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Hello everybody and welcome facts. Who another episode of nerd super bowl algebra joint you today by andres and manny and we are back to discuss attack on tightened season four episode seven for the season in episode sixty six overall assault. Good to have you guys here. It's been a while you know. Let's say like three years now for you. You might be three years dude longtime coming. Everyone wanted me to get marissa on. These videos knows like next. Best thing. marissa's brother turtle soup in started. We just pretend you're maria center voice deeper and honors. How you doing man. I'm happy happy to be back. You've been back what what was the last video. You're on your own so shima with us right. it was. Yeah that was a fun review. Well attack on titan season four. We're all fans of this anime. We've been fans for a long time and you know it's kind of bittersweet that it's coming to an end but i think we've all enjoyed season four up until this point An episode seven or episode. sixty six. Whatever you wanna call it. I think this was the best episode of the season. They keep getting better but this was all the character development. They've done up until this point giving us this perspective of the warrior candidates and marley's side of this fight now you when when these moments happen. You don't know who you're rooting for you. Feel so conflicted At least that's how. I felt the route this episode I think i'm pretty okay with the war crimes. Aaron's doing this boy it's like you play in the middle because it's like they did all the same shittu aaron and everyone on paradise island and obviously like the kids and the innocent people deserve it but you know for them kids. The kids didn't deserve during the initial assault on wall maria to make a long story short. Right fuck fuck. It's the horse award that you are going to have civilian casualties especially have they done done. Such a great job of showing how tight and power kind of a curse when arm comes out of the colossal titan after he appears in this episode for the first time looking quite dapper and he looks at all the the innocent people that he killed and he thinks to himself. Is this what you saw. Every time that you exited the titan. But like you said you know. These are the characters that we've been rooting for for so long that you can't help but be happy that morley's getting a taste of their own medicine because they've had it coming. Yeah i think that's a great point what you made about arman in the sense that when he got out of his titan form he realized this is so horrible but at the same time they killed so many people and they were completely okay with it. Even zeke himself was having fun with killing people to a degree right. And i mentioned in my solo review. That even marlene soldiers. General mcgrath plan to allow this attack to be used to galvanize the world to fight on their side. Say hey look at the devil's paradise island. They're trying to bring back their empire and mcgrath is hesitant to go along. All these people are going to die in their audience Y once again l. The can't catch a break. I mean he definitely regrets that now seeing what's going on especially when aren popped up with the colossal titan they they mentioned it was P ache and porco that paradise island can't compete with them at a straight up war while straight up war now involves them having to titans. They really put themselves into that situation on their own. Though they gave paradise island about one hundred years to train and how to fight a titan in every form so no one is more prepared for titan battle than them and they were completely not ready for that odium gear. That's what it's called right odeon. They weren't ready for that at all. Obviously because they're just ducking and dodging and just coming up on them while that was so well done at the beginning when the beast titans shows up you can only hear the the noise of the gear it was it was very young majestic And then everything just turns into complete complete brutalization. Once that fight gets going. I mean some of these action moments. We're just incredible. I sure and i think they were definitely well. Earned just given through all the suffering. Everyone's gone through throughout the show. But i feel like there's also a lot that You just have to come up with on your own sense of like. You don't know what messages aaron was sending out and you don't know what intel the scouts have exactly or what potential plans. They might have right because they believe that they had them. Kinda backed into a corner that they're fighting on enemy territory and arm in and haji my favorite character in the entire shows up at with that airship and i'm guessing that's going to be the focus of that of next episode. Get all their troops back home. And they're obviously going to be able to to regroup and continue this fight you think they're gonna do at titan drop off that can are they capable of doing a titan drop because that's the first thing that we thought a white but they need like civilians right need eldeen civilians so they would have to be doing the same thing marley. Yeah so they're probably not probably trying to get better. Aaron would wanna do that. I mean that plan might potentially backfire. Though since zeke can also control the titans so yeah that is true so that would lead to a potential counterattacks. the characters zeke. He shows up in this episode and he killed some people and has that bad ass line. Where this fight isn't with aaron yeager and levi comes up behind him and hits him with michael. Yeah you just pieces them up in like two seconds and then throws the grenades inside and presumably destroys his body. That's too easy for me. There has to be something going on there right. Yeah i mean. I think that comes from the fact that at the end of the day. Zeke doesn't have much time left. he's gonna die soon. 'cause his titan life span is about to run out so i think he doesn't really care about what the marlins want but he's on his own personal vendetta the do you think maybe they're part of their plan is also to try to capture zeke at could be it instead of just kill him because the beast titan does have the last time erin souls zeke. What did he say to him. He said like something to the effect of you'll understand and the future now so maybe aaron wants to sit down with this guy possibly like do reiner. The history would seek is so calm. I thought there was going to be a moment here where he turned a marley because it looked like he was hesitating at the very beginning. You weren't sure what he was going to do. But you would think that those two characters need to have some sort of conversation obviously going into the history of their dad and their dad being an l. d. and restoration is and that's the thing with with aaron to is he kind of fighting to fight and you wonder if both of these characters are now just fighting to fight zeke's life is coming to an end so he may be more focused on personal vendettas. But i think what what this show is always done. So well is that there's always something deeper there So i don't know how. I'm looking forward to that conversation because i just want to see how aaron reacts to whatever information zeke is going to give him because erin scenes very numb for sure even in the sense that he was able to have a genuine conversation with reiner before he bugged out and what full tight inform us able to calmly talk about how reiner broke through the wall and eventually led to killing mom and i think that shows that he definitely has the same level of patients for one. He'll inevitably talked to zeke speaking of rider in this episode. We talked about it on my review. How just suicidal. He is and how he's kind of losing. This will to not only fight but a will to live and it's gabby and falco's calls in the end that kind of a wake him from his slumber where he was just going to allow his body to just just kinda of die re wasn't even he was almost in a coma. I thought that was such a great Cliffhanger these cliff hangers are killing me. But reiner man. That's another character now. After having that conversation with aaron begging to be judged begging to be killed now he has to fight him once again and he. He's michael leone once. He thinks he's out they just pull him right back in his back against the wall against like all them because all the other titans are down at the moment. This even stand a chance. Also aaron has mikasa mukasa on his shoulder. Dude is you can't get past her exactly the joel titan man. Will you have to be smarter than that. The first against mukasa users being way too reckless i. he's terrified of all these paradise island devils. and then Zeke shows up and he's like okay. I have nothing to worry about now. So i'm just gonna run into battle will do a of the court titan. She proved to be very lethal in this episode. You know having the gunners on her back it isn't until sasha gets that captain phillips shot through the. Is there like carlo carlo. Please respond but joe. Yeah like you said just just to reckless. No i think it certainly shows that the car is much more intelligent even just when the scouts began their infiltration and she saw them zipping around and she was terrified but porco was dislike. Whatever like let's fight them found her voice to be very very disturbing invoice year titan voice when she was out there giving commands and her death to while we don't know she is going to die but man. This episode was brutal. I think there's still a potential chance that you might be eaten. Maybe by If gabby doesn't take her than most likely. The armored titan right. But i don't i don't see reiner or the car titan just dying and i think that that's why the season the genius so this season giving us the perspective of these characters. It was when she was being attacked. Is when i really felt bad and especially the way laura was eaten. Yeah because aaron realizes that he can't he can't bite through that crystallization. So what does he do uses the gel titans mouth instead. I thought that was genius. Brutal to host the the way that he just crunching. And everybody's watching it and she's just in her little cocoon in the fuck out. Look on her face was terrifying and also kind hilarious at the same time. Yeah no that's a great way to say it and then he just drinks her blood And then all just watching it like the war titan was eaten the same things about to happen to the jaw titan. Can we talk about like aaron for a second. How is this guy so nice with titan. Now he's been doing his push ups like us every night pushed. Incentives just can turn into italian whenever he wants while the four year gap is where. I'm assuming where he really begins to hone his power and just the will to fight that he has. Now when he tells the war hammer titan. You've really run out of juice here. I haven't he jumps right back out and creates a new titan body. yeah. I believe during season three. It was said that aaron could only turn into tighten up to three times and then he was completely exhausted. But i guess at this point has resolved has just reached its peak. And he's in the end game right. I mean he turns into three over the course of these two episodes right. Yes it also kind of seems like aaron's not even like a human anymore he's just like just just has no feelings and he has become almost death personified. Yes it's Like you said he doesn't feel bad about what he did but he doesn't necessarily feel good about it either. Think an this season at all. We've seen erin show any kind of emotion towards anything. He just been cold in his eyes and his face and everything the entire time. Yeah i wonder if the the arrival of arm and in this episode if we were going to see some sort because even mukasa shows up in the last episode. He's kind of like what's up. So i thought maybe armand would be the guy where we maybe see a smile Hint of joy optimism. now it's system. I mentioned that on the other review. He used to fight like a like a young hero. And now he's just a fucking soldier and used to fight like out of anger too out of emotion and now it's just like i'm just going to all these people yet an arm and makes the point that if we don't retrieve all these people if we don't regroup then our cause really is lost. I mean even the soldier in the last episode says we need a devil like eren yeager in order to win this fight so whereas aaron is is losing his humanity that might that might be the thing that propels them to victory and being so nomin being so cold. I think it's it works in the same sense. How they said they needed commander erwin because he was the devil and that's what got them as far as they did right and dude a great line when haji says this plan is crazy reminds me of her win. Yeah it also helps that. Armand is starting to look a lot like a young. He's he looks. he's gotten taller. Bit more fit the glow up. All these characters have really had its baron. He needs a haircut but yet no arman. We always debate. What was the right choice was it. Was it arm. And i was always on the side of arm and i was a bit efi for a while honestly at first. I thought it should have been irwin. But looking back i definitely think and was the right call and i think irwin just mentally was exhausted. The all the people he sent to death. That's the thing with arman. I think he's the perfect personality to control a titan because he understands not to abuse that power but what may lead to armand breakdown is like you said with irwin to sacrificing all these people having to make those choices having to to balance life and death in your own hands that that might be what destroys his character from the inside. Because we've seen a lot of that that it's not even characters know. We saw a lot of red shirts. Dying this episode in brutal ways man. The way that they were being picked off in the air. But it's about what you lose on the inside. He has to talk about. Gabby i love how. They're drawing her parallel to young erin and season one just with our anger and desire for revenge seeing our fallen comrades but i noticed that a big differences just that aaron was just fighting purely out of survival whereas gabby starting to see the other side of bit. But you know. Obviously she stolen full. Revenge mode reminds me a lot of Abby from last of us part to seems like she doesn't get tighten at this point. from maybe the reiner. Or maybe they'll have her eat peck or p curry pronounce it. Since she's just chilling they're dying. Yeah they can't take a one point in the episode. I'm thinking dan they're just gonna take all their titans. I mean it's a wrap if you paradise island has four or five times. I mean i think as we've seen throughout the season there's no such thing as an easy victory. I think there will be some way in which the marlins will launch a counter attack since aaron has the war hammer titan. Now it's even titans right because errands three than the colossal and they have four with the beasts the cart a the armored and the joy tie in rates and now it's even in terms of titans. Yes taken power not actual titans but titan power ripen than anti as well. No they don't have any still my right. Yeah no it would be even at that point to just the rest of them right. Well we also have to see. 'cause i i need to study the map. They obviously they were fighting the mid east allied forces in the beginning so these other nations that are teaming up to take on marley. Are they going to come tomorrow. Defense i thought maybe that's what the airship was at the end that it was going to be these other nations with some new technology. But that would that would help even things out or maybe tip the favor again into a into marley. It's so fucking complex man. We just need to read the manga right. We're all trying to guess me while the answers are out there. I mean i might have to read the manga once. I finished the anime for sure. Just because the just the fact. Like game of thrones and way before the books and like the ending just felt so rushed. I definitely don't have the same fear but i. I still wish the anime could have been longer than sixteen episodes is a. That's the thing it looks like. It's going to be sixteen right. Yeah yeah. I wish they'd ended in a movie or something. Just like i feel like sixteen is a little too little but i guess we just had to have faith in the creators and see what they do. Yeah that's the thing. If they know the ending. I've heard from some manga rita's that they're already. They've already skipped some stuff from the manga. Which you wonder if they just wanted the sixteen episodes so you can rather than spreading out your budget. You can have all your budget for just a very explosive and cinematic finnish. People have been complaining about the new look titans so i don't know if you sacrifice some of your story for a better presentation. That can always be frustrating. It always see how it ends for sure. It always feels like one. Episode is full of three episodes worth of content. Just like every moment is filled with so much action and story and just the pacing. I found to be so fast. Yeah the pacing has been quick but it hasn't bothered me much Maybe if i had. Maybe when i do go back and read the maga may bother me more. Maybe seems like a the pacing just picked up like very quickly after like the first four or five episodes when they were like the first four of kinda went slow. They're setting everything up in our just like foot on the gas pedal. Everyone's dying shit's getting real. You made the point in this episode. That them taking out these titans could have just been episodes by themselves. Battling against the cart titan battling against the jaw tighten and. That's the thing the way they've sped it up I've enjoyed all the counter attacks. I've enjoyed all the traps. The that people are setting for each other. It has been a bit faster than previous seasons. But i still think it's it's just so well done like this episode. When the titan gave aaron the one two and then he gets his you know he he shows his power to him. And then aaron realizes oh i can use this power against him. It is very fast but it all makes sense. It's all been very clean. It's not jumbled it may be rushed but it's not jumbled on i just wanna mention my favorite scene is when the jaw tightens jumps up. Aaron just punches him in the face. that was hilarious. That was clean punch. dude. I'm putting it up there with When the war hammer tight transforms aaron goes right for the panch transformation that was the definition of no show when he was calling a rag. Doling the Jaw tie in like that. That was also hilarious to that. Shot right where he just behind him with the titans laying on the floor and they just takes him by the head and drag them. Yeah like a rag doll. That is what really stood out to me in this episode. The it just the the way that you can keep action interesting. Always impresses me whether if it's a superhero movie or an anime. Some of the best parts of this anime aren when characters fighting when characters are sitting down and talking but the fighting has been just even to open the season you know. Did i mean. Did you guys like that battle. It's open season one. I mean season for The one where The marlins fought the outside of christie's. Yeah i thought that was good and it really showed that regardless of what happens with aaron. The fall of the titans is inevitable right. Yeah they even cutting noah and it definitely shows that having the titans is actually hurting the marlins more than anything because it's Lead to lack of innovation near you can see what paradise island has done without of times. They've made odium gear. They have the antitank guns. So i mean at a point. Titans going to become nothing. Will the humans make again. Like i said it's such a. There's so many fucking questions as so as to where the story can go that every week. I'm just so excited to watch and just get more information. I'd say for this episode in particular. My biggest question asked to be zeke. Just because that scene where he got picked up by levi was way too fast way too easy. I mean they hype it up in this episode. And we've all been hyping it up in the offseason when zeke and lavar going to meet again face to face and it was very. It was funny when he mentioned sleeve. I see levi's face and he's he's ready to go as well but yeah it was just too easy. Porco just felt way too confident when he saw z. Come he charged them like a dumb ass turns around zeke's already on the ground. Maybe there's children there maybe you know Levi busted open. He dumped him up. You know it's like you is good young. No hard feelings. You would think that there's going to be an exchange of titan power at some point. I mean we've already seen we've already seen. Aaron devour the war hammer titan That was horrific. I also wondered in the back of my head is this to easy. I mean. it wasn't easy. He had to use the mouth of the jaw. Tighten to cracker open. But it's like well. Yeah the legendary war hammer. Titan freaky ass design able to project herself into solid matter and now she's just gone so do titan powers combine because i thought it was just he would take one and then it would swap out the other so like the attack titan has just gone but i guess maybe not maybe like a cool hybrid fusion of it. You will he be able to lake project his body like that because i would probably help him a lot to you know just having to open in the back of you just have a sword right. Yeah you just have a giant fucking titan sword and now does the nate. go to the tilles. Well isn't it. The original like the founder emir. She had all six and it was just like a combination of all the powers right. So i'm guessing it's just like that do you think is that what they're building up to again were aruna possibly just has not all of them but maybe just four or five boylan when he dies with them. Don't they reincarnate another random eldeen till like there's no getting rid of the titans right. Maybe you should kill all the audience you know what maybe the marlene. I need to take a history class in this world. because does that refresh. I did not know if. I'm not mistaken. That's what happened with the founder emir h. She had all six and then she died in an all italian power. Just right yeah. Reincarnated random six however. Many titans are random Defense and that's where they they've been ever since you would think that if anyone's going to find a way to destroy the time power it would be someone like haji you know who had that fascination with the titans realizing what they really were just prisoners. That had being executed. Who knows what kind of breakthrough she's had since this time. Jump also right. Yeah we had a time jump and you know. That's we all thought that that's the route. Game of thrones is gonna go in the end and they contacted that all the magic in the world needs to be destroyed. It's kind of like a nuclear disarmament. Two nations coming together. And saying hey. We're going to get rid of our nukes. Hey we got to get rid of our titan power. I wonder if there's going to be some sort of way where everything kinda gets pinned on erin is not the fault of the lds anymore. We can't keep up this this racism that we've built our society on and we can't keep the citizens of paradise island just locked away from the rest of the world so let's all converge on. Erin i can see that we all take down erin and in the world can finally be at peace and that seems like a role that he would be willing to accept like. Hey aaron you be. The bad guy in the world can be a piece. He'd be like whatever at this point right. Yeah he would take that. And it is heartbreaking man. You know his reasons for fighting have now just kind of disappeared out if he had a good time at the ocean. Well that's that's the thing. The ocean scene is what keeps popping back in my head. That's your ending right. Yeah we're finally free. We get to see the ocean. Oh wait there's a whole nother fucking war that we get to fight that we have to fight. I mean how much time. Aaron have left like three years. Something like that not even about. I think three to six years i think. The zeke only has like two one two two years left though. Says he can reiner both right on their last leg. I feel like you've got to make a lot of assumptions. Based on the time jump. And i think one the assumptions. I'm willing to make that. I think that the people of paradise island might have titan jerem somewhere and they might just inject one of their own to consume. Some titans. potentially yeah. I think so. I mean that's what you need right. I mean if you want someone else to take the power rather than just aaron doing all them you need that serum have somebody else transformed also falco is being errands personal mail man for like weeks so who knows what kind of intel aaron could have been sending out. Yeah right that And that's that's the thing with anime. There's always Something of this lease right whenever the good guys are about to be defeated. There's another plan. And we basically have two sets of protagonist. Now so it's just gonna be back and forth and back and forth. I think of who's who sets the better trap And that just makes for great television right. His aaron going to pull a next thing you're gonna say is he's going to do the joe. Joe showed up randomly one of these battles. They could write it in where he did it to levi levi kills them. Get out of children next thing. You're to say is you're not going to destroy the world are you Do you think there will be another time jump. I don't think so. I think this is it. This is the last stand. I mean maybe like the last episode though time. Jump to like the end of errands life but filling the rest of the season is for the most bargaining take place in this time period. Yeah i wonder how long it will span if it's going to be this the span of a year several months because i mean the way they attack a war it takes a long time. It's like real life. These battles are spaced out. And like we said everyone has to kind of regroup and what's interesting with paradise island is i guess. They have the home of paradise island but now they're on the move. You know where's their home. Base is going back to that island or they shacking up somewhere else And we also have to see what the rest of the world is going to. Do you know how these alliances are drawn. Willie tarver was convinced that the world would come to support him after seeing what aaron did to them. but that's also a wildcard but next episode man. I'm excited for that. How the fuck are they gotta get outta there. What what is a beast. Tightened doing levi. Once again i to leave. I zeke interrogation scene. That would be toe. We're talking about erin. e talk. In the levi. Zeke within also aaron and reiner the rematch of the century here. Yeah yup. I have a feeling that it's probably. They're probably not really gonna fight. Because what can reiner. I mean they probably will no. I think they're going to start fighting. And then reiner's gonna see me casa and he's just gonna shed himself while i wonder if reiner yeah i mean he was having mukasa literally nightmares. I wonder if he gets out of the hero sacrifice. I think for us after spending so many years with this character after seeing what he's gone through justin this season the relationship that he has with these warrior candidates that's such a bittersweet ending for him and i think that he's he's his character arcus kinda deserved it where it's like. I've been fighting my entire life for things that that aren't even true based on lies and propaganda. If i can give my life to save people that i care about then. Maybe there's some good in that and his mind right. It's almost like a like a theon ending right now seriously. I think they're very similar characters de having to live with their sins like that. I never thought of it that way. But i definitely see reiner as a theon for sure polling beyond grows dick back. Sure theon would like that. You guys think he's coming back. When was the last time we saw. He was season. Two right. I thought it was easily captured. And she's just been in like that Frost eggs yeah. I think so. I mean you have to bring a rack right that's That's kinda just checkoffs gun sitting in waiting waiting to do something maybe they have her as a trump card. Maybe they got on her side. I doubt it but hell no then off cookie. Yeah probably not. She beat the shit out of reiner. She was ready to balance. May be it's going to be a double agent you know she's gonna pretend to be on their side and then she'll come back and then just go back. I don't know she'll be like yeah guys. You see that's the i'm so interested in the characters ekman and what's going on in his mind because he seems like he's just hiding something from everyone That's the impression you get from that character. 'cause just comparing his arc so far on season four two runners you've gotten so much insight into rauner yet. What he's thinking his past the reasons why he fought with zeki really having gotten much of that He mentioned his father that it's almost like he's trying to redeem the legacy because his father was a traitor reservationists And you just wonder if it's deeper than that if it's not i think he's a great villain at the very least right even if there isn't something more going on at zeke. Even his presence in this episode is such an asshole. You just want to see people dice. This man up you know. There's something about zeke that he it's it's obvious to see that he really believes that he's right. He doesn't feel any guilt. Like reiner every action. he makes. He's like you poor bastards of paradise island but like you deserve this. You know rea- good point. And i guess that's kind of like the two ways you can go when you live your whole life subjugated as as like a military slave. You either come to regret the decision jamaica. You just fully embrace it. It's almost like who i am. Told us like how. Aaron is right now with all the people of morally. Seems like. They're more similar than aaron. Thanks right yeah. I it just runs in the family. They have some serious motherfuckers that once it starts to go down. It's all business. He's become more jaded than levi. That's hard to do. I wonder if levi gets pissed off. Now it's like you still survives dude. I'm supposed to be the quiet sullen type. This guy's just murder. Jesus now honor farren. Still cleaning levi's quarters. After all this time it's clean freak. I still think we could probably taken though. Well i called levi the goat on my last video and some people there on the side of irwin. Heroines probably a better character Better leader and all that but when it comes down to like fighting i think win touches levi earns a military go leverage as the goat. I definitely agree with that. No one could deliver a better speech the narrowing and that episode where he charged everyone to their deaths. Like i would have been there to like that man. Hypes you up the only better speech. I've seen an enemy is kira in portfolio. Also fun joe fact. The voice actor for commander irwin's also toronto and part three all right guys. Thank you for joining us for this episode of attack on titan season four review for andre the nursery marshmallow. I guess and Manny turtle turtle soup. I am bo oliver signing off Once again thank you guys for listening watching. Leave your comments down below and this was cool out. We can do this as the weeks. Go on come back for for each new episode. An attack on titan is a very popular show of guys. Continue to join us. I hope you to continue to join me. Love to turtle soup coming soon. That's never happened. That's what you think you learn how to get the lawyers ready. What would you look at that. it's finally over. Goswell oliver here for one final sendoff. Now before i beg you guys to share this video. I'd like to thank our very special patriarch pleasures. 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