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Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from the almond board of California, researching new uses for almond halls and shells, like strengthening recycled plastics, creating fuel brewing. Beer, and more. More about the almond communities zero waste goal at almondsustainability dot org. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. Steep drop in the US markets. This hour's investors monitor escalating tensions over trade between the United States and China. The Dow is down more than four hundred points or one and a half percent. Nasdaq is fallen more than one point six percent. And the SMP's dropped one point four percent. The head of the FBI is breaking with the US attorney general's assertion last month at the Trump 2016 campaign was the target of spying today director, Christopher Ray told a Senate appropriations subcommittee that he would not use the term spying for surveillance. That was authorized by court people have different colloquial phrases. I believe that the F B is engaged in investigative activity and part of investigative activity includes surveillance activity of different shapes and sizes and to me the key question is making sure that it's done by the book consistent with our lawful. Authority Ray declined to discuss an ongoing FBI. A probe into the Trump campaign since it's part of an investigation conducted by the Justice department inspector general a meeting of the Arctic Council in Finland has ended with no joint declaration because of problems with the wording NPR's Jackie northern reports. The United States refused to sign a declaration that included language about climate change. Because the first time since the Arctic Council was formed in nineteen Ninety-six at the eight Member States could not agree on a declaration. Instead, a short vague statement was issued reaffirming the council's commitment to maintain peace ability and cooperation in the Arctic. There was no mention of climate change. The statement came one day after secretary of state, Mike Pompeo gave a speech before the council in which he challenged Canada and Russia's territorial claims to the polar region and warned about aggressive behavior by China, which has observer status in the council Pompeo acknowledged the Arctic has a fragile ecosystem that needs to be protected, but then painted the warming polar reach. As an economic opportunity with its abundance of oil, minerals and fish in Jackie Northam, NPR news. Authorities in south Mississippi of arrested two brothers in the shooting death of a police officer NPR's Debbie Elliott reports patrolman Robert Mckee thune was killed outside the Bellizzi police headquarters. Sunday local residents applauded as nineteen year old dairy in Atkinson was brought in handcuffs to the parking lot. Where officer Mckee was shot to death Atkinson faces a capital murder charge and his twenty one year old brother is charged as an accessory police released video showing the suspect enter Alexi police headquarters before the shooting it's unclear whether it was a random attack, or if McEachern was targeted Harrison county sheriff Troy Peterson says the saddest thing about the case is that there's no clear motive patrolman, Robert Mckee and had been with Alexi police force for twenty three years and had planned to retire later this year, this is NPR. Are. Voters in Denver will decide today whether to decriminalize what's called magic mushrooms Esther Hoenig of member station. K U N C reports. Supporters say they want safe access to the mushrooms mainly for medicinal use. If it passes it all twenty one or older caught using Silla Sivan mushrooms or even growing them for personal use will become the lowest priority for Denver law enforcement, the mushrooms, which cause hallucinations are the focus of ongoing medical research and could be used to treat things like depression, director of the Denver campaign. Kevin matthews. So it's time we stopped arresting adults for using a mushroom. That's not only safe for most people, but also has such tremendous medical potential campaigns in Oregon and California hope to get similar issues on their states ballot for the twenty twenty elections for NPR news. I'm Esther Hoenig in Colorado, comedian writer and actor Dave Chapelle is the winner of this years Mark Twain prize for. American humor. The John F Kennedy Center for the performing arts announced today that Chapelle will accept you ward at a gala performance, the shocked Hct the Grammy and EMMY award winning performer attended the Duke Ellington school of the arts in Washington DC where he's a hometown hero. He began performing in nightclubs in the city at age fourteen Chapelle went onto establish himself. As one of the most influential voices of his generation with his own show on comedy central and award winning stand up specials pass twain awards or rather recipients include Richard Pryor will be Goldberg and Tina Fey, I'm Lakshmi Singh. NPR news in Washington.

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