Chiefs Make It 9 Straight Against Denver


Sports updates to Cambridge in Greece where we talk all Kansas City chiefs brought to you by Arrowhead. Empty joined Chris Richard on iheartradio apple podcast. Google podcast spotify. What if is regarded player? FM Task Box and all third party. APPLICATIONS CHECK US out on facebook platforms such as kiss of date and Arrowhead. And if you cannot find hi this their research radio it's issues and you will find us. Welcome to the kingdom how we doing Kansas City. Welcome to kingdom radio. I'm your host Richard Smith and with me as always have my senior senior. NFL analyst and Co host Chris Chavez and Look Kansas City the chiefs take this game in the snow and make it nine in a row against against the Denver Broncos at a score of twenty three to three and it was really an exciting game from the start. Patrick Mahomes has play action. Pass to a forty one yard touchdown pass and the chiefs never really looked back. Chris what did you think of this game. Today I thought it was an incredible show of dominance by the chiefs. Offense and defense in this game like we talked about in the pre-game we need it for both sides to come into the game and play on a high level and even in the snow both sides did who was fantastic to watch. It really was a lot of fun to watch in. The elements did not snow slowdown. Patrick mahomes one bit seemed like yeah just put on the pedal the whole game went twenty seven for thirty four three hundred and forty yards two touchdowns and one interception which was on the one yard line and possibly could have had. He really could have three to four the three to five touchdowns. The cheese wouldn't a stalled out on a few drives in this game. But you know I wanna I WANNA touch base on on something something you know. The the hometown kid drew lock comes into Arrowhead and we had touch base on this before the pre game. Show Chris and we had stated that we we really thought that the platform was too big for drew. Lock and he wouldn't he wouldn't really you know have the output that he had in the previous previous two games and so Chris what did you think of you know our prediction and how it turned out. I think our prediction was spot on But he didn't have a lot of help from his supporting cast. Sudden dropped a lot of balls off target a lot as well well but He when he did get the ball where it needs to be his receivers were dropping the ball and weather. Yes and look the chiefs. Were getting pressure. Sure on him all game long and that's exactly what we wanted and what we needed it was. It was a Lotta Fun to watch the chief score back. Ah Touchdown Really Outta Gate and go up six to nothing. Because but Christmas the the extra point and then the chiefs add on a field goal and even at sitting at nine to nothing it felt like the chiefs had the dominance in this game. The defense continually shutdown Denver over and over and over and over and over again. What you know at the end of the first quarter? Whatever sitting nine to nothing? Chris how did you feel about that moving forward. I felt fantastic. I also felt like we should be by more but given given the the weather and having to play with a slower tempo. I understood we having nine points on the board but we should have had the fill. It should have been a touchdown we we just need to work on our red zone. Play calling because with as many times will be stalled out in the red zone this year. It's been rather frustrating but the game wise man. We felt fantastic at that moment in time. We we definitely have a game in hand at that point and yeah and it really seemed to feel that way. Denver just couldn't get anything rolling. Our defenses continued to get pressure and get pressure and grip get pressure. Forced lock into bad situations. Extend plays it. was you know it was uncomfortable for for drew. Lock Doc all game long. We took advantage of the weakened offensive line due to injury. That was nice to watch. It was yeah all around defensively pensively a great game travis. Kelsey eleven receptions. Excuse me eleven receptions a hundred and forty two yards how about that. Yeah that was Jeff. The key component on on offense for us G An in home offense had absolutely monster games he's There's only one of the guy that will win there as far as having monster game but on the defensive side but honey badger have himself gang today. I would have to agree with you now. I'm GonNa go ahead and let you introduce Travis Kelsey. We'll see as one of the best tight ends ever. But what what record to Travis Kelsey break today. I'll let you take that away. So with Chelsea's he's very I catch today in today's game blues for fourteen yards he broke thought the thousand yard mark for the season and he said a NFL record for most years with a thousand yards. At the Marco Four but not only did he break that mark for the number of career years with thousand yards in a ro did it consecutively. Yes will other tight end in. History has ever done that. The closest assist the only other guy who has was Greg Olsen who did it between two thousand fourteen and two thousand sixteen yes right and and so. Let's let's talk about this for a second because Chavis Kelsey has been a staple at the tight end position. And you know as been largely you. What's the right word for he's base? He's the best tight end of the game. And and so he's been really fortunate the longest career to have two great quarterbacks throwing the ball to him and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon you know how fortunate is Kelsey. You know during his career to come in when he did and have the quarterbacks that he has ended also the future the still looking at because I don't look for Kelsey to slow down anytime soon. kilty has been very fortunate to play with two quarterbacks who understand that they they need to utilize the tight end and in the offense and Chelsea's ability feel to get open to teaches inches basketball background. His knowledge as a quarterback has been very helpful for him The way that he Studies when he came into the League. He studied Tony Gonzalez. He studied Antonio Gates. The are far basketball players. Who transitioned transitioned to the position of tight? End and rather successfully He studied Rob Gronkowski. And his he's looking at what the greats do do and he emulates that and it's absolutely worked out for him he has become like you said the best tight end in the league right now and I would venture to say probably for the next several years while he finishes out the rest of his career. There's some good ones out there but I don't think they're going to be touching this record anytime now. He's he's really you know made a presence presence in the NFL. And like you said it's going to last here for a while. And he's got a quarterback that can get him the ball better than than any quarterback in the history of the League so those numbers are just going to continue to climb there. He's going to have monster numbers week in week out for the next four years or so. So Congratulations Travis Kelsey. That's a huge deal as a huge deal shows you the talent that we have here and chiefs kingdom so. Let's talk about the Mahomes to hill connection here. Because again you know mahomes throws two touchdown passes to tyreek Hill. Who really had more of A? I'd say a quiet day. I mean as crazy as that sounds but what what did you think of this. You know homes to hill connection here against the broncos it really was you know to the nail in the coffin to the Denver broncos. Yeah absolutely The first touchdown definitely set the tone for the broncos goes in and the chiefs really in this game tyreek ended up getting covered on the play and he cut inside and the safety Jumped out ahead of him and so he knew that with the safety covering the middle he can cut outside and he'll have all all that all the space to the sideline to catch the ball and as soon as he made that break Mojo's through it right or needs to be and he brought it in for the touchdown. It's it's a beautiful thing. This mahomes the hill combination. And it seems like all the great quarterbacks you you know the leave their mark all time they have that receiver and and so it's this is a combination that probably will not leave Kansas City for a long. Oh time but his blazing fast speed. He's such a great route runner and again you know. He shows the League that you can't touch him you get get him downfield. You'd get them behind. The defender is over with and Mahomes has a big enough armed. Put it right on the money every single time. And it's just a lot of fun to watch. So let's let's look at the defensive side of the ball and we'll talk about chiefs defense who's had nine takeaways. And the last three games. The thornhill had himself in interception Kind of runs through through that scenario Chris now on the on the plane before Honey Badger had himself through reception but yes we found an awful holding call on sugars word On the very next play eight lakh ends up throwing a Moonshot Trying to hit no offense in the the in zone two. I mean I hadn't. There was nothing wrong with the throw itself. No Fan ended up not being able to see the ball and thought the ball was going further. He overran the bomb right. He should have been coming back to the ball and high pointed apple So I I don't put that interception on lock actually put it on fan but Thornhill ends up being in the right position. He's underneath the throw and he just goes up. Grabs the ball comes down with it for the interception. It was a fantastic eh. Defense of plane being in the right position and holding onto the ball and there are plenty of great plays by the chiefs. Defense Vince. Nice e thornhill get an interception especially you know I would say rather pivotal point and also look you said the honey badger had a great game which he did himself a sack he also had himself interception. That was taken away and Alex folks Okeafor had himself a sack but also left the game with what was. What did you say a chest injury chest injuries? They're not having disclosed. What it is? Just you GOTCHA. And that's another thing we hate to see. We don't WanNa see any other injuries you know to to the chiefs. It's just been a crazy season so it seemed to be you know and this also seems to be kind of a kind of routine here for the chiefs to to sputter out here in the second half and the point. The point totals are pretty awkward if you if if you look at everything by standard it shows the box score. The chief scored six in the first nine in the second and third and zero in the fourth quarter but when it came down to locking this game in and we put it in the hands of our rushing game. We really put it on the shoulders. Spencer Ware Darwin Thompson. What did you think because we're looking at Spencer where it was seven carries for twenty six yards in Darwin Thompson for with with eight carries for thirty eight yards and dismal game again for the Shawn McCoy with six carries for sixteen yards? But as we we had discussed before we have you know obviously we have no running game and we also discussed the spark. The Dr Thompson you know gave the chiefs chiefs and you could feel it again today. Could you not absolutely I I definitely like the energy that he brings and every time that he runs. He's falling forward every time. Yes some he got. He got called for a rather pivotal title penalty early on in the game. or in the second half first-half excuse me Kelsey. Had I believe like a forty yard catch that got called back due to a Were they caught on a blocking a block in the back penalty on Or maybe as a crack crack back blocks. I'm not sure exactly which one it was I liked what hit the thought. Process there is. You know I'm GonNa hit this guy because he's going after your the ball carrier and I wanted to defend totally get that. But he made a rookie mistake in in Making that blocks simply because us. They're so far behind the plate. There is no way that that player is going to catch up to Kelsey. No on a huge play to. Yeah you know it is something that he's going to have to experience because in hell no next time okay. I'm just going to let this go on. I'm going to run with them. And if he ends up getting closer to Kelsey. Whoever the ball carrier is I'm just going to jump in front of them and And then blocked him or slow down just getting in his way. You know to be honest with you. It's it's one of those things that I feel like the. He wanted bad enough to where he was down there down the field trying to make a play. And I'll tell you what that's a lot more effort that I've seen out of our running backs thus far this this season I agree with you there. I haven't insist that sort of Effort from any of the running backs than we've had I definitely like what the Spencer where brought what s well into the pass game His blocking on the passing on the passing downs was fantastic. He was laying guys out. And that's definitely what we needed in in the past game Darwin Thompson came in even on passing plays. He's running out and he's looking for the past. He didn't always get get him every time but could have check down and gone some some additional yards as well. I really like what Where Thompson we're bringing in this game? It was fantastic to see and it just seems to be the Kansas City down the stretch were finding our one two punch and it it also goes to show that look. I'd I WANNA say that Leshan McCoy is washed up but I also so want to say in his favor that the chiefs have alternately. Have offense is built around a power our rusher and that's not Leshan McCoy and when you see power rushers like Spencer. Where and even Darwin Thompson with a small frame is still a power runner and you see the production that they're having with limited carries? Because if you look at the carries Lucia McCoy had six spent to aware had seven. Darwin Thompson had eight at the and. That's that's rush by committee all over it but if you take those three rushes away from the Shawn McCoy and give them to Spencer where Darwin Thomson. We could quite possibly have a game where we have over one hundred yards rushing. Yeah and honestly we were not that far away at all combined. We're sitting at ninety two yards for the game but that's also with eleven yard word. Carry by Patrick Mahomes. Yes so but I definitely think like you were saying you give those carries to To Wear Thompson and I think that we definitely break the hundred yard mark in the game. Those guys aren't scared to put their shoulder down. And that's something Leshan McCoy dances around finds is holes and our offensive. Line isn't built like that you have to get through. You've got a power through the offensive line and get to the second level and that's something shady McCoy does not bring to the table. He's had a brilliant career. He's not right for the system. He's a little old and we need production back there because we're leaving points on on the field and that's what drives me crazy and me and you touch base on this a lot because it's happening weakened weak out we get into the red zone and we can't punch the ball in the reason why we can't can't punch the ball in his because we're one dimensional. We have no rushing attack. There's no team the league that scared to line up against Shawn McCoy and the Kansas City chiefs. You put Darwin Thompson or spin software. And they're somebody who is a power back who will run through you and run through the second level then you instill some fear and you can make your your red zone to three dimensional. Yeah what I will also say and this is probably going to be the one a few times for actually defending McCoy on on this point. Is this his first year with with this off of lying and generally to be successful so you kind of have to have Some understanding of where how. You're blind in the block for you. Where do you expect the holes to be and they all I have to stand as a as the running back? Where do you want us to open up the holes can? What do you want you and W The key points points of bringing back Spencer where it has been aware has that understanding of the offensive line as that familiarity which allowed him to come in. And I'll see nestle thrive but to to be successful Stepping in right away McCoy he he's had a year now but you kind of expect to see him get a little bit more familiar back there with as little as we run the ball. It might be a little hard for that to translate onto the field I. I'm not buying into that. Because Lucia McCoy has spent how many years in the league. He's a veteran running back. You put a veteran running back in high high-powered look what look at Kareem Hunt. I mean come on now like that. There's I can't buy into that. That's but I understand your perspective respective but it's just one of those things that okay so last year with Buffalo Lesean McCoy didn't do anything look at Buffalo this year. Look at look. Look at look at the progression of Lucia McCoy over the last three years. And it's he's going downhill and and but see you're also given the man credit you know. Think about this. Darwin Thompson doesn't know this offensive line. Any better than Leshan McCoy but you see him having production production when he's put in. So that's my thing is i. Just don't I'm not fall. I'm not going to go down that road because lesean McCoy isn't isn't bringing to the table what anybody thought he would I mean he he has not even bringing fifty yards to the game. I can't it's it's week execution. I'll agree with you there But I mean throughout Onus a history without within the last couple of years you've had examples of running back to garner new teams and Have struggled at first year and then turned around and been successful missile. We haven't actually hit that successful mark here but look I love you on bell with the jets but then awfully here here this year but they don't have an offensive line and I'm not saying that we do but it's just one of the winning team without a running game and everybody knows it eh. Leshan McCoy's averaging twenty yards a game. There's nothing I mean. You're telling me a rookie. Who are who can average twice as much almost three times as much as well Shawn McCoy? Who's never seen this offensive line either? I mean it's you. Put a stud with studs. You expect them to form like Stud. I don't know it's gone all the Shawn McCoy but I just can't give him that one year deal because when when you bring a player like Lesean McCoy and you bring him in foot. We signed him for a year. So I mean what we we. Don't sign somebody for a year to bring him in to get them ready for next year. The you know okay. So I've got a phone comparison for. Yeah so this season will show McCoy. Averaging four point seven yards per carry for his career career. He's averaging four point five yards per carry so he's actually performing better behind this offensive line. Currently it has his entire career with buffalo and PHILLY hands down. We don't have a running game. I'm not willing to listen to any of that Chris Chris like I'm not going to sit here and listen to the man has five yards a carry. What he's not even gained fifty yards a game? I none China that is relevant. We have no run nobody. Nobody scared of lesean McCoy. Nobody there's not one team in the league. Who Cares is about Lesean McCoy? It's bad is horrible and Kansas City. That's all there is to it. There's no justifying how bad are running game is. I'll agree with you. So would that the and said we already know that Leshan on the cool is not the answer. So there's no point putting up an argument for a player who's not going to be here past this year. Who obviously has proven that? He's not the guy for Kansas City. And when Spencer where Dr Thompson Spencer where just got back on the team producing more than most Shawn McCoy. I'm not willing to listen to that. There's no fence at please. But it's just I don't want I guess I can't sit and actively listen to anybody defending a little Shawn McCoy this season because his games been in the bottom of the trash. Josh and I agree with you there. But looking at the rushing totals throughout the tower over of course the entire season. And you you have to take into consideration that we haven't been a running team we've been throwing I e earlier on in the season we were throwing the ball a ton of a lot more than we were when attempting to run the ball and over the of course of the season. We've we've spread the ball even more across the the running back by committee. Then so McCoy minimum touches we're gets ruled touches Thomson has minimum touches. Williams gets minimum touches but as a whole all all the running back by committee is producing. I mean you look at this game ninety two yards now absolutely in this three headed monster McCoy definitely has the lesser of the put out. I agree with that but I also think that he is adding something to our backfield Even if it is just a matter of tutoring Darwin Thompson helping them to understand how to Read it read the holes read the Office of line and how to do the little things how to take care of himself. Whatever that may be? I think that the the one year renting rental of of McCoy is GONNA pay off for the next five to six years when Darwin ends up becoming the running back in Kansas City. which is which is great? So put Lesean McCoy on the sideline. Let them hold a clipboard. Don't start him in every single game and then pull them out after a quarter and a half and let them rust for sixteen yards and let Spencer where and Darwin Thompson make. You look like a fool. I mean I'm just being real and here's my thing is you haven't defended him like this. The whole season last week you were saying this last week there was not in the Shawn McCoy and we were all same Lucia. McCoy's washed up. Yes he might and on his honestly. I'm still saying that we're all going to be highly critical of him. But you look at the numbers has has your security average now. Grant like didn't the average has certainly dropped the second half of the season and but if for him to average more this season and a yard per carry then he has his entire career. That's impressive do. Do you think that he hasn't been able to give been given a chance to get into a rhythm of the rank committee I think so but do you think the Okay so but the first the first couple of games. That doesn't mean that I would give him the bulk of the carries a make him the the lead back doc right which he did have at the beginning of the season. Yeah absolutely dead and civil we all the week called it a running back by committee in the first half of the season in up until I believe it was the Tennessee game where he got sat was the the shady show. And that's kind of an and that's where I'm at with the whole shady thing is okay you know. He's given his opportunity but he really has even had one hundred yard. Russia had had one hundred yard rushing game correct and that was because he had a ninety one yard rush or was that even him. That was one. Yeah that was Williams Williams so shady McCoy has not had one hundred yard game all season. I would say at this point. He he is either at five hundred George or just below five hundred yards. Total on the season I just unlike in the fresh legs Darwin and Spencer ware and it was great. Seeing them closed this game. They did a great job. Didn't they. Absolutely so look. We've we have won four games games in a row now here in Kansas City after we went on a pretty tough stretch but we knew that was gonna be a tough scratch with mahomes being out Matt Moore coming in who really did a phenomenal. The job for the chiefs. But I think what's more impressive in this game because there's a lot of great things to take away way. The offense and the defense did great. I'm really happy with this rushing attack. I feel like now that me and you had a grip. I love the battle that that means had our little debate on this running back thing here let me ask you this. Does it seem to be that. Big Red is leaning more more towards Spencer Wearing Darwin Thompson. I think so especially the season's gone on and he's he's getting gaining more. Trust in Darwin Thomson and as well as Spencer where I feel like he is has definitely a given them. More of the carries worth touches last week and fencer wears very first game back with the cheese. He had more more snaps than any of the any of the other backs which is great. Yeah absolutely and it shows that at read or whoever makes a call with the enemy they have more trust in those guys than they do in shady. And let's also look at this aspect as as well while we're on. The running game is Spencer ware. Darwin Thompson also better rush blocking running backs than Shady McCoy yeah and read said that shady needed to learn learn the the blocking scheme in all the little things that if they've changed it has often since they were in Philly Blah Blah Blah. That was the same excuse that he gave for Darwin Thompson and why he was keeping him out the first half of the season season meanwhile shades of starting getting the bulk of the carries in the very first game because Jacksonville but over the course of the season and the the carries the time on the field has changed between Thompson in McCoy and thompsons getting more and more looks every single week which is fantastic because a keeps it keeps shading as close to one hundred percent as possible going into the regular or into the postseason it gives Darwin Thompson critical experience in a lot of different situations. where he he won't? He's not relearning the exact same things off the field watching as he does on the field doing. And then you also throw in Spencer where WHO's already familiar with our offense of what we're doing in everybody's going to be going into the postseason as close to one hundred percent as they possibly could be which is very different from where we've been in years past. Yes and so look our teams looking good. This is the best that our defense has looked and are running game has looked all season long. And I think that's something to really be happy about and also mahomes really looked to be back gone key today to did he. Not You know that that brings up a really great point for him to throw for three hundred and forty yards song. Essentially I'M GONNA kinda round up you're throwing for. I believe it's like eighty percent completion rate eight two touchdowns US fifteen point seven rating as a quarterback Asir earn in the snow. Five inches mind. You Aw was incredible for him to put up these story numbers and the snow. Yes yes and an against a division rival you know and the weather but that tells you right. There don't don't sleep on Kansas City because it doesn't matter you know win rain or shine snow. What ever the chiefs come to play and homes? Hey give give me five inches of snow. And I'll give you three hundred and forty yards in two touchdowns. We'll take that all day long. Kid keep that common. Keep that and that's also with two to three drives that stalled. I mean you know but Kerr put up What nine point kicked three field goals game three jobs? So so that's three touchdowns taken off the board the and this is also in the elements but this is something that you and I talked about though that we need to fix. And that's that's kind of what got us into this rushing game talk here is US opening up our red zone. Look are red zone is terrible because we have no rushing game if that opens up the open up our our our red zone So let's let's touch base a little bit around the League playoff picture because we're sitting at four right now. Twenty three to three. You know we. We Hand Denver a convincing victory. We have two more games but look Houston beat Tennessee. Twenty one to twenty four to twenty one so Houston goes to nine and five and Tennessee goes to eight and six six New England takes care of business against Cincinnati thirty four to thirteen and go eleven three and later today Pittsburgh plays buffalo and Pittsburgh Bergson eight and five in buffalo sitting at nine four and also we all saw that Baltimore took care of business against the jets. Forty two twenty one. But we're still sitting a game back from New England and were a game ahead of Houston. Two Games behind Baltimore. Were sitting even with Buffalo. I guess we're a half game up on them as it stands but obviously play Pittsburgh. What does it mean for Pittsburgh to beat Buffalo today? So if Pittsburgh Buffalo It really just kinda solidifies who we are probably going to be playing If if we end up having the third seed how what were will let me also go down this other road as well if Pittsburgh Beats Buffalo Buffalo hasn't necessarily sealed their their position in the playoffs and so next week they're going to go into the game against new kingland with an absolute vengeance which is really what we need because the Patriots only have two more games left. The bills on the dolphins opens the if the Patriots lose to the bills got means that the chiefs and built pages will For All intents and purposes and up having the same record going into the playoff picture we beat paint the Patriots we will then have the tiebreaker. And so we would in solidifying the second seat and and realistically you know I personally Blunt Buffalo to win this game because of Buffalo wins this game. They will still be in a position to beat if they beat Pittsburgh this week and then they beat New England next week and they went out the last game then they win. The Tiebreaker Against New England impossibly bounced New England out of the playoffs. Completely for that to happen. But what is concerning for me there. And I'm not sure how would necessarily work because we don't necessarily have a game against them but buffalo and the chiefs within ten theoretically have the exact same record and so my concern would be who would end up. Having the second seat it would be. Kansas ends a city because buffalo lost to Baltimore. Okay so go okay. I got you so. The tiebreaker occur either way in that division will go to Kansas City. So you see what I'm saying so no matter if it's New England or it's Buffalo Tiebreaker goes to Kansas City which is a great thing and then so then Pittsburgh goes on to play Baltimore's well but I don't see Baltimore Fall now. Oh that one's one spot. I'm more concerned about the two spot and a first round bye for Kansas City. And would you agree with that scenario. Absolutely what so. And it's very much a possibility. The chiefs have to take care of business so with this game summarized. Is this game in one word Chris Neck. That's exactly what I was going to say as well all the way around we held. Let's look at the let's look at these broncos stats. We held drew lock to eight hundred. Forty four two hundred eight yards and zero touchdowns and one interception Philip Lindsay had seven carries and for for thirty two yards. And I'll say this might be the only game of the season where we outrushed the other other team. So I'll have to say that this was an all round dominant game. I really wouldn't have seen goose egg on the board on the board but certainly gives me confidence for these last two games coming up Chris. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about before we in the show here. Just one final thing Heartlands Nad all week long. been talking trash about how they were gonNA come in and destroy Kansas City and Own US and Blah Blah Blah Colon sudden you dropped six passes and you only had eighty yards on the day. Andrew team took a huge L.. Shut up Bro. I love it I love it sometimes. Just got keep your mouth shut and let your production do the talking. And obviously that's not the the case for Denver. Today I have one more thing to throw in there. Before we conclude the post game show terrel suggs did get claimed by the Tennessee. Titans lightens obviously. I'm sure he didn't play today. And is probably GONNA help going down the stretch because if oh Tennessee loses another game that's pretty much over with for them but look Kansas City. One word dominance two games left in the season. We really need some help. I'm looking forward to this Pittsburgh Buffalo Game. We'll see what happens. Maybe we can sneak into this to spot Kansas City. You have a great evening. I hope you enjoyed that game today. A five inches of snow did not stop Kansas City from putting it on the Denver Broncos nine eight times in a row. You have great night Kansas City. Thank you for tuning early kingdom. Break go to podcast for everything. Can't city she's Yeah Uh.

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