Brandt Snedeker: Hardcore Commodore


Y'all. Welcome to the party specif- Marica podcast. This fall you forty one. And it's one of my favorite conversations ever feel like that's a broken record feel like I say it every week. But man, they're getting good from having Greg Sankey the SEC Commissioner a couple of weeks ago to Hines ward last week and this week we have Brandt snicker, the PGA golfer who's had an amazing career and still so much yet to accomplish in his own mind. You'll hear him discuss that you'll also hear him give what might be Travis the most ringing endorsement in the history of the ESPN app. We need to put him on payroll. It'll crack you guys up. This guy's so infatuated with Vanderbilt athletics that being his alma mater. He's very funny. He's very funny in discussing how much he loves his school and the links to which he will go on the links to make sure. 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Here's where we're going to start brand. I I want to thank you for moving the podcast taping time because y'all need understand Brandt is a father to y'all know father and Mia my middle one had a play and that is very important. And so my man Brandt understands fatherhood. So he moved the time. Thank you, sir. That's how you get off on the right foot. Yeah. No problem at being a dad who misses all kinds of stuff. I I realize important to make those what he can so easy to do. Happy will make it. I'm sure she did awesome. She did man. It's fun to watch. It's just inspiring to me to see our little people that we made be honest age like that and be so confident it fills up my tank, man, but. Dad's there little girls and dad's special man, it is it's impossible to describe. I've tried to articulate it. And I just don't know how yet because the feeling that that that love is inside of me is just beyond description. Maybe someday I'll be able to put it into words. I don't know you're pretty good. I think you'll be able to figure it out. Thank you, brother. I say, let's let's start in Nashville. You're a lifelong Nashville guy born and raised never left. I gotta know. Like when you're coming up. You just turned thirty eight right? Happy birthday. Thank you very much. I did. So when you're like at grocery store when you're little boy did you ever run into Waylon Jennings or anything? You know? No, I've gotta know quite a few of the country guys here in town just because of most of them are Goff junkies. Most of our killing time during the day when they're traveling or when they're in the city doing spot, so they all playing golf, so I've got quite a few the is that way. But yeah, you'll run into guys around Tassell, national, so great. I remember growing up in town and seeing Garth Brooks run around tally time and Alan Jackson, all these great country stores are growing up here, national and just normal jobs. It's going to, you know, going them all shopping going dinner at certain restaurants, whatever it may be everybody kinda leave him alone. But do thing nobody really coming up in bother too much. And I think it's part of the reason why there's so many these guys and still live in Nashville because they love they love the vibe here. They let the people and they love living. And and Nashville was grown immensely since. I was here's a kid. You should become a little form town. Now, it's turning this kind of new hip city. So it's it's been fun to wash transform those exactly where I was going. It's my favorite town in the country. I live in Charlotte. I love Charlotte. It's a great place to be. And to raise my family. I'm moved here right out of college. Because I was chasing race cars at the time. New. I wanted to be in NASCAR racing. And that's why moved here, but and we've stayed here. But man, I have been I have a lot of buddies in country music too. And they keep telling me, you gotta come to Nashville that town is an awesome town to consider it Charlotte with art. I think it's so inspiring to be there because of the artistic boom that it's experiencing. How have you seen it grow during your lifetime? I mean, it's unbelievable. When I grew up pretty much everything else out of downtown was touristy with a few country. Bores wasn't really well kept at that time and wasn't exactly the safest place in the world. When all young kids seven eight year nine years old now, and where the town is grown used to be all farmland, you'd be really, you know, horse farm tattle farms, whatever it may be and now to see the city span the way it does the way it has the way the city smart four thinking, they're gonna Beth a lot of money in downtown really clean, it up it really embrace the tourism aspect of it and brace, you know, the business of of all the different companies come to town, whether it be shit at the healthcare companies are Megan the street, really voice. Those things, you know, technology, a huge proponent of this. And now this are typically come from the last five years, it's been really unbelievable gonna change take on this new you feel like you're part of metropolitan area. There's always little different sects downtown now go and have a great time experience everything, and I tell people all the time don't come to Nashville for for just country music. Come come natural for a great food scene for great music scene. No matter what you I listen to a great art scene and for the people and people would make it so special and such. A welcoming place people kind of go out of their way to make sure you have a great time. I really wanna embrace anybody come here and experience. I'm a lifelong country music fanatic and anybody that knows anything about me knows that some of my greatest heroes or Waylon Willie and cash in Chris, and I've always been captivated with that outlaw seen and it's funny man back to daughters, daddy's daughters win in week three of the college football season. I had LSU allburn in Auburn and that was win hurricane Florence was coming through Charlotte. And so lenient I took my whole family with me to Auburn. And after the game, we just drove. Okay. So you have a daughter the daughter having American Girl doll, of course. Okay. All of them do right. So both of mine have them. And my mea the girl that I went to see my daughter did the play today. She has an American Girl doll that is a country singer. Tenny grant is her dull. So she is nine in infatuated with Nashville. So we just drove up from Auburn to Nashville since there was hurricane in Charlotte. And we took our daughters to the Reimann we took him to the blue bird and dude to see like my passion through there is was a fascinating experience. It was also that town just rocks. I could go on on my I've gotten. Good fortune have always great musicians come through town fortunate. Take my dollar do really cool things and my little man to do it with me. And it's been fine. You last night. We went to basketball game early games. They're in school. You have to take them down there. And we actually beat Arizona state to do stuff like that they'll check of as little vents and see them kind of chair Pash that you have with them and see them experience half, honest point anything, there's enjoying spend time with you and having fun with you. And it's so cool to have those moments like that. And we have Reimann is a is a is a must do you? Come to town. The Bluebird cafe I lived there for about three years about literally five hundred yards away. We're on walk the blueberry pie once a month. And check it out through a really cool be able to do that here in town and just experience. What what what what all national how offer so which country singer that you've played golf with is the best. Back in the day. Vince Gill was really good. He's he's got a little older now. But he he could really hit it. He's you know, you'd always give me a hard time. If you always say what you let why are you let back. It's our player out drive because he could really smoke it back in. You know, Jake a really good player. Charles Kelley grew up in a gust Georgia, laying bellum really really Klay pretty good. So there's quite a few guys right now that are going. Clay, Walker's golf junkie. I've seen plan all the time. So an air churches kinda new to you know, it's funny when I hear you on your podcast talk to you right now, you sound eerily similar to church. I'm sure you've heard that before on seem like him. But you talk I mean, yearly similar I do not seem like him. But yes, I've heard that many times and that includes my own children. So. And so they hear about him all the time. And I have heard that before damn I wish I saying like him Brandt. I don't know. I don't know if I'd be doing this podcast right now be interviewing me instead. So I read where your grandmother introduced you to the game. What was it like that was did you play with her? What was what was that? Like. My both my grandparents are from small town millionnaire nowhere, Missouri place called west plains, Missouri. And she was the manager of the country club there. I guess you'd call it country club is the only golf fortunately down. And so we would go up in the summertime spent a couple of weeks with my grandparents were divorced. My grandfather. He's been a week with him. He lived a double wide trailer out the the best time. It was awesome. And my grandmother, we'll take it to the club. And she just loves go play golf all day while she was working. So that's how we got introduced the game. I was six years old Vic my Bose nine or ten years old time not the first time we really played. My dad was the baseball player growing up started picking up golf when he got later in life. But then really at that time was playing may once a week with somebody's on the weekend. And so that was kind of arch Dutch, and she got her first set the golf clubs, and from there just kinda ran with his voice, my Bose, you know, obviously been the younger, brother. I kind of did whatever he did. And he got into Goff a little bit. I even more so in golf and just loved it. And that's how I started playing. And then my dad kinda took it rain with excuse to get him out play golf on the weekends. I think and so it's something we did that family. We a bunch of great matches me and my brother and my dad vice versa. It was a lot of fun. You know, like a lot of great quality time on the golf course. When did you know, you were better than the other guys? My mom still has this thing didn't kindergarten when you fill out what you wanna do for your life. So this is right after I got my dos filled out this whole thing about being on PJ to or playing golf for a living and all ever wanted to do it never had any other passion to anything else. I was always parents always joke. Drove into that. You need to have a backup plan because probably isn't going to happen. Don't meet the first your bubble. You know, not make it, and I never really kinda registered with me. I always thought I was going to do it. And I just never had. I guess I had the right mentality for it. My brother's really really talented. He played ole miss all American player, but we're polar opposite mentality on the golf course. He had a terrible temper really talented, but just could never kinda let bad shots go go next shot and kind of figure it out. I never really had an issue with that. I was always kind of glasses half full. I mean, it's gonna work out. It's gonna be fine kinda guy. And this was really lucky. I guess I always had a bunch of. Stuff happen to be on the golf course. And I really late. Fobel grace where a loss term I should have worn or anything like that just gonna kill building confidence. And always kind of thought it was gonna work out. And luckily did 'cause I don't know what I would be doing. It did What was that moment? Like, then if it was such a childhood aspiration and dream when you are in your car. Yeah. The poor the coolest thing I got to do. I wonder US public's tournament. When I was twenty two years old and got the plan the masters of the named her. Now the first moment where I was really like good college player. I, you know, making stuff in new gun had a chance but to go play in the masters in Amador such a cool experience. You know, it's something to stay in the crow's nest of the clubhouse. I'd never been to professional vent for play in the masters never going to be tour vent by never played with BJ to a player. So I had no idea what I was getting into. And I remember walking out the first morning and they open the first day to eight o'clock in the morning. The first patriots to walk on property. I call about seven thirty in the morning that I parked. My car driven down from Nashville, and I parked my car in the in a bad spot patron crosswalk their toes, I didn't move it. Of course. I'm freaking out. You know, they kicked me out his place, and I ain't been here for a night, and they'll move the card. It's weird feeling being there on property when there's no there's no page. That's coming Irie goes down on going there and taking a shower walking back downstairs eight fifteen and saying, you know, thirty thousand people on the golf course and walk down the wrong, turn and win the champions locker room and seeing Jack Nicklaus VJ seeing all fill know all these guys and around about Iran back up there. I don't know if I can play today. I don't know put it to you in the ground is just overwhelming, you know, being a, you know, kids Nashville trying to come down here never seen professional vent never met a professional player. Really? And I remember if I can handle this stuff, I can go out there and play with these guys and somewhat keeps together I can do this. Because I was just totally ill-prepared. We never had any idea what I was doing. And I made the cut on the number play four rounds and then playground the weekend. But I did it. And so when that happened. Okay. I can handle this kind of stuff. This is about never ever been by career. I figured out that kind of leads me to the next question. And if this is redundant. Just say, so, but my estimate I feel like golf pressure is different than the pressure of other sports because other sports athletes are somewhat removed from the fans golf you. Guys are right in it, man. I mean, if you shank t- off you're going to laser somebody's teeth out. Right. You guys live on an island. Windy. You come become comfortable with that island. It's funny. It takes time at the hardest thing to do sports kinda block the noise outright to realize that you know, sans right now in my career. It's just like a wall people I never really make contact. I try to like when I'm walking between holes to be smile on polite. Be nice. But you don't really see faces. You just see blurs of of colors to be in the moment. But it's the the thing that people don't realize about golf every other sports, the most part of the reaction sport in that the actions, constant you don't have time to think you're just reacting to what's going on and golf. Completely opposite. You have you know of five hours of run off. Course, you really only hit, you know, eight minutes worth of all shots. Six minutes worth of all shot. So you have a ton of time your mind to create all these hurdles that you have to overcome. And so that's probably the hardest thing about being dealing with pressure is not the actual thirty seconds. When you hit the shot. It's three minutes up to that thirty second. How you handle it? How you get your mind right space and of how you kinda get yourself into the right frame of mind and the and the the the Hillary stuff. Yeah. The outside stuff becoming not that big of a deal, you know, don't worry as for general most golfers love being individuals because it falls on us if we fail. It's all our fault. I can't blame catty came under coach in a day. It's on you know, you gotta find a way to get it done or don't get it done. And I think most golfers love that. Now, that's why it's really tough when you play guys play team golf Ryder Cup golfer presents cut off. 'cause it's so different. You know, 'cause you you're alive. On eleven other guys, you feel almost doubly intensive pressure because you don't wanna let your teammates down, and we don't deal with that on regular basis. It probably one things that probably tough watch team sport is to kind of get is seeing how much you know, how tough that would be. How much more pressure would be on those jobs because they got another guy's depending on them. How much will push him to kind of get over over whatever they're trying to get over. How many guys you sports psychologists? I think everybody used one one at one point or another in their career. I think I've been through three or four trying to help you get in the right frame of mind. I haven't used one five ten years now. Yeah. I think every every guy wants wants an answer to a question that most psychologists cannot answer when I feel terrible when everything's going sideways, and I'm on the eighteenth hole. And I've got, you know, billions of twenty five million people watching me at home on TV. And I got. Thirty people out here Washington shot, and I feel like I don't know where it's gonna go. What do I do? How do I get it in the fairway? And you know, they have their they have their, you know, kinda checkless you go through. You gotta find out. Everybody's different. You'll find out how to do it yourself. You gotta find out. Okay. This is what my tendencies are. This is how I you know, I've tried this before it didn't let the trial and error period. Like how I handle the pressures is how I get through it. How I could hit a shot. I know I have somewhat conference I could pull off and believe in yourself enough to say, you know, what I'm gonna find a way to get it done. And that's one thing. I love I've taken away from giving. No Tiger Woods a little bit with no one that is bad as I feel overall shot. No matter how nervous I get. I know Tiger Woods still exact same way. I mean, the reason why he's probably a thousand over par on the first hole his golf career only so nervous about the pro on the first hole every time it up, and so if Tiger Woods nervous over. Then I should take comfort in that fact, knowing that he feels exact same way I do on the level playing about how do I handle he's the best ever handling? I've gotta find my way of handling, you know. So that's probably them bigs help me last ten years of my career. So that's something. He readily admits. He's that nervous on the first heat. I e every time he no he's like if you're not nervous not nervous than what are you doing? That means you don't care about the outcome of death. Not invest in the process that means you're not invested anything that interest. Because when you go playing event and your T off your writing a score down at the end of that round. And that's gonna reflect a thousand percent on. If you do the work that you you're all set you're supposed to be successful. And there's no hide from that number eighty five on tour shot fifty nine onto or so I seen all both. You know, those streams of that. So and there's nowhere to hide all goes in the ground. You're scores me there for everybody to see. So you better be nervous better care about it. Otherwise, all the very good at it. We'll get fifty nine and a minute, man. To especially when you bogey the first hole any minute. What's it been like for you guys? Tigers peers to watch him have this resurgence. What was it like to watch him win? Again, you ever seen anything like that before lot really know, you know, it it's been so cool because he is kind of opened up out here in the last six seven years since his injury and really got to know like personal level, and it really ever have. And no one tiger from, you know, six seven eight nine when he was dominating everything and everybody but a ton to see in struggle and thirteen fourteen fifteen the come back. It's been so cool. Having such such a unbelievable story. I played with my Tampa this year in the last two rounds chance to win early on the year. And we were in the second to last group on Sunday. And I was playing terrible. And I found myself openly rooting for Tiger Woods to win a golf tournament. Yeah. We're trying to will every putt form to go in. I said if you'd asked me the security guy, so there's no way in hell. I would have ever rooted for woods, like I'm ready form right now mess, just because of this great redemption story, should I mean, you know, it was so bad a couple of years ago. You know, I remember watching shift at Phoenix. And I was like I don't think anybody can come back for that. You know? And no, no, no one what I know. Now that he was in that much pain. He couldn't couldn't bend over enough shipping to chip it fall. Normally that's why he had those chips for the year. Now all make sense back. Then I didn't know nobody knew what was going on. And so we always wanted to get better. See this kind of stuff we saw this year. See the scene at east lake on Sunday on real. I don't care who you are. I mean, I made my kids watch it. I wasn't there just missed out. So I was set there on Africa guys. You gotta watch. This you need to see this is the most important sports figure of of my lifetime. He's the reason why we live in this house. He's the reason why I I may play for the money L play for play. Live the life that we do. So we sit here and watch history being made it's coming back. Nobody's ever really ever had to deal with and it's such a cool moment, and he's just become a friend who got on tour mentor to bunch of guys just seeing back have fun again and seeing on that was his kids, which I think any follow out there. Tell you as you know, it's really cool your kids and see you be successful in your career kind of share that with a little bit a really special moment. As part of the reason why it's drought. So hard right now. I think so too had the great blessing, and it's a blessing to sit with him for quite some time before the masters last year and get into all that and everything that he managed and him telling me there were days when he just couldn't even get out of bed, and when he did get out of bed, and he put his feet on the floor just fall on the floor, and he couldn't get up, and he couldn't even lay in the floor and play Legos with his kids. They'd want him to come out in the backyard and play any couldn't even lay in the yard to watch them. Kick a soccer ball around. Because his pain was so dramatic. He just had no choice. He just couldn't. And the way that that stripped him emotionally and whatnot. Was was so dramatic that this this this reemergence, and this resurgence is all well and good. He's enjoying playing golf again in certain at this point winning again. But above all, he's happy. He can walk down the street with his kids. And I was so fascinated by seeing his owner ability in saying these things, and it felt a very odd may be misguided connection to him there. It was very cool to see. Now, they've got it all the one thing I've gotten a real out of everybody's gotta know of last six years as different person than he was fifteen years ago, you know, fifteen years ago, it's all about winning thousand percent of winning all I cared about. He was gonna play with is extra super nice play with. But he was. Never go way to try to help. You never go way to spend time with you. And it's been totally different. Now, I think being outta golfer. A couple of years. I remember when I made the Ryder Cup team sixteen assistant, captain literally got the point of my wife is like you can answer that phone as long as it's not because his tiger be on the phone for an hour and a half. That's how that's how much he missed it. That's almost was talking about what we're the Ryder Cup team. Our successful Howard gonna win. Here's how did stuff and all these things showed them how much you still care about the game of golf how much he loved it. And so that's why I think everybody two were so excited when we realized how much she loved and how much and how hard he worked to get back to where it was very rare. You see that pay off second time so hard to come back. Once you lose confidence. That's tricky thing off me you see all the time. You see it and really sports you have time to think about field. Okay. Precede a lot feel and football. Just tough time to think about stuff all the time. You have all these going through your head and you start getting those negative thoughts in their match. It's almost like a a dark deep dark hole. You go down. You can never get out of. Speaking rough moments. No two thousand fourteen was a real tough year for you. What did you? Learn about yourself at year. You know, how much I love what I do. You know, if you don't love what you do. And you and you struggle like that it's always tough. You know, you you deal with injuries. I've dealt injuries of all kinds of things tough year, not not much standard. And and not up to what I I try to be. And so it's always tough when you have especially great years ago, it's tough to kind of while pill saying I'm not playing that was I got figure out why nobody blame myself. I gotta go look to mirror figured out. Really redouble my efforts know, I thought I was working hard enough. I guess I wasn't. So we go work harder. Yeah. Figured out. And you know, you you need to have a great support system. You know, you need to have of lucky. You have a great wife and two great kids who don't care if I win or lose they want their dad home. They wanna play with dad. You've gotta have that great balance. I tell people all the time. I I want one time for kids I've won eight times since and in the same time. I kids are seven years old. So I was on tour. Six years for kids and my oldest kid now seven years old. So there's a reason why I believe that. Because I balance in my life for the first time, I don't live and die by every shot. I don't let a bad term it linger and cost me from next week. I'm able to kind of move on and not over work myself. I used to when I was younger my career out worked so hard that I would practice myself into bad, Abbott, Lew. It'd be on the range all day Brexit on something to the point where overdo it to the extreme. And so kids have given me that release to be like, you know, I need to get time away and make sure I get my work done. It'd be grasses and the golf course. And but my kids school for clock, I'm home. So the time with him and fun with don't be that. It looks like a lot of you guys are buddies out there to me, you know, just from a far and the outside looking in. I saw this had the great opportunity interview Tony female last year as well before you know, he kind of became Tony. Unowned blew his ankle. And then had that great masters and all those things. And so I saw a photo that he posted of you. And he and all these other guys, I think cooter was in there. Some other guys like that Ellen shot from the Emmys a few years ago. What's it? What's the challenge of building relationships when these are the same people, you're fighting for food every day? It's tough. You gotta have that balance. Right. You're gonna have that balance of Saint. Hey, these where traveling circus, right? Every week when anew city we put in the same hotel travel. Same, you know, either hop on Schick share plane, right somebody or or airpor- or go to dinner with them, whatever may be pipe optional. So you always have your buddies to play that you go along with. And so most part two was really that. We're really lucky we got a ton of Greg to right now. We've got a bunch of great young kids are playing great fun to be around much old guy. There's still hanging in there playing golf so fun time to be traveling being onto because you have somebody out be around but come Thursday through Sunday. You know, I I remember when I I can say I can tell the story now 'cause I've got James will ever playing Sunday pebble in two thousand thirteen Ambra Puerto we cut we're getting the first James that we were in the last. Group and James is is the time with me for the league. He's a rookie onto this the first time going out and James great guy. Really funny. It'd be around just love gotta gotta this. I didn't really know what that time. So I told my Emmer partner who's Toby we'll hear Nashville. He's a really fun guy to be around there by two minutes. I Toby listen today is worth I don't want you talking to Jamestown one bit. You're not making comfortable is not your buddy today. You a my buddy you stay away from him. I don't want him to feel anything but play golf today after about the temple James playing. Great. And I was playing really good. And he was kind of sensory places point. If Toby you can go talk to them now, go have fun with them. And that's mentality. Gotta have onto or you're able to separate on Sundays that no I know for fact on Sunday, Tampa tire not gonna go out. And I don't blame him. You know, it's his job ago work and try to win on Sundays and that's deal Thursday through Saturday. Pretty good. Have some guys got part time. On sunday. It's a different ballgame. You trying to win trying to be successful. It's not my job to make sure this guy has a great time on Sunday. I love it assassin baby. Asan's out there love it. So speaking of being an assassin, let's discuss this Wyndham round. All right. So you bogey on right shoot a fifty nine eight damn fifty nine. I can't imagine. What that must have felt like take me through what you even remember about that out of body experience. I remember everything about played terrible on Wednesday a couple couple over Paul pro-am Thursday getting up, and I was going to try to swing out the day. Let's go with this. My head to good needed somewhere straight, and I'll be found and he'll make couldn't get around. And I snapped with my first of all trees terrible shot made bogey. I don't know if this is gonna work like a few more holes and see if it works kinda hit some good shots next you holes made along I think about four back even for and started hitting a pretty good sorta pretty solid shots and rogue hit where I was looking like turn turn it. Three hundred par they pay the things working pretty good dried it things are going. Well, all of a sudden, very one two and three foot on on those first three holes six hundred four through twelve holes. Still not really thinking about fifty nine. I poor five seven hundred four man to rig around and hold out on my fifteen fold from the fairways to get to non nine hundred four with reels play the first time, I really thought about fifty nine and I had chance earlier my career shoot fifty nine on the European tour China, and I lived on the last hole got really nervous kinda freaked out. Didn't didn't really handle it? Well, you know, just too afraid of talking about it thinking about it, you know, embracing. Yeah. And so told myself, I'm not gonna do that. You know, I'm not gonna sit there and. Be afraid of fifty nine or talking about her being whatever. And so I guess the next par-three and hit a five iron two feet. Knock it in for turn power, tools ago and playing sticky messy Yama Billy horseshoe. We'll walking AT box. Toll boats. God man, it's not gonna get any easier. This. You know, I got to wedge holes left to eat thirty opportunities. We're gonna I'm gonna fifteen hundred it's gonna find a way now like screw this up. I got nobody ever gonna get my career. She not maybe it's getting kinda crazy some serious. I'm going to happen. You're gonna see today. And I met a short birdie putt on eight. And I was so mad man that was four foot or down the hill should be. Gimme a and I missed it. Mad at myself got to non fairway and just on the fairway might wanna do it? She hit the fairway hit the twenty feet and. Walking up to the green building horseshoe. Like, I guess I was wearing a purple shirt and shouldn't wanna purple shirt today. They you you if you did you could probably have like I I do right now mean I'm gonna tell you right now, I'm gonna make I'm half the stuff. That's me talk myself into doing it dealer ham. I really believe I was going to do it on. Sure enough came off went right in the middle. And you know, the time is really cool. I didn't really realize what what it meant. There's something cool to do a lot of guys have done it back to my room afternoon. You know, I'm probably had three or four hundred techs probably more checks. I got for nine a different win a golf tournament ever my career, you know, and I realized kinda start thinking what cool moments that was. And then, you know, porta history that nobody ever take away from me. And then the nurse hit me. Like, oh my gosh. Man. Now, I'm gonna win the golf tournament. They can't screw this up. Just set yourself up with out of five day. You can't be of the fifty nine at lose a golf tournament. You know, so recipe. Brutal by the. Ever had onto or deal all that pressure and expectations. Luckily enough they will get down on Sunday. So for someone who isn't like a hard core golf consumer or player or person who's not avid explained to them. What is fifty nine? Fifty nine is more of a mental barrier. Right. Fifty nine is says most part seventy two seventy seventy seventy one seventy two par golf course. You know, anywhere under school join nine God's issues shoot under sixty six the barrier as always kind of like the four minute mile running trying to use some other people understand that. It's guys can't do it. Just very rare. When it happens hitting for the cycle and baseball, maybe something like that doesn't happen very often. And so it's more of a mental hurdle. God's great rounds. The whole time we get closer there. But the nerve stick in, you know, you're going along feeling great the whole like it's four feet wide. You can't make you know to make mistake if you tried then all of a sudden you start thinking about well could go wrong or how your she done? All said, you get nervous and things are changing. So it's just complete mental hurdle. How get over it and do it. And you know, it's something cool. The history books once you got on it. Once you guys done go on to win. So on you know, I'll be proud of that one for back. I'm already kicked you to loan. A couple more not get out of here. Brother. Good. I got nothing going on. So I was really fascinated by the Ryder Cup this year because I feel like our expectations were so high and everyone expected so much and then it just didn't happen. I mean, it just was a bad effort. Right. What was your reaction to all of the drama that stemmed from that loss? Yeah. I think it was you know, I wouldn't real happy with the drama afterwards. Just because I know Jim really well gonna play golf, and I know how hard he worked. And I thought he did everything right? Yeah. I I think every guys ever played on fifteen. We'll tell you the same thing when we went Ryder Cup. They're capping get way too, much credit and lose Ryder Cup to get way. Too much blame. I think Davis did the exact same job and twelve as he did in sixteen and twelve he was a horrible captain and in sixteen he was the best after never so I I've never understood, you know, people try to blame the captives for something that happened today. If you look at how we played. European team played unbelievable. They made a ton of pots they hit the ball in the fairway seem like every time. There's a porthole right in the middle of fairway. Golf course. Schumi? Call the cost for the ball fairly on the rough grown up and they pinch. Did that to make sure that they we had to play their game? You know, we played at sixteen and Hegel team really wide fairways though, rough with all of our guys can bomb. You know, they can all hit drivers nine miles Europeans for the most part can't keep up with that way till we turn into Verdy fast. And so that's a home-court advantage and France the exact opposite. It turned into a USO. The fairways real narrow rough Israel thick to really tough horse to be successful. So we had to play their kind of game. And so it was just bad set forth gin with but then to hear all the bickering kinda afterwards. You know, wasn't real big fan of. And I think for the most part about team to same thing. Jim did a great job. They didn't make the pots, and they need to you know, you gotta have a lot of luck to win one of those things. I don't care anyway, this your. Team played unbelievable. Just like we had a lot of sixteen when we wanted sixteen. You're gonna have to win those things. So I just didn't. I didn't think it was good fair to Jim Jim worked so hard. This. Why did a great job? I thought they thought of everything pretty much just just didn't work out that say in God's on us didn't play good off guys are things or somebody else on team. Me either agree with you. So so you're hardcore Commodore, and I love it. Hell I should make a t shirt says that but they'd sell pretty well. What do you think of Derek Mason vest last year? I love it. And I got one the house. I mean, how how many coaches are a dance of when they beat Tennessee third straight year. Like, I love I love me. He's great guys. Great coach kids and the kids to play for absolutely level. I mean, he's he's he's a fun guy to be around can't help. But love him since five minutes with and so I'm all in on this. I hope giving birth long day. He's an amazing dude really enjoyed being around in. My love is perspective. I love his intensity. And look fact is it's that that job is one. That is not easy. It's not an easy job to be the football coach at vandy. And he's done such tremendous job. I couldn't be more impressed with him. And I know doesn't he does stuff the right way as everything then goal? Say does stuff the right way, treat people the right way, and his you and get a lot of new age it in it's going to help them out a lot. So we're excited to see Malcolm Turner, just got the job to head of g. Each the delays or basketball now Geely so we will lure him in. So I think everybody knows excise the neck of the next eighty over and help Mace kinda get get where he wants to go. So as vandy gab what what what is van de over Tennessee? What's that mean? Yeah. I guess it's like. Little brother beating up on big, brother. You know when they both got different rival. You know, never really happened that much when it does you never forget about it. You know, for purposes, there's no way Tennessee should ever lose Vanderbilt football and the history the tradition the recruiting base they have the fan base. They have you know, it's pretty remarkable as of annual fan I can say that because I grew up in the state. I I understand Tennessee's football brands so strong. But for whatever reason multitude reasons they've had a lot of functional there and so since on for us to kind of get back on top of them for a few years. Yeah. It's been fun being a hold out over. And I I don't think even railfan has illusions last forever. Tennessee, should and will be strong again some point near future, but the fun to have this over for while. And so, you know, it's kind of you know, the one thing we always had basketball seem like every year. We're putting our top twenty five team in basketball due early nineties. They're legit or the real deal. And Rick Barnes done a great job up. There was a great hire some studs in there to play basketball. So it's been you know, it's it's something we it's arrival. So anytime, you be rob. You're you're excited for you. No matter how how she turns out. But I'm used to be. We always say get fire. The Vanderbilt gets lose your job because that's one thing. 'cause he did not like putting losing Vanderbilt anything. I read the you were in China and say your lawn to wake up for a game. Oh, yeah. Every time. Every time travel overseas. The great thing about this day and age sure able follow your team's wherever you on the world. You know, you're able to go being trying to waking up at three and watch animal games, Australia this year did same thing. So it's it's. Yeah. ES to watch ESPN app has been great for me on their all time. Check, check them out. We read and washed on the tarmac for playing that on Saturdays. And Sundays went west. You know, the first awful not afraid to call our phone out. Check it what. While tournament. Oh, yeah. Attached to dude, that's like a walk in commercial my bosses, they just related that. I mean, I guess to me. So that they know what happens come on. I don't I don't I don't think they'll find you for what the hell. Right. Exactly. But trying to you know, we're football fans day real real Jenner football fans. I think. I think that's absolutely fantastic. Man. I mean, I thought it was like I don't care how many strokes behind you are it's all focusing all tucked in shirts and all that stuff, man. Oh, it you realize that Pat on Saturday Sunday teams plan, you're not afraid to pull header caddy. Hold on your phone for your white into shock. You kill Tom. The whole time. So you'll see what's going game. Guys. It was the Larry's how about how about the fault that brand snicker if he's not playing so great in tournament is checking out the Vanderbilt Commodores, his beloved Vanderbilt Commodores on the links between hosts they're just like us, y'all further all ages Kobe. This is a non paid ad by Brent Senator. Yeah. Completely not mean. And that was the beauty of it. Like it just cracked me up. I was kinda like, wait. What you do? I thought that was fantastic. They're just like us. It's no different than us. All see all he needs a little bit of country music and a cold beer in a console that golf cart. And I'm sure his game. Looks a whole lot like mine does I wish they could ride around and have some cold ones while they're golfing may to we need to have big discussion at some point about the that tiger feel deal the match. Yeah, they need. They need your spruce. It up by spruce it up. I mean, redneck it up a little bit and. Let the good boys out there watching them, and you know, riding around on carts, some beverages have some beer, I love it. It speaking loving it as being a co bear we're going to try something new in the mortgage Miss America podcast. We're going to begin asking. Our interview subjects the Dan lebatardshow poll questions in guys who are fans of Danny, and Stu and the boys know that throughout their show that created a phenomenon with that show. But part of that phenomenon is there po- questions if some random comment comes up they ultimately, quote, put it on the pole, and they put a Twitter poll up and the response is ridiculous. And so we thought it would be funny since we have access to these great athletes or musicians or whomever that we should ask them some of these poll questions and Brandt was our very first victim check it out. Okay, before I get you out of here. Have you ever? Are you aware of the Dan lebatardshow? Of course, I hear I hear you on there all the time. Okay. Very good. So, you know, about their their their daily polls that they do like these spontaneous ran on the polls. Yes. Yes. So as part of my podcast. I'm going to ask you some poll questions you good. Okay. Here. We go. Did you know that your nipples are as unique as your fingerprints? Just not know that nor did I just learned something is the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's. The absolute best hangover cure. No come on. I'm from Nashville, spicy chicken. That's what we do here. Did you know that roller coasters could cure asthma? I did not know that is that fact, I don't know. But we'll have to look that up on web dot com. Do you own underwear with holes in them? I don't think. So now. No, I don't think. Laney would let me either does the Dan lebatardshow have the dumbest smart people or the smartest dome. People. Combo of both. Is the in Stephen a Smith really necessary. That's a good one. I got no idea. What is do? We know that stands for. I do not. I have no idea. I will ask him is this in John C Reilly really necessary. It must fits better for some reason, doesn't it. Yeah. Kind of wrote has a little bit better. Roll off. He's finding new golf ball like finding a crisp five dollar Bill. It is for everybody. But me. Yeah. You get free ones free. Free is zero black with white stripes or white with black stripes. I'm a block of white sets. Under disea- putter. I had growing up with black white stripes on it. There you go winning. If you had twenty four hours could you find the flip phone? Yeah. Good. Do you sleep with your sheets interrupt? Only psychos would amend word. I'm with you on that, man. I don't know how anybody can have a man to more. Do you? Do you fling the pill and sling the rock? Is the person who says throwing the pill a jackass or an irredeemable tech? I'm gonna go there. Jackass actually, pay men. You sir are a superstar. And I did I loved it. Thank you so much. That was awesome. That was just anytime. And I'm big fan of yours. Congratulate your success math all tobacco NASCAR date. I'm glad to see. How successful you've been? And how much fun you're having that looks awesome to keep it up. Thank you, brother. Appreciate you. Hopefully, I'll get on there and see you boys soon. Yeah. Please do anytime and love to have you on the road. We'll get we'll get you behind the ropes fun with you. You love. It sounds. I'll hold the phone Bill. I'll keep you updated on scores. That's right. You can start texting going on days. Be good, bro. Thank you for your example. Anytime appreciate it man to. Alert a lot of things on the mornings Miss America podcast from all these amazing people. But the I will say I've never learned anything quite like the fact that my nipples are as unique as my fingerprints. At least according to the science that is the Dan lebatardshow. I'm sure McGee knew that. Let's chat with him about this McGee. Did you know this no? But I did not. I'm glad to know what I spent a lot of time studying this. But I have let somebody is. You learn something new every day and did not realize that if I did commit a crime that they can catch me bum nipples. Wow. Well, I think I told you store that. One time we're riding bikes like little BMX bikes when we were I don't know probably fifth grade. And I had a buddy go over his handlebars and he lost one. Like lost rash? Shredded is right off. Yes. Some question is I need to track him back now. Because when it grew back was it unique. Or was it a duplicate? What was before if you if if you remove your finger prints, I think they grow back the same way. I don't know what movie was it. Where dude cut off his finger nail or nothing and his fingerprints was seven was that Brad Pitt movie. Yeah. Always in all spa movies. They always put their hands in acid or they rub rub. Like flick seal or something owner fingertips that was him. I'm surprised that. There hasn't been like a hillbilly headline where guy got caught because his nipple was the DNA. Oh, that's come. Now. We'll be we'll be looking for that. Now because Florida. And. That's a great transition into redneck nece now one of the greatest country boy movies of all time is smoking a bandit way down. Everybody who has any inkling about McGee and me understand our infatuation with this movie. Now that led to a recent discussion that Travis and I had here and a hashtag called new bandit where I asked you guys to send us who you thought might provide the best new age smoking abandoned cast. So I had to bring in expert. I had to bring in McGee to get his perspective on this. All right. Let's run it down. All right. If you were how need them if if McGee was how need 'em two thousand nineteen and he decided I'm gonna put a brand new smoke in the bandit two point. Oh on the silver screen. Let's run it down. Who would you cast in your dream world for smoke in the band at two point? Oh, new bandit as bandit, mcconaughey. I think it's very good one. Okay. So Matthew, mcconaughey, whoever it is number one has to be legit southern. And number two has to have the charisma like Burt Reynolds who by the way, people all rentals born in Michigan. What s fine? He grew up in Florida like at Florida's a life. But yeah, I think we're kinda hey could pull it also you, okay? I think McConnell as an absolutely tremendous call on my list. I actually had Vince Vom. Yeah. Okay. I went Vince Vaughn Burt Reynolds because he has that smart ass right approach to everything and that super ability to be very dry and very hilarious at the same time which Bert had in spades. And so I think we've both done really well here Travis did you even make a list? So I'm afraid that I could offend both of you right now in these next dealer award is probably urban Meyer, something that's actually even worse. I have never seen smoke in the bandit. Okay. Well, my God what any hospice it's era a lower c- of tea like every day. I'll make that my homework. Yes. Yes. That is absolutely your homework and with us it's got to do with being American. I will back on the mardi Milton life. I'm back mardi Mckee program. I think in two weeks, I will watch it before. Then have a full review for you guys. Okay. Hit the real vers that I'm at his TV need to find like any to online somewhere, you need to find the real version on it spend three ninety nine and go to Netflix and watch version, please please come on, man. Come home man moment failed him McGee we have failed. I thought we were doing a good job of. Educating America on all ways, southern but apparently, we are failing miserably in our own house. If Travis hasn't seen band yet. Okay. Moving alone. Who plays Carey in mcgee's new bandit? That's a good question about. How about a Anne Hathaway? Oh, an hat. What that was a quite a pool where that was really a pool, but she could pull it fantastic. She's got she's she's kinda got that Sally field like always going to look younger than she is thing. And I went to same. I went to same route. But in terms of my choice. Yeah. But I want faith hill hard. Yeah. Yeah. Eighteen good faith Von Roll with that. Yeah. I think faith who could be a really good Kerry. And you know, she just has that that net girl next door down home, but blow you away beauty that Sally field had by the way. Just as an aside. Laney's reading Sally field's book right now. Okay. Moving low. Well, everyone should read a everyone should read how need to stuntman. That's one of all time favorite boxes if ever. There were a great promoter of great promoters. It is McGee and how need him one of the greatest stories I've ever read on ESPN dot com that opus he wrote on them about what five years ago six. Yeah. He came to the track to promote this book. It was me how need him and Harry Gant sitting in the la- radio room to media center. Daytona? I you talked about trying to play it cool. But on the inside going Balkars, I'll I'll play the cool. But I I was I was clearly a fan can all older spec to get a cannonball run is still. I would watch cannonball right now. So yeah, they're remaking that which I think you, and I should be in that going. I'm sorry. We should let's make our make our stake state our claim right now, we should absolutely be in a cannonball, run remake. Our agents are ready for your call immediately. Yeah. We will. Yeah. Who's directing it? Well, the guys who did Reno nine one one. And nine to museum at some of those and one of those guys think went high school, my wife, so I need to fish should be cast in a two for sure actually, she should probably be in my smokey in new bandit. Yeah. All right. Yeah. I I want us to even if we're just in one scene driving through in a car. It's it's a, you know. Yeah. Even if we're just like extras, and we wave at the cameras by nice cream cone or something did, you know, this you probably did know this because you're like mainland Roddick about smoking ban it, but I did not realize offer. God, I guess that John Schneider is an extra. All right. So I'll give you know. So they shot a really bad. Made for TV, quote, unquote, sequel for smoking just called the bandit and boroughs had nothing to do with how need directed it. They shouted in Monroe North Carolina right after I graduate high school and couldn't find a job. It was living with parents in John Schneider. Played like the sheriff that was chasing the bandit. Yeah. I see him. All boy. Extra in the original. Yeah. That's fantastic. Joklik os into new and could you get on that Travis getting getting bone and or Luke Duke on the radio show? I'll work on it. Thank you. That's it. That's imperative we need we need to do that. Okay. Who who snowman? This is tough because. I'm trying to think of like Jerry Reed, obviously was at the height of his country music stardom when he took that role. So I'm her fict- role. Oh, yeah. I'm trying to think of current like country music artists. A lot of people said Eric a lot of people wrote. Yeah. Said they felt like chief should play snowman deceit. Would he like to do acting? I think he'd be awesome. It's no, man. But I actually I actually have two white yokum. I have another country. Still yokum would be an awesome snowman. Yeah. Nagaa smart ass, and he's on he's a little over exposed right now. But oh, Luke, Luke, actually, Luke, Luke, Luke Luke would be fantastic. And and and Blake Shelton yell show. Likable. Great snowman he'd be great. And he and I guarantee you he could recite the movie the regional work for when you get on that to those Buford t mines good. I got a good be for. You give me yours. Kenny powers will. Yeah. Yeah. Danny McBride, Dan abroad is the right answer. Danny McBride is definitely Buford. T justice. Yeah. Because like the perfect personality the perfect like look everything about it, man. He's the perfect for t-. Australia would big anus and. Have a little leanest that I don't know. That's right. Call or not. But. Anyway, we'll hear was my for big little Lena's. I I was thinking we'll fail for big anus because he's like six six that galvanic use the leanness. Yeah. That would be very funny and those to those to which other I'm Percy you can say Zach last name that elephant. Micheals? He's a he's a fellow. He lived in Raleigh. Like, I does hometown number three for me. Yep. Hometown three homes, a big stop for you. He went to NC state. That's why whenever he plays a complete idiot. They're always an East Carolina fan. True. A couple of movies mentions, the pack and hangover. Yeah. And in in one of the hangover's he says I can't the third hangar. I can't go to secondary can't go on this trip. Because some the backstreet boy Noah Jones, one of those are in Raleigh Raleigh. Durham my mind is blown right now up this revelation here in the campaign, whatever it is where he runs for office against we'll feral he's he plays this kind of just complete idiot. And the guy was like a big East Carolina fan, and it's all because Zack what's to NC. State hates skill art. So we've decided that now we need to I really like McConnell. Hey as a call on bandit. So let's go with that. We'll go McConnell as band. It. We're going to white yoakum a snowman. Yup. We're going are we going to faith healer Anne Hathaway? I'll say can have an axe off. Yeah. We're going. Yeah. We'll Faeroes big anus. Yeah. We're going Zach galvanic note, mardi say his name it galifianakis. Proud of you. Yep. Yep. I've made it up as I went alone. And I think we've created one hell of a great cast. Oh, yeah. For new bandit telling you, I won't steal won't hear from. All y'all hit us up at Maury Smith ESPN at ESPN McGee at Travis rock code put the hashtag new bandit. And this may just become an entire segment or two on mardi mcgee's. Well, hey, guys. I checked the TV listings it's on stars this coming Friday. I'm gonna hit the DVR. According it a watch it full review coming up. Yep. Waylon in two weeks when you retire after the Super Bowl Travis will be back on mardi McGee. And we're going to have a full breakdown of travis's review of smoking in the bandit here in a couple of weeks. And art we've saw. All the world's problems per usual McGee just so you've always know almost not hung over anymore. From weekend of concert going. My dad how they do as soon as the show's over with to the TV show radio shows are with on Saturday. My dad calling you guys. All right. No, we're not. Producer. Pat was a little worried about you guys. His second time produced in I talked to the show, and he honestly thought someone's gonna throw up. Yep. No. It was it was he doesn't understand that gamers game. We're gamers, and we might have been pale as a ghost in looked every bit as bad as I felt. But hey, we got it done. We do little enough coffee were always get you through it. Now. He was a terrible cycle. I was explaining this to them all my buddies the that at the show that night the second show where. Okay. So I had had so much Jack and coke. Friday night that a barely slipped Friday night into Saturday. So I'm telling you a bear. I don't I don't really know if I actually went to sleep how combined did you to get Friday night. I got ninety minutes or so into bed. I'll I'll I'll say I got three hours so combined. So we're looking at we're looking at four and a half five hours total combined in the bed. I don't know that I was like leap that whole time. But I laid down and got up. And that's the problem was this. It wasn't that felt terrible. It was the coke because I don't I don't drink caffeine at night. I always have my morning coffee. It's like the sun coming up for me. It's the most vital part of my day. But I don't usually have any caffeine after maybe nine o'clock in. So I lay down in a I'm like, I can't in my mind was spinning because we had to show coming and then I get up and go do the show, and because I was such a mess. I was pounding coffee throughout the show. And so when we got done with the show, I got back to hotel room. I'm like, dude. I can't sleep. Hey shaken. Oh, yeah. Well, it also just a pure adrenaline of making award winning television and radio that alone show. Yeah. Miami didn't show, but I expect to get lost in the mail. Yeah. Lastly, it's all truck all the way. So snowman's truck roll into us process. Mississippi has no main stroke with all that Coors. And I may never make it to it's this nation. Thanks for hanging out. Dude. Appreciate second oaks. Speaking of a words quick shoutout. Our boy McGee getting the motor sports award this past weekend. And I wasn't even there. Thank you. That was a shocking is a sun coming up in the morning why. Well, sir. Thank you. I didn't go to the dinner because I was like man, I anything I've been the last couple of years at one nothing. And of course, the one year, I went opposite proud of you and thanks for hanging out per sheet. It and Travis thanks so much for getting Brandt. Appreciate your effort. Thanks to Louise for being crazy enough to let us do it. Thanks so much to all you guys for your investment in it and not just in March Miss America. But in mardi McGee. As well. Subscribe rate and review at force. It's important to us. I know seems trivial, but it matters. And and we appreciate when you do that. And I'm just so prescient as always to our military here in all over the world where free for a reason. And it's because of our men and women in uniform, don't forget it thank him when you see them. That's marty. Smith's America volume? Forty one pre shaped branch Connecticut for hanging out. Thanks, one eight hundred flowers for paying for it. We'll see y'all next time around.

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