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Day 3: Big names advance, Caro carries on and Melbourne loco for Coco


Talk Hello and welcome to the Airshow Day. Three of the USTRALIAN on. Who's bringing you the big stories every day? The goal today on the short wins for Djokovic Williams and Federal Straight Angle Federal Thad Round Karaoke tapes calm and carries on. Melvin Goes Loco. The Cocoa Geico fifteen years and the parts champions plus all the key results from day three Carolina Mujtaba tunes out with a stringed instrument of different. That's all coming up on the airshow capacity. Rod Laver arena crowd. It has watched Serena Williams and Roger Federer progress to the third round on a star-studded nitrate in pursuit of her record. Equalling twenty fourth major title Williams defeated tomorrow down six six two six three. which flattered the seven-time champion? I knew I had to play better. Couldn't keep making unforced errors like that. I knew that I had to kind of just step up or it was going to be a really long evening for me so I don't know I know I have a great foreign. I know have a great back. I just had to kind of rely on it a little bit more question myself so much so that Kinda helped out six time. Champion Roger Federer Philippe cranach dropping. Just six games. It's a great start into the season so far I'm feeling really relaxed out on court to train hard and you hope it pays off not that it was all for nothing This week so no. I'm happy I'm still going and I'm looking forward to the next one. Of course on the open of the another good match. Defending champions Novak Djokovic and now me Asaka were clinical in their second round matches in blustery conditions Djokovic swept aside qualify. It's a tumor Ito. In just of nineteen minutes I think Players enjoy this kind of conditions to be honest but it is what it is you have to accept them and embrace the fact that you're going to I guess you're going to be challenged on on different levels just by opponent but also the conditions and that's okay you know I accepted it. I came into the match and played extremely well at the beginning. You know got got five love up lead after you know Fifty minutes of just overall pleased with the performance while the Quirky Asaka was a cut above Jiang saw saw. She's slicing and dicing and getting everything. Housley can hit a winner already and she was like no. I'm going to get everything pain. That's basically what happened. I mean my racket just magically flew out of my hand I couldn't control it sorry onyx is a bit childish. I just WANNA play one match without throwing my racket or kicking it. That's all I want. The wind sets up a rematch. Of last she is. US Open third round clash with Cook Golf who came from a set down to upstage ceramic. Astana today I think I'll be less nervous this time. I think you open. I was nervous. Orissa's my first time on Ash And I I mean we're both familiar with each other's game. She plays really aggressive. So this time coming in I'm just GONNA try to be more aggressive. The unflappable fifteen year old adding to her expanding legent offense. I didn't get the girls names But I did give them wristbands towels and everything But Yeah I don't I didn't get their names. But they were really nice and they were chilling really really loudly that really changed the momentum of the match I feel like just a crowd in general and that the same thing happened the US Open to an within. The crowd really can change the way a match goes From Bates he's faints. Does I hear the Italian twelfth. Say took more than four hours to defeat a strategy Jordan Thompson on his home soil. Just today after pulling off a great escape against Riley Belka I did the then was more sweetie. You know why because it was meaning to two zero then to settle so in sixteen the fifth while amazing think windy conditions sent Said's tumbling in the men's draw with Matteo Bertini Griego Dmitrov and Ben Wah upset in five-set epochs American. Tommy you pull holding his nerve to defeat tomato ten three in a final set tiebreak staff. ooh biggest win of his career. He takes the bowl Owns never been a part of something like that honestly A lot of fun playing in front run of all you guys. I mean towards the end of the fifth. It was it was you guys got me through an identical final set scoreline so a twenty run wrap Marin Chile defeat twenty first seed. Ben Wa Perry I have to say that the conditions were one of the most difficult I experienced the overall in grasslands possibly in my career Extremely Windy Not easy to play. Also Benoi was was up and down throughout the match for last Three sets he played the incredible tennis. So I had to dig dig extremely deep and was just the pleasure to win like that the end up a playing great tiebreaking you always open dot com. Alex shop has told the Chili which could cause some damage lighter in the tournament is really under. The raid is had a lot of problems with injuries and closing out matches and confidence and all the things that everyone kind of keeps mentioning within the poor guy. And Yeah I if if you know can we fruit to the second week is definitely a threat and two thousand eighteen quarterfinalist. Tennis San Grin climbed the tournament's first top ten scalp edging edging out eight saved Matteo. Bertini what are they save when when the guy you know gets gets an upset and then you normally loses the next around. So I'll try to maybe back. Get up You know we'll see you know it was a good day is a heck of imagine was really happy to pull it out. And I think I've doubles tomorrow and you know we'll just do the same routine. Make sure I'm as ready as I can't be for. For Friday career she caroline Wozniacki has twice fought back from a double break down to Cape Alive. Her Australian Open dream the two thousand eighteen champ was on the back foot in both sets against Danica strengths but managed to turn around to win seven five seven five. It's coming really fast at me. She's not making out of mistakes. I'm not getting tapped on the ball. trying to think what to do out there to change that and You know she started making it. A little more unforced errors. I tried to. Yeah I got a little more depth than the ball. I started serving a little bit better and You know all of a sudden I kept getting one point after another and A half starts getting the belief that I could get that set. The Danes impending retirement providing extra motivation. I was just trying to think of it as as the tennis. And then I started thinking about last time out there I was like well. You know those going really quick. Let's try and slow it down a little bit and let's try and go a little extra time out here. WOZNIACKI has a third round with with owns Jaber who defeated Caroline Garcia. Just a day off to Alston. You had a CONTA- in other results Yulia Yoga's came from a set down to overcome thirteenth-seed pet traumatic traumatic. I'm very happy to be through to the third round and Yeah overall I think can be very proud of myself how I managed to come back the first set and While ending the mention of very very high quality Three Games well number one ash body saved six second set breakpoints in her six one. Six four defeat of Poland a Hertzog. Who's going to play the big points points? Well but I think all three of those guys fifteen forty which is not really an opportunity. I WanNa give to my opponent three back to back service. I think Yeah obviously NAS to be able to get out out of those in In those points play structure points is a lot better And probably should've done those earlier in the service games but that was also something that I did very well in the first set was Get ahead remind service games and then put the pressure of by Patino but Philo Ozzy Estra Chama was no match for twenty eight seats. A net contract in six love six two demolition. It was really good Tough conditions today was really windy up really happy with the way I manage to play today. Seventh seed Patrick. Villanova ended off a gallant Polo Bar. Dosa seven five seven five. I'd say ellison risk was fought so good for Julian also fear Kenan and Maria. Sakari birthdate qualifies in straight-sets on the men's side. Sixth Sage Aide Stephanos Pass was gifted free passage to the third round after the withdrawal of Philippe Cul tribe with muscle strain not sade. Roberta about his to a good overcame. first-set he he cup to win in four sets against michelmore other winners to Sean. Live each and Martin Foot Chevik who braised Pasta Talion Youngun Yanic Cinna in straight-sets and kicking off doubles action. The Bryan brothers one in three sets in what's likely to be the final campaign in Melbourne. Well despite all the big results it's been a relatively relaxed three compared to yesterday sheduled compensating for the loss of play on a rain-affected day. One Tournament director. Craig tally telling I. uh-huh extra the ninety-six matches was a tournament record. Even though they went chasing one we had to do that. Because the day before the weather and And that's why we had that late finish finish and a lot of the matches ended up. Having even five set matches may which we think. That's an stranded open record speaking of records another. The monster crowd turned out for the first Wednesday on the back of eighty. Three thousand people yesterday and the event is attracting fans from all over Australia. And beyond well for me I've been to two majors Wimbledon and the Australian and don't get me wrong Wimbledon's great but this is my favorite i. I haven't been to the other two but I cannot imagine thinking they're any better than this just doesn't get better than me numbers as for you. J. Very fifth gift aid over years. And if you go to any favorites you'll walk to watching come. Just say maybe on the show called undersides great tits Vegan. Get up. That'd be good at first time here and that'd been awesome. I mean the kids love love watching the Games. Have you got any favorite players at. Oh yes I do nice. Some of his players by doesn't have a fight one too much pitchy. They're just too many trees could be Rafeh Ranchera Jackovitch or anyone. You have your oil any predictions tournament. Let's see I like the old guard. You know like ince hoping to bill actually sort of win this year instead of catch the better You know hoppy to run into some of the other players I've seen before. The Australian Open boasts the largest grand slam footprint in the world spanning two kilometers from the hot of Millburn to nearby Richmond. Batali says that isn't stopping. There are objective is to expand more into the city and to expand expand this precinct across the railroad tracks and everywhere and then he space. We can get to do it. We wanted to provide people. Melbourne Victoria Australia as well as the international guests with a lifetime. Experience when they come and they come in and they get a few full what the offering is tennis. But it's a lot more intense when it comes to tennis. There's no questioning the player's ability but many of them carry other hidden talents tight Carolina Mujtaba. Who spent her day? Okay off visiting a Melbourne music store for a final tuneup before his second round match tomorrow. Yeah I play are I really like it. It's Kinda Like relaxing you know. Sometimes I'd take tournaments but just kind of trying to super super good at play. I thank you thanks. Well like it gets you many feelings. You know. I think when you feel sad or happy always funding music music. which is like this getting you in the mood and then helping you through or at least me and my? I listened almost all day like when I freaked out. You know the headphones all the time and yeah I really enjoy. Oh that's cool in the back. Yeah that's pretty good good. Maybe I should buy Oh my God you're so good impossible for me Eh. The findings relaxing Turn of Whitehead's learning which is slinging on different words Well Oh that's all from day to day at the Australian Open. Join me again tomorrow for all the big news from the continuation of Second Round matches in the meantime style tonight with the latest news on always often dot com or tune into air radio and be sure to subscribe so dark. 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