Episode #130 Clemson v Notre Dame / Florida Georgia


It is monday november ninth for patriots subscribers. It is tuesday november tenth for the rest of us. Two minutes to sports. I anzac smith your host as always. What are we going to college. Football huge huge matchup. Notre dame clemson awesome win by notre dame. Finally get a top five win. The program is not a phony. They played phenomenon. I'm jack to talk about it. Because i want to talk about what they did. How they did it. We can talk about trevor lawrence being out. And don't get me wrong. I think that definitely played a factor. In in the game i mean. Dj who younger. Malay played really. Well he missed a couple throws that. I think trevor would have made. But we'll talk about that as we get into the meat of the show. Also the florida gators just dominated georgia. It exposed georgia's offense stetson bennett and kirby smart for exactly. What i've said he is in has been all year. It is undeniable. That georgia team was not good enough to be in the national conversation. Despite the fact that media forced fed them down your throat as top five team. They never were. They never have been this year and they never will be. It will never change. They might sneak a win here there because they have a pretty solid defense but they are not a relevant team on the national landscape. Simple as that also wanna talk very end of the show. We're going do an in-depth analysis breaking down what we have learned about the buckeyes through the first quarter of the season. That'll be the second half of the show. So if you're not a subscriber on you should go sign up patriae dot com forward slash menaces sports for three dollars a month you get full episodes. The other thing we're doing tomorrow. I've talked about it forever. But that segment. I will shoot a video. Part of our menace. tv will be coming out tomorrow. So if you haven't subscribe to our youtube. I know we have a bunch of subscribers on there. It's been kind of a dead channel so you guys haven't been to it but youtube dot com forward slash menace to sports the number two. We're going to put out a video. Our video content starts tomorrow. That's the first video the buckeye breakdown through the first quarter. The season really awesome stuff. I just went and studied all the analytics and the film because the rutgers game. I mean there's some stuff to take away from it but in reality now we're three games in the season and in probably twelve eleven game season not a twelve game and eleven hopefully in eleven game season. So we're one quarter of the way through. What have we learned. What do we need to find out about the buckeyes and then also going to break down. Our two games of the week. Like i mentioned and Also are gambling. If you haven't seen on twitter and all social media our weekend was ridiculous once again. I don't know what people are waiting and don't get me wrong. We have a number mean a ton subscribers. 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Soccer european soccer games tennis matches and then obviously college football pro football. We did world series all that we'll get into basketball as soon as that season begins college and pro. So we're we're going all sports all fun and it's really awesome. I have friends of mine have signed up and obviously a bunch of listeners. And they can attest just going social media and look at look what they're saying. Don't listen to me anyways. Enough trying to what i say enough trying to sell you on things that cost money that we're trying to we're trying to promote let's talk college football and let's get to the show you got and you five phoenix. You'll be pleased to know this last time on hosa. Don't care anymore. Joking i never did brexit villers. Then you in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world. He'll run and after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five. I got a football guy. Lucky for me depressed combating speaking this. Well we have trouble with. The ball is free. It's picked up by michigan state. Jalen watts jack said only get the fuck outta here. Well first things first. We're not gonna break down the game because we didn't intend to those other big games we have to break down for the buckeye fans. Have your fixed coming at the end of the show. We're gonna talk in-depth buckeye football from a coach's perspective and we're really excited to talk about it. Because i spend a lot of time on it. But the buckeyes won. Saturday forty nine twenty seven in the smallest margin of victory in series history with rutgers. Graciano pulled out all the stops. All the trick plays the throwback punt return. You name it. He pulled out all the stops and he kept it. Close forty nine twenty seven heading into the game saturday. We'll have stated beaten rutgers by at least thirty five points every time they played and obviously a twenty two point. victory was under the spread. That is one of the things we lost. We ohio state would cover. And i'm gonna tell you what had halftime it sure looks like it but just field played play dominant. The receivers are ridiculous. The run game is still really below average. And the defense man. They got a lot to figure out. Carrie combs has to has to get it done because this is not looking like the silver bullets last year. But like i said we'll talk about all that towards the in the second half of the show for those of you. That are die. Hard buckeyes but let's talk about the landscape man. west coast. football is back. I clay helton score. Fourteen fourth quarter points to beat herm edwards arizona state sun devils twenty eight twenty seven which was an awesome game. If you didn't watch it kind of bizarre a nine. Am kickoff out there. So they could be the noon game. I get it. I mean it gets the pac twelve in front of most of the country because it's earlier but it's an early game. Amin noon games. We used to wake up at seven. Am i don't know what time you wake up for nine. am game. but i know this much. You'd better be at the stadium by seven. Am two hours before so you can get taped and warmed up and all that. So i don't know what wake time is. I would imagine. It's gotta be six. Am and you've got to rush through eat breakfast and go. No meetings no walk-throughs. I don't know how much actually i'm going to reach out to Some of my buddies in in the pac twelve. Because i'm curious. How does that work. Like i said for a noon game. We had seven. Am wakeup five hours. Before the game. I don't think you're gonna wake up five hours before nine. Am kick four am wakeup call. Good luck playing well without any kind of sleep but you came back in one to give klay hilton a one and start the game of note and team of note. I'm excited to start talking about them. Because they were one of the teams in the off season. I thought had a chance to be in that conversation. Oregon eve devoid of justin. Herbert i still think they have a solid team. I love morio cristobal. They are a pack twelve team. That knows how to run the ball because they have a tough s o. Line coach is the head coach. So that's a dangerous aspect to have to add into a pack twelve team so they absolutely hated stanford thirty five fourteen played extremely well really happy to have them back on the landscape and the other game are other game of the week. Byu absolutely dismantled boise state fifty one seventeen so byu is as real as you can get them in. Cincinnati are as real as you can get in non power five football and so the question is this. let's play out a scenario. Let's say that clemson beats notre dame and the acc championship game. which i think will happen with trevor lawrence. They had injuries guys. Didn't travel and i'm not making excuses. Notre dame just dominated him but let's say is full strength full health and beats notre dame and acc championship game. all right. that's one part of this scenario. The other part is what. If florida beat bama in the sec championship. Now that one. I don't think is gonna happen. I think that is unlikely. But the question is who gets in ohio state assuming they can beat indiana which is probably the toughest game of the year side note. Go get your tickets ace online. Braxton and i are holding a watch party on campus for the indiana ohio state game so decide no but ohio state. Let's say their undefeated. Obviously they get in. let's say florida. They beat alabama. Sec championship game. Routed georgia their only loss came to texas. Say them so their candidate. One bama undefeated through the regular season loss to florida. Maybe a close game in sec championship game. Can they still get in. Or what about texas am beat. Florida lost obama early and obviously didn't make it to atlanta because bama had to head to head tiebreaker can am sneak in and then clemson lost on the road to notre dame without trevor lawrence. You'd have to imagine they get in the last. The the next team is notre dame beat clemson undefeated regular season lost to clemson whom they already beat right so those are the six most likely candidates for the college football playoff and then the three outliers organ. Can they go undefeated with a smaller sample size resume. Can they get in over a one loss team in this scenario and cincinnati and byu. If they go undefeated do they deserve a shot over. Let's say a florida who only losses to or over clemson lost on the road at notre dame without trevor lawrence. Do they deserve a shot. Byu the best. The best quarterbacks to typically and grade wise in the country is playing byu. Do they get a chance because the reality is those are the nine hundred still in contention so my question to you. Dms post about it on twitter. Who out of those nine will be in the cfp. Nine teams right now on the cusp. Who are the four. The final four is it texas. a and m. is it oregon is it who could be that the dark horses sneak in. So that's my question is interesting to play out kind of the different scenarios as we come down the wire but i want to talk about. Let's get some game analysis. The first game while was michigan. Indiana michael junior in indiana just scorched. Don brown's defense. I mean threw for three hundred forty two yards and three touchdowns it was a complete and absolute ask kicking of epic proportions. Michigan ran the ball and this is not in the first quarter. Not in the first half. They did not average. This in totality in total michigan ran the ball for thirteen yards. Thirteen yards on top of that. How about this stat for you. Indiana ray ran thirty. Six more offensive plays than michigan. They outgained a bio one hundred yards. How did they do that. You gotta look at it. How did indiana get thirty. Six extra plays on offense. That's unfair right. Here's how they did it. They were fifty five percent on third and fourth down. Michigan was twenty-seven percent half as productive. So indiana kept drives alive and ran place and they beat the. I mean they literally beat. The brakes off of michigan is what they did. And the greatest evidence of the state of michigan program. Right now was on. How indian scored their first two touchdowns. Both of indiana's first of touchdowns first touchdowns came on free. Plays free plays where they gave a hard count. The defense jumped offsides so they snapped the ball knowing they had a free five yard penalty and no matter what happened on that play. that was worst case scenario. They gained five yards so they launched it to the end zone twice both times touchdowns free place. That's the lack of discipline. I don't have the staff i should. I should have looked it up. They jumped offsides like ten times. They had to of just the lack of discipline on the defensive line. And don brown in this defense are not. They're not gonna cut it. I don't know to say the oh line. Michigan office line played horrific. Shout ed warner best coach. In the world they played terrible. The offense was a complete mess. I that ronnie bell played exceptional joe. Milton played decent but the offense as in its totality was a mess and the defense got bent over and spanked. It was embarrassing for don brown to say the least so the question is is this the time those of you that weren't on the bandwagon or weren't on the train last week when i when i said it was going full steam. If you weren't on the train last week you need to jump on jim. Harbaugh has overstayed his welcome. I guess unless you're a buckeye fan and then you're really rooting for a lifetime contract for the son of a bitch. It's over if i'm a michigan fan it is over. It's time to move forth and find anyone else. Is it luke fickle. Is it matt campbell or is it like ohio. State did oklahoma. Did georgia did clemson. Did maybe you need to find an elite coordinator. That could be the next hot coach. You look at the track record these these school so who is in the top right now right oregon hired a coordinator. You could say was used to be a head coach at fau. I know that but they hired a coordinator their their program is is is a very elevated right georgia coordinator alabama okay proven head coach right florida kind of proven head coach all right clemson coordinator. Ohio state coordinator. I mean the list goes on and on and on oklahoma coordinator. Sometimes you go with these proven head coaches and they don't always work out. I'll texas and tom. Herman la michigan. Jim harbaugh i would love to know the percentage on that. So that's my opinion. Michigan needs to move on and they need to do a great job finding the next coach because last time it was just the the easy choice. Right throw a shitload emma. Money at the prodigal son. Jim harbaugh and he will just bring the program back simple as that. No need to actually do some work and figure it out no need to have some balls and hire a guy like gene smith did when he hired day at takes balls. That takes work. You really really have to be in tune with the game and college football to know who is going to be successful. And who's not and even then it's not an exact science but it's time for jim harbaugh to go simply that and now breaking news today. Lucky michigan wisconsin is able to play after forfeiting two games in my opinion. They forfeited two games. Barry alvarez wash michigan and said you know what. We don't need to sit this one out. Let's take this cake win. Even though surprise surprise. I'm gonna actually pick michigan. Beat wisconsin in that game but never mind that they have to play the badgers and you know they didn't want to have to play. After the two games they just went through. What an embarrassment. But that the state of michigan program and really the state of the big ten state of the midwest. And if you are a true how state fan much. As you'd like to see michigan lose is bad for the brand. What notre dame did for mid west football on saturday was huge. It was epic it was janoris to take down clemson and beat them the way they did gave the brand of midwest football a stronger name if notre dame and ohio state can make the playoffs and maybe what if they they win in play each other or what if they play each other. Semis or what god. Can you imagine a national championship. Ohio state notre dame state fans have wet dreams for a month as well notre dame fans. What are we talking about. That would be unbelievable. But let's get to the sec. Showdown of the week. The battle for the east. Dan mullen in the florida gators in the world's largest outdoor cocktail party take on or took on kirby smart and the georgia bulldogs. And i want you to think about before we get to the game. Think about kirby smart looking at his. Qb group back in may or june one. He's thinking. I should have justin field right now. I and foremost i fucked that up. We rode jake from state farm and we don't have justin fields. He should be coming back for a heisman candidate. Year for us georgia. That's number one. That's number one but never mind that. He knew he had a problem right. He knew he had a problem because fields wasn't there frahm is gone. He didn't doin mathis was going to be young. He needed to get a guy so he goes out and gets two of them. Jt daniels the starting quarterback at usc that hurt his knee and grad transferred was eligible. Right away and then jamie newman. The guy who the kid who lit up at wake forest. So he's riding into the season. Say i have to s- former starters to run this program which is all i need. I need a quarterback. We have a running back. We have at least one receiver. We're going to be better off than last year. Defense should be strong. He's looking at his. Qb group saying we got a chance. And what happens he loses jamie jamie newman to an opt-out which is ridiculous then. Jt daniel starts the year. I guess he was injured. But i don't know what the fuck the deal is now because jt daniels is at least played at an. let's call it an average level in the pac twelve. Let's let's let's give kirby the benefit of the doubt and say that. Jd daniels is average. What we watched on saturday and have watched all year and i have preached it every week. Almost every episode is the worst quarterback play at georgia in a long time. Since i can remember. it's it was awful so stats and bennett. Who does not belong. Sec football field. He has five of sixteen five complete passes in the game five for thirty one percent overall. They didn't even have to blitz him floridian the blitz and they only blitzed them five times in the whole game and he was three for twelve because he was three for twelve twenty five percent. Completion percentage versus base defense. Do you understand what that means. Not pressured base defense. They're playing generic coverages and he cannot complete passes. One out of every four was complete. He was three on deep balls to eleven over ten yards fucking horrendous. Awful awful quarterback play. And so what do they do. They finally benched him. and i made the comment. Why did it take this long. And a bunch of people came back. You must not have watched the first game. Duan mathis looked out of place. I know that. I'm doin' matheson's to answer. But at least he can run it a little bit. He's a little athletic and he completed a deep ball. For for christ sake. He threw a touchdown pass. Unfortunately he was not much better than stetson. He did a deep ball. Thank god he was four twelve thirty three percent. So i mean say what you want. He was still better for for twelve years. One completion better and one of them was a deep ball. for touchdown. i did throw two picks. But he's a freshman. If you to road that freshman from game one he be twice the player he is today. You might lost the game. But at least you'd have a better offencive system offensive playmaker at quarterback in at least if nothing else the kick run around a little bit which is far better than stats in bennett combined. They were nine of twenty nine for one hundred twelve yards and three interceptions. Three point nine yards per completion. That's bad per rush in the run game let alone in the past game and after the game my favorite kirby smart was asked. And here's his quote he said right now we feel like stetson and dewan give us a better shot because they have a better body of work that left me scratching my head like what is the body of. They have a better body of work than jt daniels. Jt hasn't been given the opportunity to have a body of work. Never mind the fact that no one has a better a body of work. No one is the worst body of work than bennett. Mathis have right now no one. It's just a an abomination an abomination and then zamir white had that one explosive. Seventy five yard run. It was a great run his abilities right but other than that he was just okay. He only had six carries outside of that. They only handed him the ball. Seven times i just can't understand it. You think you're going to beat a good football team. Writing the arm of stetson bennett. He averaged thirty thirty two yards on six carries outside of the seventy five yard. Run five carey. That's not bad price handed to a more overall. The team georgia's offense minus the one. Big big hit had ninety yards rushing on twenty eight carries for three point two yards per carry. The offense was a absolutely abysmal. How about this. George only reached the the red zone once never mind never mind scorn in the red zone. You gotta get there. They reached the red zone one time and they were two of thirteen on third down. That is just absolutely pitiful fifteen percent. You'll never win a game. You can't keep a single drive alive. And it all comes down and falls at the feet of your quarterback georgia florida really put together their most and i really solid defensive performance of the year and it was against such an offense that we still have to talk about it but they only missed five tackles the at twenty qb pressures three sacks. Four tackles for loss and twenty defensive. Stops georgia did a horrendous job involving curious jackson they targeted other kid they have matt landers the most in the past game five times and they were over five throwing the ball. They launched four depots to him over four. Here's only saw three targets. Past the line of scrimmage and he hit on two of the three including his touchdown. I sometimes coaches are fucking idiots. You know that don't overcomplicate it. You got a back. That's average of five yards a carry that you should be able to run. The ball decently florida's run defense was just average and then you have a star receiver. Get him the ball. Find a way. It's called game planning. You don't have to be peyton manning. Tom brady to throw it to a receiver. You set to have good game plan ways to get him touches. They didn't they didn't none. Have it. Now say this. Kyler elam the quarterback the cornerback for florida. Who by the way. His dad was a great player at notre dame recruited them. I know really well. Abe elam kyler elam was lights out. He was targeted six times on the day and only gave up one catch to the running back. James cook for four yards. Landers was over three on kyw year. Markle wilson on the other side saw minimal action allowing no catches on the only two targets that came his way. So ultimately florida's defense stepped up that israeli career elam marco wilson both played well now granted against average receivers two year broken record. Georgia has averaged receivers. I don't know if you know that it's bad. But here's what it is a bad day for your offense when your highest greatest players amir white was the highest grade player. Seventy three percent grade. He only saw the football seven times. And your two quarterbacks graded out the lowest on the team stats in bennett graded out forty. One percent to one is twenty six percent. Just let's let's just take commonsense. I promise you that that my daughter who's eight years old could do this. Make this decision better than smart and todd monkey if done do you want your best player. Highest rated player touching the ball more or your lowest great player. Your quarterback throwing the ball to win. What's a better way. I get it. They got down to throw it. This is i mean it's an aptitude at it's at the highest level. You couldn't screw these decisions up more than kirby. Smart is i mean. Forty percent and twenty six percent. How much worse can jt. Daniels really be like. This is a joke. And what is wrong with kirby smart and the oc quarterback coach todd mahnken. If it wasn't bad enough they had to watch justin feels dominate last year. And now this year they will give. Jt daniels a chance to take the reins. I can promise you this much. It cannot be worse it can't be. I'm going to tell you what it's just an it's disgusting now on the other side of it kyle. Trask while he showed out seventy percent completion. Thirty or forty three three for four on deep ball. Seventy four percent. Twelve for fifteen over ten yards eighty percent. It was a dominant quarterback performances period. It wasn't even close. They were the tale of two cities. The jekyll and hyde kyle trask dominant. Whoever was it quarterback for georgia. Just awful seven of sixteen on third down is decent and a big game like i said on the show many times you wanna be over fifty percent but if you're around that forty five percent range i mean you're going to be at the top ten in the country a forty five percent and in a big game that's phenomenal so it was excellent by florida. Florida had the ball fifteen minutes more than georgia and control the game from i mean georgia scored the first two drives and then joe florida took it over and it was. It was never gained after that now. The issue florida those issues. Let's let's talk about the issues. They have that will rear their head. In december against alabama. Ten of their thirty completions were two running backs. Two hundred twelve tracks. Four hundred seventy four yards running backs. That's not great for the throw game. Especially when you don't have travis at the end right you're throwing some average backs. They're florida's top five graded threats in the past game on saturday where two running backs and three tight ends. Now get me wrong. Katie is a monster canaries. Tony was. He is a great player. I'm not going to discount him. He was targeted ten times. Twice as many as anyone else and real seven but only at forty two yards. But i'll give florida fans that he is he is a monster and kyle pits is a monster. But they need other receivers. I know trayvon grimes. A contested catch high pointed a ball. Excellent on campbell. It was a phenomenal catch. But he doesn't get open. Sorry he's got to get open. Richard account not playing for george. I've talked about him all year. He's one of the best safety. If not the best safety in the country. Not playing for georgia certainly was a big factor. Even know kyle pits didn't do a ton he only two looks in the game. But if you remember the preview episode georgia had not allowed a touchdown to tight end all year and he broke that streak on saturday. The other georgia didn't do in kirby's defense they didn't get to trask effectively at all the whole game. They only recorded one sack. They're averaging over three a game and they only hit trask five times on his forty four passing place now. The right tackle. Gene was the glaring weakness. Impasse bro. He allowed seven of the quarterback pressures on the next highest by a single player was to a glaring weakness and other one. The other thing. That florida did they took the blueprint that alabama laid out for them. Steve sarkisian gave them the formula to attack. Georgia dan mullen went after tyson campbell. He that he was targeted. Five times gave up four catches and three of those four catches touchdowns kyle pits kenmore gamble and trayvon. Grimes all scored on tyson and he is evidently in a rut right now that he needs to pull out because he's a far better player than he's played in georgia's two biggest games this year. I know i watch them all year. And i was doubting him as one of the best in the country because he is talent wise but he has had to rough games that he needs to bounce back from in all reality. Georgia's corner struggled all game. Twenty one targets thirteen catches one hundred seventy yards and four touchdowns when they were in coverage. So you've got to give it to dan. Mullen you gotta give it to florida. You gotta give it to kyle trask. What a game. And what a win for the gators a dominant performance in the biggest game. They'll have all year until this each game and they are they're poisoning to make people think twice about that that alabama matchup now. I'm here to tell you it's not even close. But at least they should be able to. They'll they'll perform better than i thought they would have three weeks ago. They're showing some flashes some improvements. They still need skill on the perimeter. Their defense has to show me that again against a better offense and they have no run game and that's that's that's ultimately a downfall if they don't have a single threat in the run game so great win by florida terrible loss by georgia but the picture and sec is becoming clearer. It is the three team race for a playoff berth. And it's alabama florida and am period. Enter discussion georgia's out. I said georgia was out three weeks ago but anyways that is what it is but the game of the week for two teams. That are playoff teams. Probably they looked like playoff teams. Certainly clemson at notre dame south bend indiana under the lights with not a lot of people in the in the stands. It was the best game. I've seen all year. What a great football game. I mean obviously going to double o. T. and and just the back and forth notre dame goes up early clemson battles back. It was a phenomenal game. But the most confusing thing to me corona rose the cove nation was. Why in the hell can trevor lawrence be on the sideline. Taking his mask off talking to players spreading his germs. What can he do that and not play. What is the difference if he gets his germs on all the players on clemson's team and they go on the field and play notre dame's players notre dame's players those germs to so one of two things is true one is. He's not contagious. So just let him play or he is contagious. And nobody seems to give a shit. Because this is all prefer perspective perception. I guess not perspective all perception. That's what it is. It's one of the two so if you're corona bro one. Probably don't listen to the show because you're a fucking idiot or two you do this show and you hate me because i'm over this shit. I'm so over it however other news the election happened. Finally now we have vaccines coming out. Fucking miraculous isn't it. I'm not gonna go there though. But the biggest thing i saw was just total team. Football clemson obviously struggled first half had a solid second half to tie. The game ended up going to overtime right. In the first half they average starting field position was the twenty one yard line in the second half. It was the thirty two yard line. That's eleven yards. Better your stats go up. Twenty percent your likelihood to score points in proves twenty percent from twenty to thirty two. That's why it was a different ball game in the second. Half simple is that oh notre dame in the first half thirty seven yard line average starting field position in the second half the twenty five yard line so they both flipped. That's why it went the way it went. We could stop right there. That's why the first half looked like it did. And that's why the second half looked like it did simple as that. Now notre dame offense i will. I will say this right now. Ian book impressed me. He really did not necessarily throwing the ball. He was not a dominant quarterback. We'll get to the stats in a minute. He impressed me with how he competed how he scrambled. How he kept kept plays alive. I mean the kid. The kid was impressive. No matter what you want to say. He still not an elite thrower. But he's a really really good quarterback. So i'm going to backtrack on it. You know me. i'm honest. I call it like i see it. I mean he started out five or five in the first quarter for seventy one yards and it was just like cooking with grease to be honest both quarterbacks. The first quarter ended both quarterbacks five ten for ten it was just excellent quarterback play but my offensive player of the game is karen williams. And it's not because he had one hundred forty total yards and three touchdowns. It's not because he averaged six point one yards per carry. And it's not that's not what it is. He was phenomenal in pass protection. I mean excellent. Picking up glitters you name it. Thirty one snaps pass blocking. He only allowed one quarterback pressure. It wasn't even a sack. It was just a pressure in total clemson only pressured ian book eleven times and five of those pressures were on ian book holding onto the ball too long so six times clemson got to eat book and pressured him a little bit on forty eight pass place. That is unreal. The office of line was fucking real. They're the best old line in the country and you can't tell me. Ohio state is better. What i watched on saturday confirmed what i said. Preseason they are one. Ohio state is to if they keep developing. They're the best offense in the country and they looked even better than i thought they would. On saturday. i thought clemson might expose them a little bit. I knew they were great but it was simply five grown men dominating the run game solid walls in the past game. Ian book was gifted time. Kyran williams was gifted running lanes and ian book showed me ultimately the ability to win the game. That's huge for a quarterback he didn't dominate through the air passing fifty six percent passing. Completion percentage forty seven percent over ten yards three for eight on date bowl deep balls thirty eight percent not great forty four percent under pressure not great sixty seven percent of his passing yards. Were when clemson blitzed because notre dame picked it up and ian book showed me. He could go win a game at the end. That is that is a huge. He a ninety percent grade on the game and when you talk about how he threw the ball which was pretty average at best to great out at ninety percent showed that on the big stage. He showed up and quieted. All the doubters most specifically yours truly now. He didn't silence me. He quieted me. Because he still didn't throw the ball. Great but ten of twenty on third and fourth down. We just talked about florida georgia fifty percent conversions in a game of this magnitude. An top five matchup unbelievable. That's how they won the game. That's how they stayed in the game. It's how they got to overtime. Not only dominating. At the line of scrimmage but keeping drives alive fifty percent of the time. They kept the drive alive. I will say john mckinley. The big receiver provided a spark offense on the outside. He's a big physical receiver. Who had his way with shared in jones. The corner from clemson eighty-three yards receiving for the six foot. Two two hundred and fifteen pound receiver and he's showed his thirty pound advantage and two two and a half inch height differential in that matchup. It looked like more than that out. City was forty pounds heavier and four inches taller because he was a jump ball possession. Receiver just dominant dominant receiver. Shared a jones was the weakness for the secondary he had the lowest coverage great out of out of the nineteen players who had to cover someone on saturday. He gave up four catches almost one hundred yards. He had a forty four percent grade and coverage. The secretary kind of showed the little weakness against boston. College and now notre dame just exploited him specifically now daily on kendrick is really good player. We knew that he started last year. He was really good last year. He's still a really good player. But shared in jones was the weakness. The other side of the ball was showed some concerning things right when clemson had the ball. First of all only thirteen rushing yards in the first half. they couldn't run the ball and it's been that year that's been the issue all year. They have the best back in the country and they constantly have to throw the ball because they can't run it. They only have thirty four yards on the ground and it's the lowest total they had rushing the ball since twenty eleven against nc state years the lowest. They've had a nine years. The defensive game plan that notre dame employed was very clear. Early on travis at the end was not to beat the irish. They did everything in their power fully selling out to stop the run. He had one point six yards per carry on eighteen carries job well done and dj galet played commendable. He did have a few misthrows to specifically critical third downs. That he missed that. I believe trevor more lawrence makes those throws. I'm not an apologist. I'm not here to say that clemson would've won with trevor lawrence. But trevor i believe would have made those throws what won the game. For notre dame was turnovers and third downs. Clemson was four fifteen twenty seven percent on third down. That's atrocious atrocious. Notre dame created three turnovers. Although i swear. I mean i don't you talk about poetic. How in the world. Amari rogers fumble on the slant route was not ruled. Incomplete pass all while knowing the same thing happened. Probably even worse in the playoff game last year in ohio state fans were livid because i learned last year that that is an incompletion but in this game it was a fumble. But notre dame was disruptive clemson's pass was not great. I mean notre dame ten tackles for loss thirteen quarterback pressures twenty four stops which is a tackle that constitutes loss for the offense. Nine missed tackles total so single digits. They played extremely well. The main issue for clemson was they couldn't get the ball downfield to amari rogers simple as that and they couldn't get travis at the end. You gotta get your to push players the ball. A rogers had one catch over ten yards. And they didn't get travis that the involve past the line of scrimmage. It was always screen game. He had two catches pets. A lot of scrimmage and six behind line of scrimmage. They don't have the talent in the outside receiver position to not use him. Travis as a primary receiver. Past the line of scrimmage they. Don't the screen game was pretty good. But he was a non factor in their biggest game of the year. You can't let that happen. I will say this cornell pal press me. He emerged as a decent option for younger but still was a nonfactor outside the hash marks. He caught all six of his passes. Between the hashes he was too deep balls for one hundred four of his yards and a touchdown which was monumental clemson to hang in this game but a far cry. From the impact at t higgins and justin ross had from two thousand eighteen to twenty one thousand nine. They don't have that presence simple as that and then my game changers of the game. Things that dictated the outcome. The first one was the fifty six yard field goal. Notre dame attendant at the end a half it was short travis at the end catches it. The most dynamic player in the country has the ball with one hundred yards to run and seven of the other teams. Players are fat. Guys how is that. Not a touchdown. He got tackled by. The kicker should never happened a simple cutback. It didn't even wouldn't have even taken effort. Just making miss cutback should have been a touchdown. And then clemson gets the ball in their last offensive possession and only managed to run twenty two seconds off the clock going out of bounds. Just mistake after mistake and notre dame only burn one time out on that last possession and they only ran twenty two seconds off the clock. It's it's an ideal to say the least and in second owed the second overtime. Here's the play that that lost the game. For clemson notre dame had holding a holding call in the second overtime that would have put way behind the chains and after the holding call. They threw the ball and number eighteen. I should've looked up his name. Clemson's defender gets a personal foul on a dumb ass. Bonehead move hitting the kid out of bounds and gifted them a first down game changer. The most impactful dumb ass mistake of the year. They're about to be whatever was second or third and twenty second. It was going to be second and twenty in overtime. Come on man. You got a good enough defense. You're going to win that battle. And then you get the ball and all you've got to get his field goal or or you have the upper hand a bonehead personal foul gives them a first down they end up scoring and then the rest is history. Right clemson manages to not be able to score game over notre dame wins. The red zone was awash. Notre dame was three for six touchdowns in the red zone. Clemson was three for five so both had three touchdowns but we all do know what happens. Now right clemson will beat notre dame and acc championship game with trevor lawrence. Chaos will ensue about notre dame making the cfp and they will have a point or let's look at history. Let's go back seventeen or twenty seven years. Nineteen ninety-three notre dame defeats number one on the final play in south bend. Twenty twenty notre dame to fits defeats number one clemson on the final play in south bend. Nineteen ninety-three notre dame loses to boston college the very next saturday. Twenty twenty notre dame. Plays boston college this saturday. Could it be. Could jeff happily repeat history from twenty seven years ago. Doubt it but could be cool. Go be fun to watch. Maybe the owed the boston college. Eagles will upset the new leader in. Acc what a game that would be but all in all phenomenal football game. I mean just phenomenal mistakes. But not not a ton. Good good offense defense. The line play for notre dame was so impressive ian book. His competitive nature was impressive. Hats off to notre dame. You won a big time game for the first time since i can remember. I don't even know the last big game they won. I mean going all the way. Back to two thousand twelve getting smoked by alabama. They finally won a big game. I know clemson was injury ridden. I know that reality reality. They won this football game in impressive fashion and they are the the ruler in acc anyways. That's forty-three minutes of college. Football content from minnesota sports four free. Thank you for tuning in. i appreciate it. If you wanna hear the buckeye first quarter season update. You have two options. You can check it out. Tuesday or today depend on when you're listening. Tuesday on youtube for slashed menace sports and subscribe turn on notifications. We will have our video out on the buckeye first-quarter season update tomorrow or pay three bucks on patriot dot com slash medicine sports and get full episodes for the month. We are back on it. We're back at it next episode coming out on patriot on wednesday coming out to the public thursday. Previewing this week's games and we appreciate you for tuning in hope. You enjoyed it. Hope you're entertained. Hope you learned something. Hope you had fun talking about some big time college football gains but thank tuning in. You're listening as always. I appreciate you and if you didn't enjoy it go fuck yourself. San diego you and you did five phoenix. You'll be pleased to know this last time on hosting i don't care anymore. I'm joking. I never did similar you in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world iran and after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five football. Lucky for me depressed combatant speaking. This thought they were picked up by michigan. State's jalen watts. Jack said get the fuck out of here.

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