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Beep beep, so if you want to tickets to the barbecue, there's only one thing you can do head to curl drinks dot com and sign up for the twelve pack case club now because spots are going fast. So you gotta hurry. So come join us for the Corolla family barbecue, June twenty second at the ACS studios. Exclusively for our twelve pack case club members, we love you guys recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr drew show. Yeah. Get an on on a bigger mendicant on when things zoomed that US and lifelock dot com promo code out. But you're back. Oh, yeah. Baking right now. Truecar dot com as well. You know, here's drew the way of our conversation. So let's keep it to pick it up. Let me say this. When I we were talking about the press, and what's going on and on Jesse small thing from, you know, Seattle jussie, I think jesse's was shocked the press ram with the way. They did they took. It went insane with it. He hit a record dropping in two days with the content of his record was exactly what happened to him. Yeah. He did a publicity side. And the press went insane. He then he doubled down. I well, I disagree to some degree. But which is this is a couple of things. I don't think people really understand life, which is to say like if you're the press. Yeah. If you're the press your job is to be part Sinaga for part detective. Yeah. But big parts offer pleas and big part detective, I would argue the detective pieces some of the press the majority of need you need to like, here's the thing. This guy was jumped by two guys and beaten in the street. There's a small fine scratch under one of his eyes that looks as if he was playing with this kitten kitten pod at him. It's also kind of thing that a professional wrestler of bring a razor blade in and make a little Mark. And just bleed out a lot then is not beaten in the streets, kind of kind of rope. Well, not hung by rope. But at the rope runs, but when when you are beaten in the streets, like when their stuff that go, you know, when two guys jump you in to beach, you not not to get your cellphone away from you. But to beat you. There's things there's black is there's broken noses their scraped up elbows scraped up knees. You know what I mean? Like, there's there's a thing that happens when somebody physically attacked you on the street to harm you times to trying to harm you right until to harm. So first things first you taking a picture where you're pouting. Does that mean that does not that's not an orbital soccer? I wanna see an x Ray of a cracked orbital socket or whatever that thing where your eye has a big blood Mark in the middle of the white of the eye of the black guy, or whatever whatever it is a guy who was smacked on the campus of UC, Berkeley guy. Threw a straight punch hit him right in the face. That guy's got a shiner because somebody hit him, that's the way the human body works. So first things first you you're beating in the streets. But you don't really have any marks of a beating. And then you're literally popping and locking on stage. Boy did I- jinx Lynette. Not only the whole marriage thing. But. The funniest thing ever like I said to so I went into the bedroom. And I was watching him. It is. Four days after the incident. He was at his is rallying he was explaining to people that you can't hold them down. And he fought back, and he he did he did he did everything and. Yeah. We just watch guy get punched in the face. But was that was punched for Eva? Are you sitting down we found the one violent person who hates Donald Trump who attacked a guy who was a Trump supporter on the on the campus of UC Berkeley. I know all the violence is coming from the Trump people. But this is the one instance. Only instance were the. Person was the Trump supporter was actually beaten by the non Trump sport. So the one so this guy small let's up on stage popping and locking in between inspirational speeches about himself and how he fought back and how he's gay to park and everything else, and I just looked at it. And I said when you get your rib cracked fractured rip. You're not popping locking. You're having trouble going to the bathroom. Like, you're holding your side while you're lurching to the bathroom. And I I said eight sunny Linnet this stuff happened. I played football. You get your ribs Brose. Even a lot of trouble sitting up in bed without a lot of pain. This is not that. And then it's like, oh, well, he didn't get when somebody attacks. You and punch you in the ribs. You have a lot of trouble breathing. Yes. Of course, sunning Italian never had Bruce reds. So I said, it's exquisitely painful and last on your list is dancing and four five days later Lynette was going down the driveway was going to ride with sunny. Grab like front brake the bike or something. One over the handlebars. Oh, no bruised a rib and has been walking around. So hard to sit up and it's hard to breathe, and it's don't make me laugh at hurts my ribbon. It's like, it's funny. I literally illustrating to the person that's never had a bruise grab. How global this? Is you bruise your rib? It's not like your ankle sorts like your whole being sort. Yeah. So first off in terms of journalism. You were jumped by two dudes in the street and beaten you fought back. The black guy where is the cracked rybak. Where's the xrays? Where's the scuff sending? You know? We're we're those abrasions you have on your elbows your knees your forehead when like to dudes jump on top. You let me where where where is that stuff? They would have just gone. Oh, these these cowards who were just trying to make a point they threw bleach on them and put a rope around his neck putting a rope around someone's neck goes evidently, fighting back to having a rope put around your neck possible. Well, lets you really hold them down. There's gonna be a Mark something on your neck something just saying like, I I I I'm sorry. But a very slight sort of razor thin Mark with a little dried blood on that could have been done with your pinky nail. Is not really the aftermath of a beating. If you wanna see what guys look like who been beaten there? Plenty of guys who've been beaten that ain't that ain't it. So just from that standpoint, drew. Yeah. Then the other thing that's a little weird about it as I'm thinking about it. It's like. When so that's the press. But then when when the Twitter fear gets hold of it, and you know, people are talking about Maxine Waters. He was my friend. We were good friends. Really friends was everyone. Everyone was friends with him. And now, no one's friends with him. Right. You guys were friends. Hey, there was another. Here's name come up, very often. When he spoke other point, my friend, tyrus black guy. He said he goes to me goes throwing bleach on a black guy. There's no white supremacists on earth that's ever done that they wanna hate you for your dark skin. They don't want to light near skin. But there's a thing he said that in in the community that happens sometimes insult. Isn't that interesting? That is inter I would not have known that they were going to. I think they're going to start with gasoline. And then they downgraded to bleed. So the story says Cho's, but again, I don't know. Don't you look not look like something bleaches gets in your eyes zeros like something teen spirit. They all right. Let me tell you about lifelock. Recently hundred twenty seven million stolen records containing Email, addresses user names, passwords went up for sale on the ark web. 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Michigan gay rights activists sets fire to his own home to fabricate a hate crime. A thirties are accusing Jolie who was named citizen of the year by the Jackson citizen patriot last year of having set fire to his own home, killing his pets two dogs and three cats. Yeah. Here's what I know. I know what I know through sort of traveling through life. You know, what I'm saying drew its imbalance? There's the there's a there's a supply demand problem victims. Yeah. It's like just because jaws comes out doesn't mean there's more shark. Right now, you like there to be more shark attacks because jaws came out. But it doesn't mean there is you know, what I mean? And I think basically since Trump became president. We would like this to be the nation. We're living in because we keep saying that's the nation. We're living in and when it doesn't become the nation. We're living in we then make the nation. We're living it, which is what you're living it, which I don't live in that nation because I just walk around and looked observe and I don't see it. I'm not everywhere. Once I just I don't see that. I don't see. That's our society. I mean, I see their things I've zurve observe a lot of smokers throw their cigarette butts on the ground and a lot of folks dro- their gum on the ground. And there are people who drive a little aggressively. And I see these things I I observe what's going on. Yes. I not in your zeitgeist. I'm not not observing a lot of gay bashing or racial intolerance or and again. The part where it has happened. Or does exist is not what I'm talking about. I'm assuming everything exist. I'm only talking about in an of a scale that it's increasing problem. Yes. Anti semitism is a problem. But it's not a problem in the US. But it was a problem in Germany around the mid to late thirties. So it's it's a scattered problem here. But it's not a problem that it's going to involve people being rounded up and taken places. You I draw distinction between things that happen incidents that happen. You know, there's there's X amount of a Hickey. Accidents that claim lives, but I don't think it means. We live in a nation of Islam. Flow of liberties low I trust people on the road in general people generally drive safely. I generally drive safely. I drive with my kids. I'm not afraid to drive with my kids. But are there X amount of lives taken on the road ever? Of course, there are would it be nice to lessen that? It's always good less than that. But I don't I don't I don't live in fear backing out of my driveway Ming, rammed. Why stop driving? But if I turn on the news every night, and they said, you're going to be rammed everytime. You back out your driveway, a certain percentage of people watching with believe it. I believe it because I keep backing out of my driveway. 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Like, do you have a card Consett a card? Do you have a card? I said what kind of card it's for the piano tuning. The vast vast the best is when I have to go. I don't work Jerry so much anymore. Like you have a car now. I really don't have the car. With me the number off the door. No, not really. You don't wanna do the tune pianos tell this audience with that is actually all no, I got a taste, you're yeah. Go ahead. Take that tastes ticket. Big piece of it. Come on. Now. It's good. Yeah. On a diet that that will help you with appetite. All right. So listen. Yeah. I passed the piano, I passed a neighbor's house at a p ano- tuner car parked in front of it. And like my family is like, we don't speak languages. We don't play instruments. We don't we don't do anything. We just watched kind of watch TV and I don't like that. But also, I don't wanna learn language, you're playing, you know, but I don't I don't like the optics of it. Right. You wish I wish we were one of those families that those kind of things, but we're not that good. So I just get the magnetic sign and put it on August car. And then when she's parked in front of the house people think we're winners. Talia wouldn't ride in her car. Way you're gonna be in the winner mobile. She's like now very worried about that stuff. So I said. Fine. I'll put on my car. People think I'm a winner. I put on my car, and I live in a neighborhood that is high piano per capita. Sure. Oh, yeah. And I've been now stop the few times. And I've never ready for people wanna know when we can start or where the card is or what my business. Piano, tuners galore. Seriously, Yale pianos, oh, my son play sounds way. But I can't I'm not coming by the house. No. But I I don't do it. I understand. So then I have I have to have these conversations that are pretty brief because we're like in a parking lot. And I'm walking one way they're like walking the other. And I can't I can't really explain the comedy of it to them. So I have to be vague, which is like, I'm not I'm out of cards, and I'm not kind of getting out of business. Guy told me at an upright and a baby grand went off. I could work on uprights and baby grands and like not really. Now, many would say we're wanted you remove the magnetic signed for the side of your car. Well. You're talking to wrong Hombre. Hi stand. I don't take these your way out. I get it. It is it is worth the the comfort tation in the parking lot. Or the St. how you let it. That's how you know that it's a desired effect. It's getting across right one of the side effects. Come on better that do more. I'm trying to run a podcast. Wait is funny. That people do ask me for my. And it's also weird because. I'm walking also weird. It is just weird. It's at night. I'm walking to a Mexican restaurant. And there's a sixty two year old woman is going to have a car, and I'm walking across the parking lot. And I I have no idea. What she she means. Also, you have a car like I think maybe she knows me once we do stand up or something explain a half, no card. Kind of a finding story drew. Yeah. I didn't. Oh, I didn't tell you about Mr. burn all coming in here and telling them, the world's greatest story about me that I've never told you because I have no recollection of it. What the world is the biology teacher now that's Dilbert deliberately Bernard. Actor. No that was Mr. Gregory, Gregory, Mr. Brunel was the cool teacher along with. It was nice. Okay. Give me your your business there. And then you're telling me the story. Oh, we have. I do remember very well having competitions with him balancing on barbells in the weight room balancing on barbells. Yes, I would say Gary, and Matt the authenticity of his story about me is not in question because he remembers very clearly something I remember very clearly which is spending lots of time in the weight room having a competition. Take a barbell with the smaller weights, not the Olympic weights. But the ones that are ten twelve inches around be hundred pound bar Ellen's sitting on the floor. And the deal was is yet to try to walk across it turn around walk back. It wanted to roll around. They had to do the balance. He was good at balance. He wasn't good as I one cyclist. Right. And so we would have these competitions. And then he would mention the -partment certain point you you'd say we have to stop in the middle and turn around and come back without getting if you get to the end, you can put your spare foot on top of the of the dumbbell dust, the disk, and you can come nippy late him running. But it's hard when you're in the middle. Anyway, he remember that story. Well, and I remember that story. Well, and then he told me story. I'm a guy told the two thousand stories about same things. Same time. Yeah. Never told this never know we're talking about zoom. 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So I sell the story that I'd I blocked on my memory. Well, we all have shit like that stories. We don't remember. I feel like I've remembered all the significant significant stories, but I realize. This was a positive story in for some reason it didn't register short. I remember all the, you know, smash Duke in my ear and being humiliated fighting with people and all that kind of stuff. I remember super clearly when Astor Chila Danko said, well, I had to give a decision between you and your buddy, Chris like in the seventh grade or something and she went I picked you. And then she paused when all my friends, I'm nuts. Someone said it too early. That was carved into my psyche. And remember my dad when he said, they got get the six foot. I remember all those things, but I don't remember a good one which is. Mr. Bernal said there was one of the big gals. And I don't know if your member this. But just remember member in junior high and high school or a couple of giant women like just big. Yeah. Like, I I always felt bad for him because they weren't fat per se. They were there were bones. They were overweight, but they're mostly just big like it wasn't like, oh, you can lose some weight. And then you'll be now just big and. One of those gals. I think probably got a little outside of our comfort zone inside a wear high heels one day glam it up. I'm sure somebody said, oh, no. You look pretty, you know, it'll be nice and such awkward horrible thing. She came in Mr. Bernal class her heels and roll than ankle and went down to the ground. He taught history, and he taught psychology some social science stuff anyway, and everyone's are laughing at her and she'd probably heard Nuff big big. Probably didn't wasn't asked to the prom. And. She's laying in the ground on a heap. Crying and people are laughing piling on as people do. And then a certain point Mr. banal said like we gotta get you up now. And she said rankle heard and people are trying to get her up. And she didn't she sorta checked out. She's like, I'm not getting up my rankles hurt. She'd had enough a life. Yeah. I think and then he said I got up and I picked her up off the ground fully put your arms around my neck, or whatever and just lifted her off the ground, which Richard all city couldn't do the. He was a strong, dude. But I had super weird cranked back then and I picked her up, and he said you carried her to the nurse's office, which is not in in. Our hallway was down downstairs across and stairs. Whatever said you carried her dropped her off at the nurse's office. And then you came back, and you got a standing ovation, and I have. No recollection of that. But I it's probably the standing ovation part that you raised that. I write. But is it weird? How some very specific story that should be something that stayed in the memory banks can be completely gone. Yeah. It's somebody recounted to you can't you can't bring the thing. But it is also it is interesting that when people have a. But, but but it fits a narrative meaning like when he's telling it to me, I was thinking I used to pick people up and throw them onto my shoulders and carry him like I was very much into. I'm gonna take my body and throw them over my shoulder like like firemen style and run a lap around the track. I carry them very much pick you up and carry you and throw you on my back, and blah, blah, blah, this girl, I had a crush on. And she could ride me piggybacks out. I could literally run three laps around the track. Like what jog with with this person? I back. So the fact that she's like sitting there and everyone's going like, you gotta get up. I can't get you up that would've spoke to me like I wouldn't want. I'll get I can get up there. I could lift her up. So that part made sense versus the. Somebody said we're playing scrabble. There was a deadlock and you're handling flying up and said I have to finish straight as a word. I'd go. It doesn't. I feel like me. I don't I don't play scrabble. But it is people up negative makes more intense. Valence it gets more attention. All negatively, even with you know, there's just where brains word. Yeah. Well, again, I think the standing ovations probably there's probably if I'd got back and wrist Renauld said what took so long, and I'd went well, the nurse's office is all the way the Enin Gino Jones load. You know anyone on well next time. Hurry it up. I would have went. Well, you're welcome. And I would've sat down I probably would've remembered it if the standing ovation probably all right? Let me tell you about truecar sixty seconds. That's how long this commercials gonna last. What else can you do in one minute? How about you? Get an offer on your car. Just go to truecar from your smartphone or computer, enter your license plate number and watch your car's details. Pop-up answer a few questions. Get an accurate true cash offer from a local truecar certified dealer. 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Because the the rhetoric is so far from the science. It's like it's like, I can't believe we're talking about the same thing anymore. You a climate denier did know the climate changing. But there's there's ways to interpret what going on and the worst predictions are not horrible. They're they're not what people make it seem like it is. Well. What do you do in a world where there's no God. And you don't believe in God. But you have. See I think a lot of this. I believe a lot of this comes down to. No god. And then sort of having to play God, I think when you believe in God, you don't wanna play God as much maybe that's me. Again, I'm an atheist, so it's all a little confusing. But the the folks that are of religious persuasion, don't, you know, essentially, explaining explaining that the earth's going to end in twelve years is playing God, you you telling people this is going to end, we're all gonna die whatever, it's it's very, you know, when they go like, oh, this guy's playing God that's playing God. Essentially, explain to people how we're all gonna perish unless you start doing. What I tell you to do. Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty God asked right? Like, it's essentially, I shall flood you, and you know, when it's going to live with her minds start doing what I tell you what people that non-scientists where they talk about diet is a non scientists trying to terp scientific. Hearth is going to tell you about vaccinations. Yeah. It's the same thing. And it's very problematic. I mean, it's not it's not as dire. As the rhetoric is the rhetoric is all my the world's immediately. And yes, we should move towards renewable energy. It's very very valuable thing. But do it in a way that makes sense and the way in the meantime, by the way, if you if you seen there's a whole this data that shows if we if we greened up a bit we could take care of it with nature. I've always been saying let the let the th rainforests grow a little bit. You know, just get more green going. It will eat the to. All right. Well, let's have a no nonsense talk about that next show not Taco Bell. Material. My stand up special. Thank you available now chassis to us as a Y dot com and Amazon are sorry. I tunes as well. It just helps people, and I think you're really gonna enjoy also we've got a car cash show that'll be March tenth Peterson beautiful Peterson Druce gonna be there's going to bring his bone stock Porsche, Cayenne, their marvel. And what do you got drew dot com? Family pas the opium series coming up. We're gonna have it all sort of their as an audio book. And it's their written read it right now. We'll have some interesting interviews along side of it. And I grew up to Dr check and say, hi, joy Fatone is new pond two cups of Joe that is two cups of Joe pockets. And wherever you listen to podcasts till next doctor, say Mahala. This is Corolla. Did you? Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably mold along and skip anybody noticed you the long 'til people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again, good news is it's easy to model home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations, janitor and rape. I'm Tim Maguire the AP news minute during a Senate hearing on sexual assaults in the military on Republican Senator Martha mic Sally stunned. Fellow committee members preyed upon and then raped by a superior. Officer MC Sally at twenty six year. Veteran is the first female air force fighter pilot to fly in combat so many women and men I didn't trust the system at the time. I blame myself I was named and confused. I thought I was strong but felt powerless. She added when she did speak up. She felt like the system was raping her all over again, a US journalists seized by Venezuelan security forces at Caracas department earlier today has been freed executives at the ABC affiliate and Miami say Cody Weddell was taken in the airport and put on a plane back to the United States, but will work as a freelancer for that station is Venezuelan assistant who was also taken into custody was also released I'm Tim Maguire.

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