12/29: Weekend Recap; 2019 Awards Nominations! (Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from CBS. Sports got email us at fantasy football. CBS I dot Com it is time to dominate your fantasy league of Cheney and he well a lot of it's crazy things happen. During the fantasy season players come out of nowhere. You pick them up off the waiver. Wire they help you win a championship quarterback Brian Fitzpatrick Finish on a strong strong note. Nothing crazier nothing crazier than the Patriots. Losing home to the dolphins a week seventeen. Welcome to the show. Everybody in fact we welcome you to the fantasy football football today. Road tour presented by little CAESARS. Pizza for dinner tonight. How about ordering your favorite online from little caesars and using Pizza Puerto pickup? It's the latest greatest. Listen hottest way to pick up a pizza without even going to the register. I'm Outta Mazer. You should be expecting Dave Richard and he's coming but no forget them then Gretchen stretches here. What's up band not much exciting week? Seventeen is fun to see who you know who makes the play offs and the season caps and excited there. You go over well. The raiders didn't make the playoffs but almost nothing that the that needed to happen for the raiders to make the playoffs actually happened was a dreadful prediction. And so he's not here Obama's Dave's not here Jamie Eisenberg is here happy week. Seventeen Jamie I mean. Normally in week seventeen you get you know some downgrades in terms of replacements but you've got significant then Oh yeah big time very excited. You're the best around so let me start with this. So he's got some. Yeah he's working on vacation David Texas. He's a from Hawaii. This board asked me to submit a A. DFS Lineup for him. I didn't see the text but hopefully so. What else did Anyway so we're GONNA do. Today is talk a little bit about seventy studies that he's working. These sent you a text to do something for him. Yeah what do you serve it. I don't know I don't know what that was all about. He's so what we're GONNA do today. Hey is talk a little bit about seventy also gonNA start our nominations for the awards for two thousand nineteen the fantasy. MVP The rookie of the year. The best waiver wire pickup. The worst waiver wire pickup the one week performance of the year and the biggest bust of the season. And we're going to do the nominees. I'm an east today and we're going to put them up in our facebook group fantasy football today and you all can vote on them but here. Let's start with a Combo question in two thousand twenty. Let's assume that everybody's back in the same spots. They are in right now. quarterbacks wide receivers all that nothing changes in two thousand twenty. Would you rather have this Combo Ryan Fitzpatrick and devante Parker or Ryan Tannehill and a Jay Brown Jamie go. That's a good one I would take the Dolphins Ido beds agree with I knew your. I thought you were going to get that one right Jimmy I I really did. It has to be read this. I think. I think it's going to still be a better fancy quarterback Tannehill next year. Yeah maybe I am already building an extra weighing on the hall of fame for Brown's future accomplishment. So we just WANNA make sure that we're taking him. I WANNA have. He's he's really good. Holy cow plays. This guy makes. He's really good. I just I just think that you know we're gonNA find out a lot about Ryan Tannehill next week and what the off season brings but Ryan Fitzpatrick is just so good for his top receiver. Yeah like everywhere he goes. He's it just makes that guy good now. Does this variable though matter to you because the obviously when you look at the best of week seventeen devante Parker. I don't know if he had the most yards awards. He didn't have the most points because he didn't score the most yards for any wide receiver against the Patriots since week. Six of two thousand eighteen tyreek hill. So I think he did have the most yards pyramid. One thirty four Parker at one thirty seven. I WANNA say most yards. I mean this week so a game I mean again. Stefan Gilmore one hundred and thirty seven yards going into this game since the press Williams injury devante Parker was the number two wide receiver zebra fantasy. You know he wasn't this good Jamie before the press Williams injuries. So does that matter for you looking ahead to twenty twenty I'm tell me a little bit but I just think that you know the the contract sort speaks to itself that they feel pretty invested in him He's lost his his anchor. Which is now the coach of the jets? And so you know you look at what Parker's been able to accomplish this year but again I go back Patrick. You know. That's the biggest thing is. Is he still still the quarterback. Yes so you know if it's Patrick's not I know that your question clearly is combining the two them but I'm not gonna like Parker anywhere near as much. which is it's a rookie? Or if it's you know some other you know veteran guy that they bring in because Fitzpatrick who decides to retire or they just can't meet their their contract situation all right. So then we'd let's do a straight up. Who would you rather have next year Banyan gophers? Aj Round Michael Top know AJ Brown devante marker. I would take Brown on over Parker but I do agree with Jamie. I take Patrick over Tannehill in a vacuum. That's amazing and Jamie who's rather have browner or Parker Brown. I mean well. He hasn't reached a ceiling. It that's that's the Nice thing is that you know what you're seeing right. Now is a guy who is sort of feeling his way out. We know that Rookie receivers there. There's been a handful that have had success More so more success than what Brown is done but You know I think you have to hope that this this offense continues to evolve. You know they. They've been sort of learning on the fly. A little bit as Stan Hill took over in week. Seven for Marcus Mariota. And it's still Derek. Henry's offense and no you look at what he did. It's today and what he did the seasons at Lea- NFL rushing. It's not they're not gonNa go away from that but they can certainly enhance it. And that's where Brown comes in. He led the NFL in rushing while missing a game name. And did you. Do you probably know but you know the play in which he became the rushing champion. For this year the long touchdown touchdown down. What a what a baller move all right? Let's get into the show. We'll talk about the best week. Seventeen then we're going to do our awards. Nominations WanNA promote a few things three episodes. What's per week in the off season? Tell your friends we have the preeminent fantasy football pockets we will give you covers at no other show is going to give you our facebook group giveaway away win for week. Seventeen is John from Tampa we asked. Who are you avoiding? Who you just not drafting next year and John said I would stay away from Lamar Jackson? History shows that this type of the performance is very unlikely to repeat and he will probably go. Hi and I decided that was the winner bench Decided 'cause that's GonNa be awesome Talking Point beginning beginning January first basically going all the way to September and you can vote on our facebook group for the awards that we nominate today except for the bus award the bust award is going to be determined in the Apple pod review so vote for that will obviously. We'll give you the nominees today and you can vote in the apple. podcast views for the Apple. PODCASTS refuse you know give us a nice five star view. Leave us a comment and with that. You know your vote for one of the biggest busts nominees. We're GONNA announce the winners on the January seventh award. Show all right here. We go he. He does not like when I play this. You guys feel. There's no way Ben Understand what this music as we're talking about the best that week. Seventeen Eighteen Mendis. Do you know the movie yet. No surprise that Prescott was basic thirty seven the fantasy points. Michael Gallup at three touchdowns Ryan Fitzpatrick at the Patriots. Big Game and Ryan Fitzpatrick the Best Gardner. MINHSIU you're one of the best. Jared this Karate Kid Ben Karate kid realized broke them up comer. Yeah that's right sure. I remember eighties movie we are. I couldn't place it. What does he not like it? I don't know I don't know what it is probably came up with it. That's a I would look at some of the best. QUARTERBACKS didn't go you're stupid comment on the radio show on Saturday night. You know Michael. Thomas was not Superstar before this here we go clarifying. I should have put the word super in there. You should just said I'm an idiot. Here's what I'm about to say at one point you said he wasn't a star before this year. Sure Yeah I did. He wasn't a superstar before this year he was. He wasn't a top five wide receiver before this year advantage. I I mean he was like wide receiver six and fancy dresses here. The quite was at the fantasy finished. The dictating how good of a player he was. It was a fantasy a fantasy. Show show for goodness sake. The question was who would you take next year. saquon Barkley Michael Thomas said. Hey before this year this was. This wasn't even a question. It was obviously Barkley and now I would stick lifted that you had you had to throw in the stupid column and you know what happens you talk a lot. You say like hundreds of thousands of words throughout the years. Sometimes stupid stupid. Things are set out of my. I talk a little bit more than you do and I don't say as many stupid things to do. I don't know if he is but I do. I do seven podcasts. A week I think I say more argued. Do I do eight hours of HQ programming a week yet. But I do much I I do more radio than you. I think I talk more than you. Oh and I bet you say some stupid things and you know what I'm quite next time you say something stupid. I'm calling you out all right. So let's take a look at the top quarterbacks this week is it just say I would take Ryan Patrick Over Ryan Tannehill. That could be Dak Prescott. Jared Goff Gardner minhsiu Baker major like forget about drew brees Baker Mayfield Ryan Anthony Patrick then who which quarterback stood out to you in week seventeen you know. What do you think is against? Patrick can mean we talked about it but doing doing what he did against. The Patriots was very impressive. Obviously I did not give Miami much of a chance to win that game nobody did. It's the worst I think it's the worst Lawson Brady's history in terms of the spread. I don't think he's ever lost has a heavier favorite. It's only the second time in the tenure of Julian. That'll men and Tom Brady playing. AFC opponent home that they've lost both times. And you knew you know New England like they needed that game you know. We always have the conversation whether doing New England's dynasties really GonNa end this time around or when and they usually. I was proven wrong but now they have to go if the win. I which I assume they probably will in the first round home. But then they have to go into Casey into Baltimore most likely and that's going to be a really hard path to travel it. Is I really looking forward to the Tennessee patriots. Game All right so hold on let. Let's let's talk about these. So all right fitzpatrick pause for a second marshawn Lynch about the as I carry. I don't care let's care. Let's talk about garbage shoe. I have acute up on my computer. I'll watch it Let's talk about Gardner Minhsiu Jamie twenty nine fantasy points. Kudos the heat he stuck by him through thick and thin So give it. Give Him some credit for that one. it's GONNA be really interesting scenario for a a couple of things for the Jaguars One do they keep their own My guess is probably not at this point but if Doug Marrone is gone is John De Filippo. Gone the the whole tire coaches If that's the case you know whoever comes in has a tough decision to make are they going to go with mature. Go Nick foles. Because the money says falls performance would say Menchu Not play well the past few weeks prior to this. I don't care what he says. You know you could tell me how you want to about you know. Look in this half. This quarter played half whatever. He was bad This was his best performance since before the London game. So you hope that if he is the guy that they can put some pieces in place around him To help come out you know. Dj took a nice step toward the receiving. Core is what it is Leonard. Fournette actually thought that what I saw from Rockwell. Art Today was better than what for net has done in the past several weeks just in terms of how he moved and how he you know somethings run around but You know Menchu's got a chance to be one of those number two quarterbacks that when the match ups right next season you can you can start. Start him he would not be somebody that I wanNA drive the number one corner and then when Jamie says the number two quarterback that you can start when the match ups right that is sort of what Baker Mayfield and jared. Goff were this year and they both had good matchups today and they both put up a lot of fantasy points off torch the cardinals for the second time in like five weeks thirty fantasy points. Mayfield at twenty five fantasy points. He threw three interceptions though and he only completed. Twelve of twenty seven passes so I can't really say he played aid that well. But three pretty nice touchdown passes and good place. By his receivers on the touchdown passes but Golfing Mayfield. Were basically only in retrospect suspect only worth starting with really good matchups. Are you going to view them that way next year. You know as we sit here on December twenty ninth. It's going to be really interesting for both of these teams. 'cause obviously what we saw the rams this year was not really what we have seen from from them with. McVeigh the last couple of years. There's a lot of talk to the Patriots. Figure them out. They seem to have gotten something than going a little bit better late this year. Using Tyler higby a lot more than the passing game never used to use tight ends the last couple years but the browns is even more interesting. I think I I have been. I'm pretty down on Freddie Kitchens. All Year I soon. That's what most people have most people's opinion on that. I think it's been a very disorganized offense and team and just undisciplined team I would. I would argue. It's probably the worst coaching job in the league this year. Maybe Adam Gates but that's about it. I think kitchens did a pretty poor job at the town that he had and so I think the browns are going to be a really interesting bounce back Team that a lot of people are going to say a lot of positive things about this off season and talk themselves into Mayfield again I to me it kind of just it depends where he winds up. You know if somebody that's late around option I could see the bounce back with if we talk ourselves back into a millions of you know a quarterback six quarterback seven going in that range. I don't know if I'll probably be taking a lot of the thing the thing you know. Obviously in in Ben Eludes us. The browns fired pretty kitchens. We haven't said that. Yet so their their whole outlook it'd be dramatically different. We don't know if they're gonNA keep Odell Beckham. Who is most likely going to have groin? Surgery Jarvis Landry is going to have hip surgery three. You know to what extent those two guys are dealing with any level of recovery. It was pretty clear that free kitchens and David the joke who did not get along. So what's going to happen there. You know as the new head coach come in and have maybe a little bit more of a tied in friendly offense that can help Baker Mayfield. I think Baker missed having an sort of EC. His numbers improved when he got Kareem Kareem Hunt. He missed having I think. Player like Johnson who can be a little bit more of a pass catcher out of the back of him better. Jamie should've treated him better to try to do better. Yeah I don't talk about do Johnson that way I agree with you hundred percent talk about a man's money So you know. I think there are things that that can help help Baker next year And Ben said it best you know the the the leadership you know. I think he needs somebody to come in. And sort of say okay. This is the way it's going to be the and and you're going to have to fall in line and I hope that'll be a bounceback season. Four four Baker. We're GONNA reveal our top ten quarterbacks the three of us Dave and heath Starting on Monday and You know none of us have Baker Mayfield or jared Goff in the top ten for obvious obvious reason all right. Let's go to the running back here and your top running back this week. Is Derrick Henry. He scored thirty nine. Fantasy points did not have a catch. Two hundred eleven yards. Words on thirty two carries and three touchdowns Boston Scott is number two. That's a wild one mile. Sanders hurt the biggest injury of the day Mile Sanders Kenny golladay holiday but obviously sanders going to the playoff Zakar. It's not going to be a part of the Eagle's playoff run it seems he has a lacerated kidney but sanders joined the wounded there with Philadelphia with an ankle injury and Boston. Scott has three rushing touchdowns nineteen carries fifty four yards three touch us also eighty four receiving yards. He led the team in receiving big game for Joe Mixon he finishes strong. And Ben Damian Amy Williams is going to give us a non. It's going to be another perhaps really interesting off season with Williams. He's finishing strong. Only twelve carries is one hundred twenty four yards and two touchdowns eighty plus yard touchdown run. He had four catches for thirty yards. I love that Mike. Boone shows up on this list. But tell me about talk to me about Damian Williams right now yeah I mean the last two weeks I would argue have kind of shown us that. Probably the reason that that didn't work out and he he was a very productive. This year was was mostly due to injury McCoy's not there anymore. Darwin Thompson never really stepped up In Week Sixteen from Williams we saw him get a really easy eighteen. CPR points wasn't very efficient on the ground. cots impasse scored a touchdown. That's what we were hoping for from the year Damian Williams and this week we saw what can happen when when when you get a little bit of an efficiency spiky has long touchdown run. I mean one over thirty pierrepoint so I think this is i. We don't the jets are going to do all offseason. I would expect bringing another running back so it's really just kind of a hindsight thing but I'm I'm looking back at and I'm like man. This is what we should have seen from him all year. If you could just just kept away from all the nagging injuries but this has been his career though you go back to his time in Miami and when he got the opportunity when they traded. Jj remember was him Kenyan. Drake and Adam case. Take it for what it's worth was leaning toward Damian Williams more than drake and then Williams had the shoulder injury and missed the the season. I think it was like week twelve week thirteen. And that's where drake took off at the end of the year. So you know. That's the concern. You have for him durability as a featured guy so he can show you this listen probably four or five games spurts. There's probably a reason why they wanNA keep them under twenty touches per week but yeah I think if he's if he's still V. Guy it's him and Thomson and maybe another rookie. There's a lot to like about him just understand. We're getting all right. How about some of the top wide receivers from week seventeen? And we've got Michael Gallup. So did Michael Gal but some point four touchdowns one guy called back or am I making that address I saw. I'm having four. At one point. He finishes with five catches ninety eight yards and three touchdowns bourgeois perryman. Aj Brown Hunter Renfro the game for him. Dede Westbrook it's Brooke. And then you've got Cooper Cup. devante atoms Steven Sims was a weird week for wide receivers. Jamie what jumped out at you today Nothing really jumped out. I think just you know there. There were some of these guys that we talked about as as waiver options Earlier in the week and and we thought they had a chance to play well renfro and Sims were to that we mentioned Greg Ward was disappointing. One of a trio put you know to see those guys deliver I think the Jaguars receivers are going. It'd be interesting to sort of dissect next year you know sort of touched on this little bit but you know. Dj Dark didn't really profile coming into the season as a number one guy he was that for the Jaguars early in the season than we thought it could be. Dede Westbrook with Nick Foles That didn't really materialize. Chris Conley had some good moments. Keelan call you know so. I think it's GonNa be fun to see again if they changed head coaches and who are the quarterback is who is going to be considered the number one receiver for Jackson shocked if anybody didn't rank dj I but will he be drafted after as this type of guy that we conversation earlier in the week. Ben I'm curious your opinion on this devante parker versus. Dj Charkhi said. He would take charge over Parker. I don't know if I go sign that right now. Just based on what. I've seen from Parker all season. If it's Patrick's the guy and again chart still being in this mix of all these other guys sharing targets. Yeah I think I would take charge to you. Yeah but I I definitely have some bias with devante Barbara. I was high on him when he was younger. And he's Kinda snake bit me a few times so I'm I I'm hesitant it into Bienne on him. I I think it's more of a personal thing at this point that all the time. Yeah no I mean. I'm hesitant to buy as well. The press and Williams factor is legit. I mean the targets. Just weren't there in the same way But maybe you just look at him and say okay. He's just emerged now. He deserves those targets and it's contingent on on Fitzpatrick. Oh I think what was really amazing. was that too good games against Buffalo. One good game against New England. Good Game Against Pittsburgh I. I don't know Oh that that there's been a wide receiver. That's faced more tough cornerbacks than Parker. I know I keep saying it about Beckham. And he's still gonNA finish. I think he's going to be a top ten wide receiver super like I said. He's number two since oppressive Williams injury. Well it's interesting. He's always had all the talent like when he came out. The closest physical comps were. Aj Greek Alshon Jeffery these big big super athletic legit number one wide receivers. But you're right like the fact that he's able to beat those matchups really stands out to me as well. When Superman Loses Kryptonite I just pretty good graces in you know? Look at Shod Perriman really. I mean he's making nice catches. He's he's got four straight. Really Good Games. Five catches onto three or four yards and a touchdown don't know who is quarterback. I don't know where he's going to be. Don't know where James is going to be. Next year Bruce Arians did not seem happy with James Winston but back. Yeah you saw the comments though right. Yeah James say look at my numbers on balling he said that. Ah Yes. He did dude as I first quarterback ever with thirty thirty thirty thirty six thirty touchdown passes. You're not balling fame quarterback ever with five thousand yards though. Yeah do they count return yards and touchdowns and then he's got like six thousand six. I believe that right. Yeah and I guess I saw his first his first. NFL pass was pick six and As last NFL pass last of his rookie contract. That was the way it was phrased. Okay to the tight ends tight ends are another big day for Tyler higby and yeah was the cardinals but he's our number one tight end and unofficial math. I did this quickly before the show. It's probably wrong. But it's ballpark right teller. He had eight catches for eighty four and a touchdown that keeps them in his last five games by. I probably wrong cow but close forty three catches five hundred. Twenty one yards two touchdowns. Now he's got to have more than five hundred twenty one yards right because he had one hundred yards in four straight games. Whatever he's over five hundred yards two touchdowns almost fifty targets in his last five games? Amazing stuff for hippies or number one tied in he's follow. Oh by Dan Arnold Josh Perkins Hunter Henry and Jared Cook and Darren Waller is weird because I think Josh Perkins it's certainly mainly receiver. Yeah Yeah probably should have put them in the waiver. Wire Cheat Code Ben. Anything anything to say about higby the Saints Dan Arnold Josh Perkins for the Eagles Hunter. Henry Jared Cook Darren Waller and Caitlyn Smith he'll cadence MS actually ahead of Waller and cook and Henry in actually. I think Kate Smith is your number three tight end. NPR This Week and he is making Evan. Ingram's future look a little interesting with the a giant trade happening or they might honestly higby out all say was one of Jamie just a lunatic. Did our top tens and we're going to release this this week. He was one of the hardest for me. I think I wound up putting him maybe in the back end of my top ten I might not even ranked him in my top ten. He was right therefore me in the eight nine ten range. I couldn't really go higher but I also felt weird not ranking him with how good. He's close a season. I don't really know what to make. I don't really know if it's this is just a scheme thing that they've been doing if it's something that they could go away from and not user tight ends again right away or whatever could become involved again or you know I. It seems like this could just be something that they had to that worked at the end of the season and they have a completely different offense next year. 'cause mcvay seems to Kinda mix things up so it's tough is one thing I made fun of Heath during the season because when he does Believe it or not for the colony rights and then we usually talk about it on. CBS SPORTS HQ HQ on Mondays so one of his Toward the end of the season when he was either like the second one hundred yard game of the third one hundred dollar game he said the believe it or not tyler. Heavy will not be a top six tight end and I was like come on. I know he did that other show two or six. I mean like call them a top ten guy. Don't call thank God you know. This is obviously. He's not gonNA be a top six guy. There are two too many good tight ends that he hasn't done enough yet to warrant being in the top six but top ten. Ben said it's it's tricky because because you know where does he compared to. Maybe Darren Waller. Where does he compare to avenue or more? Does he compare to hunter. Henry you know guys that either lived up to expectations. Stations like waller did Or maybe failed to meet expectations. Beslan potential I can Evan engram. So I think that's where you're going to have to make some tough choices on draft day and we'll see what the rams do there's GonNa be a different version of the rams coming into twenty twenty in there was coming into twenty nineteen now. They finished twenty nineteen. So you know I is it like Bensaid is is the John mcvay evolving to use a player. WHO's clearly talented? And if he didn't have some off field issues coming into the NFL would have been drafted higher That remains to be seen. But if you take the production probably of Gerald Everett Antilock higby over the course of sixteen games. That tight end is probably close to a top. Five uh-huh Everett had some pretty big games early in the season. So you know it's really not just the five game sample size of what we've seen from higby. At the end of the year Everett was doing some good things at the beginning of the season. Okay guys so so right now. You have to draft for next year tyler. Jared Cook take me I think I might take but it's close. Yeah another big game for cook another big game for Higby Deebo Samuel all really great your DVR Ian Tonight. Everybody case you're curious I usually dvr. And then David Spoil. What's been going on in the game before they saw? Oh Nice play Deebo Samuel. But now I'm just watching online on delay. Play was entire drive by the way he was the entire drive. It's was that a running play. That was bad about a fifty yard pass to. He's very good Mandalay. wookey wide receivers are good All right so we got news and notes got awards we also have the seek APP. Are Boy Ben. SHRAGER use the gap to go to the Pinstripe Bowl. He got a great deal on C.. Kiki cobb better prices on seek because seek brings them tickets from all over the web and of course it was the first time using the APP. So you use the Promo Code. F F T now. Listen that Promo code is not going anywhere. You've got all the time to use it next time you need to go to an event sports. It's comedy concerts theatre. Whatever you WANNA go to guaranteed tickets? You want ten dollars off your first purchase. Use the Code F. F. T. on seek. It's a great APP. It's so easy to use. Reviews are just fantastic over fifty thousand five-star reviews on the APP store. I don't know why you're not using the sneaky gap I use it. I tell everybody about got it all the time. And I'm thinking about going to the Miami Duke Basketball Game next weekend and if I go using seek to get there so again. Download the seekie gap APP and use the Promo Code F F T for ten bucks off your first seatgeek purchase. So quick news items here. We know kitchens fired. Like I mentioned Kenny. Golladay was evaluated waited for a concussion was having you know pretty nice game before that miles sanders left with the ankle. Injury and Brandon Brooks are left guard one of the best best guards in football. He left for that injury as well for the eagles. Buffalo loss to starters Levi Wallace. A cornerback and right tackle ankle injury for both of them and they get. Get the Texans Right Buffalo at Houston next weekend Will greer left with a foot injury and we saw kyle and again. Kansas City safety one thornhill left with a knee injury so between the bills the eagles the chief some injuries in week. Seventeen injuries unfortunate. We don't know the severity. Bruce Arians like I mentioned he sent a very noncommittal on Jameis Winston. We'll see what happens there. Green Bay also. Big injuries for them to offensive lineman right tackle. Brian Gulag Concussion. Korey Lindsey back injury. I don't know if Laga was diagnosed with a concussion. But he was evaluated for one. Dallas Defensive End demarcus Lawrence left end Zach Ertz has lacerated kidney and the fractured rib all right. So what are I haven't looked at the playoff matchups. I think I know them. We've got saints against the loser of Tonight's game right no uh-huh okay. NFC is still wide open. Happens tonight so By the time people listening to this they're not know the answer on the answer. Right saints the three. Oh No way is the San Francisco. Get Right Okay No. We don't know anything all right so forget about that the AFC first round. It's the titans and the Patriots Patriots. Or the Three by virtue of losing the dolphins and the chiefs winning and the Texans and the bills. The Texans are the four and the bills. I said the packers are the two. That's not even true. That's not even true. They could be the one right. The packers have a first round by. You'll be the one or the right and Minnesota is the five Minnesota's what is the six the six. Yeah the loser of tonight's game will be the five okay. San Francisco can get to the one. Seattle can't get to a by the three if they they won. Okay well everybody knows what happened by the time they hear this so sorry about that but the AFC awesome. Okay little CAESARS. Everybody Pizza Portal pickup pick-up Antonia about it. Have you ordered a pizza online from little caesars. Yet if not. You're missing out on Pizza Puerto Pickup. What is pizza pickup? It's getting a pizza right out of the oven yourself. You you walk in you enter a code on the Portal Adore Opens. And you're off with your favorite pizza and whatever pizza you order. It will have crazy. Crazy amounts of topics. It's fun give but a try but it's only available at little CAESARS. Pizza Pizza it's time for the two thousand nineteen awards the nominees. Just the nominees. So I think we we all have a few here. Let's start with the fantasy MVP. I don't know I'm thinking maybe just we'll narrow it down to four per award because everybody has to vote on it certainly fantasy. MVP so you can stop at three. We'll out of fourth. You can probably add the Patriots. Defense Lamar Dr Jackson. No you know what I think is I put a four th guy in here that I think I probably need to change to a better. Like it's like when they sent Joe Borough and the other the guys to the heisman. Yeah right fourth guy is not invited to this party. Lamar Jackson Christian. McCaffrey Michael Thomas. And if we're GONNA pick a fourth let's pick a fourth fourth. I originally had Aaron Jones and I think that's a really compelling case because he was first of all entered week seventeen is the number two running back and fantasies. Knock on me come. It's going to be Derrick Henry Looking. That's what I was going to say. Now I think it has to be Derrick Henry but what I liked about Aaron Jones that weeks fourteen fifteen and sixteen. He came through five five touchdowns in those three games. And Derrick. Henry missed one of those games. What I mean by that Strategy Ryan Fitzpatrick should be the fancy heavy? Well no because is. He wasn't nearly as good all season Long Jones and Henry our top five running backs Ben. If you were going to nominate someone is number four here who would it be. I think he did. Those guys are fair options. I think you could you know. Go to a different position in say drivers Kelsey. I think it's really hard hard to make. A case at any running back could even be discussed with Christian McCaffrey after he became the third player in NFL history. To the thousand thousand season he had the third best. Pr Season ever behind only Ladainian Tomlinson. Marshall Faulk Blessed phenomenal seas. I Bet I bet. Aaron Jones has a higher higher. Winning percentage then McCaffrey Jamie. You'll get that data. The players that were on the most championship rosters. I think Aaron Jones is going way to be number one among running backs. No I say that because Chris sent us the list of the guys who were the most started players in that take into account championships. Nobody in week sixteen and Mary Jones Aaron Jones was started it more leagues than McCaffrey and he had to go which is not took championships. What do you mean what does it take into account because you could have those guys on your roster and your win percentage may be higher but the ones he got upset win percentage maybe higher than the team wanted I thought the win percentage was the percentage of championship rosters? That had that player. No no no. It's the winter season with the season. It's not the win loss okay. They never run all right. So we have to decide fourth derrick. Henry sure I will give it to Henry over rare Derrick Henry was the forty ninth overall pick and CBS. Sports Leagues Christian. McCaffrey was a top four. Pick so there's a case all right. So we've got Lamar Jackson Chris. McCaffrey Michael Thomas. Derrick Henry Nex category rookie of the Year Ben. Who would you like to nominate for rookie of the year Well I mean it's gotta be. Aj ground like this guy. He was the number one wide receiver in standard formats in weeks. Fourteen to sixteen in the fancy playoffs number three and pr wasn't absolutely winner. Okay and anyone else or just just one for you WANNA nominate. How many miles is anders would be the other one he was six the non PR and fifth NPR in fancy playoffs at running back? I mean those two guys came on late and were really really the big players in the fancy blouse. All right my guys were Terry Maclaurin Mile Sanders the reason why would maclaurin overage a brown going into week. Seventeen Brown was a little bit higher in the overall wide receiver standings and maclaurin. But I just felt like I was giving the nod maclaurin because you we're able to use him more for more of the season whereas nobody was starting. Aj nobody really owned AJ branded week twelve. He he had one hundred thirty five yards and a touchdown against Jacksonville. Aj Brown he was owned in thirty two percent of leagues. So yes he helped you win because you picked him up but he didn't help you get yet there and Maclaurin did maclaurin had a game like that and week one. No one knowing. What about weeks like maclaurin had argued that McLaren had a lot of down games in people's lineups once once? Aj Brown emerged in the plane. Time was there he had done. He's been really good when people have even starting him whereas McLaren was a little bit sketchy there and probably hurt his his managers a little bit all right honestly saving. Aj Brown for you Jimmy who would you like the nominee for rookie of the year. I think again. It's it's a three man race McLaren and Deebo Samuel will be four and five for me and then maybe mccollum or if you WANNA throw him there at six but I think it's the two guys that Ben mentioned. Aj Brown Mal Sanders. But Josh Jacobs got a ton of people to the fantasy playoff area equally did not do well in the fancy place because of the shoulder injury. But if you were able to maybe pair him with the Andre Washington you may have gotten by there with the Games that Jacobs best but he was awesome for the start of the season. He was awesome midway through the season and he was awesome up until the shoulder. Injury became a problem for him. So I think it's GonNa be fun to see the value for Jacobs and Sanders next season. And how those guys get ranked and taken in drafts. But I think it's those two running backs in. Aj Round of the top rookies for twenty thousand nine. Okay so our fourth term maclaurin or Deebo Samuel. I will vote for. I would put McLaren just because I think he had a little bit more of a lifespan. For your NFC teams in the Deebo Salmon. All right so that's two for McLaren. Ben All let you cast a vote even though it's useless all vote for depot list. It's on the voting scale. Okay those are for the entire maclaurin. Has the fourth best waiver wire pickup Jamie. Who's the WHO were the best waiver wire pickups while I mean we we've we've already mentioned a few of them you know with the rookie receivers The best you know Ryan. I make my a case for him. You know just what he did to help. People get to the fantasy playoffs and at a time. When you know quarterbacks were sort of up and down with the breeze with his injury Brady with his subpar play? You know a lot of the guys. Aaron Rodgers obviously frustrating people Ryan Tannehill. I think makes a lot of sense to be pretty good one. So aw I have you on multiple I'd say to you know basically pick a dolphins castoff or an Adam Gates Castle. devante Parker was my guy. Yeah well I think the three would be Tannahill Parker and indeed. Hr Oh actually you know what. There's someone that I think is possibly probably the winner that nobody was going to nominate because nobody knew what is. Nobody believed that I went back. I looked at my waiver. Wire notes for the first waiver wire show that we did John. Brown was sixty one percent owned after week. One let's go so I don't I mean that's kind of high but he's the winner shoulder but we talk about what are we. Yeah I think so. So like John Brown. devante Parker Darren Waller I top five tight end going in week seventeen. He was fifty nine percent own in week. One so so Bennett this. This one's really tough. This is going to be tough to narrow down Ben. Who Do you like as the best way wire pickup? Yeah I mean I I agree a lot of the guys you guys named. I think if you just Kinda kind of zoom in a little bit more than the later part of the year you can you can talk about. Aj Brown again Entitled here. We just talked about as a guy who you know you could plug in tight end and was so consistent weakened in week out after he became someone that that God on on the on the fantasy map and people are actually using him in. The knee was so productive advanced playoff so he's another guy but Yeah I mostly agree with with the Kenyan drake if I think he may have gotten cutting in a couple of leagues and then he came back. They don't think he did not not. You probably never dropped his owners. Try and dropped that far. Right I think he got down to the seventies so he was one of those guys that we would say if available take a look at but I don't think he ever got below it This one I think comes down to you. Know if you're talking season-long versus you know end of season 'cause it You know the the guys Ben mentioned end-of-season throw the Andre Washington name in their end of season. What he was able to do for the fantasy playoffs? But if you're just talking about length of year you know John Brown around Darren Waller. Dj Char Devante. Parker you know these guys You pick them up during the corn not pick them up and you got you know seven eight plus weeks out of those guys pretty special so that would be I those four. I would go with Brown while we go with Brown Parker Shark and Waller think Any objections actions now. Then no okay. Excellent good ones Those are your best waiver wire pickup nominees. Dj Hr John Brown. Darren Waller devante Parker. WORST WAIVER I've I have the winner for worse waiver wire pickup make boone worse than that tie. Johnson was ninety three percent owned and all. I got one better now really. I forgot something right hill. New Brian Hill was a good one capable. Guy Giving going below a couple of different times. This year Ryen Hill was was getting the start against the panthers at the height of their terrible run defense but it was pretty bad. So here's what here's why. I would take tied Johnson. Because with Brian Hill report. We had on Devante Freeman was like two to three weeks. And and with with ty Johnson we knew Kerryon Johnson was out for the year it was earlier in the season and I remember the stories about the amount of Fab that people spent on Taichung so I put Wayne Gaughman for kind of the same reason and Goldman actually played really well in the first game. Barkley missed but I know in a couple of the league's running and running back. I spent a lot of Fab on golden because we didn't know the severity of Barclays Injury and then Goldman and his second start got hurt. Cross your lineup. Because he was in everybody's lineup and then he he barkley back he only got you got one game out of him and you probably spent forty percent of your if you know what if that one you the week it was worth it for the one week was the guy that won you the week it was worth one. He may have been review for that one week. At least you know if you spend headline like Latavius Murray at least two weeks all right so okay so ty Johnson is a must. I honestly think Mike Boone is a must because that was just so funny it was sixteen and it was so funny not to the people who started I lost championship. Renewed seven point three points from should should add to the waiver wire pickups moster does he beat the other guy like the other guys. We have a really good. I don't know man most. It's it's been. He's if he scores today. That'd be seven touchdowns okay so are you gonNA bounce. John Brown devante Parker. I don't know if you have to knock any of those guys off. I would say probably John Brown just because sixty do you want percent ownership is mostly pretending leagues that he was available. I kind of agree with that too like he was owned. Most I'll amended mended. I'll make it shark Parker Waller and most hurt. I would actually take over muster personally but Ben Tannen Tannahill Monster. I'll go most okay. Best Waiver wire is now moster plus Charlie Parker and Waller we will move John. Brown worst worst is going to be tied Johnson. Mike Moon who L. Brian Hill. Okay it's already. Bax is all running backs we believed in the that didn't do it. I I put John. Ross on my list I mean. Kenny stills will fuller went down those are guys that I think we had a lot. We had high hopes for that. Farrah's it was injury refer stills. He just never really filled the full role but. I don't know that those guys are the top four I would say Kailasi said earlier. You know people talk about him when Drake was traded all right final nominees tied Johnson. Mike Boone Brian Hill. WHO's our forth? Kaylynn Balat he knows another good one for this is TJ Hopkinson. Okay I love it I love it. That's a great one. He looked like a superstar if only we do about about the cardinals. Defense against tied Ed's tied Johnson Bike Boone Bryant Hill Tj Hodkinson. I love it all right next to ward Oh Oh this one's a fun. One one week performance of the year one week performance of the year there were some really good ones. Here's my favorite. I don't know that you guys are GonNa Agree. Because it was the Mar- Jackson's third best game of the year but it was such a statement. It was week one and he scored forty the three fantasy points at the door. Forty two fantasy points. At the dolphins he threw twenty passes. Five of them were touchdowns and looking back. In retrospect aspect. It was it was a sign of things to come so that was my favorite other than that I would. I guess I would probably go with. Marvin Jones catching four touchdowns. I was only started in two thousand six percent leaks. That's kind of a negative in that regard one week performance of the year. Ben What do you got here so I was thinking kind of like the Jones point like we were thinking one hit wonders I will fuller the fourteen catch. To Seventeen Yard. Three touchdown game I think he was started a lot of leagues out. We had him in a lot of lineups he was just getting. I'll tell you how you know what find me. The date can find the date. And I'll tell you how started he was because this week five. Okay Okay and then the other one that I did for a good one hit wonder with Sammy. Watkins Week One. I mean he came out of the gate and looked like he was going to have an amazing year for Kansas City. And then tyreek goes down and he's nowhere to be found for the rest of the year. That was the game. tyreek went down to it coincided with the on my God I traded at that not at that point but a couple of weeks later her. I traded Lamar Jackson for Kyla Marine. Sammy Watkins and talk at all. But it sounds crazy right now. I so yes so I think star percentage I kind of wanted to factor that in in this. Because I don't think we'll I'm I'm sorry I will find the wolf war note. How how started? He was but like Marvin Jones being only started in two thousand six percent leagues. I think kind of takes away a little bit of shine in the one week performance performance. Mike Evanson a huge game in week three when people were really doubting him. He had to bad games to start the year at one hundred ninety yards and three touchdowns against the giants in week three. And then you just had these quarterback order back reforms to Shawn Watson scored fifty one points against Atlanta Aaron Rodgers fifty three against Oakland. Six point per passing touchdown Leagues Russell. Wilson Forty nine. Oh how about you know what I this is actually a pretty important to me. Drew brees his forty nine point game against against the forty niners. Just kind of silencing the doubters right like he's the best team he's faced all year. How's he going to do? Crushed it so we have so many choices here. Anybody in drake is another one on four touchdowns in the fancy playoffs. I don't know how I think he was probably started in a reasonable amount. A few weeks he was. Yeah that was a bunch of the Corbeau. One we already talked talk about I think has to be on the wing all game. The Wayne Golvin game. That wasn't that good well. It was pick him up because he has a chance has to be really good and he was really good. No I think I think Tavis Murray was better two weeks in a row as a waiver wire Fillon I disagree with you but it was that I was. How much do you spend on on Wang Almond? Because he's not a very good talent and he delivered in that one game that we just finished saying that if you if you spend a lot of fat on him you got rewarded with it. I think he's he's the typical when we wonder. Yeah but it wasn't nearly that good performance compared to some of the other ones but it wasn't wasn't backfill doesn't that was but I think I think in that vein I think that A will fuller. We started in forty one percent of the League's when he scored three touchdowns I think they'll Tavis Murray games or even better because he had back games with like. You don't agree. No no I don I did they were. They were better games. But I don't think they were more impactful. When you think about the twenty nine thousand fantasy season I think that wing allman debate of how much do I spend on this scrub? Just because he's stepping in for Barclay and he delivered in one game but were we having the same kind of debate about the tastes. Murray or was it just so you'll taste very. We expected to play well. Yeah I don't know that that really matters in the context of this. Well look it up into interpretation. I guess all right. So Jamie likes the GAUGHMAN. One one. I had willful on my list to so we'll put wolf lower their Aaron Jones with four touchdowns against the cowboys. I think thank you. You talked about this and I think they're both impactful the TJ Hopkinson game was the game we we saw. The cardinals can't defend tight. Ends and sort of set the tone for that match up the seven Coleman game against the panthers when he had the three touchdowns for four touchdowns I forget how many scored that was the panthers really stink against the run and then that was a match up. We were just hammering. Hammering from that point forward. I need your favorites. Everybody give your favorites. My two favorites are Lamar Jackson Week. One and just to be piece just to keep it simple. I will say Willfuller three touchdowns I I like the Jackson won. I think that makes listen. I N Fuller probably favorite for the whole year because I had him on a lot of leagues personally Yeah I think those are two really good ones. The Lamar Jackson won. You're right set. The tone for the season is the MVP. I'M GONNA say Sammy Watkins Week. One in Winkelmann Week for okay. We've got our four then and and finally the biggest bust of the year Jamie. Give me a couple of names. David Johnson Yup would be one Baker Mayfield will be to David David Johnson and Baker Mayfield. Okay who do you got. Ben David Johnson is my number one I mean again part of that's because I drafted him in a lot of my own leagues but for me. It's like a lot of bosses injury related. Juju Smith Schuster. We can put on this list. But Ben Rothlisberger getting hurt obviously changed everything for Juju Smith Schuster and then he himself got injured. Heard but David Johnson banged up a little bit but he just wasn't very good and then Kenyon Drake came in in that offense and showed what the upside could have been for that role. I mean to me David. Johnson is just like the the winner Mike already like. I don't even have other great nominees that are even close. Well what about Barclay number one overall pick. He kinda redeemed himself without four touchdown fantasy championship. Game I mean I lost championship or not four touchdown sorry Yeah to touch you house thousand two hundred whatever yards yeah but yet I'll I played a guy who had Barclay and somehow made it all the way to the championship. And then because Markley just blade like like the number one big. I got Beckham. I think Beckham Beckham the good one so we need a fourth. We may feel Johnson Beckham and anyone else. I mean you make Levian. Oh that's a great case. This done done. I think yeah I I agree with you. Though about Juju wasn't really his fault. Nobody would've taken that high if we rather workers gonNA miss. Basically I believe the entire season Williams another one that people really like to injury I think factors in there. I mean you can make alms. Yeah not he's not nearly as bad as the other guys though no I. I still think Baker's the force because he was yeah I was including him. Baker Beckham Johnson and four Levy Levy. Answer all right Lebanon. Bell Odell Beckham David Johnson Baker. Mayfield that that one. You're voting on in the podcast reviews on Apple podcasts. The other ones you will vote on on our facebook group and it's GonNa be really cool announce the winners news on January seventh. Good show guys. Thank you very much. And congratulations to both of you on a job. Well done all season long. Well you said I was GonNa Return. Congratulations I mean God. They said something stupid then and everybody listening. Happy New Year we show before birth Tuesday will react all the coach Tuesday. They'll happy new year's yet happier on Tuesday. Yeah we'll talk to you Tuesday great. It's been a pleasure by either is why I'm not going to do one of those sign offs because you know nothing's nothing's done here dynasty talk all off season long. NFL draft RAFF. Talk all the signings. All the firings reagents Traits all that great stuff. We'll have it for you. So for Van. Gretch Jamey Eisenberg. I'm Outta Mazer. Thanks thanks for listening without due Tuesday.

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