EP85: Secrets to Launching a Successful Podcast


Ooh. Welcome. To the wellness business podcast, simple strategies, declutter the online noise to fast track the growth of your wellness business with Karen paddock and Kathleen Legris. A hey, everyone. Guess what? It's Karen paddock. And Kathleen Legris, you know, we're always hooked at the hip and here, we are again AAC, Kathleen. I love that. Or and as a matter of fact, we will indeed hooked at the hip because we're gonna be getting together in person and a few days. I'm so excited to Kathleen always tells me like that we have one brain it is really interesting how we definitely think a lot of like and almost finish each other's sentences. So it's even more fun when we get together in person, it is, you know, we should do we should do. At least one livestream. Ooh. Other. Yeah. Head on over to the wellness business podcast Facebook page and like that page. So that way you'll be able to see when we go live. All right. I'll have to put to our calendar. Yeah. I love it. I love it when that happens. So let's say to our topic for today because I have been really excited and kind of chomping at the bit to get this recorded. We've had a couple of requests. So why don't you set us up on what we're talking about? Today. We have we have actually quite a few quest to do this. Because people knew that Karen, I we're going to be doing a live event. This was gosh, this was back in October two thousand eighteen so today, we have something in store for you that we really think you're going to love and back in October. Karen, I did a talk about podcasting. And since I know a lot of you are may be thinking about launching a podcast. We wanted to provide this talk for you. And it's called how to launch a wellness podcast with ten. Thousand downloads in thirty days. Whether you're ready have a podcast. Maybe you're thinking about launching one. This is gonna give you strategies to get your podcast in front of more people and get more listeners and subscribers. It's basically a step by step of how we launched this podcast, and the talk that we gave really it was a huge hit. And Karen, I were. Sisto so thankful that the feedback that we got was so good. This was at Ryan lease event that's called freedom fast. And the, you know, the people that were there they're all really geared for online entre preneurs, most of them are in the health wellness and fitness space, and the feedback that we got was really phenomenal. And when we launched this podcast. We really we had to learn everything from scratch because to say we had no idea what we were doing is the truth. So we had to learn everything from the tack from the logistics everything. So we came into this not knowing anything about podcasting. But which of course, and we dove into learning all we could about podcasting, and we combined what we learned from the course with our marketing, knowledge and background, which was incredibly helpful. So we combine that to launch this podcast which had. Over ten thousand downloads in our first thirty days that was pretty amazing pretty exciting. I think the people at freedom fast were really inspired by that. Because like Kathleen that we got so much great feedback in that we had so many people say, that's it. I'm totally starting a podcast. This has been in the back of my mind for a while. But you both have inspired me to take action. So that you know, that is definitely the icing on the cake for us as the speakers to hear that it impacted so many of the audience members and off you all know this yet or not I think we've mentioned it before our podcast the wellness business podcast. Thanks to all of you listening is now in eighty seven countries and has almost two hundred thousand downloads. That is still just mind boggling to me as I see the numbers increase in on a we can't say this enough, but we are so thankful for each. And every one of you who listen, and we truly love hanging out with you each week and hearing from you because you all are the reason that we we do what we do. So we included a link to the course, we took in the show notes in case you'd like to launch a podcast of your own. You can take the exact same course that we took. And maybe that's one of your big goals for this year for two thousand nineteen is figuring out how to do your own podcast. So the freebie for this episode because we want you to have every benefit possible. Trying to make the decision if a podcast is right for you is a copy of the slide deck presentation that we dead at freedom fast. So you can use that as your notes in your blueprint to refer to whatever you want and figure out if it's right for you. So if you want to. Grab the download of our slide deck presentation. Just go to WB podcast dot com or it's lash episode eighty five and Kathleen are you ready to dive into our presentation. I am very ready. Let's do it. All right. So we're going to dive into how tick at ten thousand podcast downloads in thirty days to win Kathleen. And I I thought about this or I want to take you back back to the future. If you will and kind of explain how this all went down. So at the beginning of two thousand and seventeen it was January of two thousand seventeen I was listening to a podcast. It was an Amy Porterfield podcast, and she was talking about the seven and remember the exact title, but like seven ways to take major action in your business this year, and the very first thing that. She mentioned was start podcast because it had so much impact on her business. And she went on to explain how it impacted her business when she started her podcast, and I remember the so clearly, I guess because it was such a defining moment for me. I put the podcast on pause. I was sitting at the Bank drive through in my town, and I text Kathleen right away. And I said, hey, I'm listening to Amy piece podcast right now. And she said that people should start a podcast. You wanna start a podcast with me? And it literally was I couldn't even believe the text was delivered and she was responding already. And Kathleen, you can why don't you share like how this all went on your end while yet with funny as and Carrington notice, but I had also listened to that extent that exact podcast episode. I was thinking the same thing and actually truth be told I had been. Thinking even months before that gosh, you know, I love to do a podcast. But I knew it wasn't something. I had the bandwith to take on either at that time or by myself. So when I got the text from Caroline. Oh my gosh. Yes. Like, no question. No hesitation. Yes. Let's do it. Right. That's what she replied. Like. I'm totally on board. I was thinking the same thing. Yes. Again, guys. That was the start of us really realizing we do have one brain. Yeah. Sometimes that's a good thing. Bad thing. And yeah, was really really exciting for us to think will my gosh, we're gonna we're gonna start a podcast together. So we made that this decision the end of January, then we started we took the course in March or April 'cause I wanna say it was about ninety days from the time. We started the course to when we launched the podcast. So by the time, we actually started diving in and applying things it was only nine days before we actually on the podcast. So here we are two friends. We each have our own businesses. We've got two friends two separate businesses became together to launch the wellness business podcast. And now we also have. Our membership site together. The wellness business insiders club to just the way everything has progressed over the last year. So yeah, it was about a year ago that we actually decided to launch this podcast. And it has honestly been one of the best things I've ever done not just in my business. But I think in my life. I know that's pretty dramatic to say that. But that's how I feel. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, Kathleen, you said one year ago, it's been actually two years ago. Oh, gosh. You're right. That was. Yeah. Two thousand seven. That's right. Coming up on almost a hundred associates. I know it is hard to believe in it truly. I would say it's one of the best things for me to we have. Josh, you would not even believe so much fun. Doing this podcast is such a joy constantly every single week that I and I think it comes through to all of you listening certainly that we feel that way. Yeah. And keeping my two we were nervous. We were scared. We didn't know what to expect. We didn't know what the response was going to be. So if you're thinking about launching a podcast, you probably have those same fears. Yeah. Definitely. So we have a question for you. And that simply is are you thinking about or have you already and water really reinvigorate a start podcast in two thousand nineteen and we really hope you will consider it because it really has been a game changer in our business, and certainly. Early can be the same for you. Absolutely. So this workshop today that were kind of relent to you is all about leverage, it has to do with leveraging your Email last leveraging your connections, your relationships and your social media followers to grow your listener base. And today we're going to cover three critical things to consider before you launch a podcast are three phase launch strategy, which includes prelaunch post launch. And then ongoing the exact strategies we use to get over ten thousand downloads in our first today's and the impact that listener loyalty can have on your business. Definitely definitely. Okay. So let's talk about podcast listener loyalty. So one example of from us, our listener loyal loyalty is when we launched our mem-. Ship site. The wellness business insiders club that really opened for business. Our first lesson went live on October. First we filled the first one hundred spots of that program in thirty six hours, and we filled almost two hundred spots. I think it was one hundred ninety one to be exact in eleven days and the most interesting statistic that came out of that is ninety percent of our new members ninety percent of the one hundred ninety one members listen to our podcast. So you went talk about listener loyalty, that's huge. Right. And your podcast listeners will undoubtedly become your biggest fans in your very most loyal customers. Yeah. That's so true. Because they really get to know you, and I think a lot of people, you know, once they subscribe your podcast. They don't just listen to. The one from the current weekday. Go back and listen to multiple episodes today, really have a chance to get to know you. But we also wanna talk about things you wanna consider first before you seriously. Think about launching a podcast is number one super important is to know your niche and know, what they want think about where are there gaps their pain points or do they want something else like entertainment. So it depends on what type of podcast, you would be launching what we know about our niche of health coaches nutritious and fit pros is that number one. They graduated from their certification program. But they still aren't sure how to build a business because quite frankly, that's really not usually taught in those programs number two. They're usually not clear on their ideal client, and they don't have a consistent marketing strategy in place, and that's understandable. Because they didn't learn how to do it through their training program. Number three is. They're at a beginner level. And they also get easily overwhelmed with the tack most the people are going to school to become a health coach. They don't understandably so they don't love tech stuff. And they don't it's usually something that they want to outsource or have someone else do. So those are things that are very very important to us to know that way when we're thinking about what we're going to cover on the podcast, we keep those things in mind. Definitely. So the second thing that you should consider. If you're starting a podcast is your podcast name, and it wasn't through anything other than pure intention that we named our podcast the wellness business podcast why because it's so obvious who its four and it's interesting because when we did the research on this, and we started looking at other podcasts within I tunes. The majority of them. Honestly, we couldn't tell who it was four. And so in order for us to become a listener of any of those podcasts, we would have needed to do some serious investigation. Now, of course, people refer podcasts, but we really wanted ours. And felt it was important to have the name be obvious. So if they don't know who it's four chances are most people will not listen. So you wanna ask yourself this question as you're thinking about your name because this is the question your potential listener is going to be asking themselves is this for me. Does this interest me will this help me? This is our right. You get about three to five seconds of someone's attention span for them to make that decision to come to that conclusion and your name is the make or break piece of this. That's going to make the difference. So again are hot. Cast is called the wellness business podcast. And it's four wellness business owners super easy for them to know is this for me does this interest me while with you're interested in building a wellness business. Definitely will this help me from ably. If I wanna learn more about building a wellness business. So I think we covered all the bases. Really really well with the title of our podcast, I think so too thing that's important to know as as you're thinking about what you may wanna name your podcast. Go ahead and search that name in the podcast directory to make sure it's not all ready taking because that could be kinda confusing. If you tell someone eldest into the x y the podcast, and that name is already taken. So kind of us wanted us to research at a time. And then the next thing they consider is your logo the artwork. So for example, when you pull up this podcast you see our logo that says the wellness business podcast. It's kind of a yellow orange logo. So you want? Something that's going to stand out in I tunes. It should be something eye-catching. You want it to be simple clean, easy to read. Because sometimes what we see is. Maybe someone has picture of could be their own photo. It could be something else. And then the name of the podcast is really small zero to make sure that the name of the podcast is super super clear easy to read because think about I don't know the exact dimensions. But that is a teeny tiny little J peg that is showing up in the directory. So you wanna make sure count care was saying people are going to look is this podcast for me. What's the name of? They can't see it. Then they're gonna pass it by such something else that think about definitely. We're going into the next piece of the streaming. And when you launch a podcast, we want you to really think of it as a program or product launch that has three phases. The faces are a prelaunch a launch in an ongoing. So we're going to teach you about all of those here today. So the prelaunch is where you're really generating buzz, right? What's coming tease at something special is about to happen? And then let them know your podcast is launching again, talk to them about woods four. And y they want to listen the second phase is the launch phase. And this is the first few weeks. So you're really building up to this. But now, your podcast has launched and for the first three weeks, you're going to be doing some really cool amazing marketing stuff some techniques that we're gonna teach you that will really. Increase the number of listeners. And then we wanna talk to you about what we do ongoing every single week and month to keep the momentum going so that aren't listening numbers are listenership continues to grow each and every month. Yeah. We're going to go into each of these individually, and again rather than having to pull off the side of the road. Take notes or hop off the treadmill Goto WB podcast dot com forward slash episode. Eighty five and you can download this entire slide decks have it right in front of you. So let's talk about first the prelaunch. This is thirty to sixty days before your first episode goes live. This is when you want to build excitement and let people know it's coming and for somebody that have been with us from the beginning, you probably saw some of what what we did what we shared how we did it. We're gonna talk about that in a minute to. But you also think about calling in favors with colleagues in your space, maybe people that may be you've been a guest on their summit people that are friends people that you know, can help you get the word out. You're also gonna do social. Media blast letting people know about this. And then also if you're ready have an Email list, if you have Email subscribers you also wanna let them know starting about sixty days out because he kinda think about like a movie premiere like how many weeks had time. Are you seeing previews for the movies? So rather than as waiting till that I episode comes out building a buzz beforehand is really really important. I think that was a big part of our success. So it may be something that's easy to skip over. But just be sure that your your planning things enough in advance. So that you can include prelaunch promotion as well. Yeah. I think that's something. We did really really. Well, we really got people talking ahead of time. There was so much excitement. And we actually had some things created for ourselves that lent. The ability to continue to have this conversation. On social media. So we had mugs made up with our the wellness business podcast logo that Kathleen. And I would take a photo of the mug or us with the mug. We also had some baseball cap created with the podcast logo on it. And then we did some PDF jape peg type images where it was showing up almost like it was part of the I tunes podcast app. Already showing coming soon. So someone holding their smartphone. And getting ready to listen to the wellness business podcasts into we were really promoting the heck out of this on instance, stories Instagram Facebook in our groups we were talking talking talking talking about what's coming and why people wanted to listen, then you're gonna be so excited. And and I think even we started talking about the first few episodes were gonna be about. So they knew. Oh my gosh. I definitely don't want to be left behind. I wanna be part of all of this excitement. And Kathleen said just like with the movie trailer. There's always these amazing movie trailers where you don't want to be left behind. You don't wanna miss out because it looked so good. And that's what we created. When we were pre launching the wellness business podcast. And I just thought about this all include the link to these in the show notes page. So we used vistaprint for the mugs, and then you can use a service online as called place it dot net. And that basically allows you to put any image in a mockup, but could be a mockup in a computer in. I Pat, and I phone things like that. Because those this show really really well and said it is using your logo. I think that's really kind of a kind of a fun way to do it. A little more eye appealing to for sure. All right. The next part of the prelaunch phase. And this is kind of fun to do you can show behind the scenes of what you're doing as you're working on the podcast pique their interest. This could be images of recording episodes could be short little videos. You can show them your logo the new website. That's coming along. And you can do this Facebook Facebook live Instagram stories. I think we use Instagram stories a lot for this kind of fun. And then the other thing that we did was we released a two minute highlight episode on YouTube a few days before our first episodes went live in what we did was is our editor us is we took clips from the first three episodes and mash them together that way, it gave people kinda like a little preview of what's going to be coming up inside the first three episodes, and the feedback that we got on that was really related hill. That was seriously one of my favorite. It it might even be favorite thing that we did for me that two minute highlight episode. Maybe we can even add that to the show notes. Sure, if you guys didn't get to listen, if you're newer to us, go grab that link and listen to that. It's just a couple of minutes. I think less than a couple of minutes. It was so fun. And really, yeah. I think those my favorite as we're going through all these things we are going to recommend that you outsource as much as much as you can especially the editing. We have a great editor that we work with that helps us, you know, that was behind the scenes working on these things for us because there is a lot to do to launch a podcast. So the more help you can get with that the better when you say can not definitely Yashar. So the next thing we did was we invited top colleagues and friends in our nation that we had been working with over the years to be aghast on somewhere in the first ten episodes. So we kind of split the difference between guests, and then episodes that we did ourselves. And what would that help us do is to ask them? To help us share their podcast episode with the with their audience, which means now, we get so much more exposure because we are leveraging our friends networks are friends, Email us our friends social media following to got eyes and ears on the podcast. And then we also made the decision to submit our podcast to several different podcast directories. So the most famous and well known, of course, is I tunes. But there are a lot of other places that you can have your podcast show up which are places like Stitcher. Google play pod bean pod bean, Alexa, Google home Spotify. So the more places that you're showing showing up the more chances you have for downloads and listeners and finding your ideal clients and having them get on your Email list. Purchase your programs or. Hire you for coaching. So the snakes the big difference. When you start spreading out the places where your particular podcast is showing up. Yes. Specially with Alexa, Google home. People have told me all my gosh. I loved his being able to put on when I'm cooking dinner not that they couldn't use it on their iphone. They wanted to. But if they're used to using those devices is another place when you make it as convenient as possible for people to listen, it it makes a difference. Absolutely. All right. Let's let's transition now into the launch phase of this is after your first episode has gone live. It's in I tunes is in the other directories, right? People can click on that. And listen one thing you want to think about is releasing three episodes when you very first go live. So it's almost I wanna compare it Tuesday. If you go to someone's Instagram feed. And they followed you and you wanna click over in kinda see what they're about. All you see on. There is one lonely picture and maybe posted at six months ago versus going on there and seeing a feed full of different images and things like that that dry you in. So it's kind of similar to launching your podcast. You wanna make sure you have at least three episodes. When you go live because what's gonna happen is after someone listens to one episode. They're probably gonna want more. And this also is going to help boost your downloads. So instead of Saint maybe a hundred people that are listening. That oughta Mattingly bumps it to three hundred downloads. If you have three episodes and not gonna go in this in detail, but to some degree if you wanna be seen in the I tunes new noteworthy the more podcast downloads. You have the better chance you have of being there being. Seen more as of right now. It seems like it's not as important as it was a couple years ago. But just keep that in mind, if you can releasing with at least two ideally, three episodes that we people are going to really get a better feel for you. You know, something I wanna continue to listen to all my gosh. It was really good. I want more. So give them more. Right. When you start. The next thing is posting screen shots of the podcast reviews. Say for example, for us when when the podcast or launched. It was so much fun to going I tunes and read the reviews, and that that really gives social proof to people that are maybe thinking about lot listening to podcasts or not sure gosh, what is podcast. I wanna listen. So by taking screen shots of the reviews, and including that in some of your posts on social media that is amazing social proof, and then people are more likely to click over listen and other thing that's important is ask. Cking your audience. What topics did they want you to cover a lot of times? We think we know or we have an idea, but when you can hear it directly from them. And maybe something you didn't think of before that that is huge. And we're always asking our audience. If there's something you want us to cover let us know. Because really this show this podcast is for you. Just like your podcast will be for your listener. So you wanna cater as much of the content and topics to them as possible. Another simple, but impactful thing it can do is to remind people to subscribe because with that means is when they hit that subscribe button. There oughta Mattingly gonna get a new podcast episode every single week. Or however often you decide that you're going to release your episodes. So for example, for our podcast every Tuesday morning think it's like twelve o one AM. A new podcast episode is released that just helps people the more consistent. You can be the better people rely on you prime most. You know? Hey, there's a new podcast episode coming on Tuesday. I wanna go check it out. So reminding people to subscribe automatic in the show up there and the next one is to be a guest on other podcasts. And these you wanna think about podcasts that will get you in front of your ideal customers, and I'm sure for you care for me whenever I'm interviewed another podcast day. Mention the w-. Wellness business podcast. They say oh Kathleen with health coach solution. She's also the co host of the wellness business podcast. So he. Yeah. People that listen to podcasts love learning about new podcasts. So when you can be a guest on other people's podcasts and get you in front of more people, and then more chances of people subscribing to your podcast, definitely. We do we made a habit of this. And it's worked really well is we make it super easy or our podcast guests to share their interview. So we actually create the social media posts for them. We create Email swipes for them. So they can send it out to their list. And we give them a podcast episode Rafic so weak at this all to them, usually three or four days prior to their episode going live, and that has worked really well for us to continue to get more is on the podcast because we are leveraging our guests audience, and it's very interesting when we have so many people that reach out to us and say, hey, we found you because I found you because you know, so and so as a guest on your podcast, and here she talked about it. And so that's very very exciting and competition. That this works. So it's well worth our time and effort to create those swipe files and share a graphic the other thing that we do every single week when we have a new episode go live is we make sure we promote the heck out of it and social media. So we use Instagram stories. We is Instagram live. We do static posts that promote as an Instagram ad. We use Facebook posts Facebook live in our groups and or on our pages. We kinda you know, shift around in mix these up, and then of course, Facebook ads we've done some advertising to promote the podcast every single week. But when we have an episode that seems like it's a really really good one will put some adspend to hind that and see if we can get more is in ears on the podcasts that way, which is worked really really well Facebook. A great way to be seen by more people. Yeah. It really isn't just look at where are you ready on social media? You hear say the time. You don't need to be everywhere. But wherever you are you really wanna leverage that if you're on Twitter you can pin oppose to the top of your Twitter feeds about the first thing people see when they click over. I don't know if you listen to the Fadh cow, stuffy leaks. You may have noticed that are mentioned that I've left Twitter Lincoln. But doesn't mean you need to wherever you are making sure people know about it. Yeah. Twitter was kinda goes down for me. So the thing is to add a tab on your navigation bar of your website that just says podcast. So when people visit your website on my gosh, she has a podcast or he has podcast go click over and learn more about it. And if you can do is offer to do shout outs reviews, and this is kind of fun because who doesn't love hearing their name on a podcast, and we did this. At the beginning. I think we find you this again, Karen, maybe as we get closer are two hundred episode. But what you do is you go through the reviews, and then pick depends how long they are pick one two or three to read at the beginning of your podcast episode to thank people for the reviews and say, hey, you know, if you want to get shouted on the podcast, you may dissension their name, you may read one or two reviews on that kind of funny thing people are like up and then other options include doing giveaways for ratings and reviews, and we did this on our fiftieth episode, right? Karen? Yep. Fiftieth. Wow. Yachts coming up. Actually, I said are two hundred zero. But I met one hundred we can do it for a two hundred here. Again, we like to celebrate those mile markers. You know? But, you know, do things that are fun do giveaways things like that people people. Love it people love to be recognized hersher. So we're going to transition to our third phase of this awesome podcast marketing strategy, which is our successful, ongoing strategies. So we embrace these on a regular basis than they've worked really well for us. So at the end of the episode, we let our listeners know, you all know, what topic recovering next week, and why you wanna listen. So you're gonna wanna come back. I know I listened to a few podcast that they do this quite regularly. And I know it's always like, oh my gosh. Yeah. That sounds so good. I definitely don't wanna miss that. And it's another great reason to subscribe, right because then you know, I'm covered is gonna medically. Download which will remind me next week when it goes live. But yeah, letting people in on what's coming next to get them excited. Great marketing strategy next. I we remind people to subscribe to the podcast in whatever podcast app that they're listening and leave us a review give shoutouts as Kathleen said, we do this periodically on the podcast for reviewers. And you know, we consider that listener love, and certainly we want to respond and reciprocate with our own love right back to all of you that when you give us a podcast review in I tunes. Were you come over and leave us a message on Facebook? It matters to us, that's huge validation. And let us know that we're giving you exactly what you need. And that's exactly what our intention is. And then lastly, you can Email your subscribers when each new episode comes out and boast about it on social media. And we let our listeners know why they wanna listen, what are they gonna learn we give you know, a serious amount of bullet points. For each episode. And let them know what they're going to discover or what they're going to get out of it, or what strategy gonna learn and really the benefit of them spending the time with us to listen. So it these are all really good strategies to keep the momentum going and and the more consistent. You are the more your audience gets used to hearing from you and gets excited inserts to look forward to. Oh, I know I that this episode always goes live or this podcast. Always goes live on Tuesdays. Yeah. I can't wait. We have tons of our listeners that have said, oh Tuesdays are my favorite workout days because I get to spend the time working out listening to you. All right. I know I left that. Yeah. We love it and call it. What what you said one of the things that housing working for us? Really? Well, is that consistency factor? Do once a week the same day the same time without fail. Part of this is because we plan far enough. At a time. But I don't know about you, Karen, or any of you listeners, if you subscribe to a podcast, and you know, most week there's a podcast, but sometimes there's not sometimes not one for one week some for two weeks. It's it's I don't know. Kind of annoying. Like if I love your podcast. I wanna episode every single week no-doubt now. Yeah. I know some that. That's the way it is. You know, they'll add some old thing that they had recorded in here. You know, just has nothing to do with anything. It's like, okay. Well, now not interested in that. So yeah, that is a bummer. So it does take some planning. But it's definitely worth it. The next thing is quality. So this is quality of the guests that you bring on but also quality of the topics nobody loves fluff. And also, we this was a few months ago, but we didn't publish an interview that we did because we didn't feel that it would benefit our listeners. So we had to make a really difficult somewhat awkward decision to not publish it. And I remember that was a painful decision, but. We have a look at it from a is this something that our listeners would get a lot out of and the answer was no. So we're like, we can't publish it. Yeah. There was a snow solving it. It was just too far too advanced on that particular topic now that it would have brought more questions for our listeners ban resolution. Yeah. So basically with that in our opinion listeners come first that has to be number one, we think, and then the the next thing is that in this is kind of may be up to you and your audience, but just keep in mind that listeners aren't always interested in the complete back story of your gas, consider your audience. I this is something Karen enjoys less than I do. But you know, a lot of times you're listening to a podcast because you wanna get the information. You know, you wanna get the promised topic. The promised result. You don't necessarily wanna hear. Ten minutes about the gas on the same way. Sometimes all this fast. Okay. Yeah. I get that. But can't you just get to the good stuff? So just think about a need some podcasts. Literally. It's like twenty minutes in before we even start even touching brushing on actual promise topic. And by then, I'm frustrated aggravates doesn't even matter. It's so good. So yeah, we definitely have made the intentional choice to try to keep that to a minimum unless it has something specific to do with what our topic is right in the way, we do that. It's very simple. We asked the guest for their bio sometimes it's ROY long. We have to chop it down. So what we like to do is. We like to introduce them. And then we move onto the topic. But some podcast. Okay. So can you tell me like how did you had you get started? And then they talk for ten fifty minutes. So that's just something you wanna keep in mind. And then the last one is this is one thing that we hear over and over again that the action steps the action items at the end of the episodes people really like those because after listen, they actually know case. So what do I do with sin formation? So we usually not every episode, but most of them we give you some sort of action items. So after you, listen, you know, he so so what do I do with us and? And the feedback that we've had on implementing that has been really really positive on. I think that's that was one of the things that we did intentionally just as one way to kind of set this podcast apart. We don't want you to come and listen and then walk away do nothing. We really want you to implement announce one of the ways that we knew that that would help you implement things. Definitely. So the other other things that we do we find out what our listeners like and want on the podcast. We ask you all on social media. We ask in our Facebook groups on our Facebook pages and in our weekly podcast emails. You know, if you have a topic, I know Kathleen, and I both quite regularly DM with people, and we'll say, hey, if there's something you want us to cover let us know. And then we keep a collective list of everything every single topic that you. Ask for in sometimes were able to combine those things into one large episode or if it's just like something that would be a quick answer. But not really worthy of an entire episode. That's when we create our ask us, anything episodes. So if you've been listening for very long, you know, probably about once every eight to twelve weeks, we haven't asked us anything bestowed were we'll answer multiple questions. The will will talk about the question, and then Kathleen will weigh in and then all way in mobile give our own perspective from our marketing experience. So those are always fun in. It's nice way again to support our listeners if they're question is just something quick and easy that we want that they want answered we can bundle together those questions and get them on the show. And then lastly as Kathleen mention we are big about action items. We wanna make sure that there is a call to action at the end of every single episode. We try really hard to make sure that there are downloads. If something is going to help you create some type of downloadable checklist or resource for you. And then we'll make that part of your action step at the end. And we really knew this was working pretty early on. When we started getting messages from our listener saying, oh my gosh. I just got my first client or own my gosh. I just got you know, was able to secure my first referral partnership or own. My gosh, I built my list by fifty people in the last month that's more than I've ever done before from listening to your podcast. So we knew we were onto something really good. When we started seeing that kind of feedback. I love that. I know we actually we thought it was opposed or a message or something someone said. That they feel that they get more out of this podcast than they received the business training where they got their certification. That was amazing. Yeah. A we love hearing your feedback. All right. So the last thing we wanna share that's working for us is this is a big one is outsourcing. So as we're going through all these things that we're doing an implementing you can tell there are a lot of moving parts unless you want your podcast be a fulltime job. Outsourcing really is key can focus on the other business building things in your practice. So here's what we do as far as outsourcing. So after we record each episode, then it's handed off to our podcast editor who edits the show. He adds the intro out tro in the music. They also he writes, the show notes and then schedules each episode in. In the podcast directories K. So we record it send it over to him than once. We get the show notes back. We have a virtual assistant. She creates an Email. She creates a blog post and social media posts from that content. Which basically the show notes are just kind of snippets of information of what's covered any episode, and the assistant also schedules the social media posts, and then we have a graphic designer who creates the graphics for each episode, and we have a template. So we rotate there's four different colors that we use. You don't have to just pick one thing that using tweak. So you can see we've got the podcast editor we have actually we have two to v as we actually now have a VA that is scheduling our she's taking care of our social media on Instagram because initially we didn't have Instagram for the podcast. Now, we do so. So the point being really really important to outsource these bits and pieces to people that can do them. Well, so that's going to free up your time. Because you know, what would you say caring between us outlining 'cause we all end the episode before. And then we're recording. It that's in at least two hours between those things at least in some of the more detailed prod capsules I'd say that up to four hours honestly, yet as to because we go back and forth would wanna cover. Okay. What he want clued in each episode? And then yeah. So you're looking at probably a minimum of three if not four hours per episode. So if you look at. For episodes month. That's about twelve sixteen hours. So he just want to be realistic with your time. How much time you have. And then look at how can you bring in people to help you with those pieces. Definitely the moral of the story as it takes a village. Right. Yeah. And this was something Karen. I knew from the very beginning because we already have businesses that keep us busy. We wanted to our goal was outsource as much as possible. We knew we wanted to do thorough outlines and record the podcast of the net. We really wanted to find people that can help us with pretty much every other piece of it. Because there is a lot for sure. And I don't know if you remember Kathleen when we went to podcast movement, which was is a conference all around podcasting. We met a lot of podcasters, and it was really shocking to me that most of them. I would say at least seventy five percent of them. We're trying to do all of this all on their own. And I really, you know, based on their comments in their feedback that was what was leading to the inconsistency of their podcast being promoted actually delivered. And then promoted because if there are a lot of ups, so it is nice. If you can at least start with at least one person to help you and I would say an editor probably would be the number one option, and certainly we can at our editor's linked to the show notes page, so that you all can have access to him. But he I would say that would be the number one choice and then getting help with the rest of it as as time and funds permit, but yet get the help because we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing without all of those pieces in place -solutely. So your action item. This episode is no different than any other episode. The action item is if you are starting a new podcast we want you to pick a date in the next two weeks. When you want to launch your podcast, even if it's later in the year, put something on the calendar and make sure that you're identifying your niche because again that is the number one thing for all business building podcast building anything you're doing know who you are serving in who you're speaking to. And then choose a podcast name that reflects that. So they can answer. The question is this for me Ben have your logo designed we had someone on fiver do ours. I mean, it was pretty quick and easy. We just gave them some some examples of what we liked. We did some research I send it over. And then I think it was one or two minor. Edits and we had our logo is really quick. And the decide when you want to launch pick your launch date and put it on the calendar, literally until you do that it won't happen. It'll just be a dream Antill. You start making it a reality by declaring when you're going to do it. Now, if you're listening, and you already have an existing podcast that you would love to use these strategies to reinvigorate, the podcast and really breathe new life into it than our action item for you is to make the list of what strategies that we've talked about that you want to implement in the next two weeks and determine would you need to outsource where do you need help? And then find those people to help you get organized make it intent in intentional priority in your business and then move forward because like both Kathleen, and I have shared this has been a game changer. For us on a personal level on a business level is band, one of the true joys and financially rewarding. As it turns out commitments that we've made in our business, and you would love to hear that you plan to do the same. Yeah. With love here. Because we do we hear from quite a few people on a monthly basis that they're thinking about starting a podcast, and they have a lot of questions. So we're hoping this episode answers a lot of those questions. And if you wanna see some of this action examples of the graphics that were using some of the Instagram stories that were doing head on over to the wellness business podcast Instagram page. Check it out liba comment. Go ahead and follow us. And you can kind of see what some of the behind the scenes thing that we're doing here with the podcast. Yeah. And and we'd love for you to listen to the best way to get familiar with what we're doing. And how we're doing. It is to visit our. Our website at WB podcast dot com. Come check it out use it as a model use it as your guide post to creating your own podcast. And we certainly are happy to answer your questions, you have something specific bring it on over to our Facebook page at the wellness business podcast page on Facebook. And leave us a message. We'd love to give you some feedback. We would or a guy. So that wraps up our presentation that we did at freedom fast in as you can see there is a lot to launching a podcast. So take really what you want from this. You may love some of the strategies not love some of the others but implement what you can write Rome wasn't built in a day. And certainly we are perfecting our skill set as ours podcasting goes along the way launching a podcast is a lot like watching a program. In fact, I'd say it's really almost exactly the same. And the tips that we shared should be helpful. If you're getting ready to launch even something other than a podcast, right? Like, all these marketing strategies can be, you know, intermittent intertwined with other marketing promotions that you have coming up so good lesson there and be sure to grab a copy of the slide deck presentation that we mentioned in the beginning and keep it for reference, whether you plan to launch a podcast really really soon or use it for ideas for promoting an upcoming program or you just wanna save it in your archives for later this year when you think you'll actually launch a podcast just hang on to it. So go to WB podcasts dot com for it slash episode. Eighty five that's our show notes page and download the slide presentation you're gonna love it. There's a lot of examples and a lot of images, I think that will help even make things more clear for you the other. We're going to include on our show notes page that we mentioned in the beginning is the link to the podcasting course that we took. So it's called podcasters paradise. There are a lot of podcasting courses out there. But this one really covered all the basis for us. So we have an affiliate link that we will add an if that's something that you wanna use in the future. We would love for you to use our link, and it's definitely without a doubt. Shortened are learning curve. If we if we would've tried to do this by watching YouTube videos or trying to piece it all together, we'd still be trying to launch our podcast. This might be the the first episode. Yeah. This really sped up. Our our whole launch process from beginning to end, it really didn't end we hope that you enjoyed this next week. We're going to be taking or we're gonna be talking about how to trouble shoot your Email. Lists building efforts. We know this is a big struggle for some of you. This is gonna help you pinpoint. Why more people aren't signing up for your free offer? If you have a freebie that you've been promoting and results aren't quite what you'd hope for or you're getting ready to create a new freebie. Join us back here next week to find out how to turn it into a success. Yeah. In the meantime, have a great week. We can't wait to see you back here. Yeah. We'll see next week guys. Take care. This podcast is sponsored by the wellness business insiders club. If you love the information simple action steps included in every podcast episode. You're going to absolutely love love. Love the wellness. Business insiders club. Each month. We do a deep dive into one specific business topic designed to move you out of overwhelm by giving, you know fluff. No filler content to quickly build your wellness business. The insiders club is a monthly membership and mentorship program where we take the topics covered on the podcast to the next level. N beyond join us over at WB insiders club dot com that WB insiders with an S club dot com to learn if this program is right for you. We would love to have you. Join us as a member of the wellness business insiders club sin. Thank you into the wellness business podcast for show, notes and three resources. Visit WB podcast dot com.

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