It's Merriam Webster of the day for September. Today's word is impregnable. Spelled I.. M. P. R. E. G. N. A. B. L. E. Impregnable is an adjective. That means incapable of being taken by assault a synonym of the word unconquerable. It can also mean unassailable or impenetrable. Here's the word used in a sentence from Dracula by Bram Stoker. The castle was built on the corner of a great rock so that on three sides, it was quite impregnable. The word impregnable is one of many in English that bear a French ancestry. Thanks to the Norman Conquest of England in ten, sixty six, it derives from the Middle French verb Ponta, which means to take or capture combining pov with various prefixes has given our language many other words to including surprise retirees and enterprise. Remarkably impregnable has a different from the similar looking word pregnant that word comes from a different. Latin. Word progress meaning carrying a fetus with your word of the day. I'm Peter Sokolski. Visit Merriam. Webster, DOT com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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