Wrestling Cheers- Episode 112: We Werent Ready For Gauntlet For The Gold 14 (Review)


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Welcome back to wrestling cheers where everybody knows your name especially when the lobby smells horrible this is resting shares. Were like to talk about things north-south independent wrestling seen we preview shows we re shows and sometimes we even have interviews along the way this is a review episode of last Friday's A._I.. W Show Gauntlet for the gold fourteen. I'm your host. I am heavyset. Please rate great ryun subscriber every listeners fine podcasts whether it be apple podcast Google podcast at your tune in youtube spotify iheartradio pod racing cheers Dot pod bean dot com you can find us on facebook twitter instagram facebook dot com slash racing cheers twitter dot com slash messengers and instagram dot com slash wrestling cheers email if you so choose a desire wrestling cheers at G._M._O.. Dot Com and we still have the Mer store over at what a maneuver dot net like. I said this is a review episode review repeating that review episode of A._W._S.. For the gold fourteen and this week I have cayden and well. How's it going on? These episodes a lot now yeah you even made a comment to me that about coming back fulltime full-time works. I I do that and then you'd be like like I got shifted. You like okay now. I do nothing like my wife outside a wrestling and I also have stacey who was also on the show a lot lately. I like that we have a nice back and forth dynamic of your household back over three million Pam being on the show here true true she can. She handled the preview show and I'm here for this like it's tag team at your turn INS <music> slap okay yeah anyway we had gone for the gold fourteen <hes> like I mentioned in the opening if you've got to stay on that lobby good godless that horrible man I'll be honest. I really like an I'm sure this happened for every person who walked into that lobby but I walked in and then my head I went man smells like bad leg. Somebody's smart and me up with a minute or to the LEGO. No the buildings smells like Jap this. It's not a I. I thought more basement that damp moldy musty basement. That's the that's the smell I was getting but I I did hear other people to say captives so I get it but to me it was just baseman. The fact that there's there were things in that lobby that kind of look like like an older basement like in the that fireplace and everything just and every time I'd have to walk through there it just it was always bad. I would never walk through them like Oh like. It's lightning up. No it's still smells like garbage yeah. I you know I I was in there long enough like in the in the room. The show was happening. I was living there long enough that I forgot that the lobby cap this I was like use the bathroom and as soon as I hit those doors Walker okay well this us and then I think what the water damage to every time I'd go from carpet to a no William trying to go the restroom like my feet would sly a little bit like not necessarily like about the slope and follow. It was just like Oh shit. Oh I was about this Lipa Fall. I almost each each ship front front of Matt Crosses Grandma. That's great. I mean great that you didn't but in front of hurt have been that's kind of funny too yeah I would assume she wanNA laugh and that would that would have eased the pain of fucking breaking my ass but yet no going off that carpet into that back all way not fun time. No what did you think about this kate and you were there the longest or one of the longest I try not to breeze not a good time that was it kind of like summer. Mount Carmel Shows where you're Kinda like going in and out of like all right I gotta get Outta the smell go onto the fresh air kind of like what we do at like I said at Mount Carmel or it'd be like all right. He's getting really hot. In the air. GotTa go outside in the hot air to you can also compare to add solution to end all I've I've. I've mentioned it many times the smartest thing I ever did it that show is. I never walked outside so I just stuck stuck with it the whole night but then soon as I walked out like it felt so good I swear I chugged a gallon of like sweet. Tea Afterwards was death. This one wasn't nearly as that just anybody who ever bitched about that fish fry smell at Akron Hanau. No that's no that's nothing the set a new bars and that I even have an issue with the fish fry smell. No no I don't either but I I'd be real have heard people when they're I'm sure but after we finally got out of the lobby and the show we go into the review part of the show was we started off with a match that that was not advertised but may have gotten spoiled for people we had Lee Moriarty for stray Lamar versus Lewis Linden versus Wheeler Utah versus facade versus Zach Thomas as facade has called himself. He's the King of the head of you scramble matches at outside of Jalen. I don't know in the last time he had a singles match. I think you said it's been like three years twenty seventeen. It was against Alex Daniels. Why that bat that was at a bar show manner show? I remember that I believe that was not the show I was incorrect. I believe that I bet did that main event now no okay the women's title match main invented toys travel stuff yeah. That's now's the last time we seen. I think that's less time we've Seen Zoe's guy. No it might have been the last time you did. She worked winchester. Show yeah this last one one before. Oh Yes yes. I totally forgot about that. I remembered out yet because that was when we we we did we do cat toys that time show and wrestler to well that got ruined wrestler ager was putting the wrong person in charge of it and they just gave it to and so third anybody under the bus but that was I don't what was bad with that one. I took charge of the timeless last time that we through matter but anyway play started off with the the scramble match and Training Memory Match Fun little opener crowd awake. I I like anytime we get to see like almost all these dudes and a match like we were Yuda I which he was on every ad of show that dude's fantastic pretty close to every which yeah yeah I wanna see like not to pair it. What facade said I understand why these six matches are on the shows the I would like to see some of these guys in singles matches like we got wheeler you'd and a singles match once it was great fantastic yeah I would? I'd love to see that dude versus facade or that dude versus his trae your versus Lee Moriarty Year. You know any combination of these dudes in singles matches would be rad. Maybe Jalen will give us some of that but yeah this Max is fine for what it was great but it was a good way to start the show Zach Thomas now Tasr God. He's rolling that now apparently yeah hey man. It's better than his old music Kelly. Currently I liked that trolls roles people. I'm Kinda cool with yeah. That's actually like probably one of my favorite kiss songs but it was because I realize like Oh this is what has those theme from awesome and I and someone actually using fuck why not sure go with it better than his old music present I also agree it's great to when we see more of the minority <hes> we'll you'd is second that one betray Zakar pretty much tables and you had the old older school staples of Louis London facade to if you're going to open especially when the scramble like bad no issue with it <hes> trae Lamar got the win via what Cayden put down as a headlock driver I turn my head for two seconds and missed it so don't yell at me he didn't he yelled at me so I even told them on my dude Kate and did it and he I will correct myself. Here's a snap hairdryer next next up we had N J F versus the Franchise Shane Douglas Douglas didn't really take notes on the the Promo back and forth but kind of your usual M._j.. F of tearing down his opponent and especially someone who who was a legend and Shane Douglas coming back back out and talking shit. I thoroughly enjoyed that whole part nj is really good at what he does like understatement. We should all be real happy that we're getting all this time them J W that viewed is amazing at what he does like. He's there's a reason he has a contract yet yeah. There's there's a real reason he does that. You're going to be a star like a big a big clucking star at eight w assuming everything goes right for that company he's he's really talking good. He's going to be in W._W._e.. In a few years according to him right kidding did he say two years so next. This summer will be the moment of truth east sign with everyone who check them so far good job. Could you imagine if you went to impact on imagine. Anybody's going to impact I mean they got it. Josh Alexander and he's back to the states so hey man I'm happy for that and I'm an impact fan. I just it's rough. These days had high. It was good for a little bit. It's just you know that's what it is right now. The rosters good though the rosters great rosters fantastic. Hey does need to have a stable T._V._D.. Or they don't lose it after a month and a half yeah. Somebody gave me a new way to watch the I dream so I don't have to watch their awful twitch. We'd better <hes> as it's supposed to be on the new APP or no knows. I've haven't looked at anything about that. Well I think as it is recording. I think tomorrow's Moro's win. The new impact will impact plus. Why are you doing Disney? Impact plus is going to be debuting so by the time this comes out. It'll be after the point was suppose it's GonNa be on every platform which is something. I think it's Kinda cold because not every promotion does that. I don't know here's my thing like the W._w._e.. has there at right now and there are so many subscription things that you can get now. There's high spots. There's <hes> the independent wrestling DOT TV. There's there's that other one that you have a commercial for dot TV cheap look now. There's this this impact when and it's just so there's new Japan and there's all Japan and like this to the to fuck emeny at end to this to fucking meant pretty much arresting company you have a streaming service at this point or you're on streaming service. Everybody can't just have an over the top like it's not gonNa work. Everybody's not going to be successful with that either like it's I mean every inch of these companies needs to carve out their own niche instead of just like copying what successful for the biggest one that has nothing got the goal. I'll just throw it out there because I said before my biggest issue with new Japan why they don't have an APP on every platform that I find annoying yeah I mean maybe it's because it's Japanese based in the translation adult. I'm sure there's a lodge reason for so F J F and Shane Douglas of it was fun on like the match fund there was the surprise of the turn of Thuan Tucker. was there an official break-up of of Gombeen forgetting the name Party never ends Friday party never ends Lia Kef wanting to help obey the duke. I'm like that's not it technically. Maybe you X.. W A sort of at the bar show I think yeah I guess there was some of it at the Var show that's kind of where it was. Just it's like all right. We're done because basically Parker Pierces with Dan now yeah that's what was about say that they've both gone in different directions though the dynamic of Nj Heff Thuan like we we see more of it later in the night. I fucking love it yet. I who whoever came up with that idea good on you because it's it's real good. It's it's a really good. How about you kidding? This is just fundamental match EC W file cloud brawl stuff the yard of the crowd for a minute was nothing insane that it was very enjoyable Shane Douglas US you know use of a certain age he can do certain things. He did. All those things good. It was cool say again I was. I was shocked at how good francine still looks to be honest like she does not look like she has aged as poorly as many others from her generation. Wish the I'll I'll give you that you like see the aging but not as poorly yeah there's on that just horrible so N. J. F. One FRA <music> after assistance from big <unk> Tucker the best way to put it that was and then he in many lengthy speech by shame he. I think that's his thing is because he did the the bar show too that he did the surprise showing it like every time I've seen him Russell he has done so. I can confirm this thing. That's fine cool. It's just a little one with five. I couldn't complain too much about it the first time because we get free pitchers he didn't charge yes. Oh was he charge. What were they charge? In this time I didn't go over four same Dino Kate unusual. I think it might have been twenty yeah. I'll have to ask someone yeah I didn't. I'm trying to everything that I spent money on the one thing that I'd made like literally I darted for through my shit down and I ran to dog and I bought one of the best backyard wrestling posters to. I'm so mad at myself so here's what I did <hes> I got high and then I went in and I got my seat about about during this batch during the show I went. I'll fuck. They had those best backyard wrestling those. There's nope not anymore. They know I thought he they still had some intermission. I didn't see them. I looked outside. See any other intermission dam like I walked over and they weren't. You're so what you're telling me. We're going to get a poster but then you got high pretty much yeah. That's yeah that's pretty much it yeah that was like I said the one thing I darted for always have always been a lot of times. They'll be that one thing I want it. Throw my shit down and I make sure I get like other Chandler biggins memorial shirt that they did I through my shutdown ran there and I was like one of the few people like snag my size and I think they sold out of that. One really quick so fucking okay but yeah the skipped my fucking mind man as bumped. I it was forty bucks. Hey man where you're gonNA find another holiday. That's the exact thing I've thought of 'cause I felt like all. Well it's GonNa be about twenty or something like forty Mike yet. I'm not getting one anywhere soon so here. Twenty Bucks I'm here forty bucks the only thing that I forgot kicking myself in the ASS. I meant to bring my P._S.. Two game a best a backyard wrestling and have them signing because I'd have like three different copies of that cover signed and then the poster when the good news there is. I'm pretty sure you'll see Josh Matt around but those posters posters. You know those are sign. You're not gonNA sound that anything that you say that because all but the first D._v._d.. That I bought like that I haven't had them personalise. It haven't personalize allies it and he makes that comment like like I don't WanNa sit on Ebay and I'm like no dude is going from my personal collection like I just don't sometimes I think something's cooler without the personalization that fits like eight by ten five personalize it but it was unopposed imposed on the wall it give or take that one on like add like Jape road already signed. It sounds like can't just have you signed it normal yeah. I you know I'm sometimes I care sometimes. I don't care if it's something I know I'm never going to want to get rid of. I don't care like I Texas. chainsaw shepherd signed to me that I'm real glad is I have stuff. That's not that's fine yeah. I think I'm looking like right now. In My side I got a like a football like sign a bunch of you know eighty-six browns and like it's that personalize it all but because I think of funds on when I think of autographs I think thought in like that where it's just signed. I'm like I'd Never GonNA sell that football. I'M NOT GONNA sell that poster like I don't even know if I've ever really thought about like if I get something autographed like I like this person. Even they like eight by tens that is more like a collection of having those two Solano right anyway over just snatches them for a what but we're starting. I'm going to get into the next match. We have law Familia de Tijuana versus to Infinity Cam beyond for the A. W. Tag team championships forgot that actually put that in the the tweet sleep but maybe these fuckers and L._l.. Turned fifty beyond wins Yeah. I can't tell you anything about this match. I went to the the cat piece Mellon bathroom. It happened. That's up about the Best Not Deg Eighteen Colin. Hey man you you know they're both of those guys are fine wrestlers. Not as I dig them usually do not eight. Oh I don't eat them either. Just as match was just not good. No it was not and they tried to make it just didn't work and I would imagine I didn't see it so yet to infinity beyond retained via roll up which kind of what I expected wow roll up that's up hard ass miniature finisher. I mean does does to infant name beyond lose. The titles now before toy story four comes out. They just don't use them ever. They're going to have until toy story. Five what happens I they lose the belts where you actually gives that R._V.. Cirque fat. I think they lose my money's on titles yeah yeah you can titles. I never get shirt. That's funny story. If you've heard past episodes it's has been mentioned that Pat once teaches argued for twenty shirt wear durant show last year now. The REP show's coming up a last year. I think he weren't onset. Show but what I'm saying is like maybe he'll wear. Bring it to that show. We'll is your ad but last year the rapture was actually on four twenty Bingo match true. I still thought is your everything's off now. I still thought that show should've been either Friday or up in smoke smoke next up we have the final match the final North American match of D._J.'S E it was flipped Kendrick deranged Kringle Oko and the man himself D._J.'s Z.. He was really good Nia. It rules as I said definitely the right participants and we had a thing that I mentioned after the show was like the theme of the night was reactions. I one of the first one was here here. When gringo local comes out with his team and PAM goes nuts man? She lost her fucking. I think a lot of people she loves that Old Gringo Loco see man like she legit jams that at our house on a regular basis while doing like the Gringo Loco dance that's real ship that happens in my house. It makes sense which was the patch was really good. I'd never seen derange wrestling person before like I've never seen that to see your player for awhile. Actually he just arrested in this year. I believe he's good very good. One thing this this mansion mention another match and maybe it was just where I was sitting. Did you guys you'll like the crowd was a low dead. Yes during yeah me too. I was dead for most of the show because of my mentioned you guys but the minute work schedule and now I come straight from work to these shows in I normally try to be in bed between nine and ten eleven at the latest in the helping no like I felt half dead still persevered and and you know went through but I don't think I was feeling that I really was feeling it and this might have been one of those moments 'cause sitting for all the other matches like Ahab really starting to feel so I had to walk around a little a bit and knowing everything we had coming up and then obviously the the main event itself was going to be long and all that ship but I got back from Bethesda less than twenty four hours before that show started how so yeah it was still for me a usable and maybe there was just a lot of that leg. Just everybody was worn out for different reasons but it just this mansion in another one I was like and the crowds kind of debt they were into it but not like going nuts for stuff like when big win beg spots would happen the crowd would pop but you would get that like that dreaded fuck in like murmur sound and the room where like there's like eighty eighty conversations conversations happening at the same time in one room but nobody's like cheering clapping full-back. This was a really good can match flip. Kendrick is really fucking good. We talk about that for a second real good. How fucking good flip Kendrick is my dot like? You know not not a break Kafe APR anybody but he's so much fucking better than his brother who Mike how fuck isn't you get all the fucking like the praise that that do gets because Flip Kendrick is God damn good you just defendant has to W. Fan base whatever if they're offended by the truth. I'm sorry he's real good. He's you really walking good. How many places the Flip Kendrick even Russell anymore? I'm no idea not many is heaven wind energy. It's kind of like guys but Linden also has I mean it's not much but he has a or wrestling debt still like just in Ohio low and then they just worked at Michigan and then he just got booked for welterweight wrestling with it's going to be in a different state. I'll take all high just thought that was funny like Oh. He got booked. Oh it's in the different state okay make sense now. Okay Yeah but this I thought this match really fucking delivered. Yeah like tons of it. Scrape wait a minute. was there no foreign spot. Wow I that just hit me. The that never happened. That's crazy. I kinda liked that it didn't happen. It was kind of owed back to the way he was before this last change in his because he's been working the last few times he's that I've seen them. Wrestle wrestled not the same match but like you know had the typical spots what's the spot for the horn usually multiple times this kind of cool to see it not be that for his life. I'm GonNa Dinette and just for once if it would have been in there I wouldn't have complained but the fact that it didn't happen and I'm just now realizing it is a good thing co yeah because it it it wasn't needed. It wasn't missed so the ad that is trucking nut. He had a nice sendoff to <hes>. That's it's kind of the tradition everybody gets something whether they get the cut a little bit of a speech or whatever wrestlers come out in you know surround the ring nobody's ever going to buy. I don't think is ever going to touch the Gargano Agana of an hour speech but was a speech but totally happy for him. He did get the win which did surprise some at least by US but at the same time I I mean it didn't matter really who won this match. It was probably handpicked by D._J.. Zero far as we've been told who was handpicked by Jay Z. Make for a lot of sense he wins he wins. That's cool <hes> he. They were all due to a really good at doing that. Just it was it was it was it was a really good match to have right before the intermission to yep so then we had the the intermission and I hope to see deranged back as much possible real Jalen. I'll take that everybody in that match that can come back should be like earl great well flip. He'll be back Gringo. I feel like that's obviously but at the same time I feel like he's not around as much as he he was for a while those Dobie back though yeah so yeah drain the only one left I the only thing that will keep gringo loco away somebody soups him of which I would not be shocked that happens in the next year either yeah. He's also throw this out there. I feel like he's also just one of the flat out could dudes. He's a great deal of a better way what he is a great dude like I think if he were to just show up at a show not be booked like he'd still have so much fun. Just hang out with people interacting fans like he's just being a fan yeah. He's he's really genuine like I've had like cool conversation with that. TOLD LOVE THE DUDE I ran into him. Mania Weekends Great Outta conversation with him. I like that you to botch. He's a real good do all right this took us into intermission and then we'll go to quick admission. We write back after this commercial official. Are you tired of the same old pro wrestling been check out the amazing action on Power Slam Dot TV the biggest indie pro wrestling channel in the world. Get over four thousand <music> hours of the best pro wrestling events from over one hundred ten of the biggest names in the industry dome over fifteen countries around the globe. Get your free trial today at Power Slam DOT TV and we're back and the second half was fucking stacked. I don't know like the the first half was a little shaky with some of these matches but the second half fucking delivered and we started off with Joshua Bishop versus Matthew Justice for the A. W. in Tez Championship Holy Shit who wants to start aw man so I knew I think Matt Justice might have been the one that tweeted this but I thought it already at that point that Matt Josh were stealing the fucking show whether it be vis Matin Josh or the other Matt Josh and this Matt Josh told fucking show now this this might be Josh Bishops fucking year like he from Mania Ania to this two of my favorite matches this year in wrestling in general have been Josh Mishit matches. He's fucking beasts. Pun intended also can fucking Wang at the show screaming jet for Justice and Bishop out after ten way because we're not in like the same kind of Jim. His voice doesn't Echo as much. I didn't know where he was. I couldn't hear him. He was there. I I've seen them or he was yelling like ice seen him but I never heard him and that's what got me kind of behind where I was so I could hear him like yeah about Karma. He was always like kind of like behind our section but still like how that Jim was set out like you know you fucking. I think he could hear him anywhere well. Yeah I mean that Jim was all just like concrete and plastic bleachers. Now we're in a room. That's going paneling and some other you know whatever the ceilings made out of some sort of basement yeah yeah so yeah his you know Shit doesn't Echo as much but he was definitely there man. This match was just a brutal motherfucker as predicted yeah. Let's let's just talk about it. Joshua Bishop wins via crucifix bomb onto a share your new intense champion Joshua Fuck and bishop yeah. How about that time for this Evans agreed? I think to like like you mentioned stacy about two top matches so far this year you know four months into it has been Joshua Bishop of the two which one if we said like all right end of the year right now match of the year or which one you putting Greenie okay I I'm. I'm leaning that way right now to then. Is that like my favorite magic year so far that fucker slid into like my all time somewhere damn wow like that's. I really really really really fucking like that match a lot <hes> this match was great. Though this was I these two could fight for the rest of the year on every show. I'm fine with it from now through Christmas just Gogo. Can it be get sick can be said that one of the best things to happen to Josh Bishop in the past gear was the falling apart of no consequences yeah for sure sure that can be said. I think I think benefited a lot of those guys I think being in no consequences also benefited a lot of those guys tags at the end it was it was a different thing than what the production you know what I mean and later the production was the thing that you could see going on going forward. The no consequences was more of a thing of convenience to to get all those guys together we end if it works it gave them all ways to get experience and immature now. Some of them are doing crazy. Shit like Josh Bishop as great than we have well. Also you know trailer barred. You'd Guess Chase Oliver when when he returns from injury because that was really starting to pick up a little bit of steam of just those two I would assume that those two would just pick up where they left off. Once chase can wrestle again <hes> but in the meantime Todd Lamar is doing things like winning this fucking scramble on this show Yeah Stone Yeah I I think having been in that group benefited all these guys and I think not being has benefited the ones that are currently around the neck and the only one minute. We haven't really seen heard much from but there's reasoning behind it is Gary Game baller yeah. He's busy. You know stuff yeah for those who don't know just touch on it lightly as he has <hes> <hes> schooling outside of wrestling that has taken priority right now so so if you want have been wondering where he is that where he is he's making sure that he's not going to be broke wrestlers yeah pretty much and what I've heard he's good at it. These grades so more power to him. I definitely miss him. I've thought he was a I don't say great character but he was really coming out of his shell of what we saw when he first started and that's what I was enjoying seeing like when he would cut a promo it was just this tougher side and I was like Oh this. This is really good. I like it but man Josh Bishop Joshua Bishop Holy Fuck Shit Josh Bishop <hes> I. I don't know that there's a U._C._l._A.. On that kid right now like I feel like you could be the next like star comes out. I've put it between him and dom and it's like it's between them. There's thumb's got a head start for sure. Eh Dom just had that awesome announcement about w w like there if we were to have like ranking of all the A._A.. W students from the beginning like this one into right now we're not are willing does something the other manages the topic <hes> yeah. I think there's there's a great competition between them. I mean just that's why we saw that that great feud and I think that's not necessarily done right now. I mean well a pins been put in and that's going to be revisited. Something almost has. Asked to but like you just see professionally how hard they they're working and even outside of a W._n.. Student wise like why put them one and two because I feel like they're out there way more than everybody else. Both of those guys had a lot of a lot of success outside of add up here <hes> dom being evolve and tagged with Kevin coup and <hes> you know working all over the northeast I slash Midwest and I mean bishop has to bishop spend in Tennessee and <hes> Indiana and shit like I think it's interesting that Bishop got a belt nee I w adopted though in what we've seen outside inside of a w from Joshua Bishop is we've seen more than just regular Joshua Bishop. He had a very short run in southern underground pro as slutty cat which started off. It's kind of a joke but it turned into like a year you hear thing which that it was just Joshua bishop getting to do something a little different a little bit of Sun for him. Oh Kado so much fun. I mean I've heard Hefford people out there hating and the but it's not necessarily like a huge wjr pocket of fans it was it was fun parody of like what we have with alley cat but I don't know the fact that it also to stayed in one company was just so much fun we have anymore say about Joshua's bishop and fucking like justice was in there in there on that shit too <hes> so here's the thing I mean there's there's more to it. We just gotTa get further through this shout okay next up. We have what what turned out being between the episode in the show there were there was a change in the card. Sadly Nick Gage had a wedding to go to know more power to him but in a replacement manse warner versus Eddie Kingston instead isn't steamrolled be Oh yes hold on saw mass warner wins via Larry it to the face. I might just right in the face. I felt like the teased him and Duke not be together for much is longer and boy. That's that makes me happy I caught. I don't know if we're looking too far ahead here looking to deep into stuff but I just loved that will man's comes out. Duke always comes through the curtain. I gets booed food. Man's comes through the carton gets cheer Duke is he does and so is man's for totally different reasons as about saying put this on twitter on my personal twitter. The Duke is the best wrestling manager in all of Ohio. There are probably true. I feel like there's some out there that act like they are number one they they don't have as big of profile as big as big a company but I think the heat that do can get is just nuclear so the only address I would put on that would be and it would be the same for the other guy that I think will qualify for art technically dukes not just a manager cozy Rasul's Yeah I think when Dr Dan Works as a manager and not as a wrestler. He's a solid one be to the duke. I'll I'll give you that like I agree Duke Dr Dan or both managers so interesting comparison Nano US yeah. I think maybe it's because like Dan is newer this yeah. That's fair but he he definitely I'm not gonNA knock his essentials like he's he's reading on the joke has been made like Dr. Dan could be the duke son and it it would be believable. I could see it hard to me wants them to do that but I don't like. Just have that be like our joke 'cause. I guess that I've heard it before. I don't remember where but the comparison has been made. It makes so much fucking sense yeah. We've already got one father son tandem and yeah I mean I don't need another so yeah Manse Warner and <hes> with the Duke. I feel like they've been teasing that for a while like we're eventually going to pay off eventually not sure how soon but it's going to happen because I think it happened at the last show to the at this place mackinac where it looked like something was about to happen between manse and jock and they're like half line so I feel like they're teasing it but it's not happening right now. We'll say I feel like have Manson. A tag. Team is almost like a waste of manse right now too because he's guy go to this match him. Eddie Kingston had a fucking. We've spent this whole time talking about tooks manager. This batch was fucking great. Yeah it was it was just fucking. It was another like brutal. We'll just fucking match. I love this the first time manse his wrestle Bankston I I I would guess not they did some stuff in either way and manse one other confidence in his slipping my mind right now. That's a super excited for this because I've seen their other matches and they were all really really doing just beat nineties another for twenty minutes and it needs we still get nick gage Orissa's Eddie Kingston some at some southern point. Oh God I hope so. I just put it on the rats. Show yeah yeah sounds good to me. Yes next up. We had a match that Cayden. You didn't tell me that I forgot to post the match was happening has a book and through the results I go oh I fucked up. The next match was an Dogma Cross versus Josh Prohibition Ako Main Event of the evening a twentieth anniversary match of these these two and I'll give you a pass one forgetting because I was also real tired still yeah it was inbetween being tired and like it being this match. I was just excited to like watch. I think everyone just really excited because there's also like I didn't mention this and <hes> it was halfway my bad. I didn't take any instagram videos only because I think last time at this venue they got fucked up. They got released in like a random water because it's not great signal aw boy so the tweets can go through fairly quick but when you're trying to send out a fifteen second video and another fifteen second video another fifteen second video and a minutes worth of fifteen second videos in a row I yeah just clogs up and fuck shit up so I didn't do it. I think the first match I took a regular video and I was going to post them later. Yeah then like after that I was like now I'm not doing it so sorry anybody who was looking for that so hope I think the Odeon has better better reception it does I've been there before receptions so so yet tired and all that but Josh Prohibition Matt Cross so excited for this fucking match and the thing that I love is twenty eight years together and they go together so well like Joshua's and Russell as much but I felt like it was a smooth match and it wasn't it wasn't dragged down. How'd you guys feel about it good to see Josh Bath for the first time since absolution solution yeah? I'm pretty stained thing last week but it's it's weird not having him on shows yeah yeah I was. I was excited to see a back to especially in a mash of this caliber. You know this was another match where wear and by this point. We've all been in that room for a decent amount of time forever but this was the other match where I thought the crowd was a little dead at times yeah. It was I._R._A.. Noticeable at times here which is sad because is this match was really fucking good. I mean how does match because I'm wonder how many late I won't say non wrestling fans like how many outside fans came to this show just for Cross for prohibition. Pardon me yeah I don't know I mean you say that. It was the first time his dad ever seen him Russell Yep. That's I remember when he said that. I'm like that's fucking crazy. Yeah again how it can happen. Though man the twentieth anniversary come see me Russell. Okay fine sure I'll come but yeah that was that whole part I mean at the end of the match to not really fast forward through it but when they both got on the Mike or just goes taper they got on the Mike but Still <hes> Jaber on his daughter like I thought that was really cool and there was no matter like who won that matches it like a proud moment between friends and we did have Graham across like we mentioned earlier and I was really really happy about that. She didn't really really get involved. She took her spot which no matter where she sitting she tries to get up to the barricade now when end-all comes out but that's the only thing I really noticed armored but it was just like I said a fun back and forth between the two and she did run up to the ring. Yeah I feel bad for grandma across. You never gets to see Matt Win like us not done a lot of winning day I W in the last couple years false I think m dog one and the match and power bomb Iraq. I think you WanNa can't remember Graham across being hilarious that day. Just that does a big false. Ask a W. O. W. Ring The ad don't count it was eight in the morning should know how can you imagine show at eight eight in the morning. No no I had it's fucking ideas of maybe doing that that year and then got lugging Shit House drunk the night before it was like no I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Sleep now yeah yeah. I'm the only idiot that did it like of us. There were other idiots there yeah I've seen pictures there was it wasn't just like you. They didn't have to superimpose among other people said before said again. I did it just to live out like the fraction of a dream that used to have so fine. I was happy with that but anyway no. You're not going to justify shit. I just know why there oh trust me eat in the morning. When I woke up I was regretting it? I I don't remember what time it got to sleep. I don't remember how much sleep I got. It probably on a couple hours I ran to the gas station grabbed a bunch of monsters till I like drank that day. Dude I don't know what the angle was late for you guys on the finish for this match but from where I was sitting it looked like he brained him through that table and it was gross and it wasn't until I saw the video from other angles where I was like. Oh No fact it looks so disgusting I'm from my angle. It was so good and it was just prohibition went in via drunken driving through table which was a fantastic playoff to this match like this match bill right like it was yeah it was like a really well laid out match like had different segments to it and there was no period where they were outside and against the rails chopping each other <hes> match was great. Everybody should watch that match like get tons of other good shit that happened on the shell flying but wash this yeah. It's a great match and I fucking hope that whoever is doing the fucking g C._W.. Backyard show on the fourth of July gets these fuckers Walker to go back to the backyard as soon as they announced it or Aka you through dinner chats when I first seen it. That's the first two people came to mind like O.. J. Pros been getting in shape lately. They're having this twentieth anniversary met. Ah Come on this is whether it's them to again or whether it's euthanasia it has to happen yeah. I just like there's something poetic about those two twenty years later after being the the the literal poster boys or backyard rats to then workless G C W backyard show I feel like is it's just writes itself to eat now like needs to happen. That's the hottest chicken of summer man out how you get them by two that ship but I'm jealous wanted. Does I'm jealous every single mother fucker who gets to go you do all right. Are we ready for the main event ain't going for the gold yeah should should we go through entrance one by one Oh fuck man. We've been on your longtime already. <hes> I mean we don't have to go into details. I mean there's like this certain highlights we could stop at you know it started off with off Manse Warner and the return of Joey Vanilla which goes back to reactions pat all fucking nuts. This is also the weirdest and this is a bold bucket statement this the weirdest Joe each Nella match ever seen the full. The full length of the gotten for the goal is the weirdest Joey Gisela match. I've ever seen yeah so many things happen so many little things happened during this match catch. It's it's so good and there are things that happened that like I'm sure there are things I didn't see. There are things that people on the other side of the room wouldn't have seen like little things like when he wasn't in the ring just like the weird shitty was doing it was so good yet moment with an infant son had newborn show you punched pat. He punched other fans beaten up fans Crowley. He ran around with a spike in and <hes> did someone's entrance with them later with that. That's another highlight entrant. The big thing for view is genetics like he was having a lot of fucking fun. Yeah he was glad to be master Yeah Yeah. You looked like he was having a lot of fuck inside and you know what mania weekend you looked like. He was having fun but he looked like you like zero stress. Just having fun knows that he can do whatever plucky wants to basically quick it. Just it was great so you enter number three Eric Ryan number four Eddie only number five t money number six Zach Thomas Number seven Marino Anglia number eight. There's hi white woman nation by the way I I didn't. What was that elimination because it was me Marino okay yeah? I thought it was off the apron into the guardrail. was that a was that that one of quick eliminations or by someone else is quick okay you. I think it was the first elimination might have been. I is that entrant number eight Dr Dan and are you ain't ready entrant number nine razor fucking sharp. This might have been the biggest pop in the night. This also went with the theme of everybody for the reaction as place knots. I kinda wish he would have been twenty one because that is the number on his Jersey Yeah but that's just one if you happen here yeah. It's the fun it really fucking half and yeah dude so my favorite parts of this. We're like the genuine reaction of some of the people in the rig to the reaction razor-sharp got from the crowd were like really is going on like Joey Ella thoroughly fucking and I loved it spring greatness. You're talking. There's that picture of razor walking down the ramp. That's fucking amazing yeah seeing it so good. I don't know who took that but that was so good so happy for that too good for him and she was a quick quick yeah yeah yeah yeah he for obvious reasons but yet eliminated really quick obviously wasn't ready. Entra number ten right a read entry at writer read had a an amazing amazing like I don't know Boston crab minute. Bring them yeah there was a point where Jamila had in a Boston crab Manhattan in like a slugging choke from the other side Xiv and then also who was the third person team money or somebody came over and raked his is yeah and he was tapping out of so good before Rainer. Would he do wrong. It's time to take a power bomb through a skateboard. Yes yeah Tom that ever again. Did he get eliminated onto a skateboard. He got throat. You did a skateboard spot where you went over the top rope landed on escape or skiing at around and go back in Iraq okay because if that happened on my side of the ring he has about say it was away from us. Look like Oh we got eliminated but then he's like skating was like Okay Yep landed on Steve Org entrance number eleven dominant Greenie number twelve P._b.. Smooth Thirteen Philly Collins. I didn't realize his tell now but number fourteen in his in his fourteenth Golic for the Gold Marian Fontaine. I always get to see him in the goblet. Now Understatement Lula's one appearance here yeah we need more but still love it entered number fifteen matthew justice followed by number sixteen west Markley man and that's something. We didn't really talk about when we talked about that match but West Barclay acting as Joshua's fucking manager played a big part Josh win in that Belt Yeah Imag got a little bit of payback here he wasn't in for in and out enter number seventeen Derek director number eighteen the w intense champion Joshua bishop coming out with the belt to and this sets up those two going forward forward 'cause they eliminated themselves together brawled out of the building yep noticing a pattern with Joshua bishop in his feuds eliminating him and his opponent from the match number Nineteen Thir- store jobbers favorite wrestler her Lewis Lennon Yeah. He was in their number twenty me her bid. It's up there with razor sharp in Joey her biggest off in the evening. Okay here's the thing with this I seen him walking around like before the show but after doors open and I was like <hes> I haven't seen you in a while. Could you be a mystery entrant and turns out yeah but I wasn't sure because he could just been fucking hanging out well and so that's the thing I was. He's GonNa say because I've seen him but shows like Mount Carmel where he was just they're wrestling just hanging out not only was jerry which I don't know if we mentioned yeah it was Jerry not only come out but students brought out the old Virgil. You'll esque banner Jerry A._I.. W wrestling superstar never virgil cod forgot about <hes> God you enter number twenty one weird body enter number twenty two worldwide and Shit Number Twenty three M J F Really Enter your buddies out twenty three any only must've been counting. His lucky stars does that he was already eliminated because engineers N.. J. F. came out with sheet house. Walking around the edge the crowd Cheetos ruin cheetos people and then he ran out and he freaked out but even remember he had gummy bears and his two sites and your number of people enter number twenty four Nasty Russ and shirt number twenty five. Tim Danced Entrant Number Twenty Six bobby Beverly Andhra number twenty seven spider spider nate webb tricky tricky man's biter Nate Webb telling people he was an Indie. I mean he wasn't lying but I'm sure at some point that day was an Indie Crop Neat Web's the best he's another guy that could be on every I w show and I would be totally five hundred percent so this is where we had Joey Giannella walking around with him like all it doesn't matter it was gone for the Gold Spiderweb was walking walking around through the crowd. Just like normal whipped Joey Genoa M._J.. F- Having maybe like flashbacks from Boston New York <hes> one attracts stop playing the fucking music even it was I think he was on the Mike and he said stop playing fat boy. Yeah something I get US fucking hilarious. Can I give W._p._N.'s credit for Something Zoo anybody who sang you are my sunshine M._J.. Mania weekend sums up it was topical with the time I am really slapping glad that this crowd didn't decide that it was time this still keep that shit going. When I'm jeff came out here it was attempt it but I didn't catch on well? You're good for everybody who didn't let it catch on 'cause it's time has come and gone entrant number twenty eight Eddie Kingston Yeah and shirt number twenty enter number twenty nine fine big John Tucker. This moment is what I was laughing my ass off because like M._j.. Getting on big twins back in talking Shit I can't wait to see these together more real good and then there was a part neither really thought that was the thing and they've m._G._M.. was going to win that he was going to be the he'll winner because of fucking Thuan because he did nothing yup out have been great but we have entered number thirty we circuit to the last big reaction of the night came from thrift store jobber now little before I for those who don't know but who came out I seem this person before for the show with his gear bag and a hood up as I was scouting locations to do the interview that you hear things going to drop next week with Matt Wadsworth trying to figure place I can do it outside so here. He is trying to not be seen an icy him. It was none other than fucking Kaplan and as soon as Steve Guy Count was coming down and I knew okay twenty nine entrance Kaplan is not yet I just all locked locked is over to the Star jobber and he flipped out fucking love it their safety first Kaplan that too yep safety. I got a little showed out like book. It's no secret I'm a I'm a big Tim dot span but Tim dot stole that fucking Gimmick and they got to have like a little taste of lake <hes> throwdown. I would like to see that be a real match at some point like full full on full fucking Macha Kaplan I have I mean that was kind of brewing lascher because it was <hes> Don's donald eliminated or the stole his his heart hat and it is safety. I pose and then Danski unlimited got eliminated this time. He got limited on our side and he was like he's like I'm safety. I and I was like he was safety. I I was safety. I yeah so I mean that inbetween. Oh sorry I'll say was I always thought it was in between that or just have those tag up a safety. I I would take that to <hes>. I'll root for Tim all hardcore that I was also so happy that number thirty because I did not know the capital was in the building. I had a couple of people spoiled for me earlier. In the day that Kaplan hadn't what potato got carried out of their forgot about that earlier indie goblet and I was like do not make this fucking potato at thirty do not see he isn't on the Internet all week that he was gonna Russell after his embarrassing video ranting and raving in New Jersey and Dan. I couldn't have been happier than it was Catholic so okay in reference to that video. Let's play with play. What if game what if Okay Dave Dawson did win gone for the gold so that means he would go main event absolution with filthy? Tom lawler would that match alone. Be Worth the what we would have to go through between Gauntlet and Abso with potato the only way I'm interested in that if it's if it's a fucking I mean could be he. Don't know it if it's like shoe plate yeah. I'll take that it'll be like ten seconds long US Tom. Just you know foxwoods. Either option is okay but he wasn't in it so he didn't win. Wasn't we've got Kaplan instead those great the return of Kaplan with hope. It's a regular return like you. He was never like every show guy but boy just to have them. You know every couple of shows that'd be fantastic. He was a fun guy period like in the ring out of the ring whenever he had a match just fucking left Kaplan. I think it's hard not to gladys pops up every once in a while the last time we seen him. Was it got last year. Maybe he was added. Show eating pizza after that could be but not like working yeah. This led us to our final. Four didn't not GonNa go through eliminations that was too much to do so final four was N.. J. F. Manse Warner Joey Vanilla Ella and Eddie fucking Kingston final two was. We don't have that tweet for that was M._J.. Often Eddie Kingston. I believe it wasn't joey and it was. I'm Jackson Kingston the winner of gone look for the gold fourteen none other than Eddie Fuck in Kingston Mattia and afterwards he said he is not leaving wrestling until he wins the absolute championship and pretty much called out filthy. Tom Lawler so as of right now beating up again so as right now absolution main event or at least the absolute title match any Kingston for Filthy Taller. That's gotta be fuck do our two when was the last time <hes> absolution twenties seventeen. Whenever number that was fifth blurred to me now my burton with the numbers and remember the year for twelve twelve fifteen was ten man? I'll take that match as the main of EPA absolution talk yeah yeah just beat each other up for a while to be real fun. I it was great Eddie Kingston winning. The Gauntlet is some of the best booking I've seen in a I W jared is so good love. If you WANNA look at it like that all right any a final thoughts on this show show <hes> Golic for the gold fourteen Cayden slum show top to bottom nothing really bad on the card. Have I use as he loved the show was great on paper. I thought it was going to be long like I really thought got into. It started a little late now. This is going to be real long. It really didn't feel long like the showed it feel as long as it was <hes> and it had wasn't there wasn't with the exception of a match. I didn't watch so so I don't know how was I never saw bad match goal night so great is one of these big trump was a year so if I was grading it I would give that shit in ache. I agree with yes. Same thing thing that I always love about. Gauntlet is I'd love the end of the royal rumble matches a whole doing the same thing here not knowing who's going to win like sometimes we get real surprises. I think this one I would would lean towards surprises surprise Lewis Linden with one of the bigger ones but other people when they've won. It's you kinda see coming and it's still good but it's just leading up to absolution. I think a lot of the other shows jalen absolution in Hell on earth like the stables those are fun do but just the the mystique of absolute of Donald for the gold love it I sucker for a royal rumble style match and <hes> gone for the gold delivered take time I'm I'm going through twitter right now from from the show day 'cause that's what I've been reading the results off of. We forgot to mention the forks. Oh Yeah our the Eddie Kingston kings of Commands Warner and Eric Ryan this is the first five minutes gone and they're just like stabbing each other and not like slow stats like the fast like Stephen Aw while that's happening Joey Jamila is like in the corner slash tried to like happily the ring between the ropes like Joey sold all that shit real while while it was happening so good didn't help demands just hand a death match tonight before the show his head was already screwed up Kenzan. I believe man I saw some rough gifts from that match to did. He bleed a little bit against Kingston to yes. Yes yeah obviously yeah from probably mostly from the night before but still yeah fuck hey gruff weekend all right in the final thoughts a last minute were or your Social Media Yeah Club for we go started this the usual cave yard few on six sign also media very interesting person. Follow me on whatever you choose to stating <hes> my personal stuff at Stacey silvers on twitter <hes> has sobers on instagram super fantastic podcasts. The laziest podcast on the Internet stove is not poster the new the maze looking to be real busy. There's going to be at least two episodes happening and so yeah making make up for the month where I didn't do anything so yeah <hes> super fantastic podcast on you know wherever you get your podcast from and <hes> you can follow that on instagram at super fantastic podcast twitter at superfan cast stick <hes> but yeah we're doing the the transformers episode this month <hes> which is the research forced the bane of my existence but it'll be cool when it's done and that'll be with the rick does those episodes missiles with me every time and then I've got some some normal episodes coming up too so there was just a little break. You know life happens. People lives happened now. The shows a longer record so you know it's it's harder to get people to have the time Nisa down for a couple of hours versus. You know something that's an hour was completely understandable not to mention with like those bigger episodes of you know digitals and Hema and all that like the like the research that goes into to like it's not just two people turning on a microphone and being like yeah I think kind remember that like Oh. Oh it forgot about that like there's it's well research well prepared. I mean I started doing I technically I guess I started doing the research for the transformers episode e Six like actively for this episode. I started doing it in in March and we're GONNA record like two weeks so that's a lot watched read a lot <hes> a lot of reference books every time it do one of these <hes> and find a lot of reference. I don't know I like doing it. I like the deep dives into the toy lines but they're not why started doing show. I started doing the show. Just have conversations with people were fans of stuff in bank LAXA so now looking forward to get back to that and of course you could find myself at heavyset three three zero on all social media just like you can find on his show on facebook twitter instagram facebook dot com slash ranchers twitter dot com slash wrestling cheers instagram dot com slash rush and cheers email if you so choose a desire researchers at G._M._O.. Dot Com please rate review and subscriber ever listen this podcast whether it be apple podcasts Google podcast stitcher tune in youtube spotify iheartradio pod racing cheers dot pod being dot com check out on our friends on the training topics network such as all beer inside your vision showcase old school at the movies movies and wrestling with altitude check our other podcasting friends such as Pod vandamme the road home from wrestling indie cast centerstage Sob- Rose Network Big O. 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