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BTM105: A Turnkey Investors Path To 100 Flips with Antione


This is ferrall Aaliyah. And you're listening to the before the millions podcast episode one. Oh five. Hey, where there are you ready to be the master architect of your life? Are you ready to design your business and invest in needs that commit the lifestyle? You've always dreamt up to are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey, this is Derek location independent entrepreneur. And you're listening to the before the millions podcasts. I am Gina Lofton. I am an investor and you're listening to the the core the millions podcast. Hey there. My name is Heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur. And you are listening to the before the millions podcasts. Hey, this is Marcus crispy, host of the seven minute mentor podcast global entrepeneurship all round. Geek. And you listen to the before the millions podcast. I am MC Laubscher the cash loan injure, and you're listening to before the millions cost. You're listening to the before the millions font cast a whether you're looking to invest cash flow all building online business that allows you to be location. And independent you come to the right place. Mr. Hollywood himself presents the before the millions podcast. And now your host d'auray. Was going on BTM tribe. We're back for another installment of the before the millions podcasts. And on today's episode. We are speaking to Mr. Antoine. Marto? Antoine is a turnkey investor based out of Los Angeles, California Antoine for the past four years has been investing in residential real estate in markets all around the country starting in Memphis now, he's built his mental portfolio to over one million dollars an asset and auntie show. Guys. We are actually talking about the inner workings of his business and up and coming turnkey business and a turnkey properties a property that you can buy almost like a done for use solution. Right. So somebody else goes and finds the property they close on the property. They do all the rehab in them renovations. They actually actually market the property to tennis and tenants in there, and then they sell you the property, and you have a brand new rental property. That's already cash flowing for you. No setup required. Right. So that's what a turnkey. Businesses and Antoine has built his turnkey. Business from the ground up, offering investors these types of solutions now before we get into Antoine story. And how he's flip fifty how slasher and how he plans on flipping one hundred houses this year. First and foremost, let's connect on Instagram Instagram is my social media platform of choice. So let's connect on Instagram. My Instagram is derail Elliott, the R. A Y O L A L E Y drop by shoot me a DM. And of course, follow along on the journey. Now, if you are not on Instagram or you prefer Facebook. 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And now your feature presentation. I was born in Toronto Canada. I'd moved to the United States in two thousand moved to San Francisco. My dad got a job transfer that company sponsored my whole family. So that we could move your. And then we became citizens over time after we were here for ten years. I grew up in in the bay area went to community college. There was kind of an entrepreneur my whole life. I was always the one who is selling stuff at school. Whether it be, you know, candy bars or selling soda because the school didn't sell soda because it wasn't healthy, and I would buy soda packs at Walgreens and bring it to school until for buck each I remember having like, the the tables lunch tables just full of dollar bills. And then the school came and shut us down to you guys can't be selling soda here in LA LA. So I've been announced manure my whole life. I've had many businesses, you know, in the bay area going through high school in middle school and all that kind of stuff and then went to high school went to community college locally in San Mateo, which is in the bay area San Francisco Bay area, and then I. Eventually, I moved down to Los Angeles. I transferred to a four year university down here loyal Marymount university or actually studied entrepreneurship, so that was my my major wasn't entrepreneurship finished up there in two years. And then right after college. I was at the point where I was like all right. I can either go and get a job with this entrepreneurship degree, and I could start working for, you know, pretty much a startup or company a smaller companies what I wanted to work for. But I decided that I wanted to start my own company to start my own business. So if I was gonna take that opportunity actually going start my own company. It was going to be at that very moment. So that's exactly what I did. I started while I was at university started researching about real estate investing. How to flip houses rental properties? All that kind of stuff. Why my brother drag me into a real estate? Investing course, he had paid all this money to to join this program that teaches you how to invest in real estate all that kind of stuff and he dragged me into why? Are you paying for this scammy program? That's not gonna teach you anything else. Kind of stuff new drag me into it. And it kind of opened my eyes about what the numbers actually looked like people actually can buy do Dubai rental properties all across the country without very much experience using other people's money or using a turnkey provider. So using somebody who's on the ground. That's kind of where that whole thing came in. I was like, oh, wow. People are actually, you know, buying these houses out of state in just somebody on the ground who's making them. Nice in pretty putting attendant handling everything right for Mehta's e so that that person can just buy it in the end. So that's kind of while I was at college. I was introduced to that whole concept. And then my dad was like me, and my brother was talking to my dad about it. My dad was like, yeah. That interest me because my dad has his own company. He doesn't have a 4._0._1._K. He had some money in the Bank that he wanted to invest, but he didn't know he didn't have a retirement plan. So we're like, okay. Well, why don't we just build a rental property for folio out of state in that could be your retirement plan? And then my last semester. I know it's a long story. But my last semester at university. I had found a property a found a city out of state, Memphis, Tennessee, I had like done my whole analysis on that market. I found a property. I built a team in Memphis, and I was like a dead. Here's a property. We can buy we can renovate it. We can rent it out. And then we can do a cash-out refinance with this lender and polar money out and do it all over again. He was like, okay. Let's do it. My last semester at LMU at Loyola Marymount university might university. I we bought our first house, and it went successfully again, my dad has money back. And then I was like are you want me to keep doing this after graduation or I can go and get a job? And he was like no you can keep doing this out. He was like, you know, you have a couple months to figure it out in after graduation. I like a couple of months out. I had bought like five houses did a whole portfolio refinance gave him more money back, and then just kept going from there. And they're in there as one obviously, you know, that this is not how the typical person. Arts because you majored in entrepreneurship you wanted to start a business. You talk to your brother about are you wet to this real estate investment seminar and that seminar was geared towards investing. And this was around the time that you wanted to start your business were there any distinctions between investing in business at the time. What what was your your mindset towards the business that you're looking to start as opposed to maybe stopping that? And then starting to invest like what was walking through that process. So start I didn't know that. I wanna start a real estate company or anything like what I built today. Like last year. I did sixty like I did sixty single family homes that I flipped pretty much this year amounted to over one hundred homes. I never thought that if he asked me two years ago, if I would do that it would that wouldn't have been my answer. My whole my whole thing was I always I mean, I always wanted to have my own company. I guess, but I didn't know what it would take a while. I was at Loyola Marymount university while I was at college. I always thought it would be. Jack or like doing an app or something like that? Because that's what was hot a couple years ago. But that's since died down. And then this whole real estate thing. Go into that seminar learning about it. Learn that actually can make a business out of it. And then my dad pitching in his two cents. Be like, hey, yeah. That actually wouldn't make sense for me because I don't have a 4._0._1._K. So it's kind of all the pieces kind of aligned, and then all I had to do was kind of just spend the time to learn about how to build that business because I had the money. My dad had forty thousand dollars which allowed me to buy that first house. So the money was there the idea was there now it was just me to try to you know, put two into together. So that I could could give back to my parents for paying for my university for doing for bringing us to his country giving us citizenship. All this kind of stuff. Right. So that's kind of I didn't really go into like. Oh, yeah. I'm an entrepreneur. Now, I have my own company. It was just like, okay. Let's see how I can help my dad with his retirement when it comes to invest more. Specifically what you've got sorry. There's a major learning curve. I mean, you hadn't bought a single family home. Don't even know if you've learned even how to apply for a rental application like also. So I'm just thinking about the learning curve that you're able to snap up to and it's not like a learning. Lemme find grab my first home forty thousand dollars is at stake in walk me through this transaction. What exactly did you do because it wasn't what you wanted to turn his yet? No, no, not at all. I had known. So I had learnt through that seminar in through bigger like I was going hard. Learnt like the last two years at college. I had moved all my classes to night from five to ten PM than from seven AM to five PM. I would just be studying real estate learning how ever since that first seminar. I was just like hooked on it about learning as much as I possibly could about all the different. How to flip houses had a wholesale turnkey? Buying rentals apartment building you name. It. I was ahead. Like, listen to podcasts and take notes was on bigger pockets all day long, trying to learn more and more and then also spending time during the day to actually network with people and stuff like that. So. So lucky through that I deal. So the first deal like the numbers of the deal were pretty much. We bought the property for forty thousand dollars. We put a couple of thousand dollars into it just in renovation at needs like new carpeting and new flooring in the kitchen. It was pretty very light rehab the way that I found that deal was pretty much. I had set up searches in Memphis. So I've done my research on on Memphis that it was a good market for cash flowing rental properties. I found some neighborhoods that had low crime that were blue collar neighborhoods all the stuff that you here in in just listening to these podcasts was like, oh, this is how you find a good neighborhood. Now, just take notes that would go and apply it to my market, and I would say, okay. Well, this is a good neighborhood for me. Then I found the neighborhood my found that it was close to jobs. The jobs are very close by was low crime. It was blue collar the prices were right for the rents. And then I just like set my search in red fin in every day. I would just check wake up early and just check at seven AM wake up and just check the new listings now would just run them through a calculator is even a calculator on big. Pockets that you can like plug in for burning which is what the strategy. I wanted to apply than this property came up. I call the listing agent. Again, I didn't have a team here. I've just done my homework on the market and the neighborhood, I called the listing agent, and I had talked to at this point probably two hundred agents in in Memphis. I used to go to truly a- after I found out that Memphis was a good market that I would just go on truly a- or Zillow in just go to the agents tab, and I would just call cold call agents all day long, and tell them what I was trying to do. Hey, my dad has forty thousand dollars at one by rental property rehab it Byron's property rehab. It rented out do a cash-out refinance keep working with you agent. So that we can do more deals in you can make more commissions. So I would call these agents. So I knew like at this point how to separate a good agent from about agent and than that that phone call that had with that listing agent for property that came up that kind of hit all my criteria. I called him in asked him, you know, hey, do you have somebody who can renovate this place? Hey, do you have a property management company hated have this? And he had like he had the whole spectrum already laid out and ready to go. And then I was like, okay. This is this is the the chance so we made the offer got accepted right away. And then it was like oh shit. We're actually doing this. So that's how that I deal went down. But it took it took cold calling two hundred agents. It took all that homework. Upfront taxi find that I deal to get going. That's awesome is crazy. I have this challenge right now. And one of the first things that I have them doing is calling agents Colleen agents, similar, right? Some people like admin Colleen solid day. And no agents are able to work with me or willing to work with me. 'cause I'm telling them to find investors from the agents how to find investor from the agents, I'll get on the phone with them like so what have you been doing where the on how many calls have you made him? Like. Yeah. I mean, I made like like I mean like ten calls like literally nobody knows how to do the strategy. Nobody's ever heard of this. Mike may ten calls. In nearly inevitable. Ten times more people than that. Yeah. Yeah. So defined one to find one good person. I want to kind of walk through the next few years. Wouldn't you start to build your business because you kind of found this formula like, okay this works? What do you do next to repeat that process? Yeah. Good question at this point. So I graduated in may by the end of the year, I had like eight single family homes that I had kind of all done this way through the burst Radidy getting back Burr strategy means by rehab rent refinance, repeat, right? So by the end of the by graduate in may by the end of the are head like eight homes. So my dad had pretty good portfolio. He was happy. And then I was like, hey, so this is the thing about scaling. How can I actually make the turn this into a business? And it was like, okay. Well, there's probably plenty of other families. Just like my dad who you know, they have their own business or the parents work fulltime, but they wanna buy rentals. They're sick of the stock market. They want to invest in something beside. The stock market that they can have control of that has tax advantages that they can write off all these things and they're growing their equity building their equity overtime, and they can use financial leverage is only one thing where you can do all of those things, and that's real estate and rental properties. So it was kind of a natural thing because we had built this portfolio in Memphis, friends and family started to catch wind of what we're doing. If you have rental properties out of state in your in California. If you go to dinner, and you tell people talk about what they're investing in new come and say, I have ten single family homes in Memphis, Tennessee. Everybody's like what the hell you have what you know ended. It's just a conversation starter. So is this a natural thing where my dad would have friends friends of family members family friends who would reach out to him. And just be like, hey, how did you do? This can Antoine. Do this for me. And he was like, yeah. Sure. We can we actually have some properties. We haven't refinanced yet. Do you wanna buy them before refinance? They're going to be worth this amount of money. And that's how like I knew about turnkey. But I didn't know that that. I was ever going to get into that space. But then it was just pretty much. I was like, okay, I can just keep working and building my parents portfolio. But there's I can also build a portfolio for all these other family friends that we have. So we started selling properties are folio. We would make a profit which would help us buy more comedies that we can offer the more families, and that's like how the whole business grew. And then it was kind of reaching outside of our circle into like, okay? Who else can I help one other families can reach out to can we do marketing the find more of these families that matched his criteria? So what point did you decide that? This was a viable business on its own probably six months in. Your I graduated in two thousand seventeen hundred seventeen Onkar and then six months after that you decided that this is this is something that you can see yourself because you said that you were still you were still working. So it sounds like even though you had done us when you graduated you still had some reservations about this was something that could sustain you full-time. Right. So you sounds like let's go do something. And then literally like a couple days later like I don't know if I should be here. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't I didn't actually go and get it was more. Like what my last semester at university of bought a house. So it was like April, and I graduated the next month. So in April we bought the first house, and then I was like dad just pay for my rent for three months. Let me figure this shit out. He paid from Iran, and we had to deal, whatever. And then he was like, okay. If you keep doing this, and it works out, then we'll we'll keep going and then after graduation like I would say from may until November or something I had built those eight houses that that portfolio that he had and then at that point so six months after graduation. I was like, hey, you know. What we can start just doing this for other families. We just need to find more money. So that I can buy more. We were tapped out of money at that point. So it was like, okay, I just need to go raise money to buy more houses. Because I also started seeing that we had bought like a house or two a month. Right. But then I would look at the name the market and would be like, oh, wow. There's actually like I could potentially by three or four houses. So there's more deals that I'm passing on. I just don't have the money. So why don't I buy those houses sell them to somebody like my dad, and there's business? So that kind of clicked once I just got into the groove of things. And again, you don't guiding go into this thinking like have this all planned out. Just once you get moving in start taking action. You started noticing things you're like, oh, there's probably, you know, million people like my dad, and there's also a million other deals that I'm passing on. Okay. What's the missing thing money? So that was kind of the next phase which was raising money where I raised a couple million bucks to go and buy these properties to rehab. To rent them out to sell them to these people who are like, my father, what's crazy about your journey Antoine and sexually not crazy. It's actually something that every one of us goes through. But from the outside looking in it looks crazy. But one thing I've noticed about every successful entrepreneur as kind of progress like we never have that end goal. Fully mapped out. Like where what you're doing? Today is not what you thought you were going to be going back in twenty seventeen took a leap of faith. You tried something new you step outside of your comfort zone. You took a risk. You put your father's money on the line and right ocean. Closer, you get the more and more vivid like the picture becomes because you're closer and closer. So you're able to kinda see more and more. So the closer you got to a goal per se. You're okay when now these new options that are presented for me. Whereas starting point you wouldn't be able to see those new options because you never sat for step like something that I see consistently amongst every single entrepreneur that grows in Bill. Their business. The next step of building your business. I wanna talk about marketing because you mentioned that quite a few times when did you website, go up? So I actually saw this couple of months ago. I wanted found my old website, which I used because again, I grew my portfolio for my dad people starting to reaching out to us just because we were talking about it sharing about it. And you know, I was just graduating. So I would post on Instagram and all this kind of stuff. Like, hey, I just bought a house in Memphis and everybody who graduates like what the hell you did what? So it kind of just naturally grew like that. Because it was such a odd thing for many for many people who don't know about real estate real estate messing than people started to reach out to us. I created a Email lists. And I started emailing properties that we had just purchased. So I would like buy a house. I would start the renovation than I would E mail it out to people be like, hey, this is the house that we just bought were doing this to it. We're gonna rent it out for this amount. Let me know if you wanna buy before refinance it out and hold it for ourselves. That's all I did. And I just collecting emails Email it out. That's how it all started. Then emails. Pain in the ass. So I just created a website. I'm really good with WordPress. I can make up something in a day. It's not gonna look very good. Like what you see today on my website? But I went up a website. And then I would just list the properties on there and to kind of build a brand around wrote we were doing so that if people did wanna share it wasn't like, oh, the for the emails like come and visit the website. So I made a really Janke website probably in late twenty seventeen. So November December right when I kind of figured out. Hey like bit concerned selling these things to other people before refi. I made a website started putting up some deals we were working on up there, a couple months after that once the website started working and people watch you started coming to the website that weren't like that were just referred to us than I was like, okay. This is this is getting real. And then I spent all that money for the website. You see today, which is like a legit website. So now people can actually share but always started with word of mouth. It all started with us just documenting in shape. Sharing what we were doing in telling people about it in writing articles and stuff like that. How did you have that insight? I mean, I want to kind of talk about the insight that you're getting and you're presenting to your group because you know, what I picked you're right now as your group is me, dad, and brother and never happen idea. I want when I dropped it in a group show. I'm gonna get us on through. We're going to go to lunch, and we're going to talk about this. And if they like it we're gonna we're gonna move forward with this. So that's kind of what I'm picturing. But I want you to kind of tell us what's going on where you getting these ideas from the start of Email this like, I mean, where do you even think to do some of these things in how how is your family reacting? So some of the changes and things you wanna do. Yes. So it was mostly at this point. It was mostly me at the time. So my brother was actually at university still he was at community college. So he was trying to do that. He was trying to be a realtor. So he was not very involved at that point. Then my dad has a fulltime job has a business. So he was very involved. It was kind of me just figuring out the next steps and going back to like, how do you know to do an Email list? I had had multiple businesses before where I kind of learned all those things. So. I knew about mail chimp by knew about WordPress. That's why I was able to do these things so fast because is what I would do after school this what I would do on the weekends. When I was board just mess around in create little companies and trying to sell as much stuff as I could over the weekend. So I kind of learnt all all those things. And then you just networking and meeting people like my dad's friends who wanted the rental properties, we've just collect their emails, and then I would just Email them like excel model for like looking underwriting the deal so looking at the cash flow. So that they can look at the numbers before they bought it. So I kind of just started like that. And then it was like, okay. I'll just I'll just take this excel. And I'll just Email ten people instead of just one person. And then it kind of grew grew grew. And I was like okay now, I'm emailing fifty people let me just make a website and tell people to go check the website instead of having to send all these emails every week or whatever. So that's kind of how how it all happened. It wasn't really. Because also I was in Los Angeles, my dad, and my brother were in San Francisco still so I was kind of down here. By myself. So there wasn't much much meetings or stuff like that. It was like an Antoine would kind of figure it out. And then once he had a good idea. He would kind of pitch it to them. If it involves to pitch it to my dad, if it involves money, but most of it was just me just trying to figure out. Okay. We just bought a house. Let me see if I can try to sell it out. What can I try doing to try to sell this property, so build a website, try mail chimp all that kind of stuff? What have you found works? The best out of all the marketing tools that you now. Use today. Facebook ads is great for generating new leads. And then once you create a lead with Facebook ad than I've been doing Email, blasts and emails have you started retargeting to like your competition? Nuts, mike. That's a good idea. I were masterminding Anton vista. The down. I've been retargeting to people who actually visited my website, but didn't fill out the form. So is what what's leading? Then your Email list is pretty powerful yet. Exact in MLS is like all new proper. So every Thursday, we pitch we send out emails for new properties that we have available that has a very high conversion the other thing too that I've been doing this text message blasts, so actually texting like all the people on my list and be like, hey, there's a new property available. Let me know if you wanna buy it for somebody else does kind of thing. And that's been like if you wanna see people running to your website. That's how you do it because it has shows up on everybody's phone. Some people don't have their certain emails showing up their phone, but everybody has their text message showing no matter what phone numbers coming. So you know, when you have ten thousand people on your like, I didn't Email blast for a had ten thousand phone numbers identity. Message last ten thousand people and my website crash like there. The WordPress thing just went like five people temp, and it was like it had like seventy or one hundred people on the website, amended, just like the whole boss. So even if it's just one hundred people in ten thousand that's still, you know, one percent of the people going to be website instantaneously to those soon as you click send people are there. Whereas Email kind of there's some drag to. Yeah. For sure what's off wear using from its ex-boss, text Diddley texted motherhood. That's interesting. I'll put that in the show notes. I wanted to of talk about your brother really quick because you said that he was studying at the time to become a real estate agent. Yep. Now, we're in present. I went twenty nineteen what's going on with him. Now that the businesses kind of proven itself, and what what is he up to? Yep. So the beginning of the year, we had a family trip to Mexico kind of while we there we're all gonna regrouping 'cause last year we did sixty houses, which was kind of ided all most of the heavy lifting. My brother was trying to be a real estate agent. So he wasn't so involved. And my dad had a full. Job. So he would help with stuff after his work needed a lot of stuff too. But I was one kind of running the whole show and selling every single house all that kind of stuff while we're in Mexico. I was you know, being real estate agent, my brothers younger than me. So he's twenty two years old being twenty two year old real estate agent in the San Francisco Bay area where homes are like like two million dollars or or more. Yeah. It's not like, you know, it's not like, your you can go door knocking and stuff like that or send direct mailers, and like you just have to hustle really hard to get a deal. It's it's it's very difficult because these people who own the like that's a lot of money sitting in these people's houses. So they wanted to there's gonna hire the best of the best. Why would they take the risk? Hiring a twenty two year old, you know, to sell their house as just makes a lot more work to get one lead. Whereas if he was like fifty five years old, and it doesn't matter if he's if he had the same amount of experience is just because he is older as stuff like that. They have this. They're going to work with that person over my brother. So it was really hard for him to get any deals to make any headway. And so kind of while we're in Mexico while we were talking while I was talking to him. I kinda pitched it to them. Hey, do you wanna just why are you doing this real estate agent thing? Do you want to just come on with me fulltime and help run the business and just forget all the the agency side of things just come and help me sell more houses because? Last year. I did sixty houses this yard wanna do over one hundred. I'm gonna need more people. I can't do it all by myself. And I was like Yardley no most of this business on he's just come in come in with me and helped me fulltime. And I don't think he ever thought of doing that. Or that that was a possibility he kind of wanted to go his own route. But I just kind of laid it out to him that he would be involved in certain things, and he would be able to own part of the company and be able to manage part of the things that he was a necessity to be able to move things forward. And I think he just wanted to have that importance in the company in wanna do something that had an impact. So after pissed that to him we came back from Mexico, and he called his broker and said, I'm quitting. Now. He's working for for the company. It's like I knew where I was going with that question. And I had a feeling you. We haven't talked about this before. But that's beautiful. Okay. Awesome. So men, I really love your story. And it's and this is simply amazing how you've been able to build your business fast. And I've recently more recently have a lot more entrepreneurs on here like me who are building businesses in their twenties rapid writes in it's been beautiful to kind of produce those episodes. So knowing that you're one of those people I'm excited to get this out. Now, do you having you advice for somebody? Who's just not starting now who's just like man, I I wanna be a real estate investor. I often I often don't Queen myself as an investor with crazy about the shirt that you're wearing is. I love talking about we're not we're not investor your preneurs. We're not miss not Dixon slippers. We don't I don't carry any of those titles. Now, we can do these forms these actions. But we're problem solvers were entrepreneurs where you know, this is this is what we are. When I saw that show. 'cause like he knows. He's true. And it's like because there is like real estate whole like for guys like me, and you it's like when a deal hits our desk. It's like, okay. What can I do with this? So it's just like any problem comes to you. And you're going to solve it. That's what entrepreneur means. So the problem solver. So I'm just a real estate problem solver when I get a shitty house. What can I do with it? You know, I can't wholesale that. I could flip it. I could do a turnkey, rental, etc. Let's see. So this this person who's maybe just fresh out of college. Maybe somebody doesn't have the experience the brother has. But they're like man I want to get into real estate. I want to start. I want to I want to do what Antoine is done. What where do I started why go to a seminar door start reading books? Do I listen to a ton more podcasts or do? I take action. Like, what are some of the things that you know, will help somebody get success if they're just starting out. Yeah. So I would say the first thing you have to do is learn so I always say like it took me I studied for two years before ever invested or took my dad's money uninvested it, right? You have to learn because for example, if you're fresh out of college, you don't have probably twenty or fifty thousand dollars in the Bank to actually do a deal, and it really does take many people say, oh by do real estate with no money down. I mean, you you could try to do that. But I think that it you're going to have a very hard time doing it. If you have money in the Bank, you can make a much better impact. Or if you're if you're close circle around, you has some sort of funds that you can leverage the nets gonna make your life a whole lot easier. So if you're fresh out. College. I would again took me two years to do my first deal. And I was learning a lot learning a lot throughout those two years. You can try to do a seminar. But I think that I learned the most from just listening to bigger pockets podcast listening to other real estate investors podcasts. I have a podcast where I talked about step-by-step how I started when I figured out through the whole process how to build the team out of state all that kind of stuff. So I would say learn learn learn, and then once you kind of have an idea of how the whole real estate market works in all the different ways to invest in real estate or ways to be real estate entrepreneur, then you can kind of the next up would be to go look at your resources. Okay. So how much time do I have how much money do? I have an who do I know Annette once you can kind of once you have all the real estate Nolan's. And then you look at your resources you can kind of fill in the gaps. Okay. I have my dad has one hundred thousand dollars that he said I can leverage because I have all this knowledge now. So he trust me. He's gonna invest me. He's going to believe in me to do. Sex ex. And then all I need is the deals. So now says about finding that next deal in finding something to pitch to that person. So that's kind of the way that I did it. I would recommend it. If people it also depends like I'm an active real estate investor, which means this is my fulltime job a lot of people love their jobs, their accountants, or lawyers, or whatever it may be. And they love their job in the what they do, and they may want to be passive investors. So again, it's like again looking at learning, but then looking at okay, what do I want? And what's my end goal? And what resources do I have that like separates me from competition? So again being entrepreneur was my barrier entry for other people. I'm of the of let's let's give one last piece of advice before we had onto the last round. When you're when you're feeling overwhelmed when you're feeling the focus I'm years, you're set to do a hundred lips this year. So I could imagine how many moving pieces there are in your life, right? When you've lost focus temporary. What do you what do you do to get yourself back in on linemen? And if it helps what questions you ask yourself what I'm feel the most stressed as when I like, for example, have a meeting sometimes for an entire day. And then by the like wall, I'm going through those meetings or doing those things than at the back of minor. I'm like, oh did this get done. Oh to get done. Oh, is, you know, did these people reply to my, Email, etc? Etc. So I kind of get stressed out by not having not touching not looking at like, my CRM or not looking at my E mail going through things. So for example, I was in Birmingham, Alabama last week in property management company was driving us around all the houses that we had in like we're walking through like I didn't even have time to look through my phone panel a bunch of fires that were going around. So that were going on. That's what makes me feel the most stressed because I have all these things going on. And then when I'm not there to actually put out the fires than that makes me feel overwhelmed. Like, you said the way that I coped with that is that you know, at the end. Of the day kind of just sit down, and I just focus on one thing at a time. When you do I have thirty rehab projects going on right now. So there's a lot of stuff going on. There's a lot of things going on a lot of fires that have to be like a furnace in hot water tank was stolen yesterday. That's six thousand dollars. I'm selling to properties at the end of the week in the roof. The roofs are leaking on both of them. So that's an extra twelve thousand dollars. So there's a lot of stuff that's happening. And it's just really taking things one step at a time just focusing on on one task completing that tax then moving onto the next. I think that if I came to my Email or came to look at all the fires I had to put out in. I kind of looked at the whole forest I would just freak out, and I wouldn't be able to handle it. Right. But I think that focusing on one tree at a time in putting that tree out. And then I'm able to go more and not just like freak myself out about how much stuff is going wrong or not really going wrong, but stuff that I just needs to get handles lifestyle design, acceleration hacks. What is your favorite before the millions would say rich, dad, poor dad? That's a real people say that book, but it's a real mind. That change or for real estate and for like a lifestyle, whereas all the social media, and everything is telling you to buy Lamborghini and all this kind of crap. But that's really a mindset changing book that can help you think more long term and about future generations that you're going to have as well, what is your favorite lifestyle design at this can be a business app or tool. I just got an app called app. A P P H I. So it schedules all your Instagram posts, and you could schedule them far out in advance. And you can actually upload the videos and photos, put all the subtitles. And then unlikely post so. Because I post every single day on Instagram and all my God. It's a drag waking up at seven AM to post and then like having to think while you're just woke up, right? So if you have an assistant or you have one Sunday, and you can post for the whole week and schedule it all out, they need something to think about that's true. I love I love it. That's a good app to recommend. What do you enjoy? Most about the way your lifestyle is currently designed. Oh, wow. Many things I'm able to work from home. I mean, it will to to move things around in my schedule. I guess like people can really book meetings with me, I book meetings with other people, and I can change those around I play soccer five times a week. And most of the time it's during the day. It's not at night because freezing or not as miss Cole. I mean, I mean LA it's colder at night is not as much fun as playing at like eleven AM or new right? So being able to have that that luxury that I'm able to move things around in my schedule. I'm able to go in the middle of the and actually workout and working out has helped me a lot with. Reducing that stress that you were talking about two then he come back with a clear vision him like, okay. Well, now, I can now could really focus because I have all that control. Now, let's beautiful same here. I'm actually going to go work right after this. So. What were the sacrifices that? You knew you had to meet before the millions to gets where you are today. Hoesch it. So I knew that what I was. I mean, again, I've been offered on my whole life. I knew what it takes to even make the smallest of impact. And like just knew that it was a numbers game. And numbers means a lot of time like calling every single calling two hundred agents that takes a lot of time. Even if it's just a minute per phone call, but then you have one phone call. It's thirty minutes. And then you can't make those other thirty phone calls at you're supposed to make. So I knew that the sacrifice was going to be my time. But that's why everybody always says, oh, you have to love what you do. Because if you don't when you wake up at seven AM and work all the way until ten pm that if you don't love it, you're not gonna you're not gonna do that you're going to go from nine to five and going from nine to five when you're the launch preneurs started the company, it's not gonna work. It's not gonna last that long because there's so much more to do so much more things that you need to do. And all those things. Take time especially at the very beginning. So I knew that the sacrifice was going to be time into those gonna be, you know, not being able to go home as much not being able to hang out with friends or go on trips with evil because I need to sit here and do it. I need to do. But it's not really a sacrifice 'cause I love it. And it's fun. And now it's cool to be on. Like, I never thought it would be on somebody else's podcast talking about my story never thought that would happen. So it all pays off in the end in my opinion. Even though they may be called sacrifices. It's way better than going and getting drunk and being hung over the next day. Love who was essential to your growth before the millions in. Why I would say my dad, my dad's always been the one who really pushed me to be an entrepreneur he didn't while I was in high school. He told me to go and get an internship. And the reason why he told me to get an internship because he he was always like, oh, I would go and pitch him business ideas ever since I was a little kid. Oh that I want to sell as school. Can I borrow twenty bucks? And I'm going to go and sell soda school. And I'll give you, you know. Twenty two dollars back, and I'll keep the rest like, okay. Let's walk through the numbers. Right. It's kind of like that. So I was always going to him. Even for the smallest of things he was even if you thought it was a bad idea. I think he would still give me the money. Just so that I could learn a lesson right? And then in high school, he was like, hey, I want you to go and get a an internship at a at a company, and I was like why I wanna be I wanna own my own business. I never want to work for anybody. Because he he had kind of ingrained that into me. And I was like why do you want me to do is? He was he was like I want you to learn what it feels like the work for somebody else. So I went I applied for a million internships. I got one I was working there for nine months and all my God. It was like after that nine months. I was like, yeah, I'm never working for anybody else. So it was kind of a lesson to show me that any can't you gotta go and really see what it tastes like. And why people don't like like because I was a little kid. I was like why don't why do people not like working for somebody else might. I don't why do they hate their jobs etcetera. But then going and having that experience that internship or I had to go and be there at. Said time and do certain tasks, and then you know, it was in a presentation slide. My name wasn't even mentioned. But I had made the whole presentation, you know, makes you feel not important right because you're just a little intern. But it's the same thing, even if you graduate, college and go and work somewhere full-time, you're always working for somebody else. And that person is making money off all the work that you're doing, and it's gonna be tenfold what they're paying you. So I think that that my dad was the biggest thing. And of course, he made this whole thing possible without him and without his belief. You know, I have a podcast to our envy. A lot of people in a lot of a lot of dads, and parents and wouldn't have taken that risk and invested forty thousand dollars in two just a concept so doing that and taking that leap of faith with me. And really trusting me who was just some twenty one year old kid who had an idea it wouldn't have been possible. Without that last at least my man, why do you think so many of us are stuck before the millions even though we have every intention of getting to the millions? I think it's a action not taking action and giving up way too early. Again, it took me two years and trust me the amount of times I wanted to give up and you know, just go and apply for a job. There was a lot of moments like that. Once you start on your journey. You may have this idea of what you wanna do. I wanna flip houses in LA. That's what my that's what I wanted to do. I want to of course, everybody wants. To flip the house next door. That'd be the sexiest thing ever. I wanna go flip houses in Beverly Hills and raise money and be all that kind of stuff. But while you go through that learning process, and you look at your resources, and you're double checking do I have the ability to do these things with forty thousand dollars. There's no Atkinson house in LA. So you have to pivot you have to learn you have to be okay with changing, which you originally had planned for something else. And so that's that happened many many many many times where okay, I can't flip. Let me wholesale. Oh, wholesaling is a whole lot of work and not much reward and doesn't even sound that much fun. So then I would you know, then you again. Okay. Maybe we'll go with the rental property thing. My dad mentions. Oh, yeah. That'd be great for me because blah, blah, blah. And then you look at your resources again. Oh, we can actually make that strategy happen. Okay. Now, let's take more action and start building a team and learning how to build the team. So I think it's it's just not taking enough action. Like, you you probably get a lot too. Oh, I made how many realtors he called twelve. Okay. Well, you need to call twelve hundred realtors. Give me a call back, and I get a lot of DM's on Instagram too. Because I post a lot of content there as well. And people all the time are asking me. Oh, how did you do? How did you? How did you find your team? How'd you build your team? I've been calling people all day long. I was like how many numbers have you have you called? Oh, yeah. Twenty twenty people I called, and it's like, okay. Well, you're not even close to the amount of number, and, you know, people are asking for like mentors and stuff for me all the time as well. And I'm like, oh this into every single episode of my podcast, take notes, and then I'll allow then we'll have a one hour session or go. Call thousand realtors, then we'll have a session. And I know they're never going to. Yeah. And it's like go and take some show me that so take the action. And then I'll help you along the way and actually just hired somebody who's going to be handling my sale side of things, and it was the same thing. I was like go listen to all my podcasts come back to me. And then I'll I'll see about bringing you onto the team. She did it. She took notes about everything. And now, it helps me a lot more because I know how to help her the most. And now, she's she's helping us grow the business. Now that is awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, this is this has been an amazing interview. And I've gotten so many value nuggets from this conversation. I know our listeners have it's well, if any of them want to reach out to you learn a little bit more about you just say, hi, where can they find some beer intervention, sir? So Instagram on there all the time Instagram is Martell Antoine. MARTA L A N T any and then my company if you want to learn more about us and what we do. It's martell. Turnkey dot com, and may RT L turn key T U R N. K U love it. Well, Mr. Anton, this has been simply amazing. And it's one of those things where I love like are talk the ton of investors and not everybody has skipped back component. There's very few of us who do have this Beckham component. You're one of those people saw definitely and joy and love what you're doing community. Keep it up. And we'll talk to you very very soon. Awesome. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

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