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When I got out of prison. And when was that exactly oh nine, okay. After how long? Twenty years. What's up innovation? This is Caleb. One of the video editors on team. Gary the and today's podcast shortened episode of daily five thirty five. This episode will be available today at one thirty seven PM eastern time on Gary's YouTube channel YouTube dot com slash Gary beat the Packers. Speedway with Ross. I'm here. My man Gary v. I found out about you about four months ago. Because I wasn't. I don't watch TV. I don't go. I'm thrilled. Anybody knows who? I am. I'm in such a cocoon. There's so much shit. Yeah. And they're so fragmented now you could be the biggest rapper the biggest kid on tick tock the big. I mean athlete like the wolves. So it's not nineteen Eighty-four anymore where everybody knew the same people. And then after I started to hear you speak. And I was like fuck this guy says what I'm thinking. What do I think, you know, the way I ran my drug empire the way that I do everything right now, this guy does it and. I started telling Sam one of my guys that that I would like to meet this guy. You know, I would like to and talk twenty. I'm glad we're here in. He's wanted that induce me. Showed him the video. He was like things just like me being Rick. I'm glad we made it happen. Listen lime. So on the record like this is all the same shit. I just believe it. I sense to me. I don't have every t-, and I crossed of your career, but anybody that's successful in flipping and organizing anything whether it's garage saling drugs sneakers business, it's the same mechanics, and I'll be honest with you the internet actually is creating a system that leans more towards like I'm a streak hit. I was dean of student. I didn't sell drugs, but baseball cards limit like, it's all the same shit and the internet's making it more valuable for us non students than the students. And so I actually think the greatest generation of what has historically been the have nots is coming because this equalize everything. And then what takes over is the way you, and I think because now you're going into intuition human behavior. We're this close to being psychologists. True. This next meeting is a sit down with Jeffrey Ford. The dude needs to get his mind rewired. How old are you? I mean, honestly, you got me huge favor man, like the serendipity of us being here. Together, you need to realize how lucky you are for being this young like all that pressure. We talked about on the call. I try not to like, worry because dot. Doc, Gary v motivating me, but I got my mom to go through like that on your mom's in the middle much. Let me talk to you. In a moment vacation. Favor. Email Intermedia coming to here. You're spending one day here. You're coming here. Coming to one day, I'm gonna put you at the crew I need to get you rewired. Like, I know your mom wants you to do this. I'm sure you've seen everybody else. Do that to you live another twenty one years your whole life, and you'd still be younger than me? That's real. And once you wrap your head around that Shiqing. It's so good. Is there anything you love to do? Because I really, you know, how people talk about do what you love. And everyone's like, yeah. Whatever the fuck gonna make money. The reality is the way the internet is it's getting weird. Like not that. It's so easy. Like when people can't find my passion, or a can't do it a lot like what do you like like like like to me? I wish more people realize that if they love video games and they play fifteen hours a day. Then either you could become an e sports player, that's hard. That's like getting the league. But you could start a fucking Instagram podcast and YouTube around it. That's what that's what happened would be. The greatest thing is back in two thousand eleven beef into the gaming community. But it just I was just like I can't make money in that actually make money. That's what happened you like. That's what you know. That's what always happens can't make money in rock and roll can't make money in hip. Hop. Can't make money and video games came. And then you can. That's the biggest kids. It's like if you're sixteen right now. And you love something and everybody tells you there's no money in it. That's because there's no money in today. There might be money in in ten years. I just want to know how can. Sure, I'm being solid myself. That's like I'm trying to be an aspiring artist music. And so I don't have. I don't have all the tools yet. So I'm just trying to work every day. Like, are you producer? You an artist. I n you've heard this from me. I would literally fuck in DM every fucking music producer in Manhattan. And be like, yo I got fifteen hours free for free if ill mind gives you fifteen hours for you to get his coffee and do shit if he just says, yes. Because on that. I mean, look with fucker you doing here. I said yes for no fucking reason. I knew a lot of calls. People. Don't get it like just one. Yes. If you wanna be fucking in the music business hit up everybody in the music business in New York. And when you have nothing to give you have your time to give my man, it's a lot of work for anything meaningful. It's a lot of work. And nobody wants to hear it. But I think my big thing is, but if you love music so much isn't that a good USA, fifteen hours? Imagine being in studio learning how to produce and babysitters in the booth you'd be like that's fresh. Right. Got the same shit. There's somebody that they love it could be your girlfriend your boyfriend, your grandmother, somebody who who sees the world different and things people should do something that they think is right. And that's the that's the problem because like I wanted to do this. But it's just like I'm hearing go to school take a trade is on a make news thirty twenty one. You should be taken risks around your happiness. You can get a real job at thirty and still be a fucking kid. You go on Instagram you go to DV sakau, and you DM him. Annoying. You don't ask you don't get. When you're hitting somebody up when you're think somebody up to fuck in give them value. Then you're given value. Right. Like, it's not like you're asking for something. You're trying to give value. You know? Like, that's how I see it. Like that. That's just how I see it. You're not knowing if you're like, yo I will give you ten hours of my time. D rocket me up four times. I was like yo I will make a free video for you. And on the fucking. You know on the floor time. I said, yes. And you never know when yesterday. His assistant quit. What family just just messing with this kid who's number one fucking guy in the world. So it's up. I was telling this kid. I was like yo like if you wanna get into the music game. Just DM the person you love the most and just offer fucking value. I was like you could just like you can just DM Davies he's like, oh, that's my favorite guy. I was like looking forward to this week. You be good. I'm running into this next meeting. I'll catch up with you later, New York until what bride Thursday or whatever product. All right. I'm gonna hit you up. Easter Diddy or fucking to chains. If you hit up people you wanna fuck with and just like, yo I'm hungry. I got ten hours for you. I'll come in and build a cre- of like you understand. That's all you need is one. Yes. How do you? You give them what they want. Like, you don't have anything to give yet other than grunt hours. But interns, become seals all the time. Learn the game, you know. Let's do it. Made in New York pizza a little bit of a meet up. We have a bunch of influencers new location. I'm an investor in eight hundred wins place. The dude excited to see a bunch of people that I have met to follow me on the Bram pizza say what's up? Hello. Hi. Everyone's EMMY take a fully vantage of the day advantage. Maybe you were. But I was saying. Mindset has been so popular everybody's since. And I know you touch on this. The heart set and. Gonna start really taking serious. Meditating when when the next cycle of pain, I think most of the ship that I'm spitting gets really understood the next time we have pain because even right now, I'm starting to feel public backlash a little bit that I'm spitting a little much happiness. People are sitting on me a little bit about like, no you make money. Cool. That's fine right now because comedies great TIMMY up when shit hits the fan and everybody's in trouble. So I think a lot of this will get cleaned up and synthesize when the fucking kidding. When when he gets tubs brands don't have money to give influencers money. People are naive because they're young and having look through cycle. Even you at thirty four. So you know, you haven't lifted given live when like the market collapsed. What I'm most worried about is people played up something that they may have to take a step back, and it's going to hurt more than they're willing to feel the hurt. And I don't know what they're gonna do. The biggest mistake invoices. Make is the Panthers of the platform not to their own happiness. Yeah. You know, what is going to work and get likes, and you'll do that over what you actually care about. Yeah. I know that's I just don't do that. I actually like right offer. Number one mistake that influencers make is pandered to the platform. Not to they're having the number one. Host about something depressed. That's how we get. Pool or we try to go to every where you put out something that, you know, get ten thousand likes instead of something that's going to be meaningful to your life. But I just want to get to the fire. Yeah. It's not making happy. The end. Thanks for listening. Please, please. Please share the podcast and make sure you've subscribed because of bunch of you aren't subscribed and more importantly, a bunch of you. Listen every day and having told you friends, it's the best podcast in the world. Watching have a great day.

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