Major League Baseball will return in July


Good Morning I'm James Holman from the Washington Post and this is the daily to two for Wednesday June twenty them in today's news, the chairman of the House foreign. Affairs Committee is trailing his primary challenger in new. York. A federal prosecutor will testify that. He faced political pressure to go easy on Roger Stone. And the Senate teeters on the cusp of failure in the push for police reform. But I saw the big idea. Baseball is coming back. Major League Baseball will return in July. Training camps will resume on July first. An opening day will take place either June July twenty third or twenty fourth. It's four months behind schedule, but the season will be sixty games by far the shortest in the sports modern history followed by postseason unlike other sports, baseball is aiming to play this season with teams in their home. Cities as opposed to a one site quarantined bubble as players begin arriving back to camp this week. All of which will be held in the team's home cities as opposed to spring training facilities in Arizona or Florida. They'll be tested. Tested for the coronavirus before being allowed to enter, it's the first of many tests. Each player and staff member will be subjected to teams will be aligned geographically to reduce travel while the MLB has yet to release a master schedule for the new condense season, each team will play forty games within their own division and twenty games against teams from the corresponding division in the other league, thus the defending world series champion Washington nationals will play ten games each against division rivals Atlanta Miami Philadelphia in the New York mets, and for each against Al Teams Baltimore. Boston the New York, Yankees Tampa and Toronto. This will be a season unlike any in the sports history, featuring among other wrinkles, a designated hitter in the national. League for the first time. And probably get this extra innings that begin with a runner already on second base. The season will be played by necessity without fans in ballparks at least initially, but we'll still be able to tune in on television. My colleague Dave Shannon who's been bird dogging the negotiations for us on the baseball. Beat knows that this is happening as several states across the Sunbelt, which is home to more than a third of the teams in the League have seen. The number of infections spike in recent weeks. Already, the Philadelphia phillies have confirmed an outbreak stemming from their spring headquarters in clearwater Florida, in which at least seven players and five staffers of tested positive. It's one of several developments that prompted the MLB shutter. All spring training facilities last week then last night, literally within minutes of MLB's announcement of a deal to start the season. The Denver Post reported that three members of the Colorado rockies including all star outfielder. Charlie Blackmon has tested positive players is obviously one of the big hiccups. We'll learn thirty seven percent of their original twenty twenty salary. If the season goes the full sixty games. Had already consented to give high risk players who opt out their full pay and service time, but in of the final issues that the union in the League resolved last night. The Union secured the same benefits for players who live with someone including a pregnant spouse who is deemed high risk, so that would apply not only to players who have family members with medical conditions such as nationals reliever. Sean doolittle, whose wife has severe asthma, but also players whose wives or due to give birth this summer. This is a big deal for anyone who does fantasy baseball because that group includes some of the best in the game including. Los, Angeles Angels Center Fielder Mike, Trout and New York Universities Pitcher Garrett Cole. In other Sports News Denver Nuggets. Center Nikola Jokic tested positive as the NBA entered face to of its reopening plan. The Arizona Republic reports that two unidentified members of the Phoenix. Suns have also tested positive. Several other teams are waiting on test results expected to come back later today. And Novakovic, the number one rated tennis player in the world is apologizing today after testing positive for the virus, three tennis players all revealed yesterday. They had corona virus after playing at his competition. Joe Vic Eight notorious anti vaccine. WHO said he wouldn't get a corona virus vaccine if one is developed? Acknowledged that it was too soon to stages tournament and said he is deeply sorry that it is caused so much harm. and. That's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar this hump. Debt number one. Jamal Baughman a former middle school principal who's African American and has the support of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cossio Cortez has taken an early lead over house. Foreign Affairs Committee chairman. Eliot Engel in the Democratic primary in New York. It's too soon to call that and a bunch of other races from last night, because there are so many mail in ballots because of the coronavirus and they take longer to count, but. While it Susan to call it. Bouwman has a pretty significantly and in Kentucky, state legislator Charles Booker who's also black, is locked in east still too close to call race with retired Marine Corps fighter pilot, aiming McGrath. who was a star, recruit of National Democrats for the chance to wage a longshot bid against Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell a third. African American candidate is leaving leading significantly in a seven way primary to replace retiring Congresswoman Nita Lowey in New York. If Montier Jones wins that seat, he will be the first openly gay black man to serve in Congress. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who chairs the House Oversight Committee holds only a narrow lead over Suraj Patel a hotel, executive and former Obama campaign staffer. That contest is a rematch from two thousand eighteen Maloney, who's in her fourteenth term seeing a fifteenth term one then by nineteen points now looks like she might just narrowly whole don. And Down in North Carolina a twenty four year old won an upset over president. Trump's pick to replace Mark Meadows Madison Thorn Eight twenty four year old, defeated Linda Bennett the Republican handpicked by trump and White House chief of staff mark, meadows in gop runoff for the seat that meadows gave up to take the chief of staff job. CAWTHORN is poised to become the member of the House and the solidly Red District. He was going to go to the Naval Academy six years ago. In fact, he received a nomination for meadows. But he couldn't attend because a car accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Number to. A federal prosecutor and another Justice Department official plan to tell Congress later today that Attorney General Bill Bar and his top deputies issued inappropriate orders amid investigations and trials based on political considerations and a desire to care to trump. Aaron's Alinsky, an assistant US attorney in Maryland. Who was formerly detailed a Bob Molars Russia investigation will tell the House Judiciary Committee that prosecutors involved in the criminal trial of trump's longtime confidante, Roger Stone experienced quote. Heavy pressure from the highest levels of the Justice Department to cut stone a break by requesting a lighter sentence, he intends to testify according to his four thousand words of testimony that were released in advance that stone his understanding was was to be treated differently and more leniently because of his relationship with the president. So. Linski will be joined by John Elias. Who Works in the Justice Department's anti-trust Division? He will say that bar ordered staff to investigate marijuana company mergers, simply because he quote did not like the nature of their underlying business. As a result, the antitrust division launched ten reviews of mergers in the marijuana industry, and was ordered to probe a deal between major US automakers and the state of California after trump tweeted about it disparagingly. Months later when the matter seem near a close political leaders ordered a subsequent investigation when California announced it would purchase vehicles only from automakers that complied with its fuel efficiency standards. Together. Their accounts, which will be delivered under subpoena, and under oath are a damning indictment of bars management of the Justice Department. A tenure defined by unprecedent politicization. The testimony is also going to raise the stakes surrounding a subpoena that the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry. Nadler has promised issue for bars testimony early next month. Number three. The chances of the Senate, Passing Police Reform Bill appear very slim this morning. The Senate needs sixty votes to pass something but Republicans are refusing to negotiate with Democrats saying that the opposition has to take relieved that proposal they worked out among themselves Democrats say the GOP bill which is opposed by the ACP and George. Floyd's family is woefully inadequate. The Republicans note that they incorporated a number of democratic proposals including legislation to make lynching a federal crime, but there has been no attempt to negotiate the differences between the dueling visions for policing bills with the two parties, disagreeing about the extent of federal mandate to alter practices at thousands of local police departments. That different fundamental philosophies is apparent on one major issue whether to explicitly ban no knock warrants issued by a judge which allow officers to enter a residence without announcing themselves. The other big difference is about whether to ban chuckles. The stalemate stands in stark contrast to the states. More than two hundred fifty policing related bills have been introduced in twenty six states since George Floyd's death in Iowa. Republican governor Kim Reynolds just signed a law restricting the use of colds and preventing police officers who have been fired for misconduct from being hired elsewhere in the state Colorado been show colds and issued new mandates on the use of body cameras. Efforts stalled Minnesota where Republicans abruptly adjourned a special session of the state legislature after being unable to reach a compromise with Democrats. Despite the hiccups in Congress, a new Washington Post poll out this morning finds the black-americans are optimistic about change following the recent nationwide protests while a majority of Americans across all racial groups report, feeling sad, angry and troubled by killing more than half of black adults say they personally or someone. They know well had an unfair interaction with police in the past few years. More than third say there was an occasion when they feared being hurt by a police officer, vastly higher than the share of white and Hispanic Americans reporting the same experiences. The black people also largely believe Floyd's death could be a catalyst for change in part, because people of all colors have participated in the protests that have played out in hundreds of cities and towns, demanding change from political leaders. And that's the daily two. Oh, two for Wednesday June twenty-fourth thanks for listening I'm James Holman. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Own.

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