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She is in miami right now and having a good old time i got invited to a birth a uh fancy fancy celebrity kid's birthday party. Oh really okay nicky. Hilton invited me to her daughter's birthday party. Which is sweet. Wait so i'll take my i don't. I don't also like to roll deep like unless it's like a really close friend. I never liked to show up to a birthday party with three kids. That's too many that's how many kids you have a well. I would think that that would be ok well. Normally i would only take one but but she specifically said plural when she invited me so mike all right. I'll take two of the kids 'cause she's a friend but we're not like close friends. We're not family anyways anyways. It's easier. It's easier this way. Well speaking of celebrities diddy is currently on vacation or he was just on vacation seven in italy and you know he was spotted on vacation with his twenty two year old girlfriend lori harvey and laurie's parents steve harvey and marjorie harvey and once again i was right. I told told you that steve harvey was all about it. If steve harvey was not down with ditty dating his daughter listen he could still be a cordial. He could still be like all right while you're an adult. You're twenty two but like vacationing together. That's a whole other level of he's. He's cool with it <hes> together. It's fine that he's cool with it. I have no problem with him being cool with it. I however think it's weird a f- okay okay. It's weird. It's weird. Everybody's in italy right now. Courtney kardashian in italy heidi clue is in italy and she got married. It had the wedding ceremony in italy even though she legally got married earlier this year she got married to this guy from germany as as well. She's german. He's in the band tokio hotel remember them <hes>. I never was really into their music. In fact i hated. I hated her music. He is twenty nine. She is forty six and i expect to be pregnant any second now or dot ah couples news. Oh gee an update on something that we spoke about earlier this week. I i mentioned how lamar odom has a new girlfriend. He is dating this life coach slash trainer wahl now it turns out that that relationship is fake. According to people magazine they are not dating says says people and lamar just wanted people to think he was dating this woman sabrina par okay <hes> i mean i guess anything attention right right. I guess so yeah <hes> thinking of couples news lily reinhart from riverdale a lot of our younger listeners probably care about this. There were reports that she in cole sprouse her co-star broke up but then they sort of seemingly denied that but not really denied it so we're not sure where these to stand at the moment but cole sprouse just celebrated his birthday and lily reinhart his his on again. Possibly girlfriend wrote him a poem. I think they're just fucking with people and they really broke up and they just want people to think they didn't didn't break up. Is what i'm thinking. I couldn't care less all right. That's what i'm thinking. I think you'll care about this story. This story has more universal appeal. Okay selena gomez now. You got yeah. She and her kidney donor francia raisa are no no longer speaking and have had a falling out and apparently it all stems from the i wouldn't say it's a fact act but it all stems from reports allegations that selena was not taking good care of herself and listening to doctor's doctor's orders after her kidney transplant and after francia gave her her kidney right so loose translation. She's out there partying too hard and her friend pissed. I gave you a part of my body and you're not taking care of him so she. I don't wanna use the word confronted because i don't i wasn't there. I i don't know the tone that was used. It could've just been a conversation confrontation unlike that word she could have addressed concerns in multiple weighs like one is somebody who donated her kidney to you and to just as a friend who's concerned for your well being but was it francias place to have that conversation hundred percent okay. They're that close enough friends that you're going to give a part of your body to someone one. I think you sit down you listen. That person's saved. Her life saved her life. If she is upset i understand it. I don't know how to what extent stan. I believe the story like. I don't know how much of it's true. If it's true at all it's true. They have not been spotted together in forever. They they're not friends anymore. That's just so weird. That's just so weird. I would think no matter what for the rest of my life i would. They have such gratitude and feel like i owe such a debt to that person for saving my life. I don't know the whole thing is very strange to me but selena upset upset that she was talking to too much press about it. No selena was not happy that she felt like she had constantly this thing over her head where she was showing it to <hes> francia this met the other. I don't know francia does not have children if she did she. I don't know if she would have given her kidney. I wonder if i wonder if she regrets donating her kidney now given everything that's happened what she seemed to question what she's a really good. She's seen selena do and given the fact that they've had this falling out. I hope that patch it up because that's a that's a big give. I wonder like the whole celebrity the thing that that come into factoring giving the kidney like if it was a regular friend that was not famous francia have donated the kidney now. It's also so fascinating like there's only one friend of mine that i would could seder donating a kidney but then i don't even think i would my best friend is like a brother to me but i got three kids like what if one of them might need it in the future you know all right onto some couples news shawn mendez and gunilla gubbio continue their tour of love all over america. Ah and something came across my mind. I do not understand this at all. It seems like whenever they're out and about they're always going out without bodyguards why i keep thinking video and photo and and reading accounts of them everywhere and they're not i guess maybe they just really want to be normal but then they're not like go to this restaurant and then it becomes a scene and all of the fans are asking for photos and everything and isn't that weird to you that they keep going out and about without bodyguards not so much. I remember justin selena they. It did a lot of things without bodyguards. They would always be spotted somewhere. I don't know i think some people can just blend in. He's probably a little harder to blend in because he's so tall and thin and good looking. I think she could blend in a little better than he can. Shake it really blood did she looks so different without makeup and she looks very normal but pretty mary pretty that's an insult to saying stars without makeup you sometimes you don't notice them. They're around you all of the time. They're not made up they they could kind of blend in and out. We'll speaking of shawn mendez. He revealed during one of his fan q._n._a.'s because he does these before the show show that he has deleted his social media just like selena gomez smartly <hes> so whenever he wants wants to upload something on instagram or twitter or whatever he sends it to his team and the team uploads it so he hasn't deleted pleaded his account he from his phone is what he's got you yeah so he he does not have social media on his felton nor does camilla aw which is interesting so maybe he got that idea from her. She doesn't have it either because her mom posts everything for her that she wants her mom to post and and that's smart. I think it's healthy to well. She talked about that recently because she randomly went on social media. Because she was was looking for a fee for something photo she said to promote the fact that it's the two year anniversary of havana and she saw a comment that was body shaming in her because she and sean were at the beach recently and how that comment just didn't put her in a good place yada yada yada. It's not easy easy. How about that white bathing suit she was wearing it was like it was like a mono. Kini didn't leave much to the imagination that way you you're abuse. I don't even want to say i wanna make you look bad hardy. Look bad don't worry about it. I'm not gonna say it though because i don't want to make you look worse on our show but but let's just say bunker gave me a very booker response when i sent him that photo i did. I don't recall said anyways well more more music news including taylor swift and ed sheeran but i i gotta tell you guys that camilla. 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He delivered right to your door. When you're giving away stuff this good. They're gonna run out so hurry and go to canvas eighteen thirty nine dot com slash peres that's canvas canvas eighteen thirty nine dot com slash perez and get yours while supplies last so earlier this week we spoke about taylor swift and i got to say you know i was not joking when i said that taylor swift fans should thank me for talking about her because her new album comes out in a couple of weeks and i would have expected her to be amping up promotion and thus far. I don't see that much. I mean she's. I guess maybe saving it all for release week. Which i guess is bar <hes> but i'm excited she could do some promotion. She has announced that she is going to be performing at good morning. America's concert series on her release weeks. I am looking forward to that and hopefully looking forward to more promo from her. We got a lot of early promo but now it's it's like no promo in a really long time. Bring it taylor speaking of taylor good friend ed sheeran has just reached a major major milestone ed sheeran's most recent tour which has been going on for two years now is sets about up soon soon but it has now become the highest grossing tour of all time while he beat u._2.'s previous record and now the divide or has earned over seven hundred thirty eight million dollars others and he's made way more money than you too though because you to split that four or five ways i don't know and they've got extremely high. Production costs awesome sheeran. <hes> does not have high production. He just goes out there with the guitar like a repeater pedal insane. He makes about like six million elian dollars in one night because he's been doing stadiums all right speaking of crazy. This is sad. Hopefully he gets the help he needs needs but i think that acknowledging you've got a problem and you need help is a good first step towards getting that bam marghera whom a lotta people know from jackass zig marghera or marghera. I'll maybe margie i. I always thought it was marghera. I don't know how to pronounce anything. Jarrah gonna go with you. I just thought that that's what it was but i could be. I have no idea that's just what i thought marghera anyways bam. I am formerly from jackass now reality tv star and social media influence her had been posting a lot of alarming things on instagram. It seems like he's really still struggling and he even reached out to dr phil saying my family is in shambles and asking dr phil for help. Is that a good idea to ask dr phil for our help. His advice is usually spot on so if you think t._v. Doctor can help. You can't unhurt right. You just need to know that it's going to be on his show and he's going. Maybe that'll mode bam wants that to me. That's what he wants exactly yeah so when win and speaking of families in shambles wendy williams does not want her family to be in shambles she she wants to have an amicable divorce from her cheating at an allegedly abusive ex husband kevin avid courting into a new report in the daily mail which somehow i think the daily mail's plugged into the ex husband so i'm hoping maybe the ex husband lied but not just the ex husband they've they've somehow dot wendy williams on lock like they've broken so many stories about her this year so i consider them very reputable when it comes to this topic according to them wendy has decided not to sever her business business relationship with her husband. He's going to keep working as her manager because she i i don't know i guess it's doing him a favor well. Maybe he's done a good job okay. The marriage didn't work but maybe the business side of it works. She's been on the air all of that all. That's that's what he convinced her. He tried to convince her that that was the case well. The facts are the facts. I mean the fact is that he was her manager. All along and you know it worked so so maybe she decided you know what it did work. I don't have to be with him anymore. But this may be a good move for me business y you know teaching somebody buddy else the ins and outs of what you do and what you are a tough gig for her own healing. She should let this guy have space. She's not going to have space from him now okay but he does serve a purpose in her life on the business side of it and she may realized that i look i think she can still he'll and do her job. At the same time she could have could have found somebody just as good or better. I don't know if i agree with that. Why not because you act like it's just like the easy thing to do. The the there's one hundred things that he knows the ins and outs of it's impossible to train somebody. Maybe she doesn't want to she's enter fifty. She doesn't want to start over with somebody new and a whole new team at g. She's anatomic but she's going through a break up. I mean this just may be the easiest thing he did. Build it with her. Are you just saying that. He has to go why he built it to his aligarh. He's a cheat okay then don't be married to him but that doesn't really have anything to do with their business is my point if you lied to me personally. I can't trust you professionally either. I would say well then. You're going to be training somebody else. Can you imagine having to train a new barbie. It'll it'll take work but you can do it you. You can quit in three weeks two. You're crazy person. I am not a crazy person your crazier than me. Uh-huh i'm very rational crazy or irrational crazy okay. We'll speaking of crazy. Oh my god what am i favor things things and an ongoing debate that has been going on now is about people going to disneyland and disney the world that do not have children there. Is this mom who wrote a facebook post. That went viral saying that she thinks that adults adults that don't have kids should be banned from disneyland thrill okay so i just went to disney with my girlfriend. I would be banned under her regime asia. Yes if you don't go with. I can't enjoy rides and food and the whole disney experience like why can't i it's magical. It's fantasy. Why why why can't i enjoy it. I agree. I'm not saying i agree with a woman and then similarly. I would say this woman all right well. Then families and people with children children should not be allowed on planes with non families. You know i'm also thankfully my kids are not babies any more but <hes> i would have been down to go on a family only flight air scare. No thanks so yeah. I agree with you. I think this woman is just ridiculous disney. His knee is for everybody. You know what else is ridiculous. Oh my gosh this teenager sixteen years old one three million dollars a fortnight tournament. How on earth does not even like the fortnight world. Championships is like a regular fortnight tournament like how how do they have that much. Money especially 'cause second place one one point eight million dollars. You know if my kids i. I have to buy my kids fortnight now. Get them generating. Some money is that how do you play. Is that on the t._v. or on the laptop like how do you think it's on your phone. I really don't know. I just know that it's a free game and every kid plays it now. My son does it but he somehow knows not more. He knows minecraft even though he never played minecraft. I'm like how do you know these things get to old navy saturday and sunday just in time for back to school. Girls girls and boys polos are three bucks in stores. 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It's it's silly there is is this silly petition going around to move halloween to the last saturday of october. I would vote yes for that. Every why twice on sunday no here is why first of all i the thing that makes me. The happiest is when halloween lands on a wednesday then you can celebrate the weekend before and the weekend after end that wednesday to i think halloween should be two weekends and wednesday. Halloween should be all month long frankly. I think it should be the last weekend of the month because the parties people go go out for halloween parties. I think they should move it to. I think they should move it to the weekend so you could everybody goes out on friday on halloween and choose that don't you wanna have two weekends at halloween is not the bed no. I hate halloween number one so i couldn't care less but i would think it would just be better if it was on the weekend. You don't have the halloween spirit no i don't i definitely don't i hate dressing. I think it's weird that grow not stress up so much. I love it. I'm cheap so i don't do it big like i used to but i used to do it all right. Let's talk about some positive news some good news. This is surprising news julianne lianne. You might be confused by this so i'm not confused by julianne huth the professional dancer and reality tv star has come out. She didn't put a label on herself but in a new interview she had this to say she was in bed. One day with her husband spend brooks <unk> like like lake some shit like that i think he used to play hockey right and in bed. She told him you know. I'm not straight and he was like i'm sorry what i was like. I'm not but i choose to be with you i. I think there's a safety with my husband now that i'm unpacking all of this there's no fear voicing things. I've been afraid to admit or that. I've had shame or guilt about because of what i've been told her. How i was raised. I mean i had to mention this because i think it's so powerful because she i don't know if she's still a practicing mormon but she grew up mormon and and you know this is very important for queer mormon visibility so good on you julianne huff to me. I took it like she likes chicks two yeah. Obviously she's like look. If you want to bring a chick home some night i'm down. That's how that's not what she said at all all that's the one i heard how. She said. She's not straight but i choose to be with you. That doesn't mean she wants to be swinger or have three thumbs. I don't know i think that's highly debatable. I think she's saying look kind of like girls to see does all right. If you wanna make me happy maybe you you bring one home every day. That's what i that's what my male heterosexual ears. That's what you want to hear exactly not what she ride. That's what she said to me. Oh my gosh would you do that. Would i do what if you would you be into that. She wanted that. I'm tom barry to juliet huff which would be awesome because she really add up before she's nice. Whatever else if i'm married to her and we're in bed we're talking. She says you know i liked chicks two. I'll be like oh really okay and then another night. She says hey you care if we bring janet home. I'd be like all right cool. Yes so i'd be down with that wanna now. She said she wanted to bring roger. Hope i'd be like no but you can janet hope for sure down with that all right well more positive news more visibility. This is amazing and wonderful especially given everything that happened with one of the head honchos over victoria's secret previously saying that they would never have a transgender model in their fashion show. Victoria's secret just hired their first ever trans gender model to model for their victoria's secret pink brand so i saw her too. She's high no very hot. She is you know even a trans person. I would say you know there's different transgender people who some of them transition later in life and or maybe just don't have the resources or whatever who who who have more difficult time quote passing as the gender they identify as but this woman if you did not not she's a woman. You would not know that she was that she was assigned. Male at birth to her name is valentina. Some pyo congratulations to her eight. That rocky has been making the most of his time as a free man. He was just spotted fighted. Kanye west sunday service is still doing that and it was nice to see a rocky out and about. I'm surprised he hasn't hasn't done like a big. Sit down interview with somebody. I'm surprised he hasn't gone to the white house yet. You think he would go to the white house. That's a good question and i don donald trump was lobbying hard for his release. More music news not news. It's made me happy to see this. Brittany brittany was following crazy woman's rule from earlier the podcast britney spears and her two young sons well not that young i think ones on fourteen and the other one's thirteen. They were just spotted at disneyland. Can you imagine going to disneyland and seeing britney spears that chaos that that must is 'cause. It's cool. When you see celebrities at disney i have before to you just kinda. Yank your head and say oh wow that's whatever and you keep walking but if you're a bread and people would stop for britney britney i think people would like follow her around the part yeah not for the whole time the follow her for a while take photos videos from afar and just gawk for a while call all your friends facetime then brittany's right there right. That's that'd be like seeing beyond say at disneyland now. They'll be onstage. That'd be crazy. I'd say so rich probably pay disneyland to stay open later for her. She would shut the park down. Shut the park down with speaking of beyond say huge huge news and actually i think this would be so this is so smart because not just the lion king song whore war soundtrack but her most recent output before that was the joint album with jay z and i was saying that that also under delivered right it wasn't a huge head underperformed either way to kind of like counter act that she's going with a sure sure fire thing according to reports beyond say has just made kelly rowland and michelle williams decade. She has agreed greed and it's organizing a destiny's child reunion really yes not confirmed not official yet but it's been reported <hes> idea now. I don't because i'm trying to think of when i went to see beyond say last time at dodger stadium when she played the old songs i found found myself excited for a moment but i really was there for the newer stuff. I was there for lemonade really oh no i love the i love the old south no and i i did too and i would have said before going to the show that i would be more excited to hear the destiny's child stuff but to me it kind of sounded dated and the new stuff is what i i really wanted to see so i mean i'm sure it will be great but you're right. I think a lot of fans are going to love that but me. I'm more excited to do to see what she's gonna. Do next taxed unoccupied. She didn't really want to do anything. She doesn't want to give us hits well. I don't need hits. I think the last album was chocked full of hits but i love it now. I love it more now than i did. When it came out it was a good album. I just think it was a really good album all right well beyond say to a huge beyond fan and one of my favorite people to talk about meghan markle. Marco are american princess. We love her. The brits don't the brits. I'm not gonna generalize but a lot of brits just do not like her and i think it's because she's american clearly american and an actress best <hes> she just turned thirty eight and celebrated her thirty eighth birthday a with a very fancy party that the queen through for her in scotland at her borrow moral state. I hope i pronounced that correctly. I wonder what like a party with the queen and the royal family is like he think they serve alcohol. Yes they do. I gotta think they're all a bunch of drunks. What else do they have to do. I don't know i would think it's not very royal to get drunk. I think it's probably just like every family where there's some people that do and people don't or maybe there's like royal etiquette on how to a drink ellie mae i bet you there is see you gotta watch the crowned because what was what was her name the other one that was always in the press the dark hair really pretty the one that party the one that was i guess that'd the the queen of england sister queen process. Dan is it an would you see that on the crown. She's awesome. She's fun. She smokes. She drinks she parties. She hangs out with all of the wrong people. She was awesome. She's so fun to watch so. I think it's just like every family but i think she was kind of looked down on to get a reminder yeah well. She ended up. I think she had a lot of health issues. She died young into the she was only sixty eight years old when she died oma and the queen is in her nineties. Now it wasn't margaret and is the hard partying one. We'll leave this england listeners to whoever watched the crown season in one. That's who i'm talking about. I'm thinking margaret for some crazy reason but i could be wrong. I'm terrible with names and maybe you're right and one last thing about meghan markle marco before we'd take some calls these people the royal watchers their so easily triggered and upset by anything uh-huh but first of all she makes so many headlines kate middleton does not get nearly as many headlines but this will not last i mean. I don't even think it'll last asked next next. This is just twenty nine thousand nine hundred by twenty twenty. I would hope this is all died down and the just like the disdain for her is <music> over but as part of the new issue of british vo she gets added that and shared one of her favourite poems uh-huh. It's a poem called a note from the beach. Maybe do an expert. Hello i am the beach i am created by waves and currents. I was made every rhode rocks exist next to the st. I have been around for millions of years. I was around at the dawn of life itself and i have to tell you something. I don't and care about your body. I am a beach. I literally don't give a fuck. I am entirely indifferent to your body mass. I think i'd heard enough. I've heard enough. We're good people were upset that she shared a poem had the f. word in it. Oh well apparently part of royal etiquette is that they should not use common words. There are there are words that are described as common and not not just curse words even words like they don't say toilet or dinner like dinner is considered a common word right. I guess they just say stopper. Supper like so stupid and i love it are at let's take some calls hans aeschbacher. You were hundred talk about eddie. That was the creepiest thing mention the whole those prints. I can't believe you think it's not creepy of like grows rose unacceptable thick it would be creepy for normal people but not for hollywood people. I don't see the difference. I don't celebrities. They're not normal people lose. I am a first time caller longtime listener. I'm calling from orange county and <hes> do you love the show been listening to it for a few years now <hes> so my call is in response to the episode machete and watermelon i normally but but i wasn't up to date with the podcast so this is my thoughts and <hes> felt compelled to call usually just kind of am really touched by how you guys aren't perfect but i love how booker year usually on point with things all things <music> her as your own point with all the things race and <hes> people of color. I think i do that about you both with avenue that might be the craziest thing ever so i think so <hes> let's continue with this protocol grounded and gallons but i felt like i wanted to explain a little bit more. I guess on the issue of what scarlett johansson said about how she should be able to play anything that she wants. She should <hes> but i go back to the issue of when wonder woman came out i myself <hes> a woman of color and i'm also griffin so <hes> i'm not cramped gendered. I don't know what it feels like to be transgender. I don't pretend to but i know what it feels like. When you see representation on that connection was shocking. We ran out of time. Are you still awake pres- waco the calls obama wait. I i agree agree with what she said. Except for the calling you a feminist. I have a giant feminists. Did you hear my comments earlier about. What's her a bed with her. Yeah exactly those are feminist communists. It's kendall from <hes> centerville virginia about the instagram <hes> whoa i mean i refuse to feel guilty about owning too. You know enhance my photos a little bit. Every photo could use a little something whether it's buffy now skin imperfections or whitening your teeth a little bit <hes> there's even a a neat defining thing where you can make your eyelashes pop little <hes> as long as you don't you know abuse it and get radical with that. We all have those friends who you know you can tell that they went overboard with it and <hes> <hes> you could you know they they're like almost cartoonish <hes> but if you use it to subtly enhance and define it's a great tool and there's there's no reason for you not to want to. You know <hes> boost yourself a little bit. There's nothing wrong with that <hes> and that one lady who called in yeesh. I mean it's it's great that you passionate but i do think that all that passion could be better served. <hes> you know something more important. <hes> the people feel good about themselves like it's not that big of a deal <hes> just be responsible with it and i feel like most of us are and and most of us use it and enjoy it and yeah the defender of the photo show all right. I'm all for it too but i wouldn't. I use it myself the only thing and by the way reminder in the i had to professional photos taken recently. The only thing that was photo shopped shopped ahead a big vit- that's it the rest the rest is really said. I wanted it to be real. Hello stephanie from canada and i'm just calling in on the perez hilton kathy griffin situation. I think that peres you just need to listen or read it one more time with an unbiased view <hes> i think maybe i don't know i think you in kathy has something and so you're reading it negatively but i agree with all the callers and she's just saying that she knew his mother better than she even knew anderson back off of this yet <music>. I'm in. Maybe i reread the quote. Maybe that's what she meant but she could have worded herself better and maybe she word herself the way she did it on purpose <hes> uh-huh okay hi my name's linda brenick. I am from pittsburgh pennsylvania regarding the wedding. My daughter's was up near doc tober and and her dad and i pay for the bride's portion. My daughter and her husband did not pay for anything and then the groom's side for the alcohol and the rehearsal dinner and we had the pittsburgh cookie table light. You know that accident. I just hear that accent. I just think of home. That's like everybody. I know that i grew up with. It's crazy. I've missed that axa downtown and see the steelers on sunday playing great. I hi the girl of the week podcast my is i would think about selena gomez and her friend hi griz booker. It's it's been young calling <hes> british columbia canada. Has you guys for a really long time now. My long drive for work. I wanted to say was to question to read about the p._d. Dating his sons ex-girlfriend how would you feel if your mother started dating one of your exploited kalihi friends onto here we i i would be thrilled from my mom. I want her to be happy weird as yeah. It's not like they were. It's not like we're married or i mean okay intimate with this person and now you're mobs now intimate with this person. What does that look like on thanksgiving. That's weird. That doesn't bother me because you're a celebrity to a nut eight hundred seven two eight five. We'll do it again next three one a podcast gotta podcast then checkout launchpad d._m. 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Real real protection is professionally installed smart home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize system for your home including video doorbells indoor for an outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the a._d._t. App or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go with location sharing driving driving activity alerts and an emergency s._o._s. button through the a._d._t. Go app that's a._d._t. Real protection trump's visit. I'm tim maguire a._p. News minute after a he and first lady melania trump visited the those hospitalized following the el paso shooting the left one thousand two people dead president trump met with police and first responders. We went to the hospital. I just came from the hospital. We were there a lot longer than we were anticipated to be. It was supposed to be just a fairly quick. We met with numerous people we met with also the doctors say the medical staff <hes>. They have done an incredible job earlier today. Trump visited dayton ohio l. where nine people were killed early sunday morning democrats including some running for president denounced trump for his rhetoric former vice president joe biden telling a crowd in iowa offers. No o'meara leadership seems to have no interest in unifying this nation. No evidence that the presidency has awakened is conscience in the lease a recent pew. You'll poll finds. A majority of those questioned. Field trump has changed the political debate for the worse. I'm tim maguire.

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