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Talkin' The Draft: Dak Prescott vs. Deshaun Watson


what's up guys. This is the talk at the drought. Podcast I'm your host. Connor lives each joined by Not Dalton Miller but RJ Today from blogging. The boys always love an R. J. Fills in for dot dot and has more important things to do than join us on this beautiful podcast but before we see how. Rj's doing this is probably GonNa be our last talk in the draft. Podcast of the off season. We're going to get back to the star next week Colby back on the PODCAST. We'll be back on the PIE. Cast and we'll be focusing moral cowboys more so than the draft but the final to finish out talking to draft podcast. We wanted to tie in with Dak Prescott Kinda give a good segue into talking. The cowboys is going to be about as we work our way through this off season but before we get into that RJ. How you doing man? I'm doing well. Dalton's chair is they'll disgusting. It's clear he doesn't take care of it and I know you're gonNA say he has. His seat was hot. Like you're gonNA come and take his spot. No I mean you know A lot of people love you know honestly of all our listeners. We've got some. You know talking to the drafts really popular show and so It's nice to hang out with you and you in Dalton have have a bit of a a loyal Legion of followers and so I I don't know why honestly I mean you know why they're into Dalton but at but I get the connor left certainly all right. That's right that's right. We do WanNa get into something very similar to what you're saying. Some some people love him and some people hate him. And that's Rain Dakota Prescott It was a big topic today. All over the radio all over. Espn all over the the mainstream media. It's it's a big talking point. And that is the Dak Prescott contract situation an popped up today because there was a story that came out in the Houston Chronicle. Where Bill O'Brien the general manager slash head coach slash destroyer of all? Things is apparently ready to offer to Shawn Watson forty to forty two million dollars per year guaranteed in a contract that could get done before the start of the season. Apparently and that's getting into what we wanted to talk about the day the question. I wanted to start you off with. Is this whole offseason. We've gotten why would they pay him thirty million dollars that's where starts or if you remember that? Guy? There's no way in hell that the cowboys you pay Dak Prescott thirty million dollars well. Then he played my see my dogs. Even he's pissed off to isn't good. Yeah so so. That's where it started and we've now gotten to the point where all those people who said that are now like okay. I'm fine with him. Thirty million dollars but we shouldn't be paying thirty five million dollars. So this is like kind of an emergency podcasts. Almost because we WANNA talk about but to Shawn Watson Dak Prescott very similar players to you. Rj Why does Dak Prescott catch all the heat of? He's not worth thirty five million dollars. But you're not hearing the same question marks with the Shawn Watson who's supposed to be getting forty two million dollars guaranteed so first of all my favorite tweet of We're talking on Tuesday. My favorite tweet of the day was Somebody who Sharma nameless tweeted at the next Gen stats Charts of Dacca into Shawn's downfield success rates. And you know what was the cash and it was like I don't yeah. It's always more touchdowns less interceptions and quarterback ratings. I think it takes a long to understand that you can find a statistic to tell any story you want it takes. It takes a long time to accept that. And so you know I like I know we both saw a the garbage time stats are floating around or whatever like you you. Can you can craft whatever narrative you want. And then there was today also the These are the the the nine highest Cap Hits you know since two thousand fourteen. Whatever you can cherry pick all day long and I think that People Cherry pick points specifically with Dak. It's certainly the cowboys thing And I think it's also the cowboys fault. I mean you know to be fair. He is on the franchise tag or he has been tagged. I should say So they have sort of set this up But they do that right. I mean they did that with demarcus Lawrence. They did that with Dez. I mean like honestly I I still kind of feel like they don't get enough grief for the two thousand fifteen season Bockel because they put themselves in a position that they were forced to pay desert DEMARCO. And this like it sounds like it wasn't that long ago but fifteen was was before it was universally accepted that paying. Running backs was a terrible idea. You know what I mean. And so but still they. They're the ones that kind of you know Doug that whole and and they do that. And that's why I really am. Just stunned at how people are shocked right. 'cause tank had to leverage the shoulder surgery to get his deal that kind of went to the induced eleventh hour. Zeke had to hold out to the fourth week of the preseason so another induced eleventh-hour they just they don't like paying as much as they have to before they have to and and this is before they have to whereas the Texans are seemingly a little bit more proactive. The cowboys are not and it's it's costing them because if they had paid a year ago started they should he'd be on the books for like thirty. Three thirty four million dollars was like one hundred. Five guaranteed and right. Now we'd be sitting here saying man. Bill Brown wants to pay the show on that much money. Didactic looks like a bargain and and they just they don't see that right and that's the whole thing is it's like if they were and I don't. I don't know if it was ever this and this is what has been talked about a lot here. Today is like you know the thing is do do the cowboys love. Dak Prescott. Like that's a have the are. Are they still unsure if he's the guy and it's like that doesn't make any sense? They're they're offering him five years. They're awfully him longer than what Dak once. They're just trying to do with their way into the reason for that being that they are they are actually such believers in him. They know that he will come in another payday. And so they want to prolong that as much as possible. So yeah that they don't believe in. It is ridiculous right and again like I don't understand I don't understand where that's coming from because again like if every these same people have with the same people reporting is true that it's five years thirty five million one hundred six plus guaranteed then. That's not even a question like they're obviously okay with it. They just WanNa do it on their terms so they don't you know when that fourth and fifth year in when Patrick Mahomes does Shawn Watson. Lamar Jackson are making forty. Two to forty five million dollars Dak Prescott still making thirty five. So they're trying to big brain it where Dak Prescott like I'm not GonNa let you big brain me like I'm just Gonna. I'm GONNA BE SMART. I'll do my four year deal. You know I'll do a little bit less than what you would probably have to pay. Somebody you know of my caliber. That's kind of what he's saying. Like I mean again the Sean in Patrick. Mahomes are asking for forty million dollars. Like that's what they're going to ask for probably demand so the fact that he's not there yet to what we know is kind of a good thing but the thing I wanted to really talk on today is the Shawn Watson and Dak Prescott thing because that was a big topic today. I'm not a big believer. In looking at like passing yards in passing touchdowns and interception ratios to like determine. What quarterback is good quarterbacks? Not Like you just WanNa look at wins right so like quarterback wins you know. I'm a big proponent. That completion percentage definitely means. You're an accurate quarterbacks. Like all that stuff is kind of like what I wanted to dive into. But but now like I like looking at the efficiency numbers. The advanced metrics. You know there's multiple different metrics you can look at but I like the way that the NFL player profile NFL dot com does their advanced metrics. They kind of lay them out in multiple different ways but they're efficiency numbers are pretty interesting to look at. They have a bunch of different things but I think when you go through and look at them proves to everyone like without even looking at these numbers in themselves go. Oh this guy is one hundred percent a top ten quarterback which is another discussion for another day. That a lot of people don't agree with but comparing to Sean and Dak When when looking at these numbers it just shows that they're almost the same player. They're almost the same guy there on that same tier for sure and it's so strange to me and I wanted to get your opinion on. Why why does Shawn Watson to me feel like everyone values him in like a completely different Tier Than Dak Prescott? So I think it's a number of things I think. Part of it is the cowboys factor. That's that's a difficult thing for anyone to overcome The only one never has is seemingly Tony. Romo and took his career there the ending for him. A kind of you know. Get that I and I and I think that if you're not to college quarterback you're afforded different benefits and these these are all narratives. That's that's the only reason that anybody would buy. You know these these These things and you know think people. Now Look at Sean and view Bill. O'brien is this hindrance. So well Shawn's having to put up with Bill Ryan. Yeah we'll prescribed to put up with Jason Garrett. You know what I mean right but nobody wants to see it that way. You know what I mean because of the narrative and I also think part of it is and I hate to like go to a yarded standpoint but this Schon had that miraculous run early on in his career is rookie year. What did he didn't start the first game right and you came in week two and then he had that big seahawks performance. You know even though they lost you see like that that does Shawn Seahawks. Loss is like Romo's broncos loss. You know what I mean. It's like the greatest game he's ever played even though they lost. And then you know like remember. Richard Sherman was like that. It's going to be special everyb- everybody like in that moment just decided in and I liked John Watson. A lot decided he's he's Awesome. He can never be questioned etc. He's better and I think because we've never seen like a a God kind of run that people viewed that way they lean on that and so the they decided a long time ago. The design was better. And it's kind of like it. It becomes a thing of like. Oh yeah well you know. Penn state always has great linebackers. Let's just draft a linebacker Penn State? It's like one of those in like it's just this this thing that people believe because it was true for one week at one point three years ago. Yeah and you know. That's that's a really good way to put it because like you said it might be. Because you haven't seen you know and I I feel like last year like when Sean went into New England and beat New England. That was a big deal. You know because no one else had been able to really do that in in he was but when you. I was going through a lot of quarterbacks recently. I've doing all the NFC I. But I went and charted to Sean today because I'd already had done back into Sean laid like five stinkers this year like worse than anything like worse than the Philadelphia Game for worse than the New England game for like Carolina Denver and Tampa Bay and then Baltimore four games that Sean was just terrible and I was like man. You don't hear about those games but you bring up anything with back. It's he couldn't be philly right. What happened in New England? What happened in Chicago in both gets new? So it's like I don't under- I don't know but going through some of the metrics that we like to look at a D. Y. A. R. I'll break this down for people listening but is defense adjusted yards above replacement. It gives the value of the quarterbacks performance compared to the repacement level adjusted for situations and opponents and then translated into garbage. So that takes the opponents it takes in the conditions it takes in situations that hey were put in with their supporting cast. Dak Prescott the number one ranked quarterback in that metric Shawn Watson. The twelfth ranked quarterback in that metric. See I've so I think that we're we are kind of victims of this to maybe not a specifically but like as a whole with Carson Wentz because I think like you spend so much time elevating your guy right like that's and so you're you're demanding respect for him that it becomes this you know we have to stand on on other dudes to do it and so like we have kind of turned the Dak Wednesday like Dacca's awesome went sucks. And that's not. The Confidante Right Wins Awesome. Just stack morons shutout Dominic Foxworth by the way But that's kind of the case with this like and people are so that people can't buy that it's the ultimate like both things can be true thing it becomes this the moment you have the conversation with like. Oh Doc was a top top ten. What could Outta here you know? Teddy Bridgewater went four. No last year you know what I mean like. That's what the conversation becomes. And so like nope. And then when you bring up something like this specific stat which to the point you mentioned like New England game the weather huge factor. And you can explain that for a lot of guys and a lot of bad games. But they don't WanNa hear that people just want to non like their own assumptions in their own particular ideas of what may be true. I want may not. Hey everyone this is Cara Swisher large recode and I'm Scott Galloway professor of nyu Stern School of business. We host the twice-weekly pivot podcast. Where you break down all the news in Tech Media and business and anything else that we fancy we want to talk about. The news is moving faster than ever. And we're here to bring some analysis context sanity and occasional levity to a lot of sanity around here it was the covert nine thousand nine news. Economy Keira aren't listen. Scott listen we don't WANNA bring levity to cope nineteen. We think it's a very serious crisis. We WanNA give people insight and other ways to cope with cove in nineteen. We've had lots of ways to talk about it whether it's through relationships and we talk about how tech is being used to track data and health and location the privacy risks of living out our lives on platforms like zoom which can be a little dangerous how streaming platforms like Netflix will excel or fail without sports broadcasting and how this moment is changing the relation between labor force and major companies like Amazon. We cover the entire landscape of do we also bring on great guests ranging from Robert Rice to astaire Peralta got us to the economy and how covert is changing our relationships? How is our relationship changing? Scott Bo I think you know it's getting stronger. I think you're finally in touch with your emotions. Let's be honest. I am the future Ex. Mrs Swisher after Sean Hannity. Anyway got puts it over nineteen been the great accelerator for companies the economy and public policy. Stay on top of it all by listening to pivot with Cara Swisher and Scott Gallery. Every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Yeah that's that's that's a great way to break it down and that's why I think looking at these numbers that take into it's not passing yards. It's like the pro football outsiders which was the website I use for for these advanced metrics like they do a great job of taking into account defenses played supporting cast down and distances. And all of this stuff. So it's really cool and like the next number on it talk about was Very similar ranking to the D. WAY ARE DAK Prescott finish sixth overall on DVD away. This John Watson was eleventh indie Viola. So that's another one where they give the nod to Dak Prescott a Qbr Dak Prescott As we've talked about many times is fourth in. Qbr To Shawn Watson is six in Qbr so the reason. I wanted to bring this reason on talk about this is we can look at the tape and see that when I look at the tape icy two players who are very similar in their throwing abilities in the running abilities. I think you can make the case that they both had very similar supporting cast. I think you take for most of the Shawn's career he's had the best wide receiver in football on the Andre Hopkins very good deep threat and will fuller when he's been able to stay healthy. And then he's had multiple productive number three wide receivers in stills and Kikuchi and he has a couple of titans. You're kind of splitting hairs with the coaching staff. I don't think either. Coaching staff has been good. For either of those quarterbacks bill grabbing you know has been a wash with Jason Garrett. You're going to give the cowboys offense align running game probably a bump up But spy these numbers in my opinion are important because when you look at them and you dive into them you see the Dak. Prescott is very ever so slightly ahead of Dijon Watson and almost every major category which when you compare that with a tape you go which one would you rather have and in my opinion. I watch him without any biased. I'm taking Dak Prescott turnouts at times because not only does the tape. Say Hey these guys are on similar tears. I can go to these numbers as well and go. Wow He's more efficient as a passer an runner than just Shawn Watson over these last few years and I think that that's important to kind of take that into account one. I think also I think the early run of Deshaun was very very very special and the you know it was just it was unreal and I and I do think that's what kind of hooked a lot of people and I don't want to say that like he's peeved that would be very difficult to replicate. But I certainly don't think that to Sean. In terms of like mean. Production has peaked as as a player. He's still very early on in his career it will be fascinating to watch him without Chandra. But all the data also suggests that it's still an ascending player Shawn Watson and so not only is his own individual game sending but now he's been given CD and so that's the other thing like you know people like I don't want to keep going back. People Act like you know. The cowboys don't believe in do they. Just they doubled down they you you know. They didn't draft CD lamb to bring an Andy Dalton. And you know man that was that was that the worst bells that's gone. That was a bad. There's been so many bad weeks this off season with with takes and that may that may have been the worst one. I don't know that could be worse. One it definitely inspired the worst takes in I mean but it takes from like like the people you work with when you go into the office and they're like. Oh Andy Dalton. The new hires checking Dak Prescott job. I I do want to ask you. I got into an argument about this on on the radio in San Antonio nobody. Nobody agreed with me. But I think you will This out very different tangent but the Twenty Fifteen Cincinnati bengals. I said that they were probably the best roster in the NFL at that time. And I got laughed at just ridiculously. Two Thousand Fifteen. Cincinnati Bengals Aj Green now. I wouldn't even WANNA say peak tyler. I for but like the loan you know. God you're tie. Career Geo Bernard operating at a high level Jeremy Hill hobbits new Marvin Jones and then on defense. You know volunteers doing its thing. Gino doing his thing Dunlap doing his thing trae cart. Patrick I mean the team was oded. I don't know if I'd say best team in the NFL but they were up there. I mean usually really all those players draft. They were all drafted players and they were really really good at drafting for a little while there and they just couldn't put it together but that's my bad. I didn't I didn't mean to send us off. I mean like because Dude I get done with that rostrum and just think about what you could do these cowboys. I imagine ended on cd-rom. I want it. Was that the playoff game where he threw two interceptions. Three interceptions now. He got hurt that year. And so and then. Aj McCarron came in that. So a okay. Well yeah no I mean and I think like that was something I talked about some people on twitter and stuff too because they were like andy he never had teams like this and I was like some of those early years. Cincinnati teams when he first now when first started but like his fourth or fifth year. In like those were good football teams. Like would you have taken peak? Aj Green that. Andy Dalton had which was kind of twenty fourteen to twenty seventeen ish. Which is that a better receiver the peak version of Jagran? Then Dak has had for a single season because more you had tomorrow in two thousand eighteen but not the entire season and then Amari twenty nine hundred was still spectacular but was was Kinda obviously we on the roads. Thank I the cowboys drafted. Cd land-based when the down the road let me. Let me say this without sounding negative. But like I like Amari Cooper Lot but definitely you had you had the original right. I think I think he's a bit over hyped and I don't I don't mean that a negative but I think that there's people who think that he's like a lock top eight wide receiver and I don't think that that's legit. Because of some of the issues we talked about you know like. There's a lot of questions with Amari Cooper. You know like there's like what happens with them on the road. What happens what happens against good corners? What happens against you? I don't know when when the team's not doing well like we all ask those questions. But that's like he is. He's a great like symptom of the hype right because people because people see him. He's quiet and you know what I mean and they fall in love with the narrative and so it just becomes a maris amazing and I mean he is but to your point like He. I do think he's over high but I did not get killed for that on twitter like you did back in December. Yeah no those are. That was a bad was bad span too but no I mean definitely I would take Asia agreeing those like Great Years Ray. Green were phenomenal. Like those were like. Aj Green and Julio Jones. Those were your two guys like. That's that's all twenty fifteen tyler I for was by far a better tight end. Dak has ever had for a single season. Sure yeah because he's yeah. I'm going to save my aggressive. Take on Jason Witten. But it's a call. Well cool we really just want to stop in chat about some Dak Prescott Chat about some which you've some Andy Dalton and we didn't plan on doing that but we did but We got a lot of episodes coming up this week. We do have we are supposed to have Rashad with fueled the footwork work king was supposed to be on today we had some scheduling conflicts. So we're going to actually have him next week now. So he'll be back with the talking to draft or talk in the Star podcast. First Week I guess to talk on the Star right we are pumped about that to have him on and really piggyback off of which you had. You had a great conversation with him He had a viral video. Come out like the I think I don't know if it was a day you had them on the day before so you guys talked about that a lot but we're GONNA piggyback off a lot of that stuff. Get down into some some pros and cons of his route running abilities releases and stuff like that and really dive into a CD. Land the football player in a really. Just just give a good breakdown. Of what his Co. Cheese WE We've got some fun stuff in store on the podcast fee. We're we're a big podcast family and You know so. This is This is Wednesday right talking to draft a the last time the draft twenty twenty tomorrow should be fun. There's a little surprise in store on the podcast feed. So you know people hear me say it all the time I mean like obviously we're extremely by connor but if you subscribe to one podcast the podcast every. Get Your podcast. It's apple devices. Spotify tune in radio stitcher. You get all these shows you get to episodes every day who else who else puts out to pursue every day now not anybody. I'm listening to her fault. And there's a strike. There's so much content out right now that you got to get the good stuff right. I mean we've we've had three of the seven drafted cowboys on the podcast feed We had RICO DEL too. I mean we Rhonda we've had we've had like a third of the cowboys roster on our podcast this this off season so. I really don't know to tell you if you're not listening subscribing or commenting or whatever you're doing you're not doing smart things if you if you don't subscribe and listen to every episode that we post your pretty much. Admitting that skip bayless is your hero. But you're the person that's responding to Connors tweet promoting DAK Prescott and say and like dude. I've watched the tape or no they. The the the classic deck detractor response starts with something like I like deck but I can like I've watched like I've been watching cowboys game since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven or whatever like it's always like the the little step up and then the step and then it's like yeah he's good but he's he's no one's worth thirty five. That's the that's I like now. Nobody's worth thirty five so it's like yeah you're like you're knocking in which you're also knocking everybody else too. So it doesn't look quite as bad but I wanNA ask you one final question because the the the position of quarterback so important and my favorite trope on it is when people say I'll pay him thirty five but I won't pay him thirty seven duties two million dollars killingly about the thirty to thirty five thing. It's like you're splitting. The difference between Tristen Hill like Trista Hills. GonNa make five million dollars in two years like you're pretty much admitting that you'd rather keep Tristan Hill over the quarterback. Yeah and the other thing. I have this off my chest to somebody told me today that the cowboy. This was a tweet that I got straight to my mind mentions came in rows talking about Dak Prescott that the cowboys should trade Dak Prescott in a three team trade. If you're listening to this buddy I'm sorry but this was so bad that we have to talk about life three team trade with the jets. Jacksonville and the cowboys. The Jaguars get Dak Prescott. The cowboys would get Jamal Adams. And then the jets would get the Jaguars first round pick in twenty twenty one and I was like the we just trade our quarterback for safety. Wow a safety. The needs a new deal by the way That's the other thing like people just like they think it's Madden And that's like the my last thing that I have to get off my chest because this that's this basically was just therapy for us. In many ways is people. What's the number one reason that people don't what what did they want to preserve? They WANNA preserve cap space right. We gotta have that important cap space if we'd had cap space would've lost Byron Jones. They coulda kept Byron just like I don't know where this Meredith Byron Jones right now if they wanted to but my I just that narrative if anybody has watched this team for the last three years what what are they going to do with the cap space like the Steven Jones clip or audio that we and we played it on the Ocho earlier this week about our he referenced analytics Man But but but he says in that interview that they don't typically go signed big time free agents we'll do. Let's give you a whole bunch of cap space then like one breath your life. We got to see if the CAP space to to make put players around him and then in the next breath like yeah. We don't do that. We're in the business of pain players in free agency. It's like Simeon the other thing that people have to say. Look at what the cowboys have built around Deck Prescott. You know. It's GONNA be a problem if if they can't pay outside agents okay well. So you're a believer in the way. They built the team which was through the draft. I don't know maybe they'll just keep drafting players. You know of you believe they're good at that. It could do that still nothing. There's no you know I just. It's amazing it's an amazing phenomenon. We'll look back on this After Dax ten super bowl wins in eleven years to be conservative and This'll be a fun memory. Yeah I just hope that there's one because the absolute mental breakdown of hundreds thousands millions of people who have been so negative about the quarterback. The cowboys are going to have a absolute horrible time. As I'm for forty eight hours straight twenty people my last thing is and I meant to bring this up when we were talking about this Sean. When the Texans lost that playoff game that the cowboys beat the seahawks. A few hours earlier in the wildcard round back in two thousand eighteen. Remember when they were down twenty one. Nothing the Texans were into. Shawn's picking up first downs and like doing the first down you know and if dact did the first down hand signal down twenty one to nothing in a playoff game dude. The Internet would explode. It would be magnificent a lot of ways to be. I wish he would. That's what I want what I want in twenty twenty twenty race. It is just him to come out. And just be like dead nuts to everybody and just be like oh franchise tag sweet like get down. Twenty one to nothing on purpose and then just like quarterback draw after quarterback draw just absolutely just crush. Everybody just it'd be. It'd be incredible. It'd be it'd be hard to watch because every week we'd we'd be down twenty one to nothing. I'm watching the quarterback just strong-arm everybody but it would be so funny because you honestly couldn't be so mad at it. You would just be like SPEC that's true but also this was a emergency quarterback backup quarterback bingles wide receivers sat at all so we. We had improvised tonight. We had like I said some scheduling conflict. So we're we're going to be back next week with a shower would field footwork king Talking some more CD lamb and maybe some other guys that he's worked within the past with the cowboys So we'll be talking to him next week. I know we have a lot of good shows coming up this week. We have a pretty big announcement coming up this week too. So make sure you're on the lookout for that Always subscribe listen to all the shows on the blog and the boys podcast feed the Ocho seven five seven five or seven five zero seven five. Oh because it's Tony. Wore seventy five and my last name is. That's what I know. I seven five. Oh you got girls Talkin boys besides Moran by we're we're doing some some staff we'll keep we'll keep everybody in the pretty much. Just subscribe in. You're going to be thrilled to death. So that's trend. You guys are either sitting at home or sitting at work trying to get your days over with so do it with us. Let us help you with that. Subscribe and let us talk to you about America's team we are talking trash talking next week talking star Star.

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