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It's that time times mocking load. Michael very show is on the air. What's important what i try to do is make clear what's important and what's less important and that is because you have to realize that with a lot of talk shows and a lot of websites and a lot of tv shows and a lot of politicians trying to get attention. There's a lot of outrage screaming howland and everything's important all the time which means nothing important and that is in that environment of noise pollution. You can't focus so you don't see where you should have fought back the hardest k. And that is by designed friends. That is by design. Make no mistake about that so let me try to tell you where i think. Our greatest focus and concern should be right now. May not be the most glamorous. It's not what alexandria ocasio cortez is talking about today or tomorrow. Although it is something that she has talked about in the past but my point is it may not be the biggest headline but here is where you should focus but first some context when obama was elected in the plan was there were two major issues in his first term that he wanted to make great strides on and they were the two issues where democrats and especially liberals progressives had been frustrated for decades and he was going to use all the goodwill first black president Biracial president post partisan president. The only person saying this guy to succeed because his his agenda is far left was rush. Limbaugh i hope he fails and we had half the republicans the brave courageous republicans telling saying that rush limbaugh might have been a good man in the past but his time has passed. The mitt romney's saw the john mccain say no. No obama won. He should get to do what he wants. There were two primary goals and they were going to be rolled out in disorder. One was global warming to healthcare if democrats can get control of the economy using the lever of where we're just we're just saving global warming. Which of course they changed the climate change you. I create the crisis and then that gives you the ability. Do all the things you wanted to do. But you have to create the crisis so the first one was global warming. The second one was healthcare. Everybody's dying all the time. We got to fix this. We gotta fix it fast. The order in which those were going to be rolled out was climate change first and then obamacare but they decided that climate change was going to be a bigger battle then obamacare so they said we'll do healthcare first and then global warming because healthcare won't take much political capital to get done as global warming bus. Because when they can convince you that we're all about to die in a month and because of that they're going to have to shutdown all manufacturing and they'll decide who can manufacturing who can't it's over at that one it's done. There's there's no there'll be no wealth created that they don't control and so there'll be no way to fight back they'll be in charge of every industry. They'll decide what's done so the idea was. We gotta get health care done i because that'll be easier. And then we move to the big one which will be contentious but healthcare turned out to be a lot more contentious than expected and then it was too late to do global warming or he wouldn't get reelected and then in his second term. They lost the house and senate and they lost the ability to to get their agenda accomplished so now twelve years later biden's elected the first thing on the agenda before anyone else before anything else. Climate change so biden says gotta have climate change. We got us solve this immediately before we all die and we're all about two now so that's why climate change has become the big issue so a lot of people have lost their jobs and he's costing more people their jobs. So what does he do. He has to find. Everything is focused on climate change. You don't see it coming yet but it's coming. It's going to be the first big rollout because they gotta do this before. They burn through their capital. So people say well. Yeah but if you start shutting down industries keystone pipeline and all his manufacturing. You get a cost a bunch of people their jobs as orwellian as it gets is to say. Killing jobs is job creation. Here's joe biden. Saying when i think of climate change i think we're going to create jobs when we think of climate change. We think of this case we're conscious inconvenience cross paths where dealing with the sex. The central threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are one and the same. When i think of climate change i think the answers to it. I think of jobs a key plank of our bill back better. Recovery plan is building a modern resilient climate infrastructure and clean energy future that will create millions of good pain. Union jobs not seven eight ten twelve dollars an hour but prevailing wage and benefits. You know we can put millions of americans. The work modernizing our water systems predation our energy infrastructure to withstand the impacts of extreme climate. We've already reached a point where we're going to have to live with what it is. Now that's going to require a lot of work all by itself. Without getting any worse we think of renewable energy. So joe biden announced right off. There are four crises because remember you have to have crises in order to be able to do things that are extra constitutional unconstitutional politically unpopular. But we have to do this because it's a crisis this in just a minor inconvenience it's a crisis right four crises all at once we have the public health crisis as coronas. Everybody knows somebody that got really sick or died. Okay ash crisis do whatever you need to do. Lock down all the businesses who cares if suicides are up drug deaths are up depths of despair up. The economy is in trouble. Small businesses are dead. Lots of people lost their job. Don't worry public health crisis okay. One mask no to masks. No make it three masks okay. Yeah 'cause crisis where all don't crisis then we got the economic crisis that of course was caused by the first one which is why it's interesting. Isn't it that china's economy actually grew last year the virus that they caused tanked our economy and caused their economy grow. Gosh it's almost as it. No no that wouldn't happen. Would it so we got a public health. Crisis got an economic crisis. We gotta racial equity crisis. It's a crisis. Black people are not doing as well as white people and it cannot exist for another day. Because everybody's gonna okay crisis whatever you need to do and finally the fourth now we'll tell you most important crisis global warming. We now call it. Climate change this is what they're going to use to take complete and utter control. Mark my words arish beside me at biden started talking to global warming and the crisis and just like that. The washington post and new york times started running stories. the polar caps are melting. Everything bad is happening. And then chuck schumer said Maybe monday of this week. I want president biden to declare a climate change emergency because that will give me more powers more emergency powers to do what i need to do. See if it's an emergency if it's an emergency well there's all sorts of things are going to have to do that. You can't push back against. I mean listen. We had to lock down your business. And if you didn't want your business lockdown and you want to kill granny if you don't want the government to regulate you into oblivion take all your money. Shutdown manufacturing control the flow of everything. What are you trying to kill us. All they don't wanna to take control of your business they don't wanna have to punish republicans and reward. Democrats give subsidies to their companies. They're staffers who now go into the private sectors that companies that have lobbyists that work for them. They don't wanna have to do that. This is not this is look. This hurts them more than hurts. You can you tell your kids when you were a kid. Mom would say this hurts me more than it hurts you that how about this. How about you instead. And it'll hurt me more than hurt you. Because it's my punishment. Let me do to weapon since it's so yeah they don't want to have to destroy your business to punish you after call you white. Supremacist and and leading insurrection. And driving your guy out of office and and then Impeaching him get any. They don't want to. they have to do it. Save the environment have to so sh- so biden says it creates new jobs. We're going to have green jobs. How come we don't have green jobs now because we'd have but now that we have a biden just like what obama we're gonna have green jobs member celinda and how many remember billions of dollars that were thrown at green energy under obama. All those companies are out of business. Now remember the electric car batteries that they were going to create. You don't need to create a government car battery. Let alone must do it. The private sector is much more efficient well so now climate change. I'm telling you. Climate change is going to be the biggest area and nobody saw this coming. You should but watch me watch what happens. Watch how many stories you're now going to see on the front pages. Watch how many times you're gonna turn on. The tv and climate change is going to be the reason everything has to be done. And you're gonna go. what wait what. Here's another example you're thinking the co vid the virus. i'm scared. How many masks can wear can hide in my bed because they've people that you trust. Keep telling you over again. They get accounted bottom right or they did to abide was president that all these people dying on everybody died of covert everybody nobody dies. Nobody gets the flu remorse. Covert right so you're thinking. This is a significant public health challenge. Nobody in history has ever had to deal with anything so bad. Oh no you have no idea. Covid is a pimple on the butt of climate change. Here's joe biden's national climate adviser gina mccarthy from down behind a double mask. She says climate change is the most significant public health challenge of our time so it is nothing compared to climate change creates both the white house interagency task force to address environmental justice as well as an advisory council it directs the department of health and human services to create an office of climate change in health equity because after all climate changes the most significant public health challenge of time and tasks the department of justice with establishing an office of climate justice. Because we know that communities who are being hurt and we know we have to start enforcing the standards today in ensuring that they are part of the solution in the places that we can invest in fact it commits forty percent of our investment in clean energy towards disadvantaged communities so they can benefit from the new jobs that are available and seed that better. future president biden's order established as a working group on coal and power plant communities. Because we have to make sure that in this transition every agency in government is using every tool at their disposal to drive resources to those communities and it fulfils longstanding to leverage a vast natural resources to contribute to our clean energy future it places a pause and review on new oil and gas leases on federal public lands and waters consistent with a promise. President biden has repeatedly made and has been very clear in the face of efforts to distort his promise and it sets a goal of doubling offshore wind production by twenty thirty in addition he plans to sign a presidential memorandum that aims to restore scientific integrity across the federal government and earn back the public. Trust making a commitment to based solutions on the best available science and data so today is a very big day for science in for our efforts to power our economy with paying union. Jobs coup bono. Who benefits first and foremost chinese. If america not power its own economy using its own natural resources china benefits. China doesn't have the resources that we do. It's one of the great frustrations they have to buy it elsewhere. It's why they've practically colonized africa. It's while they're they're They worked very hard behind the scenes to implement this. You talk about an insurrection. Group the chinese efforts to lobby through the democrats to kill american production including in energy but also in manufacturing because every time they can kill american production. It's to their benefit. We have to rely more on them and the democrats are only too happy to oblige. But how do they do it. How do they keep americans from reacting and saying democrats if you're gonna kill my husband's job if you're gonna kill american energy production if you're gonna make me pay more for gas at the pump when we could've we could've made our own oil and then we wouldn't have to fight these wars in the middle east if you're going to do all that i'm going to vote against you. Democrats are so clever. The media helps them that. The suburban moms who would be most likely to say that are now saying. I don't wanna hurt the environment. You're right you don't wanna hurt the environment. You no no. i guess. I don't know you don't do you want to preserve the environment. Don't you well why i guess i. Do you love your children don't you. Well i i guess i do well. You want to save the environment for your children right. Y- i guess you're right. Will these mean people over here wanna destroy the environment and our planet. Do you want your son to have to die because they killed the planet. No no i don't will. They're polluting the water in the air and the ozone and acid rain and all. These terrible things are happening. And the polar bear cities polar bears and this coca cola commercial. Yeah they're dead now. Those polar bears dodig day after that commercial. They it yeah remember when your kids were little and they would ask you about the polar bears yeah and remember winnie the pooh. Yeah well when he died when he died in a while when he died because the industry that your husband works in polluted the environment and winnie the pooh died. He did that. You want to tell your children that winnie the pooh so. Tell your husband to go file for unemployment. Maybe they'll be a green job. Comes somewhere down. The road with will create green jobs. Why don't we dirty jobs green jobs. Okay we'll have good clean green jobs and they'll pay more money. Yeah yeah and if you like your doctor you can keep your dog. Yeah and if you like your plan you can keep your plan c. altogether now. Let's vote democrat. Keep those dirty. And plus trump was mean tweeting. Plenty i lost my job and we're going to have to wonder why. Enjoy the musical. Stylings of the great billy powell. Seventy two seventy two. He was a rhody for leonard. Skinner greatest rock man of all time. Seventy two there was a break in the action. He started banging on the keys. Running van. zandt said you're not a rodeo anymore. You're our keyboardist from now on. And the were one of the elements in the arrangement that make. The skinner sounds so special. He died on this day in two thousand a heart attack in his orange park. Florida home so naive people will believe exactly what they're told the left will make everything about Change global warming the reason for the pandemic climate change. we've already we've already learned. Racism is bad because of global warming rape and countries where it's bad where they've had problem in villages where they've The world health organization is the saddest because of global warming global warming regulations kill jobs period end of story so the left is going to very aggressively in an orwellian fashion. Simply say that's not true. It creates more jobs but it never does. Here is john kerry making the statement he is. He is joe biden's Ambassador for global warming and national security by the way they have now decided that national security our number one national security challenge is not china or russia. It's global warming see see the patterns. Global warming is how we create more jobs. Global warming is how we deal with sickness. Global warming is how we keep our country safe. What they want is regulation of energy and production. But they can't just say we want to regulate energy production because that sounds socialist even though the socialists in this country are part of their party. Bernie sanders alexandria ocasio. Cortez they now have a larger group of their following who admit to being socialist used to that was a dirty word now. There the proudly admitted. So john kerry is this sort of ambassador at large who goes out and he just takes on big issues remember. This was their presidential candidate. Two thousand four and this was the guy who was running the diplomatic relationship between obama. And the irani's when they cut the iran deal remember. That will now. John carey says that all these workers are getting laid off thousands of them because the keystone pipeline and there are lot. There's apparently between sixty and seventy thousand coming from the energy industry that they'll now have better choices. Getting laid off is good for them. Listen to this. The need to grow the new jobs that pay better cleaner that i mean you look at the consequences of black lung for a minor. For instance measure that against the fastest growing job in the united states before covid was solar power technician. Same people can do those jobs but the choice of doing that solar power one now is a better choice similarly You have the second fastest growing job. Pre-coded was wind turbine technician. This is happening. Seventy five percent seventy percent of all the electricity. That's come online. In the united states in the last few years came from renewables not coal plants have been closing over the last twenty years so what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices that they have alternatives that they could be the people who go to work to make the solar panels that were making them here at home. That is going to be a particular focus of the Build back better agenda. And and i think that that unfortunately workers have been fed a false narrative surprise right the last few years. They've been fed The notion that somehow dealing with climate is coming at their expense. No it's not what's happening to them is happening. Because other market forces already taking place and and what the what. The what the 'financiers The big banks the asset managers private investors venture capital or. All discovering is. There's a lot of money to be made in the creation of these new jobs in these sectors so whether it's green hydrogen. That is going to come whether it is Geothermal he whether whatever it's going to be Those are jobs the same worker who works in south carolina. Today putting together a bmw. Which happens to be made there and and is currently an internal combustion. Engine can put together a car but it's electric so this is not a choice between having jobs having good jobs. Having the quality of life quality of life will be better when gina has put her team together that produces choices for us that are healthier less cancer cleaner air. Well i think. I preferred hillary clinton when she told the coal miners of virginia. At least she was being honest. I'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. Because we're gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business or fleischer said it very well you talk about the republicans increasingly becoming the party of blue collar working americans. That's why the democrats are able to say to you. You're going to lose your job today but just trust us one day months from now years from now somebody else will hire you. We don't know where it obey. What region of the country. But just trust us. And frankly when i hear john kerry talk about this particularly talks about the power glow of wind remember. He is the man who opposed a wind project on the sound nantucket sound because he didn't want to see the view outside his window. So what poxy for him to talk about green energy when he opposed a major wind project off the coast of tuck in these folks are going to destroy a lot of working class jobs and then the romney republicans are gonna go. We should figure out a way to get working class. Americans to vote republican. How do we do it. You kicked the guy out of the party and impeached him. That was able to do it. i can see why you think you belong very interesting phenomenon at play that you are either a part of or you can step back and see it's even bigger than left versus right. The left versus right divide is a horizontal divide. I see this as a vertical divide. It is and it's not just wealthy versus the populist. In a french revolution sort of way it is the insiders and everyone else anthony koto via angelo via wrote a great piece. It was brought to my attention by rush limbaugh several years ago where he divided it into the political class and the country class. This has been going on for a while the idea of the haves and have nots. But don't see that purely as wealth. 'cause you can be a rich. Have not or you can be a at least from a financial perspective. A middle class have it. Is the idea of those who live within the protected class and have protected class conformed ideas and the rest of us who are heathens and now white supremacists and insurrectionists and seditionists. It is the reason that those who went into the capital are said to have violently storm did and murdered half of america and those who are burning down the streets of minneapolis and seattle and portland or peaceful protesters in the summer of love. It's the chosen and the un chosen the favored and the disfavored the firstborn heir to the throne and the red headed stepchild and it is the sense that a lot of people have felt suppressed. Repressed downgraded downtrodden talked poorly of humiliated accused and have had enough. That's what that capital situation was about. That's what the donald trump presidency was about. That's what his election was about. That's what this game stop story is about. That's what the rage against the schools stay. Enclosed is about a story of Out of new jersey new jersey. Teacher's union says schools might not reopen for another year in chicago. Despite the fact that studies in medical journals are showing that it is safe to reopen the schools. The chicago teachers union. Says nope way ain't going back to we wanna go back. Well here's a case out of. I don't know how you pronounce this l. o. You deal in lieu don virginia. This is a father who in about one minute expresses the rage of a pent up people. He wants the school reopened. He's speaking to the school board. Should all be fired for day jobs. Because if you're reporters knew that you are more efficient than dnv you would be replaced in a heartbeat. I literally just finished a conference call. Because i'm having a multitask to be here to address you guys. You're a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools close. You think you're some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you're making when this pistons do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. The garbage workers who pick up my three can trash risk their lives every day. More than anyone in the school system figuring out off the podium. Because you know what the people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat in figure out. It's not a high bar raise a more. I'm gonna give staff and offer to make sure that Podium microphone of thin. Your time is finished. Can you please leave. i'll be back on. Can i ask deputy to please make sure the gentleman leaves the boardroom vote. We have watched people from all walks of life storm the united states capitol now. It wasn't a violent revolution. It wasn't insurrection. There was a frustrated people wanting to make a statement we have watched them since then be kicked off twitter and facebook. They build networks of friends and family colleagues and fellow travelers silenced by the left using a platform that they in good faith had participated in. We have watched people be fired from their job. We have watched police officers doing their be fired because the saint george floyd politicians want them removed. We have watched small business owners have their businesses burned to the ground by people. Who we're told are mostly peaceful. We have watched parts of major cities be taken over by those who murder and then won't even let the ambulances come in to save those who've been murdered. We've had that called the summer of love. We have watched ted cruz and his watch. His wife be harassed at restaurants. We've watched rand. paul be punched in the side by his liberal neighbor who punctured. We have watched those who were leaving the white house be harassed spat upon we have watched people stopped by crowds of leftists dragged from their cars cops beaten and killed even on video while we're told were terrible people. We've been called white supremacist. We have watched. Our schools have been closed. We have watched as our people have committed. Suicide deaths of despair over the lockdowns. We have watched small business owners beg and plead to reopen their business. Because they're going bankrupt and they're losing. There is anger afoot. We are living in fascinating times and now we have watched as a group of people on the internet have brought a multi billion dollar hedge fund to. It's knees because people are sick and tired of people manipulating the system against what is perceived to be the rest of us wherever you come out on the game stop story. Don't miss the part of the story where individuals acted against a powerful institution. I think we're going to see this over over again and as you close off social media and areas where people could vent. You're not gonna stop people from being angry. You're going to force them to take alternate measures. That doesn't end well. it's that time time. Lock load the michael berry. Show is on the air out there. That i have had the opportunity to have a conversation on air. I don't wanna stay interview. Because i'd rather be a discussion a conversation even though i do learn things. Ask them questions that i have on the air and what i really think to myself is what i'd rather do is film our record. An entire dinner have a couple of glasses of wine and get them to open up about their fascinating history in. This is one of those. I could spend an entire segment giving you. Kt mcfarland's background Including the fact that she worked in the nixon and reagan and trump administration's and she worked with henry kissinger and all sorts of amazing things. But i won't do that. I'll let you do that on your own tom. She is former trump. Deputy national security adviser a favorite of donald trump and. She wrote a book a year ago. Called revolution trump washington. And we the people. But the reason we're having our on is an article that appeared in the financial times regarding america's policies china Kt mcfarland is our guest. And katie let me start by asking. How concerned are you. That biden pivots or doesn't complete turnaround and changes america's policies with china. Because i liked what you and trump were doing there. Well first of all this introduction action so anytime you want to call even with or without a glass of wine. He's just go right ahead. But secondly Yeah president trump reversed american foreign policy. That have really happened. The i'd say since two thousand and his conclusion my conclusion was that the united states The foreign policy community republicans and democrats had assumed that if we were good to china. If we help china modernize help their economy that they would be They would modernize they would open the society. They would open their economy and they would be good. Trading partners of ours and we would not be confrontational. We would not do it competitive. But not at each other's throats and essentially china would be like germany was after world war two like japan. Wish that if we help them develop they would in turn Make much more peaceful world and we would be fair traitors. But that's not what happened. The chinese have sat out to replace. The united states is the dominant world power. It'd be making no bones about it. They used to be of quiet about it but now they're coming right out and talking about it. They have every chance of replacing the united states as the dominant willpower technologically militarily. They initially planned to do it by mid century but they've up their time line between the covert Recession that was the and frankly the election. Joe buddies always been very soft on china. They don't think they're going to get there within the decade and so i'm very concerned and President trump is the first republican or democrat to stand up to the chinese. Say we just want a fair trading field here you know we invest in your country. You invest in our country. Don't steal our intellectual property. You don't discriminate against american businesses. Well let's just play fair. And we'll both prosper. But that's not what the chinese wanted and the worry is now that joe biden Even though we started talking on china michael. He's you know he. He and his advisors are talking. But if you look at what they've done just in the last week saw very concilium inca cap china china. I read a report yesterday. And i don't remember who it was but it was a reputable source that said that hunter biden still has according to business records. A ten percent interest in a chinese company that does have ties to the c. p. How concerning should that be for people how you've spent a lot of time in that community. How odd is that. Not only wrong. But what was it. Felt if they kept it hidden for so on and what was his father's relationship and remember. Joe biden has always been very soft in china and even have to say well why even other leaders have been coming around. The last few was just say well. China actually is trying to eat our lunch and joe biden even during the campaign and said hey come on match. I was a fan or trying to eat our lunch. They're good guys and you have to say well. Why is this willful implying. A here part. What's going on. yeah. Joe biden does financial relationship with not just one but several chinese companies tied to the energy community particularly and he was selling access he was pretty open about it and the chinese pretty open about the fact that they intended to buy access. Even joe biden was vice president and particularly after He left in the trump administration came in. And i don't believe those tie ship shepherd or if they have severed nobody's talked about having them severed katie macfarlane is our guest. The book is revolution trump washington. And we the people great story. She told me off air that when it came out president trump suggested to his children that they read it and they said we already have. Don't worry about that and we love it. I love that story. But when you look at chinese influence in the united states one of the things we've done for decades is we've used our universities as outsourced research centers and and there are a lot of reasons behind that but the the chinese of seen that and they have infiltrated you see these stories so spies over and over and over again at our top universities Stealing our intellectual property. How bad is that problem. How widespread is that problem. Estimates are that it's half a trillion dollars of us intellectual property a year now intellectual. Property means you know. The designs of a let's say an iphone or designs of microprocessor. It's something that american has developed at our expense. And then the chinese the click of a mouse or with a spy operation has stolen it and a half a trillion dollars a year and estimates are. But it's probably four to five thousand dollars per family in the united states that we're losing out on that we're either pay more for our products on subsidies to chinese. So that's that's real money. The other thing. Though that i think is upsetting. Is that their goal. So their goals china has said look. We tend technologies of the future Artificial intelligence particularly but robotic semiconductors. We plan to beg borrow steal. Or however we have to acquire and be the dominant power in the ten technologies of fisher. And then we'll decide what happens. Everybody else Even if the internet infrastructure but you should have five g. i'm sure people heard about the five g internet infrastructure of a future. You know we think out crisis terrific. I'm gonna download my neck netflix's movies even faster. But that's not really what it is. It's the that the chinese because they intend to build it. Not the americans not any europeans. But the chinese intend to build it with a chinese company and then they will be able to have access to all communications everywhere every text message every cell phone conversation that they can be listening to because they will have the infrastructure that they've built and the different is hard to sort of wrap your head around it because it's such a big threat but in the united states we have a very different You know we separate our government from our private sector and particularly in the technology sector which is famous for being very libertarian. And go there way. The chinese have just the opposite. The chinese have a law. Their national security law says that if the chinese communist party the chinese military the chinese intelligence station she comes to you and says you to turn over your data or we wanna be able to snoop around on what you're doing. We wanna be in your system. The chinese have to do it is so law saying even though there are you know they've been masquerading independent chinese companies. There's nothing independent about them. So when the chinese bill the internet infrastructure of the future they will dominate all communications of the world. They will decide if we go dark or we. Don't you worked in the nixon white house in the ford white house in the reagan white house. The trump white house assess based on your personal experience. What will if history were accurate. What would it say of. Donald trump in relation to those other presidents. We have to go to break. You can go to the podcast to hear her answer. You're going to like it all south. What there are a couple of places that i found increasingly over the last year that we find our best guests places that are doing really really good work. You probably know about hillsdale. Because they've partnered with conservative talk and and they're doing a lot of good work especially educating people that are getting a little older outside college age and and wanting to think about the constitution what it means and you know that we do a e r the other day we had teri macdonald from the f. e. e. there several of these organizations that are doing great work putting out good content as almost kind of continuing education for good civics and one of them that keeps coming up. Is the claremont institute. Our guest is matt peterson. His vp of education at the claremont institute founding editor of the american mind matt. If you would and you may have done this last time you were here for people who don't know what the claremont institute is. It keeps coming up as a source of good articles in good. Guess what is it. Well thank you for saying that. We are a forty year old think tank. That has a little different than others because it was never really involved in policy. It was always about promoting the principles of the american founding in contemporary life. So from the very beginning some of the best scholars on the american founding were associated with the claremont institute You know a lot of your listeners will know about the progressives and the progressive movement. That was something the right really. Didn't talk about until there was real scholarship about the history of america and what had happened so defining the ideas of the american right with something that claremont is was from the very beginning. In fact larry arnn of hillsdale was president of the claremont institute at one point He's also a claremont graduate student. Like many of us are Who studied political philosophy and american government. Program it doesn't exist anymore but used to exist and was one of the few in the country that actually Actually did that. I think well and right but what we do now. Is we publish. We teach and relitigate so we publish the claremont review of books and the american mind which i started two years ago. And we We litigated cases in the supreme court. Janis men Has been at that for a while and we also teach so we bring together networks of the best young professionals and young leaders in the country and our fellowship programs and we bring scholars from all over the country people in politics from all over the country Together to teach and networked together and move things in the direction that we think. We need to go. Would you ever believe that you could make a living doing something so fun. It's it's unbelievable. I- i- i remind myself Frequently is at its. It's almost ridiculous at to get to get paid. I've done a lot of other things In my life and To be doing this is a great challenge. Actually because the tap task forces very serious but it is It is an amazing privilege to be paid to do it. Matt peterson is our guest. The article that caught our attention appears in the aforementioned of the american mind. A house dividing question bringing what is said in private into the open. What what is the reason you wrote this well for a long time. Now i've i've noticed As i'm sure many many of you have I've noticed that there's a two track conversation going on in america and You know usually when people talk about this. They'll say well it's deplorable people on the other half the other half of the country and you know they might talk about this but we wouldn't you know good good. Elite people wouldn't talk about this. What is this divided. The country is in public. We talk about division and You know all the rancor and we fight and all that but then in private people talk about well what's to be done about it. How bad is it really. And what will it lead to. And what i noticed it was that many working professionals on the right people who were very smart you know very well paid Living in a different sectors of the american economy and tech and finance in you know big blue cities. I in fancy america. We're having very dark thoughts about where things are going and they this. This happens repeatedly. Meet someone and finance and say well. I don't know. I'm a little skeptical. The over financialisation of the economy. And i think it just seems like this could blow up in some way but you know what do i know i right about that. And they'll just look at me and say oh. Yeah i talk about that all the time. It could all blow up. You know you start to hear these kind of sentiments from people who are very accomplished to know things. Because they're doing things they're not you know. These aren't these aren't pontificators writing in in the papers. These people who are out there. And i think there's a lot of savvy folks who are thinking. This country is deeply divided. And it's not headed in the right direction and at the more. Let's say normal local level You find a lot of people out in the country for whom right now saying. Oh yeah. there's probably going to be a civil war is a nonchalant statement. They'll just say that out loud at the bar and you know made a joke ten years ago but now it's it's maybe not a joke and this is you know i know people thinking about leaving the country on the right i mean so so this is this is a serious discussion and i think we publish this above all i because i don't like the idea of us talking about something in private about how well this is really serious. What's going to happen in the country will break up and then having a public conversation. That's kinda pretending. Everything's a little better than it. Is you know outside the political structure more sort of cultural and obviously on a base level financial. What's happening with the game. Stock game stop and amc and bed. Bath and beyond and melvin capital. All that i see a lago trends. I see a very aggressive lurch toward a strong populism that for years saw on the left and now we're seeing on the right and it's very interesting times where there is sort of an anti establishment since among everyone and there is this idea. It's very french revolution in many ways that there. Is this idea that people have been repressing thing you can do. This is what the line of of the title bringing what is said in private into the open. you know. I feel that this desire to sort of suppressant sensor speech thought and commentary on the basis that it is nazi or fascist or white supremacist. I think it ends very badly. I think it is very very badly because people who can't get their voice out they find other ways and and those aren't always as harmless as just posting on social media pages. Absolutely i mean absolutely and and this is. This is the problem right now. The entire dynamic in the country is You know we won. we Kind of the responsible people who are in charge one and everything's fine. Everything's going to go back to normal. And trump is really the problem right and we are just to make sure that everything goes back to normal and we're going to force you to acknowledge that everything's going back to normal dammit and here. They are in a Militarize capital with no citizens at an inauguration. And you know. I was sitting there watching that and it very much related to these articles. We published the separation Because i thought to myself the imagery forget about what were you think about the politicians. Just the imagery is. This is one political class alone. Surrounded by soldiers celebrating the triumph of democracy on inauguration day and the image you have is. You're not there. It's you against them. And this is very dangerous for any regime wants you. This is in fact why the left promotes all the stuff. This is why they need to divide by race because the terrifying idea is that. If really the many i mean all all the people the majority of people ganged up against the rich mean. That's a that's a tough dynamic. In in in many societies without a middle class that leads to radical instability. This interview is posted on our podcast. Wherever you get your podcast and yes we do keep talking and you can hear all of it there. Tom lost to see. You wanna stop so thank you. Ma'am lot of people. What happened in the game. Stop case and one person posted a pretty good explanation. I'm not sure who posted it because it was sent by a friend. But i'm going to read it to you and try to simplify it. Here's what he said. I know at least one of my followers doesn't quite understand what's happening in the stock market right now. And that's enough to motivate me to explain because this is somewhat of a turning point in world history. And he's right. I you need to understand what a short is in trading. A short is when you borrow a stop from a broker and sell it immediately at its current price. Then you hope. The stock's price falls such that you can buy the stock back at a lower price and return the shares. You borrowed back to your broker but you keep the difference example. Let's say i want to short. Xyz or game stop which has a current price of ten dollars. I borrow one share. And i sell it immediately at ten dollars. I have ten dollars now. But i oh my broker the one share i borrowed. Let's say the price of xyz drops to seven dollars now decide to cover which means by back my short position and i buy one share at seven dollars and return the borrowed share to my broker. I made ten dollars when i sold. And i only had to pay seven to buy it back lower so my profit is the three dollars difference. But now let's say that instead of the xyz price dropping to seven dollars it goes up to fifteen dollars. I still need to return. The one borrowed share to my broker. Except now it's going to cost me a lot more to buy it back. If i buy it back at fifteen. So i can return. The borrowed shares. My losses will be the five dollar difference between selling at ten and re buying it fifteen. Since the price can rise indefinitely by potential losses as a short seller are unlimited. At some point. I have to buy it back to return the shares. I borrowed the more the prices rise the bigger my losses now for game. Stop a few weeks ago. A person read it which is actually wall street bets. Which is the reddit group. It's online group. Noticed that a hedge fund had taken a massive amount of short trades against game. Stop in other words. They were betting that the price would drop. They convinced everyone on the thread to join forces and by as much game. Stop stock as possible. This made the price rise and the hedge funds short position started to lose billions their losses even surpassed the thirteen point one billion dollars that the hedge fund was worth eventually. The hedge fund had to close their short positions and by all the game stop stock back at much much. Higher prices sending the price even higher. Still this is called a short squeeze now. Hedge fund is declaring bankruptcy and the reddit. Thread is combing through other hedge funds with massive short exposure. So they can short squeeze them into bankruptcy as well. All of wall street is saying that the public joining together in this fashion should be illegal but really they just lost at their own game to the masses. This is the equivalent of the trump political phenomenon. This is the equivalent to the lockdown protests in the netherlands over the last few days this is the equivalent to brexit where the british people said. We're tired of being governed from paris and berlin. we want our own policies local town. This is the equivalent of the texas nationalist movement. It's the equivalent of california nationalist movement to get out of those states. This is the equivalent to the tea party in two thousand ten. They're is brewing a populist sentiment across many platforms across many institutions. You're seeing it with universities. You're seeing folks beginning to realize the ivy league exclusive universities and their incredible cost are the the playground of the rich celebrities. That's how they pay her the guy who gets them into the schools that their kid had no business being in. You're seeing that. Those universities are about a social network of people who all go to the right schools. Who all go to the right universities. Who all vacation in the right place. They hire each other's kids. They invest in each other's companies. They gathered together and hold fundraisers in their living rooms for the obamas in clinton's and biden's they don't want anyone else storming the gates. They live in fear that the security guard or the gardner is going to figure out. What the hell's going on and that the game is rigged. They stopped trading on game. Stop stop and others on a site called robin hood that fashioned itself power to the people anyone can trade stop. Ted cruz posted a post earlier today. Pointing out. This was a site that used to brag that anyone should be able to train but the moment a lot of anyone's started acting together to punish the big boys completely within the rules. The big boys start calling their politicians and their media members they start calling their cnbc's and there are senators and they start saying close it down pull up. The moat put the archers on the walls. The people are coming for our heads. This is happening in a lot of different areas. There's a lot of nervousness in the salons of georgetown and paris and san francisco and new york. The commoners are getting restless. The commoners are storming the gates. We've got to stop the michael berry. Show please clap. Police squad do have more dollars. Listen to the michael berry. Show fan versus the greatest. We take to go like no one. We're on the ground and then you get talking through my childhood hero. Was dan passerini. Lucky i feel have his come to be one of my dearest friends as an. How often does that happen. I can't. I can't text message. Davy crockett and go. Hey you wearing that hat today. I can't ask robert e lee. How running at universities going for him. I can't can't reach out to well. I guess could reach out to roy. Campbell have had a chance to meet him. But some of those folks. You don't get that chance. I feel very lucky but he told me this morning. He said it was fifty years ago today that the houston oilers drafted me and the nineteen seventy-one draft the draft known as the year of the draft. Jim plunkett was drafted number. One sorry you dot year. The drought year of the quarterback. Jim plunkett was number one archie. Manning was number. Two lynn dickey. Who ended up. Being the quarterback of the green bay packers was also in that damn passerini was number three. So you got plunkett. Archie manning and damn pastor any one two three three quarterbacks in a row what a drop plunkett of course would end up being the quarterback of the raiders. Interesting story when when the raiders won that goal in what eighty or eighty one. Passerini was a starting quarterback having been traded. Straight up between the oilers and the raiders but passerini his Thile was broken. In the middle of the season. Plunkett came off the bench. They went to the wildcard ended up going to the super bowl and winning it over the philadelphia eagles but anyway great memory for a lot of folks in houston and a lot of sports fans. And i thought. I'd share that fifty years ago today as i said on the show this morning. These are tough times. We're living in a lot of folks who are having these deaths of despair. Worry me. i think you've gotta find some happiness where you can for me. That's friendships memories. Food friendships faith. A mentioned friendships twice. Partly because i'd forgotten and partly because it's important memories important that we remember military guys will tell you. Never forget those who fallen. Because that's how you honor them. It was thirty five years ago today that the challenger exploded in. I remember it like it was yesterday. And i liked to close the show by remembering that very special moment those very special people and that time in american history and that great man who was the president at the time september twenty eighth nineteen eighty six thirty five years ago today. We'll just go through some of the audio and let you remember this memory. It being space city many of you were there on the ground. Many of you are family members of them. And i think the greatest tribute we can give is to remember now. And you're going through a here looking very carefully situation malfunction. We have a report from the flight dynamics officer that vehicle has exploded. Flight director confirms that we are looking at Checking with the recovery forces to see what can be done at this point. This is mission control. Houston we have no additional word at this time. Today is a day for morning. And remembering nancy and i are paying to the core of the tragedy of the shuttle challenge. We know we share this pain with all of the people by country. This is truly a national loss. Nineteen years ago almost to the day we lost three astronauts and a terrible accident on the ground. But we've never lost an astronaut in flight. We've never had a tragedy like this and perhaps we've forgotten the courage it took for the crew of the shot but they the challenger seven were aware of the dangerous but overcame and did their jobs brilliantly. We mourn seven heroes. Michael smith dick's. Kobe ronald mcnair ellison owner zucca gregory jarvis and christa mcauliffe. We mourn their loss as a nation together the families of the seven. We cannot bear as you do the full impact of this tragedy but we feel a loss. We're thinking about you so very much. You loved. Ones were daring and brave. They had that special grace that special speaker at the says. Give me a challenge. And i'll need it with joy. They had a hunger to explore the universe and discover truths. They wish to serve and they did. They served all of us. We've grown used to wonders in this century. It's hard to dazzles but for twenty five years. The united states space program has been doing just that the crew of the space shuttle challenger honored as for the manner in which they live their lives. We will never forget them nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds detach the face of god you know when the shadow launched and the challenge exploit it was almost looking straight up that but because we had viewed the the launch in nineteen eighty-five his first mission. We knew something went wrong immediately. Unfortunately after the accident when we view the launch You can see are fleeing coming out at a rocket booster from the leak on a rocket booster who just shooting on the main fuel tank. What made it explode. He left us doing what they wanted to do. He went into the program with his eyes wide. Open it's something that the family respected and we accepted. Those are a special breed. People astronauts amazing combination of science and athleticism pure brilliance commitment but also explorers fearless. One of my highlights of the last year was getting to have the conversation with commander jim lovell from the apollo ruth rights. I'm twenty years older noon. The january nasa event that's burned in my memory is the burning of the apollo capsule. That killed gus grissom ed. White and roger chaffee january sixty seven. Some powerful memories bump philip stamp passerini challenger signs along the highway. Just take a moment every so often when it seems like the news of the day is getting you down. Close your eyes unless you're driving and transport yourself back to something that makes you happen. Maybe it's somebody that you thought was great may be. It was a moment. Maybe it was a sign or a meal or a person. That's how we get through tough times.

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