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Bruce McLaren Pt. II - Bruce Builds His McLaren's


Are you into the secret histories of exorcisms Christmas massacres kill? Does IRS and concert disasters about haunted. Mansion's The Philadelphia experiment the Dorm of death or candy corn. Then you're gonNa Love Ghost town a hilarious and sometimes not so hilarious twice. Weekly podcast on Wednesdays. We discussed the secret. History of an abandoned unexplored haunted or mysterious place from anywhere in the world and on Fridays. We cover an amazing historical failure from any time in history goes. Town is one hundred percent. Safe and legal we guaranteed. It's also fun spooky and can contain a riot. A massacre a murder or an arch deluxe. I'm Rebecca Lieb. I'm Jason Horton. And this is ghost town. And you can find ghost town wherever you listen to podcasts. A Joe said some degree earlier. That really awakened Desired what When I pulled out the pig to breakfast like oh my hunky muscle car boyfriend is here. I WANNA be. I WANNA exude that hunky muscle car boyfriend energy. I think you close to that. She probably like I've been hitting the gym. Yeah I gotta drop like fifteen pounds. I think but I think I can get there. Yeah what do I WANNA BE? What what do I WANNA BE? We'll find out if you have time to dig into that right now. Hey guys welcome back to passed gas. Don't media automotive history? Podcast I am one of your house known sites across from me is James Humphrey. Oh baby we're going to go all bobbers. Who and to my to my left as Mr Joe Weber? Hello Joe Wink wink twice. It's a bit coming back. Yeah wait till we put those shirts out. Let us know reviews below. Would you buy a wink wink? Joe Weber Donut Pask Asher ye show up in the comments. Wink Wink Army Hashtag Wink wink army. We are continuing our ongoing series. On Mr Bruce McLaren is welcome to the pass gas. Podcast if you like passed gas please help us grow by giving a good rating and a nicer view on the podcast. Platform your choice to really help us out and I really appreciate that. So thank you all right now for the show when we last met up with Bruce the young. Qe had left his home country of New Zealand and made his home in England working for legendary carmaker John Cooper in his factory. Bruce's racing career abroad had a bit of a bumpy. Start but after two wins at the Medina of formula. One not the MAC. Because I would say the makers Monaco Silverstone Bruce was finding his confidence behind the wheel is Medina Mecca. Medina right to cities. I that's the first time I've ever really hold on. It's a city in Western. Saudi Arabia Coleman. Anyway it's the nineteen fifty eight German Grand Prix. At the Nurburgring Bruce Finishes Fifth Overall and first in the formula to class. He was hanging in with the formula. One cars thing about how many Formula One cars you have to stay ahead of to be fifth overall but still win the form formula to about twenty one sounds about right and I'm not gonNA CONTEST PRETTY CRAZY. Just like bump up a class like yeah. I mean that. Just shows the prowess of a rooster. Yeah Yeah So. After the the fifty eight German Grand Prix Him and his mechanic Colin set off for England a race brands hatch which was the very next day which I thought was insane. What these guys are always driving. Two races amazing. They married act like now Racing is very posh. A I guess like these guys are treated as athletes like mentioned in the last episode. There's just so much data on them. They're checking their pulse and their heart rate and you know they probably like decompress the dudes after every race and like check all their muscles and stuff like back then. It was a pretty like rag tag almost like the circus is coming to town. Yeah it's there was no thought for scheduling crowd. Really it's like. Hey we have formula one race in Germany. How will we go to Britain the next day? And they're just like a man. There's a race on there. I don't know I guess. Two races back to back in day holiday weekend we might as well take advantage. Might as well make a vacation out of. Let's get some Carl's junior on the way. So they managed to complete the three hundred eighty mile journey from the nurburgring to brands. Hatch overnight and then guys were cooking. Yeah Bruce Hop in the car and finished third at that race and by the way. He wasn't the only one who made it to that raise. It was like pretty much. The entire field in Germany like a huge caravan of big old haulers and like probably station wagons and stuck jess. Walk down the and you get on the M one. Yeah that's a local reference to angle everyone in the mid West right. Now's like yeah. The three hundred eighty miles. That's that's my commute. Yeah how far was la to Albuquerque for highly is like eight hundred miles till so not that impressive sixteen hours in twenty five hours. That was yeah. That was our cars broke a lot. Yeah it was. Casey blames my heart attack on that show like like we just shot season two of high low. The Z's are awesome now but like she's like very concerned while we are shooting it because the last season was just so hard on us This one was way easier last time we work in like eighteen hour days for like a month in a row and I had a heart attack like two weeks after it was weird man like at that show like we got in the rhythm of that like you said eighteen hour days it was like okay. You wake up drive the garage work all day and then come home sleep for a little bit and then just do that and then after like two weeks is like just a weird kind of few mind state. I like I forgot to pay bills. Yes like weird dream state and it's not like we were just going and work and it was like the highest pressure. Just everything was going wrong so much stress constantly and just like I think all of us cried. I cried to do you cry you cry. I was angry. Yeah Writing Lyrics and is it on though but by Bruce his twenty first birthday. He had competed in eleven European races and he had finished every one of them. Bruce believes it was because of the shared meticulous nature between he and his mechanic Colin they always tried to be first to tech inspections. I wants to practice and always have the car looking in tiptop shape In his book Bruce Maintains that quote three things are important and go a long way towards winning races I think it's time for just a little. Reminder of what racing was like back then the reputation that open-wheel racing has today as of precision other worldly engineering and safety. But that's not how the sport was perceived in late fifties. No let no. Let's just listen to how Bruce describes a race. In Avis Germany. To my mind it was ridiculous to have a race. On Avis Second. It proved nothing and it was dangerous consisting of two two and a half miles straights connected at one end by a hairpin and at the other. A very steeply banked corner. And when I say steeply banked boy I ming. Steeply banked is around forty degrees. It sounds more like something you'd see in running man to full throttle than a sanctioned race. I just think that's the most ridiculous racetrack I've ever heard. Yes go big old oval. That's not even Ovallis. Like hairpins up all sides. Now is a big bank at one side maintains. So it's like a frigging slingshot around the moon. And then you have to go through a hairpin the other end the shape of a care beaner yeah. Yeah Yeah so like you just maintain so two and a half miles so you can maintain just like top out speed for. I'm guessing like close to six miles said daddy or in the book he says. I think the average speed for that race was like one hundred fifty miles an hour. It's absurd to remember. Remember this is in the late fifties. Up Cars didn't have frigging seatbelts back then. I don't think no no. No HE GOES ON TO DESCRIBE. The racing at the circuit race itself was like a group of boys. In dodging cars with wheels touching noses entails bumping jostling for the lead. But we were doing it at one hundred fifty miles per hour. Dodgems cars are just. Bumper cars dodger. Anti dumping the DOJ GONNA go get a lowly. I'm GONNA eat some cotton Gani Kit. The guys oh that sounds. I'm going to try and win stuff from them. There's a part of the documentary where he describes these like really steep banks. And he's going so fast that it's hard to keep his hands on the bottom of the steering wheel like it's point as hands. Yeah isn't crazy. That is insane. Bruce's apprehensions about Avis. Were justified as a crash at sent one of the competitors fire flying thirty feet in the air and ejecting. The driver. The car win thirty feet. New CAR was out. The rest of the pack was able to dodge the car and continued their breakneck chase down the stretch. They'd back then they didn't even have like what's it. Caution round yellow flag doesn't sound like a a as long as our not in the way they keep it going. Crashes like these. Were not uncommon in racing back. Then Bruce's car through a connecting rod that race by the way and the ejected driver also survived this crash with a broken leg and four broken vertebrae. Who've I feel like if our race car driver back then I'd be like okay? I'm down to race. Oh thank God Blue Karate. Certainly you know like okay. I'm not going to win but at least I'm not dying today. There does seem to be at least a little bit of that kind of feeling. Drought the book because he when he describes times that his car broke breaks down. He's also he's very sad obviously but also he then like in. The same breath described some horrific crash. Where someone just gets thrown from their car. He's got killed in a race and then he just like race the next day like they didn't they didn't even think about it. It was just like yeah. Of course I'm GONNA race guys used to die all the time did you do. Did you guys watch the the Daytona five hundred yeah? It's crazy Ryan's crazy crash. I thought it was a rerun because I didn't know that the race had been postponed so I was like. Oh I didn't hear anything about a driver getting hurt or anything so this is probably fine and then it was. It was a live. Luckily he was okay okay and he walked out of the hospital and a couple of days later also. I was watching it at a bar in a task. At Arrow. That's what you do is watch NASCAR in bars But like people were like cheering for these crashes because like at the end of that racers it was like five crashes or something like that every time just like do people are froude guy in there with Ryan's because like Ryan Newman's car got thrown in the and smashed like he hit the wall head on. Yeah very similar to how earnhardt. Yeah in the car flew and then when he was on the roof you got hit by another car. It's like he very well could have died in these idiots. Are freaking cheering anyway. I hate later that year. Jim Russell asked Bruce if he would like to co drive with him at Loma my favorite race in the coolest thing in all of sports. What do you think he said? I don't know James Isa Few Jim had a lot in common with Bruce for a race car driver. Russell had a surprising working class background. He was born at his parents. Fish and chip shop in Norfolk England. That's pretty awesome. Yeah and his first job was surprisingly selling ice cream. Fish and chips during World War. Two he was a flight sergeant in the Royal Air Force and opened his own shop after the war in a world dominated by rich guys Bruce and Jim Russell were a good match for each other because they weren't rich guys. They were good good enough to compete with them. Rich guys like us baby came from nothing came from the bottom. Now we're here. No new friends. Russell's car of choice for the race was the Cooper Monaco. A car I would say looks like a Shelby Cobra with Porsche. Three five three five six with Porsche. Three five six dimensions. Pretty strange looking looks like a Jag. Yeah it's a very strange looking car. Unfortunately for Bruce the car's performance matched. It's weird looks at Loma. The gearbox started having issues and soon second gear was no longer an option when Russell hopped in the car. He could only drive with one hand as he was keeping the car. In gear with the other kept popping. Things only got worse for the team when Jim spun out and crashed because of some spill. Oil The cooper caught fire and Russell was badly burned. He did survive though in God. Despite the bad luck in France it wouldn't be the last time that Bruce McLaren race Atlema. Yeah remember later if you remember from our Ford Verse Ferrari Series on Afford Verse Ferrari Series on this show you would end up helping Ford with their. Gt Forty Program It was very instrumental there. Who Played Him in the movie? I don't remember anyway a little fun fact about Jim. He would go on to start a racing. School produced some of the best drivers and racing history F. One and indy. Five hundred legend Emerson fittipaldi Canadian legends. Jacques Villanova Vilna Vilna as they say. That's not pronounce going to Villanova Jacques Villeneuve and fifth year host. Tiff needell or all Jim. Russell racing alumni you guys ever watch fifth year I did. It's pretty good. Yeah it's like a pop era top gear. Yeah like when I was a kid I was like a die. Hard top gear fans explorer. Now have like watching. I'm like good and I actually really like different. Oh Yeah it's like a it's a little bit of a I like the group dynamic more. I think that's what we're starting to go for at donut. Like a a big cast that and then it's on a level it sort of top gear meets entertainment tonight. I think it's just a little popular. Yeah little broader by dead. We'll get back to more pass. Gas Right now sponsors. 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He gives off a muscle car boyfriend by no no no well. He's strictly exotics. He's like I mean he's still like he's still hanging out in the high school exciting Malcolm this muscle boyfriend vibe. You gotta start dressing like Tony. Angelo maybe okay. Oh just like every other dress like I'm on Tony. Angela gives off the curb. Gets you some ripped Ripped jeans but ripped from the store or like some sleeve tattoos. Yeah you need some sleeves and some boots. I I have goods. Oh Damn that's a good muscle car boyfriend vibe. I think so. Thank you got shoes. I'm going to get a buck mason. Now go to. I'M GONNA go to macworld MAC wellman. Get some sweats. Really so sorry Brabham. He was cut off by a local driver named tobacco which sent him off. The track and That does sound like a fighting character. What's Cabrera's finishing move cutting white auto? Yeah yes Cabrera sideswipe sent Brabham off the track at one hundred twenty miles per an into powerline land post Jack was thrown from his Cooper racecar and directly into the path of the Kansas City. Flash game masten. Gregory Gregory swerved his car around Brabham across some power lines and had the had the presence of mind to steer his his race car with his fingertips so you wouldn't be electrocuted by the power lines wearing rubber fingertips so he could pull it off and it wouldn't like Yeah Q. Can't like that makes sense. Jack survived the crash with just some bruises and drove at brands. Hatch the next weekend. That's crazy. Can you imagine having like the wherewithal to like in a split second swerve and then like put your finger tips like the time must have slowed down so much? 'cause you're like? Oh Jack Brabham flying onto the road in front of me must maneuver car. That's the real flash. I'm GONNA drive over some power lines. Are they going to be live or not? I don't know it's insane. And what he's also crazy is at this point. Bruce's only twenty two years old and in nineteen fifty nine. He was chosen dry. Four Cooper in the US Grand Prix. What were you doing it? Twenty two years old James Twenty two years old taking Improv. Classes not racing. Us racing use. Grandpa Joe what were you doing? I just moved to. La and I was working For months without being paid for Gurney productions. I'M GONNA call you out Gurney productions Didn't pay me for three months and that's why I almost had to move back home Dan. I'm glad that you didn't have to move back them. I used to work for American idol. That's what I was doing at twenty two. Did you meet Klay? Can I did? Yeah I met all of them all of them all clay Aitken Ache in Stuttered a de Ruben. I was on the season that That grey haired Guy One. Oh Taylor Mary. He's like a country dude. Yeah yeah yes silver Fox. He's a real nice gaffe. He's like a Ninja Turtle. Yeah HE ISRAEL. He's not nice he's a hero but he's not the nineteen fifty-nine. Us Grand Prix would take place at sea bring raceway and exceedingly flat. Track built on top of a former B seventeen bomber base really continuing. This theme of airfields turned into racetracks. After the war ended developer Alec Ullmann visited the base in thought that the collection of runways and taxi lanes would make a great race track. He envisioned the American equivalent of the twenty four hours. Atlema in nineteen fifty to see bring held its first twelve hour endurance event a race that has sense gained a reputation as one of the toughest in the world but bruce would not be running in an endurance event. Yeah a very rough race track. It is very tough on race cars at breaks them down even though it's only a twelve hour event. It's very hard to finish even though it's only twelve hours straight racing allowed out. Have you been the seabourn James? We've done something there Jesse's for sure. Yeah the the fifty nine. Us GP would be the first time that formula cars would race in the states one local racer believed his midget sprint. Car could hang with the F. One guy just so. I've Read Act wrong after some car trouble. In qualifying Bruce started the race in the fourth row. Back not the best place to be in. But not the worst. Wait I WANNA know. More about this midgets midget cars are spring. Cars meant for a really small They do have high horsepower but just the the hope that he can hang with formula. One cars just like so for like. Why did they let him in? They didn't he was just chilling. He was hanging out. I was like man. I know. Y'All from England but I bet I could but I could hang my midget car. Did they let him know? It's just a fun detail of a of a Florida Florida floor. Local yokel D- Joe Utah. It is the first time that F one cars were racing in the states. So he was like. Yeah man you got fast cars fast cars over here too. It's like Oh them's are bene- crocodiles uncle alligators crocodiles sir. I used to live in Florida anyway when green flag dropped. Bruce says he made his best ever start. That's a quote catching the number two starter. Mister Sterling Moss. By the first corner. Bruce held onto his second place position following close behind his teammate. Jack Brabham it was easy for these two guys to hold onto lead. It was as if problems mentorship over the young McLaren gave their cars extra first payers the US GP was a championship deciding race before the race began. Brabham was leading the championship with Moss. Close behind unfortunately for Moss. His car broke down taking him out of the race. Brabham would take the championship with ease with two laps to go jack. Brabham slow down to let Bruce Pass another lap past and Bruce McLaren won his first Formula One race. That's so nice. That's so cool. Looks like a hey kid. Why don't you take this one? Yeah that's Awesome Jack. Brabham took the title and Cooper took the manufacturers trophy. This was the beginning of McLaren's lasting legacy in f one the next season nineteen sixty. Bruce would finish second behind check. The years went by with Bruce seemingly racing all the time like. I said they're doing a lot of that. Caravanning going attracts all over the world from nineteen sixty to nineteen sixty three his reputation as one of the world's finest drivers grew driving all over the world and everything from Formula One cars to driving for Aston Martin's factory team but in nineteen sixty three. Everything was about to change. How does everything? How did things work back then with like no Internet? Like how do they know he'd stop on the side of the road gas station like use a payphone he like outside? Tulsa but can be Scotland next weekend. Hey Jack we're going to Scotland. This is like the montage. We really need to make a movie about this time. I think I think it'd be better than Ford. V Ferrari but I don't think we should like base it on any real guy like a backmarker is called backmarker yeah and like these dudes that just WanNa race but like someone does play Bruce McLaren. Yeah does Stirling Moss. It's like a collage of of a time based on. What's the Dewey Cox Story? Where like Freddie Frankie? Muniz comes up and he's like. Hey it's me buddy holly zoo the Eddie. We don't take that idea. Copyright Copyright Dibs Dibs because even know how to use final draft. Anyway neither do I. Bruce was running in the German Grand Prix at the nurburgring. Who's chasing down? John surtees his Red Ferrari and Jim Clark in his Green Lotus. All of a sudden. Bruce woke up in the hospital. He figured he'd gone off track. But Bruce could not remember where or how he recalled. How Stirling Moss told him after a crash at Goodwood if you told me had been hit by a bus. I'd have believed you. Bruce had been skeptical of memory. He says that he didn't really believe that but now in his hospital bed he understood. It seems my mind and conveniently white washed anything. It would be better not to remember. That's pretty good. That's a good good quotes from He's eloquent guy. If I remember correctly from the documentary right before nurburgring. He like called his girlfriend or wife at the time and was like this track shouldn't exist. There's so many dangerous curves and back then like it's still pretty dangerous but back then it was really really dangerous. Yeah Bruce's legs were battered. And he had assumed that he was sorry. Bruce like a corn dog they were Bruce's legs are bad leg corn dog. Joe And he assumed that he was thrown from Cooper's cockpit. His right leg was in a plaster. Cast not unlike when he was a boy. Things come full circle. I bet that was triggering for him. Yeah I'll probably yeah. He remembered seeing surtees and Clark about a quarter mile ahead but he did not remember. Hearing the right rear wishbone break causing the car to spin out at one hundred miles per hour but he did remember that. There's a race in two weeks ga wanted to drive if going back out on track after he almost died. Sounds crazy while bruce yet. An answer for you. It's essential that you go straight out again and go if you're ever going to look yourself in the eye again but doing that mentality can take a month off and still look yourself. Ni- Well McLaren had proven himself as poised and focused behind the wheel. The crash at the ring did cause him start more start thinking more critically about the forces working on all the components in his car. He was afraid of more breakages. He started thinking about building his own cars. I think that's a good idea. I think he should do that. Did he ever do it? Let's continue at first. Bruce planned to modify Cooper F one cars to run down in Australia and New Zealand. I guess he missed his home since he already had such a great long lasting relationship with the Cooper Company. He thought this would go off without a hitch. But Charles Cooper John Cooper son had some reservation classic son and he's mentally. I need date by. This is my dad's company anymore. It's mine he didn't like the idea of a young Kiwi modifying John Cooper race to be very different from what cooper intended and then racing under the Cooper's name. It's someone reasonable. Also they were kind of worried about liability. They're also very worried about liability for something gone wrong with one of those cars at technically would be cooper's fallen they're afraid of getting sued. That's I understand but it's not completely different from what he intended. He wanted to win races. Yeah but it wouldn't like Bruce's idea was to kind of change it so radically. That wasn't really a cooper anymore. It's like if someone was like. Hey I wanna take all your donut videos. But I'm going to change them but I'm still gonNA call them donut. That'd be like right now. You're not you're not and I'm going to karate chop because of all these reasons. It looked like bruce would not be racing coopers in Australia no matter he decided he was just race his own cars. Yeah Australia Bruce teamed up with Timmy and Teddy Mayer High. An Greta Teddy. Timmy was a racer and teddy was his brother slash manager. They're both from America. Along with Bruce's longtime assistant Owen. Young former team is called Bruce. Mclaren motor racing or B. M. R. For Short the first project was developing a new two point. Five liter. Engine Bruce Plan for a shorter piston stroke. Ooh and which would improve. Responsiveness throttle responsiveness. And how fast the engine concern so like shorter stroke? That's Hire Reps. I think short stroke is a good name for like a little grease monkey kid A short stroke bring me that ranch. My Name's short stroke for some reason. Yeah so the rules. Under which team would be racing down under dictated. The racist would be shorter which meant smaller fuel. Tanks had to be fitted on the car. Thus making a skinnier car. Bruce modified the cooper's with stronger body panels with under seat fuel tanks and new suspension. Sounds like foreshadowing? The the cars were painted with the racing colors of New Zealand. British green with a silver stripe. I just want to thank you guys for not doing the side talk like decide. Mouth Franken very tempted but listening back to the delorean episodes. I I see why you didn't like it works. We'll be right back with more of this story but I ordered from our sponsors. Are you guys? We do a lot of sponsorships and I'm super honestly very very excited about this. One really feels like we've arrived. Big thanks to Valvoline for sponsoring this episode of passed gas. I feel like a frigging race. Car driver valvoline sponsoring us. Thank you for helping US get here. Valvoline has been running the game for a hundred and fifty years. The means they've been around since eighteen. Sixty six that's like before the civil war and they were the first company to file a patent for Motorola they are technically the original motor oil. And that's not the only innovation that they've pulled up. They made the first high mileage motor oil. The first race oil and the first synthetic oil blend all valvoline oils exceed industry standards to provide the ultimate protection for every engine on the road. And that is why some of the best in the Biz. Use valvoline like my practically uncle. Mario Andretti and my really good. I don't know I guess you'd call him a best friend slash brother Chris Forsberg and me I use valvoline two now. The three of us are notoriously. Hard honor engines. So you know that we would only use the most durable oil. Valvoline is the only motor oil with a dedicated. Engine lab where they're able to run specialized engine tests and standardize engine tests right in their own facility. Thank you so much to Valvoline for getting on board pass gas and helping us make. These shows support the companies that support. Don't it without them? We wouldn't be able to make any stuff so racing artists. Michael Turner topped off the car with a custom emblem for the McLaren team. A qe on a checkered flag with a race car. Silhouette on a shield. So this is a cool part. They took this engineer What's his name? I don't know but he he had this like material that they didn't even know about he. Just come from making the Concorde plane were and he was like an engineer. Part of the design team for that and he stole a bunch of stuff. Well he like he let them know about this new material. That was like crazy metal. I don't know what it was. But they used it within the construction of the body of this car. That's nuts. There's the logo singles very cool. It is it's way different than what I was imagining in my mind when I a little crab looking Front view of the car on US quickly to grab Okay the first race with the new cars did not go well with Jack. Brabham own cars. Taking the W pretty easily at problem had started his own company as well. Luckily McLaren got their revenge in the next race with Bruce in I in Timmy. Taken third both of Bruce's cars had made it to the podium. Good job on them but tragedy struck the team at a race in long forward in the state of Victoria during a practice lap. Timmy mayor's car launched into the air by a hump on the track. Sending the car into a tree. Timmy was objected from the car and broke his neck reflecting on the incident in his book. Bruce had this to say the news that he had died instantly was a terrible shock to all of us. But who's to say that he had not seen more done more and learn more and is twenty six years and many people do in a lifetime to do something well is so worthwhile died trying to do it. Better cannot before. Hardy it would be a waste of life to do nothing with one's ability for our feel life is measured in achievement. Not In years alone. That's great. Do Dude I can quote a well spoken guy. That's and that's how the Bruce McLaren autobiography with that quote. Wow I had to read that like three times. I was like holy crap too smart for me to comprehend as I'm reading it and then I'm like Whoa. Why am I in tears? Pretty nuts like if I died doing something I loved. I'd want someone to write something like that. To Kinda EULOGIZE. I'll do thanks terms. We'll do it. No you're older than me. Knowns only like what twenty seven twenty seven next month and like even though it said he died. It's cool because he was trying to make youtube. It's horrible that He. He stuck that pencil into that power. I'm sorry I asked him to. While Bruce McLaren motor cars continued development on formula. One cars a new car with which we will Elaborate more on next episode. The foreign cars a new kind of racing team's attention in the mid nineteen sixties organizers at the Sports Car Club of America or SEC. A were envisioning a series that could bring formula. One style excitement over to the states but with an emphasis on sport cars. Sports cars rather not open wheelers. Like an F. One there'd be a there'd be big prize money online to attract the world's best drivers and teams and most importantly the rules would be almost non-existent. They called it can am now. Some of you like James might be under the impression that Group B rally is the most wild racing of all time and I wouldn't blame you all wheel drive. Consumer cars pushing one thousand horsepower flying to finish forests and overcrowding of people is pretty wild but. I promise you can am was crazier unlike Ruby. There were no homologation. Rules can am. Cars did not need to be mass produced. It wasn't uncommon for a team to only have a single car. Canam followed the F. is group seven regulations. There is no engine size limits. Turbos and superchargers were allowed and there were no other rules restricting teams. The only two rules are there are no rules twice all. Canam car a needed. All the CANAM car needed to be race. Legal was two seats bodywork. That covered the wheels and a robe are it was a race engineer's dream come true Nolan. Bruce McLaren's dream come true the MR entered the inaugural nineteen sixty six canam season with McLaren. M One B of all of McLaren's CAM cars. This one looks the most like a traditional sports car. It was powered by a five point. Four Liter Chevy v. Eight while the frame was made out of steel and body aluminum. Bruce was able to pilot the M one second place championship. Finish that year behind John. Surtees that surtees now Sir Guy. Bruce was following during his crash at the ring. The runner up finish didn't discourage the McLaren team from here on out would be McLaren. Domination job in Asia and the car for the nineteen sixty seven season was unlike anything else on the grid the McLaren m six a resembled moreover wedge than a car but even more striking than its appearance was the color to stand out from the rest of the pack. Mclaren opted for a bright Papaya. Orange accented with Navy blue text reading McLaren cars down the side while other. Canam cars used a steel to frame under their body work. The M six was constructed around. An aluminum monocoque chassis in nineteen sixty seven. That's some stuff that they were doing with the The ACURA NS ex Mclaren F one. Which will talk about next episode That's like some crazy. The late sixties. The five point eight liter. Chevy engine was mounted in the middle of car for near perfect weight. Balance while fuel tanks rode shotgun on either side of the driver Do let's just make like a pit full of gas tanks and put the driver right in the middle. Maybe more impressive than the car was how long it took them to build it from drawing to driving took only eleven weeks shaped like a wedge so the didn't take that long fair enough fair enough Mclaren drove over two thousand miles at goodwood circuit to perfect the tuning to put it simply. Canam was unprepared for the McLaren. M Six a at the first race of the nineteen sixty seven season. Mclaren driver Denny. Whom took the checkered flag? During the second race at Road America the M six a broke the track record by ten seconds day. The six one five out of six races that season solidify McLaren's legacy in the process. Now McLean kept perfecting the Canam course throughout the sixties to be was a quote unquote production version of the winning. 'em Success I really WanNa find one of these things. Yeah and it was delivered to customers as a rolling chassis. That only needed an engine after that was the more aerodynamic m eight a which allowed Denny home to win another championship in nineteen sixty eight following. That was the M. B. which was very similar to the previous car except for the giant wing that sat feet above the driver's head. This is what this is the car I think of when I think of cannon. This car was undefeated. The Ma was McLaren's nineteen seventy car and it was by far the most advanced one yet the primitive wing struts used the previous year were placed by large vertical fins that rose from the body work at both the rear left and right those fins were joined together with a wing that smashed the tires into the pavement. The car looked like something out of a Comic Book and earned the nickname the batmobile. Which one did we see In the Peterson Vault tour. I'm pretty sure we saw the mad the one that we just described. It didn't have the streets. It was more low-slung. Do you know a a pirates. Favorite Cam Canam cars and made our and maybe matey light. I recall your friends if you guys have time or if you're not driving I encourage you to look up. The this thing is it's beautiful then like I can't imagine what it was like to drive this thing. I mean Dear Emmy. Mad On June second nineteen seventy. The McLaren team was testing the new. Canam car at Goodwood Circuit. They are putting the mad through its paces. The cars seven point five liter. Chevy powerplant made around six hundred eighty horsepower and when combined with the superior aerodynamics they the mad was sure to be another winner for McLaren. Bruce hopped in the car to give it a world on the Levant. Straight good woods backstretch. The advanced wing failed. The car. Lost All downforce on the rear wheels immediately. Throwing off Bruce's balance sending him. Into a spin bruce and the mad left the track and they collided with a bunker. That was being used as a flag station. Bruce McLaren was dead. He was only thirty two years old. The shock was felt around the world racing fans across the globe mourned. The loss of one of the sport's greatest figures. How could the company that bore his name? Go on without Bruce McLaren. How would they will find out that next time on? Pass gas man when bummer. Yeah but you know based on things that he's said before that's the way he would wanna go out one thousand percent. There's no way that Bruce would've wanted to just get old rail. Yeah in this documentary. He kind of has this maturity. That's like you know. He didn't expect him to get old and feels like he like every race. He's like kind of bracing for this kind of moment. Yeah all right with you in a way like. That's good yeah. He's chasing it. Almost you know like he was like and then I'll die in a way. Yeah because like he he had been I mean he got in a in a weird way he got that stage of like being bedridden as an old person out of the way super early. He knew what that was like and he you know. I don't blame him from not one living borrowed time in A. Yeah I guess in a way man I mean. He didn't like have terminal illness or anything but he just knew what that those ending stages of life was like. He had already done it. And you don't WanNa do it again. Yeah Yeah he's younger than me. Isn't that right? Yeah well I thank you for listening to pass gas and supporting us here at donut. If you don't already know We also have a youtube channel. Make a lot of videos In the next couple months were shooting a video every day for ever would have right in the middle of that. Make sure you follow donut media on all social media at doughnut media to get some behind the scenes looks and sneak peeks and all this stuff working on me across social media at James Nolan at Noah J Sykes or Joe at dark underscore. Webinar gotTA change. Unless you lied to Yemen I love you. Tell your friends that you love them. Yeah I WANNA make a correction from last week. I said that Catholics drink powers two weeks ago. Two weeks ago It's not true. It's Protestants drink. Bushmills CATHOLICS DRINK Jamesy. So don't bomb our office. Ira All right. Maybe they'll say that.

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