Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier with Michael Wallis


Hello and welcome to based on a true story on today's episode. We're going to learn about the classic one thousand nine Hundred Fifty Five Disney movie Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier to help us separate fact from fiction. I'm excited to be joined by author. Michael Wallace who is the author of the great biography called David Crockett the lion of the West throughout his prestigious career. Michael has won a list of awards that include the first John steinbeck award the Will Rogers Spirit Award the Best Western nonfiction award from the Western writers of America and that doesn't even touch on his induction into the Writers Hall of fame of America the Oklahoma Historians Hall of fame and his three nominations for the Pulitzer Prize. And there's plenty more accomplishments. I could say but you get the idea. Oh and if his voice sounds familiar you might recognize it. As the sheriff from Pixar cars franchise of movies Games and TV series before we get Michael on the line though. Let's set up our game to truth and a lie if you knew the show. Here's how it works. I'm about to say three things. Two of them are true which means one of them is a lie. Are you ready okay here? They are number one Davy. Crockett was responsible for the peace negotiations that ended the war with the Creek nation number two Davy Crockett was captured at the Alamo and later killed by order of General Santa Anna Number. Three the Real David. Crockett met a theatrical version of himself called. Nimrod wildfire got him. Okay now as you're listening to our story today. Your challenge is to find the two facts scattered throughout the episode and then by a simple process of elimination. You'll know which one is the lie. That's the one that we don't mention and of course we'll do a recap at the end of the episode to see how well you did all right now. It's time to get author. Michael Wallace on the line to chat about the history behind Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier before we get into some of the specific details and storylines that we see in Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier. I was like to take a step back and just get a sense for how a historian and author feels about the movie so overall. What did you think about the way? They portrayed Davy Crockett on screen in the movie. That's a two prong answer to that question. The first Prong is this. How did I feel about it when I first saw the film and I saw the TV show? I was ecstatic. Because I was you know an eight-year-old kid and my dreams came true. David crooked leaped out of that big screen right into my lap and the personage of says Parker. It was everything I thought he would be. Buckskin raccoon have a big long gun. You know killing bears and just bigger than life. So I thought it was great at sort of scraped greg film but as I matured and grew up and became interested in history and of course developed this writing career mine. I learn more and more about the true Davy Crockett. And that's what really sparked my interest in in writing a book. David Crooked King of the wild frontier is perfectly great. If you're a big eyed kid sitting down and watching a rerun of it on the two birds are or even reading some of the vintage books for kids about crack. That largely came out when I was a kid back in the fifties but it was also time to tell the adult story the true story of Crockett and my h my editors agreed and I sat down and opened a vein as I always do in the process of writing and came out with David. Crockett the lion of the West that leads directly into my next question which is round how the movie starts now. According to the opening song in the movie we hear that the years eighteen thirteen and the movie were I to him. As General Andy Jackson leading the fight against the creeks as the song kind of plays out and we see this animated Arrow hitting a fort in the woods. It bursts into flame kind of punctuates the war and this is how we first meet fess Parker's version of Davy Crockett in the movie as a scout. For General Jackson's soldiers. Now was the movie correct and showing that Davy. Crockett was a scout for General Andrew. As opposed to Andy Jackson soldiers partially Crockett did during the creek war as it's called Around the Worby t to become a member of the Tennessee militia and that was all under the command of General Andrew Jackson Old Hickory. Is the Anglo population called the native American population? The Creeks Cherokees various the five tribes that were ultimately removed at point. Abandon it and brought to Oklahoma at that time Indian territory. His name in English was sharp knife. It wasn't old hickory. But he had some interaction with Jackson but he wasn't. He was never constantly Jackson side or conferring with them and so forth but he did serve under him and he served in that creek war but he did not take a lot of pleasure in that war in his experiences experiencing combat and death up close and personal. They're really made a mark on Mr Crockett and ultimately became the source of problem that came to the surface many years later when Andrew Jackson became president another main character that we see at this point was George Russell. Davy Crockett side. Was He actually a real person? As well George Russell played by by the was that sort of David Gear in these type of films and stories in this country and hero has to have a sidekick you know for every Roy Rogers there has to be a not Dale Evans. Pat Buttram it. You just need sidekicks and really what he was composite character. He was a little bit of this guy and a little bit of that guy and served his purpose. This sort of the sun. Chopin's Panza to Crockett's Don Quixote. That's a great great analogy there now in the movie. What kind of thrust into the war between the United States and the Creek Nation? We don't get a lot of context from the movie about what is going on. We just the movie implies that the United States of the good guys and the creeks are the bad guys but of course with any war. It's all a matter of perspective. Can you give us a little bit more historical context for this war? That was going on that. We've seen the movie between the US and the Creek nation. We're sure during those years a war of eighteen twelve which went on for a couple of years. We're fighting Great Britain but a lot of tribes were taking sides either with the The new fairly new United States are and that certainly happened in in the mid South and deep South. Where most of all this conflict took place in over to the eastern seaboard so the Cherokee tribe large significant southeastern tribes trying to get along with the United States in the government but also maintain their own integrity and heritage as the other tribes wanted to the allied with the American forces. And so you had them fighting along with the militias of Tennessee Georgia against the creeks and ultimately what happened is there were many many Of course Jackson and his troops and allies best at the mall. Eventually of course beat them into submission. Henson aimed sharp knife that also it caused some among the tribes. And what it did for. Mr Crockett is raw. Lanky frontiers men as I said experiencing combat for the first time. It really troubled him because he witnessed. We can only be called atrocities burning of villages to killing women. Children everything that every war is cracked up to be and nothing romantic nothing. Noble about war. It is just a to coin a phrase hell and that really was driven home to KROC. He had no problem going out and slain beasts in the forest. He wasn't frontiersman. He was actually a professional hunter. Who's a bear? Hunter probably killed between three hundred fifty nine four hundred bears his life and he he could do that in the didn't bother him but he was. He had no need to see or kill any or see anyone else killed. And that's very important. Because once again I'll refer to years later and we'll get to that point where his decision and how that war influenced him came to cause the end of his relationship as it was with with Andrew Jackson. Green Point there that you know there's a there's a difference between frontiers. Mun and experiencing war there as you were mentioning that though may be curious about. How old was Crockett around that time? Well let's do the math. I don't think this is giving the story away. Crooked died in eighteen thirty six at the age of forty nine much too young so twenty five twenty six roughly. I believe yeah all right in there right in that period and at that time he he was in. He was throughout his adult life throughout his whole life. Actually he was a very vital man. He was very robust. He was a man of the American frontier which started on the eastern coast of the United States and just marched westward and by the time. Crockett had come of age. The frontier was where he lived because of that invisible line had come to the mid South and was approaching the big river the Mississippi and it would be the Trans Mississippi West and we would keep going and going near the to`real we until of course we hit the Pacific shore and so he was just about a decade ahead of that remarkable interesting period. We call manifest destiny which started in the mid forties about a decade after died. And that's that's of course a whole nother story. But he was one of the early foot soldiers. If you will of what became manifest destiny and it would have been interesting to see how he would ever acted. Because again this whole notion that the Anglo population of the country with him. How blessed by this guy who looked down and said you have the manifest destiny your destiny to conquer this whole continent and everyone bought into that because that land can be ours and there's no one out there where there were in fact a lot of people out there a good hunk of their real estate along to Mexico including Texas in that whole Western shore and The entire American South West and from Mexico from today's Mexico border to Canada and it was just the height of arrogance and crooked would probably I would predict have not thought too much of that. He he may have eventually gone after California himself because he was Gypsy foot and he liked to keep on the move but he certainly wouldn't have had the same attitude that many people had about all the many many Indian tribes that lived in that area forever and ever and all the Mexican citizens who resided there again that goes back to his integrity and the fact that he just didn't want to see people die and not be treated as human being. We see a little bit of that. At least I get this implication from movie when we see Davy. Crockett go against the leader of the creeks in the movie. At least it's a chief named red stick and we see this happen with a one on one fight where he tracks down the chiefs red stick and he has this one on one fight with the chief and he ends up beating him. But then chief red stick says he's not gonNA trust the the government because they're not you know he's not going to join the treaty but David. Crockett gives his word that you can go home and live peacefully on your land. It's you know I'm giving you my word. Shake hands and the movie just implies. Oh the war's over everybody gets to go home and live in peace in thanks to Davy Crockett's negotiation skills. He solved everything. It's kind of how the movie shows things happening. But I'm sure that that's not how things actually happened. Can you explain how that war came to an end? And how was Davy Crockett involved in any of that? No I mean that's of course the Hollywood. That's Uncle Walt Disney's version and that's all and good the tied up in a nice little package with a pretty boat. No carpet was not a negotiator. He did not have a famous or infamous battle. Go to combat with chief at all what happened. Ultimately at the close of those house Jackson of course ended up and down on the Gulf coast and the final battle. Really the war. The armistice was bitten had already been written by the time they've been he didn't get the word time in the very famous and romanticized battle do. Harlan's where he enlisted the help of the famous pirate buccaneer Hershon Lafitte and his Ruffians and they killed many of the British soldiers who were walking right into their musket fire and of course as we often do in this country that ultimately ensure Jackson years later his rise to the presidency we love to elect war heroes to office but what the Cherokees were not counting on his that all these gestures about adopting the the white culture and so forth would do them no good they could accept the White Man's God take on his language take on his lifestyle even dress like some of them and they started a plantation system with cotton and which meant they acquired slaves African slaves just like the the white folks did and guess what when the time came Andrew Jackson. Who BY THAT? Time was the president of the United States and no lover of Indians and all had them removed and taken off their land. Their ancestral land was some discovery of Gold Georgia. Well we have to get to that goal. So the Cherokees the creeks the Chart Toes chickasaw seminoles all had to be up rooted in on a variety and many many. Not just one there were many. Many trails appears taking these people from ancestral homes from their native land in moving them into Indian territory. Today's Oklahoma many of them died along. The way marched off at point of Bannet in on land on watery trails of tears. They they came here before that happened. We had Crockett. Risa like really a hero. An unsung hero as we're to take Jackson on and try to prevent that from happening and that story is very important and really virtually unknown by most people who aren't familiar with the true story of Crockett Jackson. Then or is that getting ahead of our story not a lot. We're going to jump ahead some years because what happened to Crockett eventually well. After the creek war as to the rest of the teens and into the eighteen twenties and so forth is that he kept up with his frontier way of life and his wife and children hunting carrying on but he also became interested in politics and he had a natural ability to spellbound an audience with his storytelling and that led him eventually to local office. Stayed Office in. Tennessee. And miraculously this frontier Zeman was elected to the US Congress and that was a time when most of the people in political office on the national level where from the upper classes. So it was. He was really A novelty when he came to Washington but the way he's portrayed and in film is a more of a country bumpkin in any wasn't he was an intelligent man he literate. He's a reader. You know he could really keep an audience stairs. I said spellbound. That's what helped him politically and when he saw what was going on with Jackson in Jackson's cronies in their move to expel all lease Indian tribes to Indian territory. He stood up against it. He stood up against it in the halls of Congress he railed against them in the halls of Congress he told Jackson. Please stop we have trouble. These people enough enough is enough. Let them be any really not only took on Jackson but his constituents so they he betrayed them. He's a wealthy Tennessee. Landowners these poor dirt farmers the squatters all of them one that Indian land. And that's take it. Get RID OF THEM. Put them in their own little place. Let them right out there. An Indian territory and crooked said now when probably one of the most gehring and dangerous moves a political figure could make and it really ended his political career right there in Washington and Jackson and his cohorts found a candidate to run against Crockett for another term in Congress. And he beat him. He was beaten as Crockett. Always like to say he was a fond of coming up with memorable phrases beaten by a one legged man. He was beaten in Congress and the Indian removal bill was passed and then the inevitable happen then. All those trails of tears became filled with the population from all of those five tribes and many more to come today in Oklahoma. If you go into a convenience store a bait shop at Walmart and there's an old creek colonel Cherokee there sometime young and you see a cash transaction being made many times. I've witnessed several times. It's the cashier clerk. Hands Them and change a twenty dollar. Bill they will not touch it. Let's see no give fives or two tenths. I've also seen twenty dollar bills especially down Cherokee country and also the Creek Nation Alcee Twenty dollar bills that I get with an x right across Jackson face so to many. Cherokee people especially in creek crooked was their hero one of the few people who stood up for them and they've never forgotten that that's definitely a very different story than what we see in the movie speaking of that. Though there's the I wanna just touch on this real quick because the way that the movie shows Crockett getting into politics is. There's a shooting scene against a guy named bigfoot mason and he's local bully and you see a scene where again. I'm sure it's just movie magic. Where it just like Robin Hood Split. Scenario crack shoots two bullets into the same hole. Which I'm I'm sure didn't actually happen. But can you go a little more into kind of his path from being this frontier? And you know you. You mentioned he had local politics and then went to Congress but in the movie it shows that it was Jackson who really supported that move. Was that would that not be true? Then that Jackson wasn't really involved in Crockett's rise a political rise. I should say no. I don't think he was a huge super advocate he was not a real paternalistic figure in cracking. And Yeah of course. That shooting match very doubtful. Anything even close to that occurred. But I'll tell you what did occur in. It's kind of a similar to that. What Crockett discovered. Is this gift of Gab. He knew he could tell a story. He could this spin a yarn and like every good storyteller and of course you're listening to one right now we all know as storytellers with each telling of the story. It must get better. And cracking knew that he could go onto literally stump speeches. And that's what that means. He would stand. On a tree stump on a Hickory tree stump Magnolia tree stump and gather people around him and a little settlement or village and keep them laughing with his stories whether he also learned how to do was make sure that there was plenty of good. Would whiskey there to pass around and everybody could get a little harmful of whiskey and it gives them a twist of tobacco he he was literally buying their goodwill if nicotine alcohol and sometimes this made for very amusing situation. There's one I talked about. The book in this often happened to opponents through the same office would often almost traveled together. They were even known at times to even share the same bed at the end but they would go out and it would be a classic debate one would rise speak and go on and on and then the other would take the stage and they all had there proponents there and there was almost a Salvatori scene. You know it was the same as going to public executioner any kind of event of that time or crack it always would rise and say let my esteemed gentlemen whose opposing me speak. I. He always let him speak. I and what happened is of course. Everybody gives the same speech wherever they go. The stump speech and they have almost memorized are memorized. What crack at the same thing? He memorized his opponent. Speech and at one huge gathering where there were a lot of influential people in a very significant event. Crooked said if you don't mind let me speak I let me get my little talk of the way the guy. So that's fine so he rose and soon he was giving a speech and his opponent thought. Wait a minute in looked at and crack it was giving his opponents own speech only of course changing it for to make suited for him and he almost verbatim gave that basically that same speech and then he turned out to the man and sit down and this poor chap what was he going to say. Get up there and say we're Kraken took my speech. He didn't know what to say so he got up there and had the sort of Ad Lib Blubber. It was just disastrous so crooked. Use these ploys to get Washington but unlike Disney's Crockett when Crockett went to Washington. He didn't wear is hunting gear. He he he didn't he treated in all the buckskins animal. Pelts for proper tailored suit trousers. Waistcoat Nice Silk Cravat polished boots. No moccasins as a matter of fact if truth be known. Crockett often didn't wear a coon skin hat. He preferred to wear a big hunters had a Pennsylvania hunters at which is a big hat with broad brim To protect them from the Sun and in my book and the front piece. There's a very famous portrait got Crockett that he post far in Washington and he's wearing they wanted to pose him as frontiersmen so he had to borrow some close to put on borrow a rifle from someone but he's not holding aloft. A big wearing coon skin hat. He has clasping his hand. The Big Pennsylvania hunters had in his feet or some dog smooth hounds. He told the painter before he started. He said if you're GONNA pay me I need some my bear dogs and this image in the events he said I have a cousin that in Maryland who that's fine. How do you said no no? I don't find hounds so the man had since they went to the pound and they went down into the slums of the district and brought in these little dogs or have any said the these are bear. Dogs that was crooked savored image of himself into shift a little bit. I must tell you that. Also Daniel Boone. Who did not know crooked? Boone was from a whole different generation. Really he truth be known and did not like an all animal hats and he preferred a big hunters hat. So this is just some of the details and Kirklands wife. That is true life. That is a seem a to get lost in and did not appeal to to Mr Disney. Run is pretty numb of movie whether he preferred cliches. The stereotypes kraken always signed his name. David and a lot of people call them David Crooked but a lot of people did call him David that he himself for for himself as David Crockett. He also was not born on a mount and Tennessee. He was born on Flatland in Tennessee could see the mountains and I must tell you and I hope this isn't shatter. Everyone's image did not kill him a bar when he was only three. You mean the song is lying to us. I'm afraid it is. That was actually going to be one of my questions though because those are the things I mean. It's catchy so it gets in your head you're like oh well then this you know it's just kind of how it tells the story. If definitely is definitely. Is You know what I've told you earlier. Where we first started talking about being a kid and Saint Louis sitting in front of that black and white. Rca Victor TV. And I watching the TV series and then going to the neighborhood theater and seen mccracken showman so I truly was spellbound. The first thing I had to do is get a coon skin hat. And you know it was at a time when Dwight Eisenhower. Damn near had to put raccoons them endangered list. So many of them were killed. Now they have these sort of phony. I don't know what they are rabbit here. You do you see these things and curio shops that these were real raccoon skin hats and by God I had to have one and they had to have a Crockett lunchboxes. Were cracking pajamas. This is one of the first figures who inspired the whole merchandising. Craze and Disney was very good at that the only thing while Disney regret about the whole Crockett episode in his life is that he did this started with Crockett with a TV series of Ram excu episodes and then end it and people wanted more so he cobbled things together and came out with the King of the frontier and then years later he resurrected that again with Daniel Boone. And who did he get to play? Daniel Boone says Parker since Parker. It didn't have to do much about wardrobe. He just wore the same outfit wars. He played cricket. And that's why people are continually talk to me and say. Oh yes. You're the man that brought the book about Daniel Boone. I should note was cracking. Oh yes the people get. Crockett and Boone confused all the time. Well I mean it's the stereotypes and if they're both wearing coon skin caps in buckskin. Then you know they must be the same right. Must be the same cracking spent so much time in Washington in New York Philadelphia especially when he was doing his book tour when he was in. Congress spent much more time no cities than he ever did in what that's interesting because that brings up a point that I wanted to ask you about the has to do with how the movie portrays Crockett's family in the movie. We see that he has a wife named polly and two boys but then he gets a letter and the wife becomes ill with fever and then dies but then his sister-in-law says that don't worry about the boys. I'm taking care of them. And then from that point on in the movie as right when crack it starts to kind of begin his political rise in the film but at that point we pretty much don't see anything else about Davy Crockett family. It's almost as if he's not even a father anymore because he never goes to see his kids and Come to think of it. He never really saw his wife that much. Either he kinda seems to not WANNA stay down in one place. How did the movie do depicting his family life? We're all his wife outlived him all his children and to put it mildly was not a very good husband. Now is really a very good father. I mean he loved and cared for his family and provided for them as best he can but he was gone a lot in early on in his life is a husband and father he was gone up would be preferred to be out there and then he was politicking and he was gone all the time. They're so by the time he left Congress when he was voted out and came back to Tennessee he and his wife or estranged after his death is wife and one of his sons came down to Texas and to claim some land that he had been promised by the rebels angle rebels of Texas. Who were doing their best to take the land away from the Republic of Mexico and that's a whole nother and important story which we must talk about but so crooked never was able to to live on that land. He was promised so of his. Ken Did when carpet lift Congress and when he came back and after his book without support he very famously said in this is true and he said it many times you will go to hell. I'm going to Texas. And that is precisely what he did but it took him quite a while to get. There is in the movie after he leaves Congress. It's pretty much hops on a boat. And he goes down to Texas where he didn't go to Texas boat. He went to Texas on horseback. That's and let me just clear this up right now. The whole Alamo and creation of Texas meth chaos the Mexican state of Texas. Now Texas was definitely part of the Republic of Mexico all of plus all of the South West next to it and so forth the Mexican government. Their new constitution banned slavery. This many many years before we get around to doing it that meant it was illegal to have slaves in Mexico most of the people coming into Mexico the angles coming in. We're from the south from neighboring states in the mid South and many of them were a class. They were of the plantation class and they wanted to start a plantation system in Texas to grow patent. Which eventually of course happened. Cotton became prevalent through Especially the eastern half of Texas in order to have a plantation system. They needed workers. Their workers came from a slave force. The constitution required that anyone going into Texas to become a citizen had to speak language joined the mother church and not own slaves. Well a lot of them did the first two they made a perfunctory move joining the church where they went or not. Whatever in in a lot of them did learn Spanish people like Jim Bubi and and Travis the young commanding officer later at the Alamo interested cracking never learned it because he wasn't down there long enough to learn it. What happened the crooked back in Tennessee as you heard from different old trends of his sort of drinking pals I sam Houston another Tennesseean. Who ended up living in Texas and up in Indian territory and a lot of times with Cherokee people and had a Turkey wife and drink a Lotta whiskey for long long time and when sober moments before he totally dried up and he did. He corresponded with his old pal. Crockett and said you know. There's land to behead down here we're gonNA take this land away from the Mexicans and we're going to make it into a cop kingdom and you come down here and pick out some land now that and these pitched congress. So that's why Crockett said you can go to hell. I'm going to Texas. And he had heard all these tales so he went down with the whole posse of his peers and fans on horseback but it took him a long time to get down there eases living the last part of his life he lived all over Tennessee. East Tennessee Middle Tennessee West Tennessee and the last place I lived this way up near the corner. Where Kentucky and Missouri and Arkansas Tennessee? All kind of get close to one another on real foot lake big lake full of Cyprus stumps that was created by the new Madrid fault. The eighteen eleven eighteen twelve earthquake that made the Mississippi run backwards. It was a great hunting ground and crack. It lifts there and they made a stop. He and his entourage and Memphis and I did a lot of good hard partying and talking and bragging and storytelling and they made several stops down in Arkansas and then each place. He repeated his stories and told them about going. Texas when he got down on the Red River he went off with an old pal the father of the Santa Fe trail and they went off red and west on a Buffalo Hunt and then came back. He went off with another guy that further on and they went on to while b They're looking for wild honey. Got Some honey. He traded some things off here and there there were actually stories coming out of Texas. Where is this great Hunter Crockett? We thought he was coming down here and they thought maybe he was dead or something but anyway he finally matriculated down through the big thicket in to the top of the big and went to nacogdoches. Where a lot of the leaders of this rebellion were and he said I saw some land up there in north Texas so it was good. I HAVE I go back getting. They said well. You got to sign up. For the militia the militia. What has he signed up because he wanted that land and they said well you're gonNA ride down by the way a lot of his entourage less than go on their own. They sent him down to some two new day Bihar. Today's huge city of San Antonio and there were a lot of anti-jackson people already were down. There didn't care for Vandy. So He Mosey on down there and they were taking the position than this old mission. Co the Alamo. That became known as the Alamo in the Alamo has become almost like this lures that Texans trek to this kind of holy place special site. You know for Texans for a lot of people you know but the truth is crack had so much to do with that because he was probably the most famous figures to end up there and the characters that were with him. The leadership by Travis Travis was a young buck southerner sort of a narrative well blowing his inheritance. He left his pregnant wife kids and went down to Texas James Buoy. You is sick and coughing on a cop by the time crooked got there. He and his brother Resin who created the buoy knife. They were two of the biggest slave traders in the south and they were getting slaves from who they get them from from Jacksonville Para John Lafitte. Nate bring up through the care bringing bring slaves up port a Galveston and the boys would give them their cell. It was You know the whole story. It was all about slavery basically in when my could Texas friends and believe me. Maternal side of my family are all Texans and I've lived all over Texas so I know where of I speak braggadocious towels when they say that God created Texas. I have to remind them No. Crockett invented Texas and it was his death there and he did die there and he was necessary the last man to die. I will let me put it this way. You didn't die swinging betsy over his head. He didn't die in combat. He was captured and he and some other prisoners were brought before. Santa Ana the commanding officer the President of Mexico a character as another whole nother story was saying am but they said we should spare this man. This is the great hundred botanist Crockett and he said we put the black flag up this morning in our charge. No quarter no quarter will be given and they banned at it. Kraken put his body on the Pyre with the other bodies burned them up and that was the end at forty nine years of age of Carcass. Leicester's very colorful life. But would I would tell you. This is on that date on that code marning in eighteen thirty six David. Crockett perished Alamo but Davy Crockett road. Aw in the legend years ago in the daughters of the republic these two haired ladies and spectacles sharp is sitting there. And you'd come into the Alamo. You know that you were coming into church. Just down there. Tourists coming in with cargo shorts and TEE SHIRT. On of course have his Gimme. Cappon became stumbling in there. And those women jumped on him like Dukla June but gets that cap off. Sir You were in a sacred place. Boy He did is he was told. the ELMO's an an interesting place to visit and everyone should now. It's surprising downtown. San Antonio surprised. I actually visited there once and I was. I was surprised it was in downtown like I was like in the movie. Its way out in the middle of nowhere. And it's you know all this open space and that time it was but certainly. Tony is growing in the largest cities in the country and they came that little river. And it's a tourist Mecca. I really liked downtown. San Antonio is tremendous architecture. I could probably live in that old Bangor Hotel and every night slip down small dish. You that great mango ice cream. But there was another time and another place and Crockett was right there in the middle of it. And you know the old questions always up like what if If only in you know there are no answers to that question. And that's the story you know one thing. We didn't touch on the subtitle of my book. David Crockett the lion of the West. Where that comes from as a drama that was created played in England and pre-measured here in this country too big audiences in several big cities in it was written up loosely about Crockett. The character actually was inspired by all the stories. The dime whether they weren't even dime novels yet they were. You know. Sort of pamphlet little magazines you know. All allies made up stories and tall tales and betrayed. Crockett is this superman. You know sort of a cross between Paul Bunyan Pecos Bill and you know just as this character. Kartika didn't necessarily rant and rave about that. I mean cracker pretty healthy ego and he played off a lot of that stuff. I mean he did become you know sort of a legend in his own lifetime but in this play the character who was cracking was named Nimrod wildfire and he was kind of a fancy crack. Were Really Beautiful Buckskin. And he didn't just have a raccoon Cambodia. Bob Cat hat on big old thing and it was an odd setup and people didn't know what to think what would Crockett think of this track. You know finish just yours congresswoman. Evening went down with his pals they were GONNA go. See Why in the West and folks didn't know what do the Cedar get some extra policemen there that they didn't know if there'd be a right what would crack news. You can go in there. And when he sees Nimrod wildfire just tear the place up or get up and lever yet. It was kind of exciting. I'm cracking game is was planned and he was taken right down to front row. You is right there. On the fifty yard and the curtain went up and jumps Nimrod wildfire and all his glory and the audience is applauding and they looked down and not only is crooked. Applauding you rises there. And his and his nice coats and cravat polished boots. He walks to the edge of the stage and he does a whole tepe bow to Nimrod wildfire and Nimrod wildfire bows back and that moment my friend is when myth and reality collided right there on that stage Washington. Dc So the myth of crack really. It sounds like it really started to grow Kenya just in his lifetime. Which usually always have the idea that a lot of these myths would have grown after like. Remember the Alamo. And you know things like that where all of this started to grow in these tales. Start to grow after he's dead but it sounds like a lot of it started before four out of a de the Alamo is just the proverbial cherry on top because as I suggested he was probably one of the better known people to be. And the Alamo and so that really you know 'cause the Alamo to be elevated to different status and of course remember the Alamo became the slogan the motto for Houston and the others carried on the fight. And that's often done you know. Remember the main thinking of the main which is it turns out probably very suspicious to say the least that became a around cry. You know We're very good at putting together. These cries but remember the Alamo was emblazoned in everyone's mind and then in his death even more than they were right down dive novels and all kinds of things came out published about cracking and there have been many many books written about Crockett. You know the niche. I have taken for media as a writer. Is this one in? This is what the known for. Taking people. Such is David Crockett and others and unwinding the myth to tell the real story the true story the better story. And that's what I did with billy. The Kid Henry McCarty on the ides of March eighteen. Maybe one pet Garrett shot and killed billy. The Kid Henry. Mccarty died on that floor. Pete Maxwell's Bedroom. Billy the kid road on when pretty boy floyd was shot and killed literally executed a Cornfield East Liverpool Ohio Purvis and his G men Charles. Arthur Floyd Dad there but pretty boy road on when crocodile. Day that I've already told you that David cracking died but Davy Crockett Rodion. I'm now writing my twentieth book. It's about bell star another one. All of these people have mentioned or so wrapped up in myth and lies exaggerations and just unwinded. There's so many books written about bill store so many but I'm liberating her so on that fateful day in eighteen eighty nine when she was bushwack my rebel surely died on that dirt road. Shut off her Horse Bell Star Road On. That's for me it's all about and that's what I will continue to do. Thank you so much for coming on to chat about Davy Crockett and David Crockett and starting to separate some of the fact from the fiction that we saw in the movie now. I know there's a lot more that we could never hope to cover on a single episode but that leads us right into your book that you mentioned David Crockett. The lion of the West can share a little bit more information about your book and where someone listening can pick up a copy. Sure David Carpet. Lion of the West has been on for a few years now is published by Norton Migrate Publisher in New York. And you can buy an literally anywhere. Of course a lot of books. People buy on Amazon but in better bookstores. If they don't have it they will certainly artery. You can go online. It's still very very much imprint. The lion of the West and I hope folks enjoy your time. Michael my pleasure. This episode of based on a true story was produced by me. Dan Lab. I'd like to thank Michael Wallace once again for coming on the show. If you WANNA learn more about the history behind the Real David. Crockett go grab. Michael's book called David Crockett the lion of the West. But that's just one of Michael's books as he mentioned at the end there. He's working on his twentieth book. So there's plenty more great stories from history that he's written about. I'll make sure to add a link to that book and we can learn more about all of Michael's books in the show notes for this episode as well as on. The show is home on the web based on a true story. Podcast DOT COM. Okay now it's time for the answer to our two truths and a lie game from the beginning of the episode as a refresher here are the two truths and one lie number one Davy. Crockett was responsible for the peace negotiations that ended the war with the Creek nation number two Davy Crockett was captured at the Alamo and later killed by order of General Santa Anna Number. Three the Real David. Crockett met a theatrical version of himself called Nimrod wildfire. Did you find out which one is ally. Let's start with the end number three. That is true as Michael explained the subtitle of his book. David Crockett the line of the West. The subtitle being the line of the west part that comes from a play where at one of the shows in Washington DC. The Real Crockett met a theatrical character called Nimrod wildfire that was based on his life. Well perhaps a more accurate way to phrase that would be that the plays character was based on all the tall tales written about Davy Crockett Adventures. That brings us to number two. That is also true as Michael explained the movie showing fess. Parker's version of Davy. Crockett going down at the Alamo swinging. Old Betsy over. His head is not true. What really happened was that Mr Crockett was captured and later killed at the order of General Santa Anna. That means the lie is number one. The movie tries to make it seem like Davy Crockett. Some sort of a peace negotiator that ended the war with the creeks. What is Michael? Explained is just not true at all that just about wraps this episode before we go the last thing I like to do on each episode is share. How much time and effort went into creating the episode now. I know that's not something that most podcast do. And that's exactly why I'm sharing this information. Maybe if you find out how much time and money goes into creating podcast like mine. Then maybe you'll start to appreciate all the podcasts that you listened to for free just a little bit more with that said. Today's episode took a total of twenty five hours to create and cost thirty two dollars and nineteen cents in out of pocket expenses. And as I always do I want to make it clear that time and cost is only my time for this one episode so that does not include the countless hours of guest time researching the subject matter that we talked about nor does it include any of my ongoing costs for example the monthly podcast and website hosting costs. 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