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The allies. Welcome to first-class fatherhood. Welcome everybody. Episode ninety seven of the podcast happy as always the be here with you. Thank you for stopping by. And this is your first time listening to the podcast pleased get over there and bang net. Subscribe button, you do not wanna miss all the action. It's coming you away right here on first-class. Fatherhood. Okay, dads. I have an awesome guest lined up for you on today's podcast first-class. Father and successful entrepreneur David Meltzer will be here with me in just a minute. And believe me, he has got some incredible advice that all dads can use. So please stick around for the interview yesterday was election day, but at the time of this recording. I do not have the results of the Michigan Senate race. But I can definitely tell you that my interview with I last father, John James has been crushing the downloads. And if you missed our conversation episode ninety six I highly recommend you take a minute to go back one episode and take a listen, no matter what side of the aisle, you're on. I really don't believe there is any scenario in which stronger family values or a promotion of family. Life is a bad thing. Our children need us, and we need to lead them. And we need to do it with our. Actions. And not our words, I would love to see the results of Hollywood decided just for one year that every movie they made they would ban gun violence and promote family values. What effect might that have on our culture? I would love to see the Hollywood elite stand up and say, no more will we promote gun violence. We say, no, we are no longer going to profit from promoting gun violence. How might that change the society? But when I say things like that that typical responses movies can't make anybody shoot someone or movies or just entertainment, and they don't influence violence in any way, and I strongly disagree with that. Because I know many people have been inspired by movies, like say rocky to become a boxer. I've heard of veterans who have joined the military because of movies like Black Hawk Down. I'm not against movies. But I don't think you can have it both ways you can't provide so much negative content. And then be alarmed or surprised when there are negative results in the society, in my opinion, movies media video games. These are all huge megaphones to transmit a message to a large audience of our kids. And I just think we could be making far. Better usage of those tools to instill a greater message of faith Volve and family. All right enough about that for right now on the other side of the spot is a man who had it all lost it and found his way back on top by helping other people David Meltzer will be here with me right after the spot on Alec lace. And you're listening to first class fatherhood. Veterans for child rescue veterans for child. Rescue is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist law enforcement to eliminate domestic minor sex trafficking. Their strategy involves educating the public raising awareness through media training, law enforcement and empowering our children. Find out how you can join the fight to end child. Sex trafficking today by visiting vets for child rescue dot org. Welcome back the first-class fatherhood. Joining me now is a first class father. He is the co founder and CEO of sports marketing and sports one media house. He is a two-time bestselling author any Forbes top ten keynote speaker he is the executive producer and host of entrepreneurs original show elevator pitch. He was awarded the Ellis Island medal of honor and was variety magazine's sports Umana -tarian of the year. He is known as the CEO who travels the world helping people it is a privilege for me to say David Meltzer. Welcome to I last fatherhood. Yeah. No problem. Anyone that calls me with this topic? I'm in. Okay, david. Let's get this started here. How many kids do you have? And how old are they? I have four kids three girls nineteen seventeen and fourteen and a little boy. Eight years old. Wow. Okay. Cool. You have the opposite of me. I have four kids as well. But we had our three boys. First. And then we were blessed with our little Princess on the fourth dry, so pretty cool for both let all right, what type of sports or activities are they into. You know, the girls are mostly into gymnastics and cheerleading for sports and the eight year old son for sports. He's a baseball football golf basketball, ours favorites, and of course, east sports, which I always let him play with the sundown. So he's he's out on the streets until the lights go on. And then he's in the house and usually developing as Eastport championship skills. Yeah. And the girls in high school has the oldest is in college in a lot of students government in philanthropy, all the older girls are appalled with as. Well. Okay. Now, have you ever had the opportunity to coach them at all? Or do you more shoot them on from the sideline? I pick my moments. I coached for all of them at one point or another. In fact, my youngest asked me the coach, and I made I travel a lot and I made a commitment and always said that that season that I coached his base. Ball team in promise. I wouldn't miss probably cost me, you know, six figures and income taking private planes and other things if commitments lost speaking engagements and other things because I made that commitment. In fact, I did not miss one practice or game other than I had to speak to other children, which I thought would be an important lesson to him. So I told him when I missed it was a Saturday. I said that if it was okay with him. Although I promise to make every game into coach that I was going to help other children, and it was okay with him. I was going to miss a game to help other children and graciously allowed me in this one game. That's easy. Awesome. Okay. David, please take them into here to hit my listeners with a little bit about your background. And what it is that you do. Yeah. Yeah. Just a quick background. You know, grew up wanting to be rich. And I know that's kind of odd place to start is because I had no father. I had a single mom. My dad had left six kids five of one girl. And I went through a process of wanting to be professional football player realizing in college that that wasn't going to happen. And then wanting to be a doctor rather was a doctor realizing, I hated hospitals, and I needed to be more interested in interesting. So my mom had a philosophy doctor lawyer failure. So I went to law school and had two job offers at a law school wanted to sell legal research online, and the other TV oil and gas litigator both high paying jobs, so I could buy my mom a house in a car, which was the real purpose of being Ranchi wasn't for myself. It was the only time I wasn't happy was minimum read about money not having enough of it. So I asked my mom for advice. And she told me the internet was going to be a fad, and it was the first. Time that I realized that just cause some loves me doesn't mean they give me good advice. And I went against her vice and got involved in technology after the bar and passed the bar, by the way, but never practiced law. I sold legal research. Online was a millionaire nine months out of law school and bought. My mama house in car paid off my loans and developed a career and technology going up to the Silicon Valley raising hundred and sixty nine million dollars in a wireless proxy server company 'cause every path which then evolved into being the CEO of the PCP phone the world's first smartphone manufactured by him. So retired in my thirties became a investor in real estate developer. And that's when my son started I three daughters at the time and like beautiful wife, but I was emptied unhappy around myself with the wrong people the wrong ideas, which leads you me moving everything over a hundred million dollars on. Paper in property, and I at that time was the CEO of Lee Steinberg sports entertainment, those notable sports agency in the world. So to go over and tell Lee that his Midas EEO had lost everything. But even moreover had to go over to my mom's house and tell her that had lost everything, including her house was a catalyst for me to live my life of service and to be of value to everyone, and so they shifted the paradigm value. My life left Lee Steinberg and started marketing company sports marketing company, Warren, Moon, the hall of fame quarterback based off is making a lot of money to help a lot of people have a lot of fun and over the past decade have not only built that brand to one of the most prestigious sports marketing companies in the world, but also built my own brand a TV show that does very well club elevator pitched with meta the top five podcast called the playbook as well. As being a motivational speaker, author influenced her in this new thing called social media. Oh, that's where I stand today. Yeah. Wow. What an amazing story, David. And and it's funny to hear you say that you became a millionaire nine months out of law school, and and it still didn't fulfil you. I seem to read a lot of those stories about people who make it rich or wealthy very early on. And it doesn't bring them that sustained happiness until they eventually turn that mindset around and start providing his service to make other people happy, then it seems to bring genuine happiness and peace to their lives. Yeah. Prop profitability without passenger purposes. An empty feeling I see through athletes entertainers multimillionaires, so many empty people, and I tried to tell them to shift the paradigm value. I have a saying, you know, we all should be appreciated and appreciation has two sides to one is gratitude that we should be grateful for everything we have in fact, if you want to change your life. It's simple just say, thank you before you go to bed when you wake up and your whole life will change if you do it every day, but the second part of appreciation is to add value. So I believe that you know. Most people don't have any problem with giving and being grateful. They really have a problem about receivership. They don't understand that. You can't even know what you haven't given it away. And so our purpose of passage should be to take what we receive add value to it and give it away, and that's really the passion and purpose than I have. And I've been able to recoup all my own personal wealth. But even more importantly, I've been able to raise millions and millions of dollars in impacting change, so many different lives for so many different causes. In fact, our business one tonight is based off of you will not do business with anyone that doesn't have a charitable purpose or causes taxes. Wow. Yeah. Well, said tell me David how has fatherhood kind of changed your perspective on life. You know? It's absolutely. The most perspective changing thing of all time in my life, and it constantly changes number one radical humility is one of the most important characteristics that you need to have in order to be filled in passionate, and purposeful and even profitable. And I did have that radical humility in learn those lessons until I learned to put someone in front of me. And as you know, being a father is the most important job to empower others empower others to be happy. The most direct relative impact, we can have is through our children, and you know, the most important role that I have is to be a father in a change all my priorities, including even recently shifting my priority. Has it bother understanding that I needed to take better care of myself? I think a lot of fathers that put their children. I I. I don't think that's really the way that I that I paired anymore that I wanna make sure that for example, healthy. So I put my health before I put my family, then I put my family, then put my job I used to put my family first, then my job, and then my health, and then I started realizing what goods job or my family, if I'm not around, and so all the different decisions that I make are based off of the fact that I'm author, and it's the most important job that I have. So all my personal values are directly affected by the fact that I'm father all my experiential values are directly affected because I'm a father all my giving values are all affected because I'm a father and all my receiving values are affected because I'm a father and understanding that my purpose is to empower these young people that I've given life or help to give life to and continue to maintain that to power other people to be happy to make impactful change and to live purposeful. And passionate existence to enjoy the consistent everyday persistent without quit pursuit of their potential. Yeah. One of the main reasons that I'm even doing this podcast here is because I hear far too many young men have such a negative outlook on fatherhood and family life. And I was very happy that there was some type of platform like this to get the message out there that fatherhood will change your life. Yes. But in a much more positive way, if you will only just give it a chance and embrace it. Absolutely. I think one of the most difficult things to do to explain to someone what it's like three married. What it's like to be a parent. And unfortunately, it's like trying to explain someone what it's like to get old you could tell them. But until they experience it they cannot understand how unbelievable it is. And what's happening is just like any other thing that we Mark. It is the profile, and the brand is not a quivalent to what the experiences, and therefore, you know, we have this negative portrayal or a negative perspective towards what is the most fulfilling and purposeful and wonderful thing in everyone's life. And you the best thing to do is go and see, you know. I I ask everyone in my podcast. What legacy? Do you wanna leave? These are the most extraordinary human beings. They are right. We have great people from you know, athletes celebrities entertainers. To, you know, see ios of Starbucks. You know, unbelievable people on the podcast that have extrordinary live with so much success. And I asked him what legacy that they wanna leave and it always reverts back to their family. It always reverts back to their kids. That's the legacy me. They wanna leave Barron. Davis. The other day the basketball player was the name on his back. Right. The the only thing he feels that he can leave his children as and that he needs to make sure that he gives that name in his proper stature in in place. So that his children can improve upon that name. I think we need to focus and encourage people to understand not how hard it is to be apparent, but how we're warning purposeful and pass it being apparent is. And how it leads to so many other great things when you put faith in the most important things the most important things come to you. Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more David and going back the way you said a little bit earlier there about being thankful for what we have in life today. Right now, we're seeing a culture that is more of a me me me metality. So how can we kinda turn around that philosophy? Give our kids more of that attitude of gratitude, you I think kids don't listen. And I know that in you know, that from having four kids yourself, it's what what they see. Right. And so I think it's really important to tell people the story, it's to have podcast like this where you have Fenwick organic credible people that, you know, authentically tell people in an interview or they show people from you when they win their awards. You know, the first people they think is their family or when they you know score a touchdown. The first person they mentioned are their kids or whatever it may be we need to show we need to capture amplifying perpetuate the love in unconditional love that we have for our children and how it in. Hance his our lives utilizing, you know, things in person on the phone via Email, and of course, media whether it's Bill should media TV radio print. It doesn't matter. We need to have the proper representation organically that will lead to a surge of this new wave of understanding what's most important in life. And what gives us the most fulfillment in life. So you're doing a great need and the impact that you're having my sharing the message organically authentically. Thank you. Yeah. And I I love the opportunity to be able to talk about family, and I think family values really need to take center stage again in this country. I think all the problems that we're having and all the finger pointing that we're seeing I think that if we trace it back to the root of the problems that we're having it usually revolves around a breakdown somewhere in the family unit, and it just produces devastating results in our society. Yeah. In our systems aren't built with the long jeopardy of the family unit. Right. We have all these different things that are in the way, and what we need to do. I was. Oh ground. If you want to change, you know, the economic stature of the family unit. Why don't we require everyone that has a child to put the five hundred dollars or have a government supplement of five hundred dollars to put a compound interest to count when someone's born? We'll have no problems with the economics of college or houses or first jobs or entrepreneurs ship just because of the exponential growth of those type of understanding compound interest in financial literacy by empowering children immediately with a simple five hundred dollar account that has compound interest. You know, these are just basic little things that people don't think about that could change the entire, you know, the entire landscape of the family unit. Yeah. And I think one thing for sure is that it's the best time in history to become an entrepreneur and to break away from conforming to the same old blueprint. I wished it would be some type of entrepreneur class in high school. Do you think we're ever going to see something like that in highschool where maybe there's some type of entrepreneur class or how to accumulate wealth glass, you will been working. Really hard as chancellor of junior team university to put different curriculum into schools on financial literacy, and there's a ton of big financial houses in sponsors that are helping to fund programs, and I do think that not only in the curriculum. That's in the traditional schools, but I see because of the transformation over education system to more online and digital that were able to provide a wide breadth of knowledge that will include financial literacy as well as empowering entrepreneurship and other things that necessarily weren't available when I was younger. Yeah. Awesome. Because the resources available today are off the charts. Well, how about this David because I love to ask entrepreneurs. When I have you guys on here. How about some advice for the dad out there who's a working dad? He has big ideas and dreams, but he also has a family that is depending on him. So he's kind of afraid to make a move forward and towards that goal and to get started. Because you. You know, he has a fear of hurting his family. Yeah. That's a very common. I do a lot of business coaching and one of the most common questions are how do I start a business when I have family obligations, and you know, I I tell people all the time. The key is the lake see the lion. So the first step in being entrepreneur, you have a job that you feel stuck in his the be better at your job. That means be more efficient, the try to get paid more. Because the better you are at your current job. The more options are opportunities that you'll have to make investment mean timer money, enable you to start your own business. And so what so many people do is they end up joining the legs. And then wondering why they can't ever start a business in. Meanwhile, the job that they're at is making less and less money and taking more and more time. I sounds people all the time. Do your job better be a professional infused? What you're doing today? With purpose. Be the best that you can be and try to do your job better in faster. So you have more time and money to increase the opportunities and options for you to start your own business goodstuff. Yeah. Some great advice right there. All right. David. What do you have coming up? You have any speaking engagements any books on the way. What's next David Meltzer? Oh my God. I hope you've got a few minutes. I'm leaving today for Florida. I got to speaking engagements tomorrow, and then leave for Lisbon, and I have podcast and speaking engaged Vincent judging an entrepreneur contest and there's been Portugal. I fly right back for half a day to leave back to New Orleans where I have podcast and speaking engagements where then come home and go to mammoth for the launch of the scheme out in three different chamber of commerce, speaking engagements come back home for one day fly to New York for entrepreneur live where I'm judging entrepreneur contest as well. As have a keynote with danika, Patrick and also podcasts film there, and I finally get a six week break where I'm gonna launch. Book called unstoppable with Cynthia Kersee, Jack canfield from chicken soup for the soul. So that'll come out right before November. And I find him a girl he'll book deal and doing a book of business strategies. So I write a book every six months, we'll be filming season for of elevator pitch. Entrepreneurs number one digital business show and continue the podcast that I have called the playbook with multiple interviews and opportunities, and that's just on the sideline of my core business, which is the sports one marketing in the sponsorship side, as well as the S one media house all the different media that we do our two core businesses. So got a lot of my plate. But most importantly is going to be my family, and I'm traveling with my family and in constant contact every single day with all four of my children if my life not traveling with me with her as well. So one piece of advice for everyone out there. Make sure you give a minimum amount of time to every. One of your children. No matter if you travel or at home, make sure your present for them. I will tell you right now. My wife gets a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Whether I'm with her or not my eight year old son gets a minimum of thirty minutes a day seven days a week. No matter what am I three teenage daughters? They get two minutes a day minimum every single day. And it's more torture for them in a blessing for me because if anyone has three teenagers girls or boys, you know, two minutes a day is like a heaven on earth, and and they'll they'll be thankful when they get older. But it's a challenge to get that two minutes. Awesome. I love the hustle. I love the passion. Last thing. I'm going to hit you with here. I always ask all the dads and again on the podcast, what type of advice? Do you have for the new dad or for that about the be father who's out there listening? Yeah. The best piece of father advice for new father was one. That was given to me when I had my first child at the hospital, and I was terrified right. I was terrified to take out home. I, you know, had no situation Eleazar experience of how to be a parent, and it was very simple. Love your child. Unconditionally? That's if you just love that's out on conditional. You bless that job for life. And just let them feel confident. It doesn't mean to be their best friend. It doesn't mean you can't discipline. But when they know, and they're secure that you love them unconditionally, then you can provide discipline and strategy, and in all the different things, you can push them as long as they know you love them unconditionally. So best piece of advice is just love your child unconditionally. Awesome. I really love the message. You are a first class father for sure, and I'd like to say thank you so much for giving me a few minutes of your time right here on first-class fatherhood out, man. I really appreciate it. If you need any help. I mean. Okay. You bet. I will do David Meltzer everybody. I'll be right back after a quick spot. Empowered fathers in action is a nonprofit organization focused on reducing bullying incidents and decreasing the rates of teenage suicide and school shootings across the world. They serve communities around the globe to create happier, healthier homes and enlist the help of influential individuals and socially responsible corporations. Find out more about them and how you can get involved with this powerful movement in power fathers in action. Visit them today at EFA movement dot org. Back the wrap things up here on purse last fatherhood. I gotta give a special. Thank you once again to David Meltzer forgiving, the few minutes of his time here that was awesome. Please guys hit me up on Twitter drop me a DM over on Instagram. Let me know what you thought about today's episode. I always love to hear you feedback. And then locking into I play as father hood here. For Friday's episode. Number ninety eight coming your way, I will have first class father bedrose Culion on the podcast, but me here and next week. I got an exciting week plan. So please follow me on Twitter. Follow me on Instagram. So you can be up to date with all the latest and greatest that's coming your way right here on Allah. Glacier, listening to I last fatherhood. And please remember guys. We are not babysitters. We are fathers, and we're not just fathers. We are first class bothers.

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