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The south florida morning show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk. Eight fifty w. mtl. I'm ashamed to say is further evidence that voter suppression has become part of the official platform of the republican party liar. I don't know what else to say. Guys that flat out liar. Push through which fail by the way as hr one thing could be the most unconstitutional thing. I think i've ever seen god but you know what. Give the democrats credit. We always do because they know how to word things so it makes it look like if you go against whatever they want. You're a bad person. Brilliant brilliant marketers. Give them all the credit in the world. because there's this thing to federalize elections and and you know Outlaw voter id and and take power away from the states. They called that voting rights. I knew oppose it his voter suppression. Yes isn't that brilliant is shooting that brilliant it take away all the rights. what's wrong the republicans. they're just evil cruel mean people anyway. It's not going to happen shots to know. But you're right you're just looked at this again. every democrat voted for it including joe manchin. Who is supposed to be. I'm not gonna vote for this. I'm not going to buy you okay. Right geno turncoat. Their chuck schumer got to them and Him the world when it comes to some kind of filibuster ruling and joe was like okay. Thank sailor by so. I'll vote for your thank you. Needless to say we can't trust joe manchin and again of course not. yeah he. well it's got i. I like him because he usually. You know looks at things logically. At least you know he. And maybe he's just a plan by the democrats put up that little smokescreen that makes everybody think Republican side you're going to go with them could be and maybe it's just all a political ploy which could really be the case. Could all politics. It's all swampy. who knows. Here's the exact opposite of politics to get out of that world for a bit. Yes apparently it's a big day for pop star. Britney spears he played. They're making a big deal about this. You're to hear about his everywhere either from your kids or at work today. Freebritney conservative ship with their father. And she's been doing this for a while. But i guess the big deal today is she's actually showing up in person in court to defend herself which i guess she's never done before she's always had her attorneys speak for her. So what better way to win though is in to prove that you're one hundred percent in your faculties and you get your act together. Then to show up in person will be prerecorded lip sync like sparkley. Microphone that's quite story. Though is that lot of is on it in the legal community even though it's just britney spears because they want this whole conservative ship. A deal can be abused. Well yeah this is the case or not. But i mean she may be. The one changes this whole law. I don't know if she's she's trying to get her. Dad has their dad taking more money than he's supposed to get well. He's got complete control of life. Apparently because let's face it and she admits this to she went a little nuts. They are a little while ago. But ten years ago but skipper credit. She straightened out her. Life became a good mom. Wasn't it longer than ten years ago. It seemed like i was a long time ago. Maybe i'm wrong but still you're right. You know she's turned herself around. And it used to be your dad in an attorney. But i think it's just a dad there dead and her sister now. Her family has control of all of her money right now. You know what. I've seen families fall apart oil money. So it's it's it's it's her money she makes it. She supports everybody. Give it to work. But she's not. i mean. Who cares that. It's britney spears their millions of people across the country that out and say millions is probably tens of thousands that are in the same situation so true somebody else. Somebody else controls your money. So if this sets big legal precedent freebritney somebody else control my money. I'd probably be in pretty good shape but you also didn't shave your head and refused to wear underwear for the first solid. Two years saying guy. She went through that era. Yes it was. How could we forget. Wow yeah the world remembers that but again she turned her life around so at some point the these things and it was two thousand eight when her family control of her fortune. At some point you got to be able to prove that you're saying now and yeah you know she had she was on In vegas for how long should they like every day to shows on sunday or whatever it was. I mean it takes a lot of takes all you got to have your act together to do that. No pun intended. I'm just thinking things were happening behind the scenes that none of us ever heard about family knows and that's what they keep on through my face. I'm sure i'm sure because let's face it every her dad's grandkids are involved here and i'm sure he has. The money cares about their welfare. But it's the. It's the money i've seen him. Isn't that terrible. Isn't that a terrible thing to say. All right maybe you're right. It's i think it's the money but that's besides the point. I hope i hope she gets it. And i hope things go well because the minute they go south you know. They're taking everything away from her right poor kid who knows kitsch kids. She's like fifty almost now. I will do she. I don't know brittany freebritney We're going to travel a lot. It's going to be packed again for fourth of july. We're going everywhere. We are everywhere. Summer vacation so says triple a. And they were right about memorial day. How many people are traveling this time around. Did they say you're ready. Yeah forty seven. Million americans are expected to drive or fly for a holiday destination. july first. it's going to be busy okay. So the six this one. I'll start my road trip to asia booking you wouldn't but if you're booking airline travel around that time they jack up the prices like you wouldn't believe it's terrible. I know but they do. That's terrible terrible terrible now. You've got the covid recovery fee from which airline frontier dollar a dollar forty nine. It's gonna go unnoticed because it's just going to be added to all the fees you ever look at your plane ticket and you look at the fees. They actually charge. It's ridiculous creates me. Just give you the boarding pass so you don't see all the fees pass or scanner in your phones. You don't look at it because if you see the fees it's absurd so now that frontier is done it that means others will eventually follow suit and then like jay ratliff. Our aviation expert has told us it just continues and it goes up in a guy like the the baggage fee. Sure that never went away. Did it just goes up. And god forbid you go over one hundred pounds. Jeez covey. it's only about fifty. Okay all right until they doublet triplet and then they'll nova and then they'll tack that onto something else. Okay remember. we bailed them out. I just i can't yeah. We bailed them out how many times and now they say they don't have enough people to run them please. I'm telling you drive somewhere and see the united states i More things come back to normal more events is this gives us another chance me another chance. Anyway to talk about the foo fighters they brought the first big live sold out show to madison square garden. Yeah they're gonna do it too l. A. now really going. Well listen to this. You can the same thing in l. a. Next month yesterday announced it gonna be playing. The first full capacity showed a former inglewood. What can happen in july seventeenth. Cheese concerts are back. Did you notice all these tours. Now that are being announced. I know i can't wait. They're back did you get your tickets by the way for the big show that you wanna. I don't wanna mention it because in the safe. Okay all right so you got your petition clapton tickets. I saw clapton years and years and years ago and it was purely by accident. I told you showed up at that yellow concert adding no idea why in the l. o. Guy was saying he was the best guitarist in the world and all of a sudden he challenged anybody in the audience. Obviously well played in. The spotlight went in the back and here comes. Clapton won't get in the back of the arena and the place went crazy at lauren was stuck on the phone for about two hours on thursday. To god you you know what. You have an extremely tolerant wife. She gets to go to excuse me the carrot honey. You're sitting on hold for two hours. Hey we almost lost clapton. Deity said about the vaccine. You ousted his hands went numb. We'll speak vaccine. it's gonna. It could be a big problem for kids boy. Did this something. You're not seeing the headlines and that should tell you a lot. The world health organization now says for now kids should not be getting the vaccine. Yeah enormous news is an emergency meeting. With the cdc that they. They're going to discuss this today. Convenient we have that more to talk about coming up next the self-loading morning. Show this jenna dear oil. That rapid fire news is coming up at seven thirty minutes away. It's cairns news where we get to play to what's happening. You're not really hearing much about these. The investigation remember when they cleared out the park by the white house in front of the church. When trump held up the bible offers park mafia park trump's fault all those people got beaten apparently not they clear them cleared it out to put a fence up was cleared of all wrongdoing. And that so all of that. That was all a lie. Another fake news story that they said president trump sent the troops in do attack peaceful citizens that just so happen to burn a church. Okay right and sprayed you know all kinds of horrible things on the bathroom there but Also trump says he never asked the department of justice to investigate saturday. Night live for making fun of him. Can you believe this. Oh my god. This was an amazing statement from you. Hear the he's but he said although alec baldwin did not do a good impersonation says darrell. Hammond was the one who could better. Well he should know well you know. Trump has a favourite impersonator. Think you do a good job. No we do a ferret we do a terrible trump. that's why we do it He also said but in two thousand nine hundred and he did tweet a call for federal agencies to investigate. Nsl so he tweeted about it but he didn't ask the doj to do. There's a big difference and now you won't let them tweet so there aren't that more coming up so that whole that whole lafayette park story to just another. We have a propaganda news industry. Now they they're propagandists. They're not journalists. Now they made that whole thing up. As a matter of fact. I think it was the justice department that came out and said they didn't even know trump was going to walk across the park until he walked out of the white house. So there is no way in heck they could have gotten the capitol police or the park police ready to move anybody out of the way because he just walked out of the house good lord. That was so infuriating. The fake news stories. That were coming people. It doesn't see now the clear him. They clear that up right. Now there's retractions in the washington post and cnn. But no one sees that see. You got most of the country still believing that story. That's how powerful the fake news is. It's amazing drives me crazy by the way. Thank you karen. We'll see for rabbit. Fire at seven thirty but ten minutes away. He south florida morning. Show this janice diener. I'm bill here's a. Here's a story that they're suppressing. Because now they depressed stories right because they don't want you to know the truth right and this is about the world health organization. Sure anti that came out yesterday or their their little. The little pearls of information that they dropping then no one talks about and this is from there. We're reading directly from their website. By the way here it is from the world health organization. Children should not be vaccinated for the moment for the moment for the moment who They go on to say not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against covid nineteen children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against covid nineteen and then almost instantly. The cdc called an emergency meeting for today to look at the higher than expected rates of heart inflammation among teenagers. Mostly boys who have received the pfizer vaccine. They are in a panic about this. Because it's hurting their vaccination numbers but also look what's coming in just a couple of months. September is going to be here where most of the country start school. The plan was to get most kids vaccinated right right. Where are you going to do that now. So now what is the. What are the teachers unions. Come back and say see gotta go back to online learning again. You may be right. Or i'm gonna think it's going to be parents. I'm not getting my kid vaccinated. And they come back and they say it's totally safe for kids. There's everybody's still gonna point to. This had say it was only june in the world health organization. Even put a pause to this did it. It's it's not good. And they were the ones pushing the strongest kids vaccinated c. And so now. This is how the biden administration will get away with saying okay. We're not going to get to our seventy percent goal by the fourth of july. But we're having a party at the white house today to congratulate all the people who have been successful in getting vaccinated. Does that make sense. You know what's going to happen to. And i just thought of this. Now that they they admitted came out yesterday during our show. You said you found the story. They're not gonna meet the seventy percent vaccination goal. Now watch the wording for this watch. It be called president. Trump's goal of seventy percent vaccination will not be met. They're to blame him for this. Do this is our fake news. God is going to spend this story watch now them. It's to be trump's failure. You know they'll do. Oh this is my prediction. You're going to see that happen. This is what they do. They're saying not until. August fifty seven and a half percent of american adults will have received one shot Really really short of the seventy percent. They wanted by the fourth of july. You had a president who had both shots in started to double mask around going. Oh so people saw that and said well what the hell am. I getting vaccinated for so true so today when they have this celebration of all the they get thousands of people showing up by the way. Oh sure at south lawn is foul chief front and center. Because of course you know he is our guru when it comes to the covid pandemic. I think they're making him go away. But i'm not sure. And he was tried to defend them. No one's by an speaking of covid. I just thought i'd throw this in They're talking about that. Royal caribbean ship member went out on. Its soya came back new guidelines unvaccinated guests now. I thought they weren't asked they. They couldn't ask you whether or not you had a test or not right. So what. I thought they're saying these are possibilities. Unvaccinated guests will have to undergo multiple covid nineteen tests at their own expense aboard the ship and those tests will be a lot more than anybody who is vaccinated in that. like discrimination. I it seems to be a tough call. I don't know they're gonna have restricted areas. Oh you're gonna grab a separate dining room and it's all it's all it's crazy. Wow maybe it's not time to cruise quite yet now. Maybe we can settle down a little bit. I agree with you. I agree with you. It's like okay thank you very much. They were just talking about Schools in the fall. Well it was a tough school year. Obviously for everybody. Well we got this principle in new york. I don't see what's wrong with it. He tried to start summer week early. And now he's in trouble Yeah i think it was a woman actually or if it was was it a guy i thought it was. I'm sorry you're right stacy goldstein. I is it a private school or was it a public. It's a public school. Holy cow in new york city called school of the future. So it's probably like a magnet school. Okay catching heat. She tried to end their school. You're a week early and send the kids to summer. Vacation does isn't that her call can't do that no you. Get to meet. State requirements of the kids can't graduate you have to you have to kid has to be in school so many days whether online or in person and then to meet and i think what happened with her and how she got caught was the kids still had to come to the school in check in and the parents are going so i gotta send my kid to school on a bus and then pick them up because there's no school but they gotta check in. How does that work okay. So the parents because of inconvenience their kids wouldn't have been qualified is getting through the seventh or eighth grade or whatever it was whatever class Senior year or junior year because they weren't fulfilling the requirement by the state unless they went and checked in. What were they going to miss the last two days we remember cleaning desk. I used to do that for a few hours. I always got the blackboard eraser. Research the heat during the erasers. You came back. You were all yellow. Smack them outside against the school wall instead out. Rapid-fire news guarantee got a lot to talk about it. It's all coming up next at seven thirty and we keep it here. It's a lot of fun. It's seven thirty. Time for rapid fire with curtis on news talk eight fifty w. at t l well. It's that time. Karen comes in chock full news. We step all over it. He come in with chuck full of bs. What are you starting with. That's right well President biden is gonna announced today. What executive actions. He's going to take to stop. Surge gun violence funding plunging. Please barely christman soaring. Since he took off his three hundred people killed in chicago just this year alone. So the answer that that is gun restrictions for law abiding citizens. This is where the what they're actually turned this into nothing about the horrific accidents. I mean crime incidents in chicago and new york and la nothern about that. The video of some of these shootings were in detroit where they shot the wrong car and killed a little kid and his carseat michigan chicago. Thing of that that couple there were hauled out of their car and attack i. I've never seen anything so horrific ever and there was not a word about it from the administration nothing hence why the city of chicago is putting out everywhere that video of the cops buying a basketball hoop thing for the kids and then the cops playing basketball with these kids. That's all you're seeing. Pr so it is which was a nice thing was great thing. That's all you hear it about you. Not hearing about how people are getting dragged out of carson shot homage county sheriff's office investigating guy got shot in jupiter farms last night. The shooter apparently seat on the scene. That guy's in custody and they found the gun remember the two year old. That shot himself with the. They found the gun he'd give somebody else to hold onto for him undetermined amount of time some York city may become tougher on crime with new mayor so they had this weird election. It's kind of lake days this kind of like a high school prom king election where okay the topic gets king and then all the rest are in the court. All right i guess you can top this mark levin Borough president eric adams. He's really interesting. He's on the democrat side And he apparently one this thing but andrew yang said. Oh yeah concede here. He is not not movement. Is here new york. Who said that the more we know eric more we to win. There's your next mayor. They said he's going to be the nickel beat the blasios. He was an officer on the new york city transit police and was a captain on the new york city police department. He served the new york. State senate what does he now. The president of the brooklyn borough right. I didn't know they had borough president. Yeah big deal so biden administration is not gonna make the goal of seventy percents Vaccinations at least one dose by july. First couple more weeks but this florida pastor. He's knocking on doors saying hey you need to get the jam to loose ale. Two dozen funerals of people who had covert but often say. I've not been to anything else who died from the vaccine. That is very very persuasive argument. It's the best i've ever heard anybody. Coin that except for the ones who flood clausen Myocarditis but i guess they're not still pointing their meeting about the the kids not getting the vaccine today. The cdc emergency meaning because the world health organization said children should not get the vaccine for now. Okay which means order. They know about the studies advisor turner or doing on little kids as we speak. Those healthcare workers in saint louis at saint. Louis refused to get the houston. Houston they all get their pink slips yesterday later by also this delta variant just letting you know what the symptoms are it spreads differently and it has a headache sore throat runny nose. You got a cold. Sounds a little familiar but anyway new report reveals kurna self diagnosing. Stay off a web. Md we don't have this you get the delta very click one more thing you're gonna convince yourself you have leprosy paraguan paraguay najah laris. I'm gonna get in that study. Google charity arm funded. The wuhan bat virus researcher peter. Dan's expires according to new report for over a decade. So maybe that's why the corona virus origin cover up and conspiracy theories censorship is going on. He's the same guy that funneled all the money from his lab in new york to the wuhan lab and with the specific notes to do bats corona virus research. He is one of the many of the people that signed that lancet article that said jesus was from a bat was telling the press built on the press reaching his all kinds of emails out now and text reaching a journalist. Saint good stopping that conspiracy theory that it came from wuhan makes okay conspiracy theory Onto them let's hire some real journalists around here and do some digging. Shall we let god miss journalism. Yes a real news media. yes Missing persons case a homicide and broward they found to preteen girls In a canal. Yesterday i know in. So here's the Louder hill slaughterhouse. Help police lieutenant michael santiago cross-referenced a lot of the missing children's reports and so far we haven't come up with anything doesn't mean that the child is not missing just hasn't been reported yet. Weird case strange. I smell a full rigor podcast. They're coming up and rapid fire. There's a firework shortage. And its deaners fault. Yeah yup time period fifty wwl traffic and weather together. New crash northbound ninety five exiting from tenth avenue north and lake worth. There's a seven thirty traffic in there for you rather way and also a crash in west palm beach lakes boulevard east of douglas avenue. Wbz tv first alert weather for today. More heat storms with a seventy percent. Chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Hey it's the wet season it's the rainy. Season are heisel. Be eighty eight slightly lower rain chance for your weekend. You're still going to get something in the afternoon. A currently a little something. Something currently seventy degrees partly cloudy in the palm. Beach is back to rapid fire. Bell always brought to us by ozo- twohey co drycleaners. No matter the weather karen. You're gonna look good because amb free pickup and delivery. They'll take care of all your clothes no matter what you got going on. Check it out. Sign up learn about them. Ozo- to usa dot com. All right back your rabbit fire. So i remember when my dad piled us. All in the old chevrolet station wagon woodside's from detroit metro down to disneyworld and seventy four. Sit on the hump. Your home was in the well in the volkswagen hours to disneyworld. It was awesome. But now i feel old. They're celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. Fifty fifty man or is it october. The official date Yeah so it's gonna kick off on october first with disney and chapman and nighttime celebration music. Light shows fireworks. Maybe that's why there's a shortage of fireworks all at disney and immersive projection. That stretches from cinderella's castle to what is an immersive projection. You're part of the story karen. Yeah disney magic van gogh thing. Yeah probably okay. Yeah actually and is scheduled to last for eighteen months longer than elephants pregnancy. Hey hey and disney is gonna new contest going on there looking for disney. Magic makers are going to pick fifty people who have influenced the world around them. They'd be there shown support or health for community or another person. They get trip to disney one year subscription to disney plus. They're gonna take fifty nominees. Watch out she's gonna win. Nominating him guys. Say for new mickey mouse. It's okay yeah you could send me. That's all right just a little guy. Teachers say would fit the costume tony. I was going to tell the story about how i was there for. The twenty fifth anniversary doesn't matter it doesn't matter no you're all too that's right by the way. Get your sparklers now. There's a nationwide shortage of fireworks. Yeah they're all deaners. Untamed retribution untamed retribution. In savage something though the pyro pulverize can't wait for that. Fanta fireworks flyer in the millions today. Yeah going through the name of it. It's so good. News the outcome from china and Delays in global shipments amid the. There's container after there's thousands of containers sitting at the port in la with crap in them like i of furniture and self people aboard on amazon. It is just. I ordered stuff from europe. And it's like six in the border customs in chicago o'hare for three weeks. Sure everything's backed up. There's people on there were what's happening. Let's get sixty minutes on this. I mean it's razi. It takes a long time anyway. This is happening. Cy role as conroy new trailer for the suicide squad. Movie coming out was leaked. You said what was her name. Margot robbie margot robbie that's the director said argo. Robbie let it out on purpose and is innocent. We're not gonna see it. No but did you see the live action. Snow white that rachel ziglar spielberg found her on youtube. The way that we put her in the upcoming version of west side story. She's maria Nicer good for that kid. Wow she talented. And when does the james bond movie no movie for old men come out. What is the name of that movie. There is no thank you hi said was christmas. Isn't it time to release. Shoot it because all the technology had gone obsolete. I'm convinced that movie doesn't exist. You may be one of. They have pay phones. Or something i guess. Time sung or nokia one of the sponsors and they said all the gadgets. They use already obsolete they had to reshoot scenes. Like wait a minute. I gotta call rotary dial tone. Britney's going to be in court today. She's he's been addressed the court directly and when she's coming with that elbino snake and like her belly button ring. No but we hear she's gonna be Her statements lip sync. Hey listen it's actually who cares. It's britney these. The conservative ships are on trial here. There's a lot of people who have no control over the finances because they used to be nuts. But what can't you get better under this Situation shave your head. You lose control of your finances. Come on well well. We also had that run of good solid two years where she wouldn't wear underwear number. That is that crazy algebra. She had meltdowns on onstage offstage. She went nuts she'd met. She says she went nuts. So she's better now. She straightened her life She takes care of her kids good for her. She's gonna show up in court today. We'll see what happens for you. Can you not have a system in place where you can prove that you are better and you're stable. Now i mean she just lost all control of her. I think getting court and shave her hair off again. Comes with a razor chummy. I'm asking you about she. Has mickey mouse was good costume. Please i was just thinking. He's a little guy who would be better but whatever okay. A penguin in saint louis zoo getting new shoes. Why and it's blowing up. Vira leak apparently is arthritis. And they have to rub cream on his calluses. Every time they have to reapply every time he goes in for a swim wants to do that. Some guys like job. It's on his business card. Then the callous rubber cream the cream calories so The the this thing has to black strap on shoes with red grip. So it's like a allure christian lubaton shoe with shoals jeff. It's on facebook apparently is blowing up the most expensive shoes are stuart weitzman. Three million bucks. I louis and and the christian lubaton those are the ones that the red least. You can wear those those little bit on. I don't know how anybody wears them with those four inch heels. God lovey if you can shoes bad expensive stepping something you don't want to step in my god just spray paint the bottom of your shoes with red lacquer paint. I don't wear heels now and get you this easies. Those shoes are like six hundred bucks. A plows are ugly. Ugly hughes main anyway. Never likes those Sketchers lead my sketchers owner. I have scheduled to the workout. One get. I put it this way. I've bought so. I was just telling dina this. I just bought a new pair and every time you buy a pair of they give you money back. Yeah i just bought a new pair for like one hundred ten bucks a sixty dollars for him because they had so much money but they're coming in tomorrow. So you'll see you get to like the how we long orthopedic three inches. I the prescriptions. Max cushion ones. Yeah even bluer those ugly ass shoes at oj said he never warned. There was a picture of him wearing them. Oh yeah not mino- leblanc's but what were they your leather right. Yeah shoes oh oh. I know you're driving out there going. Oh my god that wraps up rapid fire grade is coming up now. Rhonda santa's versus the commies that's coming up next and the verdict is in. If you want to save money on your vacation do not let us guys planet that is just so true are go grocery shopping. i'll throw that into. I can verify this is true finance. It's coming up next the morning. Show this i'm bill. Keep it here. The bill also expands our previous efforts in civics to add a requirement for the high school government class that Students receive instruction on the evils of communism and tally -tarian ideologies. Even i was like wow when i heard that yesterday. So governor onto santa's goes from absolutely abolishing critical race theory in florida schools. To take an a step beyond not only that we're gonna teach kids how exactly bad communism is and how many people killed and how evil it is You know what he's he's makes a very valid point. Why not you know. I'll i you know when. I i always refer to that guy that spoke at the republican national convention. That cuban man. He was so so impactful right. He talked about you know how he watched his parents you know. He left cuba as a child and they fled the communist regime in what he saw as life went on. He said you know when we. I was a kid. Things were fine and then as i got older things got worse than my parents realize what was going on and they got out but why not listen to people like that are people from venezuela i years ago i taught briefly a journalism class at a local high school and there are a number of kids in there from venezuela it was a private school and every single one of them talked of horace about how their parents ranches. I'm we're talking. Hundreds of thousands of acres just taken from them in the middle of the night rated by an army taken over by the government and the people that were inside thrown out and said get out. That's how it started. And that's how i look at it. Nightmare going to venezuela they're escaping countries. Like that to come here and the governor also pointed out exactly in mentioned south florida specifically why they would come here. We want all students to understand the difference. Why would somebody flee across shark-infested waters. Say leaving from cuba to come to southern florida. A why would somebody leave a place like vietnam. Why would people leave these countries In risk their life to be able to come here it's important. The students understand that. No you mentioned the guy. I think it was the goya president wasn't it. I think goes on a on a commission him everybody else. They've had speak out against this all and they all tell the same story they all do. They see signs happening right now. Indoctrination of kids to hate their country getting dependent on the government. Incentivizing them not to work all of it. It's exactly how their countries fell apart. Yeah there was just a. We just looked up in. And i don't know who she is. She wrote a book Was some and i'm sure. She's a doctor of psychology. Or maybe of education said in a statistic. They had up on fox's five percent of kids in schools. Today hate this country. Oh my god. And i'm like it can't be that high. Please don't tell me it's that that the kids have been taught to hate america. I could see it sure absolutely. Everything's bad this dad. It's everything's along racial lines all of in state you know we know what's you know. What would hate this. The most dr king. You're probably right instead of judging people by their character. It's judge them into racial lines. Stop it i. it's just awful. So i'm actually. I'm glad to see him and not only that he tripled down on this. So now there's going to be plenty of education to show kids now as part of this bill. Florida will create a portrait and patriotism library. So students can learn about real patriots who came to this country after seeing the horrors of these communist regimes. Who had we always joke is texas follow. Yeah without a doubt. Greg governor greg abbott communism school bill right another thing that the governor signed yesterday is any facility that involves children any of their vehicles has to be a clipped and then alarm system so the drivers make sure they check to make sure. There's no kids left on the bus. Me go or the van or the car or whatever it is that you're using it is. It's i'm surprised it took this long really but do that. Swampy kind of news if you're wondering about that. Hr one that is not gonna happen. Even though republican minority has launched a partisan blockade of a pressing issue here in the united states senate an issue no less fundamental than the right to vote. Jen's all time favorite chucky schumer. I dunno nancy's right up there too. I can't stand that man but again give them credit credit. They pulled together they once again. Vote along party lines. All of them mansion him in shuki got him to switch and he said it right there. It's like they call this thing which is unconstitutional and wants to take voting rights away from you in the states but they call this voting rights into oppose it as voter suppression of course the best marketers in the world here. They're genius they. I don't know how they come up with their ideas but they are they're brilliant. Wow the republicans need to start copying them. They don't learn what the problem is right. And don't fight like the democrats to if you want to avoid a fight the sdr. Thanks for the segue jin near welcome. The researchers in survey says if you want to save money on vacation absolutely positively. Do not let us guys planet. I will totally agree with this. And and it if you don't believe that. Send your husband shopping. When i was married. I sent you know my husband go. I'm going to the grocery store he'd come back and it'd be spent like four hundred and something bucks and it'd be like they did you buy and it'd be like junk everything in the world a case of beer that wasn't there fritos and potato chips and all this other dips and platters like me rolling around home depot like. I don't know what that is. But i wanted but i needed so it's really cool looking but this what surprised me about. This was the disparity in how much a woman would spend planning a vacation compared to a guy i did a survey you know. Fake little vacation buyers men are about fifty percent more likely to go way. Big overspent overspending by lot. They're saying if a woman plans it you'll spend less than a thousand dollars on your vacation and that is so true. The guy guys does all the planning. How much does he spend seventy five hundred dollars. That's ridiculous this is why lauren is our. Cfo we call her in the house. And i go. Financial decisions have been taken out of my hands. Thank god it was after the last vacation was a cruise or something down there and i'm like signing up for excursion. Yeah we want to go on the python excursion. Of course we wanna take a jeep to cause. A mel wishes thousand dollars. Ten thousand she goes. Are you insane. So i agree with this. Keep us away from you. Know what it is. 'cause we figure when we're finally on vacation forget it. We're going to have a good time. Man what it costs. It's you're right. You know what an people are gonna spend big this time. They say men are fifty percent more likely to go really big though. So don't let and unless you can afford it. Don't let the guy plan the vacation. That's absolutely going to happen though because people who like who knows what's gonna happen next year. We're going to have our dream vacation this year. And it's disney's fiftieth anniversary. Come on that just just you saying that just cost me a hundred dollars. It just it. Just walk out. The out of my wallet grew legs and it left. I'm sorry even the msci business costume money. You're so true we got more headlines coming up next The new york city race to close to remember there. Okay and think about this one musical act or event you could have seen the live that you didn't see but you wish you had. This is a good one this. This is a really good one all right. We got that and more coming up next south florida morning. Show this jenna bill. Keep it here. Low summer savings event is going on. Now save seventy bucks in the bosch freak. Eighteen volt impact driver kit half wrench half driver. All impact quickly changed from sockets to bits with no adapter. Kit includes the freak eighteen volt batteries carrying bag and impact tough socket and drill driver since with savings. This good it's the perfect time to treat yourself shop in store or online and pick up curbside lows the new home for pros while supplies last. Us me rather thirty day. 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