The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 364 QFTA


Yes welcome into the Tim mckernan show on the inside L. podcast network from the home loan expert. Dot. com. Studios today is September first twenty twenty I am alongside the great gangster Pete Gangster Pete. What questions from the audience I'd say it's really the podcast now and gangster Pete and I feel your questions. We did get another erotic story this week. Not from Dev's though Dev's really kind of set the tone last week. This one could be hotter maybe I don't know I see that it starts off by saying hey tim. I was shocked by a lesbian that's unfounded. I'm intrigued, but I don't know where it's going to go. So we will find out lot of political emails over the last week since we recorded our last. So so we'll dig into that and then we'll get into. discussing politics on T. A., and then a poll question I posted on the TMA fan page, which had a major shift in results. 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So it is a major recommendation plus designers who want to go to time you have heating and cooling issues need repairs. You need a new unit design, air service DOT COM, the number one trained dealer in the Midwest, Tardif stop train, and Seth Gold Camp his family have been taking care of Saint Louis. Since nineteen o four gangster Pete, what are you looking forward to discussing? What are you looking forward to not discussing setting the table with gangster Pete I mean I'm open to anything I'm not to stoked about all the political stuff that's coming now it's kind of a bummer but yeah, I know I kind of want to get into the weeds on it even though. I don't know we'll get into the weeds start with the lesbian thing because I'm intrigued by it and it's GonNa put me in a good mind said, hey, Tim. Hey Smoke. Tim I was cut by a lesbian. After. I. Got done with athletics. I had replaced my addiction with something. So I taught myself how to play guitar. A couple of years. Later, I was in a band and doing small tours around the country in the summertime non famous bands barely making enough for gas and food but it is always a fun road for and you plan the cities around who will let you crash on the couch. This particular story takes place in. Dallas. We play laundromat slash bar called the bar of soap. There were like ten people there but they paid us in booze which was cool because we had a place to crash in free food. The Person We stayed with was a college friend in her apartment complex. Pool. We were enjoying the pool with some beers when this absolute tornado of a Gal came firing out of apartments screamed fuck that guy I'm done wasting my life on a loser I just WanNa get drunk and fuck. My eyes lit up like Clark W griswold when the Christmas lights worked. So she and her roommate joined us in the pool. This was shaping up to be a golden opportunity. As unbelievable as this sounds, she is waiting in the pool with US talking about how she was glad to be single and could not believe she got a Boob job for that loser. We were firing on that Gal like the lone girl that wanders into a hotshots live event who team me library said. I was I was lucky Pierre that day. So we start to make out in the pool and we decided to take it to her apartment. We start getting after it a bit when the door flies open, it's her roommate. She. Tells the girl that she is too drunk and going to make a mistake and to go get a glass of water. While she was in the other room, her roommate told me that she had been waiting for a year for them to break up. So she could make her move and I was fucking it all up. So. Here I am watching not a potted plant to be found. I was hoping to be invited for more. I was not. They ignored me for about two minutes and then the roommate asked what I was still doing their the girl said to be nice. He can stay and then the roommate said, no, he has to go I tucked my tail and left that's from Dave. Here's a pick from the show. But not a pick of the GAL. Was Really. Hoping I scroll down I saw picture that I was going to see the picture that girl has like let me see so. What's so I'm trying to follow this how many girls are involved in this there's two there's two roommates the one broke up with her boyfriend she's ready to get after it. Right? He hits it off with her, but her roommate was secretly in love with her the whole time. So she comes in and then blocked and then doesn't want the M in the. FM She wants him gone. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. While while while Yeah, I mean it's boys more I feel heartbreak for you. I'm kind of rattled actually right now I'm I feel heartbreaks I'm living that because I can kind picture even though I don't know how old Dave is. I'm kind of picturing that time. And it's so wonderful and. You know what I picture I picture the feeling of synapses firing can feels and the synapses firing and you think it's going to happen and the hardest crash somebody who's not done hard drugs. of the hardest crash is when you think something is going to happen and then it doesn't he a little taste to ours. Wow I'm really you know I mean, listen deep story last week was uplifting. This story this week it's heartbreak. I don't know. I. Feel bad for you Dave I really do and I'm kind of picturing it. I'm Kinda. I'm Kinda and here's what I'm picturing. What are you picturing? Like as far as what the girls look like this. Based Story I. Like to picture that they're both very beautiful. Yeah. Well, of course I'm thinking that but I'm thinking they're kind of it's kind of like I'm picturing like the two thousand and kind of like naturally beautiful. You know kind of girl next door. Yeah and you know. Just open and free. And ready to go. Takes me back to be in college. You know first time you hook up with girls real exciting, and then it got crushed right away. Now I'm feeling for Dave here Wall send your erotic stories and hopefully they're more uplifting but it sounds like maybe we have a theme here with deeds and with Dave a deep. Wasn't necessarily crushed so much as he was in the wrong spot on the anatomy but. With with Dave, we thought I really thought this was going wonderfully and then all the although I guess starts out by saying I was shocked by lesbian but I thought it might lead to him being behind the potted plant I e mail in anything you want questions, comments, erotic stories, Tim mckernan. At. Inside St L. Dot com I to- I only posted right like the nine o'clock hour. On the fan page so we shouldn't have too many there. The first post under my post is the Plough Hawks saying speak to me tell me what you see which is just wonderful as texting with the plow turns. Have to say, we're just trying to meet up to play golf or some shape some stroke out So it's wonderful to hear from the plow hawks, speak to me tell me what you see a wonderful drop as well. This question comes from Jonathan. If you get your wish spending six months in Jupiter six months in Saint. Louis, how would you handle school? It's great question. with regard my son. Thought about that Part of my answer, which may sound like a hedge intended to is I. Wonder What School's going to like in general for the next couple of years, which then Kinda gets to the theme of a couple of our last podcast Pete, which I brought TMA which then gets into political discussion but. I'm just not sure that there is going to be a return to twenty nineteen in twenty, twenty one not saying that there won't be Holy Shit I. Hope that there is I'm just saying, I'm not sure that there is an I. Think. And I don't know it's part of the human condition and by the human condition I mean people just don't WanNa think of the worst case scenario as I said, when I was talking about, you know somewhat metaphorically winter is coming, but it actually is little in the sense that bores part is coming still. with regard to people being in Ho inside and places not being open or having occupancy women's, and you can't go outside and do stuff when it's winter in addition to social unrest in the election and so on and so forth that I also think that people won't be on baseball season next year or hockey's next year and I'm kind of like Whoa. Why? Would just because of next year mean that they'll be forty five thousand people Busch Stadium. I don't how likely that is. I'm not saying that it won't happen I'm just saying I don't know how likely it is. and so applying that to things that are certainly more necessary in life such as school I don't know I think I think the world I think we will look back on twenty twenty. And potentially a period of years but twenty twenty. And say. This that is common now was born out of the pandemic is a byproduct it. So something that is more like an like what we consider commonplace in twenty thirty was not commonplace in two thousand nineteen but it became commonplace in twenty twenty because the pandemic and believe it or not. But in twenty nineteen and all the years beforehand people used to go into an office. And what? People used to go into school. Or people you know used to pack stadiums I. Don't know I don't know F- If I listen I. Hope that's not the case to be clear I. Hope it's not the case, but I wonder about it I really I think if I had to put what I think is most likely of those I think the office element is going to forever drastically be. Reduced because if anything, it is just an excuse for businesses to reduce expense and anytime of business as an opportunity to do that whether it's truly right or just can be used as an excuse, the businesses most likely going to do that. So I think that is that is a real thing and I don't know how much we're going to see changed their. I think sporting events will return. I think certainly think I think restaurants will return if not major issue but With regard to. School. I you could have spots where a remote learning is much more common. and. So if that were the case, then that could that could change the game I'll say this in this, you know speaking of somebody with now three year old. And I hear from parents. Who have kids who were you know going to whether be a private high school or a college? And they're like, yeah, my son or daughter is going to this place and it costs. Tens of thousands of dollars a year for the school. It's university and they're they're in my house learning remotely and I'm going what am I what am I getting for this? So I wonder about that I wonder about that whole element. So I don't have a good answer like if it were twenty nineteen, I don't know our thought process has always been through four years old. If we can do it, we would go down to Jupiter and then that would probably would come to an end. but I don't know I. Don't know gangster Peter Thought I already got friends are listenership over the remote learning grill. It's terrible. Man I in fifteen emails with my kids music teacher about some music assignment is like it's like another job really yeah. I mean they're they've got good jobs and then they have to tend to the kids and. They they can't wait till. Everybody's back in school, and then another friend I guess one of the kids positive for code. So the whole class now's going remote for two weeks. Really. Yeah. So now everybody has to read Redo their whole schedule for that. Wow, wow. Wow. I can't imagine. So that's the thing I mean it's a great question, but I guess I'm applying it to. Current times and I wonder about that you know right now not in school. So you know if if it's in play but you know so I mean to play it out for twenty twenty. Twenty twenty one I don't know if there's going to be spring training. Now me being down there. It's just kind of like a convenient thing. The cardinals are there, and so we do show some there, and then I do the podcast interviews, the cardinals there. So it helps. But and it's in the eastern time zone. You know. So I couldn't do this I. Mean I guess I could do it in Las Vegas or Scottsdale or California but. you know I'm getting up. What three in the morning ish. So you know from a quality of life standpoint, it doesn't work and we just happened. Really. Like it down there so I don't know I. Don't know what's GonNa Happen I. Don't I don't know what I don't know what the Hell's going to be doing in a year and a half So that's a that's another thing that I would that I would say is is relevant I'm not I'm not sure you know where I will be Let's see. This is from the Great Carlos Spicer Winter. Do you think the upcoming von? Wonderful woman wind up being the hottest gay hookup event of the decade. That's a great question. Yeah. Didn't know that Doug Sony got engaged until I guess somebody called in and said on Monday I saw the video online. Oh, really. There's an always yeah they have to look at. The whole family meets him in the backyard. Doug's holding the camera is that right? Everybody was very emotional it was cute. Oh, it's awesome. What a great thing that definitely have to go at it but they they both seemed like Super Happy John Vons great people. Yeah. He turn I as well before you were here but like maybe like eight nine years ago. over under on college football completing the entire schedule. I don't know how to answer that because it's like I guess you won't be a percentage. I guess perhaps uncountable complaint how many games they'll complete. Yeah. The SEC will complete all the games. I kinda. Think that that might be been right on that out. And I was I never looked at it. Politically I never looked at it politically, and now I'm looking I'm going Oh It's it's it's a thing. It's it's an actual thing. It's an actual thing. Things are different in the SEC. It's an actual thing. And So from that standpoint, I guess they're going to play I. Really Gas Missouri is going to host Alabama in an empty stadium, is that what it's going to be your twenty percent five percent. Occupancy I'd truly be interested in going to that. Yeah. I'm going to be in Columbia that weekend. So I might see if I can get in there I mean I'd truly be interested in going to that. So from the SEC standpoint. I would set it at ninety percent. Yeah I. think that sounds good. Yeah and I can't believe it because for the whole time I have been thinking, they're never gonNA play college. Football. and. I'm like, Oh, I see what this is about. This is like a south thing. And therefore, it's you know that's the mindset and it's not necessarily the mindset you know. But the mindset of the people in power and boosters, and therefore it's going to go forth. and. Here's the deal even though I would imagine I probably don't share the world views of many in the sec I imagining that I don't know that but I imagine I hope it winds up going flawlessly. 'cause I don't fucking care with regard to the politics element of it. I just love college football and I hope everybody say that nobody gets ill watch that FCS game on Thursday is Central Arkansas Missouri's first opponent initially. and. into it, it came down to the last play of the game. It was fun with the NFL season approaching in some team saying they will allow a small number of fans indie. Think any MLB team will try this before the season is over to Brian I will say no yet say no to You mentioned last week, our nightly struggles, your nightly struggles to get the little man to go to sleep I. Have you tried Melatonin Gumy's we've had a lot of success with them. Our pediatrician has told us they're fine I. appreciate it. Here's something this I'm not going to get I. Dug brought this up. Actually I think this ties in John's engagement now that I think about it. because I guess was caller Adam who may be called in, and that's how I found out about it. If I'm not mistaken if I'm putting all the other. and he goes you wonder why we don't talk about our families on the show. And? I have it's been a thing for me even before my son was born. And then since now that I have a child and then I find out a friend of mine is having a baby and they're having their first baby. Because I didn't like it and I just like, okay then I won't do I know I didn't like it. So treat others I want to be treated I don't. Like when people say, oh, go so fast or Oh, you want to try this or oh Ozzy Slu. You ought to do this that I never want to be. Let me tell you how to parent. person and this person who's asking this question I know who is wonderful personally great person eight-plus human being but when I briefly. Talked last week on the show about how my son just but it's not. It's. It's. It's really I mean, I guess in a way it's a complaint but the complaint is the byproduct of who he is who he is. He's just so happy he is permanently happy. which amazing the only time he is not happy when you tell him hey, it's time we have to go to bed or we have to have to eat because he's always playing an always happy and I'm just so happy that he's happy. But I was talking about that not really thinking anything of it. and. Then I got I. Don't know say a bunch of emails but I got emails on how to get him to go to sleep and even though I know everybody doing it was coming from a good place. I didn't I was just like this. I can't I can't. I just don't want you know I want to talk about it. Yeah. And here you are without a child just like knowingly like, yeah you shouldn't have said that and that's what that's what's coming and I don't know why people I would never. Personally. Say. Here's how you do something with regard your trucks I don't every every every child is different I don't. And I just also would be presumptuous to like think that but I mean again, I know the people who are doing that are coming from a good place. It's just I. Don't know I don't know I don't know I don't have good. Answer as to why it's like a hyper sensitive thing for me. but I regretted that day doing it because I opened myself up to something that I. Kinda told myself before he was even born I Never WanNa do you know I actually think? I think like for like one of the only times in the history of our radio show I said to the people on the show and this would have been twenty seventeen. So gangster, Pete, you and Ben here said, hey listen I know that you know it's a running joke with a lemming thing which I personally fucking hate 'cause which get into a moment actually I think it has created like this anti thing with the audience, which then impacts variety of business transactions which I will attempt to explain even though I know I'll become even the worst guy from being the bad guy but I just don't really want to talk about my. Son On the show I don't want to talk about, I don't want to cause I don't WanNa he's to me he's everything but to the world, he's just a guy and I don't want him I don't want him talked about, and if Doug, were to say you know the stuff with talking about John or you know nigger Greg I now he's fine with it but there are also in their twenties and thirties I mean it's a different deal the cat talks about Tyler and it's just a case by case thing I guess I am hypersensitive to it because I think I have experienced more of the hate stuff than those guys have. don't really know why those guys don't really know why either but just know that it's the case I think people in the audience know but it is the case and I just don't want my family exposed to like if I gotta deal with I gotTa deal with it and I've dealt with it for a while, but I don't want my family exposed to it and and so I was just in that moment that day talking about it, which was just kind of a lighthearted topic. And in the in the emails were pure just like this post on the fan page one, hundred percent pure and it comes from somebody who knows a great person but I'm just like I don't want to open up to hey, you ought to do this or you know that kind of thing which may sound really weird. I might not be communicating it well, but I just don't. I don't want that because I'm pretty comfortable in saying that I'm going to raise my son any other children for lucky enough to have any other children probably different than you know the majority of people I would imagine in. Saint Louis are. and I'm going you should raise your children how I which isn't what people are saying by the way. This is more of like how you could asleep this isn't like morals and stuff. But That's just my own. It's. It's a personal thing and I think it's I might be on an island and maybe I'm alienating even more people in this in this rant. But I, think I think it is born from. Seeing A. The hate that I get. and not wanting him to get it because of me. And so I'm already kind of building that like just the guy whatever he earns the earns and whatever. He doesn't Ernie dozen earn. But you know if you don't like me that's fine. That's the deal I guess. But you you know leave leave my family out of it and so that's and again, no nobody's ever attacked my family But. I just I have a feeling I that it's like the cash because you're got to coach Kit I go now I go I guess in a vacuum I would be interested in it but I know from what I do for a living at least at this moment and like I said I don't know what the next year and a half will bring but at least at this moment. I know that inevitably there will be parents. Who will be like Oh he talks about this stuff on the radio and we don't want that and I don't want my son to. Be Going. What in the hell's that about because I don't apologize for the stuff I I don't think it's wrong. And I'm not going to apologize for it but I recognize what the dynamics are and so you okay. Well, I, personally just want to keep myself out of that and not even present the situation you know. So you can go that's sad that you're going to get kosher son because of that or you're choosing that too. And I'M GONNA Kinda. It's part of the deal. You know I mean it cuts both ways I get to do something that I love and I've been very lucky to do that. So I'm not complaining but I'm just saying this is the landscape I recognize it and I know that inevitably it would be a problem. I can just picture like you know take your pick of whomever. A mother, a father going why heard they talk about this on the radio show we can't have him around the kids and that it would be a whole thing. I just don't want to I don't want to bring that into the dynamic. You're you're you're nodding passionately about topics that I didn't think you would really have any interest in those start talking about you on the nextdoor APP. What is this? Is that the thing that somebody's talking about like is that we talk radio show or It's kind of like a neighborhood you familiar with interest for like my friends will post the crazy posts from people. So what goes on there I mean if there's like a stranger walking down the street some late like there's someone I, don't recognize on our street and then all this is anything going on with the neighborhood. So some I mean some of it I guess is valid stuff but a lot of is just oversensitive over hyper-sensitive people losing their shit I will say this this part which I don't think this is a general comment that a lot of people probably can relate to. Is for so long like going back to like the late nineties. I have just been very careful. Not Be Very careful. Make it sound like it's like Paris Hilton. just very picky and like kind of like, okay. I don't like the person when I can hang out with them my brother. Both my brothers and my best my wedding and one of my brothers brother Kevin who's thanked at the end of every Ryan. Kelly morning after for no particular reason. said. There's a thing about me that if I don't like somebody. I won't even ever talk to them to the point that they wonder if they even exist he said this in his best man speech and my thought is I would rather somebody. No. I'd rather just be sincere and so I don't like you. Why would I be like, hey, how's it going and then find out that I fucking hate them they probably don't like me. So why engage in the bullshit I guess life is easier if you engage in the bullshit. But my point and bringing up with regard to parenting his I just choose to hang out with WHO I WANNA. Hang out with I. Don't want to hang out with somebody I don't hang out with them like. I guess I'm a big believer in that. If I get a bad vibe from someone I just avoid them. Yeah. Why would you? Why would you one like? There's some of the stuff and I guess I can't get too specific that I haven't been exposed to in a long time and it's not me directly but it's indirectly and has nothing to do with professional by the way and I'm just like, wow, I didn't know that Shit went on like especially once you're like in your twenties and thirties and forties like holy shit you know I haven't felt this kind of vibe since like south more year high school in Saint Joe Girls Like we can't have to south city get around you know that Kinda Shit and It's a whole thing and I'm just like I. Don't want to be around those people I. Mean That's not that's not who I would want to hang out with. With regard to the parenting element, you don't get to pick and choose, and so if you're getting that kind of Vibe, you just have to I gather I mean fuck I haven't been there yet but I'm gathering that that's the deal so I won't be able to be in the okay. Well we're not GONNA do that because at got it's my kids game herb kids school event or whatever the case might be. I don't know I don't know. So if we didn't live in Saint Louis I don't know if it would be better. from that standpoint I don't know I don't know but I just it's a it's a thing and and I'm sure people who have kids and then they you know have events but you know I'll I'll say this on the other side but I don't want that might not be fair because Doug has said, some of his favourite life experiences have been going to his kids games out. So I think I'll love that I guess they'll probably just inevitably a couple of people I don't vibe with a certainly probably wouldn't be fans of mine. But it doesn't mean like your fight is Kinda. Don't interact. You know at least that's how I handle things but then. I don't know then if you're doing something that people think like you know. I don't know what the right word for it would be I I've said this before I, think I said it directly to him when he was sitting here were you in here for the Steve Savard areas at a Seymour though Seymour was Seymour And I said, I said, I think people because your you know good looking successful guys been on television for however long you've been on at this point twenty, five years I think. and. He I think he's kind of introverted and then they would mistake the being introverted for being arrogant and then I'd be like, fuck? I. Now that I've gotten to know him, he's like not even remotely and he's just a really good dude. But because there is a perception in the is an outgoing and it's like, oh, he must think he so cool because he's whatever and then it becomes thing. So. My wanting to not interact with somebody's because I don't like you. It's not because. I think it I don't do I. Don't think I do anything special. Whatsoever I think if anything it's a complete disaster Let's see what else we have here. hit asked about this. Often I'm almost bored by but I know people sincere I just nothing's changed since about the rams lawsuit but all I can see those losing words. As I'm. Going over how do you see the team? How do you see the team Saint Louis versus the rams lawsuit playing out? long-term ideal scenario is a settlement. which allows Saint, Louis interest either an opportunity to purchase an existing team assuming one would be open to selling or allowing Saint Louis interesting and opportunity to purchase an expansion team if there's no owner willing to sell. This would be with caveat the Dome, would be a short term solution at the future owner would be expected to mostly funding stadium do time. Our new team would have a new identity and would stay in Saint Louis in perpetuity this would all be an exchange of the NFL, avoiding potential monetary damages avoiding a civil trial avoiding numerous depositions of very powerful people just want to get an update on your take on the matter. Love the show. Thanks great question was phrased in a different way. So I like my honest answer out of the gate is I haven't heard anything new in a while doesn't mean that that there's no the thing about this is. These are clearly professionals on the team Saint Louis side it is is in lockdown mode it is in lockdown mode, which is how you operate it is it's in lockdown mode men. I. I guess I don't even know actually after the fact if I can get into why I quote unquote no, it's in lockdown mode but it's in lockdown mode and I think that's a good thing because I think if they're like our GONNA lose it, they might be like fuck it we'll talk about it but that's a good thing. As far as the NFL giving Saint Louis, an option on a team. I don't know that I kind of feel like that M-, there must have been something to I don't think Taylor Twelve Min. Is is saying that without there being some kernel of truth to, and then you think about who Taylor twelve is close to. Are You thinking about it? Are You thinking about it? Are you thinking about it in Saint Louis Business? Okay well then then you can put two and two together. and. So. From that standpoint. I think there had to be something to it, but I don't know if that was about. Okay. Here's your hush money will give you a team so much as this chargers thing is an absolute disaster. But I don't know I don't. Then it gets into Dean Spanos. What his situation is. Here's something that is is relevant but not totally are you following the Washington football team situation at all I mean I've read about the name of the Washington football team just take in the morning is a late night. Okay. This is this is about the the the the near dwell activities that have gone on over the last twenty years with the team it's about the team's nickname. I mean from my standpoint. And maybe now I'm start maybe it's like when when Doug gets into like political theories and people go oh my God, you know like they're like he's lost it or they they're like great for Doug. I'm glad he's saying it de- It depends which will get into with all these emails that are in politics. But this is where I am on it. I'm observing this into me. It is. So clearly a hit job on Dan Snyder what's going on to take him out to get him to sell the team or to say you are not in good standing you have to sell the team for Jeff, bezos bazo visas to take over. Like it, just it to me. It strikes me as just like so obvious that I'm surprised it's not getting talked about more. But that's just like how I see it like it's The Washington Post owned by bezos always the one reporting the stuff they report the seven listen it's not good. It's not like a positive and that's something. If you own a business, you'd be like good I'm glad and yes, you always have to wait and even if you just have to eat shit, sometimes you own the business even though if you knew nothing about it, you gotta go well, I'm responsible and we gotta changes. Can't imagine he knew a lot of the stuff that was going on and it's like I'm like Dan Snyder Guy. I think Jeff bezos wants to own an NFL team and there are only so many. So that's what I think's going on I don't throw this at all I'm just watching it play out and it strikes me as like this morning Pete. was on the front page of ESPN DOT COM reading through gangster pizza, the wonderful DJ links and links and I go to dot com. Might not be there anymore notice NFL is now taking over the Washington football. Team investigation. And it just strikes me. It's so. Obvious what's going to happen? Dan Snyder is going to have to relinquish ownership or sell the team. And bezos is going to buy the team. And it just to. Baby I'm off I mean listen fire away I fired a bullet back in Shit I. Don't know April saying I can't imagine that the United States will have whatever the total was like on high end on from covid and I said I'll bet that all day long wolf I would bet I would lost and it's super sucks because you're talking about one hundreds of thousands of people dying in the United States but I just thought it was a play like. Okay, WE'RE GONNA. Say The death toll is going to be you know whatever is two, hundred, fifty, thousand people, and they know they'll never come close to two hundred, eighty, thousand people. So they can go well, see we didn't have two, hundred, thousand was a great success I was wrong on that. So could be right sound I. Know this I'm just observing this and I feel like that's that's that's what's going on this I could be off the mark on it. but that's my that's my theory. So going back to NFL conspiracy theories and how it plays out with Saint Louis. You think people in Saint Louis. If Saint Louis found out, it was getting an NFL team would be excited I'd be so excited man I would too I want it so bad. Part of that question is like I haven't heard anything about that but I would love it. I want to go in those games and I don't know if this is like a vocal minority who says I'd have zero interest in it. I just think and I think we got a little taste of it and all you want to talk about the thing that I think I was the wrong guest of in twenty twenty as the battle hawks that that that that'll aware that for a long time. But the battle hawks in what went on there wasn't just about the fact that the team was successful and had a following. It was about who went to the Games in the atmosphere around the Games and it was younger people. And I think that's what you know and you know I, don't know if they were thinking this in the nineteen nineties when they moved here. But the the rams games were just not a thing to go to now in in ninety nine and two thousand and two, thousand, one, two, thousand, three, they war because of the game because of the team. But. If you put that team and I guess kind of you're seeing here, twenty years later in Kansas City that kind of excitement with offense. Even the really what the chiefs are doing is is geared really toward one or two people I mean the rams had you know? A number of just be certainly talented players take your pick and then in addition hall of fame offensive. Lineman or at least one as things stand right now. In a great atmosphere I e Arrowhead Stadium where people go even if a team Shitty, it's an event. It's something you do that's what the battle I don't think people are going to battle hawks games just to go and I don't know how many people could name more than one player but it became a thing. You know I think it would become a source of pride in an event in. Saint Louis. Way More so than the rams and I think in part because yeah temporarily to play in the dome. But if you are playing a place that is conducive like arrowhead to tailgating, that's what to me going to football games. is about is about the game. Day experience you know I went to Notre Dame New Mexico and South Bend last year and I was kind of like why don't I go to war games and I couldn't Notre Dame's GonNa. beat the shit out of New Mexico. But it was just about like hanging out on a beautiful fall day. And drinking and fucking off and bullshitting with people and having a good time and it's a whole day. It's the I. Mean It really is the best. That's why go to many mizzou games as I can I just love the atmosphere. The Whole Day's fun. Yeah. Spend your tone sec there I mean this is. So I listen I would personally love it. I honestly honest answers I don't know I. The thing that I have been told is the NFL is stunned that it has gotten this far now that of course is coming from these Saint Louis Perspective, but I think they thought that this would. Just get back down and it would never have anything and so my honest answer is I don't know. I don't know if that is the goal of of this. But I would imagine that there had to be some kernel of truth the chargers thing. I, it wasn't coming from like a guy on twitter who really misses the NFL and is just trying to spin anything in convincing himself that the Saint Louis going to have it's Taylor twelve men and I'm not saying this to pump up Taylor twelve hundred take down. Taylor twelve minutes at all. I I actually he's been on the show. and he think is like class of ninety nine. Maybe it's saint. Louis you high but we don't know each other played basketball against them. Did you just I heard like the sickest natural athlete yeah. He's he's real thick like I took charge is like felt like a two, hundred, fifty six Talk. Calvin athlete. So anyway, my point is you know again, connect the dots where he's getting his. And then you had the guy who's friends with Josh, Kroenke in Denver with the whole chart I just think that there's there's something there. It doesn't mean it's going to happen in it's not the only team it could be an expansion team. I mean, you saw what happened when the browns became the Ravens in the browns became the browns again in Cleveland when there was a ninety nine and the Ravens started in Baltimore I, think ninety four or five. So it was about a five year window. I would love it and that might be the whole angle. The hope there might have been a whole play. I just think there's so much to this and I feel like I quote unquote know a lot about it. And I guess a half to just because I was dealing with primary sources throughout it. And had those experiences in those years that I knew something was up. And and a lot of the market was being told by a lot of the media that nothing was up and so I i. it's like it's like owning who WanNa tournament nobody had him Jim Herman, Super Obscure draftkings reference. But if everybody is looking toward Collymore Colin that week and you're the guy with Jim Herman, you have a huge effort on the field and draftkings. So I'm very confident that Jim Herman is the play and not Colin more a cow. So I'm over here looking at Jim I've got a master advantage on everybody else who's looking column workout and so throughout that thing, I'm like something's up I don't know what it is. I just know this is not what it is being represented and I have no idea what that means I just know what the people are being told is not true. So now I'm trying to figure out what is real and and maybe at some point we will find that out. So I don't know but if it results in an NFL team I would be I'd personally be thrilled gangster pizzas think Saint Louis to be highly motivated to show I agree with you talk with the battle part of the Battle Hawk. APPs a huge part I just under I was. So off on that I, it was an eye opening being thing. Did you see the new s-o-f-i stadium on hard knocks at all I have not I have not watched one episode and bailed on Knox, they just opened it up. It is sick. You acknowledge that it's very sick the scoreboard there by worth more than our whole stadium project. I. Mean it is. It's ridiculous. I will I'm just I'm so. The NFL in general I'm just like I have my brother Danny's always playing fantasy football draft. Okay. Are you excited for it yeah? I love. Like as much as I enjoyed draft kings, I probably won't even play NFL draft I just couldn't care less but I I don't know I'm totally withdrawn from it see I can't get into following another team that's not from Saint Louis, but I can definitely get into my fancy teams my second thing so I don't know I mean I. Don't know I don't know I don't know what else I feel like last year was doing it but now I'm just so detached I know I didn't play fantasy football last year. Hey Tim Kisa sins as a treat. Thank you. She was one of the pictures this week actually to look closely saw Abigail Mac but that's kiss ascends in the end in the picture question really is that is a fun picture as cleared US like that. Surprising. a few years ago when you did the Q. and A. With Joe Buck at the Improv shop. Would something along those lines work in getting someone like Quin Snyder to do a long foreign podcast interview I mean with people having to pay to get in would that sway someone like that to do an interview? Totally intrigued by Snyder's fulltime at Mizzou and how that went down with your style of interviewing, you might be open about it. remote might open up about it i. hope this makes sense paraphrase it. However, you would like that is from a fan page question I do not I i. if the Quin Snyder interview were to ever happen, it would have to happen. In person in a studio like this or if he's somewhere close for whatever reason degrees to do it I just I mean even though I haven't seen Quin Snyder and fifteen years I feel like one thing hasn't changed in that is he was always now maybe it has. But he was always just. I like I'm onto the next thing. I got I. Got Ten minutes where he would you know come on. It's Kinda like you know like it's for him to sit down and open up and on top of that he's a successful coach got a big game tonight he's got. Yeah, he's got a game seven tonight He's he's dragging like Rothfield in the Dow on the. Inca cleavage but nonetheless, God bless him the fact that he's now like what how old is he's in his mid fifties probably probably remember he's hired I think he's thirty two or thirty three which just Fox me up. You know the time you're twenty, two or twenty, three hundred is like, wow, that's old now look back on Holy Shit to think that you're in charge of that size of program taking over from Norm Stewart on top of it holy shed but with that said I. There's No way Clinton Snyder as interview the Improv shop I can give you a one hundred percent certainty that he will not and I would actually put it in the high nineties that he will never do an interview regarding his time at Missouri even even if he winds up becoming an NBA Hall of fame coach, it's just not I just don't think it's who he is. Although I think I've said this before the unofficial title of this podcast there was a time in two thousand. I was doing the show with frank whose model and that was very brief run two, thousand, three, or four. And I hardly knew him and I. I it must have been two, thousand, three Peter I told you the story. Came kind of tight. Will we had a we had a long phone conversation, but it was the byproduct of television interview just going weird. Like he like it was the only way I can describe it as this. He's sitting across from me the only person the room is my cameraman, and then we're at the hearn center and he's like leaning forward and I'm getting a vibe he wants to fight me and I'm not I'm not exactly not like verbal physical. And it's so awkward. It's so fucking awkward. It's easily the most awkward interview I've done and I'm I'm sure people are GonNa what about this? What about this one? I'm like? No because because I've never sat across somebody on I, think the guy wants to fight. And it's Quin Snyder. And and it's and it gets to a point. It's like after God I feel like we had one of these recently where I'm just like let's pull the plug. It's going nowhere. It had I mean I know it's happened before and you're just like it's there's no point even just like dragging out like this guy's being an asshole. And like he thinks he's being tough. I don't need it. I don't I mean I, guess at that point, my career is a different deal, but because I tripped drove down to Colombian. You know we would do the old the hour-long sports, Sunday things he have Queen Snyder thing. But I'm just like okay and I. It's Kinda pulled the plug and I guess I'm twenty six. and I'm like, all right. You know. Okay. Cool and I said hey right. And he goes yeah are you I'm like okay like what this is like this is like one thirty acquaintance and like you know somebody thinks I was flirting with her girlfriend type thing you know is this really awkward and then he's walking out of the hearns center with some Missouri Athletic Department people, but he's clearly the two pack of the Posse. And he says something along the lines of Did you Did you write that My Sports Information Department is not responsive to interview requests and I said Yeah I, did actually and he goes you got a problem with that. You Talk to me. Okay. Well, let's talk about this has been going on well before you were here the it and it's famous for people who've covered Missouri Athletics. Missouri fans hate to hear it. Then become like anti Missouri. If you talk about it now, I, don't know if it's still going on now. This is this is two thousand three. Nice. Yeah. It's it's it's a problem and I said, I. Don't think it does the program football or basketball. Any favors if Saint Louis or Kansas. City would like to cover the team and for television stations we have to schedule it out to drive down two hours into drive back two hours and a set aside the time to do it, and if we can't get responses, people would rather go screw we're not gonNA. Cover them. It's a lot easier to cover Saint Louis University even though the interest might not be as high. and. Any kind of he's cool but it's still awkward. And I. Think what happened was I called his office maybe a day or two later to try to like just go do you know what was going on? And he called me back and I remember was in front of came over you same place where it is now one memorial drive and drove all the way back to my place in Clayton. Was An conon Clayton at the time and the entire time he's just talking I mean the whole time and I'm like I barely know this guy. And he's just lighting up I mean this this this if this call recorded and played unreal sports, it would have been like a takedown moment. And and talking about. Huge names in college basketball. And why he's perceived the way he is and how he was wrongly perceived I said, Quinn I said, if you feel this strongly I said you ought to defend yourself and what do you do it on? The show with me and Kussin using Imagine Cusimano love and basketball's does he does you'd be in heaven if you do it on our show. Great if you WANNA. Do It on. another show. Great. But you're only you have a lot to say and you've never told your side of it. I would advise you to tell your side but I mean it's your your life you're making you know at that point I duNno. If he's making millions made one hundred, thousand dollars, he's thirty six years old. And And he goes you know what I'm. GonNa do it and he comes on the show with me and frank. And I think he was saying people keep saying all we do is recruit McDonald's high school all Americans and we should be doing better while we only have one McDonald's high school American. Do you know who it was at the time gangster Trayvon Brian wrecked big feet too big to move. Good. Yeah. He thought he was to be higher than that and he was La guy think and you had Paul Johnson from. Roy. And what happened then? was. Find. Interview He. He definitely did not come close to going into as much as was going in his rant and our phone call i. mean not even close because some of the biggest names in college basketball coaching still would have been going Oh, my God. What just happened I mean for Real I. Can I remember three like off the top of my head and you can probably do your guessing on I'm not going to respond no matter what but and and he certainly didn't do that. But what happened was floyd irons was unhappy that he didn't mention Jimmy mckinney. And and like didn't put guest input mckinney in that category and he and I I don't know how it happened but Quinn is texting wasn't going on then so we must have gotten back on the phone he goes you know what I can't win. He goes I'm done I'm not just can't win no matter what I thought I was kind of tell people my side of it and now I'm catching hell there and I'm just like I'm done I'll forget it i. I'm glad that I you know had a chance to talk with you about it but screw this. I'm done and so that was now. I'm not saying for the record that Quin Snyder was wrongly you know whatever I honestly I don't know a lot of what sounds like the most titillating parts of the Quin Snyder era were post two, thousand three. But I. He's just not a guy who has any interest in really pouring his heart out. You know that's just not who he is. Yeah witness Erratic Quinn. Behavior Columbia, at that time did you realize? Firsthand is like my buddy was up at so and so. You saw really doubt he'd WanNa talk about it, right? Yeah. I mean what? In the world I mean the whole the whole thing I'm telling you. Whether it be the rams stuff. And the Quin Snyder I'd love to do these things. But in order to have it happen, you have two people honestly talk about it. And, I get wipe in. Now you know kind of being you know. I kinda get why people he would rather just leave leave the sleeping dog lie you know and I don't. I'M NOT GONNA. What do I am fifty four I have a family. Now I've got my life together. I would imagine at some point soon, he's going to be move on from I mean if they can win tonight and he gets. Who they play by the plan. Michael Porter Jr. I know that. But who they who they play I'm I don't have a great show and then you have the winner of the rockets and the thunder. anyway and he's going to be a guy was going to get hired for a bigger opportunity than the jazz. That's my point. So why would he talk with his price? He got he got out relatively unscathed consider a lot of the stories stayed Columbia Yep Upside, it's just not gonNA happen I mean listen I trust me I've said it before my white whale at this point I guess would be like a Crock your demo off but within the realm of you know I might as well say well, I'd love to have on trump come in and I could talk with them. mean, it's not going to happen. Within the realm of reality, I'd say Quin Snyder but I would say that's probably comparable too cranky and demo off It's just it's probably not going who would who would be the white whale right now gangster pete like a a reality white whale. I haven't thought just because we're not doing interviews with not having people come in and I don't WanNa waste of interview over the phone like the Tom Brady Howard Stern interview that was just kind of a bottle. I mean someone you'd be super excited talk yes. Oh, you could get like somebody I'd be somebody our audience. So not not necessarily global, but our audience here would be like I. Love to hear from and in who knows when we'll be able to do it again. and I, don't know because we've done so many mean to get Jay Nixon to get Dave Peacock in in-person and these issues. we've had you know Jim Tallon Jack Danforth. I'm Mike. MARTZ would be interesting I. think that's a nice play. Marshall faulk would be interesting if you get them to open up. Okay. So with both those guys Martin Kilcoyne is a great relationship with both those guys. I. Don't have a relationship of any kind with either one of them. I mean I covered them but Martin has an actual relationship with them. Marshall would never do it. This is this is me by the way speaking from total hypothetical speculative but I speak as if I'm certain but I'm, pretty certain Marshall. Martz may do it and he may be the kind of guy who would open up. So you're that's a good play. That's a real good play. I don't know. I'm trying to think I love. I. Love I. Love these kinds of interviews, but it's like both with peacock in Nixon we both knew what the other was doing and it wasn't like any secret. It wasn't like some. Meta. Play you know Nixon's it's like well, I can't talk about it because the sued and he can't talk about it 'cause the sued but peacock said that going in. You know. Nixon were out there talking. He's talking with a friend of mine afterwards wars well Nico. Now, you know he asked about the rams thing and I just deftly swatted away time. It's true. It's great. We can kind of do an autopsy on the three minutes after it, but I can stance on Atlantis walked right on out. But still cool to have the former governor of Missouri in here talking about the situation and then getting into his idea with David stirred about how he met with David Stern and I think what he wanted to do was have Saint Louis and Kansas City splitting NBA team. And and he sits David Stern's office in New York. And Stern goes. I can tell you right now it's not going to happen. We still have fifty nine minutes. So is there anything else you WANNA talk? We've had I'll tell you with gene. McNary. Former county executive and with Jay Nixon we've had a lot of NBA Scoop for Saint Louis. I mean, like Shit, I didn't even know and then I talked to I didn't about the Spurs. True but I don't know about Let's see. We got here. All right. I. I. Haven't gotten any emails and we had so many emails from this week that I want to make sure that I get into some of them Okay. This remember last week's homework assignment gangster. PD remember was about burner accounts. Yeah, you're supposed to let you know y with the. I think I've done a poor job. If you have an idea for homework assignment this week I'm all for it but I think I've done a poor job. I honestly don't think I've done a poor job of explaining them. However, the results are indicating I haven't been able to convey it properly. The first homework assignment two weeks ago was not asking people why they support Donald Trump at all not at all because that would be to me that would be very prickly ash like what the fuck is wrong that can. That's. Just and I think people no I I get a lot of I, appreciate these emails I also was called. Liberal Kaku. Needs to stop watching CNN and an email I get that as well. But I also get I people who and I probably will read it some I don't know I don't have order that when we talk politics people think it is very fair. and I appreciate that I like to think that that's where it is and that, and a lot of these people are people who support Donald Trump but they recognize that the conversation is coming from a good place like I truly am interested. So the the first homework assignment was not, why would you? Why did you vote for Donald Trump at all? I don't want to say I like I get it and I'm thinking about doing the same thing because I'm not. I was asking this though because I understand people voting for him from a policy standpoint what I'm asking is this and it's really in general with any president. But since I don't think any other president that I can think of I guess the closest thing would be Obama guess. Had like this. Portion of the population and I know you'd always we can always talk about the thirty five percent who will support him no matter what. But of that thirty, five percent. I'm talking about like you know a third of the thirty five percent who go to the rallies who wear the make America great again, hats who have trump flags. that. That's what I'm. I'm not asking for somebody WHO's voting for them that that's not what I'm asking. So I want to restate the homework assignment 'cause I got a lot of well, this is why I'm voting for him and I get that I wasn't asking it and I don't want to say I'm not interested in it but it it isn't what I was asking, but I got a lot of those. It's if you are somebody who. Would fall into that category of having like. Proudly like dancing at the Donald trump alter my question is why because that I honestly do not get and I'm not saying it to be flippant at all I just I. I don't know if I would necessarily have understood it with Barack Obama either. So it's it's across the board to like worship another person. I don't get it especially however this one and so I wanNA have an understanding like one of the things they'll I'll say which I think there's something to it. it's not necessarily him. But. These people who did and I've got a bunch of these emails and you know how many I can re holy Shit I got that's but him. And one of the common threads was I like that he pushes back. In a way I think the pushing back is really good I i. think it's a shame that it's Him doing it because I think there does need to be a pushback. because of. It's just. I don't even know I mean, it's it's not accurate often it's not true often. It's You know not really highbrow it's You know I don't I don't know what whatever it is. And it's you know pushback back. It'd be a lot better came from someone that was a little more policy, right? Incredible man that's that's the that's the biggest thing out. So I noticed now biden's push back mode with his speech in Pittsburgh yesterday Pete Nye recording the September first twenty twenty for the record and then he's Like in the middle of like one of his lines he just like I mean he's I, think the prompter went down I on. Did you see this? Do you know what I'm talking about I thought clips. Wow. An. All it does is. I remember a campaign adviser saying I think it might have been David. axelrod, who ran Obama's campaign in two thousand eight saying the worst thing that could happen for a political candidate especially presidential candidate because at you're at the, you know the peak of of running for office. Is for the narrative that the other side is pushing. For you to do something where your campaign to do something that can be perceived as confirming the narrative. So in the case of Mitt Romney. Twenty twelve when they had the famous whatever percent comment you remember percent it was. where he was talking about, there is a percent that will never vote for me because they they need handouts whatever it was I'm paraphrasing could be completely butchering at either way it was a he it was a private donor lunch and it all it did was see he's only four rich people. He's a rich guy he can't possibly relate to me, and so then that was used against him in in two thousand twenty the narrative with Biden is he's he's bordering on losing his faculties. And so he's he's not in his basement anymore as it's been labeled speaking he actually goes out and goes to Pittsburgh not a coincidence I don't think it's a positive campaign that he feels like he has to go to Minnesota and I say that because Minnesota you would think would be blue. He's going to Minnesota this week and these are just meet observing things from afar but with regard to the speech I think the. prompter went down either way and it's not being bombed. So excited about Joe Biden I'm just observing what I think happened just like trump like walking down the steps a few weeks ago look like he was ninety five years old I'm sure there was a reason for it. You know I don't think that I didn't go well shit he can't walk down the steps now he says Weird Shit I was already there but with Biden. The par the pro I think the property goes out and he's just he's just he's just saying words and none of them go with each other and then there's sounds and of course, goes around social media and it's like see this man can't be president. And it's like. You gotta be able to you got to be able to riff the property goes down I mean shit anchoring weekend sports cast. The proper would go down you gotta be in your place to like Ad-lib through it and Oh, my God and all that did along the lines of the Romney. Thing was confirmed those who are wondering or already believed he was he was bordering on being senile and going Oh. My God here he is at a campaign speech the first time he's left his basement and months and and he can't even get through talking about cove. It makes really think about a debate like, oh no, though I mean the debate is going to be. I'm telling I mean it's GonNa. Be I don't I might walk away from the debate. Partially entertained. But then feeling. Feeling worse about the prospects for our country than ever before. I D watch last week tonight with John Oliver Occasionally they had this thing. He always just end now this and usually it's making fun of local news right up my alley because she marion Josephine is it a it was a clown show twenty years ago much less now but. The people who intro D-? Trump, for the delegates, I. Guess for their respective state and it. was. It's unbelievable. I don't know if we can use the audience insert because it would play well enough that we wouldn't even need to explain it. And then I'm laughing at it and it is hilarious and then but then you go oh my God this is where we are though I mean that this is what you know. and. Like Kimberly. Guilfoil speech which was. which was just incredible but it's like it's just like his family members were speaking and. That's that's what you can get an you're just going. So I'm like now whereas in two thousand sixteen, I would laugh about it. NBA This fucking. This is unbelievable. You know it's hilarious. Now I'm like I'm mad at myself laughing at it. Because this is our reality it is we said last week we both think he's going to win Biden's odds by by the way now, I his down to minus one twenty. So he was up to minus one sixty five like a month and a half ago it is now down to minus twenty meeting he's still a favourite but not nearly as big of a favorite wasn't trump was at minus one, sixty, five in February. So this has been all over the map just for the record. So yeah, I watch both these guys talk and I'm dislike. I mean. And I and I actually feel. I. Think. For the first time in my life like the importance of the election. And there's an indirect correlation with the importance of the election in our choices for the election and by the way, I wouldn't necessarily feel overwhelmingly better if it were pence versus Harris but I'll say this I would feel better I would feel better. I would feel better and I'm not a fan of either I would feel better. I agree with that you know what I mean it's fucked up. Anyway regarding the homework assignment somebody wrote in and get to it. I might not that that. The people who would be in that in that mindset probably aren't your podcast listeners and that probably is the case although I. Think there are some. but I don't know how how many the other homework assignment was and this was for last week. I gave last week was if you have burner accounts why? But. What I guess. I didn't qualify based on this one that I'm about to read is it wasn't about like having a burner account so you can. See You. Can you know? Like follows this person said I think they followed Jill Cassidy or something like that Lee Santer Joe Cassidy I get that I get it I think it's I. Think it's stupid but I also understand it. So whatever I'm talking about when you troll people. Like. That that's what I'm asking. That's what I meant I'm not asking about like a burner. You know. So you can follow porn stars or you know. Like when you troll people like, what's your explanation for that? I'm curious I'm legitimately. Curious. On that. So this was this was the response that I'm about to read here a Tam, regarding your homework assignment on burner accounts. I'm going to try to explain the psychology of it from my point of view I have a twitter burner but really I just use it as a forum to talk about sports and talk with people about sports and other things I'm interested in. Troll people or any of that So that part I can't speak to. But I, do follow stag stars and talk about porn general, which I think is a big part of it but the bigger part of it is I'm twenty three and I've been told since I was like ten to be careful what you do online as it could come back to bite you now. I'm not naive enough to think I'm important enough to be cancelled. So to speak about the use of burner account takes away a lot of that concern for example, had put in a job application that I really wanted but they looked at my social media and found that I filed Lisa, energy cassidy would that be a negative I sure. Hope not. But why risk it? Luckily I have a job at one of the big employers in. Saint Louis. But even they have sent out emails to the whole company giving suggestions on how to handle personal social media accounts as they view it to some extent as being representative of the whole company. Do I think it'd be fired even talked about what I do on twitter nope. But once again, my point of view why risk it is it cowardice sure. It could be looked at that way and I get it but I feel a lot more free to talk about the things that I enjoy openly. That's the main gist of it. Really thanks that comes from Shane. So everything he said there I understand and agree with completely same. That's the. Talking And that's the issue. So that's what I'm trying to convey my homework assignments about and we're getting so many fucking emails. It's great. It's helping. It's just. It's more like, well, here's why I'm voting for Donald Trump and I'm like I. Get it again even though I'm not I get it I get that I'm not asking about that because they're going to be fifty million people who vote for him. I'm asking about the the people who think he's the second coming and in disregard like things that are like not even an issue to be factually proven as false how do you? How do you? How do you not only? Navigate that. But how do you like this guy's the best and I I didn't for Real Truly I can't figure it out. It's that's why wouldn't understand it and I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonna read your email and shit on it. I really don't understand it but I haven't got one of those. I've gotten a lot of here's why voting for him and a lot of those by the way I'm not gonna read every one of them. Is couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton you know which is kind of what I think. I. Don't think there are a lot of Joe Biden supporters, I think they're not voting for Donald Trump. Got To tell you something more confident. Now, the Donald Trump is going to win than I was last week by the way by the way and I can't necessarily put a finger on on his telling you. That's what I. That's what I think as far as the burners Pete. Now we're talking about trolling. And because if you look at. Twitter for example, or even what we deal with Kasur on facebook like where somebody like it's like a sleeper cell on the fan page they've been there. They've been there. They've been there, and then they finally get to fire off their thing and it's just like what? What was the point of that? You know that's what I'm trying. That's what I'm trying to understand. And again I guess the people with dog avatars who like call People Lib. tards on twitter probably or not our podcast audience. But what is that about like what fulfillment and if you can psychoanalyze yourself? What do you think's going on there because you're probably going to have to acknowledge something that you know might be lacking in life And why is that because I would love to tweet. Bullshit with people it's my favorite thing to do but I'm not gonna I'm, not, GONNA we're not. We're not on without an affair plainfield and I love him play field. I'm out there as who I am and you're out there hiding behind a fake name. It's why the St L. Today comments or youtube comments or any articles comments. Our trash because people use anonymity. So I think it's a bitch move. and. That is why I mean if there's any story controversy in Saint Louis. For like we make light of the St L. Today comments but it's it's because they're they're fake names and so people can spew their bigotry and that's where you go and. Do it now but I mean, you already know what the comments are going to be, but people had to use their actual real names they would never say it ever. So you know in that sense that's what I'm trying. That's what I'm trying to understand what I'm trying to understand So, you know do we do with that? What you want gangster pdf anything on the burner account theory. Last week, it's a bitch move to go on there and just throw people at under a fake fake name. It accomplishes nothing. That's why I'm trying to understand the void reading the comments because that stuff it puts me in the. Mood it's it's not worth it. So I just avoid it like to have and I don't even know my twitter I I'm on twitter, but I don't look at my personal profile might have lost thousands and thousands of. vowels never tweet I. don't even know how to find it actually now I have twenty, five, thousand, eight, hundred, which stuns me because I barely tweeted at all. For. At least the last few months. and I would love to be I mean what happened to be able to reach twenty six thousand people immediately is valuable but I don't even mess with it because I don't want I. Guess You can do something where you tweet Pete. And you can block who can you can. You can block people will know you come definitely Blah everyone can reply. That's it. Only people you mentioned can reply. I guess that's a way to handle it. Yeah. I don't know I. Don't know who knows. I don't know. It's just so. It's a what if its downside play? You're talking about the Quin Snyder thing. Why would mess with it? When I'd rather bullshit with my friends and people I don't know how it's just and it sucks because it could be used but I'm just not there and I thought to myself I. Think. Had people say it on the podcast where I was going to get into it. But then you know why mess with an get into it for a day or two of them like how might all it did was caused negative energy and I don't fuck with it. Let's see what we got here. This one I thought was kind of I remember this this one came in and I'm like, okay, here's another thing I've noticed. How many people in whether it be fan page and I know you don't see the emails I get questions from the audience but. Like, they're obviously trump voters but they act like they're not what's that about I, guess. I. I guess it's you don't WanNa be called racist which I have to say is a completely reasonable position but in a private email, sound like I'm GonNa go. Up fucking racist have a good day. I. Mean I'm just GonNa. I just read them. But like I'm like the Fan Patriot sample, there's so many obvious trump voters who say they're not trump voters. But I guess if you're like, yeah, I, don't WanNa be called racist I, have to say I understand that but I think that's totally I think there's so much negative stuff. Attached to trump that they just don't want that associated. Yeah. We kind of answered our. Questions I guess that's got to be, but this isn't a private email and so this guy wrote this long thing was it was it was like having a you know. Like being in the Breitbart comment section. And I go and I wrote back was who do you think you're gonNA vote for? Trump, you know. Okay. So. So I guess my premise on is we weren't entering into the discussion from you know you weren't acknowledging where you are. You know you're. Saying that you're not a fan but then it's like you know but I have to I guess in fairness to him I'm not a fan of Joe Biden's. I think I might have been a fan of I would call it a fan but I would have been more apt to vote for him a while ago. Not Now. and I'm going to vote for him. So you know I guess maybe that's not fair. So fuck me that is official fuck me moment of the of the podcast. As, well, let's see I. Think this one is pretty good with regarding to the question. Sub Tim and smoke so. I write this email from both of your respective old stomping grounds here in Komo I. Am a PhD Student Slash Instructor at. Mizzou in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences for what it's worth. I find the strode casts on the Hilarious me too and I'd love to call in some time to give our orange. A little friend business is to keep this short as possible. So here are the reasons in descending order. I'm a Maga- guy. Number one trump was not a career politician number two trump did not represent more of the same as Hillary Clinton did and in fact, represented radical change to our economy through trade deals in efforts to bring companies back to the US to expand on this point, my family and I suffered during the Obama presidency both financially as well as losing healthcare benefits we worked hard for do to Obamacare I. Say this is someone who voted for Obama number three trump representative end the PC culture at the time that was nurtured under the Obama Administration is brashness. And Willingness To tweet whatever the hell he once I find refreshing even when I know it's complete bs as a white male felt the PC culture and the radicalization of, for example, the me too movement was becoming suffocating and that's why trump's off the cuff P C police be damned attitude I find enjoyable number four, Hillary, Clinton just a vile person I believe we share common ground here we probably disagree on most of these points but I appreciate the question you asked and felt compelled to respond. It's nice to hear a different perspective other than the ones. is known I. Hope this response helps in your trying to understand the other side to quickly respond to the burner account question. This guy's full service I don't have burner accounts, and in fact, I have gone largely silent social media across the board in the last few weeks giving my station in life the juice just isn't worth the squeeze. And as a gentleman in his late thirties, I've matured enough to understand that there's no issue responding to that would risk my job and career I. Actually look back at the last thing I comment on passionately and funny enough it was Mike. McCain's decision to Pat Pitch Walk in Game Five, the giants in twenty fourteen social media. These days is simply a way to keep up with friends especially those no longer residing in Coamo. Thanks for taking the time to read this and also thanks for keeping me sane everyday listening to the podcast, and of course, as I navigate life in quote university best and gives his name. I guess we can read it. I don't know, but it's the point. Really he's. He's been pretty specific though, but he gives his full name. Just air in the Santa. Caution there. As always I'm sorry. SHOELACE got caught in my chair and it was torturing me. All right. So yeah, y y read the name actually agree with four of his point I that's the best email I received on the topic the minus the I mean the. Trump goes too far with saint wherever he wants but I mean you can't dispute. He was not a career politician that's just a fact trump did not represent more of the same I understand that premise to Spanish point my in. So if you suffer during the Obama Presidency. Then I i. don't know I. Mean I. Guess Maybe some people did I, you know the the economy actually if you look at the numbers I know sometimes that's You know inconvenient but you know. was. Successful time in American history especially considering where things were in two, thousand eight but the healthcare thing you know he's speaking firsthand wouldn't be right to say, Oh, I think you're making that up I. Mean I think the sky came to the table with sincere points. I remember having a conversation with. Somebody Pete. It was my guess I shouldn't go into where it was because my giveaway who was even though it's not a big deal but and the person goes is going we're just of bullshitting and it must have been. It's probably two, thousand, twelve actually he goes. I don't want my friends would probably give me for this but. I don't know about you. But I had a pretty good last four years. I don't know why people are hating on Barack. Obama And I I don't know. You know I'm like I'M GONNA. Vote for him two thousand twelve. but it was kind of like, I, know we're being told the economy's bad and he's bad president but I'm kind of go in this thing is. You know from my standpoint I think he's a good man and it's been a good for years considering where things were. but you know, hey, man that's not across the board, and if you view the president is playing a large role in it than just like. Many people voting for Biden I wouldn't vote for the person or for the person you perceive as carrying the torch for your administration has people some viewed Hillary Clinton doing number three trump represent an end to the PC culture at the time that was nurtured under the Obama that one I disagree with. But I know a lot of people don't feel that way and by that I mean a lot of people would say that the PC culture was nurtured under Barack Obama. I didn't feel that I just didn't. I. Just didn't see it that way at all actually Did you did you feel that way felt that going that way for sure and and what do you think he was doing that was doing oh I'm not necessarily saying bombs fault but just the PC culture started to build during that time. Yeah. I just don't think that I guess that I guess what I'm saying is I don't see how he The PC culture was worse than ever now the PC. You thing that movie with who the fuck was the guy. And Say Look up what you said it's GonNa drive me up a wall who was. Jeremy Piven. Jeremy. piven. That's like I know I can think of this look and I think that was like in ninety one, ninety, two, ninety, three, I mean George H W Bush was in office for most of that you know I mean was he mr pc I mean it just kind of. An en- Reagan before him I. Don't I don't. I don't believe the president is but I mean I I. I agree with him I. Think he was getting to a point where it was like it was like people were uncomfortable to say what they felt I agree with that I just don't think that he was respond. No I don't think he's similarly. People being assholes on social media because the president asshole and social media people been assholes on social media. Well, before he was around the people give the president a lot more credit for setting. Assist Angels Things so I mean listen I, I I understand the premise disagree with it, and then the Hillary Clinton thing I mean I remember saying i. Mean who knows I I remember saying I cannot imagine a circumstance in my life where I would vote for Hillary Clinton I think said it on the radio like years beforehand and there I was voting for Hillary Clinton and we had the circumstance. So I I like the email though I'll let me put it that way and on top of the person, put their name on it, which was really surprising in details on what the person does I. Hope nobody like Fox with. But either way well done, and that was that was that was that answered the question and I and also calls himself a magazine I'm voting for trump it explains it and it is a fan. So God bless the homework assignment paid off I, got a bunch of emails on it, but most of them were, here's here's why greetings Tim loved the show listened yesterday I thought it was funny that a listener said he waits to cut his grass until Tuesday's to listen to Q. FTA I the same thing. I'm a Republican and really don't have a good answer as wide vote for trump other than policy just as the person obviously he's a goof but again I'm in line with Republicans in my question Democrats is what is there about Joe Biden besides policy that would make you vote for him. It's remarkable. We're in the situation. Thanks that comes from Shane course except it's not Shayne Corson with the blues in the nineties. Yeah. He's not Donald. Trump. There's my answer that that's that's concise as I can be an again I'll say the same thing about twenty sixteen, it is not an enthusiastic vote. At all I am I am getting depressed. Over this whole thing, I'm getting depressed over the whole thing it's awful and Biden's got all kinds of policies. I wouldn't necessarily agree with, but he's not trump and I just think trump's bad for it's bad for our country it. Steers the wrong direction. But but I appreciate course. But again, that that gives another example people listing of what we got, which was mostly I. Why would vote in its nets now looking for it was why would somebody be you know bussing out the the red and white hat or going to rallies with the flags? That's what I'm asking like where you would do the both at the lake. Yeah. What do you think about I don't know man. They love the guy it's. Everywhere. I don't know I. Yeah I don't know. When I ask these questions they're not. They're not like only mock. You know like I like I've said before I watch Bill Maher. and. I feel like a lot of it's kind of like a disdain for. You know people who don't live in L. A. or New York I? Really do even though I find the show amusing I can understand why it pisses people off. I think John. Oliver is a hell of a I mean it's shit is so sourced. that. It's amusing and sourced, and it presents a compelling argument. both certainly are coming from the hard left although I actually think Mars so left that he's like coming around the circle and almost like a you know I guess he would say libertarian but he's certainly anti-trump March three funny. Oh, I mean I don't care I find both incredibly amusing. I just think it's almost it's like like I don't know if you've recognize he's maybe doing what he he may view as caused a disservice by the manner with which he does it. You know like shitting on people who are religious shitting on people who are fat. and. You know and you know, and then inferring that they're dahmer they're racists. and. It's just like, but I think he's doing it from a sincere place I. don't think it's necessarily material. I don't and I think he's brilliant as human and as a comedian. But if the goal is to get this guy out of office than you know but I mean against the goal when it's also done as you're doing a show and you're making millions of dollars, that's that's that Oliver Caman Noise Being Bill Maher makes me laugh interesting elaborate on that gangster. I mean I just feel like hours nonstop shitting on trump. Then I think Bill Maher. He's a little more nuanced still have Republicans on the show I mean yeah. But dollar doesn't guests on. I understand he's just I find them kind of annoying. Yeah. I just rubs me the wrong way I guess I just find I just think it's very smart for lack of better term like I don't see it coming. So to speak see I feel like it's the same thing every week see I, I feel like it's different because it's not necessarily now recently, it has been but I feel like there's some weeks on Mike How's he going into like I don't even know there have been times just going Oh Jeez. What are we talking about this week? So it'll be ones right tap out of it Let's see. We've got so many e mails to. I'm trying to put it off where we have been. And I know I got a billion of them. man I got a lot of the trump ones. That's for sure Let me tell you. I'm going to do this I'm GonNa tell people by James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency Three one, four, nine, six, one, forty, eight, hundred or go online. At Carlton Insurance Dot Net. He is my insurance agent and I recommend him to our audience in a major way three, one, four, nine, six, one, forty, eight, hundred or online at Carlton Insurance Dot Net and James has some exciting news to share for the Saint Louis Area State farm has filed a rate decrease with the state of Missouri. 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There are so many members of our audience have gotten on board with, and then we'll email me and tell me I'm so grateful that you talked about mark because now he is my person and he is so help me so kind and and it's just about getting a plan together. You know it's getting organized and that's what he does and and man that is. The biggest step I've you know I've noticed 'cause I track it out. So Absurdly entering in you know everything and watching it, and then comparing year over year at this time last year and so and so forth. And, what if I would have been doing this at twenty three years old when I left the University of Missouri and where would things be? It's just it's just it bothers me there's no other way to describe it and I know a lot of you hell. I wrote an email from twenty three lot of you're in that spot right now you can get in the best place possible by getting in with someone like Mark Hanna of Evergreen Wealth Strategies three, one, four, eight, nine, zero, five, zero, three. and. Even if it's just setting aside I mean what you think is a trivial amount of money. It really does have a significant impact in such a major way. It's just in. You. Know what you? Just you can't get the time back in time is so valuable So get on board you'll be happy did three, one, four, eight, eight, nine, zero, five, zero, three or go online at Evergreen St L. Dot Com. All right. Let me see what else I got here, Gangster Pete. And Got We've got a lot of. I think this is a good one I. We got a lot and I'm trying to get to them and I'm trying to get to a diverse in some capacity absolutely loved Q. Fda this week and not just because you read my question. Yeah absolutely nailed what I was going for with your interview. With Clay Travis there was a point where you seem to strike a nerve with him and he didn't WanNa give an honest answer about the business portion about kick. I would agree with that part right there. I. Actually that that's a good way to describe it that. There a moment albeit as I said in last week's questions from the audience where I felt like. Like I almost like Bob, costas and Vince McMahon who was at Armond Katayan in Vince McMahon where Armand was pointing out you know, hey, this is kind of and he now slap the papers out of my hand like Vincent Man did with and contain but he you know worse kind of like you could tell he was uncomfortable because we were kind of going behind the curtain and. You know in does he really believe what he says in tweets and so on and so forth But I I don't know I don't I honestly don't know all I know is we had a great conversation and later that night we had another great conversation and You know that's what I can tell you about that day number two, the homework guy who wrote in about his in-laws being Maga-. people and all the reasons resonated me with me in. So many ways I was raised Republican in legitimately liked Romney and McCain Obama winning didn't Piss me off but that's where I was. Trump's whole deal in two thousand, sixteen kind of opened my eyes my parents are similar to Chad's in-laws Chad was the gentleman or or last week. And unfortunately, we got into a row row row row. Thank you with my dad when we were vacationing in Santa Bella Places them, Georgia, and Wendy's wings are the best bottom line. I think seventy five percent of West County listeners can relate to Chad's experience with friends family inlaws, etc. Number three you referring to trump rallies is something like an evangelical awakening was a perfect description. It is really bizarre to watch. Number. Four I think Midwest cities like Saint Louis and Kansas City I live in Columbia boy gangster Pete were big in Coamo. Are So ripe for the influx of big city residents who realize they can get a mansion for the price of their small loft in the city I. Think this is the third time in as many weeks that I've emailed us. So I'm going to take a breather for a bit but I genuinely appreciate the political talk that you put forth. It's hard to find any discussion. There's reasonable. Not Ben. Shapiro or podcast. America. Level of partisan. Sorry for. The long email again, I'm going to take a break from bothering you think that's honestly we get so many and just go through them. Then I don't remember and I'm not saying that to be flipping like we have so many fans. But we we been a noticeable uptick and emails biggest one yet was this past week, which is great because we love doing it and I love the it is resonating with people and that's a great compliment. with regard to the what I think is an honest assessment of of the show that there is not a. There isn't like how can you like trump Biden's great. It's Kinda like we're senator going this fucking sucks. It's shame. And I don't know how this happened here are theories as to why why do you think it is which I guess is different than the way people do it. And this gets me into the political thing on TMA and then on the fan page. because we had a situation last week Pete. Where somebody wrote in and this person has since written a along email to apologize but I don't think he's doing it intentionally wrote in about. Hey the texted in during the radio show the reaction Jay's post on t. m. a. wow on like what a right about tma and why would there be some huge. We actually you know it's weird because Jay's my standpoint as part of the show. And it wound up being a post the J. wrote about. about the social unrest and and if I'm not mistaken, it was about the situation Kenosha I'm not mistaken and it was on his personal page. and. So we were searching for it on the air live and then rocky. Oh, founded on his personal page and right when I saw it. and. Go, Shit, I, mean my inner monologue was Oh fuck because I. think it was about eight thirty that I read it and this was the morning after the Milwaukee Bucks decided not to play and then a bunch of sporting events were postponed because players decided not to play Brat. While I mean, even though we're not really a sports talk show that's certainly in a normal circumstance would be a topic. We probably would lead with even though it's the NBA. And because. I am of this me personally you may disagree, and I'm not even talking about you certainly can be up but it can be the audience. From my standpoint, the discussions on politics on TMA. are a disaster. And I hate them. I. Don't dislike them. I hate them. I have I have never disliked hosting this show more than the last. Five six months. And it's not even close with regard to content I. Guess. The only thing that would be comparable was when the cat was getting his new bathroom in two thousand, seven Martin quit producer Joe had been fired and I was just I was as close as you can be too being depressed I. will I that's what I was at that time but it wasn't about the content it was about the circumstances surrounding the show. This has been. Brutal and impede is aware of some of the circumstance that certainly are outside of the show there is there is there is an element of that but the bigger issue is the content, and so I will see news in read news and I really would like to talk about this but I can't talk about it. Now. You can go why can't you and I I to respond? That's why I wanted to use this. This this format and weird thing that's also going on with part of and I. Think it's part of the fan page audience of of a wing of it though Doug and I have been talking about this doug and I actually have some really good conversations. The commercial breaks because Doug Modus Operandi is just block them. That's where he is and I understand that it does sound simple. But what Doug doesn't understand because he's not, he hasn't had the inside of Steel Message Board is responsible for the TMA fan page is blocking doesn't end it I would actually say it sometimes starts at a worse intensity. because then the people I actually had to tell a guy because it got so bad with emails I said, I've I've asked you before. In on I'm, not gonNA make a threat like to go legal. But just like I've asked you before to stop emailing me stop emailing me you know and and it's Kinda like next time I. Probably I'm going because it's just it's it's it's insanity. It's it's an IT's so You know it's just it's not healthy and I don't know why this goes on. They're all from burner accounts but. I the tough thing is is the audience. Isn't privy to what we see and impede Peter. You surprised I. Know I know you don't see my But are you surprised by what you? Because you do have the text inbox open? You see are you surprised by two years under your belt? You had eighteen months of non cova non trump biden i. mean nothing on there. Really surprises me now. Yeah I'm but six months ago we surprised by what you're seeing no, not really I mean. I see I'm not surprised by, but I'm so used to it. That's why I was I was talking to somebody who's in the business and I'm like Alemi, nouns hate mail whatever and this person goes you get hate mail and I go yeah I mean that's kind of like the it's it's essentially the cost of doing business. But most people who are listening to this have never received. Glad. But for for me and for probably the cat and Doug to an extent. It's been part of our wives. It's part of the deal you know like the Miss Butler voicemail for example like I can think of things like that in my career like we play it as a joke but we we get those things. and. And I get that. One sounds funny. But there are ones that are certainly hostile and can kinda scary. But the same time. It's essentially the cost of doing business. If you have a show that gains a following and you get into issues that certainly are don't have a universal opinion. you're going especially at a time like now when my God has there been an angrier time I I, guess the only present would be going back to the late sixties early seventies. So most of the listeners life spans this this is our first time going through something comparable to this with this intensity, I mean you take your pick of I. Don't know if you want to twenty, six, two, thousand, eight, you WANNA go the Iraqi war in two thousand, three I l.. But this to me is this is this easily there's there's not even so I don't even whatever's in second place it's not even close to this time and the tough thing I've discovered this about myself. I am at my worst psychologically when I have a lot to say, but I don't feel like I can say it. I see it on your face. Yeah. An and it applies in so many different ways right now. It's brutal it's brutal. It's brutal. It's brutal and I am and so So last week when that came up. The gold, not the goal just the plan hosting the show running point was to not get into the topic. And what I discovered in March when the pandemic became really a big part of the show of course, what else is there talk about at that time? I thought the discussions were very healthy. I really I actually enjoyed it even though you're talking about something that's horrible. I guess now with hindsight we. Know How horrible it is I don't I don't think many people would have thought at that time Pete and we started talking about I. think around. Cameras like there's a date that we played oster home on Rogan it was like March ninth tenth or something like that that we would still be talking about it on September first and by the way now on September first going well, shit there's no end in sight. It's just people have kind of like trick themselves into. Thinking that there is an end inside even though if you laid out, it's like there's no end in sight at least at this moment. That, six months ago. Now I mean we are essentially it's six months ago and I kind of expect that that's where we'll be in March I. Hope we're not but I'm certainly kind of thinking that that you know the the cardinals aren't GonNa be playing baseball in Jupiter or if they are, it won't be like with fans and all that. So with that, all said about three weeks into that discussion. It got really political in a got super ugly and the hate mail was at had level that I'd certainly experienced before I guess but not the volume of it and consistency and the the craziness of it. and. I'm just like fuck. We can't have this conversation because there are people who Are Just are convinced that it isn't real or convinced that the political agenda and whether it be my political agenda or Doug's political agenda, my co host who I know and have known since two thousand very well in Doug because we worked for five years of came over together gets called racist regularly by the way. And I know the guy and I also know what having that attached to you can do to your career. and. I don't want to be complicit in it when when you know listen. First off. I don't believe that Doug Vaughn is a racist. I can't be any clearer on that I mean to even like have that be put out there. Is is not healthy So he has a different political opinion and then it's just like the people were talking about earlier. To to include well, I don't want. To vote for, but they probably do but they don't Wanna be called racist. So Doug is on a politics editor for his political views but what happens in two thousand twenty you could call the racist and here I am I've known for twenty years. I'm like Doug hasn't said or done anything that I would consider to be racist in twenty years. Anything. do we have different opinions? Yes. But just because we have different opinions, I don't default click two he's a racist. But that's what happens when these discussions come up and they might not even be about race that's what happens but I realized the audience doesn't see it. So. I can't be mad at the audience because the audience reality is not our reality. So. So then the conversation on that topic, Doug starts talking about it the cats at home. So we can't see the cat the cat obviously usually jumps into conversations, but we can see him. So we see it happening and you can kinda like somebody put a finger like they're gonNa talk or something like that. We've seen him. We've done this for so long together we kind of know the patterns, the physical traits of you know when somebody's GonNa. Talk. Or even a breath you can tell somebody's about to talk. It's it's as little as that. Well, I can't with the cat at home I know I don't WanNa talk about it because here's my honest answer to it. I don't know everything about. Of. Course none of us know everything about what happened but I really feel like I don't know a lot about the situation Kenosha and I have so many different opinions about it but I know this if I give my opinion that would be perceived as supportive of the police. Ivan. Labeled a racist okay. That's twenty twenty. And then if I give my opinion of you know I mean at this point, do we just think like the black populations is making this up and this has been like an inside job that the the police thing is not you know is is is a problem is actually faking. There's truth. Coming from both places and it's nuanced is fuck and so I know on. It doesn't. It doesn't go. Okay Doug. Let me hear you. Okay, and then he stops after he says, okay. Well, let me what happens is unlike a podcast or unlike where you can ride out your thoughts it becomes like, okay who's GonNa win the debate, which isn't how I view things. That's not how like initially when I started the podcast. And had people in in the interviews were I'm just listening to somebody like Ed Martin who I just couldn't disagree with more. And I'm letting him say his things enlisting then asking follows but I'm not like challenging him like what you'd expect like if this were chuck todd and people are like, why aren't you challenging him awake? Well, that's that style of energy. That's not my style is more Howard Stern style of interview. You know he didn't bring somebody in you know when he had. Hillary. Clinton wouldn't go. You know your policies on this your policy on this. Let me get into you know, Benghazi? You know. That's I'm listening. That's that's where I am but I know that's not what most political discussions are right now, and so then I get called a coward because I'm not participate. That's the new thing. All your coward. An like. The honest answer is I honestly don't know and I'm not saying I. Don't know to like bail out. The truth is I don't know, and the other thing is I don't know how to convey what I'm thinking and it's a very important topic and it's not something to spout off about that's what I'm thinking and I'm also thinking I wasn't planning on discussing that was by design and then by accident and I'm, Hey, the buck stops here I'm the guy running point by accident, the topic brought up. Because somebody texted it in and then the person felt terrible about it. then apology sent another email over the weekend apologizing about it. But it became incredibly awkward at least I. Think it became incredibly awkward repeated. You think it was awkward. We'll awkward when there's Dead Air Because I. was talking to Doug's that's who interactive, right And, and but the cat isn't here and then the cat stop talking and I'm like, okay as he thinking or is he done and if he were in the studio. I. You know I, I looked over to you to see what you're doing and I'm just like you're on your phone. You know cause you make great reasons why there's no, it's not worth it to get in on. Which I agree with I didn't know if you just stop listening. Was Listening I. Honestly there was another time. It actually was a call. I'll tell you what it was. That's all the audience you and the audience obviously about three weeks ago. And I was sitting there and I was angry. I was angry not what he was saying he's welcome to his opinions. But. It's because I kind of I don't WanNa say lost control the show 'cause it's not my show to control, but it's my responsibility. Because of Doug wants to tie doug wanted to talk about it. I wouldn't go. We're not talking about it. The cat wanted to view on taller eighty wanted to talk about it. You know or back in the day when we had the Plow Hawk and he was given takes rocky isn't really a take? Smith but you know he gets involved in discussion certainly. The you know. Then, it's for me I'm not, but I'm the point guy and I'm like I know what's happened 'cause I know I see the spark. So I guess I can see the fire before maybe the audience can been that just comes. This is what I do. So I know what's going to happen. And when I saw when I went to Jay's page and rocky shows me what it is and Jay was writing he every right to write what he wants to ride on his personal page but never would've come up if the person intestine I'm thinking. Oh Shit because now we got it and now I know what's going to happen. And then then it would. But I I didn't foresee the awkwardness between. Doug and the cat. That I. couldn't I wasn't like. Okay. We'll talk about because he had not studio, but then it's playing look as the cat done I don't want to jump in on him because what people? You know and I was trying to draw an analogy to it but then it's like well, that's that's joking topic. This is a serious topic I'd like to hear your opinions on it and it's like my honest opinions I don't know it's too important and we start talking about politics on it becomes about scoring points it doesn't become about listening. And that's not what I'm not into that. I'm not into that which. You know if if if the game has passed me by so to speak because that's the way that the game is played now then that's fine. I had twenty years and it was great. I'm saying that not from a I'm you know it's just that's how I view it like if the game is you got to tweet all the time you gotta post videos of like yourself all the time and You know and give a take for everything all the I'm that's just not where I. It's not what I WanNa do this is not me me is my wife and my son, my family that's me. That's what I'm interested in I'm not interested in in them being slaves to me having to take on the cardinal game or a take on a debate. You know that's not what I WANNA do I have zero interest in that I have zero interest in becoming the next clay travis or Dave. Portnoy and not to say that I could. But it's just not who I am. It's not what I WANNA do it's not the maybe it was fifteen years ago but it's not where I am in life. So I don't feel obligated to have take especially if I don't feel like I have a quality one and a and in that case with that specific incident. I feel like I'm ignorant as fuck. So why would I throw some ignorant logs on the fire? You know we'd broken down the Kenosha situation at all on the show. and. So that that was the reasoning but it stood out more because you had the awkward silences. And Mad at myself even though I know that it wasn't done intentionally on the part of the texture but as the person running point, I, let it get away because at the end of everything it is my responsibility and then it puts an and I hate it. You know when when a guy I know who? I know is a good person is as we say every week I feel like an a plus co worker gets called racist. You know don't I. I have a real problem with that because that's destructive. Not only to a career but to a it's it's a real. That's a that's a bad thing. not fought a fucking obvious statement somebody getting called the racists of thing but I mean, it's a bad thing. So. Doug's it. Whatever on twitter or you know you may you may dislike it a lot. Okay fine. But as far as calling somebody a racist. That's a big thing and that's what happens when these discussions come up. That's that's that's the artillery that's fired and it puts me in a bad place when I see it. and so that is that's the mindset. With. Regard to happened on the fan page and Pete I know you are you know quite outspoken about your feelings toward the fan page iggy left it for awhile. Came back. Doug is a member but never is on it and the cat is not on facebook in general and the plough. Hawk get. No got sideways some people but he's still on it and Mike and Rocky on it, but doesn't really post much. So I think I've covered all the bases But But what happened Oh I asked poll question just out of nowhere like on a Sunday morning two weeks ago two weeks ago at this point now, sixteen days ago and it wasn't like okay. We're going to implement the policy I was just curious. Would you like to see politics removed from? The TMA fan page. And immediately overwhelmingly, the answer was no. No like eighty percent faulkner. No point here and I know the threads going off the rails we'll take the thread down. But I mean there are probably a couple of hundred votes and I got my answer and you know I saw the thread kind of get into a place like me take this thing down. So for me, how often would you say you read it? I know you don't post and I know you're. Active. Member per se but you read it or you not even mess with it I mean if I get tagging somebody tagged me and something yesterday. So as you enjoy a horse racing pick. that. So scroll through it for a minute, and then during the show sometimes on monitor it to see what's going on. But no, I never just go to usually Yeah. So I, mean it I lately especially, I, don't even like I just found out one of the guys who I know pretty well on their. had covert I. I didn't know until like the last few days and you know but I guess it had been common topic I. Just I'm not I'm not on it and I guess the reason is is because there's so many political threads. And I feel like even worse somehow over last week and I guess you could certainly say, well, Kenosha, the Republican National Convention it's all happening and it is the topic I mean. This is nineteen sixty, nine man or sixty eight Acre pick wherever you want to go with it. early seventies whatever it is just intense and so I'm like, okay I've got some time Annemarie is out of town I'm hanging out you know just having coffee on Sunday morning. And some time and I just I'm Mike Okay two weeks later I want because to me I'm like this has actually gotten worse in two weeks. So I wrote would you like to see politics removed the page two weeks ago was eighty twenty now I'm just curious if it's changed and it was like seventy five percent. Yes. It it. It didn't drop five percent it moved one, hundred, fifty, five percent. Now to be clear you know the same exact people that votes. This wasn't like an apples to apples thing. But it was a clearly substantial and that really surprised me opened my eyes and I want to be clear I'll say it again I said it on the radio it again it's not they just want to ask the that doesn't mean these things become reality because you have to then go kay well, if that's the case how do you actually legislate it has a slippery slope, right? I mean. So you know but the overall premise is that in two weeks. A huge number of people saw had kind of had enough. That's something else. And again I don't think it's exact. There's how many members on that thing seven thousand or whatever it is in you. Know I mean, the seven thousand, you know maybe six thousand of those seven thousand just go I'm never gonNA post and probably five thousand dollars six thousand don't even with our member of it and turn it off a long time ago. You know what I mean and like lake as post all the time every day stop so. With that all said. I was I was surprised by that result and then that led to a conversation but then it Kinda guy like heated about why aren't you talk with? I just I'm exhausted by it. That's where I am I'm Exhau- I'm Exhau-. I'm really exhausted by being accused of being a coward because I don't WanNa talk about it. I'm exhausted by going to a page that was started about our radio show that is now people attacking each other. and it's not all that but. You know it's it's an an and then going back to like I don't like participating in a discussion where he co host of mine who is not a racist it's called the racist. And I feel complicit. I don't like essentially being the the Ho- store owner of owner of something that brings no money but nonetheless owner of or host of something that. that. Is Complicit in like now we have Cunanan threads that are black seriously being discussed. And I'm like. You know I I gotTa wear that, and I'm not comfortable with it. And I don't like it. But at the same time I, know a lot of the people on there and whether it's because I've met them. I've communicated with them and I really do think it is a group of overwhelmingly good people overwhelmingly people. I don't like the page I agree with yeah I mean it really like cool people like people I hang out with people. In the group setting sometimes, it gets off the rails. And the net goes to something else. I said because Timmy Recap said I, think the reason for the vote shift is the lemonade and people thinking they're just gonNa vote with what they think you want. And I'm just like. I don't know if you know you have whatever the we go from eighty percent for no to seventy five percent for yes. Because a lemmings I would actually say that I think there is a healthy percentage of people there and I don't have theories as to how it's happened. I don't know how it's happened who are actually more anti me and if anything would go with the opposite of what they think I once I don't think that's what it was. and as I said, it had factors into business decisions because if you have people pulling against you. They can at least in their own world or their own bubble if they wanted to to make that which they don't like a reality and take you down and that's a real thing. So. I don't enjoy it as you can imagine me why would I enjoyed? I'm not going to hide that. I don't enjoy it is I don't know how it happened I just know that it's happened you. So you're not pc that's. Yeah I don't know why or how which is why when I earlier in the podcast I was talking about the lemming thing and it bothers me in the sense that people go out of the right to prove that they're not lemmings. And so then it's like why can't agree with him even if I agree with him and so I spent a lot of time in my DM's where people will agree with me because they don't want to publicly agree with me or my emails. and. It's just it's. It's not that's not to me. That's not a healthy atmosphere if you're if you're considering running a business. and you might think about talking up talking audience in general you might think fucking crazy. I'm telling you. It's a real thing whether you think it's crazy. I'm telling you it's that real to me that it is a consideration. It is not naming the only consideration, but it is a real thing. And I said who the fuck dog this is within the last day or two. I say so much. Pinos And I think it would I think people would go holy Shit I fucking eight, the guy but my God But in order to do that, like a whole lot would have to come out and I can't do it I mean I. Guess can but there's they'll be ramification can't do it. So you know. So you combine that. The the stuff last week and that is. That is this pizza. You can see it on my face audience can't see him I face. You'd see my face I am I am I saw in that political threat of what we know what to do with the Political Post said I said I'm exhausted I can't speak for Neil Allen, Craig. POLECAT. I can tell you this in case anybody is under the impression. Otherwise we do not make money off of the fan page we do not. You might say, Oh, you should. But. Even if we did, there is a split with caffeine us. and And his look at first not advertising over the place anyway. So you know that's it's just it's not. It's not. It doesn't impact my life you can say, well. You would be able to communicate with your audience and I agree with that. And but in in but I mean I'm sitting there thinking this like this. Here I am I. Know what I'm doing is in good faith and acting in good faith especially in trying to keep things together for as long as we have. And somehow become the bad guy and I'm just like how the fuck did this happen like it'd be one thing if like I was like fuck I did this and I guess people now know about it's on the bad guy. I'm going to have to deal with it. I'm just like I'm fucking bad guy. I'm tired of being called a coward. I'm tired of having Admin a facebook page. And it's just exhausting. It's exhausting. I know pitas exhausted for different reasons you know and It's just Exhausting. But then you still try to operate in good faith across the board tell people what you really think and so when it comes to some of these topics, the honest answer is. I, don't know. But it's not like shit if I tell you I really with. This I might lose my job. At is that's not where I am. The honest answer is I don't want to give an opinion if I don't really think it or I don't will pine if I don't really know the background on the topic, and so that is that is where I am and in the case of the The discussion last week with the box and then the J post and Doug's response in the awkward silence with capping on the phone at his house. That was just that was a steak. There's no other way to describe that was just a mistake and that's on me. I. Mean I know it wasn't intentional, but it was just a mistake and I'm the point person on the show. So you know. As I said, I said I'll talk politics all day long as we do probably seventy five percent of them are podcasts each week at this point are politically inclined in some capacity but because we're just having a conversation, doug style of discussing politics is is not my style of discussing politics but that doesn't make doug good and bad and me good and doug bad it's just a different style and. You might. Doug says things that aren't true or against the balls to say things it whatever whatever your perspective is, we have a different style on it. Now when it comes to how we handle TMA, fuck man, put me in a blindfold and I know where Doug is on the floor and I'm going to get him the ball and he's GonNa hit the shot but when it comes to politics We just have a different view and a different style of talking about it and I know here's a guy who's a great man who then gets labeled a racist or gets attacked for other reasons I'm just like and because I'm talking about it, you know so it just puts I'm just not comfortable with and I feel complicit in addition to then the fan page and Cunanan threads it's like, okay a police why are you pulling out threads? So it's just it's. I mean it's ten I. We had a long lane third. So. Anyway I wanted to explain it can do a better job. I think type talking about it then then by writing about it and I know for some people are like I don't know what the fuck you're talking about cutting my grass and I listened and so So there it all is a gangster pete any thoughts I really respect and enjoy your thoughts but I also know once we get to a certain point, you're kind of like. All right that's too much. We've gone too long. no I mean I think that your feelings are justified. I mean I'm more of the camp the fuck this people. It's that's and that's the thing. So Doug and I both yesterday and today actually we've had a conversation about it and I said yesterday call your racist and he was speaking psyche and it's not like he goes what is this block them you know I and I get it and listen I, and I'm sure a lot of people going. Yeah. Usually to I go I, get it but you don't understand what then happens. The. Then then email startup or the DMZ burner accounts on twitter and it's it's it's like you create, I give birth to. You know more intense shit that now is private. And and so does not go away or it's secret or whatever it is, and it's it's so it's not like it's a solution and it's it's not it's not A. Pleasant. So the the block them solution while it may sound good actually creates often times more issue's anyway I enjoy doing this. If anything it's therapeutic because I always say and you can email your questions in t- mckernan at inside. S.. T. L. Dot. COM TMC K. E.. R. A. N. had inside US Y'all dot com we did get neurotic story. I'm very grateful for that So thank you to Dave You can send yours in your questions or comments as well. Final sponsor to talk about today restoration of central. Saint. Louis, they believe in keeping the content fresh recharging the batteries and leaving the audience winning more. Here's a recent review by Jeremiah. Jeremiah Wright's I was told I should want my boss a seat. If I did there was a problem with that. 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