no right now. I have been driving. Since Kobe but I promise you one thing yes. I'M GONNA. Let you know right now when I started driving again. The first old white woman. Dropped to the HAMPTONS. I'm all for an extra service. Where is Bobby? I'm Jim Right now. because. Is. I'M GONNA be in the WINTERTIME WITTIG t shirt on flex muscle and offer extra services. No row so well. I'M GONNA be over the dark terrell you open your open to be a Hampton hold. Be, Yep. I will be. Bad Hampton. Harley let's so. Those in the chat room personable one if you're willing to be a Hampton Ho. That's especially nowadays I'm single again. Lock your doors ladies. y'All chicks door. Especially the whole. The. Clock to re invent the battery that will go on. For. Listen boy make percival each charge five, thousand, a session he is. He's a genius. And I love him and his parents don't want him. I'll take him in as Matsan right. And let him get back to work. Right. Right. If that was my son Barbagallo to see I would be proud of a young man. Muscle is. Typically entrepreneur but way to go but. I worked twenty five percent of that dam. Sure. Short short. You remember that movie back in the days loverboy where they had the pizza you and and and the ladies were ordered ask anchovies and that was the cold. Foot foot for the cold for the delivery Duke. Delivery do and was called loverboy. So whenever women ordered extra ain't Shelby's he knew that he had to take delivery because that was cold. For. Him To go into the business. Cindy picture this guy. Now it doesn't have a pig. goblets dude. Pass embarrassed I'M A. I'M GONNA go get my crunches and. Right now and I'm a listening y'all while I do this I'm about degrees. The Hampton Heart. Okay. With that. They would have been embarrassed if they would have kept their mouth shut nobody newest. People but. What's he continually getting tested though because smashing lane right? Right. The coffee now is. Paying. Thousand Dollars Hundred, thousand dollars, two weeks warranty I'll take that. I would be crowded. This young man you're my son out there. Yeah. He making real. We make moves right now talking about how? He doing. He's a Ho. From. I can't. Again. We're. GonNa. Win. With. Just. A. Win. Win May look just. Just. UTAH. Know. Just. Just. thinking. Walk. Just got. Just. Just. Just not. Since. Still. Seem. Just. Just. Just. Just. Not. Hello everyone. took. We're. Back. On the wheel Wednesday. Back that. Maybe. So tricky. Lewis right our own tricky. Tricky is on. Doing his thing each and every Saturday night eight PM to ten pm on the fan radio. APP. Is that that's the way it's pronounced. Fam- family. Bam Radio please. Down to APP. and we would love to support our own Tricky. Louis. J He's DJ tricky be. We know him as tricky Lewis He's doing big things on radio. So please download the APP. FAM- radio and Listen joy tricky. Every Saturday night. Eight PM to ten PM FAM- radio also. The one and only Bobby Colona DJ Rome W FM, a download that APP as well. Station with an attitude they have the Open House that's twelve noon to three PM. With misdee- and our one and only Dj. Wrong. So let's support our folks on these Internet stations please man because you know. A Lotta of these as they played his music on Facebook, saying remember when COCO is out and everybody was. Playing music at facebook was shut all that down sending down. Five minutes you man, you get a good five Madison you're done. And then going to salad MOCHA's facebook didn't care about the cocoa and everybody staying home. The music was limited. So with these two stations Wfan Wfan K. also radio fan radio you don't have that problem. So, let's support them and let's hear this music street you know without. Interruptions interruptions. We're back Hobbies House sports right as we get we're GONNA do. Solo today. Sure of course I have plenty for you shine. Somebody. You. Talk. About. Kevin. Tonight. Afternoon can can you video chat me and also? I don't WanNa see nothing. About. Nobody. Don't. Know they worked. That He ain't. Rail Hollow. He said any woman ahead? I. Have Five Grand I'm starting my services the would. Stop at row. It's all about who you know. Is going to. Be Paying. So. Kevin Hart Trolls, NBC News because they used his picture while reporting on a story for US Sane Bolt. By. You know how they do like the headlines a story and put the picture of the person. Yeah. Well, they did a headline and they put. The head headline said you. Sane Bolt the fastest man alive test positive for corona virus but they put a picture of Kevin Hart on this door. So people were trying to make sense of the mistake to really look alike not to mention there's at least a whole foot. Difference Kevin. Hart is fine four and you say is six five. NBC isn't the first one to. Media Outlet or publication to mix up to famous black people So but NBC blamed this one on a technical error. They said due to a technical error. The social image on this post mistakenly featured photo of Comedian Kevin Hart in the in the content management systems social image was not selected and the system reverted to an image of heart from an unrelated video. However display image has been corrected to lay still Kevin Hart, decided to have a little fun with them. He just he said I must have gotten really fast and tall overnight. I WanNa take advantage of this moment and anybody in the world. We can bet whatever it just got real I also no longer doing comedy due to my Olympic training schedule he said. He said this is disrespectful. So many levels all you can do is laugh maybe the cove in one, thousand, nine, hundred shrunk his legs and torso. So. To get it together that Kevin Hart Larry's Camin. It's Making Fun of this and making light of it because he could win a whole different direction. But I'm GonNa tell you this the NBC. Charges Graphics thing is fired. Is horrible because his always a collateral damage and it's somebody got fired over there. Some of the just in. Time to. Be doing it, and there's probably somebody who's been working at that graphics department whether put these things on these screens probably working there for twenty five years. So did everything right and then goofed up on this and now they're gone. Right I. Mean apparently they're saying it was I. Guess they put something in the system and yeah. But where's your proof readers? You know what I mean whereas somebody like before you click send like who's the person that like looks over at basically is co-pathetic you know right so stop blaming it on other things besides you doing your job that you're getting paid to do. It's so simple. Shooter. So if was management and the person made this mistake. With this graphic era for television. Yeah. What would be the point. I, don't know. I don't know if I'd fire them. They'd have to go through diversity training and all that. Go through all at first and then we'll come back. I'M GONNA like screw up their whole day make a boring as hell. Like show them different shade, black people and have them pick. WHO's this? All types of like moral training. May? Goral candidate. A mayoral candidate is charged with conspiracy for allegedly staging her own kidnapping per sympathy votes. Oh, come on. According to Sumpter Police Department authorities arrested and charged twenty nine year old Sabrina Belcher with conspiracy and filing a false police report. claimed she films yourself being kidnapped, beaten and robbed on facebook live. She was she was a candidate running the mayor of sumpter South Carolina something. That's the confederate stronghold. It must be as well. I mean, twenty nine years old. She's twenty nine years old. She was running for the mayor of Sumter South Carolina. Must had like two people were illiterate. Yeah. Police believe she did this for sympathy votes but if you had just going through something traumatic like that, why would people want to vote for you to be the mayor? You know what I mean. They sample she's she's staged herself being kidnapped, beaten and robbed. Jesse smelly she juggled. Right Smells. Right, right? Exactly. Since she had an accomplice that person was arrested and charged as well. Thirty four year old Christopher James, Eighty was also charged with conspiracy. Host. Their black vote. Off Black Folks I. Love US just do. Like come on. A We. Do that? Just. GotTa be a chemical imbalance and you wake up in the morning. GonNa do but stage me getting beat up kidnapped. By People sober-minded. Now. So. So that's her so. You know she's being charged. So I? Guess. You won't be getting that mayoral shit. You Ain't GonNa be the mayor of nothing, right? We May in jail right Mary J. Blige she says, she does not want to be called on T. Say would. You. Know. I. Want. To. Show, she auntie scenario. Awesome. Just. Come from Wendy. Wendy Please Smash Mary. James. Please please favor and. I'm always GonNa want to smash. Wendy what? I'll smash getting goosebumps. He said that you now listen. When dirty? Currently, while promoting the stars spin off power book to are Y'all GonNa Watch that I think. I. Might. Power. So I'm GONNA check it. Out with. No that's just name. Pinterest shop the series. Eating noble anyway currently. Star spinoff powerbook to goes the forty nine year old. Let it be known that she would rather not be called Auntie. You know that's a thing going on right now. Twitter and the memes and stuff certain women are called. Auntie. Like certain celebrities. But in the hood women live on on Rogers and the young cast, they call me uncle. You. You. Yes. Yes she said I'm why can't I be your sister? nope there's women that are like. You if I'm twelve and you dammit fifty, eight, my sister most likely you're going to be off your grandma was. Not In your case, Bobby That's why. That's why. I said. She said there's Problems she said that there are women that are way older than her calling her on t. she can be your sister, your friend in your head. She said the Auntie. Is like come on not if you're ten years older than me, please don't call me Aunty. I'll be your sister. That what she's okay. If you older than made week be. Coming. But just because she said that now it's going to backfire on by a me. RT ON? Rt now you. Mary. Birthday was yesterday God bless your Mary. Mary and Aunty. Mary. Wise like Saint Mary's. Monte. Offer old person term like. Forty nine years old she's. Service is. Always. Able to do Vernay, Oprah and Gayle last year all expressed that they don't Wanna be called Auntie either I wasn't calling oprah? We going. To be called, that's called name. Gail. Over there trip on tees they are. Right now percents. Aunty Mary Ozzy Larry This whoever Just promote the show keep push right. Colonel just promote. We don't care about. What has to do with go book to power. Mike. Authorizing soccer bus. I haven't made a song in thirty years that. This thing I our eight classics. That's Thank you. Great. I come up with that. Close out shows from sports. We're go. We're GONNA do this. First Week back. And we're getting through. The Senate out. Literally Next She got the sports sports. With Balmy. committed. A former Seattle seahawks Kamai silvered than. Issue an apology after he was cut for trying to sneak a woman into his hotel room update he earlier this my Kamai may headlines after it was revealed, he had a cut from the Seattle seahawks things a little more interesting when it was revealed that he was cut from the team because he tried to sneak a woman into his hotel room. I think we spoke about this here. We was in quarantine. Before but this he officially. An apology Because of this here and we know he's He tried to sneak in though he touted he'd have to dress for a man as a player. To sneak into. His Room He he had her where Seattle seahawks. Gear. As a player, he finally spoke out about the incident issue in policy for his actions and he said take time to reflect and reconsidering the seriousness of my actions. I have tried to find the appropriate words to apologize to all those affected by poor decision my immaturity what yeah, we know that were used to. Come on. They should have cut them from the team. They kind of stay on those covert out here. You know we do us man we always chase the vagina I've done worse for for John. I mean. Definitely violated he gave he that's what he said. He led the team rules very unacceptable door normal towns. It's very excusable `specially doing a pandemic. Why would he try to sneak her into? Why did you just smash her out there? Because, he couldn't, he could lead the place. Trying to get. Trying to get some curbside was johnny he yet he? Sure. Homeboy did who remember was that other player down in Florida? He got shot. To. Play. She got somebody your. Let me tell you. This woman must have Golden Vagina. To try to sneak her into the room, how trying to sneak her in she looked like a woman no matter where you put on, it must be some good. Guys lose his job. Right you think anybody will. Come on and it's just weird not have been a good player. been a strong. Strong player anybody else let us know. If you stop played and maybe they will forgive. Radi Okay have you Bob. Bob Is low salary. Vagina he went is. Silly, because we know we'd reported him. So he didn't Donald Trump I don't know how many times rigging rules and they was like, yeah, he got. Lucy. Name come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come, on goodbye. Your? Shot. Just give. ME. That's what they do. We want. We want on demand with China. It can't. Be An air bubble with somebody. And that's what he's trying to do. They're trying to get his job back. That's why I apologize. Right he trying to bed job back. Sorry. Detroit Lions canceled practice yesterday. The girls. Soon sorry. Not. Sorry for that. She's probably sorry that. Job JAP. Living. Doll More I. Don't prentice. He's an undrafted rookie he's done. He's done Savi do not maybe maybe not maybe he might be the type of player that he's undrafted. meaning that. Nobody. Thinks he's not good enough to be drafted, but there's a lot of undrafted players that can make teams just pure ability. Now, if he doesn't have the ability. and He's thinking women incident facilities. Cover you. An awful cookie box they. Get cut anyway. So But did he. Did he can chance to smash now that they got caught before he's males. That those kind of details yet you know. Match I wanted to give bus at the door open. To catch me but asking me like. Out All the way we're GONNA go there we go. Get Cold in Maine? Stroke. UNDRAFTED does I L. Yo Shell. Who Does you? Yes. Joe's Troy Lions Practice canceled practice. Yes. The response to Jacob Blake's shooting. They cancelled practice young loge. Blake was shot. He Tornado black man shot in Kenosha Washington sandwiches talking to my dad well. Some people think that this was a response from the Detroit blind team. Some people think that we are just football players safety door, Harman's sale on Fox to while addressing the media in front of the team facility and next to the sign that. Signed, that read the world can't go on this league is sixty seven percent African American in Jacob Blade could have been anybody brother cousin uncle, friend So they are really disheartened by team so they are kind of protesting in. SAYING WE WON'T BE. Silent. this is very unacceptable. I'm a lion defensive end trey flowers told reporters that the place had learned for of what NBA had done in social instant messages and they wanNA pretty much do the same thing to show support for the black lives matter and all the things going on with African American men and the Community In Regards to police shooting in all of the other jazz. Good thing that you know. All Follow. Right whenever this happens, you know we're not practicing playing the first game and I World. What they're doing. A. Little scores. A I don't know we talked about this yesterday but Bari they fired the. Coach of the. Philadelphia Seventy sixers. Basketball. Head coach. Playing in that bubble them as you live in a bubble, these guys can't be no way families remember that right? The NBA players can't be around fans they got to live there. Too Old. So. They have the playoffs. Philadelphia Seventy sixers were playing the Boston. Celtics. The Boston Celtics sweep domain four-game. Before the next the next. Twelve hours. The general manager Elton Brand used to play basketball. Yeah. Fire The guy down in cove it. When the reports out. When it got swept like Thirty seconds left in the game do report. This. Hour later. How long has he been the? He's That one bad game and it's cove it. That's why they should have cancelled the NBA. The guy would have still had his job. But you know how do managers come in regardless of when they are they WANNA make their own changes. And this guy? Who came and say, okay, we'll give you a shot you as a coach when I got here. When I arrive. If you don't want to get us to the championship, you've done I find somebody. Coping. Across. The dynamics. Family. In front of know by now, he could see his family, all he wall he walked. Back home. I WANNA go. I WANNA. Play a game. Third. We. got. The name of the guy. The Guy. Brown. Brown. Brown browde this sound I was trying to mccomb every. The unemployment rate is at record high these people don't care. Of Basketball his head coach. Anyway but. This Kobe right you don't even have a real basketball sees. This counts. Exactly. Right with the hey dying. Fighting. That's horrible. Oh well, he he got coins when street the Dallas Mavericks played early. Clippers. Clippers? One, one, hundred, four to one eleven leading the series clippers leading the series three to Utah Jazz and different nuggets Brockton guests they were little game game one, seventeen nuggets, one, seven, the jet, and the jazz is leading. The series with three to. A little bit of WNBA facility here. You know 'cause that's you know she liked them. Ladies Sean I'll do that Nice. Ladies. Liberally. beat out Chicago Sky One. Oh, one to ninety nine. Los Angeles Aces played Dallas Wings beat ninety six to ninety two. Indiana fever played Seattle storm and they want storm one, eighty seven. To seven the four. Yeah. That was pretty high. Scoring. Game Sean Initiative. Know just muscle. Fan Don't. Fill watching the night I've been watching the Games without the audience. Is. Entertaining. The thing is with the women. Again is no support. It was Kim Kimble isn't her daughter NBA. Nice now. Computers even call sad about. Stopping. Kim Call in this. She's working. She play yesterday she played with the Kim daughter plays with the ace's now she was Atlanta but now she's with the as They are not gonNA play playtime night 'cause I don't watch games but yeah, he's going to have playtime later. Tally. Comment. Thursday I'm going to think about. had. Incriminate myself. I'll be like I'm doing this for the chat room getting Chapman Eight. Right. Right. Right because on on facebook where become designs on instagram become styles on Instagram y'all you can find me Sunday on facebook sending underscore Jay on instagram and sunny Jan snapchat es three. Have Your facebook show hobby on facebook Hof when he The cameras. Outta here we see you guys tomorrow. We're GONNA go ahead. Onto page. GOBLETS.

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